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April 13, 1967     Jewell County Record
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April 13, 1967

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i : , i I MU,INOI H. Wilson ~mmummeD bright day when kitchen door and into the world to via the way, I've re- many inquiries se Mother and the college age, ation, which ap- and me only, will doubt be wrong for Ust like your style ,right for you and 0~e, It's not every- tea. thing, and I be- important ear- people. By that kinds of people, kids. Not to just say and then give and dance about you should do with your life and eptinl this kind of making this sacra- good of mankind. ve got to get off l~erch and put your halo away in moth will never get a Wear it. truth about your- like people? The ng of mankind? re, yellow, brown, tie, fat, skinny, the clean ones, the ug- h, smart alecks, pretty? The ones against the serious, the funny, the mistreated? to be surrounded or two or three all at once for days beauty of face counts little goes has boys whose faces (possible because that partic- light up whenever or where- ular one missed me). ever they catch a glimpse of The beauty of character, her. love of humanity, the JOy Of And the greatest of these being with your charges will Is LOVE. take care of any facial or Will you bear a grudge if~ physical beauty you may or they forget their promise to may not have. clean their room, to run an Can you forget your own re- errand or do you a favor or ligton long enough to accept any kind of promise (car- at least a dozen of the other ry out coke bottles) . one of kind? For you will have all life s mysteries is how easy a races and creeds. All are hu- coke gets to a room and how man beings needing love and difficult to take back. The understanding, pile of bottles seem to grow Can you forget that you have like Jack's beanstalk. a white skin and that by hay- They only live in one world lng such are not the superior and that is the great big won- being but only by chance you~ derfui world of "ME" and are not red or black or brown what that world will do for or yellow. Me and not you. Unless you Can you go up the steps, in have love. the door, up to the desk, and Love is putting the other per- truthfully say, "Here am I, son first of all; ahead of your- my hands, my heart, my time, self, your tired feet, your jan. be told, and right- house mother has She has, but ies, thrust unwilling into a dye a garment, how to take dye .storms. Hope you, your family, and your mo.ther are all well and enjoying good health. Best wishes to all. Sincerely, Helen and Bruce Waugh 1105 Maxlne St N.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Musk Thlslle Season Is Hare The County Assessors have turned in their reports, and once again both small and large acreages of Musk Thistle have been reported. It is time to cheek your pastures, fields, and wasteland areas for Musk Thistle. You undoubtedly know the characteristic of this noxious weed, but in the event you are not familiar with it, here is a brief description: the p~ant grows 2 tO 7 feet tall, leaves all my daylight hours, all my gled nerves, the longing for a are dark green with a grayish night time rest. Use me. Use hot foot bath and clean ironed green area at the outer edge me as you will", sheets, a quiet nap. Unless you and~ery prickly. The flowers l are.~ large deep reddish pur- And the greatest of these can accept and do all this do [ple #and have a pleasant frag- is charity. Love. not try it. You, yourself know when If you are looking for a hue- I rar~e. The mature seed is you are among those who dis- band or someone to date you l wi~l blown in the same man- approve of you or admire you and take you out, forget it. ~ne~ as dandelion seed. approve. Well let me tell you First, you will never get to go I For the last several years, sister, if you cannot by your on that date and second, you we have been spraying this actions and the very air you will never have a chance to thistle with 2 4 D at a 1 to 2 lb. breathe convey this wordless find one among these beard- rate of acid per acre, the rate virtue. You had better stay less boys, There simply is not depending on the stage of put on the little pedestal you time. You'll be asked advice growth of the thistle. This have built yourself, about how to get a date, how treatment has been giving Young people are a lot keen- to keep one, what to wear, good control especially in ar er than you are and they know