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May 6, 1982     Jewell County Record
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May 6, 1982

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8, at her home in Mankato Raflsback of Ionia and Mr. May baskets around town of Albert Lea, Minn., wet COUNTY RECORD Thursday, MayO, 1982 __ PaKe'2-Secti~2- from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and Mrs. Orren Brokaw of Saturday night Judy and gu. ests over the wee kend. q l ........... ' . .. .......... " l Beloit Dani stirred up a wiener lusmotner, lvtrs, veaa~:d~y[ ~laoys ~mltn aria Harrm~ Mar'erietan umer guests run ".. Mrs. erie Van Wey Darlene Brokaw was re-"roast. Reba and j e' Ls ~f Topliff were waiters of Liliian ............ x,A, ...... -. ~io~ were Mr. and Mrs. Dean F U ||" This area was ha y to cen~,y mauctea mto ~ne Na- I"~'~. ~ . ..... .... .... . ....... ,q .qn. N~hr / .... ew:~ vl Fogo Sunday afternoon. . PP ................. : ....... tne .......... v ............ ,.i 11 - receive a nice ram thin past tlonal Honor ~oclety uon- _ouuuay ,.~-,~ oe~,,~ ~,o ~+hol was diFt Verle Ray Thomas and faln .................. ;-n us .................... Et} O I ily of Osborne were visitors of week. It came so nice with no gratumuons, uarlene, a ............. E d ' ed A farewell for Mrs Dor- Jim, Doris and Brandy mmsed Saturday from t. hm grandmother, Ethel storm. Just what we need .. .... " . ur' h;+ ..... + qun-Republic County Hospltalt' .,L o J t. _- ~o,~+. o,,,.,~ ~m 1 9..~ tn othv Thomas wno nas worg-~m~.,.. ,,,~.,~,. ov~ .... .~ ..... i z,omas, ounuay atteruoon. ................... - " .....' .... - ........ with us DelleVllle. , I Got toseeMrs.OrphaMarr 2.00 which will sure make ea wltn me county neaitn ua# ........ s .. ......... ~.t, eve hm ow nurse for the past nine years, Dwight and Dorothy NolierMr. ann Mrs. mcnaru v,,,1 I of Abilene at the banquet the ryt g gr . . .............. -- ~..-a .... ~ son, Paul, Janette and Chr~ " " was nela at the l~tmaio ttoam c~,.,,~., ,.....,..j ....,, ........ other evenmg. Glad she could Reiatwes and mnds were ............ ...... b Larry tina of Hardy, Nebr., w e.r with us. sorry to learn that an old Steaznouse last r moay noon. ~pc,,~ .,,y ......... ~ ~: ........ ,. ~,,~a .... ~ beMrs. Billie Rogers, Mrs. neighbor and friend, ErmaDorothy was a guest of Mrs. and Keith: ....... an~l~:=~as.~/atson'" [ "_, "., it!v boreas Harriet Holiowy, had passed away Shirley Jacobs and otherMr. ano ~rs. e]oyo t~lcz " :rtsS~ I r n Ethel T , Mrs. . " ... via- Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Ge Topliff and Mrs. Glad s Funeral services were held at courthouse employees joining from Snuth Center were ........ !s~ Smith were she in in Bel~i~ the Christian Church of Jew- them Dorothy was presented !torsof Jim and Nelhe Comp- ~,:2~ t~en~on, ~o~s, :u~ S-A/~ore~I.~ tx ~)/ The Monday PP g ell Wednesday afternoon. Our several gifts which she appre- ton ~unoay~ ....... ~'_~_~_~-:-~-~.a:- ~ .... ~[ - ........ " -:-'-J ....... h Kanae cauea ~nelii on ner mrs. ~r~u ,~o. ~,,~ ~'~.,I b--O arol Kindler " Kindlers amy to waiter anu iam- cla~vu very muc .... 0 C , iris ymp ............ ~:_,~a... ~^~ C_ormanv She to wmt hm father, Dr. Em0~q onA T ~nt t~ .q,.n~,-;n...q.n. ilv ~lsle KansDacK ann taarmu..,,.