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April 14, 2016     Jewell County Record
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April 14, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Dispatch me i i Prepared for April 7 Greeters Sunday we~ Bob and Lynn Keeps. Ri,:h Verhage. Passage Sunday morning was 2 Peter !: 1- I z. Theme Sunday morning wa~; "The NaluZ- ' OI- t.tl~ Christian.'" Passage Sunday evening wax Eplg'sian.~ 6:1-9. Theme Sunday evening was " Pleading the Filth." Happy blltthday to Linda Gt~nendyk. Apr.I 7; Te.il Keeps, April ~. We need a gtx~ rain! Preplm-ed for .'dar~h 31 Pa-',~ge (.k~gl Friday evening w~s ],~ata.h 53:1-12. TIteme Good Friday e~en, ng was "0 Sa ~d Head Now WourMed.'" Grectces S~nday morning were Merle and R~se NyhofL John and 1"emil Keeps. Sunday sunrise service wa~, in the lani ; Hills. Passage Sunda y ntommg wax Act 2:22-35.The,neS un- daz, nmming was "'Ct rist The Lord is R isen ]k~lay 7 Happy birthday John Tmucr, Mamh 27. Happy anniver~ry to Glen and Merit VanderGiesen. April I. Mr. and Mrs. Luke Nievsamo and family sla) 'd '~he v,' ~kend wilh Mr. and Mrs. Ru~elt Greamemtyk. Mr. and Mrs. Sieve Herrema and fanfity, Den ver. (.'nln stayed 1.~ week- end with Mr. and Mrs. John Ko~ps. Mr, and Mrs, Mark Schlatter and family slayed Ihe weekend with Mmann Schla~ler. Northbranch T~ursOa~. ~p~a 14. 2016 each person musl make the choice to come to Christ az~d accept His girl of satvatltm. Frh~dsBdiew thaleachofChrist*s folMw~:rs is given f~+dom to publicly speak asthey are Io:I by the Holy Spirit. Thus, a lime of open worship is inc'or- po~ted into th closing of the worship .~rvioe. Visitors in the ~ervice ~ete Kenny Austin of Rockwell. N C Auguslus May+ Glenn and Sue I eppert o1 Hay|land, who v, cre ~ ~.Slllng theft daughter, EmiJ~, and family al rile [kat- ~ge. Kelli Jei'tio' was ako home front college amI La Ih service A carry in dumet at~ r t5 worship ~et- vice was foRo~,ed by tD~ quarterly husmess ineetin~ We wet orr) to learn oftl~e death tm Saemda) ~ffWayne',md Pal Warner' , daughtcl. Eh,abeth H~uck. who w,th her husband. Wayne, and three g~own children live in F~mund, Okla She lind s|lffered from RA for some lime He| funeral is being planted andr a'~ per her wislms, will be held here al Nonhbranch with burial Io follo~ al the Northhranch Cemetery. Mote things I've learned' Somednles all a per~m needs t~, hand lo hold and a henri to understand. "A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your k~lks. Being kind is more |roper, am than being right. Jason Ellen or Robert Mc('relght. A pollack dinner fill[owed I1~ sets ice. Bob and Sally Engle received w urd of Ihe death of his molher and hr~tltcr. Bnfl~ livc~d in scmlheast Kansas. The.~ deaths came on the ~me day. :rely a t:ew hoots al-~n Mildred Reece wa~ laken by alnlau. ~aliL' 'h) the hospilal Monday n IIl:.rni ng. Jim and Ellen Vamey, Seward, Neh. were Friday guests ~1" Earl and Shirley Came',' and helped Earl eel. ehrate Ifi ~ 91 s(hirlhday. Shirley and I'arl Vamey w~.-r sup- per guests of Mark a~ld Kalhy Wlson Saturday evening Iocelebralc llhebirLh- days nfCot~per and Earl Ct~L~,pcr, Dalton and Josie Wilson :lnd Treillen Mitchdl visited Earl and Shirley Vamey Sunday aflcrmmn and hmught Earl a I~omemade lea|nn pie fi~r hi.g birlhday. TI~e Jew ll Chamlx'r uf Commerce met Mcmday evening Ibr their Just meeting unfit September. Le[la Bee ke r gave an interesting talk about the Jewell Comity Hospital mid cm:ouraged v- e~ one llo stop and see the illnpr0vc- ~rmrlls hemg made at the hn.~pital. A Irked chicken meal was caler~d. Sev- er,J,I fle 'nl~ ~. re ' di~'us.~d. Burr .ar .