what kind of flowers he should eas where all landowners who almost before you do whether buy her, what to say to ap- have an infestation are part i- you love them or not. prove of the new ring (uhich cipating in a spraying pro- You have kept house, you lucky, you will be gram. We have found that have run a home, reared see), sew up hems, where you use no less than 12 youngsters of your own or of ants, cut off sleeves, to 15 gal. of water per acre someone else. You made it. insignias, takb the and 1 to 2 Ibs. 2 4 D acid, Not by yourself but by the ~. of white and best better results have been ob: Grace of God you made it. gold coAured shirts washed tained. It is most important to OK. Here they are. Young ad- with a grey green sweatshirt get a good coverage of the ults, teen-agen, early twent- and underclothes. How to spray droplets on each plant. Make sure you spray BEFORE their way. or else too call a halt to hab- 4)ms that do not approval of good times, of common ,long in one place ~~di'cl that you 8ODd Christian wo- acceptabie, good, even with world they had no hand in the out of a garment washed in a the flowering stalk begins to intentions. There making, no hand in even be- machine someone had used lengthen. Spraying for this ',falls. tng there. Bewildered, afraid, blue dye in, how to wash a thistle usually begins around ~ily resent is the worried, brazen, troubled and red corduroy bed spread. To April 15 and continues through Some Fraternities Just plain scared. And at times cut hair, prescribe and soothe May 10. dormitories. It heartily disgusted. . and care for headaches, back- DON'T get the mistaken idea choose those lad- You are the rock, no matter aches, foot aches, broken ank-that one spraying is the an- ve no home, no whether they admit it or you lee, wrists, arms, legs, hunt l Swer to your problem and will and will hang on lare perhaps unaware. You are up crutches, cough syrup, eradicate your land of this a roof over their to 'them what your mothers mend the typewriter, broken thistle. It will help, if properly food, the pittance iskirt tails were to you, safety, hearts, cramps, infected arms, applied, but ALL the seed in the little prestige You made the Journey from measles, and spring fever. "AI- the soil will not sprout the childhood to old age (extrem- so falling in love, one of the ely old age, anyone over 25 most common, it is catching. |s oldl) To them you are an- Fry chicken at midnight for ctent and I mean ancient!hungry girls, hot soup for home The book of rules handed sick girls, candy in the after- to them, they had no voice in noons, cookies in the wee the making; but you, you made hours. Meet anxious parents. it. Perhaps they can too. Do proud parents, comfort, scold you understand what I am and love all sundry. Bake doz- trying to say? OK, you have ens of cookies for the boys. made the grade so far. .Mop the halls at midnight educated, tray- Now they would be happy where the water pipes sprung 1, in good health, to be proud of your appear- a leak and you were late go- as well as a ance but if you truly love them ing on your rounds. Ward off cranks, scold a girl. that isn't too important. They ask a boy to leave or a girl would rather be comfortable around you, feel safe and lee- to put on a skirt. Throw the ed. warm arm of protection and I know of a hoqse 'mother love about them and worry who is 01 years old and wants when they are out late and to quit to travel. The kids pray they return in as good won't let her. They love her of condition as they left. and tell her to travel in the After hours of grueling, wor-i summer. Another, who is fat risome tasks; in return you and I mean fat, can scarcely will receive, red roses for Val- walk and they dote on her. entine Day, (if you are one Another who, wherever, she of the favored), the light that shines in their faces when you pass by, the lads who carry all good qualities, that apart and lov- socially accep- woman with good you will make are good to have. all. ~eet the parents of your charges some social from where I sit your bundles, ask you to in- spect their "new?" car, their tie. Bring you their troubles and books and sit at your desk while they study or just talk. Be called a "little swinger" (I thought it a dirty word) but it seems it means "cool" or a bit "allright". Go to lunch and have the boys flock around at your table and be RECENT PURCHASE OF THE told that you are a fine lady and the most popular girl on the campus. Some days our little boat al- most