~ ..,,-. ,~ ~. _ ...... ~ Progressive Es n Merchants ...::: ::::::: :: ::::::: :::. ..-.......a .v .... ...... , ..,,"~4rs Goldie Pate has been a. . , Burdett attended the Over tY)~. . . .. . .. . says it's sure beautiful there__...u.. Gertson, ,nbnrm~rs,_ o , t~o,o, ,,uaa _~o~or~]p,~, Golden Pond." I hadn't gone patient m the Belmt hospital umn runner at t~anon ~on - = suffered a severe heart att~ to a show for I couldn't tell the past week for tests, etc. day ann rater cauea on mrs. Im ..... +^ ~^~ mucson ArLq - , ................ =you when. That was a pretty We hope her stay won't be too Warren Diecker and. her "to ms:?" nome'at tw i'-a . l INSIDE LIONISM Time Change a very pleasant afternoon to ood one lon~. mother, Mrs. Mae Gilbert, illl~[ ......... '~.~ Eslmn Lions Club Please note that Meal and meet with Edith Reinert on g ' ~Irs. Sybil Finch was taken and also Mrs. Lena McCleery Wauneta Weir i hos~iaaab~ar~'d:Uana~t~r~0~ May 6: Open-to-Public Lunch times change with the May 26. " to the Hilltop rest home last to see the lovely knitted Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Roda ~. ~+h~. x~r aYbP D~we;~ program at the Legion Hall, coming of May- 7:30 me~, --Club Reporter ~A~([([a~,l Friday. Mrs Marie Burdett articles she had made. _.. ofColeman, S.D., werehouse on" Sun"dav'evenin~z at"t~ 7:30 p.m. No Meal - 8:00 lunch. It aiso applies to V~l~k#~P~P~il visited Sybil Thursday. SheMr. and Mrs. Garrett Phil- guests of Mrs. Etta xoung~ .... f Mrs Effie I)ewev. I~ Refreshments only after June (one meeting only), as im II II 'll~ = has a room near her former lips joined other relatives at from Monday until Wednes- attend~ance were Mr and~v~: the program, well as to September-October ~m~l~n ~n~! . Ionia neighbors, Bert andthe home of their granddaugh- day. Callers during the week ..... " 'g'~-'~ May 20: Lunch Nite at (when 82~3 meetings swing --'=~== I"==I" Uentonla Lula Alcorn. ter, Mrs. Roy DeWitt andwere Mrs. Steve Butts and ~)ae~we" ,~I:e:nd ~i~S'Ha;~ Esbon Diner- 8:00 pm. into view). ~lll|*a | Mrs. WIIImr Ol~et' Barbara Alcorn, Orlo and I family. This was to retain" d son, Adam, of Jeweli, Mx. and Warr.:and the hosts. CakeS~4~ Open-to-PubUeProgram ren cett andE w wnllemouno ......... en'oeddinnerattheFron- Mr. andMrs. LarryPhiliipsol Mrs. CalvinSeyholdanoson, ~'~ ............ ,t[ I forgot to mentmn lasttier Cafe in Mankato lasttheir 25th anniversary. Ice Christian, of Republic, Mr.~ A~t-;a Hails 1~ Action taken by memvers ~ L~oy e L~ en e . attending the 9-3-81 Lions Veroutek have been honored Norlne HeJm/ week that we attended, the Tuesday. Betty and Elden cream and cake were enjoyed, andMrs. Harry Sweet, David, Verni~ E'ml~l~and Mrs 1~s~' meeting will come to pass with the gument of com- .. .......... musical, "Oklahoma,. wasata Johanek spent__ Wednesday_Mr. and Mrs. Albert VanDaniel and Duane Pfister, none" ~saacson" were .... ~li~u, 'May 6 On that date, Denny ing up with the program to ~ne ~snon metnoots~ Esbon last week and ~t evenin~ with us We are real Wey and granddaughter, Mrs Edgar Isaacson and Mrs.. - ^ ~. T ~ "" - .......... '^~^ ^-" "h^ 81-82 Lions'r Church held the annual fantastic performance. Lotsof lucky ~ have ~th girls soKelly Van Wey, wereSundayRalph O. Johnson. ~es~b:U:~at~the"~e~.V~ t~larK, ~xecu~Ive Lnrectur, ~=~ uu~ ~ I= ...t .