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April 11, 1985     Jewell County Record
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April 11, 1985

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PATE CARD i$60.00 PER HUNDRED PAID FOR SALE: 1979 Chevral~ Ira- for process~ n~ at home! pals 4 donr Sedan. Power and Advertishzg: tkm, send; seff low mileage. 378-3(;69. per column inch. ed, stamped' envelope. and volume dis-c tes, Box 00, Roselle, New .... rates available request. Advertising: word each insertion. minimum charge. Display: $2.10 inch. charge for billing for ~FOR SALE: Ala~a, ~ aml Waunete Weir Mrs. Vera Reed was hos- Jersey 07203. 36If FOR SALE: .Ridl,g hwn mow- er, 8 h.p. 647-5421 a~er 4:03. tess to a family Easter dinner. IFOR SALE: ~ Seed. 45ti Guests were: Miss Ruth Lo- Ommmrci~ily cNyaned, sack- gun Mankato; Mr. and Mrs. ed. ~ gern~. 85c lb. ~ NOW for Summer House Jack Higbee and family; Mrs. CJm'e Schuster, Y perlor, 913- Pah Ifmg Deck Btti and' ~9 and 9~S75-3g~. 432 other l~ojects. Larry Moore, Anita Switzer; Mr. Chas. Ix)- ,,,. 8-35(}6. 4~t4~ gan; and Mr. Chas. Gordanier and Brian. Thursday, Apr. 11, 1985 Page 3-Section 2 Engle, were v'isitors the past week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mohler. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Drake, Oklahoma City, were Thurs- . day and Friday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Isaacson, then went on the Minden, Nebr., to visit other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pat- rick and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Isaacson spent Sunday even- ing at the home of Mrs. Hilder Nolan of Courtland. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Drake, JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Virgil Hinchsliff (1935); Don- ald Bradrick (1939); Ethel Kingsley Cortner (1918); Frank Kingsley (1919); Vera Pantier Riley (1926); Bethel Frye Cockran (1926). Thank you, Betty Howland, Ch. FORMOSO LIBRARY A PRIDE meeting was at the library in the evening ofll March 27. I Glenda Thayer, Superior Chamber of Commerce man- A booklet on ordering Farm ager, and Dale Chriatoffer, chamber president, present Mr. Superior, Nebr., and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Isaacson, Formo- History Books is available, and Mrs Dick McCutcheon a plaque containing their first ads. so, and Mr. and Mrs. RayThey show caterpillar, John dollar of clear profit The McCutcheons reopened the .~a~de hay. L~-ge bales. 8 FOR RF_4NT: 80 acres ofpe~ Mr. and Mrs. Dean Feni-Drake, Oklahoma City, had Deere and classics of tractor western and leather goods store here Monday under the Thanks Imiles north, 2 east, rock road. we. Water, located' on High- more, Superior, Nebr. and Mr. supper Friday evening at the history, banner of D & D Western Store --Express Photo R. C Wilde, 402.879-3366 41tt way, Telepha~ 37~J669. 45t2" and Mrs. Jim Fenimore, Tay- Buffalo Roam Steakhouse inWe received new booklets GARDEN TILLER & POWER Y~OR SALE: 9 Cattle P~elS.ler and Ross, Kearney, Nebr. Mankatoand later returned to on nuclear power and radia- tion 'RAKE FOR PJ~rr. Coe~L to ~ Fi'igidlaLre Freezer were Saturday supper guests the Isaacson home for a visit, leather shop Per line COast, Mank~. 378-3(}68. ~1/[ ~. 