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April 23, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 23, 1964

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granted a parme Ikrr 6 mor~,~ I stands the needs in this class and ---~ ~ [is gble to provide the right kind of !Larry Shmnbuvg ~a~ c'rt~ged / program. ~e children axe grooving ~r~,rl Pa~m~g a O~s cm.eci~ :by land developing as they sholl]d. En- Jack w. ~eama~s. Defm~c~a~l l~led, rolled in this class are Virginia An- .gufl, ty, yeas sell, fenced to 20 ~tays in derson, Poonald Buckley, Kathleen nit, an, d gra~t~d an immediate Decker, Theresa Dewitt, Cregg Jef- parole provided he pay arnotmt ~f fery, Patsy Jones, Nancy Mm~is check and cou_vt co~ts. Thomas Shoup, Herschel 8muck Lawrence Wil, liam Brother w~ charged with oh.eating under fahe prc~erc:es by A'ikm!e Layl*and. De- fendant pied guilty av~t ~as fined $50.00 arid court eos~. Office of County Superintendent: "Some folks are like blisters. They don't show up until the work's[ doIle/' Callers in the Supertntendent's Members of this large ~ are office last week were Billy Waz~ler,~Blvthe Andersen Nhn,.on An,-.t .... EIem. Prin. Burr Oak, Carl Honey, IS- e Ann .............. ' ~.~vn ,-~ ~,,~S,~ ~:.~tmm.~.on t~Yn':Dozx)~hv Bell ~'.~vl~ P.~vt~ T,..,~+~ aultant, State Department of Public Bradri~k ~nda~ Bu~.~e~..'~I:'2~2~ Ir~str~dction; Rev. Merton Zeisset, C~-nd William n,,w~t ~,, ,o Jewell; Mrs. Hugh Pettlt, Burr Oak. Fen~or' ~'~ml~" ~'~2" a~'=~,,*'~,''~ Figgins, Ka~ Fm.sier, Susa~ Jef- avml un4erstand better ,the func-~hrens of Nampa, Idaho; a bro- lions a~d services of the hospital, thor, Lloyd Reed cf Webber, Kan~s.; "We ~hcpe t~at the gues~ who ma.,w ~ieees and nephews, and a came ~o Topeka to participate in multitude c;f f'ric.nds. the program will fkd opportunities Pm:,~,.'al sc 'wices w::re h~_ld Sun- to si~are w'ha,: they ~;earn with their d,ay, Apri! 19, 2:09 P. M., a: ,:he home eommun,ities in their eoun- ~%rm~so C(~mmunity Church wi, t,h t " y, he said. Rcv. ~Iarvin Zwickev in charge. Music was ~urn, ished by Mrs. Don Wichita, April 9--A "Campaign i tturd, ~,a~. Clayton Hughes and Pamela Sm~llins, Patricia Walhme for Customers" convention was Mrs. Bruce Howland. Casket bear- earl Waugh, and Kem~eth Wlnslow held today for 350 dealers, dea@r ;ors were Norman Dahl, LarrT Carl ~iraugh was having chicken! a~ismnCs, and agents, hosted by!Kee]er, Floyd Reed. Dwayne Dah~, pox ann was ab.~nt during our vlsik i the Standard Oil division of Amer- i Rorm~d Bonjour and Donald Reed. All the students gave us material. !lean Oil Company ~ the Broad-Interment in the Webber, Kans., No change in enrollmen has oc-]view Hotel. I curred in the Buxr Oak first grade l H.A. Parker. Kansas City tog-[Cemetery. this school year. Be~la2t King pro,s lion, el : ~i ~ ", L_ major work in teacher educ~tionl " " " .'' '1~ " ~ " from-Emporia Teachers College and !i~~i ~~aa@~P:~i ~~!r~~! her t~pils are certainly doing well. " "" '~ . ! '" , .; -. y do: in fact, they are extremely S~c~hen~on of Gran~t, Nebr.; Mr. frush~ating m us and absolutely ia~d IMTs. John Braddy, M~rs. Arma uneconomic. However, we have no Davis ,and Mrs Dale E~taee o~ alternative. We must remain com- lV~ar~hatatan, Kans.; IVD. a,nd :Mrs, petitive," he said. "Actually," ClCff Eustace and Mr. and Mrs. Barker continued, "it is a cha!