~ .... Pawnee Comprehensive year. June 3 Ladies Nite ~o~ner:uaugnter ~anque~ work put in by all. The light- close They are real attentive dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Watson .^o~ ..... ~ ;. ~ouo.,mo" " ] Mental Health Center, Man- meeting signals the end of the last weanesaay, Apr. z~.naa ing and scenery were beauti- to us - Johnny Bird, Lebanon. were recent visitors at the "~l~Ir~,'an~'~d'rs~vin~eyb~. hattan, will present an infer- formal meetings schedule and a nice crowd and program:ful and Earlene Bronson andMrs Cleia McCo , Ster- Mr and Mrs. Vernon Brink- home of their son, Mr. and . " . ~.~ ........ ~ "~+ mal program to acquaint the heralds the usual harvest/ The report was they. serv.ed Wanda Thummel, musicians,ling, was a weeken~rv~sitor of worth, Camden, Ark, cameMrs. Gary Watson and daugh- ~ I~Irn ~t~veP~ttsa&Ud , public of the help that the vacation period through i~ and the men and boys mu did a beautiful job. Hats off to her oarents, Mr and Mrs last Thursday to the home of ters of Scottsbluff, Nebr. ^ ~ ..... ~ ......... t~ g;md~ " or o tstand " " " " "" ........ ......... Center can provide. Refresh- August. tne , .rvmg a .a me men Mr.MeKinmsf an u - Glen Thomas and family. Mr. and Mrs. Maunce San- Glenwood Gertson, 78, Haskins.-'- [ ments served following the Consider this a Mar. 27worxea nme m enen servmging musical. On Mar 20 a group of high melink for a short visit and to passed away Tuesday at the '1 :and' zrs Glenn program will be with the _Soup Supper wrap-up- __ the me . nere were severm Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson school iumors and seniors attend the Golden Anniver- St. Joseph's Hospital in Con- c',,ili s "Cole ancl'l compliments of State Bank of Receipts, donations $409.75 m erent Lownsrepre.sentea, and three sons of Cheyenne, were on a nine day educa- sary of Mr. and Mrs. Mannie eordia. He was born Feb. 7, L-- '-r nce'BouraY 4 l .el n Ait ~i~tv is in Less grocer bill20.09Manzato, tmrr uaz, benanon, Wyo., Vlmted her folks, t tional tour. The tour was Loonus. Orlo and I wmted the 1904, in Jamestown. He was a Hardy, Nebr, were rece c~h'~rg'e o"f r~--efres--'hment ar- Lessadve- rtising 7.20 Hastings, Nehr.,Abilene, and ErnieKattenbergs, fromSooat- sponsored by the Northwest Brmkworths. Thursday . eve- retired truckdriver, andwas gues~sofMx, andMrs. Ow#~ ran--ment Gettin" back to ------- the farthest distance wasuruay unto vunuay intern Kansas Educational Tours,nmg at ~aunce ann raunne s. a memner oz tne lnternationai -]aske / ~ ~ the 9-3-81 alluded to in the Net .... $382.46Calffornm. Robert Kattenbergs, Mfl:. Mrs. Merlin Dennis, travelMrs. Marie _Burdet_t.called Brotherhood of Teamsters," Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wg~. ^..~, ^ +h;o l~o~ ~,~. P S " All Furnish assien-Mrs. Lila Clemens, Bernice dred Kattenoerg, Mr. one.agent. The group left Phil- on Kathy and Duane Miller at Local 942, Los Angeles, Calif. returned to their home ~,u,{,~ th~ ln~, nf E,hon ments were complied with Cornek s mother, m m the Mrs. Curtis Peterson and linsbur~ High School Monday Jewell last Thursday to see He was a 1924 graduate of the wo-;o-ao Heights Calif.