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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
April 23, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 23, 1964

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~ ~le m Mam~ ~t Sale Ba_jI Lvemy Yrid~ Jewell ; 73: No. 45. oo. tCOUNTY SOIL City Park! The M,~nka~to Lions Club and City Counlchl are bt~ild,inJg nm- C/IkICL~D|/ATIgIIU ~rn r-~t ro0~ms ~n the city pal, k i '~UJ.'k~Jl~VJ'~.|'UJ.' h e ~M,a~a,t~ Lions Cl~b, at its me.tan, g, ~oted to give $500.00 INFORMATION She city m ~elp bui~]d this and will ftlrni~h volu~'teeri to 'help wR~h ~he c,c~truction. 'L Clerence B~aek, m~yor o'f Ma,n-I and a,lso a Li.ona mern~ber, l the he~p of Lion Harry and Lion Mqlvin Baeaha, oversee ~he cor~tvucti~ ~i bu~ldhn, g. Lion Wa~ter C~mp-[ of hhe Man, k'ao f witl ,,lirm up the M, an-] Lions Club membews for labor. Herm.~g~en w~l l~ the blocks, get Construction is expected to this w~k. C_~l~ren~ B~aCk has eor~ceu~d busirmss men ,in ~mk~m ~nishiwg new t~bles a~nd i~r the pazk. The IVlanl~to ,~ men ha~e a~d gi~ 16 picrdc fine .ben~t.es ~o the city These ~les end benches are burr and ~ ~t the Dl~ck home. ever h~we a dveezn come I did, and it is develop- my f~n~c~est dvean~ or hmwever, c~o ~ot cocne just by dm~; it ~es and reM labor. I dream- of a $i~seum for our town, but was di~ieult to get o,them in- mou~ m help. ~t fly,at i~ w~ housed in the By Clyde Reed. Jewell County Work Unit Consem-ationist Marion Boe~:~l, Oha~ of ~he JeweH Cour~ty S~ Conserva- tic~ D~stvict Board off Supervisors, has ,been &ff~or~n~d by Secretary of A, grieu~ve Orvil'le L. Freeman ,thal the Jewe~l ~ Soil Con- serv, m~ic~ District ~upd~ted D~ Prog, rarn wi~ the U. S. Depm~ memt of Agricul~re has been ed by Che Secretary. lWarion and ,the ether me~ of the So~ sevv~ti~n ,District I~avcl believe the upd~timg of ~ ~ agreement with ~e ])e~aa'~n~ is ~t tO J~vell ~ A,g~LattlCure. The Soil' Co~ti~n Service ~evves 9he famers ~f Jew~ll w~king through @~e Co~m~ Soil C~nsevva%i0n Distr~ct. The S~/ Corsevv~ti~n Dis~ict was org~z- ed in 1948 under ~ Soil Cxmser- v.ati~ Dis~ic~ ~ of Kansas as a govevr~nen~gJl st~0~ivisi~n of the ~t~l~e ,av, d was ~e 19th coLm~ ~0 be so organized. The Secretary of Agric~ture ~s att~ized ~ carry ot~ a broad pax)gram of assiStmme to ~rme~ end ~]~m~d~ners. ir~oh.td- ir~g c'ooper~tiu~l/e /s irnfi~d to a .a~- cu~on of past and ~ure legi~a- ~yn. tr~elud~g the ~ ~- mx, c~d~e~ by Stae - Atv~h Menhusen mad Rep. ~ex Borgen, upstairs at M~ Bui1~g, 8:00 P. M., Thursday, be sdrved. This ~s ed by the ~.weau ~ the 1VB.