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April 14, 2016     Jewell County Record
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April 14, 2016

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4B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thuesday. Agrl~ t4, 2016 Tltuma=y Ap~;, 14 i~016 JEWELL COUNTY RECQFIO 4A --i- Rock Hills voca~ and band students who participated tn contest are (from left) Samantha Fogo, JaMe Odman, Dunstan. Krista Trent, {olhers nol presen! Ice the photo were) Allison Railsback. Derreck Gillett and Emma Reinerl. Rock BBIIs students qw ffy for state music contest La.q Satur6ay, sludeuts from Rock Hills ompeted at the t,=gionat solo and smut! ensembl conlest for ]. 2 and 3A Brady Jeffery and Derreck Gillezz both received a" I"on their snm'~ drum solos. Samanth= Fogo and Emma Reinert both t~eceived a "l'" on their vocal ~los. The girls vocal trim c~:a- sisti]xg Of Emma R inea. Samantha Fogo and K.rista Trent al~ received a "1 ." The~e studems wttl now be going on to state music contest, to be held at Baker Univ l~ity in Baldwin City nexl S ~ttifd,ty, Others who competed tml will ,tot be going on to slate ,are Jalee Ortman, I~' l vt~ a "2'" on her flute solo; Emma Reinert. who ~eceived a "'2'~ on her clarinet ,~lo: Baylie Dtmslzn, who re- .eived a "2" on her timpani ~io; and the woodw ind Ir~ of Allison Railsback, EmiIee Wh l*:he] and Emma Retort. who Ix-x:eived a "'2" rating. I Esbon B) Gleana F-o~o La,t [Li,=,d;i~ .'xenlllg. the city whNle blc~ Lull,%, the vol,mteer l~re- mandll RI-I)N', ~ kn, m Lt ~a~titne for the~! Aprlr rlR+etirL Ihose who an. -~ mL'd rh ~.dl ~c~c Damn) Simmelmk. R;i~ M,'nc~ I) ~c Ha~tlq[2 Dw'ight Frosl, Juslin Angleton, Javon Ryan, Mike Pate, Bill Friesner. Chortle Fischer. Bill Allen and Wayr~e Fn-~t. A topic cff discussion wa,~ of the px~s~.bll- ity of getting a different fire true:k, My report was thm Bill Allea served the meal to all who attended. His menu included roa.~t pork with potatoes, car rots and cabbage. The meal was fin- ished uff with apple and clmn'y ~lr- ble~. lopped wilh ice cream for des- sert. Llla Frost acoompaaiod her dough- mr, Stay Stouffer tu Gramfield. where Stacy found a car that waslo bee liking. Roger Lamb. Pampa, Texas+ am*,'ed in F-.'~bon Tt,~, day. While in this part of Kansas he wilt be spe~ditt~ Lime ~, ilh his sister Joan Broeckelma,t and his many cousin~ in the area also doing work at hi farm Paul Frost, a j~mior at Con ,~'di~ High Schou I. and Gram White, a fresh- man at Belleville High School. both made trips to Topeka where they en- t ~ FBLA (Fnture Business Leade~ of Amexical Iesting with the possible ch4'TJ-lee tl]- ~t~-in~ to nationals. Keep training; the F~,~bon Rural Route 13,1 is coming soon] Salurday aflemtxm, hme Ship]ey drove Jerry Shm tt~ Great Bend. San- day they attuned actmcert at the ch tm.'h thai Jerry+s daughleL Karla Essmiller. attends. Karla was tree ffthe members performing. Last T~emLay. Tyler Broeckelman went to Boston. M ass fedr ~,ans. Tyler made th~ trip alone~ not becau~ ~oone - LAND AUCTION ] NUCkOll* County, Nebraska I 155.38+Acres I li Farmers ' National * " .: ~ ." . ~ .i~i -~- ". "-.r2' ~ I Wednesda L April 20, at 10:00 AK COT Davemter[ IlemmIi CenlK 110 $0~tk Limlen Az0nue D~enport, NebrasVal ' P'C.i t .