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April 21, 1966     Jewell County Record
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April 21, 1966

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APRIL 21, 1966 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, M Tff,/r NSAS "-- i -I I / I. ! I Nyla Berg, 539; Orpha Fogo, F. U. Co-op Elev. 6 9 63 [ Rue, 205; Dick Calaway, [ Jerry Kinsey, Mr. and Mrs. ] ship award, the new Miss League oowung - Kancn t owt 481; Opal Tee e, 479 JewellLMitchell 62 69 1202. i Jim Peteete and family, and] N. C. K. will receive many ins. |signs, ~ingie tJame" State r~xcnange 55~ 76 1 ~ !Mr and Mrs Mark Kinseylitems of clothing from Con- tt ames lnrougn rrlaay, Aprn la) ShrarOr :u by, 213; Nyla Jerry's Standard 54 78 I Astronaut i and Kathleen.'Afternoon cal-lcordia businesses and an all- i?'N~I/lIl~d"~ I 17Aolrl~o ~: ~ ~t. ~Ol/ ~:ol/ Be g, 0 ; ma Roach, 172 Ind. Highs, Three Games:I w 1 lers were Mr. and Mrs. Oren[ expense paid trip for she and '11 ~J~ 1Jdd~l k-~ JLdJL~S~J~4~[,1" U*llllqk/i~U I ,ILI;;I~-II. UO 72 Oo' ~/~ " "] "" - [ " [ Lungren's Chev. 671n' 60" -- . FalthM m' StrouP,4 484, Mane Kn'lghts of Col. 891t 2 381tA2,Lewis and Mr. and. Mrs. her chaperone to. Pratt m ++,h aa aa Tuesday Six o s, 69; Orpha Fogo, mNewells mple.67 65 Glen Kelly of Bellewlle. July where she will compete Classical I T u c'n n,+o ,+,J aq 7q I,~ 466. ] B O Plumbing" 65~J 661A, Mrs. Aaron Murray and in the Miss Kansas Pageant. [~ "~ " .~ [ Ind. Highs, Single Game:lH'~jo Dru- ~A 2 ~ ~ Joan and Grace Cole called[ Sharing the spotlight with w l I t~oogaarts 6o uz [ ~reennouse 82 50 Orpha Fogo, 202; Hazel l Rai~rlders s ~ ~ on Mrs. Jennie Briggs this[the contestants will be three ax bnopper 100 28 ] Ind. Highs, Three Games:l Frontier Station 73 59 Schrotenboer, 184; Faith l B O Am Le~ion 51 77 week. ] lovely young ladies who will o ~~ Stroup, 182. .I Ind. Highs,-" Three Games: Mllt .Kissmger' Aaronl seek. to entertain the expec- ----- I Carroll Collins 577" George Murray, r~ent Slaughter, Mr. lted capacity crowd. They *, b r ][]' ]L ] .g Fr,day N,ghters I C- nd 516" Newoll Al Y n- and M s. Forrest Dempseyl are Mary Ann McConahey, Y P I ' a d Mr rl ' IOU lilil iUCIICVg LII L 11 LfltJ La Sal de, : w 1 r 497 n and Mrs Mar Mzss N C K of 1964, Janet i~D -- " -- -- uempse-were recent callers'K Herbin the current rei n ~, [Jewell Co. t~o-op 91 37 I Ind. Highs, bingie tiame: Y ],g - ol Ira Cha o.nnlaman o [Wagners Drug 82 46 ICarroll Collins, 221; George at the Laverne uempseYling Miss N C. K. and Kan- ~llll qS. till5 I~Ui~I~IISII|qSI|Li~ O.1~ OJll~kl~. I Farm Bureau Ins. 71 56% i Cosand, 199; Ray Smith, 192. nome. . I sas .vv~]eat k2t.xeen ana ivnss xx [Hills Const 66 62 I busan murray accompan-I Wllml r rmK, avnss t~ansas. ll * 9J P ! J!,-! I~,~on xxzooh ~7~/. am/ l ~"~a, led her brother Dennis Mur-I A parade of contestants q~ ~ *, ~o~x "J" /2ou 72 2. ,ltltlt41~ ' . I ~li~18 l~ ~ll Pflll I lfifil lilts Ilfill! I Col- 36 92 I . ray, to Grey, Okla Saturday lto start the whwlwmd of lllL~l~ll~lqkg llOt T~L.