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April 14, 2016     Jewell County Record
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April 14, 2016

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Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 15 USPS, NO. 274-940 Thursday, April 14, 2016 Mankato Council addresses traffic flow woes caused by highway work Thv,:gulax moathly meeting of the Mankato City Council was reid last ]ue~da). Council members present ~c0e Chris Klos, John Tyler and Lyle Daun r. Council member Ross wa~ ab~nt. Don Koeslcr, may~. presided. The It ~all)r oath was admini.~te~"d ' o new ouncd member. Marvin Loomis. F~d }{ood addrcssq.~ the council aSOul tltllSarlce ISSUES at 489 South "East Street. l)l,~'ussion was held. The COUltC,I t,nsid~red improving traffic t-lov, tm north Commercial Street. I)l~l~.~im~ was held wilh coun- cil member~, concerned cilizens and business owners. A ]e.er from acon- corned residem was read aloud by Mayor Kt~esler. Discussion cen[eled on general cong~stinu of Commercial Streel a~d the e ffec't of the H~.ghway .'ff~ ~surfacing p-n~jecl. The consensus t~f the c'ouncil is to direct truck traffic o lake an alternate route from Highway to the ~iveslock arena and send a leuer to ~sidenL~ tm Commercial Street a~kmg 1horn to park on rite east Slde tff Commercial flora tke cmtnhouse nonh The t.'ity administralor wa.~ asked ~o ~nd letters to all residents and busi- ne~es on North Commercial advising of the parking and alleroate route re, quests, with parking and traffic flow on Commercial Street to he monitrmxl on a dzily basis. The council approved the bid of $8013 from Cha~ Wame for the agri- cultural lea~ in John~n Addhi~n The council adopled Ordman ce No. 709 ex panding ~esidenc). requirements. of tree board member The council appm',ed Charter Of dinance No 9 relating GO the electitm of officers, thei r mrms of office, lnmst- tion IO November elections, the firing ofgoveromem h~',dy vacancies, nomi- nating petitions and repealing Charter Ordinance No. 2. The council approved ~elaining ATC Acemmting to perform Ire an- nual audits for the City of Mankato and the library. The council discussed waiving rental fee~ for the oommunity centec and city building for the Jur~ 6 Biking across Kansas flm&aising event. The council and mayor made pef,~mal do. nalions to cover the rental cost of the building for the event, The council di.~us,~-'d burning off the leased pasture by the golf course. The item will be addressed, again in the fall, The council vtr~ed in fav~ of,~ek- mg grant funding for park improve- ments, in l udtng a w.n d ~lleybal] come and replacement of lyre bal-bec'ue grills. The council approved OMinanee No, 710 -~tling electric rates. Council member, voted unani- mously him Tyler Shadduck a ~ Pool Manager, The co ar.-cil leviewed,recommen- dation t~om Swavel and A~so iates conceding polential electric power suppliers. No action was taken. The council met in executive ses- sion briefly to discuss a matter con- cerning non-clot:led petr~mrtel. City of Jewell awarded grant funds from Hanson Foundation for new welcome sign the Jewell Cil) Cotmcil met in regular .~s~ion laxl Monday with the tollowi ng m altentlano:: Bruce Barrett. may.m Darrell Roh=~ert, Josh Burks. Max Burke. K[I~ Wtllianls a.~ Wade WIISOIL conn~.~[ memher~: and Amy Arasm~th, cdy clerk. The lllaHl|e~ancC 0i~qOi"~ was rc- vicv.c'~ by the C~ql?ICi[. It W~.S noW, t Ih,~t v-or~, ~n T~honpm~ulas Stt~.~:t ite@d~ h~. I'-,c complel~tl iP, ~ ~[;,1I as ]'l~.)s. s~hle Barrett rclnlnded Thc ct)ilo il '0f the m-orksh~p m ('ov.