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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
April 21, 1966     Jewell County Record
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April 21, 1966

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THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1966 Record, !Mankato, Kansu F. W. BOYD, JR Editor [Bee" at the Methodist[ year. - A number of special remember them when they and Win fred Kuiken. - Lela Mrs. Frm~k Boyd, Associate/church basement at noon. -[ awards were given to var- were little boys. - Ronnie Lamb and Ruby Davis seem- ----a ,Editor /The Helen Circle was hos-[ious boys, but I will depend Fraass was busy carrying ed to be trying to get into "" i 7 "Any good tiring that I[tess and served a splendid I on an official report from groceries to cars. - Jerry the store before six o'clock ~ 1 .~ can do or any kindness that] meal - Met Bernice Scott]the FFA for more details - Kier was presiding at the when the store was suppos- El I can show to any human as we were entering thelI was especially interested meat counter. - I helped dir- ed to be closed. * * Ye ,being, let me do ~t now and church basement. - Those, tin the way the boys gave ect Bob in posting a sign Scribe will make an attempt II~ 1 National-4kdvertis|ng Reprosentativ. ] not defer it for I shall not]who sat at the same table]their opening ceremony. - going to the basement. - to get up town Thursday "'~" |~lllllll KANSAS PRESS SERVICE, INC ] ass this waa ahl" /with us were: Mrs Perry[The president asks all FFA Clarence Meeker was doing night.- See ou some time ~ '~"-" 701 JJckso Topeka, Ran 66603 P Y g ' " Kier Mar aret Huniin ton, members to rise and repeat the weekly grocery trading next week * y: : ,[ Second C!ass. Postage Paid!Neita Jon~s Martha Segv~er-|in unison: "To practice bro- * * Found Mrs A F Liversl M a nkato ATIONAL EDITOIIMA! katet t~en~'::t umce, :ann-son, Jennie Olson, Lucy[therhood, honorrural oppor-sitting in her car in front]~!~@)!~i!i)~::~!ii!!::i~i FRII)AY-SATURDAY-~UN: I a,~ g'l,dL .~ . ' . [.Wiley and Myrtle Bennett,|tunities and responsibilities of Boogaart s. - Missed UnaI ~iii APRIL 22 - 2:] - 24 -~,'d~.~---, I I ~ aa~M ~'.ln~H~l~* ~uoscrlpuons: I Mrs. Larry Wicker and/and to develop those quill- Thomas. - Mrs. Livers and l ~',-*;,-~T -* ,z.'~n ~ $3.00 per year in Jewell[lovely daughter, Martha, of]ties of leadership which a Mrs. Thomas are my world[ o~,u ~ ~; a~ ~, . :~ C~u~iiy~a~Cdn~tcSur~i~!idiii~]Edd~e!egNri~rranm~I~tr~si[!ii~s~est~disFt~r~r~r@h::~f~!F~1 ~ra;eelei~ inThreYntdld ftht r[ lIi lllll[l Mankato, Kansas 66956 ","! } bet," P P I store--- watching the world [ U mr" Ib,~n[1EInR U~I ~ counties in 15ansas, and ] proud grandmother, Mrs.|and served the delightful]l~o by".- Mrs. Livers is such] /lIO ~llll[]/~ I~UCKOI~S ano'?~,',~bster coun-lPhilip Underwood. - The]meal. - Mrs. Mildred Gro~ood company, and I visited] [][~ ~~i1~ "'lne Newspaper of Jewell ties in l~eorasl~a. I ladies who were serving &]and Mrs. Ruby Davis wt~|T~vith her ouite awhile - We[ l County" $4.00 a year elsewhere. [attenciing chores in the kit-lleaders and were assis~J~by!