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April 21, 2016     Jewell County Record
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April 21, 2016

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~ony u,M~,~ serve as camp hosts at Walleye Point flaewildlffe ~d'th~gs'~e'i'n-;o']oo-'-m: It Methodist Church campgrounds.Eachyearthey startthei/ "is quieter," said Micbelle. holds ser~ce camping in their 5th wheel Hitchhiker Curtis andPeggyWagenblast, Agra, at Lovewell April 1 and stay through who have been retired for close to six HarmonyUnitedMethodistChurch the month of October. Last year the years, will be hosts at Cottonwood services began with wlecome and an- Finlaysons had some container planted campgrounds. Last year, Cottonwood nouncements by Nikki Ost. tomatoes close to their camper. Serv- became a camping area that had 50 Acolytes were Meili OstandNolan ing as camp hosts keeps them active ampeleclricityinstalledaswellaswater Grout. The children's message was and gives them a chance to be outside, at all camp sites. presented by Pastor Gerry Sharp, ad- Gary and Sonya Keeling, whose The Wagenblasts are no rookies at dressing the question, "how much do home address is Superior, will be hosts serving as hosts at Lovewell State Park. we love God?" Scripture states we of Willow campgrounds. The Keelings They were camp hosts for three years, should love him with all our hearts, are in their fourth year as camp hosts at then took a year off and now will be souls and minds and as Jesus taught Lovewcll, serving their ftrst year at backatCottonwood.Theycanbefound that we should also love one another in Cedar Point and the last three years at camped on the cement pad at the north the same way that He loves us. Each Willow. At Willow the south half of end of Cottonwood in their American childwasgivenatokenreminderofthe the camp grounds have S0 amp electri- Star 5th wheel camper, May 1 until message. The chancel choir, directed cal hookups with sewer and water, are after Labor Day weekend. / by Pat Grout, sang "Draw the Circle not reservable and are full most of the "We were hosts at Cottonwood for Wide," featuring soloists Phil summer. North half of Willow has 30 Menhusen and Coralyn Kauffman. The piece was presented following a poem read by Rosalie Menhusen in which a person was rejected and showed God' s love by encompassing that person by means of inclusion. The scripture reading came from John 13:31-35 in Which Jesus told the disciples that God would be glorified through Him and also that we should love one another and that is how people will know we are his followers by the way that we show love. In Pastor Gerry's sermon, "A Loving Circle," two years and then Cedar Point for a amp electrical hookups with water, year.NowwearebackatCottonwood," The Keelings will report to their site in said Peggy. Willow Sunday to start their job re- While on duty at Lovewell Lake the sponsibilities. Gary and Sonya's re- Wagenblasts are not sure what they sponsibility will be custodians of the will be doing to help out. Before when restroomandshowersfivedaysaweek, they were there they did everything The busiest holiday weekend is by far from maintenance, all the mowing, Memorial Day weekend, cleaned restrooms and shower houses. "Probably the most enjoyable time The Wagenblasts have camped for at the lake for us is the first month we morethan40yearswiththemajorityof are their. The trees and everything else that time being at Lovewell Lake. They are in full bloom. When September enjoy camping in Colorado also. rolls around we are ready to quit," said Peggy says the busiest weekend is Gary. by far Memorial Weekend, and then Continued trom page 1 ited with two of Charlie's employees. "I can't quite remember their names but they were both nice guys and told me they enjoyed working for Charily," he said. "When we went to meet Charlie, I couldn't bdi~e it was hap- pening. I took my fiddle for him to sign and was holding it in the line to speak with him. He signed a photo for us, then he took the fiddle out of my hand and said, "let me see that." He asked if I played and I said I used too. He told me, "Start playing that fiddle, Son!" It seemed like he called me 'son' quite a bit, We had a conversation and then it was rime to take our picture with him. I put my arm around his back and my other hand around my fiddle. My sis- ter, Alyssa, wrote him a letter which he made sure got on the bus. That is a day I will never forget, something I will cherish forever. To this day, I still write Charlie letters and he writes me back every time. Charlie Daniels is a great guy and I will look up to him throughout my whole life." Bailey lives at home in Jewell with his parents, Sadie and Jon Hajny. Rolling Hills annual meeting held Friday blood was available to me when 1 needed it; I had lost two-thirds of my blood supply