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April 14, 2016     Jewell County Record
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April 14, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday. ~or Educalton - District 6. One candidate for Co~,mty Cam- nlis~t~mer. 2~d District. One candidate for County Cam- missioner, 3rd District. On=: c;andidal for County Clerk, One candidate for County Trea- surer, One candidate for Register of Deeds. One candidate for County Sheriff. One candidate for Counly Altar ney, On~: and,+date forTownshipTrus~ and Township Treasl~rer in Allen Township. On candidate forTownsltipTrnstee and Township Treasun:r in Athens Township. On andidate for TownshipTrustee and Township Treasurer in Brownsereek Township Onecand;:date for Townshi )Trustee and Township "l'reastwer in Bu[falu Towrt+hip. Oaecandidale t:orTownshi 1 Trustee and Township "Fmasurer in Burr Oak 'Z-ownship. One cand idate t'orTownshi ;'frustcs: and Township "l'reasu~r in Cah'm Townsl~ip, Ore:candidate forTownshi >Trustee mv I Township "J'reasumr in Center Township. O~candid~te ff)r Townshi ~Trastee and Township Treasurer i. b~-ving Township. Ormcandi~le tbr Townshi ~Tru.~t c and Townxhip lre.~;m'cr m E~ben -I-r:wnship Onecandi~qe t~+rlownshipl'rust~ and ]'mx'nsh]p ~rca~;urcr in Grant 'l-l+~ nsh Ip Onecandld,lte tar Town.~ipTrusle and "t'o~ nsh, p [rca~utcr in Harrison To~ n ~+ll p (~c c ~nd Ldatc I ~rfow n~hi p T~slc and li~'~x-nshIp Irca-,urcr in Highland Once andldare t<,t 1 Lw, n~hip']'ru,lec ~id-] owItxhl[V ft-~.-3-,utel I11 thflm~t~,d I O'~ n' hlp (.}1i c~Mt.d.qc let iov~ ii~liLp L~tSlC',~ aJM ],o'~ nshtp] tcaxurcr ill Ionia Town- ,h,p. One t.'.i~md idale |or T,fe,~-nshkp'|'~islee anll Township "['t-easurer in Jackson Township. Onccandidale liw'rownship'rmslee and Township T~asu rer in Limestone "l'owu-~hip. One carKJidale I't~Townsh~p'i'rt,~to: and "l'owaship Treasurer in Mtmtana Township. Onecandidate forTow nshi p'l'rustc~ alvJ Towllship -I'reasuror in (Xles~ Township. Orm c-and[date t0g Tow nsh.p Trustee and Tc~wnship Treasurer in Prairie Township. ()IR," CLILlSdldat C lift ['t}W nshi p Trustcv ,u~d Towli~hip Treasurer in Riclfland ltsv,-it,~hlp. ( )nc czuv&dazo li~r'l-ownshlp'l'cush.'~ d 1.0,nshzp Treasurer in Sinclair I ~x II"~hlp Ore" sa,IJ~da| l urTownsh~p "['~,slC aild "I o~ |l s]'U p Trea.~ urer ia V i " kshurg Township. One candidalc I'or'|'ownship'l'~lslee and Township ]'reasur ~- in Walnut l';+wn~li,p. OlleCalK]idale It|f'ro~.nship Truslee and To, n hip Trea,~urer in Washiny- Ouc cal~tdate 10r Township Tnlslee ,li'~ t '~'o~ nship "Treasurer in IA hltcq.q,nd fuwm, hip. 1-he t~+]h~lng ofhccrs will he clwl~.'d ut ea~'h political pan)', which has qualllicd I~+ pallici~tc in the f'ci- InJr~. t-lecllOlt: One Precinct Conmtitteema~] in ~-'d ~ h prgw met. t )no t'reclnet Comlnitl cwoman in edg h pre~l~lCt. lit tesl~flt+~'ny whel3 of, ] he~ lo sel nls It~.uid aU'lk[ ~.ali~.;~ I'I,) ~ affixed my O(fl 'ial seal l)~+n m Ibe City of Man- k;st,+ Zhl~ ~ da) of Aprif, 2016. Carla J Waugh Jugell C, qint', Eleclion OiTicer Seal ZNEZ 15-3c (Published April 14. 2016 iu th. Jewdl C~n~I ReCO~ O~imttwe No. 323 An Ordinance, granting to Kansas Gas Servk:e. a Division of ONE Gas, ] no its su=.