~ope we settled some'of the[ l '/ll[l iN/! I/ Su~.o ~a,~o' ~ `4 + Ichen, included: Miss Iielen[a number of others: ~[world problems. - We saw[ ml-iflNTnmm= "l l-Uml iil ~. ~ a~,eu ~u|c.~o~ ,~a Mr Philin Hndor-lHooker Elizabeth Nichols ~ c ,~. ~ f~~ l [ 1 l~ um lli ~m no 1[ " " :~ .: ~ ot.c.tliutu~ ~" "* ' ' ]La~::~liUl~ OIIIILII l~O-~lll,~:~, I~Ll~,k.e THE BOYD FAMILY w~te?t~h:vs ~, 2~ o[ff ~c,~[w*ood, Mrs. O. R. Rohla,[Ruby Kale, Beulah Brink- Ira Barnette. - Wanda How-lShattercane Control: iRl i roll Owners and Publishers address ~ ~'~ "" [ Mrs. W. Carl Greene, Mrs.[worth, Donna Ost, Joyce ard of Burr Oak had her] Shattercane is becomin~ ~' . m I " Chas. Kiser, Mrs. Clarence] Campbell and Zeta Waldron. adorable daughter, Deneice,[an ,increasingly importan~ From the four winds they ca ~e ~!1 d~t[? :;I ~m~*:?~IaiewnXaPs~r~een!ul:c~ ;ffhch:[.is fhhr:;pyO~[hs:ld[Weleod. problem in corn and fo~" brothers, their eyes smok/r g 1 ",i rla rl ks. MB dl JrU [ b I U/"11tll:l V rUATTr'~ |IMrs. F.W. Y,[ Y,- smiles at exeryone. - One] No control method has ~f4 fh,',;r inm r itchina I IlV#ViL Liner num~'[n~in~ ~me u y nu teu eggs~l memberSnarrlete. ]sSentm food.-gooa neaimThurs-[amg s ta o enn W Inst.-onlyergot that son, Phil, was with Mrs ]been reliably successful to c J~ ~.J ~ ,~ ,~:~ v ~l~k '" ' w ~ HOMI~ ~o[w~ lday was a busy day (for yeJthe merchants had.decided Howard. - Scott Seirer was[date, although the planting . " "h r to [nffrsaa JOR:li~ a I M.A.B. II : be)kalMygroOvOd n;'gp eOr,;[ nights.Y- TPhursday, i we~nYt ~tt:2? me~t ci~:ntse:. },2v~ekl~iTifel~m~llr gra,:sbon o~f;Sterd t~.*~,"-~. I -,~---:: for me to make a top toihome as usual ate supper, were busy checking out, andlhas helped to control it. fl~.~'~' llglU li : ! Concordia in the mrenoon lane Kept mmKlng mat there John Waldron was a hustl-| Simazine applied as a pry- . hnu:um .-- m )c~b~. ~ne popuJar otfl t'oet's Rub" is a good driver and|was some place I should go, in~ carry out bo - Idella)emergence on corn round ~' " Narcissus is of the last tve - Y ' hi k ~ -- Y" g ' AA:~un ,NtFr f I ~p "]good company.- ThursdaY i but could not t n of any-Johnson and I had a good]has shown a lot of promise ~~ i~--- -. m ~m~ [ lviany nyonus are {~ow m!]afternoon I accompanied I thing I had to do that night, visit while we watched[in past years and several of .~~i~k ~ ~ "][~]~ me mar'net, ann species anaIMrs Perry Kier to Phillips- [read or wrote until bedtime oeoDle coming and going the farmers are a 1 in it R:al:l~ks atew]Ul~a~?LKoSr !re!mature.to.tins are popular]burg' where she visited her]-I keep my "date" book in Some we knew and some]this spring to cor~PPYJugd. ~~' ~h;t,~-~ u t wnn specm~sts. [sister, Mrs. Aura Kim-[my desk at the office and were strangers. - Talked; The use of propazine as a ~:'~ '~~i~ ~ -MAB- Before Saturday Night [brough, at the hospital. -/nyxt. morning. - . onsulted with John Beam and he told]we-emergence on mile or ~~~=~l~ll If,ou are tired of life not |Another sister, Mrs. tcnas, irnar nOOK, wmcn rOl(1 me i me that he and Mrs. Beam l atrazine as a post emergence ~~~~ dnnh~that th~ world is tired[ I am s~arung my Saturday [Kiser, who had been visiting[should be up town to see were going to live in the lwill give some control of " of":'OU" night, Sunaay moi-ning.