- Roland Bonjour and fan'fi:l&, of 2"o- lenge I'o stay in businc~ today on peka; ~Mr. and M:rs. Edd Mar&on la profitable basis." of Keats, K'an~.: ~Mr. and Mrs. Laoki~g ahead, Barker pointed Kenn,e~h Foster, Mr. E~mer Foster, out ~hat ~t:he ear indust~w is already ~Mr. Jack Fo~tev and dough%or and talkir~g about a nine miMion ~ew Mrs. Rose Foster o~ Je'nnings, l~andall Schools are alveays pleas- fery, Cyn~th~ Korb, Heather Korb, ant institutimm to visit. Niartina May, Elaine Montey, Larry Earlier in the year we visited Ost, C~eryl Oleo_a, Timothy Run- c, ar year; m~d, by 1980, ~lhey expect Kant.; Mr. Life Foster of Ober]4n, grades one and two, so last week's yon, Maxla Stepp, and T1~tmu~ tara1 car registra,tion to reach 120 Kans.; ~Mr. and Mrs. James Hamil-: visit included the other grades. Wallace. Third graders enlarge their know- The second grade is composed of mt!!.en. An .mcre as.ed car reg,- ,ton a~d gmls of Denver, Colo. ; Mr. trauon can rfcr n~mmg ou~ add~ and Mrs Marhn Dah] c~f Hard ledge to include the community they only 1:1 students but the- are cer- c, ~ : .... : : .. y ...... ~ i t;on, al sales o.' ortun'~ties for el- N ~ , ' hve m. The first gra~le studies home tamiy a free group, and Thelma ." 1. ~,~ [~P,, .... P ~br., Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Reed IO turn ~2~IOCIllCLS ne eonemocd Hank n and ~hool, a~d the second, neigh- Lyons has had much time this year ~ : , ~ ' ' on ,a d MInT Da~l, ~VIr. mud -. . ..... ~ he eon,,erence De, an at 3'00 P , .br~d. In Ramdall the day begins for ar~tzvzd~a.1 work. Durang our visit,, ,-, " .-a ~,, .. ,.~ - . Mrs. Thomas Da,kl m~d Mr and m a friendly atmosphere and con-'.it was so nice and auiet and alM. wnh R. L; Spnn~er, ats~mctIMrs. Da~t! Dab,1 of Web-ber; Mrs.! tinues th~ug, l~ut the day. Enrolled ! nmdel school gz~uu V~cke told us imanager' &~ chaco'man. ~ group Adna Reed of Superior, Nebr.; Mr. in the 3rd grade are Bruce Barrett :about her ne~ sis~r, Kimma Sue jm~er ,was. servea a.t 6:00 P. M. and iMrs. Wayne W'ile~n amd ~amilv _aD ......................... ni~l Baw~ R.~Y T~llnn Vv~nn~ born April 16. Second ~raders~ ua~'7"~' I w~m tmte~mmment~ . pix)via.c~. 'by and ,Mr, . and . .'5~~s. ~. .Erli~g Dahl.' of' Ooff, Nyla Hockett, Sheil~ Heel, Donna Anderson i~rie C~tes Jnel Jack Pb.l,e, Chwflgo. Ptxxluct ac~n-bianka0o; ,Mz~ H:}ma Davis of , , ons~a,tio~s ann ~)ooth dispNys, l%tNburg. Kans.: Mr. and Mrs. Bar- school.. Mrs. Addle Ande~son and Mi's. ~u~'a Easter are the efficient sc2tool AuNeh pere,~n,nel, having given sev- eral years to this work. * * * The 13 kinderuarteners of Burr G~k seem to be making a ~i~e ad- j~:stmen~ as their beginning of rr~:~ly years of ~hool experiences. We're happy to have Mrs. Carl STANDARD OIL FARM MAN or Westdox. Wayne Blaylock : SAYS... "Take a /ook inside the original American FARM FUELS FINAL/FILTERr' Tractor manufacturers say, "Buy ,~ clean fuel, andheep it clean!" Here's how to do it. My fuels are filtered at least 27 times before delivery~ they're clean when you get 'era. To remove the dirt, rust, scale and water which can collect in your tanks, get the original American FARM FUELS FINAL/FILTER.* Fue/ enters (I) from tank or pump. Special element (2) strips water and filters out particles. Water (3) settles to transparent bowl. Only clean fuel (4) passes through filter. wA'r~N CALL ME Phone FR 8-3129 FR 8.8998 rE1 Reed cf Sa,Ena; Mrs. Egbert I Tietjen ,of Che,~:e'r, Nebr.; M~s. :AJphild Me.rre!,] and Gev~e of St. Joseph. .Me.; Ni~es A,gn.a~ a,nd Nora Dahl of Valt,--y FMls. Kan.s.: ~Ir. and IMrs. Don Reed arrd family of M~,nCro:,e: Mrs. Don An, d~,eas~en of Courtland: and Mr. Lar~" Kee,!-I er cf Fort Sheridan, Ill. CARD OF THANKS The family of Mrs. Harold Dah:l wishes to thank all ottr n,eig~hbcws. friends and relatives for Che cards, flowers, and exoves~i~n,s of sym- pathy receiwed during cur reeen,t ,1~os. We ado wish ta tha~nk ewvy- one who donated {ood and ~,e ladie~ wb~ were so kind to sevve dbmer for us and c,ur re!,a'tives. Your kindness and sb-mpathy "will atway~ be remembered. 3~Ir. Harold DaM ) iMr. a,nd ~Mrs. N~e]vin Darhl, Bonn, ie, MaA!yn and M.arga~,t iMr. and Mrs. ~vad~e~ Kezler ~ and Larm., Mr. and Mrs. Re,and Benjeuv, ' Cindy and Rr~bbie ) Mr. an~ ,Mrs. Norman Dab1 and I>av!d OUT this Spring with a fresh hnir-do and fifigernail shades. Youql ~joy selecting from our cosmetics. f Thursday. 