~: ;, j' .' ~-1", " ~'c'[ '[r,~',='~,3 :-r' ; '-~mt W;[II ~d~.l ~1 ~. L' %~'t ~r'dnr = .~:':'4~'.-.- = L.'a~ .'~ ~ ~.=, ", .; ~ ~ P|I ~ ~d~[- ~: ~.~ n~ .3rl Pmmm4~ atal~bk~ I~ 2016 crop sensual ~-: For ~oger ty I~lunil~ Conlaet: i.'-- Gary Anderson, Mark Gustalsao, Farm Imao 'iApol MlalloffApnl KelarmlL llMoulm HIitlll|, N iillt ILa Phone: 130111 233.4471 PI~: 1402F 4i~1.91 t8 G a w,E And et~ n~ Farilrl~ r ~l~n tkm al,com MGq~tlM~n(l'Farmei~Natlonal. om mi~,Fanne~N~d~Oil~L ooV www.FarrnorsNationa1.cm11/ G~.E-At~er~n MarkGustaf~n Audioem~:Jim lear de This week's report from Mankato Livestock, Inc. Friday, April 8 10 Mix Heifers 413 190.00 11 M~x Steers 507 192.50 12 Mix Heifers 452 18850 16 M~ SleePs 6?3 180.50 10 Blk Heifers 487 18300 14 Mix Steers 583 17800 25 B~k Heifers 509 173 00 10 BIk Steers 616 176.00 19 Mix Heifers 550 17000 11 BIk Stee~ 631 175.50 16 Mix Heifers 474 170.00 13 BIk Steers ($75 16100 10 81k He,fees 525 168.50 15 MFx Steers ?08 161.00 11 Mix Heifers 500 15750 16 BIk Steers 744 157.50 10 M,x Heifers 566 165~00 61 Mix Sleets 651 148.00 10 Mix Heifers 536 161 00 50 BIk Steers 844 146.75 12 Bt k Heifers 595 155 00 50 Mix SteePs 931 t 43 85 10 Mix Heifers 636 154.00 55 Mix Steers 972 137.10 12 83 k Helle rs 037 150.00 12 Steers 647 95.00 13 Mix Heifers 662 147.50 10 BIk Cows 1.392 1.375.00 61 MixHeifers 806 139.00 13BIkCows 1.295 1,300.00 65 Mix Heifers B36 135J5 1"I BIk Cows 1.369 1~Q75.00 10 Mix Steers 490 200.50 lOCowCaffPaJrs 1,106 2,625.00 38 Mix Sleers 43?' 195.50 13CowU a~Pa~ 1,461 2,125.00 10 Mix Steers 494 194.50 10Cow Ca~fPaifs 1.490 1 300.00 BARN PHONE 785-378-3283 Consigned for Apdl IS Don B~cker Estate 2 YOung BullS. 18Slt~. tautly Io Iota oul: 30 Young Pairs 2 Bik Bu|is. 2 yea,~, old. leSlecl, rBady to turn out 10 BIk Ftmt Callr He~r$ Pairs; 90 BIk Steem and Hadem. 500-600.2081k Sleeps an~ Heifers. 500-600; t7 81k .~eer-- ar~t Heifers .~,0600.57 BIk Sleet and Heifers. 500-600; ~tO B~k arid Cr~ar SleePs a~ He4et5 45~-600 10 L=JIk Sl~r~, 500-550; 200 Bik ~nd Cha~ Steer,:, 525-5t5 Jo~ Reaeell, 785.374-4577. Cell 7t15.819.6115 Nell 8ouray. 402-879-5566 Scott Gmewe. 785-545-86~2 Kelly Bouf~y. 402-879-3051 Celt 402-879.5567 volunte '~fl to go w~th him betat,~ ey did, relatives and friends alike. T~I~r has made the 1lip enough limes that he ~oug~.t he oould do it alone. Ty|er is now I~me and all went well with hi~ ,can. He goes back in three weeks. i've about had it with thi,', wind, l am ready, n~ally past ready+ for rmn. [ had a good friend who would get amsy if the sun didn't shine tot a few days, just cloudy. Now Ihal has never Ix~- ered me at all. I txmld atway-~ stand several days of clouds and rai~ and I could surely du o rdsw. Life is I 0 percent what happens to you and 9,[I percent how you ]eact to it. The Esbon United Methodist Church greeler~ Sunday nlorning were Roger and Deanna Onderwtmd. TI~ m,sicians were Wanda Thumme~ and Janet Kelley. who were playing.as Pas- tor C~err~ Shal-~ and the ~colyles Dereck Gillett who helped cousins, Lily and Beth Walker, a s she a~,sisued her daugh- ter. Claire, as they entered the church to light the rand Ic~ Paslor Gerry spoke to the children and he ~ked them why eggs were u ~d as a symb, l of Easter. Eggs can eventually show Life as a baby chick is hatched, just a~ J'esns brought life lo the world He came to fix things, for instance, the world. It wa~ l'~oken and needed fixing. Dero~k and Jim Gillelt were the mornings ush. ors. Pastor Gerry faced ~ congrega- tion [uld spoke to all as he mad scrip tttr .