~ Ca~enm~'s Aavec~tlon. ~r. emd Mm. Cfl~rles C~ar~r a~ tl~e week-end ~1 Mr. had ~TO. ~ Thursday, School Planning Board Makes Plans For Ehcli0n The Jewell Cotm~cy Schoc4 PlarmLr~g Board met at the Cov_vt- house ,~t 7:30 p. m. April 15th v~i~ I~ocner Roach p~. t~esent were ,Karl Kisainger, Roderick Welmmr, Jack Byem, Earl Sapp, and M~ron Ir~term~. 5~rpose of the meeting was to make p~a~s to c~a~ot ~evfi~ as ~x~ired under ~ 393 of the 1963 session la~vs of ~. l:~arm~ trig bom~ w~1 conduct election & select boavd~. ]~ection xv~,~l be heki on June 2, 1964 for an approval or disa~ af "ur~ school dist- ricts of Jewe~lC~dr~ which have ~bean approved by the state super- ~rdex~t Burr Oak., Webber, Love~etl, Ior~a, Jewe]~l', and ~ There w~l bee s~wle board, a~ each p~'e! of 3 jt~ges ~d 2 e~.i The eo~ty clerk w~l be asked to i not~ judges ~xl clerks and set the electiort in. ~. ~RanchlR w~l ,be the voting ~l~e ~r Pr~rie, Vicksburg, and .~l~en ~ps and Karl K~ssin~.~ will be raspon~b~e ~ ~ division. Jewe~l; .Buffmtlo, Ca~v~n and ~. ~ner ltoaeh. Ionia: Ionia, Athems, Erring. 23, 1964 TWELVE PAGES New Dentist Moves To Mankhto Dr. ~ ~rs. ~ewin Petemon and chi~d,ren, Cindy, 5, and Ra~ndy, 2, moved last week into the DMe Seiver 9rz~e~ty ~n the ea~t part of iV~kato. The Peterson~ o0~e ~o Mankat~ from Coldwa~r, K~msas. ~r. Petermn is a native of Bush- Homer Roach. ton, Kansas. 'He gradta~d from Esbon: Odessa, W~itemound, Empor~ Sta.~e C_~lege and the Highland, and Esbon. Earl Sapp. University cf Ka~as CiW Sch~x~l Z//ankato: Lirn~ and Center. of De~try. He 'has been praet2cL Rode.rick Wel~'ner. ing fro- ~ree years, i tM~n~ose: W~l'~n,~lxm Town- Dr. P~terson~ wtH be h)ca~d in ship. Roderick WeRmer. the bufldir~g fl~e ~t dour south of Formaso: Gran. Roderick WeR- the Wagner 'Drug S~ore. Oral Wad- met. ~er ~ Chas. Nieh~, owners of ~ovemreli: Sinc~i~ and Richland. this building, are rernodel~g i~ Roderiek WeRmer. comple, t'e~. The sot~th ha~ of the Oek: Burr Oak, Wa~.t ,b~ildi~g, whioh is occupied by fl~e .'Har~s0~, and Hoh-nwood. Jack Nelson J~al~ S~bare, is oam~let- ed. Dr. Peters0~ ~ move in his BY~webber" : ~Ion~a and Jackson. new ctuar~ as sa~ as the re.- MTron In~rmil~. mo~eli~4 and red~g j~ is ,Not'z~ca~or~s of ~, pol~- completed,. He ~pects ~o start his pub]:i~hed h% ~ ~3ree COUnty l%~W- weeks__ papem 2V~ay 21 arid M~y 28. iDr. Peters0~s equi]~zm~t is r~ar- Tim cmm~ aCk~e~y/ and count~ ~y v~w awd he is aekt~ng s~e n~r .~,~1 be ~d on deta~ equipme~ for h~s a~ioe here. I-Ie of ~e June 2nd election, w~l operate Cwo ro~x~s and x-ray" M~rn was n~ade by J~ck Byers ~ ~ be aa, Ri~ble ~r ~t t~e boerd appmv~ the eve~ bot0a. ing's business as ~'ined ~bov~ ~VIrs. ~Pe4~sar~ was reaved on a subject to approv~ Of county clerk ~ near ~vm, Kansas. She a~l h~vs of~. K~I N.