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April 20, 1967     Jewell County Record
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April 20, 1967

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APRIL 20, 1967 National Advertising Representative KANSAS PRESS SERVICE, INC. 701 Jackson, Topeka, Kansas 66603 me that their daughter. Cheryl, and husband, Lanny Dick, of Denver had a baby girl, born April 2, 1967. The name of the fine baby is Elizabeth Amber and she weighed 7 pounds at birth. lh, triek Peieete gave the welcome and his father, James l'eteete, responded, l)ale Free man asked the blessing. The building of the emblem was demonstrated by three "Green thlnds" (freshmen, I suppose) Tile narrator, who explained JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO KANSAS According to Richard Dia- mond, treasurer, the total in tile hospital fund at noon, April 18 was $45,572.72. The following have con tributed during the past week: Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Burger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lor- enee. Mr. and Mrs, Jack Burger. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Boyles. Tlmrsday, April 13, at 5:00 p.m., 31/a miles east of Webber cemetery and l/z mile north Dennis Ray Davis, Pauls Val Icy, Oklahoma, driving a 1966 Ford semi-tractor and trailer upset with a load of corn. PAGE 1R There were no injuries. The !' -- the various parts of the era- ~ :_, ,_, , , . .,, of ,in ear of corn Corn is ....... ii ~..X'--~ ~1 pass tMs way again, native to America and grown Glenn Braddock of Manhat- I swsf2r ,f ,2 a L :2 o?, ~ilniabn~i:'X[~Vlg]te'~!c dmnotthe: ,, tan p~lrked his 1962 Comet Sta :i ' ' . ' tion wagon on the street in ~01. ~. No. 45. hi|riled week-I Kansas 66956 Ilhe new era m agriculture. Oelmer A Rothchild 3rd Grade Brownles Ionl S , i~, :tllm. /o, ~o. 4~, pr,ntea weeK-I ITh,, ,.;~;n,, ........ ;.~ ,~. ~....~,. a "aturday night. His. ve at Mankalo. Kansas 66956. I ..... I ...... ~, ................ e .... - Wounded In Vietnam ---- I hicle was struck bv a hit and= i~i~ I!' ........... ' ............];~uDscrlp[Ions" I ground The plow reoresents ......... I , - per year in Jewelllhlbor and the tilling-of' the D I ---7:'. ........ uarct ,mecna servel melrunariv, er. The estimated dam it ~,,,'r~,., .ne Mewspaper ~ ......... o,' ~'="=" .... " ~ ' ' ' s ,' , , . . e met ,~. l%otncnn(l w;ts. lJlowniesHI cn flefore we LOOK age to me car was $100.00. The ~. ,.u ,e~p.t.p.eS, o, Jewe,, /County and surroundmg /,('. The owl dcp,(ted w,sdom wounded in Vietnam. tte is the our tour Mr. K G Ball show- [sheriff's office is invcsti~atinu ] t - [counties (Smith, Osborne./apd knowledge.-The first peo- son of Mr. and Mrs. l)elbei`'t ed us his Chin'chihas he has/the accident. = "~l i! |~'~--~--"--'---------------'-~Mitchell, Cloud, Republic~p,e , s,a~' when. entering thelRothchild' who live on route,and explained their habits / --~- ] }I 1ooi]i tlldt evening were Mr t ZHEBOYD.FAMILY Icount,es m Kans.as, and/ n''" "' '"" '.'..lone, Mankato. Delmer gradu-iTliey were ,'e,I cute taking/ ,n the past several days I !i d U IVItS l)edn Ullne ctnO tn(ll INUCKOIIS ann weoster coun ated r :~ Owners nda Publishers I ' -/' ..v. ,. .._~ ' _ ~ '] f om Mankato High their baths and drinking water. /two cabins and three trai e' I ~.W. BOYD. JR.. Editor I tms in Nebraska. [;o~. e~xOUc~llleYt :m;neooOkanqu;t i SchooI with the class of 1:J64. I He also explained how to pelt 'houses, in the cabin area on I i l :~, ~, B.ox_o, a~., r.a~or I$4.00 a year elsewhere. /Kilill~l'i;" ', .' ' . .. Yl Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Roth-lthem. We want to thank Mr. the north side of Lovewell[ ! e e ~/rlmcsano t;ora ~ , , S r I childr eelv h ~DIrs. Frank Boyd, Assoeiate l , . [.," ' ...... ",.'