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April 14, 2016     Jewell County Record
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April 14, 2016

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3A dEWELL COUNTY RECORD Jewell Ubrary lsplll~ antique bottle collection Jewell Public Lihrar~'~: April dis- play is a L"ot]ectien of antique bottl,es owned by Bailey Hajny. Bailey's col. lection ir~cl,udes: Moun tam Dew, Coca- (Rda, BuhbleUp, Dr. Pepper, Sm~cre~t, Rt)i]ing R{~ck Beverages. Squirt and Morn, rain Beverages bottle.~. He also ~s ml antique Pepsi-Cola b~tlle cat- r~er. Bailey ts a ~plh<,more al B~loit Jr.-St. High School He byes in Jewel.l, with hi~ pareuts, Jon Hajny and S~tdie H~ytlen. and a hruther and sisler. Jewell PuNic Lihrary will hold Sal- ~rday story hoar April 23 There will he only one story hour in April be- CaUSe (~11 <'Onfli~ iS with soccer. Wee Readers was held April & Nee, l~mks in |he library incl,ud An A~nish M~ztth by Ju Ann Brown', ClnimmL, the Single Mare's Heart by G lynna Kaye- "/3iv Cowhoy'sTwi, sby l)eh Kastuer; The Amish Midwife's Court.ship by Cheryl Wil|iford; Lake.~tdeSwe ,lhearthy Lennra Wtri'lh: anti H r Rancher Bodyguard by Brenda Minion "Food Insecurity' is topic for discussion by Harmony UMW l,asl Wednehday, Ann Hanson led the inemh. l~of'Harmony United Melh- ,~d=,t Wtmmn in a discussion alx=ut "'ltg)d in.~cunt.~.'" She spoke alxmt I'~'~ple in Jewe]t (2mnly whe are hun- g~- tlr who don'l have enough tt= :lt. %role don't kJruW how or when Ihe) will by able Io feed their children, Ann demonstrated the problem of making limited monc"y pay tbr food, She alst~ talked at~al the ttx:al l ot~l pared and h~lw le h lp~ the hu, gry. The group discus~d h~,w UMW work ttr help the hungry m/ewe I I ('panty and an,curd die ,~ odd, "l~lc May s~lad slipper wa~ the l~pl|.- c~l cli~'k'tl~i{~n durlilg lh husinefis fllO,~l- ulg AI'.~ dl~'u~.'~ wa.~ the spiritual ~.rowi|1 relrcal lleld in EII.s.w.rlh. F.pworth'V,IIa1 :ql Y rk ~i1.L he th. des(marlin for Ihe field trip on June l UMW w,II lle]p 9. tth breakfast for the Bike A~ro%~ Kan.;a on .~une 7. UTE Theater Board holds meeting "[he T ;tc 1 heater H~*.trd meeting was held MJrdt 21'l ,~l ihc (hr~ian Church. m Marlkal, I'Ic,cIl~ u~ err Chris Kln~, Jdl KIo~. lh,add llmklu r,li]iP, Mcl)ltL Jeant~c f{k'c~ ker. Pll~lli~ ('hrintie. Ilt'Liml,i Icltt'r~, k~;~r|l] l'.nde~,d .llltl Iud~ l)~t1~rl (~]d b~l,lnC, ~ ~'rt~ l,d~ l~'eu 11,1 ~~I~I,Lcl X~ 'lh Kcx lU I[ I',I ~I{~ ,l.lt lhL" lit'V, ~,Ol|Mlr24" CkNi~lllICllOl| ~91d I ,;!.|r ~ ['ir~.~, , alLzJ t'l!.ll', h,'D " ~'~.'11 ;t1",k'iJ4 lll~ t~il? ft'llLot!lt.'hnlJ '~q[ [I~' ~,'qIiP 4.'