~:o~hd on APril 14 and 'hoe ~.'lua~-~p day l, April 18 Jay G=rlett Gillett honored as 70-yeax member of F, sbon Legion post Jay G~.llett ,If Red Clmld was re- cently hontm.'d with a plaque I'Tont [:abort Anlerican Lceion Po~;I Nu .'~g for 70 yezrs of continuous ~leUlbt.'f. ~hlp in the organizahon, In f944. ai the agone 18.Jay }i;[elt JOiiiL%] t[i~.' U.S. Marines durirlg the height ul World War I]. He was a n.~'c,u gnduate otE~lx m High School. He ~.ar~ a,~.J~ned h~ at| air cad.el comer m the Ok|~a~ :~ area. Gd]etl said at the time all alr craft carriers were assigned ,i number o Marines ~o be on Ix~ard. Atle~ hi~. service ,n the Marines. G,Ilcu returned to the Esboa a~ca Io farIII h| later years l~ developed al% anlique Iarir~ cqtJ.apnlcnl and machin- e~ i~r,~-urt.ment htz.~iness with COs- tomer~ iti many ~nul.hel-[n and eaMtrn ~[ales, After rnovu~g to Red Cloud. Gillctt cont,nued hi~, imtlque business, but nov at age 89. he ~a~d antiquem achin- cry ix gellm~d h;tTder Io find. moved fiom 11~ clemently school playground. Repai~ on the ~wer lift generator have been m~de. The noah ,~ide 0 f Maag Park '*'ill be reseeded this fall. A $5,tRK) grant from the Dane H~.~n Foundat Ion fi~r a welcome s ig~ has been awarded Io the city. Building permits were approved for a eat pun a~ 1113 Venango and notre- crete bin for the cleon|or at 520 N. Sheridan. Letters will be ~nt lo property ~,wnets who do not keep their lawns m i, w t't.'], TT-- :- 'r J The 29t7 township fire contract fees will remain the same a s 2Di6. ]'he to-elL Apa~ment Board met [ollowing 1he u-,y c, uncil meeting with the same individ~ts proem, and also Cindy Banctt. Cirxly reported that Ihere ate now hoe vacanl apamnents. The carpenlers have finished in- smiling the shower in It)l]. Estimates for,~moke dele~ togs were reviewed. The board asked, the manger to get ;mother hid. An apaamenl inspection by the board will be ~'heduted for a |aler date. ~ I. " = " +w . . . Constructio~ in Mankato is underway w=lh the far north lane ot Hwy 36 being milled oil from Ihe interseclion of N, High St, wes! as fat as The Sohd Waste facilily al the edge or Maoka~o. Board sees projected enrollments for next year "r31e Rev.'k Hill.~ Board of Educatmn me~ Monday. l'ho~ pre~nl were l,orl Yelken, Bohi Pogo, 'ro~d Mauerhan. Jane|le Greene. Ervin Under oral, B~'enden Winh, Lori Slate. Nadi,~e Snlilh, Sam Meyers. Bob Roush, Darrell Miller. Noah Danlels. Aili-,on Railshack+ Barhata Railsb0 k. Kevin Osl and Lynette Ba.~lcy, Allison Railshack and Noah Daniels. Rock Hills FBLA members, wl:fe In allendance Io requcsl USe O~" one scl'mol vehicle, and t1~.' lTlig~11 ~[ay and out of state travel fi~r FBLA meln. hers to compete in Atlanta, Go, at the national convention June 28 lhrough July 2. The reqtmst was approved. TSe board catered irwin exex'utive ~ssion to disc uss non-elocted person. net. Tht~e incIuded were ton Yelken, Bobi Fogo, Ttxld Mau than. Jammlle Greene. "Ervin Uaderw~'~, Bremlen W irth. l ori Slate, Sam Meyer~. Da~'elI MJ|ler and Nadine Smith. No action wax taken as a result of the 1o!i~ session. h was approvc~ to hire Huffman'~, Iq~m[ Covering in Smith Center t,~ remove and dislxrse of the current 12~r tile and ~l~ck mastic and to replac',e ~,ith new PVC tile anti black cove base t~ar the jr.-sr, high -~ch=xd chemis~t)' and biology roont~ at a .co'M ol" $11.312.10. Bob Roush. facilities director, re- v~ewOJ the twu proposals from SlFil~ and Seal in Hays, and Iwo PtOlx'~ats /rum "[[I Rn~t'ln l.'~atlcr t (,'~|rl>~lC- tiun. LLC. in Sahna, to atldrcxs the north parking I~t o~ the j~'.