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April 14, 1966     Jewell County Record
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April 14, 1966

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A CONSOLIDATION OF THE WESTERN ADVOCATE, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR, AND THE FORMOSO NEW ERA. -. 1 ' . . ' . '. -' L. . =". 2 ~ ~ L Ii ! Vol. 752No 44,Sixteen Pages -TWO Sections,Thursday,AprUl4. :MANKATO, K ANSAS IF,!T'S,FO R JEWELL:C? Y,yE/PdE ?o c Ir g c t'N" I ;BA Appro e"l " =[" h I D" ' lhar[l[I The following teachers] Mrs Ralph Hamilton ann[|/waterl fro h hire J] decora [,q OIlln : In ontes Inners. , ,cl ,b,: oo nstrnct .I Second Grade ,4 MarshaMcCracken,[kato. [ iq I hi . I I,nnd i.lAtf,nn 1 Katie Decker, BurrOak. lJewell. [ 3. JoniHansen, BurrGak.[ JlILdTIII dFRI i I' [I fWIlU IIIq tblbI4/II 2. Ward Coffman, Man-[ 5. RamonaRehmert, Man-[k4 Karen Louder, Man-] I Ciq, l lllUn rlq IL I n. Kathy er a.k e RSeni~t~rDFo[a~kaVCal~le the loan is 25 years This ~nrC :sm:~,~inngarxr~:el~en/~st a ~ "":~ 4. Becky Je fe y, / " Y Y," [ " " [ p. n ad- [ project is expected to create] ' g ] . Oak I 9 Freddy Anderson, Ran-[ 7. John Weltmer, Man-]vised that the SBA (S'nalll 75 new jobs, according to this time the directors of] The date of the r n ,m~ T~ .~ ~.~ ~ ~ :.~ ~ 5. Steve. Sheahan Randall. dall. . kato. Business Administration) the announcement by the the ManKato. PacKing t o tion for a new hi-oh t h oh morem, k 6. Brmn Roblnette, Ran- 10. Vlckl Tyler, Montrose.] 8. Rebecca LaCoe, Jewell./has approved a Develol - SBA. the arch,tect, D rectors of]May 10 lnaa "rh, h Yda Fifth Grade [ 9. Dehlah Benjamin, Burr lment Company loan of the Mankato Commerc all ] 2. dall. ~ tn aoOl[lOn, toe blSA lS [ vt,~-,N a~c o uu a t. tu ~ UUlUUHUing t;o~it~ ,'~1:'15 uon 7. Barbara Smith, Man-] 1. Paula Rightmeier, Man-]Oak. 15350,000.00 to the Mankato makin, an o eratin loan of Development Association,p m There 'vill be one vot ing to increase kato. kato 10. Gail Spooner, Athens. [Commercial Development g P g ]Representativesfrom the. n-""1 "" ' -1 / ~,6ou uuu uu alrecuy to tne ' i N p a c umy, mc~tteu in I ine annuut Oli~::~atun~ 8. Nancy Smith, Jewell. . 2 Wade Alexander, Man- ] Eighthl .Grade Association, Inc. The. Man-[~.~vmnr~ato'~ " " racking t~o me [ Jewell-Mitcneu. t~ perat~ve I the Hi"h~ S ~''-''~,U~, ~y a~,u.~:"-" I~ u~ mc+~" .~w uumvu:~:"~ ~,'~::" 9. Tammy Rose, lonla. Ikat " . I ," Mike Dempsey, Burr/ . -, es 1 kato Corporatmn wdl loan] ,a][ Electric Co Inc,rep-I at Mankato All elioible rot l usino fin r 10 Scott Simmelink, ] 3. Eric Nelson Montrose. I uaK. [this money to the Mankato . o resentatives, and SBA of- I ers in Ionia. / 4. Mark Intermill, Valley [ 2. Jerry Blackstone, Burr [Packing Co for constructing ~ operate me plant ficials will go over all th~ ~[ lied ,~mc~'~s"-:~'i'u~'ua~e'~u~nu. ~ are--~-m l] aooutU~ ~.~u~l~ or ~'~me:"~mlltS IOluu~ Third Grade [View IOak. ]a Packing Plant on "the W.R. Waugh, president details pertaining to thelvnto [,-,~,~i ,~,~h'~"; 1. Lynette Bradick, Man- 5. Raymond Mizner, t 3. Patty Nebel, Esbon. [Magnusson land, northeast I of the Mankato Commercial 'packing plant. [ ~it was ,q~o~,q,~,~,1, [~,~ ~,~,~ ~ .