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Jewell County Record
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April 16, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 16, 1964

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Thursday, ~lgSl WEBBER BRIEFS By Mrs. Ila~ld Bothwell t3~oy~es came home f~rn Wi~hi, ba w~here she 12ad ,been vi~bng ~,t ~he home cq her da~ug,l~e, N_vs. Rich- a,I~d Doy}e. S,he w:ua-x~ed o Wf~hiea Tues:tay. tMrs. Doyb~ and baby pian .to came home wi~ her .iae ias~ of ~e week. G.,. x~a vf arr O,~k was an ov'r-~nlg~,~ gust ,a,L the hc~e oi Mr. a~d Mms. Hu'l~y WFat~ on Wed~esday mgh, L. Mr. ~eed is a bro~r c~ Mrs. WFa, U~. ,Mrs. W. W. G,un~n acco~npa~Aed h~'r ~ugh,:ar, ,~s. Te~by K.rarner, to S~Ana cn Thursday" ~o visit L-Mm. 1~a.he Kr, ,a~n~x', who ~s 4n the h~r'~- l~r. and ~l.t,x. Leroy B~,N.~ge~, ~'Y~r. ,a~d Mrs. Hava?d Botlh~rell an~ W. W. G, uan a~ended ~e 'q~:~rd For Go.vevn*er" meeing Th~vscl~y evening in WIan~ato. W'~ber ]~li,senmm~ w, as a Sunday n oeea~i~q~ ~ Ix~ ,I~l~rekl's 2~d LO=5~d R,~ed. VALLEY VIEW ~y ,'%,118. c. SUMMERS ,Mr. ,and M~rs. ~Myvc~ mtevmi!!l a~d Mark e~ed ~u..~uy a,i'.cz~:d,~,n on hLs maCe,r, ~izs. Nad~e In~er- mill, in Superi,cr. N. ~ar~,d &I~s. K eii'~ McK,ec~wn an't Lyn, ett,e ,~p~L Su~da%~ and Mt,nda, y m Omaha. Pau~ I~t,hbun cf Man,ha,~an spet~t ,~he week-end wi.Lh her par- ents. lVlr. and ,M~s, ~ Reed aeom- ~o~ ~: and a~. w~vr~ wi~-! off tV~ka~ to IAr~sbo~g, I~, : SuI~ay wh~me thehr ~ook I.~cla g~i~s~n t~:,k ~ h,er s~ol w~rk. NortIC, ranrn Neu ,,, b) ~21~1"11:t FOLt~It Ztfa Jefffery, Helen MeNicho~, E~her Je~exW, Lucy W~arner, Win6 fred 'IV~cNic~ol.s, Patsy Dm~arn, ~VIil, .dred Wiwslo,w, Erma Di,ll~n, La- J, aunta W.".~slow and E~i,t'h FoigaT ,a~rid, ad ,~h'e Re@,~r~al ,M_issi,on, avy h, vin IMcKeo,wn ~m~n,ad home Unho~ ,Cor~aran~aa at G4~er~wi~w V,~ede~4ay from P~l~and, Oz~e., (2hm!~h n,ear C&an E,h~er l'a~t ~hurs- where he sper~t *we weeks v~tm, g day. The .missi~r~a~es, CreTrie Cus~- his ~a, ugh,~er, ,M,rs. Guy h, IeKee, er ~nd E~el B~es, were very m- and her h~sb~nd, t,eveg~it~g speakers: M,r. an~ [IVLrs. Tom Myers arid 1V~r. ,a~d Mrs. B~lph ~en~.'usen ,Mrs. E!,l'a Summees ~ere Sur~t~r and s.~,n ,o~ K.a~a,s C,i~W visited her dinner ,guea'ts o:f M'~s. Ida Sym-parches, ,Mr. and &~ns. Lawrence mon, ds neon- Hebron. J, ones, ~ ,o~bers a f~w d, ays l~t :Mrs. DMe Crispin signal Mcnckiy we,ek. in Cow,~vdi.a. 'I~e~e was ~0od .a,~ber~:~ar~ce at Sbev, e Frum ~f Omaha sp~t ,~h.e Singing Qu, M,a~'~ 2yam Fr,iendsl .'~dirmer guest of ~/Ir. and Mrs. HuJey ~yag. Stmday at ~e WI~rvin Wobber UniversiW, W.ieh,ilua, a~ the tMa'v The Webber H~rmmekem Ex- home. J,a 'h_~ ~ove c,f N.an~a~0o c,a~l- Oak I-Iiffh School Aucl~t~um. t~ansi~n Olub met Tuesday niftier- ed in the a~erno~n. They put an a very go~"cl program. n0,an a~t *he h~ne of /Mrs. MyronI ~Mr. a, nd Mrs. David Dem,avay ~hey ~v~ere ,served st~pper at ~he I~berm~:l. ~M.vs. l~ay Vestml pr~senG 1%~ited Satm'~ay .