~egsors and assigns, a natu- ral gas franchise, prescribing the I ffrl~ thereof and relating Ihereto+ and re- pealing all ordinances or parts o[ordi- notices inconsistent with or m c~nflicl with l~e terms ]- e~of. Be it ordained by the Governing Body of the City of Burr Oak. Kansas: S~ction I. Thai in consideration of the benefits tobe derived by theCily of Burr Oak. Kansas, l+'City+'), and ils inhabitants, there ts hereby grantt~J tu Kansas Gas Service, a Division atON E Gas, Inc. <'=Comport):'), said Company operating a >,y',lem for the wansmis- sion and distribution of natural g~ in the State at Kansas, the non-exclusive right, prwi~ege, and authority for a period of twenty (20) years from the effective date of this Ordinance, to occupy and t~ 111+ several strc~ts, avenues, alleys, bridges, parks, park- ing amos, and public places of said City, for the placing awJ maintaining of equipment and property necessary tu carry on Ihe bttsiness of selling and distributing natural gas for all p~- poses to the City of Burr Oak. and its inhabilanls, arm Ihrough said City and beyond the limits thereof: 1o obtain said natural gas t~m any source avail- able', and to do all things necessaq," or proper to carry on said business ~%ction 2. As further consideration for the granting of this franchise, and in lieu of any city occupation, license. or pertnit fees, or r ' enue taxes, the C~mpany shall pay to lhre City during the term of this franchise ~ percent (5%> of the gross cash receipts from the sale ~1' natural ga~ durirtg the t lm of this franchisetoall consnnters w~.thin the corporate ~imits of the said City, cxcera those c Usk+m ~s pwchasing the Company's transportation ~rvice With respecl to the transpartalion customers, the Company shall pay during the terat ~af this franchise, one percent I 1%)dills gxoss cash receipt~ tihlained f~,m the transportalion of nalural gas for its Transport Service Cuslomers. All Franchise Fee pay- ments shall he made monthly for the preceding monthly period Gross cash receipts shall not in- cindc ~ven~s from certain miscella- aeons charges and a~'co| nts, includ- ing. but not limited to" conne~titm fo~s. disconnection and reconnection fee~, temporary ~VlCe charge~, delayctl or late paymenl charges, eotl ', th,)n I(a::s. cn-~tomcr projccl contributions, meter test fees.and ~tun~deh ckchargesas sum'h lernts a~ used in tariffs or in Ih~ nalu~-al gas induslry. Payments ol Ihe compensalion al~)ve shall comntence w~th the firm *= vale of the monthly billing cycle which begins in April 2(116. Print h> that date, i)aylneltls ,~hMI O.H~,lilttle ILl he ~'a~.u lat~ and 1~ paid in the ,nanncn pre~ t ously provided in Ordinmlee No. 3"~. and amendments th+retcL SCCt~.tm 3. The paym, ents attd r 'om- pensalion herein provided shall be m lieu of all other licenses, taxe s, charge-' anti I~' s. cx~.~pl thet the usual general p~x)lX+rly taxe~ and .pecial ad valorem pruperty as~ssmenls, sates, and ex- ct.'~ taxes .or charges nr~ fo~r privi- loges, ~,'hlch are r~l connected ~ ith the natural gas basin.ess, will he intlx+~'d on the Company and are nol covered by the payments herein, t:~)nl arid after the dale Itcrcof, "ll~rwever, the permit I'o~'~ required of the Company hy any ordinance presently in e flect or hcmat'ler adapted rot a pemlil to exea- Vale ill ur adja -C~tt lt~ az]y street, alley, or other pu.h hc plate shall be deemL~ a purl of the compensation paid in Se~- liun 2 and ",hall m,t bc ~paralely as I ~ssed =+r calks'ted hy the City', ill no cvem, however, shall this provision he interpreted IO waive the reqmr tn ;li ot'notio: to II,e('il) and Ihc prt~-c-durai requlrciacnts o1' such t~rdtnance .emotion 4. "rile use of Rii~ht of ~r4} Eaton + GSI Buildings Vacr0-Pruden American under this fraru:hi~e by the Company shall be sublet lo all rul~, r~gulations and poiicies now or hereafter "adopted or promulgated by 1he City in the rea~ sonable exercise of its po]ict~ power. In a0di tion, the Company shall be s