45(1"of Mrs. Veda Dunstan. Mr. Max Blanding was a I~5.ME?ICARE ' Transactions completed this iyears by ME.and Mrs. Garry "-" .... Mrs. R.C. Stafford, Formo- guest Friday and Saturday of urrL~.M~l week assured the re-opening Scheele of Red Cloud. s tax collected on 'eEducation - Key to Preven- FOR SALE: A 1973 ]~)~lb so and Mrs. Morris Oravekhis mother, Mrs. Cleo Blan- !pti.on~.. in Kansa~.:The : Lion. FREE i~i~[ms and pro- Camper, 11 ft., serf c(~'~tain, of Scandia, spent the Easter ding. Fletcher Bell, State Insur- of a leather repair and wes- In recent weeks the Mc- ance Commissoiner, announ- tern store in downtown Sup- Cutcheons have been meeting mcmmng tax): ~11.44 grams Jewell Co Drug/ ed, rike new. 1971 ~ Pickup, weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Laverne ced today that a 1985 Medi-erior - with suppliers and placing adingCr in. counties;Jewcll, and$13.the52 378-3646Alcshnt ....... .Aflvi~'wv37_3_16.'8.-2" " ',,rn,~_veowl....~:, ~Oust(~lrans.,Can3x~53,000Specia'l'miles. caMV'8' S/SAt. and Mrs. Lee Moravek Stansbury, Formoso and Mr. care Supplement Insurance Richard and Diane Mc- orders to restock the ator~. ere m ~,ansas. , ~ 913-374-4586. 45tland son Albert of Colorado and Mrs. Milford Johnson, Shower's Guide is now avail Cutchenn have purchased the they plan to stock an extensive .......................... Springs, Cole ...... a,~ - "'" :Stock;'SE~MLESS GUTTERING - ~ Courtland, were Easter din- able from h~s (~fhce. . M.~_," W~dq~er in . . bulldmg, fixtures and equip- hne of western wear boots and r ,u ~ .~.,~;~ ~,m Mid.1 many colors, no pamtmg. PORCH SALE: Se0Jrd~y, AprilMr. and Mrs. Bud McGeary ner guests of Mr. and Mrs,~he ~ui~l~ ,.( ....... ~h~ meet formerly assocmted with tack. Mr. Scheele has agreed to , ~.~.~uuuu~ .,~= .~at ~LContractors inquiries wel- lJ3, 8:00 a,m. ~ 12:00 Noon. and Sonya, Mrs. Steve McBee, Henry Piper and sons of : ,,. - ........ r-.~ --~? Garry's Western Store and Boot train them in the operation of pmce an(; coverage o~ mere 53ffJcome. WIESNER BROTH- 208 S. Ceger. ClOthes and misc. Michael, Jason and Eric, Mrs. Wamego, Kans. " " ! ~ . " Repair. That business wasthe repair department. ,tERS, Concordia,Kansas.' 4r l* care supplement msurance ~J243-3714 49cow Carla Kearns and Matthew ofMr, and Mrs. Mark Hurd ' *' ' " previously operated for many lai ~O~ERIOR [XI'R~$$ policies offered by licensed RENT OR SALE: Walk- " Clear Water, Kans. and Mis and Brandon of Salina were companies selling approved I , crutches, wheelchairs' ............ ...... i "'-: .~n~v~a~ ~ uw.~o l.V,S, I'1i~s~-3-7~'~ ........ ~l Delia Joerg of Beloit were Easter guests Of his parents coverage in Kansas as of :~',= I ~*....' attanKato~....~Froress~_~onm ,.,~a" and, 25", ,,.~-~,~"~;~ ,~,"a ,,~,~.~ Easter dinner guests of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Don Hurd. March 1, 1985. The guide also ~~l ,,.y. ,-i .......... DoWs ~C Service. 44~ Vernie Emigh. FORMOSO outlines the basic benefits and I ~, . , MUST SF_LL: New HeatiI~tor Mrs. Opal Watson attended WELCOMES VISITOR the major gaps of Medicare~~t~~l .... ,,,~,~r WANTED: TO put hay up o~ ~Mark 123 Fireplace plus glass the Marty-Ototte wedding in A furry little creature came and includes a section on I : m-~r.~ ,,r~,,~,-~'- ,~.,~ ~.,~a ~,~,~,~,,~ a,,,~ doors. Never used - bergson. Belleville Friday evening, and hopping into Formoso Satur- coverage offered to members I .