.,. I'' e'' ed t e fo lowing lBall for giving his time to us. Lake, have been illegally enter-I i Edi(or" ] Suoscnbers are asked tc Iv'atter u'?na tin., ~ ~ resta.u-ltelegram from Washington, D./It was very interesting and cal. In one trailer house the] :.~ rlotity this office at once rant and asslsteu ny Avis C It "1 .... " ~' [], ................. / ...... ]lot- , ........... [ . was fled at 11.39 p.m. lwe ,ill learned a lot about fishing equipment was stolen. I ~1[_ "'&ny gooa mmg mat ~]wnen mey nave a cnange of | ,e"au.,~.. )he [~),oo. waslApril 10, 1967: IChinchillas. Next we went to In a cabin a 30 horsepower I serves piping not la tile rlome , ~o, or any kindness that/address. /s.` ! .... Y . ~l 'The Secretary of the Army Roy's Gift Shop where he ex- motor boat cover and 6 life J I'Ve girls under tne direction o~ . . l . ' . . ' --" n~aa D...1..., _..a I has asked me to inform you ,plamed how flower arrange- jackets are missing. In the oth- I 1 ],~,,~.,,,a~a_ .~ ..... a~,me~ ~t!~,u i that your son, Specialist 4th ] ments were made. He also cut er cabins and trailer houses, [ PieLured at)eve are the Gos- mote the educational opportun. 1. _ ..... [ [t~irn:oSna~obTC,~hee mer~e wlt~n[Class Delmer A. Rothchild was styrofoam in different shapes the interiors were messed up, [pelai|'s a fine mixed quartet }ties and work of Nebraska [] U~&I[I V rU ATTefi I/ . .' . .', ,~,g ',. , Islightly wounded in Vietnam[to show us how the cutting The sheriff's office is investi-lfrom Nebraska Christian Col- Christian College. Aceordhagto s{ IVefl InClllOeO ~,lalne lxale le te 'lhls sin *in *' ri`'OUJ will h ri J/Vl[:kl .n/4//rK |/~'" ', .... ' ' ~.~ 'Ion April 8, 1967 as a result oflmaehine works. He presented gating. J 'g'.' '," ." g' g g l ' t e college offices this is the 1 /aeannette t~rout, doanne lvlur-I~......., action He sustainedI ~. a. ~ .... ,. . ,,. - ..,...~...r be a earin at tile Mankato best t ,, m h, ao I-II~ML: L.OI I~ | I. ,~ ............. i,,ua~t,e " "' ' l ehC,, ,.l'uwme w,u, a s~e,tt ut, -- [ PP g .... I '," e'l the college has to ~,Jt* .,L=-.~,*,Aat.~ at' ~t.laal~.~.~ rdy, ,.,dr()! tVlOl'llei`. ~arom uz ml ''. , ' '" ' , ' "' " - 1 -- - - [/ ..... ~,;.a, u ..... I e a fragment wound to the T flowers. Mrs Basart then Judicial Cases- [ChrlSthln ChurchthisI, r|dayloller this year ~L.__ M.A.B. I |Moi"risT"S;nd~aUR;:d' G~:nda ~heandw~hileh on combat opera-}showed and explained to us Jim L. Bell, no valid driver's ]evening at 7:30. Theywill be ! Michael ttines, minister to ::* I l-" . ' ' .... ._: '. ~. [ ' e e was hit by frag.-[how to make different items license $25.00 fine and court/apearing as partof tile eel ]the Mankato Christian ,~r~hu=~,,~" i,| Noman is wise enou h b the t e to l e resent " [Tnalff:;'ndTCKnYDt~a~ls~ ~rU]ment from a hostile boobylwith tie new crafts they have costs [lege's spring tour program and the Superior Church of ' .... g Y I YP "p ," "Amer- " y ' ona u, wne tra H " " " ' " " '~hi ........... z .......... |, ........ " . [ "P. e was treated at 45th Im their store It was amazing Cla,,ton M Lamb s,,cedina ]The group is made up ol the l Christ is tin alunmi of N,~h~'-* ttlSell. WhO IS a wise man. lea . LlenDle s granonloLner girls serves well. - umers t .... d ,.v b,[ l " * - ] ' ' : ""*"' who learns from all men J thouu~t bobble ,hau/d ~,~, ls',w Or ,isit,~d wl,h .... ~ [Surgical Hospital APe San lwhat can be done with these $15.00 fine and costs fo lowing young people. Jerry ka Christian College and ill ... eranelseo 96256 ann is hying crafts We want to thank Mr and dan l)l(tZli`omOaks , i. CIJ-- ed ,twhiJe bef l "he ",nl " " ]iind Mrs Don Walker Mr and / ~ ' Aldemore E Hebert speed- ' ~; . . o * currently serving as editor (~ ~1 PP " -MAB- [she left t)e?~eLttlenja~Ud~ w:~ ~M,'s D(ian Buster' 'Mr "and [held for further treatment; Ad- and Mrs. Basart for such an ing, $10.00 fine and costs [North !)akota; ,-nil Steele n'om the "Alert", the alumM Pubil, IL n ...... dress mail to him a~ anove interestin tour , /Suthermnd Iowa" Ma'y l ou ion ' :' ~ ' , , .~ " g , James L Platt allowm un .... cat of Nebraska Christian Very tew people ha~( opln OWl. Ih~s arade had been Mrs Evan Hanson and Mrs ..... , g . - i~ias of their own They just advertised a,s the "BIGGEST" 113uford Esslinger. - Ronald named _me~caLfaclhty:.. Since --Reporter.authorized minor to drive,/L.eatherman.lrm Burlington, College. Mr.. Hines, and Mall- . . tt~ to trout, ~I. IUU~,t.y wuutlUt~U --------- " /xansas" ann flinneLLe' L, eorgekato Christia ear wh in , Essh $5 00 hne and costs n Church, extend :"' at happens to be and it certainly was the big ~ ." nger told about summer no furt ....... ' " ' "' ~fro~l 'O'Neill Net;raska Act '. ". .... --- ~Vle. I gest Ye Scribe has ever seen ~'alnp - Mike Grout nave a re- ! . . , ,n, er reports wnl ne lur- Manhattan -- Kappa Delta Reuben Reyes, petty larceny. / . , .,., , ,., - ~ an invitation to attend tills " , nlsneu companving the ~i` W I n( IV1}" I[ -MAB- ~ r, ........ ~ ..... ,,,,,a~., , .,.' T,ort of the FFA ac,h,ui-~ a,,~ i ' Pi education honorary at Kan- Defendant pled guilty and sen-/ ' ' ' ), ,'" lintS~l'vice to become ac- K~nneth G Wlckham Bill Miller p~ofc o~ in Tied , kI t i sa s h l lo , sas State Umverslty recently tenced to 60 days in jail De qu,tlnted with these youn !'1~ y w'n 'y t e ch'ef p' -; ade in Louisville Ky. a num- ing the year The program ~,~.~. r,^..:..., ~m~ ' " " ' , " ' " '. - ~ ) '~ "', .... 1 '" ' g~ I~lct of Hawaii is rainfall ber of ,,ears a~*'o which had closed by" the'showing, of -ic- ,,,,,j,,, ,~,~ta, ,~o,-~initiated 96 individuals. Mem- fendant granted immediate pa- [ogy an~. Evange.t~st~e t land. ( pie and the institution they I ~ ,, ,, v The Adjutant General They WlU present a program r r s I. -MAB- been advertised as the biggest tures by Marvin Mann .-. .......... " bers of the honorary are se- role when he reimbursed Jer- / o .~ . !" ' I ep e ent. A special invita~ A little -irl's definition of a ...... the one at Concordia far ex ' ueimer is sin1 in vietnam, leeted from students of junior ry's Standard Service Station |el ~ospe~ XlUSm anu tne spoken I is extended to all high sehoo| ,, ~. . - ~ He has many friends in this .' word, they will also be telling' ]tlry. A jury ~s a group of celled the one at Louisville. It Jewellettes ~ ......... standing, who are m the upper for money taken and paid [ students who are consldert~ tllen nicked out of a hat " !contained such varit~t entries --- area, wno wiu wlsn to write to fifth of their classand who costs /about the work of Nebraska[ .... on. ,,,, ...