abject to all rules, regulations and policies now m lmre.after adopted or promul- gat~ by the City relating to L~ITniLs. sidewalk and parch'eat cuts. utility location, construction coordination, and other requirements on the use of the Right of Way; provick'd however+ that nothing contained herein shall constitute a waiver of or he constraed as waiving the right ofth~ Company to oppose, zhalleng,or seekjudicial re- view of, in such manner as is m~w or may hereat'ler be provided by law. any such rule+, regulation or policy pro+ C/~,ised, adopted, or promulgated by fl'tc ty a~d. rusher provided other than the items enumerated in St~ctitm 3 herein, that such rules, regulations or policies shall rot ~equi~e the payment of additional fees at additional costs for tl~ ese of the Righl of Way. lnany event, the Com~my is granted an off- set for such ft,~ts and costs a~ainst the franchise fees required to be paid hem- under. Section .5. All mains, set-ices, and pipe which shall be laid or installed ttnder this grant shal) be so located and laid as hal to obsln~t or inler fe, c with any water pipes, drains, sewers+ or othersms~.u~zs al ready installed, Com- pany shah provide, prier to commenc- ing work, infinmatiun lo the City con- coming w0tk to I'~ performed in the streets, avenues+ bridges, parks, park- mg a~as. ~ punic plies of the City, as the City may from time to time n:quire for pmt'x)ses of record keep- ing. The City may ctquir that the information be provided on its stun- dam permit form, but without requir- ing approval, con~nt, or fees. ]n the cochin fan emergency, Cam VanY shall have the righl I0 CO mmen work w ilh. out having firSl providing such formf s). Section 6. Company shall, in doing the work in conr, ction with [Is said gas mama. pipes, and services, avoid, so far as may be Wac';icabl,interfering with the use at any street, alley, av- enue, or oth, er public" thoroughfare, [t S,h311. without e~peuse lathe City, and in a manner salis[actory tu the duly authorized rep~esental/ves of the City, replace such paving or surface in sub- s,an;ia)ly as good condilion as before said work was eommmnced Section 7. ]t is recogn~ed thai the nalural gas to be delivered hereunder is lo Im supplied from a pipeline system transporting nalmal gas from distal! ~arces of supply: and the Company. by its acceptance of this franchise as hereinaftor I'a~vided, does obligate ilseff IO litrnish natural gas in such quantity and for such length of time, limited by the lerms hereof, as the said suttrces and said pipe|ines are reason. abl) capable of snppl)ing Seclion 8. Con',pany. its sut -ces~a-3rs a~.d assigns, tn the construelion, main- lcnance, and operalion tff its nalural gas system, shall ~tse all ~easonabl and r, topet preeaulion to avoid dam- age or injary to person~ and peop ~y, and shall ho|d and save harmless the Cily from aay and all damage, injury. and expense eaused hy the r~eg[igence of said Company. ils successors and axsigns, or [Is or their agents or ser- ViL~Ig. S~.'tion 9-Thks franchise Ordi narv,'e shall lake effeCl and he i~ fnrce ftum and after its passage, approval by the U~ty. acceptance by the Company. and puhlicalion in the OiTletal City news- paper. Corer, any shah have sixty (60) days after the f}nal passage ~ ap- proval of this franchise Ordinance to file with the City Clerk ih acceptance in writing of the provisions, terms and conditions ol-this franchise Ordinance arm when .