~ from J'ohn 2(I. "'Bles~d While Believing" was the title be cl~ ~ far his sermon. Jes~ h~ been teLLing his disciples for three years thai he would die. They didn'l believe him. but he dl0, and h.e ~,)se, hut they cm.ldn't l~11c~' that ezther. They teared 1hal they would be nexl tO be ass&~sin~ted. We have never aet~.lally seen him alive, hut God the Father has told us he is alive and we believe. Ble ssed are those who believe. Pastor spoke oftke kind- ness ,of the many persons who have sent livestock not'Ms to the humed area Emiltm Whelchel, Brady Jeflery. Baylie that everyone has looked, forward to. The time to join the Catholic congre- gation ill. fellow ~.ip followir~g services at their respective eh~rchs. Rhys Marihugh reported Sunday that his dad. Scott, seems to be looking around the room with his eyes. The plans are that sometime during the coming week. Scott will be moved to Omaha, where he wilt undergo a lengthy graft sul'~ery on a leg. all in I~ hopes of sas'ing, the lintb- We friends were all tarry to learn Sunday morning of the death of Ethyl MqNabb. The pastor received a tele- phor~calI during ~rvice and was told Ethyl w as hay tag rffoblems at the nurs- ing home. Larry was with her at the time. but everyune had hoped it wa~n', that ~r/ous. It didn't seem possible as al Easter timeshe was feeling good and was even able to come to the Village Cafe for dinner. Lita and/ohn Frost stayed the ~,~ek. ced in B ardes ville. Okla aim attended the wedding of Ashlee Stouffer. -T~y returned home Sunday. Ashlee is the daughler of Mike and Stacy Slouffer. Randall By Fawna Barter There was m~ worxhip ~er~7,ce in Randall Sunday and several attended the family service at Jew ll Tr,nity United Methodist Church Guests for lla MeElroy's hinlMay last Wedne~ay evening wen: l~mnis Corm, Wayne and Marti McElroy, Judy Zimmcr. Opal McEIroy and Jenmfer Fla~ in, Juice a.nd Raelyi~ Bolle ~e~ite~l her l~l Tuesday evening. Saturday. Kade and Jackie Ctmper and Wayne McEIroy did several (xtd jobs for her. Naomi Flewelling came to Randall for Ila McEIroy's birthday coffee Tharsday at the co-op stalion. She left o~n after as the wind was gelling strong making driving difficult. David McMillan came home for his RI~vs Marlhugh competed in the C~oud County Communily College Aggie Days Agronomy Contest and I~aCed fourth. Friday and stayed dr= ~igh~ with his parents. Alan and Barbara McMillan. Vickie Fenner visited Elaine Pete~ one evening last week. She zetumed 10 her home in Conway. Ark on Saturday. Elaine attended the CYO Convention with the St. John's youth over the weekend. It was held at St. Mary's in Saliaa. Friday, Mike arm Jill gamsey went to Great Bend to the first birthday party for Abhie, a nie~.~ ef Chris Ram~y" s fianoe, Sunday afternoon. Nevada and Cliff V~t,r, Phil and Kdsti Verier. a,ended Abbie'sdance recital in Concordia. Brooke Verier qualified for state mu- sic at the regional contesi in Great Bend Saturday. The events are trom- bone solo, violin ~lo and brass triu. Mary Ann Kibbe returned Ironl Lakin "[hursday after helping her MS- tcrs with ~ver-al tasks. /an McColluugh ]net Trac~ Bater, m Beloit lasl Mnnda~ and took Dane with her while '['raci had a husines.