~t the Keil~h ~VIe- sah,eel ea~obex~a ar~ spen,t ~he ni,~hl ed ~e lesson on pr~ing mealtlKeown ,home. for 0.,he freezer. Dwa3~r~e Ca'~ w~ a Sunda7 ~z~dhomes.,l~ad ,breaMast in v~ious IM_v. ~ Mrs. Floyd Siss0~ at- dirm, er guest ~t fl~e Pa~l R~lthbtm The I~oM W~TU p~a~s ,to h~,~'e ~ended ~e 25th wedding annoyer- l~ome. s,~thr of .Mr. and aYIa-s. Havoad Ith- Ol~a~erme ,Ba~lay of Russell, ~h,e~ eeve,~ed &ish stzp~er and rn, eag ir~g at r~he ~h,~h ~Nd~y ffv~ffl/il~g, ma~ker, held Su_n~ a~-te~n~on at Kant.. eal, l~t S~r~cl~y ~,'.~rnoo~ ~n April 24. "Dhe ~ ~il~ f~mn~h the SeVern mh~h. IM~r. ,a'nld ,Mrs. Tom MeKe~vn and part of ,~e l~vogram. Distmiet Pres~ Mx. and Mms. A. 'W. W'~so~, 1~. I.rvin IVIcKeo~0"n. ~d,e~t lVI~vjo~ie J~ns~on e:f ~~vs. Jess Wil~m, Dale ~ ~lV[iss I ,Mav~awe Cooper and Hsr- m, ~Bdb 'Harvey, L. L. Da~ds~, V~]an ~a~yles a, mmded th~ tVI~octist I.a~T~_~ ~ly in I?e2~,~ evemng. Don Wilson one OF ,three boys ~o be ~ m @m m~tJng. The W, ebb~r P.T.A. made elos~ to $100.00 wt ~he food sale Thursday ~ve~'~g. I)m.t~as Tho~. as held *~he kzel~3r n~-r~ber o~I ~I~ eUke. Mr. mxt ,Mzs. Pen, y Roe, Mr and ~Mrs. tLi~d K6~trneye~ m~d famflw ~rere Stm,~y flhm~- gues~' of Mr. and Mrs. L~y IMei~ge~. MT. ~ Mm. D~n I~v~. Dm~ and /Dovm~, off ~BeFJ~t mad tWr, and portiere l~as t~en, ~]ecl in said co u~ by ~ E. W~,t~ne~ ~sl~i~g Zor &he udmts~'~m to prologue off lfi~e w~l of P.a 1V~0~ey, d~ted At~I 2, 1963, which will is ~I~cl s~id pe.t/~i~n, and ~ ~ ai:gxNn~- merit of ~ E. We]~t~vm~r as exe- cutor of said w:i,,ll; mad you are hereby req~ to ~aite yuur w~ "0en defer~es thereto on or ~V~a~r 9. 1964. ~t 10:00 A. ~VI. (ff said d'ah,, in said cotan, in *he C~ of 1~, ~ams~as, a which 0zne ~l~ce ffaad oause witl be heard. Slwukt you ~i~ me~em, j~Igr~, d~=,ca-ee w~ll be e~red in (me [lV~u~ice ~R, P~a,~in ~ James M. F~v~n, F~y~i~fs, ' vs. No. 8096 LaurR Helh-nan, fo~Tmrly I.~v.va DeHaan, a/k/a I~ DaNa, widow off E~I De- H, aa~, ~eas,ed, J. G. Tichy, Exec~t~ af the W$}l sncl Es~a~ of Laura He~a~, d~ceased, R~aTmond D~Haan, a/k/a l~ay- mo.nxt C, De, ann, Poarnynmnd Deha~ and l~aymond Corne~l- ius DeH~aa, n. an i,n~on~e~an person, ~nd J. G. Tichy, gu,%~l~ ,ia~ of ~ estate ef t~aTmemo C. DeHaan, a~n i~c~mpe~L pers~, AJ~a ~a,~e Ai~ntson, foTrn~rly A.ldm ~a~ie DeHaran, 'a/k/a A~ta Marie Dehaan ~nd A}~a Marie DeH,a~n A,lbevtson, W. G. A,~bere~s~on, her h.usband, Conmlius DetI~, C. DeHorn, J~e Della,an, Jane DeI~aan, Di#g~a'm~ Ik4-I~m, Dingman Z)el-l.o~, Ol~e C-ist, Pau,line ~i.st, Mrs. Pauiline Cyist, Hena~t Min- ~er, Ht~miet~a ,iVl~inor, (Jess Ht~n~ehel, Cess~,e H~h~l, ~a~] ~Ha~n ~ F-,~r0l Dehorn; and ~ M~x'~ne Gering, for- merly I.mna ~f.axine He,llnaan Jon~ a~d ................ C~ring, her h~l:rargt; mad Che un~kn~n ~eia~, exe~tm's, ~drnir~isl~- imps, devisees, ~-ustees, ere6i~- ors ~d .~sigr~ or~ such of ehe def~drants as may 'be deceas- ed; and .