%MtIU aJIed. t hl,~. aiou~ ~nh (reg,: and Neit I lfery illea,ured lie" thealv.r a.reLi l;t=r It1 n~.',A ",t'al lil. There i~ elltp~gh ~.rr ] I r~1~ (d 11ew ~ltllg wnh C'~42~11 ~eat i tacit. 11. i-~t thre~ mw~ v d] he ietl at tiic lop of the healll/,g ~I~l The mtat ~.'al, will be 116. ]1 ~.ai'~ approvcd I,ll pnX'" ~l ~'ith the iu.~tall;itiou ~d Ihe I kL'Id6 ~"~I J IL t ,~ ~i.'~ menl il I Bed. Di %lX~ i t LOll I |'~" the oM ~,eats win, labled ,ml it the Ape J1 T'aut~clay. April 14, 2016 Mari[yn doerge sits on herback porch in Randall, Behind her are four Porch Q~ills. raveling. The theater did nm receive .~ Dane Han~n gram during ,h~s rt~und. t~lyllL~ will resuhmil for the nexl rt alnd ~1 awatdg, la the meantime the hath- rtu.rrn remodel will pl~ct' d. New bt,siness" There was dkcu~, .~itm a~:~lllt upcoming movies. The umvies selected were "]-he Choice." "7.~t~r=pia.'" "'Miracle from Heaven`+ and "'B~tman vs. Superman." There was 6] ~'ussitm al~)ul holding the week- end movie i~ver Io M,mday when the Bike Acro~s Alnerlca gn~up will be steppirlg in Mankato. ]:~)ssilqhtle~ t:,r the sh~lw ~ inc]ude "Free State of J t)tte '" or "'Captall~ America." Janet "lyl ~ potion1 the Ute The~tter wkth a genee- ou.~ memorial check m homer of her mother. Beth Tyler "l'he n t m ' 1 m ~ill be April 25 ~t 5:30 p.m. at the Manka~o Christian Chu~.'h. Heart transplant recipient speaks go Jewell Ttlnity UMW l.a~l Wedne day. Jewell Trinity t "lllted .~t'thiK[isl W~men htrstc~ their ilr3UltUaI gtie~ I It"tgi|li l/lere ~, [r .ip- pr~IxilnateLy {'~} pre~nt Ior ~he Idl,w- sl~ip and fl~ L Gut- I .~peaker w a ~ Sandra Kmg.~t~,i, WilshiqgtoiL .~andra in the dattghter d, Inc. Such. ;I rnee[il:l~ creiltes i~u enviD.)n- nlenl tT3 ~hlch gOl1~,fl} f,l[] Eccl I|ee to d',k 4UI.'MI~ IIIn ~,~, HIhOLJl the |Cal ~l l~Ing |11111n|daIl.'-d b~ ~,l=d~. 't11.'d p~'l ~J IJ'l,-rl-' [~, il~ hI[) ,~t~erl are In~11 ]hi, n|c~l,ig ,IM,ollers v, ho .Ire ~a,~lll~ Xlmllal l~'qle,~ a~d ~,'~i11, cc i14 v'~rhli.'[lll2r ~,1 [afl.~[ov-. icr, Lt-,l~J.e[ ~ir helpmate. ~omcn altetvJing the rni`%'~- in~ 9.1]] le;Ll'Tt llii0/Tnati|1-11 tOF IL~, IT~l~ In nlral Anreric& "i0pws Wltl mcl1.1;Je "'Plep~tFil~g Iolr Emergen~'i ~ aud .&-I-V SafeLy filr You|hs.'" (~.me and lu,;l~3 ab, mt the "' fu ndantenta Is" ot bt~l 0g pre- ~red I'nr .L.l"ffl~rgenl; it h ~u ll as IOTTla- Sixly-lhree l~tw, Lay, cltt~t Ctl~er~t officcr~ were congratld,ited IL~ I~O[IIilk~ Grice. Kansas Stale L'ui~er,~t ~ l-~h~c ci~J.el', durllI~, their ~[adH;ilion Irt,m ilic KaT|~as I.aw ]'nlt)rL.el]lerll "[r;.~irll"-~ ['C~tler eKJ. E'~'( '3 on Mar,:h I1~. Anton lh graduatc~ were l)t'|lq[3 .lil,;t~h Mi] has, J~.~'cll ('OLInl) .~h 1313"'- Deparlme,t: Deplll.~ J.s.;~lr .M,l~-r Mite he I'. County 5heri H- l)cp.it~ m ltl. and [X:puly Nich~11a.