~,u~:aa:~.,,:~ ~,,~,~t~'m~ ..... leo,~ de~bl'~l~-~,-~=,;. Ker~ Voberil, -~,-.,w-'~"~ Esb0~, 725-3715. 45tlwas an overnight guest ofday and on he hopped right of the American Association of ~~- ~'~"~'~' ~'~"' "4~ 725-6682..__.__.~44t2" STRAYED: 2 black calves, one Mrs. Marie hisman. Mr. How- down to the city park. There Retired Persons (hARP). ~~)t.~K ~ : _- -~;FOR SALE: Hot(Re w/2 bed- steer, one heifer, weighing ard Ross "also attended the he began scattering sacks all "The informatio, n in the '~~qJ~t~[ ~ 1 TO $800 A WEEK, ,rooms, 1 bath, remodeled kit- 400 to 500 ]bs., nvtch ~ righ~ wedding, over than park. Guess what? guide is !()r 1985/ Bell era- ~~i ~I~1 ~~l ~:b~ h(x~.e dlai~ _~_ .chert w/~ew cabinets and fully ear. Iast seer~ mile west of Mrs. Elizabeth Grimm, For- They were filled with Easter phasized. Persons using this 1Fll~ !~ ~; il~~~ trom .n n.e, carpeted ia 1983, hundry morn, Ior, ia road north of 36 Htghway. II~essa~.! 'No ~,~'~deck, garage, heated w/ woo@ Ans, one seeing these ca/yes moso and Mr. and Mrs. Bob goodiesl Hearing the news the guide must remember that the ~ ~.~ 1L ~':~ .~m~e~ e~v_e~p~_ .~:~lf~e or ~ floo ~ce. please ~ ,L. A. OotmtrFrna~, Johnson andfamilyofConcor- children of the communitymedicare supplement insur-~ ~ ~. , 9, r'.U_l~Ox 3W0, b~_~[$17,030. Ca~ ~ or Al~ie Jell- Phone 378-3460. 45~* dia, were Easter dinner came scurrying into town. The ance premiums cites may in- ~ ~: ~ guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bud park was lined off into 4 age crease whenever medmare s ~! ~"~'~'~'-'--"---~16" ~tflsea evenings ~78-30~9. 44t4 FoR SALE BY ~ BID: Hallgren of Courtland. groups and at the word go, deductibles and co-insurance ~[ ~N. TO $81)0 A WEEK A.I. RUG AND UPHOLS'I~RY ~ of ~ will accept Mr. andMrs. Dorman Staf- feet scampered off ito all amounts increase and they our proven e~veh)pe po- (:X,I!IANE~ will be in Man- item:Se~ed 1 bids. Snapperfr the30,,,folowingll h.p. ford of Vancouver, Wash. directions to find those Easter must also remember there are JIM NELSON is watching Marie Martin balance an egg. UT!*r~n h(m~h, nONo ~!-eXl:~ -enCeFree w~k~to' alsoKansas'do lmsmessApr~ 1748-19.nhzces, ~ lawn Mower. Bids m~ have spent the past week sacks. No child was disap- other companies in Kansas She is holding a menu behi~d- the egg so it will show up in the . Senti ~ emrdope vans and, motor homes. ~ be received' ~ the Maflka~visiting relatives and friends pointed, everyone got a nice writing insurance coveragepicture. lUtes's, P.O. call ESther Herffnann City Office by 5:00 P.M., There- in this area. da~, April ~15, 19~5. , 4,542 share. The sacks each con- designed to supplement medi- .~----~##l~a' .IL. f~254)791. 3487, S~iDr, fx)ra~et~t. Mr. andMrs. LarryKeeler, tained a bonus of a dime and care which are notlisted in the r)i flc,,l I:r~llr~w ~E~N'r: Ideal 9. bo~ ~ OWN YOUR OWN JEAN- and family of Tonganoxie,some even had a ticket good guide," B I[ co clu ed. . e n d -.-.-- .-..~.- -- - ---- --v --~.-,,~.~,, .tale~ for older parse. WAilVrl!~. I remember loaning Sportswem', Ladies Apparel, Kans. were guests Friday and for a session at the skating The guide is available free On returnin- from the north ...... I heat, air ~, ~ C, rqI~ h~x~rer Pump 2 C~'s, Large Size, Comhin-Saturday of his parents, Mr. rink. Town and Country, who t; " gyroscopic an(] gravltauonal of charge and may be reques ~. floor. DickS, years ago, Now I need it. P~eter alien, Western Store, Accerr and Mrs. Bradley Keeler. sponsored the event, wish to - west, Jim Nelson heard a forces in effect during thai ,,~-ou~. ~u l~ferty, Jr., MarkUP. 