-]Mrs" Kimbrough, camelwbatmytrienaswereao*ng. Senior Citizens Home whenlcane as well as most of the ~~lE'~ " ~r^~ [Easter Sunday morning i! ] home with us - That day|- But that special night was it was opened - Mr Beamlweeds /~ was a b;g day mr the B~ d u h had three one, never to return What would women have ] Y [ Mrs. K,mbro g . I g. "" "~ and E. S. Vader were togeth-] Rose Spraying: ~ ~li + ;~, ~k,~, ;,~ ,-non did ll~amlly" - trances a:?a JIiT, of her daughters with her.[ It lS baturaay atternoon, ann ,~ v;~ito,t x,rith Mrc l~orov[ To nrovont rn~o di~oneo~ ~ ~*',I~ ~' ~'~'~ "~"~ ~ -back and Frank -~ -~ '~ ~-~,~ ro~min ~r .-*." a~ -.~ ,- .- r ~ not gossip so much about ~'~ia came froin'Hil' C~t~ ~ann t!virs, lwax} n owaru, l~o~tl~e=~R ~, Sh~2 er,=-~ Jepson of Formoso. - She[whmh damage fohage, start ~ ~ ~ . - * ~lrniuipsourg, ,~my teagar-I -. pp ann was coninlimentarv, . of thelsora ying as the leaves on spraying with acrid one PM, will attain pefie and D~ck and Mary Beth and d n Mrs Llnda West serveo me a ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ [ en, Frankfort, a d .I " f~,~ ,r,~o~:; rrioa b,[ the nlants become half- karat~one, mildex, nholtan they reach th~ti Lawrence Alexand r and e ~t wn New tast lunch Joyce Gumm , Daffodils [ ,- - = ~ [ Joe Kerwm, L.v to [ -Y ." ; - ~. Boogaart s. - (Ye Scribe i grown and then spray imme- or folpet. These materials Second, yoU rai Keoecca boya came zrom York Frlda the Cho ann wrgmm tangy ann t~on ~, Daffodils spell springtimel * .* :i y . .1 volunteered that we couldldiately after each rain and can burn the folia ,e if the est and not tryt l~nllllpSDUIg lne iamlnes t IUD met wire MISS l-littler uuuucyu ~.~ ~ ~.c ~.cu~ to many neonle Native tel " -. " [ [ i find no excuse for folks be-I once a week. Spraying is us- temperature is 85~ F to 90 cover up errors. ,o ~a;.',~;,2~.d o::, oroa and I went to church - went to I Case, at the home of Miss i counters. - tvlr. ann mrs. ~oy ;, ~ u ,'~, I ball- f ctive han F have a wa of ~, -,~- ~ . . ~ s ~, ~ more e fe t . y ; the Orient, they have now [droner ~: h~d an Eat~ter egg ]Gert, ude. Howard. - M!ss[ E~loec:rieWer~ vgetttei2gi;h~r" buy groceries when we have !dusting. The black spot Mildew fungm~des may be heart of s,tuatLol become naturalized ov [, ~h q~ls wine too small'] "lR "Slim( Rol~la He was two outstanding supermark-[fungus which is found on mixed with the black spot sense this ins no much of the world. Names I .o.ut t eg ", " . . [-/.~n~ymgnt, we a.ttena-I,n. tare / -nod humor n~ ets in Mankato--the R-K[leaves causes black spots fungicides and most insect - you admit a fa~! luesaay, my slsl;cr, ea tn,~ ei~A Ban bet in toe 1 g a a , vary locally and are oftenl ~;.i ~. e [ 5. q d to sto" the ~'~ Shopper and Boogaart s.) -]often surrounded by yellow cides. Most ready-mixed pattern for chiid:~ wlnnreu ~iillt~N, l.OOl~ Illl2 tU ~lll purpose room at the U,L~a~.~ ~" *.