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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 7, 1964     Jewell County Record
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May 7, 1964

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CO f ' O~;e of C~'~--S~=r~e~: VaSt ~ ave .lhke,, wae~t lots [---~bat~ g~ther ~bbish. [ O~le~s in our drive ]:as~ week I v~ere: ~Vl FAmi~ger, Fomnaso; !'Mrs. Chyba~ H~es, F~maso; Nyia Berg, ~erk of E~e ~loeal 'P~Ul DAM', W, ebber Sahool Dis~c~ Sc4:Jctive ~v~ce Board, reports 'an 1,ridder, ion Ca~ on .~ay 6, 1964, ~or one man,: Roy Dean Hv~fer, V~lunteer. " The Selective Service of:flee will 'be dosed "May 13 and 14 &re ~o u C;e~ks' Conference in Topeka. Paye A~derson, Cou~W Treasur- er, wishes ,to remind ~e school @is'.~iet treasurers ~o @mJw at~ '.timer sdhool mormy before Friday, ~VLay 15, as the Cc~ur~ty Tve,asurer's n.ua] Report~ wilt ~ mailed .to the s~hool district clerks on ff~t daCm. M~y 1, 6:15 P. lM.; i~ Ra~ ,d~l, T,h,0mas W. Ead~ m~d ~ G. Knmvl~m eoH.id~d. There was ap- pvo~iraa, t~y $400.00 4arn~ge o Che Katie1 ear and $75.00 .to l~he I4~m~- ~n ear. ,Mr. Kwo~l'txm reae~ved same bruises. May 2, 12:30 P. ~V[., i~ Ma, nk~o, LaVem Smi~th a~ Richard ICmsey o:l]l~id*ecl. Approximately $150.00 damage to ~he S~ v~4cle arid , $5.00 ~o ~he K~-:~ ~veh}ele. 'I%em were no ~ju~es. These motari~t~ were eh~ged w~h ~r~g by ~ ~, s~yn, pl~d g~iity, and pad coavt costs ~r~d fi~es 'as ~%llows: V~d~or F. C~lmj, $10.00; James L. Huff- mar~. $60.00; 1~oy W. Brewer, $15.00; ~Raymond Seems, $10.00; Gter~ Snyder, $10.00; Anna S. Ko- ~hVik, $20.00. John D. Be~,]~ss was charged on ~wo counts 'by Trooper C~ramtun: C~erk; Jay Gil}et, R~]ph Heater a~d Edveard Shu~e, beard members of Dist. 113; E~est BloOmer, Es- bc~; OSarer~e ~boctes, Ra~l; Mrs. Lovelle K.irC~f ~ Kixn, Atl~ol; iMrs. Joh~,h~Paezel, Smith C~nter; Mrs. (Bruce Corriek, Es- b0n; Jim F.0go, Esbo~ Soh~ol Board; H. C. Kel, ler, Lebanon; [Chver~ce Y,oux~g, Cl~Pk, Dist. 109, Lebanon. The firs~t ,gr.ac~e s~den~s of Esbon ate .ready ,to sta,vt the secanfl year's! study. F~orn our vNI ~as~ week could see ~d~t f~hey haft received a spl, enclicl s'0a~t. We heard ~ll o ,them vea'd. Mrs. Ave Mayde~ .has given thexn ina~ruet/on o~ :the gres~- e~t v~lue. First .graders are J,~ni Besm, Rex Bird, Rarely Ct, a,rk, 1%w~ Davis, Dale D eibert, P~m- e~a Frost. Ma~g.o Gi'l;let~, There~ I.nskeep, PamPa Kemper, Gregory Pate, J, ames P erou,~ek, Kev~n Rei, n, err, Jeffrey /Rog.ers, Thomas Shu~, Tommy :IWa.~en, az~d Naomi .Mason. In t~Ski~g 'to th, a sec~nfl gradea~s it wa~ ~asy to see time ~Aey were i~raSu~lSr te~rwing to woA in : grou~ps under M)i's~ Na~0~i l~i~ler's direoSc~n. Pupils .o,f ~he second : ; grade ~re: Barbara Adam, Sue Ba1~er, [RIial~a, el Beam, ~V~ary A~n Burge~s. A ,a~cn PigNin~, Jady Fo~o, ~ou.*~hs H~oek, Sh~ih l-loo~, Ka%hl:een ksk..aep, Debra K~mper, ,1Vhreus ~vh~dew, R, obert N~."zrr~r, ~/~ieha, el ~1~1, Debbie ~ohrodar, Gary Sh,igley, and ~obin w~s~k~y. M'~. E-.ther Markhu~h is teacher of ~he ,tlhird ~de. We ~ound t~his I, Speeding; H, Nv eurvemt driver's ~':,ade gi~in~g recognition to ~h,e ti~erse..