capsizes, but.with all of us pulling together and by the Grace of our Lord so far we reach the shore each night- fall. I am one of the more for- tunate ones. I have the full cooperation, help, and ap- proval of the entire faculty, staff and administration, with- out which a lone house mother is floundering and lost. I bask in the love and pranks of my brood of 88 girls and l many boys for the boys' dora. I purr loudly as happily as a kitten on a soft cushion by the fire. I love being a housemoth- er. Bye now. same year, A spraying pro- gram of several years will be needed to maintain control. If you suspect you might have an infestation of this thistle on your land, check it out for sure, and if you do, start a treatment program this season. For a few scattered plants, cutting or hand grub- bing 4 inches deep will probab- ly take care of the matter. Musk Thistle is a serious Dear Bus and family, Enclosed is our check for the subscription to the Record. It looks as though Mankato is making a lot of progress and we are glad it is. It is very dry out here, al- ways is, but worse th/s year machine can as we did not get any snow and clamshell. It will make it th/s past winter. The winds are kicking up a lot of sand Neilson Bros. to do all types of ternc- and dust now and it probably soil conservation work in an ef- will be bad all summer. fast manner. This machine will prove Helen and I are enjoying of raising and flying to the farmers of Jewell County. pigeons. Our club start next Sunday, April and we'll be flying from Rosa, Tucumcafl, Am- ~: and Oklahoma City, the Saline, Kansas m/le race. We plan to have Sales Representative tn each race. Just hope KaallBS' on the weather with no dust threat to our fields, and pas- turos in Jewell County, and we all know that these grasslands must be protected from des- truction. Chemical for treatment of Musk Thistle is available at half cost at the Noxious Weed Office. Come in and get your chemical early and be ready to spray when the thistle is re~dy to be sprayed. If you desire aerial applica, tion on your' rough land which would be difficult to spray with ground equipment, this service is available again this year. --Don Modlin, Weed Supervisor, Jewell County. The editor received a nice letter from Albert Wiley, who is the State Farm agent at MANKATO LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO. REPORT We had the pens full again Friday with plenty of buyers on the seats. The market was a little lower on some cattle and sure steady to strong ~n others. We sold some Whiteface Steers weighing a little under 400 ]bs. for $29.60; a set of Whiteface Steers weighing 347 lbs. fo" $:~0 ~,0. 6 Whiteface Steers weighing 365 lbs. sold for $29.90. A set of Whitefeco Steers weighing 504 lbs. sold for $:76,95. 40 Whiteface Steer.~ weighing 600 lbs. sold for $26.20 and 10 Whiteface Steers weigh- ing 703 lbs. sold for $24.95. A set of Whiteface Steers weigh- ing 475 lbs. sold for $27.50. 24 Whiteface Steers weighing 730 lbs. sold for $23:80. 13 Black Steers v,,eighin~ 710 lbs. sold Shawnee, Oklahoma. Mr. and for $24.00. 34 Whiteface Steers Mrs. Marvin Walker had stay- weighing 825 lb~. sold for $23.70 ed all night with the Wileys and 12 Whiteface Heifers at !he day before. Albert writes, 400 lbs. sold for $24.35. A set 'we certainly enjoyed them. of Whiteface Heifers weighing Tell Bob and Dick hello for a little over 300 lbs. sold for me." Shawnee, Oklahoma is $25.10. 20 Whiteface Heifers the home of Oklahoma Bap- weighing 500 lbs. sold for tint. The basketball team from $23.95. 32 Whiteface Heifers this school placed second in carrying quite a little flesh the recent NAIA tournament at weighing 800 lbs. sold for Kansas City. The star of !he $21.05. 24 Black Heifers weigh- team was A1 Tucker, a 6 8" [ing a little under 800 lbs. car- star, who broke all the tourna- tying some flesh sold for meat records. Albert sent a $21.10. Cows sold mostly from picture of the fabulous Tucker $15.00 to $16.50. making a shot in the semi- Lai~ger consignors were Gale finals at Kansas City, a game Tegley, O. Ghol~on. I. Brum- in which he made 47 points, mcr, Elton' Gillett, Gene Port- Tucker is a star that everyone er, Elwin Jordan. Dale Mnhaf- will be watching play pro fy, Max,Burger, Francis Baxa. basketball on TV in future Leo Mi:.ncr. C. V. Hartman. years. Albert knows the editor U. Bean, Dale Crispin, Harold likes athletics and the column Knarr, Theron Wilson. Reed concerning Tucker was read & Swcnson, Raymond O'Hara, with interest. NOTICE -...