~.~ u.~ kato. [Esbon. [ 4. Claudette Ault,Man-[of Mankato. The term of IDeve~opment Association,] ~one votin- "lace aft"r con I ma- be corn "1 "':' 2 Susan Harder, Man-[ 6 Janice Cockroft, Burrlkato. ] --' isideration ff th' fol' win "[' 6Y4 " .w,yu ,7, ' e m g- : uo levy m Manza kato. [Oak. ] 5 DeAnna Ost, Burr Oak [ [ In order t " ] ' n IV i o avolQ conlu- I ZO ZU wilflOUt OOn(l~ 3 Lisa Nelson Montrose. 7. Diane Grout, Mankato. 6. Diane Park, Mankato. ] MANKATO: A Town te s' e this was I can find JELINOR ANDERSON Isin- ~o ~ h I, ~'~ ,~,~. ~ ~;. ~, 4 Susan Jefferv,Burr[ 8. Dorothea Weltmer, I7. Marcm Vobord, Esbon. ] In Profde t no record. When the work-IPRESENTS PUBLIC ~woe r t, r~ ~ ~ ~ Oak ] Mankato. ] 8. Teresa Fenner, Jewell. nBy Fmlay Munro, Oty Clerk ]men sa dblasted the reside [ MEETING ON CREDIT [ In ,~a,r * ~,~ ,~, ~, I n ,~.~ ~A :~ " l ofhe t w. n 5 Catherine Sheahan, I 9 Steve Butts, Jewell.I 9. Robert Crumrlne, Jew-[,t ower a number of I, ~[ more t'hun one emctLon lanai ~u,~o nigh or a tC Randall ] 10. Steve Shute, Esbon.lell. ] In view of the presentlrings were found to nave[ Jewen county nomemaK-[ h,~.n ,~,~ n~n r,~,u I,~A~-r . ~a~ :~,~.~ 6 iVlark Ross, Valley Sixth Grade: ] 10. Audra Ost, Burr Oak. ]public interest m water and rusted at their connectionsIers are invfted to attend a] ~'~inorcier ~o":r~vent sub 1~.~9" lai~l~"sc'h~ ~2~ l ! 10"Gar~ Hou~,hton Ran-[ 7-" '1 .- ]. In neither the minutes ofI -,~. Y ] ::" ilchosen from throughout theS]Formoso, with a ta/~k dall" ~ ~ -. (. UlXm vettlt, tmrr[ eye ~ale, lvianK~tuOrrlthe counci~ meetings, nor inlPo~ w'~l ~m~t;ye i~ tne[~;~ i~!district with the following [ 9.69 plus 6.22 hi~ Fourth Grade oaK e- . ] ;. r nc Aspegren, t ]the early ordinances, can ] bec m a [ members named to the elec-[ equalization, or d tOt i t onnl taanco. Lsoon L UaK I we fina any recoros or wa - " --: 1 Becky Peteete Mont- - ," ' " "-"-k ' : . - - ~ ~'-*al for ,-aintin- ann ~o I l: ~ " :, [ tlon ooara: u. w. t~erneKmg, I ID I:II pLUS / 6 in DOilal o,I v ,Jayle t~lalr DUll ua . I o. ~aruaia omnt, oewe Iter improvements t many i v'-'~ 1-' ~ u x~- I I 2~ ~ ! I:,-,r,-n,~,~ lcio~t l'~;~.-~,-,nrl I ; ~ ,~+.~, 1; 1 10 Jo ce Love Mankato. [ 9. Jay Anderson Esbon. "early records were either[Pairs were $4,000.00 A'~t~ ":i'I.ovewe'l/; Bo/3~ DeanS"~rest'~ev;o~'i ~0"/;~ "~ ~] ro e DeeAnn Jacobs, Man-[Seventh rade I 10. Marcia McMillan,[lost or destro,ed' but,bleeder is installed on,L [ I ~ ; ~ " ~ ~ kato. [ 1. Donna Clegg Mankato. dall. [checking with the bond re: $500.00 contract renewable[ tn gr ttrnseI em n t]6P 2s2eSnonU' a gl Ore ,' 3 Susan James, Jewell ] 2 PatriciaCady, Man-I [gister we find the first wa every three years, with any[ r " "" - " I.' " " - . I ar y bwope, ivlanKato i total or 1/ Sa tot . |terv ork, s bond issue was [new:p s aevempmg t 2eI ~:~!i~ [ The building is to be con-1$1000.00 of asses~ , Septemoer 1, 1899 for ~-epmteu un u~ ~su~.upa~y~,:;l'structed and equipped at a tion. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dredmg [SUMMER SCHOOL I NOTICE [g20,000 00 at 5% interest [expense. The tower IS of re-[ ~ I t r~ QKn ~ on Thie in [ It ran, ~l~n I~a ~'~h~ Are Moving to Seward, Neb. [ ] [The second boncl issue was markably good steel Its [ 17 .: I ill be' A r--r---n f the" r^-lacementvalue I terms or taxes on me new l mat me vamauon -- ummer scnoo~ w ep e~e tat~ve u 1 1 1907 for 15 000 prover ep y ~ ~ ~, Ju y,$ 00 [ umfied dmtnct at present unfired d stnct nt Mr and Mrs Leo Drefllnglprovlded for elementary l Social Security Admmlstra-/at an interest rate of 5 around $30,00000 When the] I and children, "Diana, Dono-istudents of Unified School ltion will next visit Mankatol y conjecture is that t eirepairs are complete, the[ [vamaot Or ,8 u nc l t oarn a;?8r8 lent ts on van and Darren moved Mon- [ District No 278 this sum- on Thursday April 21 Per- [i~ond issue was for the bot [ tower will last another 30 or ~ I e, . ;; " " I "::~' ~ ~'~ ~"Y ue~:.~: da to Seward, Nebr He mer I sonsdesiringinformation" n he -' 40 years i I for eacn ooo.oo or assess-[I auon on next r Y J~ tom 14 sectio s of t pre- ~: ~:~:~ ed valuation than is on at has purchased an interest inI A letter will be sent to all are requestedto call atthe[sent water tower. The rea-[ IB:III:!~~[ In comparing district size[time due to ttle;~ the Seward Dry Gooas lparents in the near future lt ourmouse ^between :OO[son for this belief was an eurmr [ :-- --- -- --- : [and cost relationship in the I of several ne' and will be the manager tor/ iving further details and la m ano uo noon. [ordinance re ardin connec I" I t o o o ",ulu UlSLIIut ~,~10 to at ~vzan- ter January ls~.~ti~ . TOURS, FOR KSU Mrs Ellnor Anderson, Ex- thxs busmess. The Sewardlenrollment procedures. [ Some Health Insurance]tlons to cztv mares m 18991 . ]l tn andl h n o*i , Dry Goods Co. is a large/ In general, the major ob-[cards have not been issued I in which the mention of city]nOSPrrALrr DAY [tension ome Lwanagement averaee--cost-is I i'n'd el ted'ne s "w' l'l de a ment store which 1 ~pectaHst, t~ansas State wn- . ~" . ,p. rt . . Ilectlve of the school will be[yet. If you have s4gned uP[cmterns for storage was ,m[ 10.11 mills, or $10.11 forleratmg taxes. teatures nine ae artments " ' r - -, -, P - "I the mprovement of reading I for Medicare but h ve n,t e I corporated r,- [ each $1000.00 of assessed [ .Under the umfi .no flKIt~, a .mgnly SUCCESS- I I +~.^ ,~.oh;~ ~.ach I eeived your card, Rtsn t tle-I ~ A : ~,~on i~a.o.o o,ot= "~ vv, o,ty '~J,-'fm~u.~o '~m~ ~ -# - I ~ - ~. [ ,-,~m~,o.;.~. ~ho I ;; ~ ~ ~;.~ ul a been m the o - . lege of Home Economtcs ~s ancml management. The . one, h s ~ lines, which have not yet ar-[ .cessary to. contact your s.