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April 6, 1967     Jewell County Record
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April 6, 1967

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COUNYY R ORD GrovIr M/Iner Slday after, guests of Mr. and Mrs'. Lo~sl main areas of operation. TImy ] Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loom/s ramento, Mr. and Mrs. Clif- Tnt~sdy, April "6, 1967 -noon Andersen at'Burr Oak. tare all campus vending ms-[and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knoff- ford King, Oroville, Mr. and .... , li~lll 6-Sect/on 1 ,, D~ner pestI of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Francis PUL'I chines o_i~rated by the Union, I loeb were pre-Easter dinner Mrs. H. G. Thompson, Ash, II-I' IS" Mrs. Lowell McNich~ aann: ~le:fseL~;~chann:onK:rnn~thelthel tUhnio~/I~VrT.~to~l~nu~;~k[~::t~ttSaatUrday of Miss Vera ~;:ck~:.~t,a~dedM;~l,a~rdeM~:. hunlly Sunday were . in ' Y " ' WeDDeF ~, Fred Brown, Mrs. Helen guests Monday ofthe Melv J store, The Den .... I Notice. Zonia Cemetery As, and Mrs. Howard Alspaugh of Mrs. Napeld BothwellMeN/chela and Merrill and Shipleys. Mrs. Pulses and .Mrs. I Besides working on ms sacs- [ sociatlon will meet AprLl 6 at Ong, Nebr. accompanied them of M~o~yd atMt::~e~a~n tRra~c: A~n~t ~ll~ ~nn~beW~e~: t t~'e~r v]Kansas City ane Mr an] Mrs ~ ,Inn ther ta 'x a.ver He claim I tng In me Mr ano Mrs uarus meet /n Manhattan Satu~lay Eddie Bond of Plains, Kans. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hennlng- I full time at the Union for the [ School sutdents of Ionia en- Dear Boyds, and speht 8aturda~ night Irnd was a supper guest in the son of Norton called on Mr. Ipest s/x years. His duties dur-[Joyed a day's vacation Monday It has been so dry down Sunday with their parents, Mr. Lowell McNichois home Satur- and Mrs. Glenn Jones Sunday Iing that time have included [ while the following students here but'we got inch of rain and" Mrs. Fred Ross and Mrs day evening. - evening. I purchasing, storeroom man- [attended the County Spelling last night. Sure will help. Bernice Reed " Mr. and Mrs. Claude Boyles Dinner guests of Mr. ~.nd I agement and receiving for the 1 Contest: 2nd grade. Curt/s Wil- My love and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Clair Osborne called on their .nelShew.. and Mrs. Harold Beam SunoaYlconcessions department. [son: 3rd grade, Scott Slmme~ the Boyds. and faery of Guide Rock were family, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley were Mr. and Mrs. John Beam [ Hart, who has lived most of Jlink and Becky Moyer; 4th Bessie Guffin guests of the Duane "Kintigh Coanrod and Mr. Walter Coan- of Mankato. I his life in Jewell County, wRIIgrade, Sharon Wilson and Sue 522 Osage , family for Easter dinner Sun- rod at Narka Sunday. ~ w .... [be working with a staff of 1OIShoemaker; 5th grade, Clelia Augusta, Kansas 67010. day Vickey Bowman of Re- Mr and Mrs. Gerald Boyles dr~J~,o.