-~ high ~hotfl. No acu~m was taken at this time, A motion to reduce O~ extended employment c~mtract t t~r w~wxis cla-sx for the 2016-2(117 chtxd. year to a mta[ of 4() hours, for maintenance, cleaning and organizatmnal purpt~s only waz aplnoved by a vole of 4-3, with Lor~ Y lken. Lori Slate and Janetle Greene ca-',ting the opl~sing votes. Superintendent Smith shared pro- jected enrollmeal null.lbe~ by grade Com,ull~on~I'~ discuss personnel issue in closed session Thelewell Connty [-h ~rd reel Mon- do) w Ilh ,k'oln n'~isrdoller.s Steve Greene, Mark Fleming and Dwight Frost ptenenl Car],a Waugh. cmmty cle:k. ~ a,al~ presem. Of, IS Jacohs, Sheriff, discussed the p~cktip dial hu-~ I~'n impounded The Ford p~ckup i~ operafi~mal now. He al ~u aid Iwo di.~patchers will he al- t~nding training. Carla W augh mole wed the auditor" s 2015 ~ran ~fer suggestions. J~el Elki as. gone ral su pt,-rinlendenL reported on road and bridge mainlC. nonce. Joel I',ad the supNemental agree- mere in the 2016 Federal-Aid Fund Exchange. Joel di~ussed a possible bridge projec~ on lhe JewelI-Repuhl,c 01~nly ~ine- F, otlow ing an execut ime session with 1he three c~mmissioners and county levels and h eliding ; l~r the 21116.2fl I 7 schtml year: 165 students are expecled at the elememary scrod (PK-51; 125 are exp~'l~.~l at jr.-st, high ~ht~l (6- 12k Pte.K round.up was reid last Thursday, and 17 studentx and their fa mili~ a tlcndcd, tml of the 27 eligihie four yea~--dd students identified in the distr~et at this tin~. The Ix',ant entered enter inlo two additional executive session Go discuss m~lters affecting ntut~ ms. No actitm resulp qj from the~ sessi~ "i'he b~,anl then alel lutu lUnhc~. IlL exevutiv ses~,it,r| Io ~i~ctl~,~, [it.it4- elected personr, el. Ftdlowtng the clom.xl session.s~ i l was a ppn~rved tm~ml~ m.J.s ;o ~' pl the m~signalitm from Lante~ Charh,~, off, clive immediate|y~ It ~as approved |o offer a contract o Tern Engelbert fur 30 hours of c~a ~s ime and five houP, per studen I of doNe ilne with total tnotnrs nol [i) e xct~g~d I fKI hour. al her currt, m huurly ~ate of ~R}.65 to teach drt~ef ~ edut'atiol~ Io Rock Hilk students. A ~signalion froln Spencer Wilton for teaching and supp]emenLal con- t/aCtS C~-et.'llXi.~ ilt Ihc end of the 2015- 16 sch(~ot yuar wi,~ approved. A reslgnatkm ~rom K~'i Nichols as the 21'1t5-16 junior high summer weight, c~ch wa.~ acc"eplett, effu'~ti V i:~nnedialely. The rect)mmendation of Suzetle Gile amt Amy McDilt as grades 6-12 full time lleen ~l frrafe~*donab, for the 2016-2017 school year w0x ap proved. %t v,'as =ppm'.'~xt to advertise for one l",t~silion al the c[emelui~ry ~cl~ol lo reduot' cla>, ,i/e let third anti |' ~tal-lh gratlc ma|h. [.in[el=,h and hngmlg art, fi~r the 2rile, 21)17 ~,thlu~] )ear t I t,',Id Ne%NltllI% [C. d L'~.k tJ%- cmpl, ~ ~,0 L'In- from these eXt:"CUl Jt, ",c%:'sl,Ttlt The next IVgU];u rncelnhg ol the Rock Hill ', Scht~t H,~rd ~-I]] I-,e al 7 p.lU. ~m M(mda~-, Ma~- 19. al Ih th.~. trier office in M:lnkal~. Jay Gillefl, who lives in Hsd Cloud. was h~ored recently as a 70-year clerk pr~nl ~o discuss ntm-clecLed continuous member of 1,~e Esbon Americar~ Legion Po~. No. 368. He was per~oanel,lheyreturncdtt~regular~c~,- ~:~- I presented a plaque commemorating Ihe occasion. In 1944, at l~e ~e ol I'8, sion and n~ action wa~ takea Sunday morning in JeweLL US flag Gillett, alhen recent graduate ~f Es0on High School, joined the U.S- Madnes. 