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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
April 23, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 23, 1964

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JEWELL COUN'I~ RECORD News'oaDer of Jewell CIotmt~ . H .,, "Any good thing that I can do, or any kindness that I can to any human being, let me do It now and not defer tt THE BOYD FAMILY Owners and Publi~ers F. W. BOYD, JR., FAtter Boy& Associate Editor Postage Paid at ~e Mankato, Kanms m Jewell Colm~ ..... countie~ (Smith, Mitahell, Cloud, Re- c~an.ties in Ka~s, avid Jewell ~. Reeord, z~lankato, Where ~i~1 ,I ~begin? I know, t w~l [ will -keep ~them. - Now comes pack- lie stiI~ rot 24 hours every ~ay and start with the ,aLtic. - Come w~h [ a, ges of otd .letters, (tied wit,h is still .in traction. T Dora has the me and I will show you how it isl.Wbat used to be ,b!ue r~gbm~) b~:=;t c eale hem seedily, nm'se: done. - .First, I bad better take lwhich :Premk had wzutten ~0 m~: m~d a[te~dm~ts. -Her nl~c~ tomes so,me vit:zmin pins. - It lakes during our eourL~g days - we will to s~e her every day. - She hears strong wiU 'to clean an attic - Bet-[keep l~hern too. :from Jewett Coumy frier~ds t~ten. ter eat a few raw ~'rO~ ~ - -mab- !- She has a radio so she can keep in the blood. I ,takel~he Iill ~ut. - Here is my'up with the news. - She was pu~s iron -mab- wedding dress, wrapped up in happy to have a visLt from Miss Now, I am all ready arid getting tissue paper. - What is tahis dress'? :Bernice Howard while she ~(as)n an early start just 1"00 p m I Oh, yes, the one I wore that night Topeka. - Her roo~n nmn~er ~s ~o~. will .take a few empty boxes in which 1~o ~hrow discarded articles. - We mour~t the ~airs, set the boy ex down ~nd .t, ake a lock around. -ma~ This is a different world - no one ~tives here. - Here is a moun- l)ain of ancient obje~s which have token possession and made a world of rheLr own. - TIMs =is a house of discarded possessions ,thai have Io~ ,their h~n~an touch. - Th,is is a piece of peace and quiet, musty smel.~ and dim ,light. - The pre- sent and ~u~ture h~ve no place here. But ~1ook! ,Familiar and for- go~en things keep jmnping out at me, brir~Gin, g er~icing memories. - ~his is ~e habira~ion of the dead - I am an the presence of a hush- ed past, inhabitc~ by ghosts. - B~i I must get a hold of myse]L - I ] volume) 'is wa'ter wh~dn evaporates [ oz" goes into ~he dripp~gs. Some[ ~at L; a:~- h: the ::hi~cping~. f lion':: thinnine a~d vi~min B6I are lc.~t in c::oki:'~::. Riboflavin anal'', niacin a:2 leas ~;~s:'c:p~ble [o iOSSl during coMdn,g. You'l~l have more thiamine in a roast that is cooked o the rare stage than in one cooked well done. Meat drippings cc, n~Lain some B vi~a:niz~s. This includes the drip- pings from thawin,g frozen meat, the drippings from cooking meant when we became er~Gagecl.- Now a * * * Thursday, we had a visit and ~he juices released in slicing ~LIk hra~d.~l~inred ~an, with ~vory iw~th Max and Faith H,oward ~tlmeat. l'madles, a graduating 'present !.~hillipsburg. * * * See you Sa~- The broth or stock from stewed meats contain B vitamir~. Use ~,t in from ma:nmm and papa ,neatly urday nig, h.t. * * * nourishing soups or as a part o~ tied up in a box. - Vrh, at's here? ~he liquid in escalleped or creamed dishes. Some ~ the baby c~othes worn by SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE Never leave cooked m~,ts at ki't- my ~wo sorus. - I wiilt have o ha~e By Beverly Jean Bishop ehen temperature for more than 2 more ,time to check these over. .Meat for lIeeps" is the topic for 'hours. Cover or wra,p loosely and - So I .pla.ee ,the whole bunch back in tlae truck and close the lid. 4na0b- The whistle? Nor six o'clock surely - but it is - So I wild have to go now, and elem~ the attic t~ger. ,m~b- Manka~ Mare Street "Seen ~nd Hegra ~tmd~y Nizht" AGain, Ye scribe spe~. Saturday night ;~way from ~Iankato. - We were in Topeka a.t~xting the ~he meetings of the 20 home dem- o~stration und.