~ l full-time and 5 part-time era-/Thomas and Richard Wilson: -- public called in the afternoon, and glrls. Mr. and Dennis Gar- ~JLI~):)(~- I ployees - ]6th grade, Barbara Schmidt; Dear Editor and family. Curtis Ault and Wgnda P~- ma1~ of Salina. and Douglas ~ Commenting on the new ap- [7th and 8th. Sherri Dietz and Enclosed is our check for sons of Co~by were overnight May attended a family dinner i~._~._e.., /peintment, Union Director Ri-]Kathy Keiman. The teachers the Record another year. We "~ i[uest~'of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. at Mr and Mrs Gerald Ohm- L~~H|d~J /chard Blackburn said, "We Iwill attend a meeting in the look forward to receiving iti Gunn Sunday night They ~- .,--,- '-.~a ~,.y, ~,,,,,w.,, "" |were extremely pleased to |afternoon and the winners of each week .i I . --,T .....Ill.lplblap IAJ~ 1~6~,i ,.~W~td, ls~r, aI~.-- lUIiL..~ AL- -- l " ' i , turned to Colby Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boyles mrs. wnou entry ]have someone on our staff I the Spelling Contest will re- We have had a very mild! Mary Ross; who teaches at attended a sunrise breakfast Mrs. Otis M~rihugh of Kan-/wit_h Vaughn Hart s experience/ceive their awards, winter and spring seems to bei Olathe, spent her spring vaca- at Oak, Nebr. Sund~y morning, sos" City spent the weekend / and proVen_ability .who c oula I Judy Ahlvers assisted Mrs... llere. . - ! tJon with her father, Oscar Gerald led the singing, visiting the Lloyd and Walter / step. rote. mm posmon. ~on- j Bob Rose and Mrs. Wenaeil Best wishes to you aria our i Ross. Dinner guests of Mrs Lettle Marihu-hs and attended sorIcessIns is one of the most i Moyer with their house clean- Jewell'County friends. M~,. a~d Mrs. Wayne Wilson Korb Sunday were M'r. andvices atSehurch at Odessa Sun: I rapidly expanding departments ling last week. Sincerely. 06 Mankato and Mrs. Bernice Mrs. Tommy Korb and Mark da,, with Margie She brouuht I in the Union, and we are cer- [ Mrs. Maurice Simmelink and Mrs. Emmett Redenbo, Seventh Grade Girls, front row (left to . ~ Of Sups.r/or called on Mr. of Superior, and M~. and Mrs. a ~vely Easter liiv in memory ] tain. that we will benef/t .by iMrs. Jerry Patton and Missy . s ....... Mary Smlth, Trela Rafferty, Karen EUert, A1dll and Mrs. A. W. Wilson Sunday Korwin Korb, of her late husband, which we hawng a man !n the postuon visited Mrs. John Ahlvers on ...... i .... Jl,~,.,~ kT~.,,,aa, .... two,k,,j M ...... ..... , ~ .........../"-,.,4- ~iV-l*m,w. 0VonhSg. " -------'--- all appreciated, who has been cmsew connect- Saturday afternoon. KIIH $tOH " . Mrs. Helen RusSell. and Sar- A I|ss | Mr and Mrs Wilbur Obert ed with the, operation for see- Mrs. Helen Stitos and M~ssl" M " ' Back row (left to Hsht). Gayle Berry, Ba~ abJandof Mankato spent Men- Wflll'd md llndl s .nt' Tuesday night with her ieral years. = " IVera Marietta were hostesses rs. E. E. Ransom Blair, Mlchelle Volker, Jo Ann Kltts, Angels day at the Charlie Russellww |illli~N~liilVqSiilNMi~fl_-........ .~,_ ,', ........ [ Solbach will be working with Ito a supper honoring "Mr. and l .............. tw,,th~ li~liw.15.onv~1 ,d .tray#.. |~-~--~ Hardy Monday afternoon. Bur- of Salina p ' 1 who has recently been pro- and Mrs. Ada~n Rose, organist, , ,, , ............ htl was in the Rosemound P .. Y. Y .... i,t,,. ~ .... w-~ h,,s~--a ~moted to the Union directors ]Saturday at the wedding of ~., .... ,, ~.~^^~. ~:~ ,~.... arents of a bab be born Mrs. Dale Tanner and famiy. , , denhall, prese.t, lhey worse- at I0'00 m ~arcn zu ann ........................ f th ..... ~ .................... - Cemetery Mrs Hobson suffer- . P. . _ ........................ [pos/tion at University o Sou JMarilyn Schaffer and Kenneth] ........ ~~~~i~;~ ' ill answer to the name of re~ent~y unu~rwe.t un~a .-ur- , aennall won me guess oox ano 0d a heart attack Thursday w 11 Dakota. Lynch at St Theresa s Church " ...... Mark "rron T~e maternalPry but is progressing as we I I ..... " ]will have the next meeting in ~~~ evamng an(] passeo away an- " ' s h n h r t rn tri ~ m ~anzam. lrottto tO the hospital, grandparents are Mr. and~/.rs. ~e v~s~t:d'On talned ~a Rodp/ Wichita .- Kansas parent, I Vera Marietta is enjoy-Ithree, we~eks'. ..... ~~~ n uza -oo ~mrtey orougn~ sis M~, and Mrs Raymond Gar-t~eorge ~anuerson. ~;o. g~nu . ,,,, w,i,.~h.~p -t H-,,~ Also/furnishing more than half their ling a new Chevrolet Sport d ~ .... ~ . ~ ~U~i~~ n ece and Hal '': "'~ "" '"' " " ,,~ , , roommate nose wits lllnl for ~.turne.d recently from a tio ns~ Jar ~,,.~ .tw.t,,~ t, h,,,,, saw Arnold Mcndenhall and/ch~,d s.support may be able to JCoupe she recently purchased. Jthis vacation from college He ~# ~4~iiii~~ mp mrougn Nenrasaa, wnere ".:"."" .':": ;?'7.~" "~ =;-- Clair Sloan who were all bus,, |carom nnu as a aepenaent even l A wonaenut raln was rece~v- . . .. ,.. ~ " ' ',~ql.~',i~a ~,,,-li they 51sited overnight with of ~..ne ueatn o..r .~r. r mya. ~.u- studvin# . "]though the child had income led in our area early Saturday ['s ~m.~en~'~n~.~.., ,o .,~ '~ ~11~ ~*/ their son, Duane and his faro- menn~ tas~ rrmay mgm..re Seve~i in this cemmunit,,Iof $600 or more during the ]morning. At our home It ~ 'I1~I~ ~I~ Ib, at Lexington, then to Sene. had un.a.ergone surgery .o.u~ lem*,,uite ill with red measles,lyear and is required to file lamounted to 1.40 inches &nd [~.~'.'.~.s,;'~_'?.~,,~' ................ ~~~!~~rIll~ Oil, whe~ they ~tay~d oval', i was nenevea to Do mr|ant ~..',.'._ ~..,,... ,~ ..... I-- lhis own tax return, the Inter. lothers report an inch or more~ l' ..~.