~H qk)l,~ll ID llOrllJl I~llqk~ lll[J(~,o [~ot;~t ~t ] W l ~ -' -- I *;, ;*;~o ,~.;,4. / a ~ / Tnd High. Throe Gamew I tO geL lvlrb, l~eIlIllS ~vxurrayiuoHlpeLltlVe o ~tav=t ~ w.u= Lt w:n 'a oGiI" dges onoco and Brian and Mrs Marrlmake up a pageant wiU be ~t, . e 36-66 Service 80 52 " . . I have t~seovered that the more success, symptoms may not develop./Teenle 507" Barbara Junker [ Dempsey. They had spent lheld m Concordm on Thurs- ful pork producers not only know how, But your pigs won't gain as1495 [~-~. bnopper . ~,~ o~/2 several days there visitinglday afternoon, April 21st, at they knowwhv They know that all sun- well or as economically as| ~oh~ ~,~, anK oa,V. Mrs. Dempsey's sister andl3:00 p.m. - -" - ~ the shoul ~,"~, "~"'~, oewell t~o uo-op D6~2 IDY2 plements are not the same. They know Y d. /Barbara Junker, 202; Opal/ ~ - ~ oe family. [ Performing at the parade that feed analysis tags can be misleading. UGF: A tag should show/Teeple, 189; Wanda Louder, |r- t o, Mr. and M[s. Marvin Fall Iwili be local bands plus sev- You probably already know what makes sources of unidentified|186. ~ tna. ~gns lnree oames: and Mr. and Mrs. John H~tZ|era1 precision drill teams up a good ~upplement. But, let's review growth factors that improve[ ~ |Lyle Rightmemr, 553; Mel- of ,Mankato attended the|and a drum and bugle corps what we know, tozether, p efficiency " and lower orodue-J "l iOlIl i vin LaRue, 536; Merwin Pet- Baroer bnop t uartet Singing/from St. John' Military ~~ - - -z t ~ ,'/ ~ / ~ux~x~ o x~x~z~x~x~o /erson 535 Saturda, evenin, at Concor . + /l~/.uan,/z c~o. costs, l n,a ~ -/.~caaemy m ~allna om ~ta~ey ~' "-'--'/",~- [ " " di," Ind H~ghs, Single Game" a Tickets for tne pageant Dean o| the Pro[essmnal Adwsors We Can Help Yon / Atlas b Ralph Hamilton, 226; LyleMr and Mrs Lloyd Falk/-r TO !qloet otlr . . ~t ~ ( . . " /a c Ull ~att:: at, au wunt~utul~a l Y . neea.mr ~rmy| w,1 Rlghtmemr, 222;Larry Mc- and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Flor- dru stores and a ' ' mt does a feed analysm aod. Balanced and avaflabfl- balanced swine rations, ourr t. o =~ ]14inni, 213 ,m ,e ~ ~, ,i~itpd Mro /~. g t Patrick s tl; really tell you9 ity of the amino acids deter- Professional Swine Programsl ~t~te, r~a~.~?ge L o ~.~ I ./home rurmsnmgs. - Jerry s Stanuara /z ----- ralZ.kUiUtllt::l, 2-XlOt=lt t-Ml- mines the rattans true protein plug tiny profit leaks that[ [ Hercules derson, who is a ,~atient in [ [ 0TEIN: The feed tag tells value. No one protein source occur in most feeding pro- Iv" r; w . ~ u, [ v -. . 15 a I ~x the total per cent of is completely adequate, grams. We have a feeding|Lum erlacks 66 66 I w 1 me nopmtm at wasnlngton,|[~lln~!I ~~,~ ~de protein. But that's not A ta~ does not tell if the oro- program for every eonceiv-/Seems' 60 72 lUte Theatre 71 61 ~ans,on bunaay, iN l, Ulmt IIqk0Oq, i , o ~ " ~ 3,I |,>u~h The oi~ isn t inter- tein is digestible or if ~rooer able mtuatmn. Each supple-/St. Theresa s49 8 Dr. S~mon s 68 64 Mr. and Mrs. Jess Crum / t~ in just the per cent of ingredient combinations are ment, m our program, gives t Ind. Highs, Three Games: Morris Garage 68 64 and boys and Mr. and Mrs. I Mrs. Harry Suthff ~tein. He does care about u~d for proper amino acidanimals all of the nutrients [ Gerald McAtee, 558; JerryJewell Co. Record 65 67 Melvin Boyer were Sunday ] Mr ann Mro ^~*~', - ^~ ' 1 l " . u ~. nl~lltat nl- amou they need at the pro er Icy McCollum, 534, Rmhard Jensen s Texaco 63 evening supper guests of Mr , nt, balance and balance. Only the pig can P "i " = t~ 2 ' lien s daughter from Salina '~:ilabilityof the basic build- evaluate thq true worth of a els at the lowest possible cost. [Diamond, 526. Speed Wash 60 71 and Mrs. LaVerne Dempsey. |,i it~,~ ,~ t. o, blocks of protein--the supplement. [ Ind. Highs, Single Game: Ind. Highs, Three Games:J. C. Jones of mo acids ~ /Sam Gfllett, 212;MilfordJim Bell, 551; Clare Lamb, spent the weekend hereland h:s dau-hter to~-k MINi"KAI ~ lne tag liStS I g o tneH1 ~ proteins are made up of : . . . |Ost, 211; Richard Diamond, 539; Cecil Clark, 529 lookingafterhis farming[.