~,~ used rater-changeably. "" [Cla" Center for a meetiqol-rade sch(Jol Jer~" Grout, lord, but I told him I knew Saw Gladys nighee, Veda]margins. The fungm,de for rose sprays and dusts on the genuine and att~ Narcissus is the over-an] ~ ~, ~-* ~olS . ',- .:Y . . ] .~ : Sandel[, Jeannie Blair and]control are captan, maneb, market are satisfactory. The Your child! ual- or [ne t~usn]ess a.m ~ro[es- presloen[, mane a Ilne toast- ne WUMIU ~ OlltillUt:; LU ~,t)IIl~ , group name. Daffodil us ] ~ [ t ~ .~** Mrs. Alvin Fall, Sr. - Mrs.[zmeb, phaltan, folpet and above sprays should prevent bear grudges h a slonal women s L.IHDo. - master - FIlS worGs are Well LO tile X~eCULU UtxtCe u.nu - ~ 1- refers to those w~t . . . " . ~ . ~ Robert Ost had her son, lcoppers. Most of these red rust &sense, but ferbam fair rmnishme[ IUII~ LtLtllt~U~ ~ v,a i I~ l~ I~xr~r~l`4.~ ".w ,4 ol.~ ,a~,|- i t-;~ot-1 ;tl~ .a ~:,~ll' + ~; ~A I r~r MI hie hnxrq and fc~r him l%lIIl, WITH II~I'. - l~llll lli:lU UII ~ ~i U l'(l not 1)~ i:lppll~U Wllell ' P' 3' CISIOnS lI yO nd ellow I~.U~ll l%gyltL-*iU~ ~].~lU OliC riot'--- Llal~bLly, YVlLII a yVK:;IIL LIO.IIlK;'U j " qufls are small a y '! ~ ~ - * IA t'.;o~,A~ [~rc~;o,~ q*~nlow ~/I rll~olf Mr~ T)~a MeC.olhwn a snow white sweater w~thltemperatures are above 85 4-H L:vestock sorry, 1 was often more than one to a]eu aou,~ --~ ~ ~L,~o,].k ~- o :. * ":1 r~-'-7,--.Y2:.2"-^ -.--^^-- 7,~Z'2,='-;" blue trim -He said his bro-/F to 90 F to avoid burning Judging School" try to do beth those' especially Mrs l~t2rrv rkler BOD L)~an were given special nab net gruce~y t:a~t ~uaueu. " " " . " . ~ stem, and are fragrant; -~ - " ~ . . . " thers had to stay home and fohage Coppers will oftenThe 4 H Clubs m Jewell Parents wh~ corona, often and Mrs Lawrence Thomp-lawards In recognitionofI-I asked her about her sons, ork Nell Huntsin er] in'ure i~elow 65 F ~v " " with a flat ' " " " " row u w - g J '" county ill have the oppor forget their c ar- son." Attended a Tastmg|thmr helpfulness during the land they are g ng p--I " . [ . " - : red-rimmed, are called n1 seemea to ~e m a nurry. - I I ~owaery mildew fungus tunity to participate in the takes can exp noticed Edna Boston, AliceI causes moldy white org ray district livestock judging to do the sa~ Rafferty, Gwen Rourke, Al-[areas on the surface of the school and contest at Minne- there is a fire yah Menhusen, Geneva Ost, foliage. It is prevented by apolis; Saturday, April 23. relationship in FOR ,m Want to make life more Cet a specially equipped Chevy Custom Camper pickup. Add fl* e c:: Ter of your choice. You can use the truck for work With bo y d a hed, then mount your camper body and head for the great outdoors. Go where you want, stop when you like. You're free as the breeze! And you can go often because it doesn't cost much. A Che y Custom Camper will add a most pleasurable new dimension to your life. Commencing at 1:00 P. M. At the Leon Walker residence located two blocks West of the Post Office in Court- land, Kansas. 1 Kitchen Step Stool. 1 new apartment size Range, gas. 1 7-ft. I.H. Refrigerator. 1 Kit- chen Cabinet. 1 Antique walnut Drop Leaf Table. 