~ ..... .;.... r~.. ,.,.. him His address is Sp 4 Dcl J k H Ross r nu vahd F h The 1 s plan to teach ae e Chrmtlan College and its tu -MAB- : romt e ox team and wagon, Jewelette metApril 5 mer" A Rothcilild ~ " " ' ' / ".' "" " " ' ' "'''[pass IJp this opportunity to , , Th~ purpose of Kappa Delta driver s license sentenced to ture lans A man does not drown, ~ven !old threshing machine engine, tit 7:00 p.m. at the Burr Oak ~ ~,~'= a~+~, e .... ;'~1 ~'-~" ---. ~ . . s ~ . ' ' 1! .' .'., ~.'~ ] P':, I lnok into the possibilities 1-'1 an international or an} a serve la Qa S in au ann co Great Salt Lake -- if he to the most Inodern transpor- High School Cafeteria. Pies}- "ital APe) San Francisco ~ , g - . . Y J "| The Gospelairs have been lChristian Education. There k , l ) h o n , lr)l n v tlon is to encourage nigh pro mltted to Jail , eeps his head abme Water tat'in wit a m der a' ~ any de t Freeman had charge of .... ~-' -a9Ka M, Dr~+hr, hilrl ~,a~ o' , '* , . ". . " |the "Official" College t rome- I wi 1 be a fellowship supper in -MAB- imounted on trucks. Bands, the business meeting. The ma'~'e~ecor~'of'fice'~uesZ~ iessional ann personal stan- -- |tional team for the 1966-67}honor of our guests rat @:~. The secret of happiness is to bands! I counted 18, but am nominating committee present- ~,,,u ,~+h Lh,~,, h,~l,', h-~,~ dards .amongteachers and_to Bonds.Forfeited: . - ~ |school year, This means they)ll' you would like, you ruby tare something useful to do. sure I missed some of them. ed names for the 1967-68 of- ."~.*~,~,~.,~".~,.'.'~.~"~.'~" ~,~.~ recogmze outstanmng contn.nu- ~narles a. ~artwrignt, spceu-|have been appearing before lattend. Bring a covered ?he essence of happiness is tel Numerous riding clubs, or- flees, who in turn were duly "~.~"*",~.~"'~':;rams t~rl~v;d, tions to the fmld of educatlop, lng, $10.00 and costs. ]civic organizations, school and table service. Remem r . . . . . .,,,,,.~ ~,,~ ~v ~, v . accoram to Dr doe 11 Loon -- ,. . . .... ' , -.' , ~ave somethma~, to do someone ganlzations, many old autos,elected. President, Helen Mc- .~ ............ g , ~ gioups andchulches dulnlg ] .... b l iday evening, A~it ~tl. ~ ' rne rtOtlacnnos were on mew ' r i ' --$I~ l ..... facult advise DISTRICT COURT , , I 0 love and somethina to hone boy and girl scouts 4-H clubs Millan Burr Oak" Vice-Presi- . ,, ..... " Y ' ' . , the year in an effort to pro- 7'30 p m ' ~' " ' ' ' ' . .' way m ~mlm t, emer m see Those initiated" " ' from oewell ~ ..... ' ..... t)r I groups of twirlers, three Drum dent, Jeanle Blair, Mankato; .-.. r' "fe " Cases ftled in D~strict Court . : ~aata and Bugle Cor~)s the Isis Secretarv-Treasurer Irene~)eime s wi . County are Jacqua/ine S. By-since January 1 1967. ' ' ~i~')'~'i' President Johnson has called Shrine Scottish Band of Sahna Parks, F0rmos0; :Reporter, Ha- ers, Burr Oak, and Teresa K,1-16-67, Case No. 8209, State! Day Camp COSAND-KWATCHER Marriage vows and w~ oZ? a "measure of sacrifiee"- ~i~her taxes, higher postal rates, higher pay check de :klctions -- to finance history's l~lggest~, budget. We believe [that sacrifice definitely is |jleeded; but we don't be/}eve [that all of it should be at the l~)ottom. A tighter belt tit the I~0P where the 'big money" is |~Pent would go a long way to [~ard convincing folks up and ~Own the line that they are not paying through the nose so l~hat others may live like kings. [l{Vidence that Johnson intends I~ practice what he preaches iaas not yet been forthcoming. --Phillips Co. Review. )with