~ to me nos ~tai ~unaa even e . . mmerat sources ana certain / " p y - Omblnahon of 23 amino ~^a ^ ^~ ,~: ~ 1207. Ind. Highs, Single Game: work. Iino -- ^,o- = d-- rTNI " 1 ~a ~tldI~I.IIL~'~C~I IL i:llli::;lly~t~, 3.Yllllt~Ii::l,l [ ~r. D 11 010 T~ A drt~ i ~. l 1l. 2-~llUll yva,a ~l~laL~:ld s. lne pig neeos mem needs should b^ me*-'ithout I ----- Jim ~,e ~,~; ~,on ~ I(m Tuo~clnv nt tho Nt la~ , but can manufacture 13~'~in" excessive~Anex~cess of ~i~i~: I Redstone son,207;Clare Lamb,197. The Concordia Jayceesl= -5~.~ ~:2"7 Y F L~- ; ~ ~ . "'~4~:?:+" ",Cpll :~ lqLO~plLal Ill M~UIIEUIUIi;I. them from other amino one mineral ma-" tie u'- some . ! w l ~ w~sh to announce the selec- [ "'r --'i ~ ~'" - - d .v P . . IVl S.AI Ce Nlnaro ann other10, must be other mineral and render it Pit0FESSIONAr FEEDS [Ranch Bowl 83 non of Miss Sharon KaYlcecil called Monday after- pries an me met. unavailable. Mineral avail- .~ n Waugh Oil & Gas 7458 ildlantrnca Loomis as a contestant m the lnoon on Mrs Grace Ha- tins are not only deficient ability varies with the source. I L & B Electric 69~,6 62 IIl~lllkl~$~ 3rd Annual Miss North| ,~ ' . . - - vv ul ~1~. Protein, but are especmlly A tag ~s only an mdlcat.or. [ Kramer s 60 72 Mrs. Lloyd Gardner Central Kansas Scholarship,Mr and Mrs Ellis Ben- ~cient in three of the es- The real evaluationtake ~ I Boo"aart's 56 76 Pageant The r'ageant is an/r.~ "~a;~ ;. e,+.~+, ~ D ~" " " ~ . . " . . Ok)VY, 1 A111111~ O~ULL, O-ll~J. lkUV. ~al amino acids. A good place m the feedloL I Swone's 53 79 We recewed word Mon- offlcml Mms America pre-| .n Mrs r4ill u~n , p ement corrects these de- Ind Hiohs ThreeGames" day that our smter-m-law, hmmary and will take place| o.n enoes, sv. Jr ungs: vf ama iSona.r ut Mankato Feed and I Melvin Rue, 552; DickMrs. Ralph Gardner of A1- at 8:00 p.m Saturday, April |~erril]'tl~'e'nast'w'eet~ n : ,: e - - - "+ -- n Callawa 541; tie)Don turas,Calif had passed23rd, in the Concordia High[ rnutu ~unn,ty pmmems can oe cneapenea ~ . ~ I ~' -~ --- a'-----Ral-h --~ = " , Mg's ration is no better by cutting the vitamins to TrUCKIng ~ervlce } Fogo and Lee JUnKer, 523. way. .~ v a~u r.!mna bcnooi aumtorlum. |Mrs. Eleanor O'Neall, Mrs. "n Hi hs Sin"le Game" were resmentsor montrose o its most lmaxtmg amino margmat levels, x~encaeney ,~ I x u. g,s - " ' r Letue r~oro ano ~vunme aut- lvlanKato, ttansas Don Fo-o 207; Melvin ca- o~v~.a, yea a a~u. litC ;~ te'~, A;~ ,~r, ~" ' Mrs Lulu Jacobs and As we have sold our farms we will sell the following, located mile North, 1 mile East, ,~ '[':+ ~ ~, ~, ~ .:, ,nile Sou[h of Ionia, Kansas, or 9:;miles W e +t !/z miie South of Jew ll, ' ;' t LUNCH ON GROUNDS STARTING PROMPTLY AT 1:00 P. M. MACHINERY 1954 Massey Harris 44 tractor; 1946 Ford tractor, newly overhauled; 1955 Farmhand with hay basket, manure fork and stack buster; Ford lister; Ford Cultivator; Ford rear mounted mower; Ford side mounted mower; Ford 2-14" plow; Ford rear mount- ed scraper; Ford 9-foot springtooth; Moline 3-16" plow, new lays; 16-8 Van Brunt drill; 6 ft. Oliver one-way; John Deere manure spreader; 2- 10 ft. dump rakes; Woods Brothers corn picker; Corn wagon; Road drag; 1955 Ford car, V-8 31 HEAD CATTLE I Roan cow