~'~ v .... ~-,.. ..... ~I[~M ~MJ ~ th stru,~k We want to ,a~.~v- ,,~,,~, ~,~.,,~ o,,. was so g,ao to near mat , edl~t with a cousi~ From, when des .: melink and H-l-n Deibert are [nal Revenue Service stated to- [We also received a light show- l ........... ~ , ~ i~:i ...... ' ......extena our e"m"am" to ms ne ,... ~ ,~__ ~ ................ ~v~r ~,ee ~mrmy wm not nave ~~ ~~~i~r~ ~eN. ~ney went m ~cottsmurr i _. ..~ v 7 "the first I knew of lUay, _ . . ler ~unoay nlgnt. The zoreca,~ 1,. '~.~ o s ........... ~'.,~ ' ..... a ~: ~f~"~m m me noma Of their daughter, I re_avon ra.. y. - a " ills at Tkls community was shocked I The ~evenue ~erwce ex- I predicts more moisture which restricted diet ~~ I ana a rs ur n Olend~ (Mrs Don Balty) Ray- , - '. .. [sad sadd-ne~ h,, ,h .... s~-~ ~f ]plaShed, however, that to qual- lis good news to farmers. I ... . ' , ._ ~ ~~!~i ' ' n ..'aster ulnner at .... .- .. ,. ..... m- we are nappy ox er get~lng a l'~)nd also v/slted seine cous. i tended a ...... - Flo,,d Slmmell-k -rl,, Fru'-,, l flY the child must not have [ Ronnie Slmmellnk is ill with [ ........ ~~.!!i~II ' I nose on ,~ .. ,,- ~ .-.-:. - rain measuring a little over In8 at Mitchell, whom he had the Harvey ~ct~am y H-'d had ma'"- he--" s"r'-r" Jreached his 19th'b/rthday by [the measles Danny Is improv- I ........ " ' hers resent were " ~,,, --, ,, s~ , an mcn ana more I.~ prealcteo Sad f~ily' came from Colo-'I $und.iw. evening. Mrs.. Obert who r~cenflv had su~Ygerv. / a correspondence or an era-/boys were afternoon callers el-/Joe y?re,t~f, loaw~,.," ,~, ..~. Ad~ ra~o Triday ~nd Mr. and Mrs. ] craczea a. no on~a~uraay. Mrs Bo~)" Kindler and -irls ]ployes training course, lso at the Burk home. l ~:" ~;'"~"~'; "~,;..~"~_f,_"~__~_ Mr ana ~v~rs ~eorge ~amp- ' ,, 1 onl to are ~tc~ng me~r tlcue cmcaens " i lWilt _Dunbar and family I . ' - war,, w,,~,,~m,, ~,4,~^,. ,t ,h. / These rules app y y I Mr and Mrs. Buford Tucker [ ....... ~mmsmi i ease l onf Sta ehurst, Nebr, bell of Beaver City nrova to . Jthe tax,,a ,er's own child ate,,- ;-^.., ..... , ..... tooay. 'rages courage to i ~0%l~S~ ~aste;l~veacat,on with Red Cloud .to visit h!s aunt, ~:~rc~I}:ne[~ces~na:~l~ ~i:~Y i child, l;g;lly adopted child, ;r ~,.w~th t.~ o~ ~r ~i'L ' L . ~ ~i ' the Elm Howe family, 1 Mrs, vm!a donee, at ,the n.os- in- the" Harr'f'Kindler"s'-and la child place with him by an lLeon Fldk and family at Hat-~.s-- ? ..... ,~: v,,- - ....... .,, _ ' . ~~~II,~ I , Ron, who has been 1 p ital an.a upon nlanng in.at H nry Kellers." ]authorized placement agency J veyville, l eYo nave een,, oo mucn. ~|, ~lauo, o Fro|~ Was 111, .,v, ~.u...u... ~,,,.,~- i home {luring spring vacation, - ...... Mr, and Mrs Don Whelchel Ifor legal adoption. Any other ~ Judy Ahlvers called at the] .........' ~ -'-~r ~ F ~i rails'nell to Manhattan Sunday drove sown m see me ; auae and Kathy visited friends at ]child, whether or not related, [Maurlce SImmelink home Sun-I Mr, .an o _MRS, ulyoe ossen I TrO|~ii. spent last Tuesaay ev~| "l a~ 8herno0n, . . , ....... Leaven,~orth over the week- ~may not be claimed as a de. ]day morning to visit her for-i ........... mm 1111 l COonte Vale, Nancy and Judy Don t anyone, re.. you -nd - /pegdent if he has gross income [mer clusmate, Mrs. Jerry / ,urf...vaz wzcn ouoy ano Mor. / ~l~t :~[L~n [ ' Thoms and Patriela Intermlll |you can't se~ slcg m a nur.ry - j~,, Atwood won first and ]of $800 or more, regardless of IPatton and Missy era, ....... I leant ]~uter vacation at home. with this. cold ,that is .~.omll Dixi~,~Obert second from this i his age or his status as a stu. i Mrs Glen Klncheloe Is at ] ~r;ana ~rs. ~ax ~a~_~r. ~~ I L~~~,i~~ I sal Wesleyan at Sallna, and u notnmg happens, I tnmg ; .~o to Mankato Anrll 3rd for ]then one.half of the child s sup. |fly of SaIIna for a few days I . '.. ,' - -~-. - ." I.,' X,m, State Universlty at i*m Ul :bL- to g.o ~m~row ~,~, ;pealing contoI[ ]port was pro~de.a by the par-I Those winning Door Prizes I ~l.,? ,,,~ ~n ~ ~O~a~ It~mded the Alumni Reunion I . .Y. .... "per guests Thursday at Wilbur ]entlre supporl w Ich t e cn |was held Thursday and Friday i_. n_., .... ea ~Mto Knew them anu was ~- -,~^ ,-,-,~-~ ~- ......... / llt ~ndall Sat~day evening, I . : ............ Oberts, ~recelved from all sources. 1~-iwere: Herbert Trueblood, ere-io.~ .... [ Mr, ~_n.d Mrs, DB.vld. Both: I,ab.le_to ~ali; ~.?em,~l~le;~.ss Easter dinner guests of Mike/.~!udl".l._~uPpo ft. provided bY/scent wrench: Clarence Sam-/7o~'~n, ,,.'.- .- ..... .- .,. ~ mr wameso ann Mr, anu | ~I~'h:~,~ t'o*;' t~rl~;y'di~er IYounp were ~ffie Basset, Mr me cnuos own ,unos, ]land, combination pliers: ~,on ] Mr an~! Mrs Mike Mechs' c,,I-..rmue .mr., ,rum, new ~,., w ,,, / MlrL ,[,lw.rence Bothwell and |we Y I..J .... ~ .... v..,.,,h~..' I A child who has $e00 or moreIschmidt, steel tape: John New- | ' . .. ' - .. .-'~ RIta AIMersoa, Suian Kler, Sarah Jane Rul / "l~atll~t~re'had dinner with Mr. _Mar.oh .19.. Ouesta_were .Mrs. I,,. ,,A M- H-=~ Keller Jgross income fs reouired tn|ouist and Ralph Hauptli, both/,net a.na par...one_Mrs, a......... T~I[I m .... b..,,A tr.,,., V^,,A,,, il Mrs.Harold Bothwell Sat. I F--a lea.cog and vamm.,.e, o~l~r'a "Bo~ I~indler and -iris' lille an income tax return, llke]r'nln gauges: Myrtle Rellng/~mls, spent ~a~.uroay ~ven , [ glMIW, Mr, and Mrs, Don Da - I ....... ' -.' ]and'Mr, and Mrs, Ed Clnrk I Y P , , Iand Sophia Glauser, pot hold. ],_,_.., ,r._. ~,,,_. ,. ~'--ka'o Back row (left to Hl t): Dabble RlBht _ ith Donna kelann ~ros~s ann pamela, ^~ his ~m exem tlou on his re n~-,,,-ao~- -~-,~ ,- ,,,-- , I *' Is from Beloit, w , I .. - ~ ] and family P "|ers: and Neva Brown and Dor. ] ' Shell Htmtllnpr, Karen Reynolds, PtHcl G I ~ and;- o a N well called Iternoon caters were Mr. ann/ .. - ' .... turn, even thou h he ms, also D rm e . ndersen and fern I unerry no:tines, aaughter of .... g . . ~ .'