~ E H U as the meal-nrenarers and only one percent of those hoswt~ at ConcordmtIt reSt. gwisandWaunettaMullen at 3:15 p.m. and armved mthe new little girl m thew Formoso High School. Sur-Monday after spending ~or ~v meeting (E.~I~I.U. dis- assigned to work did not Joseph sflospi. and the ~p were down to visit with them. Washington, D.C., at 8:30family, who has been named riving are a brother, Dr.m,,th ~;~itin~ h~r mothet~ bandecD, memb~ers voted to show. How's that for a suc- cone m oo~vi n you care to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Young Tuesday evening. They view- Alesha Dawn. She has a little Emery Gertson of Atwood, a ~rs"'Effie-'Dewev:-andotb~ ve May as an Oven to cessful endeavor? sen a a c a~.~ ..... and Maude Keller were Sun- ed Jefferson Memorial, Lin- sister, Margan. Duane is a sister, Mrs Astrid Hails of .~o;; ...... a ~;=~a~ J ha, .... - _ - " -- Mr. ann mrs. ~.elano rrost day dmne{ bin.eats, of Debb coin Memorial and the Tidal mechanxc for International Formoso, and a half-starer,Mr. Walter Gene Basart t'uonc mrmat on an annual .... or N br Fri basra" -- refreshments only ....... .____------ went to ~upemh 'leseFrost" at" umrg at ~eimt. Basin in the moonlight, which Imp[ement oi oeweu. Mrs. Emma Joerg of Manhat- ~ ~voiand Cole was a c~ See Calendar section above ,',on #276 CALENDAR any ~ vmi~ ar .... Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Katten- was very impressive. The A baby shower for Mrs. tan. Memorial services were ~,'~'~a~, ~t'th~ h~ nf M~:~ bur ws~ted Wilbur Obertsm Re ........ ~ me t~ea ~amamtan ~entor g "" " next day they viewed the Ta my (se) Lee will be held Monday at the Formoso ~r~'~i~aro'i~"~'o~ler'"Oth~ ]or ~urtn~ ae~j~ns. Sunday, May 9: Grade SchOol and also called on Christie Tuesday evening. . Congress in session, visited held at the Fellowship Hall Community Church with Rev. ~allers were Mr and -1~ Lions inwm82-83~mm .... GraduationHigh School" Graduation2:30 p.m.; . Lewis.Th,,rsdav 4nr '~ .~hirl~v Hazel and Ruth Obert rode the Supreme Court and sawFmday" evening," May 7, 7.3(),- James German offlcmtmg. ...... Virgil Mohler, Mrs. Kennet~ .t~!are ~amo was OsmC~u~ 7:30 p.m. Marihugh:,' Doris'Hughe~s,to Hastings Wednesday with the first lady judge sitting on given by her friends wno Burial was in the Danish ~-ber Jr and daughta~ Elton Fords. _ the bench. Sandra Day O'Con- extend an invitation for you Lutheran Cemetery near ~fanet ' " - ] ~ec .t~,rresment~Svon^~On~or l~z~ at" me'" Tuesday, .... May ,11: ,~__ ___,_Grade Veronica Marihugh and her Mrs. Hazel Ohert andRuth nor. They had a picture-taking to attend. Jamestown. ~'Mr" and Mrs Delmer R0~ ........ ~cnoo~ ~warus rresea~- mother, Theresa Geisel, went Obert visited Mary Lofstead and ouestion and answer ses- Mr. and Mrs. Bud Zadina Miss Karen Terry of Den- ; .... f ~ ..... ~ ~h,. we~ Apr. 1 meeting. ~on ~amn "on 9"00 a m" ......... . -. . j ........... J, ....... wlll ..... have the following Hi h" School .... Awards to ~uma to ping up a scnool 1~'day aft er.n.oon. . slon wlth Senator Nancy has- were welcome callers of Mrs. ver, Colo., Miss Ethyl Demp- guests over the weekend ~ ............. g friend of Shirley, Paula La- L~na mculeer,~, went. to sebanm who had just return- Ruth Van Wey last ~aturuay: sey of Montrose, and Mr. and her mother Mrs viole~ erects to neip man tne netm: Night - 7.00 o.m. u^~ ^~ v. me.. Vo + .... a ts~ ..... vr,~ ~rre,~---- vnr~nsonu ; 2nd Wednesday, " May-" - Lz:" ................ r~noer- ,~. .... t.o.a ~ ....... ~,~,,,, Courtney DOBey s Saturdayed from El Salvador, Senator Bud was in Ionia visiting with Mrs. Quincy Sills were dinner ~e~son .... ,j VP, Skeet Johnson; 3rd VP,~arten through Fifth .... +;^. So +and was to return Tuesday Robert Dole and Congress- old friends, the first since he guests Sunday of Mr. George ~,t.^~ T. ~nme~'~ ........... old ...... ~ ............... evening..... _ .. man Pat Roberts. They al~had backsul' Sills at the Scandia Cafe in Clul~ ~ivered*~lV~a/' najny; .vec.~r., n~, Grade Track Meet - week that Mother and I hadMayme ~, aeane~_~e visited Arlington National Tne Aauit ual"o rar~y wasobservance of Sills 49th wed- filled with goodies to tl~ t~eam, Jr.; taon Tamer, tieo. 8-30 a m f .......... n-----ss Tail Twister John :- ~=:~, , ~. , cauea on reart ann ~ey and uassie huxeattenoed the Cemetery, saw the chan~n~enjoyed Saturday evening,din~ anniversarv c^.;^. ~;+;.~=~ o the (~tv 0~ ourge ; , Last Day el ~nool - ;~nooi Tones t -- " ~ " " "" ~"='"" "~"~ ............ " Mother-Daughter Banquet a of the uard and the Kennedy Th s was the last party thin and Mrs Robert Tyler ....... .... ] Frost; 1-yr. directors, Glenn Dismissed 12.20 n m o ... ...... v ............... .............. J ~" . r" , Mrs. doyce t'am ann uaugn- Esbon Wednesday enmg. graves and the eternal flame, year. Will be seeing you again ........... , - ~- - ~ ] Marihugh and Bill Peroutek; Thursda~ Mav 13" Teachers ..... : .... a ~.~ 2-yr. directors," Don Fogo andrk ~'Da~ -~No" School ters, ....... bum anu ~s ..........The usual lovely banquet was They attended the dinner next fall. 11/\ A-~\ ] ~ \ | Wo ~ uaroara wyman anu aangn- held with good food and theater and saw "1776." OneThe Ionia Alumni Dinner ~ ~ \\ | Harry Kindler. All of the Ma,, 14" Students ..... ...... ediate , .... ~, ~ _ . ter, Teresa, were guests mentertainment, day was svent visitin~ the will he at the former Ionia ~ /_ ~ \\ | aoove, along wltn lmmeom nick uo Revert Cards; ~... ~J ....r~;o~..+ +h.. ......... er will ........................... Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Obert SrnithsoniafiMuseum. ~They school building on May 30 at //~ #/e~-t..~ \\ | rust rres. t ary ,.lnm , School Redoual ...... - -. ......... -,-~, o- ~svon momer-~aughter t~an-visited Pearl Peters and also toured the White House, 12:30. All former teachers and//// /1 ~(~r~_.~ ,~ \ \ | term ~ne tmaru o1 un'ectors. Track Meet at Mankato ~. ^~ ~.~a.~oao..,',.h~ Our best wishes are with the ~: ,, ~,.,~,~ ,-~ .... ., Edith Woedard at ParkviewFBI Bulidin~ and Library of students are invited to at- / / / /I [L~ ~ .-[ \I | -,~u,, ----'---- Mrs. ~mrley t~orence, mrs. Manor, Osborne, Sunday Congress. They also rode on tend. .~ ,. ~:::~/ /~,//~f ~ "~P-~' ~I ~I l ~eq,~"~v" HAPPY HOUR CLUB-__ Antoinette Harris and daugh- aIternoon, the subway trains. The capital Mr. and Mrs. Harold t~eung ~ //~ ~[LI[/~ ~ ter, Amher, of Hastings were A welcome 2-inch rain fell in was a verT busy place as this and Mildred were Saturday ~x\ ~~[~ . ~/~l ~ / . Mr. Esbon Lion, Secretary- Happy Hour Club met at ....