~osh and Janet O.s.L Hays, are the parents of a hahy girl. Hayden Ruth born April 3. She weighed fivepounds. lO t~unces, and was 18 inches long. Grandparents are Bruce and Barb Osll, Ben and Jill Pelerson. all of Gunnisun. Colo. Great-grandmothers are Max,he WinkIe, Cawker CRy, zu~ Mary Foley. The Burr Oak cily and rural fire depar~menls me, al the fire hail in Burr Oak la qt Wednesday for their monthly meeting and sapper. Supper was coun- try fibs in gravy, polato salad, baked beans, pickle a~d che ~ It-ay and cx'~ok- ies. AI1ending were Stew and Tammy Cosand,Iohn Tucker. Cheryl Hillman. Waller Wiltrmaa Pietcher. Lebanon: Carolyn Barne'~ and Jim Pu~,ell. Supe- nnr.Twila Mar, is. Fern Reed. Marll ~ TS and R~ k Wameking. David and Lnri Barnes. STtnlh ( "etl. ter: Stel'len Bame~,~ Kyle, Palate>. .l'er~ae and Rent| Oral, Katie Mahon d]] of Red. C]mtd'. Jeff. Diana and Ka~c) Ord. rur:ll Guide Rock: ('hff and Glenn) Bamcs'. had lunch tout,See ]11 Red ('loud Sunday. Later. Lori. Diana and Glenn) workedon finalizingplan~ [t+r the 2016 mother-daughter salad ~npper. which will he at the Burr Oak Community Center on1 May 7. Jess|ca Barnes and Brynlee Man- nkng ~ e[t n; Hast ing ~ Sunday t'c ~tme ~hopping Vanessa Underwcmd, grantldaugh- ter of l)chbie Undetwt.~d~ p~nicipated m a dance recital at Ibe Brown Grand Thealer in Coneordia Sunday. Attend- ing ~'ere Nyia Skupa. Beltevtlle: Vanes~a and her I~tenl-~ Craig and ~'udy Undr tw(xxL andhn~lher C[ayltm. BeMil; L~bhie and Cory Underw(~al Vanessa will be having amp,her i~,CilaL April, 24 at th~ Be|air 3t -Sr ]'hgh Sch~ll al 2 p,m. Debbie said the chil- dren involved ranged in age front th~,e years to seniors ill high ,'ruchcKlt. and tlSL'~ gave an amazing pcrfonflan . Mm7 Foley and her brolhet. John Garman, are working hard t~tll plans for the 2D] 6 ~uff Oak-Whil~ Roc kalumnL banquet They have .~lo=t~ "Life i~ Better on the Farn~'+ as the theme tor the banquel, which will take plm ~ May 28 at the Bun-Oak Commundy Center. Ads. ab<~Ll purchasing lickels have ap- peared in th i g new sparer and w ill do ml for a era:pie more times. Advanced ~ervatioll, and payment ate reqatred and may be made by conlacling Cheryl Hfl!.nlan. Burr Oak, Mankato membet~. Jake and Linsey Millet. Ad,gy n and ]'tneline, lktpeka. ~e~c v.eckend g Lle",t", of Run alld Carolc Slln~',lt. 'ihc.~ ,Iw ,n /the procesg of l']lt'hVlrl~" to L']eai ~ ;ekc. ltw,'a. J,akc wen1 ahead ul h-, l,mnh ~,ho will be ie;i,n'~g ti'nh v, ek Jeasm." Blair wenl to the SIIntnlstt~ ~, Pql I .I II',~."~ afl.d the girls lasl M, Inday. Rick Dewey. Duma lexa~. ~.=, here tu attend t]'te fiZl|eral Of Dean l m- g].ey. Bun" Oak Community Club holds meeting r y- . -,-; - ' .! I ~.'lJl~-3 = ! " ".':t= ' .=.": "='." ,' " '- '''" "" ~. ~."".','~ :I: 7 " ~ .= "" -- " ".1 -" "~,'V",~4 y" i-" ;' ,:lr'.'~l ['' :3 A11.:,1". ~.'f:,'~ '.',"," .~'I : -; :2":2' .:"5 . .;': . ,- ''' " ' " - ' -- !" .~'~ - "t. c. =- t:~-:: :',',"'.:, .r /%--= :'~ ' ' .'.~. ' ~'-.- ~'--.~ I,~ 'd- %';', . " x'~ ~I! ~ ; rll.'~'l "1"I t "~ ,I ".~il;" I'~ ". r.=~ ~=" ~'~" . "'='= ."- '~ .I. ~-= =.4" ~"-," ' : "I- "'~I= -'~" "~ "r'-. - i. :rrl "~ ".~r' 'j': i':,:r,Jn .~- ,;- -.'% ,or,--; ,:, :" I. ,-" ' ," k," :~,~ ' " v, :% - :.~, ~r. .'~ i - ,: ~it:, " I ml-.i:- ":l? ,:'Tq'~ ' !!' '.:).ll" W';.- "; -1' %' " ", ~ i~, ", :51 ' :r'.|" T0 rul,rl a riialutaf gas leak: Call before yu,~ chg. ~q'.~r ITmrl~ |i'l|(~Yi'ttatl0ia: .1, ~ ~" ,'.t,] ~','i' " ,'+ ~ :,-' : -,;t.'~ ',~ 1-888-482-4950 8tl 1-800-794-4780 m ma~ helom CallSllmfmym4g Kansas Gas Service. ,pl l.l~r i =.i ~ "-. 'v. i - ir Ir,lll" .- ~, .=: t .i " I.;, i - .i ,~1,41~ql I',|'I I' :+ l,h, I h,t, ", - - " ,',II ~,' ;.h ~.i, ~= P, ,i~,'l r~'-l,''-'~ ", '- 'I ] 'C''r ~',I'" ',I',I~. "~:'I ".'I''''h. .',[ [.rl i,~ ",%S, --I ; -; ' '. ; ." -"" i]iii [.'~,Ii ]I -i' 4~ II - .',[ ' h,l ," . ~ "k~' " i" "i 'Irhlh ~- .III.~ l.'ll-.:~r~- ~k~[='ll; II'ii ='. :i" ' .' ~;' "='" "':~'" 4r,r ,l, ;, r i.l j ; ,i ,~,% p,h ,i ' = - '. i~ i','i ~. ~.~': r. i" I I'VI llil.lil ,~lll'~ i"I'i~i', h ," ", I' d'. 1', .'r [="[,IIII "L'14"rt, lil~ Ir " ll~'Irlll~: I .;~'l.',i ",:'I'1 "1' [ ".l dh -I ~, Xp'~.l' I!, |-'~l',rlfi~h I" i ~ I,'-~'- ,'" [ ' "q' hl .D' ' .r,1!".41, I r h ll.-~I,i= ll,1~ll1,pl j.21~ lhh'IL'' ,-,' I'.I ,I II 'il.'l'l~ .qp' ~"lek'