~c [ terwork bond msue for I~ ~li~i~, ~,~ ,~ l~nm,~ [moo~,~,znl~in~ M~r, [ Formoso grade school, whmh [ occur in future ~anms Iamuy Ior many . her sub'ects will mi security omce at tnls r "th ~' ~")" ~ [ nved. Ot J [ [$13,000.00 was offe ed w~ / is~o *~'oi- ,-,r,~ ~ [ w m ;~ ,-. [ had a recent braiding pro- I or more umfiet~t d y, ears ]also be taught wtih empha-!time. Yo.u snoula,recmve ]no takers so the issue was ]an t"te acl ers [ Ioame Econ om'ics' A-ent'" ] gram, the tax levy average [ifying, the The Dreil[ngs fiave sold[sis on the subjects in whichlY.our cara emreJmy wnenlcant:elled. In 1919 previous/ / |is about 7.57 mills or $7.57 Iness of e ch diS1 an interest in the local store the student has low achieve- the provisions go h to etrect, to ' this" issue the water I lne aturaay Aprn in, |~u~,;t~ne,puut~,c~auufw nun ~ i xpeUten /,mnn nn n I oy*'" to Mrs. Kay Reager, who[ment. Also, piano lessons . [ onds of 1899 had to be re-[event emphasizes career op-[O meJe ,en ^ryE -| ation [district WI II man .~, a~e Dreilin~'s.~ Devt. |wi!! h~ o~Ven~" to those who]~ Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lange ] funded at tw'zc e their ori~-/P rtuniues. ana. mtroauces ].~tua. aerwce nuu~e euunum- [. " 1 " ,:* St re in Mankato Prior tO[have little or no other op- and Russell were Easterlinal value [high school girls to. KSU.]ms program for the year. [ , buying an interest', she was portumty' to take them. Sunday dinner guests, of Mr. On Mar'ch 1 1926 an issue I However, many of the ex- / "Consider credit as a tool } Mankato Tr ob I u, ,rw,: employed at Dreilings. [ The school will be held in[ Y [of bonds for $25,000.00 at[ . . -[ [Team Competes [more good meets ' and Mrs Jerr David The h b ts and programs are taft m money management and -% - ^:- on-qtioned sectionldinner was in hdoor of Mrs. I; z,r for I ored to the intcrests or/use it wisely, is the overall/ Mankato in June, 1962 andlof the Mankato Elementary[Langes bwthday. [;xtensions and improve-!advlts. . [management of the fam, fly/ The Mankato High School] -~- , started the local store. They| Building with bus service toI / I . . r ~ . I ments of the water system. I A fashion show Ln Ah,earn/ mances. comments,matI Track team competed in a lMankato have provided a fine depart- and from Lovewell, Formosol ana Lv rs;,elmarI On January 1, 1930 an issue I Fieldhous.e . by the tas.nmn/attne presem ;m,e a, t2t t I quad, :angular meet at St. ! Track M* ment store for Mankato andland Montrose school houses.]uoyms an(] mmny .na~ su.P-[of $33,000.00 for improve-[merchandmmg class ts a/f-,v/o ,~ u,~. ~,~ ~ ,~1 John s H. S. in Beloit on{ --- -~ mmer school will start per ~unaay evening wire l water s stem hi hll ht of the morning home pay IS useu to make have done well financially, lSu " I ]ments "n the Y I "g "g " 1 April 6. All members of the] The remaining: ne 6 and end Jul t5 It Leta t.am lv r ana v rsn ol 43/4 ro ram This ear s theme mstaLtment payments ana The Dreilings like Man- ] Ju Y ",I : was s d at % ] P ,g " Y,[ I team made an excellent I the Mankato [ l start at a roxlmatez ]frank Wltcaer (twyLas[ h n is Fash onmMotlon From payomeraeots kato and are pleased with wi 1 PP " Y lo In 1929 t e sta dp'p showing. Mankato took first Track Scheduh~ the[ I U l here. Seward 850 The students will go tomother), of. Drake, Co "' hei ht was increased bv 161costumes to stageHow to determine nlace with la3 5-6 noints'! low, n their b s hess : " were mso there The are g Is w of 4200 and Leo the local swimming pool at . Y feet in order to maintain]tions, modeling and writing] amount of credit a family] St Johns was second with lWednesda, A~I fel :ge 2pportunity was too approximately 11:00 a.m spending two weeks in J.eW-lbetter pressure in the mains, lthe script, the show is a/can safely use is another/ 54 and 5-6 points; CawkerI Beloit itei'aP, hmh art of the summer ell county WSlung reLatzves, If r ne roof student roductlon part of Mrs Anaerson s talk good to turn down. [w " " P [ IA se suppo t'ng co ,[ P ' -/City was third with |April 29. h swimmin will ana wm atso spen~ some She oints out that the :Local people wish the[ program. T e . . g I [for the tank, was added by[Boyd and Moore Halls] P, . [points, and Glen Elder was [ Lebanon Dreilin ,s continued success[end at 11:40 m no pes tnat[ v Layne-Western. [plan openhouse from 1:00/amount neeaea, on ttae aver-[last with 33 points. [Friday, May 6. and wdl be glad to see them [ all students may arrive nome[ g y t-, "I About this time Layne- ] to 3:00 p.m. to give the vi,s-[ age, tor necessmes or .m-/ The winning places for [ League Track when they come back to[no later than lz:6o. ,[ nd[Western sank several wells[itors a view of the womens stm ment payments are a -[the Mankato team are as[loit, Wednesda Mankato to visit friends and [ The program is prov,mepI ",in the White Rock Valley &,residence halls at KSU. The reaay comm ttea. / follows: I and evening, Me ests b ubhc law 89 10 TlUe 1 cmmren ot uennmgton ana , check on business inte" .I Y P " - ' .I ,linstalled miles of 8 Itour will include the recent-I Using the example of a/ High Hurdles: Mike Grout,[ Regional Mr~ l~*~oer is fam' "," [ . .[ o'oe m t e W " ] Iv opened Derby Food Cent- ~ room-size rug, the Extension[ 1st; Duane Rhea, 4th. 17.7.1 Friday-Saturday u the summer boys were droner guests at -- " z wi'tla'ti e operation of theIwin cond ct [2 ]Rock area to Mankato. Wa-/ er, acafeteria for West and]specialist shows the varying[ 100 yard dash: Ralph O -[ State Track store and will continue tolschooL: inistrat r[ "[ ter was furnished by Layne-[ Moore halls with a study] cost of credit, in annua![ man 3; John Waldron 4; &] Saturday, May operate a business of which Bill Con e ?am [ Y" [Western to the city. On]and recreation area. I rates and cost in doilars, o]1 Russell Lange 5. [ the town can be proud. [ Pau! R .e . [ a O-le &[November 15, 1931, a bond[ Hospitality Day guests]various types of c,r dit She| Mile: Leon rtoll, 3rd. } Paul Hacka n 1" le lvl[ unu lvx d ~ 3 q I Beula ay I ; o" I issue for 60,000.00 at may pick up a packet at[urges families to shop for[ 440: John Waldron 2; Bob npeka sper t ove 1ekeJones Brenua came Irom bt LOUIS, The Mankato Chamber of i M" - I Mo f"r the aster vacatio,interest was approved for[ Ahearn Fieldhouse or Justin! credit compare the costs] Howland 4. t vacation with Commerce receiv the fol-i John r. ones I witia aer arch-- Mr and| waterworks. This issue was/ Hall. The material includes a[of possible sources of mon-/ Low hurdles: Ed Wilson, tents, Mr, andM lowing "Thank You note Cathy Wa!dron [ Mrs BudPI illsts' and " other[ used to purchase the White[ program for the day and in-[ ey. ,I I; M. Grout 2. 