from internal bleeding. One nurse stuck with me all night long actually "squeezing" eight units of blood into my system before it was safe to do surgery to stop the bleeding. You just never know when you or a loved one might face that need. I also am in need of volutneers to help set up, tear down and clean tap after the drive. Set up would take one hour, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., or less if inundated with help; likewise, tear down and clean up, 6 to 7 p.m. Please consider giving back to your commu- nity by volunteering at the Jewell County Blood Drive. -Sharon Regnier, coordinator Tips for planting a 'pollinator-f iendly' garden, landscape By Jenae Ryan, Post Rock Extension District Now that the weather is warming up, many gardeners are starting to get their first plants in the ground. With concern for decline in bee and mon- arch butterfly populations, planting gardens with pollinators in mind is an increasing garden trend. If you would he emphasized that we are to incorpo- ratethose who are not included in our groups into our lives and into our circles. There are many who are left out and we need to notice them and include them in our groups. Some of those who are excluded are children, the elderly, and non-natives. We need to be aware of showing God's love in that way. This week's calendar includes the following: Sunday, April 24:12:30 like to attract pollinators to your gay- Gary retired in 2010 and Sonya a probably the 4th of July. Friday, the annual meeting of Roll- den, or create a native landscape, here short time before that. Since retire- "Ourfavoritetimetocampisallthe ingHillsElectricCooperativewasheld are some tips for planting a pollinator- merit the Keelings hooked on to their time. We just enjoy camping," said in Beloit. 40 foot Columbus 5th wheel and have Peggy. One-hundredtwenty-fivemembers beendoingsometravelingtothesouth- And, yes, the worst experiences of and approximately 150 guests were east, west and up north. This past win- camping at Lovewell has been the rain served a catered dinner. Each member ter they stayed home. storms and high winds that hit two attendingreceivedagift.Severalprizes The Keelings say serving as camp years ago. were won by members throughout the hosts is fun, something todo and you The Wagenblasts host site will be : meeting including a 50 inch VIZIO get to meet lots of people. The worst surrounded by somewhat of a garden, Smart TV won by Brad Jeffery, Burr part of camping the Keelings have had as Peggy will plant tomatoes, peppers Oak. to endure at Lovewell'Lake is the wind and onions in containers. Recipients of the 2015 Youth Tour, friendly garden. Identify pollinators you wish to at- tract: Whether it is bees, birds, or but- terflies, you should determine which pollinators you want to bring into your garden. Then, you can identify which species can be found in Kansas. Re- sources such as The Butterfly Site (www.thebutterflysite.com) can pro- vide lists of butterfly species found in potluck at Ionia United Methodist storm that hit and downed two big Harley Schuster, and Youth Leader- Kansas. The USDA's Forest Service ship Camp, Lexi Jeffery, reported on website (http:llwww.fs.fed.uslwild- Church; 4 p.m. Vacation Bible School cottonwoodlimbsthatjustmissedfall- Dispatch .y Verhage the resp tive experiences meeting at Mankato Christian Church, ing on their camper. Sonya once again flowers/pollinators/) has information Wednesday, May 4: United Methodist this year will plant some container Greeters Sunday were Danny and Gary Frieling, Athol, president of on several animal pollinators, from Women Salad Supper at Harmony. All tomatoes and lots of flowers around Jane Pfannenstiel, Roy and Stacy the board, introduced the board mem- bees and butterflies to birds and bats. women are invited, their site. DeBey. bers and conducted the meeting.Determine which plants your fa- Havea blessed week and remember Employees and former trustees that vorite pollinators prefer. Once you have to ihclude all persons in your circles! Ken and Michelle Crocker, Esbon, Passage Sunday morning was 2 willretumtoCedarPointcampgrounds Peter 2:1-10. Theme Sunday morning werepresentwererecognizedbyDougidentified the pollinator species you as hosts for the second year. Cedar was"DestructiveFalseTeachers."Pas- Jackson, manager. He also reviewed wish to bring into your home land- Lovewell State Park Point camping sites are not reservable, sage Sunday evening was I John 3; 11- the cooperative's financials, scape, you need to determine which open house events They all have 50 amp electricity but 20. Theme Sunday evening was"Who Marcus Harris, executivevicepresi- plants they feed on. The host plants for some don't have water. The Crockers, Murdered Mr. Boddy and Where." dent and CEO of KEPCo discussed the the caterpillar may or may not be the will be Saturday who