. ]Is Bartley. salt and pepl~r I .... Ml~dy Rl~ferty, Sllrn Mart', Sherry Beck, IS! th~aRernoon, I Mrs. Clalr. A__ . "/l~ld~n 1-1'nfflnm. of Arkansas ]qualuy as a aepenaent on mS|shakers I I I " *,..--- .1~,: .l~.d Mrs....R.!chard Doyle ilF#ofo C:w,:er,CRy;a and Mrs i clty'"an(t'~r'andclaughte'r'oi"B]ll IPa~re.n!n~,'re~ur~n~. in,, ..,~,u,~, / Rev. Da,,ll Hecht: .a for-i harrison --' I t',,,,,,e, .,. , Interns . eve1R nue Service, 412twere Mr 'and Mrs Gordon Raymond Sohutte son of Mr. ~t+~~ ~II ~~ Weems of Shawnee Misston, ..... r. n W hi Kansas ' ' I ] | ,,_ ._J ,,.. .... I uth Mat . lc ta, ]Alcorn, Bey and Mrs. David I and Mrs. A T Schutte of Has- I - land Mrs. Neva Tefft f ,,a,,,. TJ,T,m~ n,,, Ie7303 i .o,t Mr and -Mrs Adam i tings. Nebr.. wore u[dted lu ~'~~ ~I~ "~|~ ~-L~ I ,m Hetty tulllff lSummitt, Me, i."_'~ ~'.'~'."'.'~.'..'.',.'.'.'.'",'.,'."','~ ] ------------- |RoN' Mr' and Mrs 'Oarrett marrl,ge Saturday afternoon, ~| I~'l ~ I~ /ti hn- ll~ ~ll~e I UIIIIIIII t~L'i~/ bY , , . I ormyhus Sunday hunting a !_-*.- ~:;hllll~and~r, andMrs, Jen-~t~t:-coo,,.I II L , / ........... " -i V Jni.nin I uor er [ u.._.,.. r Ham' W, Sutlt , who and Mrs Oo le . er. truck. Roger upset his ,. IOHla g g and "Mr, ~ Y - Mr and Mrs Larr Ahlvers Mrs. Earl Smith w~s dls. ~ ' m., a,, .~, i~ .... kMn "uIItl Of Mr, and/mi Up mu[ un mi ruu~e, I ~, tl|~ ~l.s tl1~il "V ~ " , ............. ' .... . ~ ~Wa~/OUr yeIrI ago, ,ferI wire WedneIday coining .,t~l..k2T._hh,t~,,_eda~,w_hile" out ~ck Mrs, Levone Ierfliv ,-,.~ A .... h*---"-.ok ~ud" Ahl, rnisscd from the hospital W,d. iii~-~. I Ooue trot no ftOrllotten, /". .... -" .... [ rid Mrs, Wilbur Obert I .......... .h, .... Ivers to Sal/na Sunday after-I nosda, u,d I, png JtIII,ilII I11Ill I . ....... /Mrl, i~ryce uoaa, /__., ,__.. __., ,,,__ ,__. i mr, nnu mrs ................ I,v~n -o Ih* c,,,,ld resume her l at the nose of ner aaugntul, ~lIII II~II~ I~ '~ I I --M|II~UD ann relauveI. / ~. ,,,,4 ~,. B-rt Henry/Inu xn'm~ ano ;vsrs. a~m I~ll(I Judy were Easter auests ,''"- " ,,..,i- . . . I,,.. ,, a ...a ..... IIr~~L~l~lIIII M~, and MIII, R, A. Iutlfffattended""a dinner*'*'"' at" the Paul" Obert were Eaiter d/nner of Mr an'd Mrs Larry A'hlvot'I ichooling at Marymount :oJ- ,v,',. ,. ,~. ~,,,u,~-w,. o~ n and i _ .. .... ' . . |Mr, and Mr|, Bryce Dodd, |.. . ........ |Marietta, They all were guestsi" ] ".- ' .... ~"'"" of her sister mqnm mr 's, J II~(I IVI Wul~n in Jt / .vl n/DoyleUYo~ U01Dy, Mr. ann ~rs, / IWwere gone. / "' "-"'" hem o f Mr n r E Loomis of ~ Don ~ MIkl Ihllo~ John I)~ i ~ , " Mar In Dodd Joined t o . a d M I, d ' Ahlvers Phyllis ' JOa, , Iff BurIesS of Super. Mankato and Mr, ana rs, M n Re, hey ana uavta or e , / ,_ ..,... _ ......... l home Sunday p,m, ,,.. t r, and Mrs, Jerry Patto I|l ,r w,r, Sund...,,.conlMrs Go, " udlburgh visited Pedal, m= Smith, It the II lff home on ke please Set your contr bu o !, Nina lI helping Sheila ma other relatives and friends, ~ F M n o SatIOey, h,,, *,,-real, to come of the membe . Eaiter aueitl of Mr and Bldi will be taken on April .