~ meeting at the NCK Tech Colle~re. ruma By Fa~,'r~ Bare*t! Three deer were walking early o~e momulg and turned into statues v,h~n lh .'~ caught naovement a 'r~s the way. 'I'l~e ~a~ a one sided convL~Satton wnh ~hem a.~ they re,haired perfectly till. They t,~lk off when 1 moved to grab the daily paper from the lx~ and so ended a brief unusual encounter. This re,ruing, a meadowlark rang 10 ale a~, I was hangh~g upa few clothes and dt)lng some watering- He or site had a Iox.ely .song that brightened the day. -A recent quote in the paper was "Don'l km~ck Kao as it' you have#l been there, as you don't know ~hat yea are missing." [sn't that great? Harmony LTMC holds regular wombip service Harmony U nited Met htMi st Uhur 'h ~'rvices I~gan the windy spring day with atmoum: mcnts and welcome by Nikki O~t. Acoiyle was Nolan Grout. The pretud~. "~W hen l Survey the W 0n. drous Cross.-+ was presented by organ- ist (,'~ralyn Kaufman. Childtct s rues. ~L-ze wa:, pre.~mt,~ by Rod Rose, lay I The Rock Hii~s High School ag management team plac~ thira at Ihe Cloud County Community College Angle D~ys. Members o[ Ihe ~eam were (from leh) Wyatt DusMe tptaced sevenlh, Rhys Marihugh (placed eighlh), and Allison placed 1 l lb. speaker+ h~'nsing on tbrgivene.~s and how we need to have To~e in order Io forgive. Each child was presented with a gift representing an ~sp ct of faith. The children'~ choir arm the chan- el tog lker performed a medley, "Ev- erything w&~ Made hy God" and "'~r 1he Beauty of the Earth+" accompanied by pianist Joann Davis. Scriplure came |'ram )ohn 21: I-19. which addresses after the re~urrec~i. Kansas, on the 3 da) ot Ma~, 2DI6 at ~J:3(} a.m. It you ha*.e an) objc~'tion to qhc reqnt,~,tvd name t:hanFc. 3,u~,~ arv re- qLilred to hie a rcslxnihi~, pieadu|g on ~r Ix-liwc May 3.2Dlfi m thi,~ ta~arl t~T appeal al the hearing and ~:bjcc! to Ih requeslcd name d~ang,tl you fail to act.)udgment and ordcr w d l be enlerod Uptli:t 1he PelR'mn it'. n.'qitesLt.xl hy PeLi- richer. Shirley F/~-her Petilioner, 3i I S. Ciinton S[ Mankato, KS ,'169.56 72qEZ 15-3c of soulhcm K;msa.s. This day was a classmate. Mike Girard's. funeral on 7 B 9 " ) -1 C ~ '-~-~i- ' -- " ~II0 "t 30 ', 3 ~ : Ty~en H,ger coIlectL:~ top medal- ~$t honors al II~e Sm,lh Center Invrla- Need to file an Extension? ome ,n and let ~.u~ h~hly-tta,ted tax prolessionaL~ file your extea~ion, Don't pay pen&i,es and ,nteree, t dut, 10 filJntj [at# [13 N Mill I Behlit, KS 785-738-5801 Top 100 Franchise for 3 Consecutive Years HGLR BLOCK SUNFLOWER AVENUE NEW T0wnh0mes FOR RENT in Mankato, Kan. 1,200 sq ft, 2 bed, 2 bath, full size garage, above ground safe room, fuIly handicapped accessible Bethany Rue. 785-378-3408 Jewetlo0unly @hotmail c0m -~ ,[ a~ ~-K~,:l~i] I'NION MANI(J TO Sports Preview ~, AI~116- Ssturday, Alm123 April 19 H,gb Sr/tooi Goi[Nonhen~ Phfins Lt, ag|te 'I.BA April 2f C~lf a] Sou/hem Chard: ju,tior ltlgh Track I tW.lt 36 r, Hoflaliotit# at R~rk Ilills. 3 p.m. Aprif 22 Hi,It So/tool 't rat ~ (~bonte bt~italh~n# at Osborne, 3 p.m. Monc~ Ordu~, ,~hc,d L ~'~t