camp in a toy hauler Forest River Happy birthday to Danny diversifiedsourcesofpower andspoke same preferred host for the adult moth Residents of Kansas are invited to pullcamper, are located at Cedar Point Pfannenstiel. ofEPAacrions, electionyearandtrans- or butterfly. Different birds will need visit their favorite state park Saturday half way down in the second row. Ken Nyhoff and friend, Denver, mission lines being built, different nectar sources. The Butter- and ornamental pJants mat nave oeen and parricipaffng jn aerob-ic danc~" tested and proven to perform in dem- Get your he?art pumping, A" few !' onstration plots across the state. Your examples include brisk walking, bike localExtensionOfficecanprovideyou ing, swimming, skating, dancing and with a copy of the 2016 list, or find it playing ball. Spread activitiesover the onlineatwww.prairiestarflowers.com, week, but do them at least 10 minutes Plant a variety of flowers and plants to provide pollinator food all season: Be sure to plan your pollinator garden to include flowers and plants that do not all grow or bloom at the same time. Planting flowers that all bloom at once will only provide a food source for the pollinators while in bloom. Identify host plants that bloom early in the season as well as late in the season to provide food sources for your favorite pollinators all summer long. This vari- ety of plants will also provide interest- ing colors and textures in your land- scape throughout the growing season. The blog from the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains has lots of posts with infor- marion on planning and designing a native landscape (dyckarboretum.org). The Pollinator Partnership -- www.pollinator.org-- also has infor- mation guides for creating pollinator friendly landscapes. Be conscious of insecticide use: Proper application of insecticides can be a useful tool in maintaining veg- etable gardens and ornamental land- scapes. However, misuse or improper application timing can have negative effects on beneficial insects, such as pollinators. Some tree and vegetable species have separate male and female flowers. In order to produce fruit, the pollen from the male flower must be transferred to the female flower, usu- ally with the help of a pollinator. If you use certain insecticides to manage dam- aging insects, they could also have harmful effects on the beneficials. This could lead to reduced pollination and fruit set. Contact your local Post Rock Ex- tension District office for more infor- mation on pollinators and pollinator gardens. Hopefully these tips will help you bring a variety of plants and polli- nators into your garden this year. Happy gardening! Spring cleaning your physical activity routine By Ashley Goudey, Post Rock Extension District at a rime. Add variety to preventJaum out..-. Strength train for healthy muscles and bones. Do strenRthenimz aerivities twice a week. Activities that build strength include lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups, moving furni- ture, or heavy gardening. Yes, garden- ing will not only improve the look of your home, but it is good for you! Sneak in physical activity. Every little bit of activity can add. up and doing something is better than noth- ing. Take the stairs instead of the el- evator, Walk to a coworker's desk in- stead of sending that email, or park further away from work and walk. Use the buddy system. Activities with friends or family are more enjoy- able than doing them alone..Join a walking group, attend fitness Classesat a gym, or play with the kids outside. Build a support network, your buddies will encourage you to keep being ac- five. 'Black Sunday' was worst dust storm in .... raerlcan history ..... "Black Sunday," April 14, 1935, is known as the worst dust storm in Ameri- can history. After moving acroSs-Kan- sas, the dust cloud reached Washing- ton, D.C., on the next day, with the sky so dark, lights had to be turned on at noon. Congress took action. President Roosevelt signed the bill creating the : Soil Conservation Services on April 27, 1935. Now called the Natural Re- sources Conservation Service, they have a deeply held vision of amation. where use of resources is guided by a widely shared and heartfelt s'te~vard- ' ship ethic. Their approach starts with talking one-on-one with the landowner to un- derstand their goals and then'a'pplying science based conservation practices to create a plan to fix problems such as soil health, grazing capacity, water and wind erosion, wildlife preservation or wetland management to help people help the land to sustain their livelihood': : for free, as a state park vehicle permit On the side Ken does maintenance Colo., stayed the weekend with Mr. flies and Moths of North America is not required. The Lovewell State work throughout the park and mow- and Mrs. Merle Nyhoff. l~Ia.l~ato