~e u~fl~n~am spouses of ehe d~end~r~ts; the u~:cr~rn ~tliee~, s-tmeessc~, ta~us~e~, eI, edRors ~ ~ of ck~er~ts as aa~e exist~g, sol~0~l or d~mm~ ~~; ~e tmk~mvn ~. admtn- successom arid assigns of such rl~er~an,ts as ave or ~e pa~t~ nets ~r in !0~r~ev~iP; a,nd t~h~ urlkn~wn ~,u~x~im~s arid trus- Cees of such ~f t~ne de~ondaaY0s ~s are ~ or ave m xmd~ l~al disal:~ty, De~emi- NOTICE OF SUIT THE FFrATE OF KANSAS TO THE ,I)EFE~ ALCOVE 19~4, or ~a~d be~ ;subject e0o sa~d ~, a~d entered qmet~g exclu~i~ upon said or ~j part theme, or tmdm" y~, m~ ~f ~u, Iron asserti~ any estate, or eqvA~y er~d *o estate sighted Klmsas, ~~t: TheN~ n (10) O~P. M., a~d the heims, tm~ ~s~gns off ma~" be known ~tstees enee. mwl fl~e ef~er ~r mW or und~ you, be ~orever t~e ~1~t desc~bed han, ed ~rom ~ ~ kn ~r~d ~o pa~t fl,~rt~, . er~d tma,e z~ief as ~o the 19~ c~-w. ton V-8 pto~,p 1946 FORD, 1~ tom. Auto Marketing Center of North Central Kansas! TRADE-MARK OF BETTER TRADES G. M. A. C. Terms Available - Motors Insurance Corporation WACONDA MOTOR CO. INC. Dial 781 - 4311, Cawker City, Kansas Elder. ~VIrs. Ke~le is ~m mint of Mrs. ~. Mr. ~nd IMra J~k Si~ ariel gi.vls OF M~a~a4~a~ ~ere week -end guests of (Mr. a, nd ~lrs. Quknty Si~IN and George. ,iV~r. awd Mrs. Fred H~N of Man- lcato c~l'led S~nd~y a~0emoo~ on Mr. and ~M~. Don ~. IV[rs, ,Nora Ir~K~r. ,Mrs. E~el Outran..~Ens. Ed,,vin Dur~ La~. Z~I- ~a Slm~g~.t~er ~ {M~zwie S~ther- Nnd were caq~rs of ~Ir. and ~rs. Pva~k ~emg~ey ~is ~k. ,Mr. ,aTM Mrs. ~tm. Ooal fsr~i'ly of ~m-/l~al~an and 'M~r. ~rs. J~'y IMo2ray, Syl~i~ Br~oe. of 'P~inwil.l~. ~ere Sand~y course ~.xpon sa~id pe~tion. ~AtM.ED A~D D(ESIGNATE~ fendav~s ..~d~r E. ~, AND TO ALL OTH~ I~ERSONS dmse as s~t FOOD FOR THOUGHT I A Dollar Spent in Mankato JEWELL COUNTY RECORD The Save As You Spend - Wisely Circulates SEVEN Times - ~Ift It's Good For JeweU Fine T~e Widest Selection Of County, We're For It" lne Foods -- Anywhere. Making More Jobs- More '~W~Y I~1~1~ KII~R'S Wages - More Profits and ~ ~ "qver 45 Yea~s Of Reliable Some Of It Comes Back To ~ Service'~-" ~ ,~ectae The MANKATO IMPLEME.~T CO. The Bush Hog Heavy Duty All Purpose Rotary Cutter Don't Get An Overhaul Without "Certified Power" by M and W Gear Company MANKATO IMPLEMEN~ CO. Arno Smith, Owner ~ LLIOKY NAMES ~ Zadh'xa 1 REXALL STORE ~I.UCKY ~MES -.Steve Wrench Ja~iee You. SHOP IN MAN, KATO. Courtesy: IST NATIONAL BANK Mankato Member F. D. I. C. Complete Banking And Insurance Service For Over 80 Years I Widest Furniture Featuring RESSES. A SEE RANCH BOWL AMF Automatic Pin Setters. League Bowling Monday, Tuesday, Wednes- day, Thursday, and Friday Nights. Open Bowling every afternoon and Satur- day and Sunday Nights Locally' Owned & Operated L & B Mr. & Mrs. Lee Junker, A Complete Owners, Mankato, Kansas t-U~KY Measure Just As To Get Herb LUNGREN CHEVROLET Featuring FRIGIDAIRE Advanced Appliances They're Homeaker Rated And All Designed- WRh You In Mind Presenting ZENITH The Air Mohler's SINCLAIR STATION OUR COMPLETE CARE ....... OF YOUR CAR ..... Gives You: Better Mileage Longer Life Smoother Running TANK WAGON SERVICE You Call - We Haul Car Starting-Brake Service Featuring GOODYEAR World's Finest Performing Products. FARM TIRE Where A TV - All New For 1963 SERVICE Anywhere - Any- time. '~he Quality Goes In Be- Tires - Batteries ~' - '2 .... fore The Name Goes On" "More People Ride On Goodyear Tires Than Any Herb LUNGREN CHEVROLET