23, A lea~ler from Jewdl county will merit of the me,nta:lly $]1. Dr. /~Jfred Da~l Day, participa,te in a hospitM-commun- S,a+.~ Hospital Superinten*derg, ity program Aprill 30 on Bid.dle .... purpose ,of Che mee~tLr~g is ,to Section of Topeka State Hospital. ulate p:r=duetive tJ:inkh:,g The county o~ffieiats and hospita.1 future re~l.ation~hip~ anJ gc~a]s. st~ff will sh,are their ~cNnking on Senator Alvah T. Menhc~sen hospital and e~nzmuni'ty resources ,V~,anka~o ~as re,calved an inv.':t,a~ion for further improvement in treat- to attend thLs program. PUBLIC SALE We willhold a public sale of Emma Stapleton's estate at the farm 3 miles north and one-half mile east of Jewell or 2~/~ miles east and 5 miles south and one-half east of Mankato on -and new lipstick MONDAY, APRIL '27 Beginning at 12:30 O'clock HOUSEHOLD GOODS Hotpoint electric range; Fiano and bench; 2-piece living-room suite; 2 bookcase and desk combine- lion; 6 rockers; 3 beds, complete; Chest of draw- ers; 12 chairs; Square table; Library table and stands; 6 dressers and commode; 3 9'x12' rugs; throw rugs; Table lamps; mirrors; Several kero- sene lamps; Flower pedestals and footstools; Books; Bedding~including quilts, pillows, etc.; Lots of cooking utensils, dishes, stone crocks and fruit jars; Many other miscellaneous articles MISCELLANEOUS 2 porch swings; Cream separator; cream cans; .Lumber wagon; 6-inch grain auger, 16-ft. ; 3-horse gas motor; 5 bunches of wood shingles; 7-ft. round water tank; Wagon tank with steel gears; Quan- tity of horse-drawn machinery & old iron; Pitch- forks, shovels, scoops; Chevrolet car, 1934, 4-dr.; Fodder sled; Grindstone; Walking plow; BuggY shafts. ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS' ITEMS Buffet ~qth glass doors; Rope bed; Antique dress- er; Wicker rocker; 01d household sewing machine; 01d fiddle; 01d wooden churn; also crock churn; Flowered bowl lamp; Picture frames; Seth ThomaS clock; 2 Wicker rocking chairs; Wagon spring- seat; 4-hole cook stove LUNCH ON GROUNDS. TERMS. Cash. Not re- sponsible for accidents. All property at bidders' risk when bid off. Citizens State Bank, Clerk EMMA STAPLETON ESTATE Col. Ed Montgomery, Auct., Mankato Col. Slim Montgomery, Guide Rock First and Only professional belt-driven rotaw at a homeowner's nrice... EXTRA. LARGE GRASS BAG Slips on and off without tools. Optional, extro. No cut toes. Blade does not turn when you start the engine. You engage the blade with a lever on the hondle -- well away from the cutting blade MOWS YOUR GRASS -- DOES NOT WHACK IT OFF. Pow-R-VacTM Housing creates strong vacuum thet sucks grass up rigid stralgM for slick cetfing with no spill ends to brown. 20" and 22" self-propelled and hand- propelled models. Change speed of self. propelled models to suit your pace 20" SELF- PROPELLED -- I ! HAHN'ECLIPSE POW'R'BOY HAHN'ECLIPSE ~ ...... Lawn Cf~ m REEL-TYPE ~, Tracto.rs ....~ MOWERS ~..~ ~: ,. : :=:i/!' A OUALITY STANDARD . . " FOR 27 YEARS Rigld, cost iron construct|on. Precision culling olways. Com- pletely SAFE to operalel 20" ROCKET@ HAHN-ECLIPSE _ POW-R-BOY Rotary /~" ~1~ Tillers~ .... ii~ : Lift up on handlem. Wh~ls easily llft off ground because 93% of filler welght is on fines where |t does most good for digglng in. 4 h.p. with Power Re~,mm~ LET US DEMONSTRATE A FRESH BULK GARDEN SEED For a Good Garden Kentuck Wonder Beans, Golden Corn, Large Lima. Top crop, most any kind you wish. Cucumbers, Beets, Lettuce, water and musk melons, pumpkins, radishes, Spinach American Wonder peas, Early Alaska peas and about any ,Variety you prefer, Onion sets. Verta green. It makes your garden Country Gentleman and Everygran grow. Try it. Just the seed for a good corn garden. McCarthy Harnware Co. . Jewell County's Oldest Store