44t2" males, J~dache, Civic, Lee,Mr. and Mrs. Howard Field, thank the Formoso Bank, ted by contacting Fletcher commentator on the radio say time ............ Bell, Commissioner of Insur- that an egg can be balanced on After several minutes and Levi, Easy Street, Izod, EsprR, Jr., spent Easter Sunday with Clint s Service and the H & G ance, 420 S.W. 9tb, Topeka, end without any salt crystals several attempts, it was pro- ~-TO-BE register ~tI ===~ Terry, C~l~ KI~in, Sergiohis mother, Mrs. Carrie Field Grocery for the monetary Kansas 66612 (913-296-3071) '. " . .... " PO " . " or artffmml means to hold ~t van to be sable Mane to Coast, Merzka~.., al~, ORTHO LAWN AND xt,~, Ev'a~ l::~coP~', Lig C~ borne, Members O~y, (k'gal2c- at the Hilltop Nursing home in Support, also the City for or the Department's Wichita !here. ~nd, t.nat it.was poem- Martin did balance an egg (on (X) b~ giR. 5t[i GARDEN PRODUTCS a~y Grown, Heal(hies, over Beloit. their monies and skating tic .............. vie ecause ana aurmg) me the pointed end) on the coun- nrancn omce ioi~ r~ortn _ .. ~. .... '- GARDEN SEED - HOL- 1~0 $7,9(}0 to $:N,908 Mrs. Opal Watson and Mrs. kets. ~ .~ , ' .... spring and fall equinox (when ter. It stood there while this r~roa(]way, w~ch=ta, ~ans. the sun s center crosses the reporter took a picture, and ~,/~: z oe~no~m LAND BULBS kwen/m'y, tm~, fixtures, Ethel Clark attended a birth- FORMOSO ALUMNI 67214 (316-267-5279). equator and day and night are until someone walked heavily ~amtly to(el w/gas ~rarld opt, etc. ~ open day party Sunday afternoon The Formoso Alumni Ban- Other brochures are avail- everywhere of equal length), across the floor. Then it fell nev~ly_ rem0deled'b~rge yard.kit" PEATSOIL MOSS - POTTING6555.15 days. ,Me. Kaiser (612)45t~.888 Mr. Bob Blackburn in quet will be Saturday; May 25. able with respect to automo- Jewell,When hehetoldarrivedMarie baCkMartin,in over.Paul Harvey said on one of 2~f NATIVE GRASSES AND ,, Please send reservations and bile, homeowners, health (in- owner of Golden Prairie Res- his broadcasts, a day or so LAWN GRASSES Caxd of Th[mks Mr, and Mrs. Clarence information to Mary Janecluding a "special" brochure taurant, about what he had later, that there wasn't any- .... Greenburg, Mrs. Maude Isaacson, Courtland, Kans. for senior citizens), cancer, heard. $400 TO $800 A WE~K, FESCUERebel, Mustang" K-31, Felo,, I would like to thank all my Abram of Jeweli, Mrs. Mabel Letters, have been mailed to nursing home, flood and life The news commentator also work at the local restaurant. hours daffy proce..~-' Olympic. Ciemflne, thing to the theory, but it did ..