~^ ,'.A ,,~, ..... ~ hi. t~In tn rs for Mr orrest Fair of a kat hun, M JOlI WelUner, Itudlt i Verner Mttbews Teturn. Mrs Keith Tricker 10da|ma township, The amount IMrs Oarre-tt.Phil1 s Mr IS7 in Hutchinson by the State I ...... I to h/i home in Middliton,/an "Ro ' of banon and Mr, |JeweU County collects deter, lend'Mrs Terry P'hilllps and iHighway Commission for con. i .,,y ,....- Co ch Don Anaerson m sold-I The pictures of the COW a~ the L;reel t~om [s .... Ms., .o1 nd/n some tlmS]and Mrs Bud Blain were Sun. Is l,nee whe.ther or not.we.h.ave I Ellsa1 th' of Burr Oak, Mr, l uct/on and maintenance] munlty Center;' hursday even Ing. d a!!y wor.kou!s for tha VthI S th grade . /rls and I ' Wlm W aa , oorge ]day eveninS IUlSte, at the i.Jwxmm|n.J, |assess or.tn_e_n. ooo land Mrs, It, J, PhillipI and lhighway work in 34 .Kansas I in an o. eta g r, a.oe tracz_ eams.,I s.th g ruse .ooy s w.e,re I Dames uI ann lu .... I ana conunuso m mm county, iTane of Little River Mr and counues, according to donn D, I ."" , ....... ..... , -ore me l r,s anu ooys we] day, arcn wnue "~"" "" .......... rs A1 , ' Mr Mrs. u.ve o~e.~e,, rl | M~, Helen McNiehoLlS and oth-] ,p~,, nsw nran and work- JMrs, Mirian Atwoed, M , " ~Mrs Larry Phillis- and faro. tMontgomery, d/recter of high-] .. ... ~,o..~,~ .... participate in several meets holding their daily we " ....... "---'- r Mar/ . ,, r,, M.'. ~na ~v,. " .............. ,., I W hdeIllk and relat/ves, me lea Keeps, Mrs, WaRe wa s, . this spring, , I ,...., u.. ,,,. a,.,,,, ,,~/chop at the Paul Frost ho / .................... n lily of Beloit and Mr. and Mrs. Iw !Y ...... / Mr. and Mrs. ~', .... ;.ill Bishop. ~ .. , I -.'~. ' ~-~ ...... "-"."":'" ."/lI ,r&dl~ally becoming a real-/nu.l~., ~..e:_ua, ~,uun~jma [Joe Specht of Lawrence. uun./Among the pro~.ect.s m ~I M, .na Mrs Lvle Mc.Cammon ATWOOD ITlarINS VISIT in partnership with hlI I i, 11o, le 8aturaay ~o htv" The men are suiting up ler Mrl, wuDur.uoe~ are some Iday evening Mr and Mrs Ken. Ioffemd for bids |I improve- I ;'~,',4 ~- .,,a ~ ~.e: .s Pert WITH cITY OFFICIALa Arden Hale, wrote an~ I w.eekond with..Min'. I 'e' rafters today, - lyou ca cnonta.c~.. . .. Ineth Braden Joined th6 IroUP. Iment at Lovewell State Park, i ,';'"-~"~,-'~';"-*';'o',~d~1"t~. Pettit~ " --- " ed Finlay for his expl| / WU I OUter ~ IS Ie~vln ~e ...... m .......... I m ii .I.., . ........ / Mr. Jesse Santos of Hay- I_Odeua ........ I Dorothea Diane and Fernalsouth of Webber in Jewell [ geh,tt~ w~ddine Saturo v. A group of Atwood citigenI and courtesy while thl 01 me Im~ff! .