~l a~xcptnd. Ibis franchise Ordinance and acceptance shall con- sltlulc a conLract ['~ [wcen lh~ City and Cumpany and said contract shal~ be dconv.:d teleel[re on the date C'O~I- ' Sukup Hutchinson Neco DMC York Legs GSI Dryers (~'nmou:kal * A~ir~cutloeal * leldi.liifl~l 785-781-4383 - 800-221-4383 604 Wisconsin - P,O Box 17. Cawker City, Kan. 67430 Conla ~ Oick W=se, RJchard HaPm or Dang PnJit~ tar estienates. * Commercial *Agricultural Industrial * Metal Buildings - Grain Storage and Handling - Concrete K|B MO -" TltlUIS TRIll 120 Angus Bulls i"any hies acceptance with the City. Section IO. This franchl~ Ordi- nance, when a~.~epted ah nix=re pro- vided, shah coast[tale theemi~ agree- me.at between the City and the Com- pany retaling u~ this franchi~ and the same shall supercede and cancel any prior .nderslandings, agreements, or representations Fcg~rding the subject ma(ter bemof, or/nvo)ved in negolia- tions IX'rlaining tbe0eto, whether oral or written, shall be binding upon the patties, including their succes~rs and assigns, and shall not be amended or fugthcr obligations imlx~sexl wilhout mmual consent of the parties hereto. Seclion 11. Notwithstanding imy- thing to the COnLrary tn this Ordlinmtce+ the fees provM~ for in ~,tion 2 al~w shall not become effective within any area armexed hy the City until the first of the month hi)ring cycle which begins no more than 60 days after the date that the City provides the Com- pany with a certified copy of the an- nexation ozdinance, pr~ff of ~blica- finn as tequic ,:l by law and a map of the City detailing 1he annexed area. Section 12.The franchise is granted pursuant to the provisMns of K.S.A. 12-2001 and amendments t~to, If prior to the expiralion of this Agree. recent, the parties a~e actively nego ial- i~g in good taith a new Franchise ordi- nan o~" an amendtt~nl to this Pron. chise upon the termination date of this Contract Franchise. t he parlies by writ. 1on mutual agt'~l'nenl may extend the lermilmtion date of this Conlracl Fran- chi se [o aJIow for further negotiations. Suchextension Ix:rit',d shall bedeemed a continuation of this Contract Ran- chise and not as a new COtlllta l FroM11 ehise ordinance or anmadmenl. Section 13. Company shall be re- slxmsible for payment of all costs and expe.nse of publishing this Ordinance ~d any amendmo~ts II~reto. S~tion 14. Any and all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the terms heree i'an~ hereby TepealoJ or on ~/dercd as hay inn no effcCl as of the firsl cycle ot the monthly billing cycle which begins in April 2016. S<:'clion 15r Should the KansasCor- poration Commission take any action with respecl IO this franchise Ordi. nonce and ar, y amendment lhcr [o which precludes Company from re- covering from its cuslomers any costs or fees provid~ for hereunder, the parlic~ her lo shal! ~r~goliale Ihi s fran- =:hise Ordinance in accordance with th.e ConlmJ, ssion's ruling. Passed and app~ved this 5 day of April. 2016. Mik~ Hams Mayor (Seal} Attt:st: Debbie A. Palak City Clerk 7~F~. 15- Ic (Published April/4. 2016 hi the Jewel/Counr~ RecerdJ Ordimmt'e No. 710 An Ordinance amending Chapter XV~ Article 3. S ctkm [5-32() of the Code oflhe City at Mankato. Kansas, told the ~pea! of Sectiun 15-320. Be it ordained by the Governing Body at the City at Mankalo, Kansas: ~'ction l. That .section [.5-320 is l~n~by amended as fo]lows: $4.~1 ion 2. Roles, The following roles ~ri]) apply acconling 10 the variotts c|assifications of usage fi}r electric CUITCnL, (a} City ResidentiaL-Lighting u.w3 General Appliance Service~ Availability: Ail terriloo' served by the city for elecuic service Sul~lied lo one cu~tumer through one melering l'K)inl, and It) be Ilsed exclusively for dumesliC purposes, Servk~ is for ex- elusive use o|' Caslomer, and is m~t to be resoJd or shared wilh others. Where two or more dwelling unils snch as duplexes, aparlment~+ aud tra~ler homes, uach having separate kilchcn facililieS, are served th~mgh one meter. Schc~ale R-75 may be applied by multiplying the KWH blocks b)' the nunibe.