~a~,t pl~cl guil'W, was I gE,wi.n~g in;d-=,p~a~tev~2e of ~ts mem- fi~ed $15.00 ~ Creme I, $10.00 on b~..Smde~'~ of this grade are: C~tmt H, ~md assea~t court costs. ~o~ M. HpFma wa,s ~1~ ,a~ged wi~h ~ ovevl,o~fl by Clayton ~V~eInt3we. De~er~d,~r~t pied gufl~r eg~d was f~ned $15.00 en.d court coses. IMax R. Do~],e w~as d'mrged an ~wo counts ~by S~erittf Earl Smf- $cn~cl, Jr.: I, Trans~c~ti~g 1'ion,or in an open eor~m,i~er; II, Droving "veh[te ~nt~cicaCed. April 28, defend- ~rg pied ~u~W, was ~i~ed $50.00 on CGun~t I. ~med $100.00 and sen- W)*ili?m Burge'~, 3~ckie Detbert. i Dani, el FcJ~o, S:herry ~aj,ny, Ma- ~th, ow Hes~ir~g, Ror~aid Jo~ar~k, Gary Eril,ey, A~r~e~e Ler~ce, ! Beyond iVizn, er, Michael Pate, i Paul Re~ert, Debc~ah Sapp, Stev- en S~ute. Rickey Undex~vcod, and i D~ v~. t~~- /Mrs. Ice1 ~aegert always ~iee room. ~le ~l~arm on n.o~ i ing ~ext year. We vigil miss 'bet vary mueh. Her z~ gm~le s~udents b~ve sbow~ ,much imerest in sc~'~ol. Tim 14 students .ave: Gable Berry, Dobra Be~ller. ~V~a, ro_a Corriek, ,~ced to 90 days ~n ~il on Coum ~Viike Flevin, Vi~l~i ~ogo, Bradley II ~nd a-=~essed court co~ts. IGi~t, Cor~ie iH~cock, T~hl ' ~ , H,eakin~. ~ank ~l,~, ~andy ~ug- The~e m~o',ms~ were ctm~gedl}er, Ll, o~ "M, arih~gh, Jea~et~e w~h elaeeddn, g ,by Trooper Cvan- Obevt. Terry I~m~. and Darnon~ ston, and fo~feiled bonds ~[Sc~roder.. Vdc~i Fog~) was ~:rst $10.00 ~i~es .~,nd comet costs: Cary [~l~ce .V~ner a~'gxr~g ..4~h ~?~lers L. Grace; O~to R. Werg~n; Ar~ur[in Jewe ~ ~mm~y S~l~g ~wmm. J. Bh~ler; R~yn~r~d J. Fend; Bur-iD~qbra (BJl~er of this room placed dette J. lVh~l~r; I~ed E. Sumpter. ]5~. UStDC O- -~ 1964 EHEV~OLET BBe~yne 2 Door, near new, $500.00 off. 1963 CADILLAC Sedan DeYllle; like brand new. 1963 BUICK Ele~ ~ ~ed~m; full power ~ f~ m~; line owner; priced at m huge s~vlng~ ~ , H and AT 196~ OLDS 9~, 4-d~ sedan, fully equipi~d; mll-lm~rez $tnd faetery alr; priced to ~elL 1962 OLDS 88, 4,dr, eedan; ~P. 1962 CEIEV. Super 81m~t ~ 4 q~xl; beautiful red eeke; pod-traction. .. 1961 BUICK SpedM, 4-dr. sedan, ~. ~., AT, one owne~, sharp. 1961 RAMBI2~ L-~mak 4..de~ ~mdam. 1961 ~ Bel Air 4 door Sedan 1t)60 I~ORD Fairlane 500 4-dr. ~Man, full power, A, T. and R. H. 19~9 ~IIEVi~LI~r l~l ~ 4-dr. ~laa; radio, h~, AT, priced right., 1959 ~IIlgV~OI~T ~ ~ 4~. Sedan; mdlo. 1958 CHEV. Bel Air 4 dr. 1957 PONTIAC ~ HMd~ . / 1~ ~ c~vertible, full power, aharp 1955 FORD C~stomline 4-dr. TRUCKS 1~I OH~'V. I~/" ~heel base, ~ to~ 2 speed, 6 cyi 1960 IHC V-S % ton l'~kup 1960 ~ ~ ton PicMup 1959 CHEV. ~ ten, Z ~ed, 1~" 19~9 CHEVROI-4g~ Z-te~ 2 ~te~l; 8.~x~, 10 ~/~ Ur~ 1~ ~EV. Z-~, ~ speed, le ~ box ~ ho~ 1956 CHEVEOLET V-& 2 ten, 2 speed, ~ box and 1955 FORD ~ tan, 4-spee& fiat 19~ FORD LWB I~ ton V$, Heater, 4-speed. I~ C~V. ~A ton V4 Pickup 19f~ FORD ~ ten 4 zq~d. flat box 1965 C~ev. Z tan, 2 sp~ sbsrp Auto Marketing Center of North Central Kansas! TRADE-MARK OF BETTER TRADES G. M. A. C. Terms Available - Motors Insurance Corporation WACONDA MOTOR CO. INC. Dial 781 - ~1!, Cawker City, Kansas Salesmea: Bill Ludwig, J. D. Heinen, Max R. Dudley, ~ ~ge, John ~:hoH consi4e~z,~ion ~cr ;~e k~eas of o~ers. Mrs. Ruth Jor~es A~ teacher. has bean in 48 s~ ~ our~ ~,mwcoun try. ~ .~ ,~,~m~ve of ,~e mov- a~ut ~ p~ple m th~ era. O'~er stud, e~t~ m'e Bem~vcl Adam, S~Hy Chzk, 'f~ie~avd Cooper, W$1- }ia~n F,hv~n, Bradley 1%g~, Rebec- ca ~outz. Mary Hdene Gass, ~- mon~ Gri~fith, Mm~k Haden, Pa~l ~.eep, James J,oh~nek, l:~gg7 Lee Ke~el, Diane Bennett. Roger U, ndevw~od. Spencer WNtly, Phy~- }is Mason, J~ascn ~ason. The ,l~arges,t d,a~s of Esbon is ~e 61~ grade. N'o du,r~es h*a"ve been maSe kn tSe enml~en,t durir~g ~h.e year. B~tCy N.eb~] w~ol'l~ s~eee~.d p~aee ha the co, my st:~lling a,nd Li~da Fou~z received ~imh. S