~h~m~e' no expex- friends,Lives forneighbrSthe manyandcards,rela- kinsHaskins and Mr. Gene Has- each graduate but we needinsurance. All of the bro- said the balancing was made So, guess you can believe it or Neck~, ps~eu..gafl(xl" were Wednesday visitors your help with addresses for chures are available to Kansas possible because of certain not 1 err $LOEGRASS[$ . Ken. visits and flowers while I was of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Green- the foilowir~g: Gerold BElles citizens without charge. JEWELi. CO. REPUBLICAN B BOX lucky, Park, Barren IL G0~01. ~ and Majestic in the Broadstone Hospital burg of Superior. (1948): Geneva Rhodes (1932); RYEGRA,T~ES - Liem and since returning home. A Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Staf- CARING AND Perennial and Man- special thanks to Rev. and ford, Vancouver, Wash., were AA and hi- ha4tan II Mary Snyder, Rev. Pierce,Wednesday supper guests of Meetings every ONION SETS AND Rev. and Mrs, Ercil Craven, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Staf- at 8:00 P.M., St. PLANTS for their many visits and all ford at the Bell Villa restau- Catholic Church For information SEED POTATOES the special prayers. Also for rant in Belleville. all the food brought to my Mr. and Mrs. Owen Jaske - 428-3333, or GREENUP WEED & home. To my two daughters, called Friday on Mr. and Mrs. 234. 34tf FEED PRODUCTS plus Insecticides and Marjorie Lake and Ardis Tay- Dwayne Balls and Mr. and TO $600 ~Y. Garden Fertlllze~ lor for staying the days and Mrs. Richard Courtner of Sa- lt home! ! [ err nights I was at the hospital lina. ~ ~l~- Quality Products at No and for caring for me since my Mrs. Edna Hughes is a It. ffor ft~e Com1~etltlve Prlce~ sell[~ return home and other rela- patient in the St. Joseph Hos- envelape. Ca , tives who have came in to pital in Concordia. Her daugh- we= Le de., SIS Seed, Inc. help. Also, to my grandson, ter, Mrs. Miriam Marsh and Bellevllle. Kensas Brad Gillett .for coming in and daughter Sheila of Aguora, 913-5t7-$613 taking me to the hospital and . Calif., are spending Some time LOI)CJ~ MANAGER staying with me. A special with her. year , ne-~ thanks to Dr. Butler and the Mr. and Mrs. Steve Butts be qualified i~ L ~ C hospital staff for their won- and Adam, Mr. James Has- hunting derful care. All of these things kins of Jeweli, Mr. and Mrs. Llndblad. L0rN--~-r'quardt. Olady$ Johnson. resume, 2 have been deeply appreciated. Calvin Seybold, Christian and and current May God richly bless each and Shown =ire members of Courtland Art Guild, Lynda Nansen; front row, left to right, Linda 74170.BOx 70(K97, 4315 everyone of you. MabelJillian Of HaskinsRepubliCwereandEasterMrs. INIok row, left to right, Marian Walker, B etty Strned, Mexine Kissinger. Frances Gritten, Ozella Smithdinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Engwell, Gloria Nondorf, Gledye Smles, IvaEthel Nelson, end Jessie Anderson. HAY WANTED: Northbranch0 Kans.Gene Haskins. l c s., Believille, Ks. * Commercial Buildings We wish---to thank everyone Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Mohler evenings. 39.t18 and Bins Agriculture Buildings for all the cards, letters and Mrs. Madaline Huber, Mr. ~heCourthmdArtGulldconslstsofHansen, and Esther Jotmsun. pastyear. and Bins gifts sent to us for our 50th and Mrs. Jerry Massey and special group of women who gether Former members of the Guild One member, Marian Walker is 2 bedroom home. Elevator Legs wedding anniversary. It made sons, Formoso; Miss Judy on the first Monday of each month to include: Alma Oisen, LUUan Moser, owner and operator of the Guds S~eet. Available Mar~ Drying Systems , our day very special seeing so Huber of Concordia and little exchange Ideas, critique each others . Grace RueseU, Kalhleen German, AtelJe, a combination