+o of their mother andthis area. Just what wheat 'was the week of Cherry Fes- evening callers at the Glen I hT~e~pu~re:u'~lte~te 2orhdnthaB~ta~ ~he~mhe:ghK~t'SeI~m~ee:sAP~ ~i.~pa~tth~r,Es~S.MJo~Sire. and gardens needed, tirol. Next stoo was New Kincheloe home. ~v/'///~/ //f]]~ )--~l?~l~e~|e Hope everyone has noticedYork Citv on F'riday. They Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Coison ~ ~ [ ~/////J /~----~-~ ............ e x~..a ~setvf~eant,~b~~k~ six children present. The Daughter Banquet Wednes- " ' ...... ! the lettering on Lebanon s went to Radio ~ity Music Hall were v]mtmg reiat~ves and~,~f~'~/~" ~\"~ [Ike YOU. cum~ .,u~ ~..~u ~- -,v " minutes of me last meeting " ht seein day mg . standpipe. Looks great, and saw the famous Radio friends around Ionia last Sat- / L~. { ((((~. x, the clean up effort hyg ..... 7 __ were reed and approved. A Notice" The Heartland All Esbon Aux~'ary mem-City Rockettees. While inurday. X.~.~r ~ tOcount~t tnatis paid-in-fuliYur memVerat theaC" discussion, was held on theb Chapter of. Sweet Adelinesbers..~ly ttoCOma;etotheemoM.i.~l New York they toured the Mr. and Mrs;Ver:nO B nk- Let yo.r IP'EDDING STATIONERY clOse of the Lions' year June w50~hch~-lv~l~Yl~:h~)i~eU~ i~iot~:v?~ i~int~r~stht~:ie~V:,um:sl~ meet g World Trade Center, United worm anu ~. . . ........ " wreaths. We need your help. Nations Building and hadMaurice Simmelink joined be as tndlvtdualyo # are. Choose from our 30, 1982 Thank you to ent ones were looking m " ' " " night, Tuesday, May 11, atThe Mother-Daughter Ban- luneh there. They took the Mrs. Beulah Brinkworth and wide selection of wntemporm'y Carlson Craft lk. J. M. Amlm . OPTOMETRIST OFFICE HOURS: .Tuesduy t:Oe-S:N 120 N. Commercial Mankato, Kansas Phone 378-3220 possibilities of ways we could celebrate the occasion. We will decide at the next meet-, ing. Guess boxes were won by Edith Reinert and Vera Frost. The contest was won by Edith R. A delicious lunch of cake, snack crackers, and mixed nuts was served by the hostess. Club adjourned after Graduates, you've made it and we're proud of you. As you move ahead to meet new challenges and greater responsibilities, we wish you the best things life has to offer like good health, happiness and dreams that come true. Our fond thoughts and high hopes go with you as you travel the road that leads to the future. the Auld Library in Red Cloud, Nebr., at 7:00 p.m. Please contact any of the members of the chorus or call 725-4811 for more information or if you need a ride. Mrs. Gladys Smith called on LaVeta Cole Friday eve- ning. Mrs. Olive Hajny, Mrs. Ethel Key, Mrs. Billie Rogers and Ethel Thomas were guests of Dennis Melzer and LaVeta Cole Saturday night. Shirley Marihugh, daughters Karen and Sandra, and Doris Hughes took Paula LaHolt to Salina so she could return to her work. Mary Putman and Ethel Key were callers of LaVeta Cole Saturday. A large crowd attended the Liliie Patnede sale in Esbon last Thursday, the 29th. Mrs. Dennis MeLzer purchased the property. Ruth Colson and Emma Hoffhines were calling on LaVeta Cole Sunday after- noon. Josephine Frost spent Sun- day afternoon with her sister, Mary Gass. The children of Mary' Lagergren are having