with calf; 3 White Face cows with calves; 8 2 - year - old White Face Heifers with calves; 6 Yearling White Face Heifers; 1 Registered Hereford Bull MISCELLANEOUS 14 sheets of new metal roofing 10-ft. long; 30 sheets new metal roofing 9-ft. long; Gopher portable sprayer with engine; set of metal slip-in stock racks for pickup; ll-ft. 4" grain auger; 2-3 H. P. Briggs-Stratton gas engines; 2 new John Deere plow lays; new Ford mower parts; 2 - 5x19" Ford wheels; of knives for Papec ensilage cutter; repairs for 21-A Massey combine; bundle topper for combine; Sears hydraulic pump; PTO hydraulic cylinder; hammer mill belt; truck tires 1 - 825-20, 2 - 750-20; 2 Model A frames for trailers; angle iron and strap iron; log chains; 2 shop work benches; set of side boards for pickup; hedge posts; electric fence posts; steel post ; 5 telephone poles 16-ft.; 20-ft. ladder; kerosene tank heater; 4-ft. stock tank; electric brooder; chicken feeders and waterers; 16-ft. ladder; usual rack load of miscellaneous found at a farm clean-up sale. STRAW AND SEED 100 bales oat straw; 80 bu. sumac; 300 lbs. alfalfa seed; cane seed; Brome grass seed FARM BUILDINGS House 24x32; Barn 24x30; Grainery 22x34; Chicken House 16x47 II FURNITURE AND ANTIQUES Ice saw; cast iron kettle; cut glass pitcher: kerosene lamps; blue glass jars; cut glass butter dish; cut glass snack set with cups; round oak table top; square stand table; lamp table; trunk; 5-tooth cultivator; double shovel cultivator; stalk drill; walking plow; 1 horse corn planter; Coronado cream separator; Coronado wringer electric wash- er; stone jars; kitchen chairs; 2 dressers. II TERMS: CASH. No property removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents I OWNERS irs. Auctioneers: Col. Ed Montgomery, Mankato, Kansas, Phone FR 8-3336; Col. Slim Mont, gomery; Col. Andy Montgomery Clerk: Tradez State Bank, Glen Elder, Kansas Grace Cole called Thursday afternoon on Mrs. Billie Smith. Mrs. :Hug!~ Cusic' and :her mother,'!!~r . Fred Haege~t, were sh ping:.Thu sday in Superior. - ' Maye Balci!,',Of~ ~a~ato spent Thursday, ;a ter oon with Mrs. Florence Holdren. Grace Cole was a dinner g~$t Friday of Mr. and Mrs, Arby Cole :in .BUrr :Oak, Vern, Marr and F0rrest Dempsey attended the cattle: sale in Franklin, Nebr on Saturday. ! Callers at the Frank! Dernpsey home the past week were: Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Murray, Lloyd Falk, Marvin Fall, Mr. and Mrs. Sharon Kay Loomis is 19 Ernest Wing of Council, Ida years old, the daughter of erett Terrill called tb@ af ternoon. :; Mrs. Lowell McNichols and Mrs. Keith Terrffl at- tended the Junior High Music Festival on Friday at Norton. Mrs. Lela Dillon and Wil, ma, Miss Wauneta Dillon of Salina, and Mr. Quentin Brown of Abilene were din~ ner guests Saturday eveai~ of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Me- Nichols and family. Cragg Jeffery was a guest on Saturday afternoon and evening of Kelly McNich~s. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Boyles called on Mr. Mrs. Neal Boyles and family Sunday afternoon. We want to thank O R' "Slim' Rohla for the supper given to the members ~ t~ Mankato Fire Department which was served at the K and C Cafe, Thursday night; Mankato Fire Depitrtrn t Chet Leonard, Chief Mrs. Grace Roberts of Denver visited her daughteri Mrs. Vernon L. Hamilton, from Thursday to Wednes- day. They went to Grand Island, Nebr to visit iMr~. Roberts' mother, Mrs. S~h Weiser, and to Greeley, Nebr to visit Mrs. Roberts' sister Maude Butcher, Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson of Lebanon, Mr. and Mrs. Marr Dempsey and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Dempsey. Mrs. Jerry Kinsey came up from Manhattan and spent the weekend at home. Mrs. Jennie Briggs would like to thank her friends and relatives for the cards and gifts they sent her for her birthday April 17. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Loomis, Mankato. Sharon graduated from Mankato High School in 1964. She at- tended one year at Hastings College, Hastings', Nebr and is currently a student at Fort Hays Kansas State Col- ernight guest Monday night lege. of Blythe Anderson. Sharon Kay will be com- Mrs. Eleanor O'Neall was peting with other young a dinner guest Sunday of ladies for the $300.00 schol- Minnie Sutliff. Mr. and Mrs. OA ment in researc~ DeKalb --- K~L~I Miss Mary Holdren of arship presented by the Pep- Concordia was a Sunday lsi Cola Bottlers of Salina dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. I and the Concordia Banks Frank Folsom and family. I(Cloud County, Fidelity, Sunday dinner guests of| First National and Central Mrs. Theo Kelly were: Mr.|Savings). and Mrs. Roy Moore, Mrs. I In addition to the scholar- I Wednesday. Mrs. Korb and Minnie Sutliff called on their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- thur Allen, at the hospital. Mr. Allen will be in the hos- pital for 10 days. Mr. and Mrs. John Mc- Cleery of Esbon and Mr. and Mrs Everett Terrill were in Concordia on business Tues- day. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Payne of Fort ~ol~ins, Colo:; spent the weekehd With their ccmsin, Mr, and Mrs. Everett Terrill, and called on old friends and relatives. The Paynes were born and raised in Jewell I county, but it had been 32 ~ears since they left here. Mr. and Mrs. John Moul- :on of Red Cloud were Sun- day afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fitch. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boyles attended a dinner at the Frontier Cafe for the Farm Bureau Board of Dir- ectors. Gayla Boyles was an ov- farmers everywt'~i~i~+la~ of New Yield Power--~ew Standability -- New D~e Around Pe Don't be satisfied with Plant ALL DEKALa. G~t yQ~:: before supplie~ are "DtKALB" II, Ilogl,l~rld I~l~l:N~ Number| aro Vallrlely 04dllllAt~ DAVID Burr Oak KENNETH DODD HOWARD ELNIFF+ Bill Payne of Fort Collins, 428- 3611:?: Colo and Mr. and Mrs. Ev- Esbon 7~ i;!; ii):<:~ WblEA! DID TME UAI/TED STATES ACQU!I E TgE TER/:~/TO~y" OF A L A SI(A ,4/VD F OM I,/#,4T, NATION A ENTION FARMERS! / @ 5!; The Time is here for Aerial Spraying of or NODDING THISTLE c There are 9000 newly infested acres in ver last year. O PLEASE GET YOUR MAPS DRAWN:: ) YOUR PASTURES & FIELDS BEFORE b'~ Im+f +--J,RUSH ON AERIAL SPRAYING B! When :, ou need money in order to acquire ad- CONTACT CROF CARE, who has been ditional Stock or for any other business, come in aerial applicator in Jewell County for 10 and talk it over. We are prepared to make mer- Contact Mankato Feed & Seed for cantile mad industrial loans, service and your mapping and booking as "/,98[ '08 qaaeIAi e!ssnH moaj paambae mls lV possible for MUSK THISTLE. Additional information on Musk or i Thistle, READ Page 4 in April 2nd issue ot MAHKATO, KAH~, ~as Farmer. t~lllll]lHllliBl| $T&OLI fll4 liO lilii$]lIN]l llllfl '*P" ~~ MEMBER D.l, . MANKATO FEED & SEED for r " CROP CARE,