24.2. is. Amos Yapp April 7, 1966| Don LVllSKlmon [ . - ' /Rock system and transmis-| formation concerning home l Mrs. Anderson, ExtensionI 220 dash: R. Lange 3; J.[was an Easter Dear Sir,Genevieve Munsey I reLauves. / sion line to the city. economics at KSU. I home management specialist [ Waldron 4. [ in the Loomis i I want to thank you forIAdelaide Re.gnier ] [ On November, 1946, a[ /f you need transportation, ] since February 1963, is a] 8S0 run: J. C. Clegg 2;] the cash award that I re-| Lenora maylOCK ] v rs; t na.rLes ann eYHe lU [bond issue for $17,500.00 at}check with the Extension[KSU graduate and has a]T. Patrick5. [ Mr. and ceived at the County spen-I grana augnter, aa -| 1%% - 2% interest and was I Office. [ M.S. degree in family econ-[ High Jump: Bob HowlandI nedy and famil] Contest I merican Legion q aen ot Lawrence '/approved and sold. On / I omics. She prepares intor- [ 4. I er Sunday at 'rh~,~, you / Auxiliary Dinner [ mey and Donna runs, wn0 Se tember 1, 1953 a bond Five ear old Mark Kirk- marion on family economics Pole Vault: M. Rourke, Mr. and Mrs. Keit 'i oe: [are. attendifig Kans.a!l isSUe for $12,000.00 at4% l land l eeler assisted Dr.]and management o( money/2 ]Washington, L~ ,TherewlllberanAm:: Caa [ hn:versiitn ::csiteoan aa:r ageiwas approved. On Juf e[William Wiseman, senior[andotherresourcesl, aesl ab-tK, t'sc s: R. Ozmun, 1; M;[thelrgrandmot Those spending the week-| Legion ,Aux' " y ! . ]. P ] 1, 1956 a bond issue [ minister of First Presbyter-] lishing family goa . " [ "" s " ; M. Rourke, 3. 123 I tha Gibbs, wh~ ,ndeatwemree: !ern rOMYtreS/ ~h:rvnagi ~l~SsataYrt AaPrsl1139(~[ $2o3 O0.00r atfu4rt eWaSa ePr [ ita~nC~U[~hrsTU~ave?kl~.~l:r~[ t~nd~r~OnsWOrk:g:Vitt: ~O:me [ C. B i idnad, 6R Lange, 1,[Koch home. Donald Broyles, Linda, Stev-| a.m. ] ed skiin- 'at Crested] extensions. . 1 when ground was broken for] demonstration unit membe 1 elin: V. Tyrell, 2; M. [ Guests of en, Debra and Lori, ot an-[ . . / near Gugnnison ] From September 1, . u/Bryant Kirkland Chapel atI and other individums a.n.dt Kitts, 4. ] Howard Davi sas City, Mo Mr. and Mrs.] Mrs. jonnson, L rs.] ] to the present time, ca ya / Camp Southridge on Sun-/ groups interested in family! S. Colson, 5. [ Gary, over tN Bill Peugh, Tamera ana us-/ taaLsey t angoorn, Lwrs. I / improvements for the tAty day, March 21. Mark is the| financial management. I Shot put" Mike Rourke, 1;I end were Mr. r Re r note Smith lvtr ana Mrs. overt ounted ' an, of Dodge City, and M ;] age, Mrs. Le / J the] waterworks has am youngest son of Mr. and~ - ~ :-~. ^ JR. Dodd, 2; M Kltt s, 3i V [ David and Br and Mrs. Larry David anaI and Mr. and Mrs= Kn.ea[ vm; nen Za l eYh: 7 ;f his to $218,500.00, not counungl Mrs. Roger Wheeler, donorsd Mr. and Mrs. vn| on r