their drum and pipes, in their kilts. You name thdm; and they had them at the Corn ~ordia parade. The parade iasted exactly two hours of in- ~erested enjoyment. I saw beautiful Sharon Loomis riding in the parade. She was Miss North Central Kansas of 1966. Also saw Carolyn LeClair rid- ing in the parade. She is a candidate this year. Saw my sister, Win}fred Stoics, Ethel Dahl and Zella. Anderson from Courtland in the crowd. Ye Sqribe had the honor of being introduced and interviewed be fore the mike by Bill ~anne- nurg. Wendell Wilson, another announcer, was very attentive about my comfort and coil-' venience. Mike had to park several blocks away, but after the crowd began to leave he park- ed closer and Mike and Linda got me home in time for Man- kato MS. - First place 1 stop- ped was at Boogaarts and found Larry Diamond, Mike Stout, Stan Mahaffy and Mike Rourke busy. also Walter Basel and Scott Seirer at the meat counter. - Visited with Wanda Alcorn Thummel and Mrs. Don Snyder. - Also saw Elsie Howard, Mrs. Emmett Hoyt, and Vivian est. - Stopped tit the Correll Coffee Shop for supper and Diane Grafton waited on me and gave good I service. - Mr. and Mrs. Ray mend Nichols were together. - Saw Sheryl Beck and Kathy Blackwood. - Went home early. before Saturday Night Friday night I found MS at the all-purpose room at the grade school. The FFA boys were having their annual ban- quet and I was invited. After attending one of these ban- quets you never refuse an in- vitation. Max Freeman, as president, had charge of the meeting. The opening cere- mony is very impressive. Each I officer had a part and all stood during the ceremony. Other officers are: Mike Grout, vice- president; Keith Garman, se cretary; Ronald Esslinger, treasurer; Patrick Peteete, re miter; Rodney Cline, sentinel. Vhn'vin Mann is advisor and instructor of the chapter. About 200, which included the zel 'Foulke. Jewell. Several quiz and guessing games were played by the Cooks from Jewell, Montrose, Mankato and Burr Oak. Coffee and doughnuts were furnished by the Burr Oak Custodians. The meetings next year will be on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The first meeting will be Oct. II. The place to be annotmced later A meeting s0onsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission at the Mankato lunchroom was held April 10 at 7:30 p.m. Home economist, Anna Jane Baird gave a very infformative talk and demonstrations on various types of bread. Mrs. Janet Hinther, the area super- visor, was also present and explained the present and fu- ture plans regarding the lunch program. Coffee, iced tea and the wheat "goodies" from the demonstrations were served. --Reporter. "No Grazing" Period Nears For Diversion Programs Leo Obert, Chairman, Jewell Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation County Commit- tee, announced today that the "no grazing" period for di- verted acres under the 1967 feed grain program will start Supper.Club ,M eets I Tbe Supper Club met Mon- ~tay evening, April 17, at the faome of'Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Walker. Mr. and Mrs. John Fuller were guests. The prizes were won by Mr. and Mrs. Merl Reager, Mrs, Wayne Wilson and Clarence Loomis. Jewell Teacher Killed Berdon E. Bullard, a Jewell High School teacher, was kill- ed in a ear and train roll}son early Saturday morning at the Union Pacific Railroad cross- ing in Hastings, Nebr. One other occupant of the car was killed and the third