~ at d~elling iiiiltS Y.~rvL'~ or at [[1 Op[tOIt t|~ the City, Schedule CSP- 75 ~. iL~ be apphed When: more than |/JtLr r~)m~ tn a teszdent ate rented, or are avatlahte ?ur real. such ~sideace shall he ,'Om, Ldered as a cc~mnler ial rooming hou~. and bdlc'd on Sched u?e CSP-?5. Restdelttlat Sd~dule R-75 is not avuilable (o residential pnemises used I't3r commercial p,arposes: how- ever, If the customer's wiring is so arranged [ha: electric ~i for ~- meMic and ram. cktmesti c purlmses can be ntelered separately, lhen ScMdul R-?5 applies lo lhal pot[ion used for domestk' purposes. Characmr of Service: Alternating current, single phase, approximately 60 cycles, and at vol~ge the city has available t'or service required. Custemet Charge: $3.50per month, no consumption. [n the even1 the ~ame eu.ston~r orders a disconnection or re.connectian of [ ctdc service al Ibe same premises within a petitx~ of 12 months, the city shall coilec; as a reconnection charge, the sum of such cusl0mer charge as would have ac- crued during the period ofdi~'onnee- tion, Monthly Rates: 10.5 oentsper KWH for the first 200 RWH: ,075 cents per KWH for all over 200 KWH. (b; Cummer ial and Small Power Service, Schedule CSP+75 AvailabiliLy: All temlory served by Lhe oily for electric service sepplied to ()no customer conducting a gainful enLcrpri.'~ through one meter, and whuse usage is tess than 150.(X~ KWH per year. Service is for excl us[re use of customer, and is n~| to be ~sold or shared with others. Character of SePvie ; Allcmati~g cun-~nt, approx imately 60 c'yeMs, sitigle phase or three phase t20~40 robs. "4- wire della, 120-21)g volts, 4-+~-ire ~ ) . 24D roll 3-wire della+ or at the ~dl- age al[d phase the city has avalldble t~r service requited. Capacity Charge $2 per KW pe: month. Mondlly Rates: ! J,5 ~nts per KWH fi:Sl 200 KWH. 9.--.5 cent per KWH for tho next i(WXt KWH. g.25 cents per KWH [or all over 12(X~ KWH, M in tat unlcharge: $5.:52 per n~mths, fi,r v, hich customer may use 5(.; KWH, ;It $ ] IN r c'on i~' cted mete r horsepower, v,l~t~.lR.-vcr tx greater, Jf a customer's nlonlhl) Olmnmpthm is 20 newspaper, Pa~cd and adopttM this .5 day of April. 2 +16. h} the Guverull~g Bt~t.y of Ihe Ctl', t|| Mankal~+.~nd H[zncd hy the Mayor Donald H Kcesler Mayor Seal Attesl: Tom Roal~ CiLy Administrator ZNEZ I+% Ic fF'ir.~t puh/Ldwd Aprd 14. 2016 Charter O~inanoe Nu. 9 A Cha her Ordinan~: excmptmg the C'lt) ol Mankato, Kan.sa~. from the Pr~Vislon,; of K.S,A. [5-201+ retalillg to the c'lL'~tton ~d olTIc 4~. Lh ir terms o [office, tta.nsillonx k) Ne veto bel lec- tions, the falling of Governing Body vacancies, and numination pc|diana; and pro~ Iding subslRute and addlli~ma[ pro~l~.m~, on th same subje l: mid rulx'aling Charier Ordil)anc No, 2. Be il urdainL'd by the (;~verninC [hxly td Ih Cily or Mankatt, Km~.sas: Sectitm I: The City of MankakL Kansas by the power vested m it b.~.' Am lc 12. So.'tion 5 of the Kansas Con~;titnlion M relLx le~l~ IO Jlld ,I,~', exempt itself a+ItJ Inakc inapplicable h~ ii the provision i oI K-S.A. 15-2111. W~ICh applies to '~hlS L'lly, bul I~ p;.iC~ t|I an er, aclment which does nol appl}, uniforlnty t~ all cii~e:/, Section 2:The g<~vcruing bmly hall CLmSi~t td" a ma.vor and five ci:imcil menilx:rs It| i'~' olwled it, LerUls as sol I~.