~er is the ~ovmer ~ B~rns. TI~ seconded the rnoti~ and the ~obe Petersor~ ~v~ ~o locaCe in a ~or ~ppaz~v~ was ~ar~us..rural corm~mR~ ~ were favov- M~dc~ was made for a~ourm-nen~, ebb" ~ with the corn- - Carl A. Westin, Sec'y. mtmity ~he~ lool~ over ~ area bea%~e deddi,r~g to move here. Mankato Grade School Cmnpetes In County Track Meet The ~ "B" Class C_~e Boys Track Tes~n yam a ~hy at Jev~edaesda~, ApPi~ 15. Mm~- Ir~~, c~sd-,ed by Gary Rogers, scared ~Ya pod, s i~ a seco~ ~. Jewetl wn, Ji~a Decker, Jim Powell, Bob Water, Patsy Pow~AA, Barbara Moiler, (~lend~ Tylw, ~ ~, Carol M~er, I~um Park, Oind~ S~rno~ IA-- Greg P~i~e, ~ Veder; James ~m, Kere~ C~maz~, O~Va Oha~les Sash, S~ W~, l~n ~, ~.y. I~1~, ~d ~ ~.~. ~ast ~edr~s~a, ~ ~ir practice, 14 ~f the ~i~l time. b~sernev~t..we were ~ 1~ Datt~a~ home Organization Still Needs Funds To Sponsor Program In County , ~--There is much left ~ do our ,~oN. ~av~r w~ 'been ~ble to rea~hr~, asked to rr~hl Mrs. (Ilen IV~nsa~ ~t y~ur $32:S0; Whflerr~v.nd - 13.95: 16.00; J~ckso~ and 56.55; Washir~xm- oz~cl ~cmnoso- 87.40; Brzr~creek and Je~v~t ~d~rg.- I~.00; Center- 62.00; Be~l - 15.00. P,~nember the ,~mse county - it is your rrmke i so by ~o~r gifts. MANKATO P. T. O. 20 ~t ~:30 p. m. i~ l~om' ~f fl~e presktent, Mrs. skle& Rev. 'i~e mi~am~ of lhe were read mlrer, t]~ss a ~ba~mce af w~l lmadie 2~e ma~t0~ Pa, ice that ~e mictee be ,Ma:~e e -~a~thy W~e ~ ~e~ Mrs. E. C. Jalms0~ t!~, tfi'my are ~~ r~t be4z~ dble o akmm~ meeting thi~ ~av. Fred ~s in~01ved in sever~ m~ibect~l ~ in ~e dowrt ~v-~ ~ ~f San I3iego and c~m, e~t get ~way ~t ~m% ~e. Mrs. Ke~ A~bm~m a~d ~ra F, C. J~mson w~ a~+~end Grand ~ap~er of ~e Eas~e~ S~ar w~h corrcer.s ~n Topeka ~ 22ad, end Apr~ Ap~ 2~t, Funeral 8ervlees F~ M~. A.E. S~~ w~ be held [Mrs. A. E. Shoemaker et the ~hnera'l ~Iome et 2:00 m." ~riday. Mrs. shoemaker Ix~ ,Alamit~, C.~. ~md is be. ~ng broug~ here t~v Na,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,~. M~. Jae R. ~Bee~er ~ an ~~ ~f Wmr, ens ~ewas ~ T~ CARD OF THANKS se~t. IMra ttha, ris dixeetlen af ~&~m Mw. ~meda ~r~'. and ~. I ~. t~trear :Mk~. ~er; Seeret~ry: ~ : Jack to l~ave i~ad to ~r the wonderful good care th~ ~a~sfle, ~e I.received ~ in ~ hoep~l, si~ hope ~. ~' , ~0ee~ul~m~s to rny rela-~ our tires and many ~n'ends for ~r sponsored ac pm~s, vlsi~, flo~em, le~ers aml ~weekm~ ~o ~ om~ls. Your ~hough~J_hem ~ el, be ~ C, od Ble~s Mrs~~~ ~l%~r. ~d ffvI~s. ~ TO Bea~e, Nebr. spemt e~e weekend of hev~,Mr, ertdmostf0a~ 'Kenneth W~ O~ma'tomove~ &~r d~naer her s0r~s, W~smm ~me we-e in Av~ Wea~'.l~ng, Mr. and Mrs. ~m almost new and c~,kirea and Ca~led Mr. a~d M~s. ! . ~em ~r day% ~id is at ~ l~ame ~ her son, . ~xl Mrs. l~e~t Reager. ~lrs. F.W. " made It tO n~ke