~ Cox. Rcl'ldq~, ('oulll y Sherl fl" s De pa~l meut ltw lIe offleern were members of the 2.~t~ I'~;!:',11.' tT;lllling cia,s ill Ihc ~"l,'Till'L'.r f.q~-- ~.i:qed.[)u.l." mile " .'t.'M a,lxd [t~1 2 nul s.t~llt]l tnl Yl~tct. |le;Ir Hutchill.SOU. the ,l.l['n11.'r L', a L!.1 ~. I',1~n O[ Univer.~ity id K~,r,~ (:'i~Rlmlll:D[2 l-.t~tll;#.tilln. "l']]c ~.lildllillC's. ~I,~ l~ga~1 lhell tlamlX:ig l~u N~.I~.'. 30. rept ,~cnl+.'d 53 mLinit'tr, g.I. courtly ~.md qale la~ enh,r~ mcnt at~ n~-it's 13-1~'Ul acros% Kansar M & M Lawn Care Bnan and Carl Murray Brian Murray 785-545-5710 Carl Murray 785-545-7035 parame0ic63 2001 @yahoo.com 206 N Center St Mankato, KS 66956 Joerge n~ad arrallgemenlstopnrchase Sul~erlot all all of Nuckolls four o[ ~i~m. Naw, the .m.e~l pooh County quilts ItK,k jnst r,ght ban/~olg tln liar Saturday, April 23 back I~rn:h in Randall. 8easonC ls la'Senel~wl"lBs~ll~wIL~ a Informalion at 402-879-3291 4-2 record at state Jewell County Hist0ncal Z~11~ ('olson, a fDl~,~hll'lanl'~'~ at R,~4 'k Society Meeting Hil,b Hi;~l) SchtmL had a succe~sftll year of wrestling with Beloil High Thul~day, April 21,7:~ p.m Sch,~d. Con]ix:ling in the 14 5 i~und Jewel County Courthouse weight ~'lass. ~ aE.e qualified fi,r 1~" high xchotfl state wrestling inal,'hes Meeting Room, Msnkalo, Kan. held Man.-h 4 aud 5 at Hays. He lacked jur, I In~e I, atch of plating at ~tate, 'Zane ~OI]- t,t~r mulches and finished Ih ~-OUtlX.litmn 9.ith a 4-2 record. Wlth the high .~h{~+l corn~ciitlOl~,S oarry out 1"- Thank You 7 I want to express my appreciation to all theI (fiends, neighbors and family for their prayers,I cards~ emai[s, phone calls and ~, isits during ] my recent surgery. They certainly lifted my1 spirits. Thanks again to you all. ] John Beam 4 ~~Burr Oak- White Rock ~ ~=. Alumni Banquet' t Saturday, May 28 Burr Oak Community Center, Burr Oak, Kan, f~x:ial Hour: 5 p.m. Reserx,allons I~ advono: In Meal: 6 p,m. Cheryl I li]lman, 15 per tiekel IV.) Box ]~, 8err Oak, K5 ~936 w#i be o~cusseff Members a~ v~un~,er5 intem~l~t i~ this even1 ate encou,aged 10 ~lle~ | UTE THERTER Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 15, 16 and 17 Miracles From Heaven Wt'~n Ct'[nMy d~l:o~rs he~ 10-year.0~l ea~. ~ I~ 0~es a ieroc~]us ~l~ ~le 9o[ ~r ~at~nler'$ heahr~ as ~ r~arcl~s f0r a solulkm. After Anna has a freak aoci- ~nl. an e~lraordinan/~rac~ unlolds Inll~ wake 01 he~ drarna~c re~cue 1~1 kaves t~ sty, PG Ii0r ~0me t~mal~ matet~aL ,r~l~- IfI~. acclt:~n[ arKI r~F.dil ,~.%105]1. Mankato, Kay, 76S-~79~3172 | Farmwoy Credit Union YOUTH WEEK April 18-22 HQVO your CPqi~ stop by lo s%m ~Jt:, {~' O~r 0rOWln!.i 1(]~Oii5 i3 on<] !jr,~l I' "Rvo ~25 V'~,o Gift Cords will he. s~ed 65th Wedding ) Anni ersary Don and Dawna Gay Robinett