~rth hereto. tlm utay~:r aad couueil ms'mid'c+, shall Ix: tc'~ldclRs ;Uld qlmli- I,od lwlor~, ~ll the (.'i|) o[ Mankalo. KallSan. la+sdioll~ ~ i|h h.'l m, c~Im:ng m April. 2q 17, ~lmll expne on Ihe ,uc~,ud Mt|n- da) ii+ January ol 2~I1~. 1~ hLch the oily ofl~c ia Is elL~.'t~ in the Nm ember. 2(t ~ 7 general ~.'leclion take oll:cc. l'ho~e THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 5B gO~ Cl'l'llI$~" tNI.d~ i1,~rqt+~U+~ ~,~th tetras e~,p~rmg In Ap.r IL 2=,119. ~hall expire tilt the ~Cx:on0 Mollda} inJanaar~ ol"2t)20r ~l.~len Ihe ~;11}- u11i~ials cledcd in the November. 2q~l ~ generM elecllOn take ott-~ce .*9.:,:lion 4 Ge~:e[ai eleemnls >,hall take #.ace on the T,l~:,Jay ~uwecdmg the first Month) in N~ elnhet, 2{}17 Suet'ceding elecllons ~lll I'a: heltt ev- e~- lwo yeats la: at! such at)vetoing Imdy i~silions whose terms have ex- pired. A mayvr and two council mere- hers shall be e]ected al one elecliun, and the remaining three council merit- bet's shall be elected ai the succL~din8 election. The mayor and at~ council memb~ shall have fonr year terms. Section 5:II1 ~'~e ol'a vacancy in the council t~:curring by reason of res- in nalion.dcath, orremovul fmmoffice or forln the eli)", the mayor, by imd with the advice and cnnsent of the ]emain- ing C{.|IJLi',Cll incn'~be~, shall ix+in1 an eleclor to fill the vacancy until lh next lcclion tar thai office. In case any person elecled as a council member neg h.'~'~s or Icfnses to qualify within 30 days al~ r l clion. 1he council mem her shall be deemed lo have refu~,d Io accept the olfice and a vacancy shal~ f XISI. ~kI mayur may. with the +'on. sent of tl~ mlnaming councd mere- hers, appoinl a suitable tt%-tq+r t~ fil,~ the vacancy. S :ctiun 6: ]n t'a~e ut.~ ~i:lUati~."~ In the office of maynr, the pre.qde,tll ot the council shall I~.|RIC ma~ r UnllJ the negt regular e] vthm t;t,r tltat ott,+.c and a vacancy shall tm.'cur m the oth, e td the coum.'i] m lnhet becon~.mL: nla)Ur. Seclion 7: ]m accordance V. ilh K.S,A. 25-2(35, and amcndntent, Ihel'~'lo, an~ ]D~"r.=n may I)e~,:olllL~ a can didat Ior (.:Jr.). office,:lec~ed ~t large h? huving hurl filed }n their h~.'hdJt, a nomination I~'t illt)lt or a decl~lrillltin ol ca.adidaL-y, acconq~lnied h~ alt K t'L'e reqtlized b) law. "l]'u." nonliZl,'it hWt r.~.lt tltm tnu~l be ~igr~d by "5 or I{~ peFcenl of the qualil~c+d eIL~.'tors of the C.b el Mankalo who voted m II~ [;i~t City ehxtnon, whichever is less. Scot ion 8: "J'his Charter Ordinall~c shall be published om'c uach week tht Iwt> ctms~ulive weeks it~ the ol"fi~.'iai city newspaper. :,3 1i~m 9: "['his C'haner (hdinanue sha~l take effec161 days after the final publicatltm nnless a Slt[ficient pelll'a~n I~r a reletendnnl i, filed, req, lming a refer,2nd um to Ix.' h~ hl tm Ih ~ ~rd in allcr2 as provided hy Aillcle ]". 'Section .q. Subsection IC ~4 .I + I~'l ~he ('<,;,stihdion oi the Slale '1.;1 Ka~i,'l irt which ca~ Ihis Charter Ordlnaiwo "+hall become lfL%-iiv upon appro~ al hy the tna)oF- ily of fl~' elccior,~ voling flterL'~ln Passed hy the Gt:veming Bt',d': I]OI less than two-thirds of the moml-,er, ehxt waing in [avor thereof, this 5111 day -I' April. 21~l h. L~mald H Kt~,~ler Ma),o~ Seal Alice[: Tom Ruane Clly Adnlllnnttal(it ~.N [ ;./. I ~l 2~1 l~"l~U announces fall 2015 graduates [.ocal sluden?~ ,ll k" .11%, II It~ ?,"if, ~ ~.O c,+mplet~.xt nlldety|,iduat~.- dC'glt~,~ at Fort Hays Slate IL:~]J ~ t,'l ~ll'+ durJlig the fall 2015 seine,let Mankam - Andre~ [{t)rg:l. bachelor of filt arts in art Igr~,phi,: designL Glen EMer- la ~ Ior ('ILP.I~.el], ba~h. otter of.~ienco m ag t itLdlllra I bnsl nes s. Courtland - I.and~m H 'dxtrom+ bachelor of gc~[ :a] qiJdtcs