one in the vehicle seriously injured. Mr. Bullard's funeral was held at the St. Cecilia's Church in Hastings Monday morning at 9:30. School. was dismissed at Jewell and a number of students, teachers and townspeople attended' the funeral, NOTICE A meeting of instructors for the cultural arts group will be held Thursday, April 20, in the basement of the City Hall, Any- one qualified to teach creative writing, sewing, creative mus- May 1, and continue through ic. landscaping or general October 31, 1967. crafts should plan to attend the Farmers ~ho,) are diverting meeting. acreage under this program If there are any questions, have agreed not to graze the please contact either Mrs. Dale diverted acres during a spell-IPark or Mrs. Evan Hanson, fic 6 month period of the grow- Mankato, or Mrs. Connie Smith ing season. They are not to cut hay from diverted acres at any time during the year. Jewell County farms signed up to participate in the 1967 diversion programs for corn and grain sorghum number about 1498. John G. Perdue, Office Mgr. Webber 4-H Club The Webber Wide Awake 4-H Club had its monthly meeting April 5th. Roll call was an- swered by "your favorite TV program. Barbara Roe gave a project talk on sewing and Mary Intermill had music ap- preciation in which we all sang "Hey, Look Me Over". Prizes were given to the winners of the Pest Eradication Contest. Refreshments were served by M~s. Woods and Mrs. Purcell. --- Reporter. tured disc in his back at the K. U. Medical Center. He spent 5 days in the hospital and 5 days at the home of his sister, Mrs. Andrew Perry, in Kansas City. His niece, Mrs, Ivan Hughes, went to Kansas City Monday to bring him home. Mr. and Mrs, Gene Murray of Salina took her to Kansas City. NOTICE Tile annual Mother-Daughter Banquet sponsored by the Graham, Mankato, Mr. and Mrs. John Magnusson Will Celebrate Golden Wedding "Mr,! and Mrs. John S. Mag- nusson of 1041 E. 7th, Superior, Nebraska, will observe their Golden Wedding Anniversary with Open House from 2:30 p.m. to ~:30 p.m. Sunday, Ap- ril 30, 1967. No gifts, please. NOTICE ..... The Burr Oak High School will hold a school carnival Fri- day, April 21, starting at 7:30 p.m. Proceeds will go to the Student Council for school pro- jects. NOTICE A representative of the So- cial Security Administration will next visit Mankato, Karts. on Thursday, April 27, 1967. Persons desiring information are requested to call at the Courthouse between 8:00 and 12:00. How To Speed Your Firm Social Security Check Do your part by promptly supplying the needed proofs. Ordinarily, it's a matter of bringing in your social security card, some evidence of your age that we can keep (Birth or Baptismal Certificate) and a copy of your last Form W-21 i(Witbholding Tax Statement).~ If you are self-employed, we will also need a eopy of your will have the following chil- dren home this weekend, Mr. and Mrs. William Lucas and family of Wichita, Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Scarrow of Fair- bury, Nebr., Mr. Von Scarrow and girls of Stockton, Kans., and Lynn Scarrow, who is at- tending Kansas State Univer- sity at Manhattan. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Waugh were in Kansas City last Fri- day where Ralph attended a GMC Truck meeting, Pool you this time. I am tarting Mankato Main Street aturday at 1:00 p.m. Mike ~rout, accompanied by Linda ~)Uder, stopped at my house ~tnd offered to drive "Pepper" ~nd take me to Concord}a, ~here I was honored by riding ~I1~ the big parade, and sitting |~t~ the reviewing stand. This l~Vas the American Legion and IAUxiliary 6th District annual I Convention. Bill Folkner, com- t~aander of Davis-Crook Post I~6, had invited me to be their gUest-- maybe because I was the oldest member of the work- ing press in Kansas. and also the Kansas Mother two years ago. When we reached Cun eordia a half hour before par- ~de time, people were lined on both sides of the street five and six rows for blocks each tlirection from the business district, with streets blocked Off. Of course Mike could not : get through the barriers, and a ~Legion man took me in his ~Car and drove to the reviewing ~tand. Senator Frank Carlson, ~overnor Docking. Congress- man Bob Dole and Debbie I~ryant, Miss America of 19(16, Were others on the reviewing atand. After introductions we '~ere taken to the head of tbe l~arade several blocks down tbe Street. I rode in a brand new red "Corvette" convertible, driven by Lynn Davenport. We toured the downtown area, and Went around a few blocks and back to the reviewing stand i~Where we enjoyed the rest of parents of the members, and the parade I enjoyed sitting other friends, were present. I ~l~tween Debbie and her grand- sat at the table witll Mr. and ~.~trnother, I had met Debbie on Mrs. Gerald Delnpsey and her occasions and she is such their son, Michael, and Dean ~S~0et, ~unassuming gh'l, just Fullerton. The Dompseys toid ', , c of Kansas vs William LeRoy Moaasmith, Burglary & Grand Larceny., : ii~16:67~ CaSe No. 8210, State bf Kansas vs. JOhn Ervin Mona~mith, Burglary& Grand Larceny. 1-16-67, Case No. 8211. State~ of Kansas vs. John Everett Briggs, Burglary & Grand Lar- ceny. I 2-17-67, Case No. 8212, State l of Kansas vs. Gordon S. War- ner, Appeal from County: Court-Traffic Violation. j~-3-67, Case No. 8213. Fayc Jean Ouellette vs. Roland H. Ouellette, Reciprocal Suppurt. 3-6-67, Case No. 8214, State of Kansas vs. Don Van Donge, Unlawfully selling mortgaged property. 3-6-67, Case No. 8215, Rolls R. Miller vs. Cecil Roberds, Foreclosure of Mortgage. 3-13-67, Case No. 8216, James Huff, Jr., d-b-a-Jewell Plumb- /ng & Heatinff, vs. Car/ O. Loomis & Lucille Loom}s, Fore- closure of Mechanics Lien, 3-28-67, Case No. 8217, San-~ dra Fiene & Bruce Fiene by i LeRoy Fiche vs. Wayne Brock- i elman, Automobile Negligence. 4-7-67, Case No. 8218, In The Matter of the Estate of Earl R. Hillman, Transfer from county Court. 4-7-67, Case No. 8219, Glenn W. Prettyman vs. Phyllis A. Prettyman, Divorce. 4-11-67, Case No. 8220, Bruns wick Corporation vs. Leland L. Junker, Recovery of Money. The date for hearing set for May 10th in Jewell County Dis triet Court has been re-set for May 9th by Judge Donald J. Mdgaw. Of!ice of Co. Sup't.: 'Today's beatniks, draft card burners and Civil Rights demonstrators are tomorrow's parents. If that thought doesn't stop you, try imagining them as the grandparents of the day after tomorrow." Visitors and business callers last week were Darwin House- holder, Courtland; W. Glenn McMahan, Wheat Ridge, Colo.; Mrs. Grant Berry, Mankato: Louis Andersen, Burr Oak Schools; Joletta, Virginia and Blythe Andersen, Burr Oak: Toby Kramer. Mankato: Ed Stansbury, Formos0; Edwin Marr, Webber. Mrs. Hulda Ryan of Llncoln. Nebr. spent the last weekend visiting with her brothers. Jit'~ and Mark Murray. The Mankato and Lebanon Girl Scout leaders and some mothers met together Thurs- day nlornil~g. April 13, at the V.F.W. Hall. The