~ in Jewell county this month. The members are study'frog che most sati~ffacory ways ~to re,am the high quality, good flavor, atU,aetive appeat~anee and ~ood nutritive value of the mea.t thc~y use for their family and guests. The lesson is the third in a series of four ,on meat this year in the unit program. Foods and nutrition project leadet~ give the program, using m~terial prepared by Elsie Lee Miller, Extension ~oods a~d nutrition specialist, Kansas State University, l~anhat~an, and the county home eeor~omics' a~ge~, Beverly Jean Bishop. To store raw, fresh :neat in the put it m the refrigerator. You'l,1 [van, t to use cooked meat wi~h!n 2 days 0 enjoy ~ahe be~ flavor, juici- ness and satisfaction without dang- er of spoilage. MANKATO LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO. REPORT We h~d a .good run of Cat~le and Hogs, with C~a.rence [Maag topping the Hog sale with ,a set of H .drops weight 225 tbs. at $13.95. We had only small Pigs in ,the auctien last week, sellin,g around $8.00. 300 te 400 lb. Sows sold to $12.,35. We had very few 375 ~o 45{) 115. Calves in the auction; most of the Cattle were weighing 600 tbs. and up. We sold a set of Whiteface s~te Republican c~nvention. - JeweI.1 cotmry had seven delegates, Calvin James, ehaimnan and Bob J~h:m~n, Jewell; ~ay ,N[eElroy, P0and~,ll; Mrs. Ca, theVme Byers and Mrs. Neat Harris, Burr Oak; LetRoy Barir~ger, Welybev and h~iss ture lower than 45' F. Freeze Bcrrgce H,m,v~rd, Manka,to. - Ye ground meat if you plan o keep scribe ~as only an al~ternate, bu~ it mare than 1 da~. Bacteria] growth is more rapid since there were vast cha.irs for if the meat con.tainer is completely Jewekl oounty, gVIrs. [MeFAmy and covered and fresh air can't eircu- I sat wi~h our, home folks. - late around the meat surface. Others I saw from Jewell Ccumy If frozen meat th,aws, cook it. 'l~is i.r~s~res you safe, good food. were Mrs. l~y ~c2Elroy, Jack The 'l, arger the p~ck.age, the forager Byers. Ned1 TIarris, ,Mrs. Le~l~y .t~e meat will s'tay frozen. Barin, ger, Mrs. I-~a2old Bothwell. ~ecent research shows cha ~he F~rrest Fair, Wir~t Smith, and organisms causing ,trichinosis in humarns a're kHl.ed in fresh pork Duke Wellrner. * * * I v,isi, te~ when the mea~ is frozen for at refriger.a'~or, ur~wrap it as scan. as Steers weighing 450 lbs. for $23.00. you get ,home and .weap t loasely A ~se.t of Whiteface Steers weigh-I in a piece of waxed paper. Place ~ng 845 tbs. on the fleshy side, t it .in the coldest part of ,the re{rig- sold for $19.05. A load of White-J orator. Yace Steers weighm,g 593 ~s. sold~ If you pl'an to store the meat for $19.80. A 4cad of Whiteface[ more than 2 days, use a tempera- S~eers weighing 729 115s. sold for! $19.25. A draft of Whiteface Steersi weighin,g 570 tlss. sold for $20.20. t One load of Black Heifers weign-t in~. 500 115s. se!d for $18.45. An-1 other load of Whi~cfa'ee Stc-~rs weighing 616 115s. sold for $19.40.1 A set of Whiteface Heifers weigh-[ ing 348 I15s. sold for $21.20. Cows SOld m2rS[ly from $10.50 ,to $13.50. Larger con,signors were: Arr~ie W.~Hs, IMelvin Bleck~a; Reed Motes; L~uie Zadma; Lee W"~e; Eben & RenMd Johnson; Ike Soash; Cecil ~1 happy home. The~ er~coura~eme~,~t - I am ,going o be ~agredierds ore pleasures in simple a '%eautiful' swan some day. - lth~. Two women will take llhe Yes, I ~il,1 keep rh~. - I won't ~ i~edionls - one will erect even look at flmse old maga~-i,nes, deraxn 'house, er~d ~,e ot~er a lff~though I sh.0u3d keep some of lmvel. [~em, ~o rerr~nd me of ~he styles " tomb- I of dresses w~en I 'was a yotm/g : A ~rAc st~f.erer ~sua~;y!la~tY. - I will 'lay rbem aside u~fl ~lffers ~ton, e. - ,Wh~ child, no lI have time 'to check t~ean over. l~bter t-row de, ted, will spend[ -mab- e~Ira ,~Mne Sn the l~orrn~ of rhe l I wipe the dust off this old m~a~r w~o keeps rernin~tir~g ~ahem ~runk. - This ,truck was tl~ one of ~.]~l ~he has "sa~'i~iced for ~l~ich Friend H, usba~d ea~ried fl'~m?" -Or 'wh, a,t h.u~ba~d enjoys w,hi.le Ihe w~s in college. - Fix~ ~ er~}e~ ~ IJI~, wifie ~i~l, likely ~ir~l "'en~e~tairgnem" -v~b- , House Cleaning ' $~ is ttouse cleaning lfi, me of year. =, teresti~g as ai~ra.ys. - I enjoy at- ter~,d'fn'g po~ical eorweni~'-~s. - I ba~e ~t~r~ded rrmany. - My first ~en~on (RepUblican) was ~n 1886 ~i G~irne~. !My f~a, ther (was representa~ve fr~rn A~d~rso~ County ~[~r ~wo reruns, so I ~a~e been brought up on politics. - The Boy