-,_ A representative of the Social Security Administration will next visit Mankato, Kansas on Thursday, April 13, 1967. Per- sons desiring information are requested to call at the Court- house between 6:00 and 12:00. IMPORTANT NOTICE to those age 72 or under in 1966. If you worked for more than $1500 in 1966 and received any benefit check for that year - you must file an "Annual Report of Earnings" by April 15, 1967. All earnings from employment and self-employment for the entire year must be counted. Your Federal Income Tax Re- turn does not take the place of the "Annual Report" which must be filed with the Social Security Administration. Albert Bulke. Frat~cis Albcrts. Gerald Thompson. Ernest Mile- esel. Gerald Dc, ti:pscy. C. B. Stcnsa~l s. If 3~ h~,'e cattle to soil, get in touch with us. We have like the fresh country cattle that w{,~ ,~(,11. See ,,r)u i~1 the auction Friday. We will start at 12 o'clock, VAIL McCLINTOCK Sire p.,,on, Kans. BOB ISAAC Mankato, Kans. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Black- wood of Formoso were busi- ness visitors in Mankato Mon- day. Mrs. Blackwood stopped at the Record office ajad re- newed their paper for the com- ing year. Their son, Richard, recently moved to Denver where he has a fine position with a large bond firm, C. E. Gilliland has worked with Southwestern Bell for 40 years He's seen a lot of improvements in telephone service "Improvements mean better service tor telephone users," says Mr. Gilliland, wire chief at Parsons. "For example, years ago a rainstorm would knock out 10 to 15 per cent of the telephones in town. Now, weatherproof cable keeps them working in all kinds of weather. "And how about Long Distance service? Calls go through quicker. No problem in hearing or being heard, and it costs less than it did 40 years ago. "Then there are all the new developments in the business--Picturcphonc, Telstar, microwave relay, Data-Phone service. Who knows what new services will come along in the next 40 years?" Whatever comes along will come because cf people like Mr. Gilliland. He and the more than 5,800 other Southwestern Bell people in Kansas have one thing in common. They're working to make your telephone service better than ever. Southwestern Bell Rte. No. 3, Box 150 Namp, Idaho. JEWELL COUNTY RECD., Thursday, April 13, 1967 Page 7 - ~ctlon | ..... 2.... J _L_L I FIRST PICK YOUR DEALER THEN PICK YOUR USED CAR OUR PINANCE PLAN IS TAILORED TO l gEr Ob3t FARM INCOME BY THE MONTIi BY THK YRAIt 1Nl BUICK WILDCAT 4- low mllease. Power, factory DOOR. Factory air, power air, etc. Near new th'aa. I~rl~- steering. One local owner. On- ed right. ly l|J miles. Like new. 1965 MERCEDES BENL 1916 BUICK LoSABRE 4- 1900 4-DOOR SEDAN. Fac- DOOR. Factory air, power tory air, power steering( pow- steering, 17,000 miles. Perfect er brakes. One owner, low beautiful car. mileage. See this one. 1966 BUICK WILDCAT. One 1965 CORVAIR SPIDER S. owner, power, sir. Only 8,000 DOOR HARDTOP. 4 on fleor~ miles. See this otdstandinglhuckat seats. See this for buy. Only 8 months old. 'good buy. 1966 CHEVROLET BELAIR I 1964 PONTIAC WAGON. Ono 4-DOOR SEDAN. V4, automa- local owner. Automatlle, Jc, radle~ tic, power steering, nice. Prlc- nice. ........... m,,,,,., ed at a bla ~vlna I 1,/o,i r"uI11/lAb IGImr'RLII 1915 BUICK Wli.DCAT 4- DOOR SEDAN. V-l, automatic. DOOR HARDTOP. Custom Only 35,000 miles. A sharp rod. trim, power steering, powar New tires. brakes, factory sir, sharp. 1961 BUICK ELECTRA 4- 1965 BUICK WILDCAT 4- DOOR HARDTOP. A good old- DOOR SEDAN. Low mileage, er car. power steering, faetoryair, 1960 PONTIAC 4.DOOR Sw- new tires. DAN. Priced for quick mhk 19&q PONTIAC TEMPEST 4- 1960 DODGE WAGON. A DOOR. 6-cylinder, standard good buy. transmlsslan. An economy 1959 PONTIAC WAGON. King. AT 4 Clean. 1965 BUICK WILDC 1957 PONTIAC 4-DOOR el- DOOR SEDAN. One owner DAN. A good clean car. C- TRUCKS AND PICKUPS 1964 GMC ~/~ TON PICKUP. I 1959 OMC ~ TON LW| V-i, automatic trtnsmisslon, i ?ICKUP. 4-Speed. Nice. power steering. I 1959 CHEVROLET ~ TON 1964 FORD 1 TON TRUCK. I PICKUP. Steel bed, stock racks. Dual] 1956 GMC ~,~ TON..V4, 4- fires. One owner, low mileage. J speed. OUR REI ATION IS YOUR 'BEST GUARANTI WE HAVE THE GMAC TIME PURCHASE PLAN AND MOTORS INSURANCE FOR YOUR CONVENIENC~ AND IS TAILORED TO MEET YOUR FARM INCOML BY THE MONTH -- BY THE YEAR. ., inc. HANBEN - JOHN KINDSCHER - HERMAN KCI( GENE KIMERER - GARY SPEAR - SALESMAN BEL(NT, KANSAS Phone PE 8-Ull I I I ;1 ,It