Library has website (butterfliesandmoths.org) has Spring is in the air! Which brings now and for the future. beautiful weather that encourages ing. Michelle works some in the office, regional checklists with different moth Park office will be open from 8 a.m. to just whatever is needed of them. " ..... hi new books, DVDs the most out of physical activity is to ! ved for what ou are not 4:30 p.m. ~ p|yltS $Cllolars p The Mankato City Library has 202 and butterfly species in Kansas (or physical activity! The key to getting "It is better to be hated for whatyciu ar,e, The Lovewell State Park open "Even though Cedar Point is not make it fun. I encourage you to move Andre Gide. house, also planned for Saturday, will reservable, we were usually always recipients, Boys State new DVDs in the library available for another state) by county. The link to . . than to be o y , - each specie has information on the more and sit less every chance you get. ",-:-,- - have the following activities for visi- full in June, JulyandAugustlastyear," renrel~ntativos checkoutincludingthesetitles:"1408," insect's identifying characteristics, Choosemyplate.govrecommendsthese i~,~,~ Ii~ I~r~r ! tors.SKrun-walk 8:30 a.m. with regis- said Michelle. 1" "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" habitat range, and caterpillar and adult tips to reach at least 2 112 hours of I ~,,w~ vo ,~vw , ] tration at Willow Group shelter, and The Crockers are from Texas and Jewell American Legion and Aux- (seasons 1-6), ' 'he Office" (season preferred host plants, moderate-vigorous physical activity a I I DJE___ __ __ I , ) ! the run-walk event will begin at9 a.m. movedbackhereacoupleofyearsago, iliary No. 72 met April 13 to select 5~ "Stenbrofliers," "Bambi II," "The Find plants that grow well in your week. Let s get moving. I ~11 II~' " ) from the Willow Group shelter loca- Not too long after coming to this area scholarship winners from Rock Hills Incredi~es," "The Maze Runner and Lion. 8 a.m. to noon is the second an- they wanted to familiarize themselves High School. The Legion chose four many other titles too numerous [:list. notarea:everyAs mostbeautifulKansaSplantgardenerSwe seeknW'will over time.Ifyouarejuststartingphysi-Start activities slowly and build up II _I 1 irlll |l Qm-----: : I! nualAdoptaFlowerprogram. Bring in with the area so one of the things they applicants and the Auxiliary selected Some new childrens books have grow andthriveinoursometimesharsh cal activity, build up slowly. This will / ~~W~lWlllllm,~ l an3annua!grperennialfl0weringplant did was go for a ride to see Lovewell two. The men selected Boys State rep- been donated as well. Titles include to~the~.tatep~koffice.Flowe'rswillbe Lake, and fell in love with the area. resentatives. No gifls have applied for . Heaven isfor Real for Kids, LoveYour Kansas climate. Once you have identi- help to prevent injury. After a few., |...~,,~g .... _ m_~. .... m ...... :,- ~[ planted at your choice of designated We loved the lake area, reallyen- Girls St~ at this tifn't~, e ........... : '~le~ehbor I'm Not Sleepy, Brownie fled.the b.Q~I~plant~for.yo.ur favorite :svegks, increase how oftert,:al~::howv~..t~~~~ " ~'1 locations throughoutthe park. ' joyed the scenery, thewater, viewsand Duringtt/e-Auxil~ti~g; ~1~ ' Grb~undh~j~, Wiiltry Surprise and other polhnators, look for vaneues of those longYO,g~eac~iye~,,~9~c,a~Q~i~.bY, i:| ............ ~L!~. Maitt~i!,,.Mankato ~ .... ]._ At the park, the youth fishing pond being avid outdoors people who really leen Schoenbergergavedevotions,"On titles. " -- species that are hardy in north central turning a brisk walk into a jog, swim- | 785-378-3191 [ Kansas. The Post Rock Extension Dis- " project progresses as trees have been enjoyedcampinginTexas and4-wheel- the Road Again," using scripture from trier falls in the 5B (Jewell and Smith) removed from the Bluebird area ofthe ing, knew this would give us a good Isaiah.KarenBoden, president,willbe Letters to the E"lltnr or 6A (Osborne, Mitchell, and Lin- MONTROSE RURAL HIGH SCHOOL .... park. Once constructed, the fishing chance to meet and"interact with in charge of the Poppy Day dinner ~t v coin) zone on the USDA Plant Hardi- pond will be stocked with various sun- people, said Michelle. kitchenwith Fawna Barrett in charge fish and other easily catchable fish for After their first year as hosts, ofthedmmg room. Others volunteered Editor ness Zone map. When searching for "-"" will- t'" "well"~ un" plant varieties, make sure they grow in' ALUMNI BANQUET youths to develop their fishing skills. Michelle said their worst experiences to help and furmsh desserts. The same Mankato laos me Je t..o ty . Blood Drive Wednesda A rii 27 yourhardmesszone.TheNatwePlants were the stormy weather but says they officers were re-elected for next year. . , , .... ay~ ~p ' Database (http://www.wiidflower.org/ release.The pond will be strictly catch and haveatrustyweatherradiothat~uallit Ma.