Lebanon Scouts will attend Day Camp with the Mankato Scouts at the city I)ark ila Mankato JLlne 5 to 9 fl:'on~ 9:(}0 a.ln. to 2:00 i).tn, l.eaders for Cadettes are Libbie Crangle, Venita Buett- genback and Arlene McCaul-! lery. Junior leaders are Carol Leonard, Fl'a~l(:es Weaverling, Mary Jane Seems and Colleen Leiu'liug. Brownie leaders are' Marlys Jensen, Marjoric Iiub. bert, Jolene Stout, (Jtadys Ken nedy and Jerri Meyer. Joyce troll will lie in charge of crafts for all ttle Scouts. We've had sonic volunteer hal)y sitters to keep the small children of the h, aders who are }lelping. They are Faryl Lange, Jo McCa,n- men anlt Betty Murray. Any other volunteers for baby sit- ting or Day Camp would be appreciated. Everyone will bring a s;l('k hmch the firs! and hlst days ill" Day Camp. There will t)e a (:(u)k ()tit at the city park May 10 at 10:00 a.m. for the leaders and any one helping with l)ay Camp. There will he a Service Team Mecting April 28 at 10:00 a.m. at Virginia light.nleier's heine. rings were exchanged, by Carol Cosand, daughter ~o[ Mr, Mrs. George Cos~d 'of Burr Oak Kansas, an@~ A 3-C Ira i Kwatcher. son of:Mrs, EVa K, { Elliot af Boston, Mass., on~ .... i ril 16 at the home of the brlde;s 't parents near Burr Oak. i t Probate Judge, Byron Rogers of Mankato, Kansas, offi~t~l ii and Dorothy Cosand, niece Of ,ii the bride, was ring bearer. :,! A white lace knit and dac~n I; suit was chosen by the brlde and worn with an accent blue. Mrs. Kwatcher gradua~d 'rein the Burr Oak School and the Mary Lanrdng School of Nursing alfiliat4~ with Hastings College. She is a registered nurse the Mary Lanning H0spitl~ ttastings, Nebraska, .... Airman Kwatcher is uate of Boston Technl~ School and was Physics at Northeastet~ before entering the USAFi ~: The couple will be at' homA at 222 East Sixth St., H!tmti~l~, Nebr. after a trip : to~ ~O1#4~'1 and the East Coast, :, CARO OF-T-H'AN-I(S" : My sincere thanks to friends who sent -- Reporter. gifts, flowers, and ............... ,luring my stay in 1 Junior Girl Scouts .iCo. ttospital and since: l~l~rlb , -7()i~ts ,nt t A ,rolling, home. Your thoughtfUlneSS Ttl~ Girl Sc ," .'. ! ' [shall always be remem~t, 17 at the park. Troop 1 had[May God bless YOU~ the opening., Troop 2 had the lyour kindness and praye .' closing. We had patrol nleet .... Ada Stant~ ings. We discussed a skating party. It will be April 22 at 8:30. There will be no Girl Scouts April 24. We also prac- ticed dancing. .... Reporter. CARD OF THAN-KS- I'd like to thank each and every one for the nice ealdS and letters I received while in the Kansas City hospital andI since returning home. I .... R. V. (I)ing~ Murray. CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank my friends for the flowers, cards, letters. telephone calls, visits and oth- er acts of kindness during the illness and death of my moth- er, Mrs. Louise C. Sellhorn. May God bless each one of you. --Alice L, So[[horn, Mr. and Mrs. Jack C~l~e' ~ Ellsworth have subserfo~ t~ the Record for their dattlillt~r, Janet, who is working'*~':.lil, a hospital at Pueblo, C01~u~. Her address is 425 W,, ~th, Pucbhl,,, Colorade. Mrs~ Jaflt (Mildred) Collie writes: Shi~ misses here Mankato and would like to keep them via the Record," Mrs. Edna Estes Park, Colo, was kato Saturday. Mrs..; Hills went with more as far as Wheat Colo, where she ,is daughter. Mrs. and family. Mrs, Louis Platt a~d li~*rt~l~ of Lebanon business in and called at the to renew t "). i"