~uneay at i Downs IIII MAFCn ]lVtll, Count . - ........... ~ , - h re I ,IM'2. ale * CO t. pa.ed away Ft. I I Ail*n* Phillips were Ea|ter IC y I ,Mr and Mr;'. Dave , nzo1. visited with Mankato city of- e . I ~ ~,'a~;' ~ .... ~, q,,,,,ll [day night after haying., a / _ .. lweekend..guests of their_grano.|_ .... / took Mike to Lincoln Su ~ay ficlals one day last week. Fin- -'-------"-" I . "" "'" .'.: ..... .'::" Iotroke Mrs, Santos Ii rI, I Manhattan -- Takln| the IParents, mr, and Mrs, uarrettI Mr, ann rs, ernara mmr / 'o resume his school work at lay Munro, city clerk, explain. Mrs Albert Russell I ! vmlunll remuvee IGeor e Sanderson's sister. I:e/ns as concessions manap~ IPhi111pi, while their pare~tslreturned from CaUlornia Wed. .... ,..... l,~ ,rh,,v also visit sd the Mankato newer and stonne'd at the RecO! I .41.d..~.oJ. ~. OreSo.n,. _. I-s--1~hy guests at the George |of the K-State Union at Kansas IIKtended the 10th anniversary Ine Iday night. They had taken] ".'~'; ,~'~,~."',,'~'~-st's~,-Mr-a~d w#,~er-sylte-ms-to t~he (lele~-a- Monday and added th, !, I Sand.rsen hem. Mr. and/State University ts Vaughn /of Mrs. Phillips' graduating ]~lelr H~il~.,hN::r Marl:aK;:tt~le~f. i ~dra"D;~vld'S~;nsel and Timmy Uon. " .to the subscription list. I ,~ ,, ,,--,. ' IMrs. Joe Bloomer and Mrs. IHart, a six-year employee of Iclaas at Mankato, IB e ., eb..to b _ "i while in Lincoln. The following were in Man- Mrs. Russell and fa [] "'" " GI Dowe rltny Heston of Lebanon, Mr, Ithe Vnion, I Mrs, Jenningi Berger ' andlmaid in ner cous|n e, Will- I Linda Rose wane back to her kate' Robert Frick, Jimmy J, cently moved from [] : , Mr, Mrs .Y lam] MrI, Elmer Hart and fam- I .Hart renlacos Vern Solbech |several of the Limestone Va}-liame, wedding March 31 tog ..,~,,,.,, ..... I.., m,,.,' . i r. n the Evers ........ -- ............... - .......... lee.Lndw g Z r. a d Nebr. to i IF ; of waiI ,n, Kns,, Mrs, Vi-/who x'eslln l to assume the/lay 4-H Junior Leadari attoml. IMr. Kaith Brown of ._Kn0xvllle,| Fml Hale, councilmen, and place north of Eel I G.."2[.,,.'~.Z,~'.~*;.~ Io~ c~m~ey. Mr. ,nel Mr,./poait~ou of mismnt union CUr- led ms,Un~ at Ma!t~ Mun- ITenn. s,,_ i, ~_,..~h~r ~/ Mr. md ~..--. D~.,s m~- XXohor~ L,wt,. Jr.. acUng olty Rue,an ~rousht th~ I:L : ~= .............. PJohn Crum1 and family el at UnlvwslW Of Scum Id . . . . i" mm w"nem':Im, n mum,r.. ant, to the ,pem. I,., , .I Clo I, .... '.. |Dak.ot ,,Vermill/?.a.:.. " "I W 'k LS .roS ..mS moe yl._ vmx a/o.ve . in w .at F Hal ,sonofMn, Glonn Lorie Rtm ll and = L Mr. and M m. MelOn / s the new Of Mr. and IMr.J.. m / re_no_me ms~I~, ~l, H~ ~d ~ a~d pu kher Llnda Touts. i .... ~ ~ " --" "" '" rind laii~ wn liter mum~ }~ ~/indue m lie. Milford Tail. land Mrs. ,cmeo~ smv~m, uo I E. B. Beam. ' M the Atwood Cltlum-Patelot -------------