~to V.FW would like help with noon_ttoop.m.atme~an~aot~ommu- plants/index.php) is a search engine " Saturday, May 28 Another happening for Lovewell isn t very far from where she is when fum~shmg p~es for the Btke Across mty t~enter. .......... for finding native plant, tree, and wild- State Park since last year is the wel- there are threatening skies. At the end Kan.sas group June 6. It. was tabled . ~s cooramator or me tnooa, onves flower species for Kansas. Social Time: 10 to 11 a.m. coming ofthenew owners of Lovewell of their duties as camp host last Sep- untal next month. A mouon was ap- m ManKato, .!. personauy lnwte ann ~ , .,_ ...... Marina, Aaron and Jana Coil. The Coil tember, the Crockers went home to proved to offer scholarships to gn'ls ~ge all qua,!~fioedwres~deno~lOfu Je::l: Ex~aCnoYeuarpd~t~sta~:~Sr:arch ~t~ " Lunch: 11:30 a.m. family operated the Marina last year Texas to see their children and grand- only next year. t~ounty o s o p, p y .... Annual Flower and the Prauae Bloom but officially took over ownership in children. Social time followed the meeting, sleeves and bleed a little for a good Rock Hills High Sch0ol Commons .fa. f_,_ ,Jared Mocaby was hired by ' Mankato, Kan. Lovewell State Park in March 2015~IY~_~I Esbo, : " Thank You and now has completed his training Reservations:S14 per person and to be made by Saturday, May I4 ......... TrainingWith the Center.Kansas JaredLaW Enforcementis anxiously [ Regist . I I want to say a big thank you to my family, I Contact: LaVernia Peters, PO Box 131, Formoso, Karl~ looking forward to meeting and get- .. ~ ~::::::~:i~i:~:~:~:::::::i::::::::::::~::~:~ ............... :::~:~::.::::::::~!iii~.i~i . I -"-} I friends for all the cards, visits and food I I ,,,; 785-794-2271 ' ting to know the parks visitors. - . : ~*~:~*~:*~:~:::::::::::::::::~*:~*:~:~*~*~:~:.~ It is Back! According to the ~ ] received while I was in the hospital.Aspecial ] Lovewell State Park newsletter, the ~ Family Plan Pricing! I I thanks to the Jewell County Hospital for the [ fireworks display is back for 2016,~ [ great care I received. [ thanks to the Lovewell Lake Associa- tion fundraising campaign and special ....... "~ ' - I Prm:eeds Benefit."~I permission from the Bureau of Recla- f'~|~ i~ [~![ [~' ~'~i :~I "~l :~1~ tl Zad~ Kindler ~emrial $clle[arshlP ~und I L J marion. The tentative date is July 2. - I ommoo Joy Hancock This year at Lovewell State Park there will be camp hosts at all four - " " .,etotha ourf m.yan f, en .1 utility camping areas. The family of Roland Bonjour woul who remembered us during this difficult time in the toss of Our husband, ~ -~ " The Finlaysons, who are from father and grandpa. The prayers, hugs, cards, memorials and words of I -- A heartfelt thank you to everyone for Endicott, Neb., are at the top of the list comfort were very much appreciated. A species t.o Pa.stor Daniel I your prayers, calls, cards and visits i as fi~r as years serving as camp hosts at Waide for his comforting words at the gravesi e sd ervice, and to the Formoso I Lovewell State Park, with 2016 mak- Pride for the luncheon at the Formoso F'~~ is grateful for I during the last six months and since ing it 13 consecutive years. Del and this community that Roland called his second home during his many years I Sharon, who have been campers for ofhelping on the farm. ~ returning home. Thank you again and -- 1 JoBonjour CindieBonjour, HannahandHaley SandyBonjour I, ' God bless you all. )5 carry out eo~, and Lori Bonjour, Neil and S'~rra Bonjour, ~i~ ba! Caleb and Kaylene Ramsey .... Arleta Wewouldliketothankourfamilyandfriends Mother's Da u ncheon for all the lovely cards, beautiful messages and warm wishes for our 65th Wedding Anniversary. Rock Hills Pack 46 Sponsored by the Mankato Chamber of Commerce 785-378-8600 i Friday, Saturday and unday April 22, 23 and 24 Barman vs. Fearing that the actions o'Superman are left u nc hecked, Batman tales on the Man of Steel, while the wodd wP.stles with what kind of a hero it really needs. PG-13 (for intense s)quences of vio- lence and action throtghout, and some sensuality). We are so blessed to have all of you to make our special day so memorable! Don and Dawna Gay Robinett Jewoli Oounty Blood Drivo Wednesday, April 27 Noon-6 p.m. If you wish call 1-800-733-2767 to schedule an appointment. Donors do not have to have appointment to give blood. 16.16 Mankato Community Center 214 N. High, Mankato. Kan. Mankato, Kan. ,785-378-3172 Cub Scouts Rock April 23 7 Hills Elementary Gym Mankato, Kan. Everyone Welcome 11 a.m. -1:30 p.m. Mankato Co_mmunity Center Mankato, Karl. Serving .... - Smoked Chicken and Pork Sandwiches - i ~" (Prepared by Terry Or, tman and Jason Ortman) With Salad and Desserts " [: Free Wiil Offering with all proceeds going to help . !