1 Round Oak Dining Table. 11 As- sorted Chairs. 3 Rocking Chairs. 1 Side- board. 1 Studio Couch. 1 21" Admiral TV. 1 Antique Commode. 1 Circulating Heater. 3 small Bathroom Heaters. 1 Washing Mach- ine. 1 old New Home Sewing Machine. 1 Card Table. 1 Magazine Rack. 2 Iron Beds, complete. 1 Chest of Drawers. 2 Dressers. 1 1965 11,000 BTU Air Conditioner, used very little. 2 Lawn Chairs. 1 Ironing Board and Iron. 2 electric Fans. Dishes, Cooking Utensils, Bedding, Curtains, etc. 1 electric Lawn Mower. 1 Garden Plow. 1 8-ft. Step Ladder. 2 Planes. 1 old reel type Lawn Mow- er. Many other tools and items found at a clean-up sale. REAL ESTATE To be sold at 2:30 P. M. Two bedroom house with bath located on a corner lot with lots of shade and fruit tree.% Legal description: Lots 25, 26, 27, and 28 in block 4 in the city of Courtland. A good title Talk to your ghevPolet dealeP about an y type of truci,o,s o,is guaranteed upon payment, of the prop- .---- erty. 15 5105 There will be six classes of livestock to judge, and older members will be ex- pected to give oral reasons i on their placings. NEWS FROM TttE HOME AGENT'S DESK by Mary Frances Flentie, H.E.A. ARE YOU SEWING? Are you planning to make some summer dresses and other garments for yoursel~ and your daughters? A copy of the booklet "Simplified Clothing Con- struction", can give you some time-saving sugges- tions and guides for making an attractive, well-fitting addition to your wardrobe. Phone, write or visit your county Home Economics Agent for a free copy of this publication. Some guides in the bulle- tin include the caution that, "If ever there was an ex- ample of haste making waste it's in the cutting of a gar- ment." "Unless you take time to cut accurately, you'll have trouble later in the sewing and spend much time adjusting for the careless cutting job. 'Be certain the pattern is laid precisely on the straight of the goods. Otherwise, the garment will pull out of shape, often as you sew the Who wants or be, a It is much to be a' ing his best, ~ that does not good A love and when times people someone does act without facts. onymous and tig 'good" Mr. and M~ s, Mr, and: Hamilton Spring erich in night. the Sports riculture Hall. Mrs. E. B, home ing two Arizona. She- panied Mrs. Dean Carry of and MrS. Topeka ' night with her seams. ] A/ i=MI If you wish to cut several['~'~v garments at once from the[ri.Yh'ead~O same pattern, it's a wise/ge~/:e idea to pin the, edg(rS of the[gestoreg layers of fabrics together to~Yo,'/rUoder" keep the material from sIip- ffondingl ping. Never try to cut more than six layers of a light- weight material at one time. ~B~E It's too hard to pin and cut with home equipment. Even #ear the six layer's will require a pair of sturdy, bent-handle shears and a strong hand. molas PARENTS, CHILDREN assurance, AND MISTAKES You as a parent have a You ~e~r right, as do your children, i to make mistakes and learn ,lacea m The only person who nev- Ask ~1 er makes a mistake is the one who does nothing. You Mr. Larry learn by trial and error. 'As an adult, you owe it to Hotel from them. children