art gallery and 913-33~-2923 ~. All types Concrete many of our dear friends and Bret Engle of Salina were work, and plan events with an aim to Donna Man', Lindel Berry, Janet art supply shop at Scandia. She holds Work relatives, guests Sunday of Mrs. Ken- create further interest in art in the Cunningham, Maudle Sothers, classes in various art forms for area Turn Key or Drop Ship Floyd and Nita Dunstan neth Huber for ice cream and c, ommuldty and surrounding areas. Dorothy Johnson, Violet Morchend, youth and adults. Walker also CALL US TODAY: cake. The Guild is beginn/ng its 27th year Julia Bland, Jessie Strnad, Emma teaches Continuing Adult Education 913-632-6S32 Courtland, Kans of eentinued growth. Swanson, Ines Clark, Debra classes in several towns through the 1-800-232-6004 Callers during the week at The Guild's big event of the year is KuM an, and Berneal DougUIs. Cloud County Community College, CLAY CENTER, KS. the home of Mr. and Mrs. the Easter Art Oxnpetitien, which Starting the first year, the Art along with instructing Art Guild HELP THE BLIND Bradley Keeler were: Mrs. was first held la 1~8 on Easter Guild held exhibits in a farm house members. S. Main WINNER James Gorman, Mr. Eldon Sunday and the preceding Saturday. west of Courtland, when Highway 36 Another member, Gladys Stoles in SMITH CENTER Nation wide expand. TO SE|l Dunstan and Mr. Don Keeler.In its beginning, there were only ran put the Farm Houee Studio and 1980was chosen One of the wtlmers in ia area.Need l gh qualiFT // Mrs. Veda Dunstan called three categories but this year will through Courtland. A number of weg the Kans Post Card Series. C ulld Ph. 913-2S~4;4Zt ' ~ Sunday afternoon on Mr. andhave nine categories includingknown artists were invited to exldhit members sponsored a trip to Topeka Your Transportation to C. L. Rue- Mrs. Quincy Sills. pr eesinnal, amateur and youththeir work along with the continuing to the opening exhihit and reception Needs set, 11100 Ash, Suitie 204, of the series in the Kansas Gallery of wood, Ks. 66 11. 46t2 Cornea transplants Mrs. Don Keeler returned (tlultderl8), work of the members of the Guild. provide sight home Saturday after spending still bonl four of the More than visitors viewed the art FineArts. ' charter members who are: Ive work the first summer, and the Two Gu/Idmembersaremembers , OY'S SlTJg SUIT, blue for the sightless, a week at the home of her IAndblad, Gloria Nundorf, Marian Farm House Studio continued of the North Central Kansas Artists DUNTZ ~ $25.00. Ca~ Kay F, dl, daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Gladya Smiss. Others on summer exh/bits for several years. As~oclation and several have Joined - PONTIAC - GMC 3763504. new. 45ti* Dwayne Rogers at Derby, the membership roll are FrancesSince 1961, the members have had the new artist organization, Gerald L. Dunlx " ' ou.pzvm Kans. Grltten, Ethel Nelson, Maalnean exhibit during CourUand Fun "Creators Unl/m/ted." Smith Center HOUS~ FOR SAL~: Large ~o~ of U,SAS ,,m,,nsomMrs. Duane Wiley, Cawker IOesh er, IAnda Strnad, larena Days each year. At one exhibit there 3 blade-empire Phone: 913-282-(428 Ca][ ~. 4,5t3" City and Mrs. Kenneth Huber, Mm'qmirdt, Jeesie Anderson, Gladys were 550 people to view 80 pa/ntings ,, Jr., and her grandson, BretJohueo , Bet Lymia which members had painted in the L'IIEVROLET, INC.