an open house for their mother's 90th birthday.Saturday; May quet at Lebanon was held Sunday~vening and a large crowd attended. Betty Vo- boril and Reggi, Virginia. Alexander and Tommy and Barbara Johanek and daugh- ter were among those who attended. I read where a thief stole $7,000 in old coins, jewelry and cash from a widow, then sent her $10 tithe to the church by marl to ease his conscience. It's like the businessman, farmer, or worker who steals or does somethingillegal then goes to church and gives offering to church, compli- ments the pastor on his sermon and goes home im- pressing people. But the only person who matters to a Christian is what his actions are to God. That sort of giving that is ill-gotten is called religiosity or hypocrisy so He who is True to God will never appear False to man. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. All who are lucky enough to have a living mother, let her know you love her and care. "Silence is a friend who never betreys." Confucius Phone 725-3683 ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Since the elevator was out of o~der that day they walked the 12 stories to the top. They attended the Broadway show, "42nd Street," starring Peggy Cuss. Sunday morning they had a walking tour of the city . past part of Central Park and the exclusive shopping area and then shopped Sunday afternoon at Macy's Depart- ment Store. They leR New York City after that and ate lunch in Baltimore, Md. Went on to Downington, Pa., where they stayed the night, after attending a dinner theater and watched the "King and I." Monday morning everyone went into Philadelphia, Pa., and visited Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell, visited the home of Betsy Ross and the Ben Franklin Post Office and Museum. After this they toured Society Hill and the unique houses and then were homeward bound. They arrived back in Phillipsburg Apr. 6 at 9:30 p.m., a tired but happy group of kids. One of those in this tour was Darlene Brokaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Brokaw of Kensington, and granddaughter of Mrs. Elsie Railsback and the late Walter Mr. and Mrs. Don Simmelink at Mankato Friday where they all enjoyed dinner at the Buffalo Roam. Vernon and Estelle also called on Mrs. Emma Brinkworth at the Long Term Care Center in Beloit. We have really had some nice rains this week. I'm sure the farmers have enjoyed them all. Tuesday night Larry, Dani, Tara, Martin, Keith, Judy, Shelli and I went to the Pizza Hut for supper Shelli and I spent Wednes- day evening with Larry and Dani. Thursday Newell and Muriel were here for dinner and a short visit. Keith, Judy, Tari, Martin, Shelli, Brenda Mallory and I went to the Pizza Hut Friday night for Shelli's birthday. Jud Freeman came along, also. Brenda Mallory spent Fri- day night with Shelli and Shelli and I took her home Saturday. Saturday Shelli and I took Corn - Mile - Forage - Sudax Alfalfa - Sunflowers Concept SafeRed Seeds Your DeKalb ]De en. ESBON, KS. 7 -4981 wedding stationery. I NVITATIONS NAPKINS ANNOUNCEMENTS BRIDAL BOOKS THANK YOU NOTI[S ACCESSORIES iJ WELL COUNTY RECORD .... -:, ,, , t When We Can Do Somethinl Nice For Someone Stop OF ESBON Deposits Insured up to by F.D.I.C. Established. !.900 Kansas