131 Comlnts~ioners discussed the proves that Ihe wind is nol always He was assigned to an air craft carrier in the area ol Okinewa, Japan. county apprai~r's lmsition with Anna blowing in Kansas! Sheriff'sdepartment Forter, field slaff supervisor for the property valuation division. ~I~i~I~ ~ql~athel" Anoll'~t exectui've ~ssion was held Hugh and low tempetalurt.~ taking, back unwanted ~ of ]and 6 ~ to discuss non-elected perxorm l with sell at irutbte attctlon Carla Waugh also p~nt. Returning April 3 69 4I} torcg.lar~e~sioa,noact~o~wastaken. April4 82 4I) ++o~,o,+,+,~,0,0.o, presctaptlon drugs April5 fi9 41 County and belomging to dze Jack Real estate auction April 6 75 4fi McClureTr0st ~)idThursday at public April 7 69 44 ~'tion at the Mankam Comm0nity Oa Sa|urday, April 30~ from ](l and ils partners have taken m n~re nets $1.14 million April 8 66 28 Center, condm;led hy Horiztm Farm a.m. ~o 2 p.m the Jewell Counly than 5.5 million pounds, or more 1ban L&~t Tue~ay, "[hummel Real Es- April g 71) 32 and Ranch Realty, Ray Swearingen. SherifFsDepartmentandtheDrugErv 2.750 tons. ofpill~, la~e and Auction held a real estate Ken GarsL, weather o~er~" fo~ hanker. A late crowd auended, fimcement Administration fDEA) will 'l'hisp~g~am addrcs es a vital pub- auction a~ the Mankato c,ty ~fffice for Jewe~l. 0epoFled no precipitation for Trael I: the E It2 t~f the NW I/4 of give the puhlic an opportunily In pro- l~c safely andpuhlic heallh i~sue Merit- the Dona Ost Beam e~'~ate and heirs, the week. i "~S " ' Section 17. Towns ~ip ~,Range 7W. vent pill ubuse and theft hy ridding clues that langtfish in home cahinets Tract I NWI/4 Sl:clJtm Ig).Town- Betty Becker, wealhern~servet for Iocateda 265 Rd :e-half mile north their hmtleX ~f ix~tentia~]y dangerous are highly sc~'eptible ;o diversiom ship 4S. Range RW: located on 160 Mankato, tel~ned noprecipitalion for ofV Rd (ju.~betow LovewellRe~r- expired, unused and unwanled pro- misuse and ahuse. Rates of p~escrip ruad four miles so0.1h of Mankato. the v,-~k. For the month of March, voir)eonsi~ledof61 acre~ ~ith liltable scription drug This ix the I llh such tmn drug abuse in the U S are alarm- Thereare 152acm'eswith95.04acresof M~kat r~civedAS fPm~'iPitali n,(~ inal, falfaand 12 ac~sin wildlifehabi- event in ~ix years by ~he depat'~,~cnt ingly high. a~, are the number of acci- crop l~nd. wi~h balaneeofpa.~ture and tat on White Rock Creek. approxi- Theptescripliondrcgsv illheacce~ed demai IX~isonin~ and overdo~ be- creek. Tract ! ~|d io Tom l-~er for Colorado ~ ~'~! mately 5.6 b~ acres in PLC wheat fnrdispo sal tothesheri|'f'soffice. 307 :au~ot~he~e dru~.s Studies sl~0w the $4.40,t~0. ha.st 5.1, grain -,orghum I~.~ 0.511. N.CommetcialinMankato Almavail. maj0my ofahased pre~ptiondrags Tract2, SEI/4Section3.T~wnship with h~ pOMi~l~on ThisTracl s, ddto Lynn Schnakenberg ah~e will he a '+sharps" comainer for are oblained fronl Jamily and friends. 4S+ Range 8W and WII2SWI14 Sec- OnMa~h2,Jev.' llCounlysl~rifF~ fm $232.(xxi. neectle~. The DEA will no~ an:opt liq- includingftom the b0memedicinecahi- tion 2. Township 4S, Range gW. This deputies were called to a rural farm. Tract 2: part of the NEI/4 ~,I' S~-- uid medications.only pit,sot pa[che.~, n L In addition. Americans a~e now is Iocatedon the NEcornerofTracl 1. Upon investigation, Ihey determined t=on 7~ Township.S, RangeOW, lo- Theserviceisfreeandanony,~ou.~8). p~e~idcnt. Arian Fol,om t 1967~. vice pre.~idem; P~t IOphnger~ Zent~, t i 959) sec~etar)-trea ure~. Dawd AksamJl. Randall, useda pick and a spade Io evon the sidos ola p=! al Randall Fan'~ers Coop Station after lhe ord lift was removed. A new lilt Io service cars wdl be mslarred soon.