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April 4, 1963     Jewell County Record
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April 4, 1963

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glee club, three years; and a,~nual spying operetta, "A'lice In Mankato H. D. U. met at the chorus, three yeats. Sharon Wonderland on, Friday, M,arch 15. home of Miss' Lucy Wiley One atCended the sebo,larship cesta The part o'f .Alice was. played guest, Arlene Hanson,, and 9 mere- Smith Cen~er three years. She by Bomta Esshnger. The o~her bers answered, roll call on Ed,uca- in the girls sextet which re- Charge'tots were Ricky Bier'y, San- tion or crime. Ceived .a I aS the Concordia Dist- dra Crans~n', Cind~F Simon, JoyceI H,ome Economics chairman Lets riot Music Festival last year. Shar- Love, Cindy Hesser, Bobby Free- : Dietz gave report on l~t mee~in~g. ~a a,~so, plays the piano and re- man, De~a Clegg, ~amy ~tm,gren, [ Erma Thompson gave report on eeived a eertificaCe for music au- Jpeora ~o~m, ,,yn~a ma~ter~y, Kansas Home Demons~r.-tlon~ n " ditians, from the, FederaCed Worn- Warrer~ McE~oy, Jack Dean, Jerry i Council News e~'s Clubs her ~eshman year Rourke, Dermis Essli~g~r Bobby l ......... ' ...... ... . .~ ...... ~ - I avxrs. ~rmur Llcn,Ly presemea Belty is a Junior in, M,ankato ~lmlson,, t~ary nn~ge.n,, ~nnaa, the lesson on "The Dress ThatFits". ~igh School, also. She has been in Coffr~. an, ~ Debts Selrer. Ass]Hi: I Select pattern for ease, line, grain, ~ffagarettes, three years and is lnJg me cag was a gva~e SChOOl ,et h-lan'c~ fittin~ arid design the Presiden't o~ Cougare~tes,. chorus and several costumed . .... groups of dancers, i ease ior eom~or~ an~, generat we~r. "Fais is her third year in Kaye~es "Alice In Wonderland" was lyre- A~ter pattern.for bulges. ~. ~m4 she, is Secretary. She has been sea, ted in* three acts which were!_ MaKe'.(lar~s~. I~ .tn.e person, pus~, the Kaye~te board her Hegira- year. She i~ Treasurer of her ~et in A ~ard, en I~ Wondevhnd cmr~s pleats, m stapes, run (town The Mad Tea Pay~-" end` The Gay":back" Scrips, cu~ bias,, back and C~ss; was i r~ the class play, junior ' ~ , den and The Tri~l BeCween the sleeves for ease. Interesting film ~; 'clm~ce, band,, two years; band, first and second ~ts the kinder- ,shown, on..Fl~r~g a Dress, sho~n ~hree yeetrs; Girls Glee Club, three ~ar~en class san,*, Dy unanot~e nansen. Years; andl Mixed Chorus, Vhvee ~, ~l- ~n~Seirer R~a.rter I Next meetir~g with Mrs. Elsie 'Ye~-s. Betty has a~ce0end,ed the ---~ ' -~'- " ~Howard. Recrea~dor~ and Foreign .Scholarship tests a,t Smi.t'h CenCer Powell and ~y~~ Rehtions by Lucy Wiley. Lunch ~mee y~avs. She is akso in" girls' Elected Delegates i ~p.--~.~'wa~rv~a: ~ae~ which receive~ a I a,t Can,- eor4ia District Music Festival~ 'hat The March 22~3, FFA mee-] --~~~_.__ ,. :_'~rfr~ t~e ?Umot~v c~ o~U~ia~Cas ing co~.s4s~ed of electing two rep-I .................. ". j " resenta~ives ,to go to the S~a~e] . ........ ttigh Schools' are chose~ to go to FFA Con, venticn~. AI.1 of the Sol~ho ] t,eoanon v lemlly ~urfflower Girls State. F~ndamen.- omore Vo-Ag class were candi-[ B- ~ARRY =a~'~n~R~a t~ls~, tt~is is a pro,gram for the de- d~tes. Jim, Powell: a~d Don Frye] ........... y~lol~ne~ of leadership. Each girl were elected. "~ ................ ~'~ expec~'e~ to return: home to. her The meeting w~s ther~ adjourned I ._ We were sorry to hear .J t~'~al: year of high school and fur- and t'he elector broke uD irate ~opper~ was so tx)omy at the rm~ne groups to. w(>rk on, ideas, f-or this of his daughter ir~ D~wns. Joh~ ~dsh leaderstfi.p for her school, and year's FFA banque~ which wfl.~ be lWas ot~r neew neighbor.near Downs eer~rnun, ity. l~he Gir~ SCatter s~oukl, possess he)d in~ April. M~tay, Mm'ch 25, [for .nmrar years. He was jus~..old: ch~,racteristics as efficient the. Junior Vo.-Ag class, had to ler mar~ ~r. doe, ~n~pvacucea impeccable character, cancel ,their judging %rip to. Man~ I many years ~t Ion'i~ ,o~n~, ~urr t2a~. coinage, unquestioned bat~r~, because Mr. E,lkins was ill His d~agh~r t~ld me Sa ~v4ay and be a,bove average in --Dennis Hod,gea even, tug that he, was nearing 90. /i ). Girls State is a practical appli- Students See Hi-Light Film of Americanism ~ good Presented By Ken Mahoney Its purpose is ~o vr~- citizensb_4p trainir~g for girls Ken Mah~ney, former baske~bal,l high school, age; ~0o a~fovd them phyer of Kansas S~,te University, to live .toge~ev as was in~x~l~ced, by B~ Boyd a a ci.tize~s,; and to help special, assembly held, Thursday, Orvil Jones, who was, patrolman when he came to Leba,non~ and was ~ferre8 ~to the bridge g~ng, sold his f~rm northwest of Bellaire last week to P0odney Ror~baugh. Two t~wn~ properties sol~ here this week when Jim F]yr~ l~r- chased the Hoz~t proI~erW in ease Leban~yn, and Earl Thomas bought ,Khe Br~wn, property in the noredh- west part' off Lebanom We hear Earls moved over the week-e~l. Circle 3 of the M. E. C2m~h Sm g bord on Sv~urday eve~ir~g, with ~ race crowd. M~ everything was on the merm. the meanin~of respon- March 21. which they m~_~t assume He ,~old how you can, help your ad~Its. The goal pl,ayi~g with the help of goodI Legio~ Auxiliary passes. He asked ~layton Peber-] to :instil~ ir~ the y(mth of Amer- son and Bud Cortner to assist himi a a love of God an~ ~. in dem(mstrain, g ~e four basic l &baron and Bet~ wi.l'[ spend the passes---the chest, hook, overhead, ] of June 9 to 16 act ~s and fitve side,arm. He ~x)ld several They wfl be housed i.n~m~g examples fihro~gh his As we are leaving the farm we will have a Clean-Up Sale on the farm Mile East of Ionia, Kansas, Commencing at 10:00 O'Clock A. M., i FARM MACHINERY MISCELLANEOUS 1960 I. H. C. No. 460 Tractor, used less than 2,000 Gardner 6-in. portable Irrigation Pump with power hours, is fully equipped and with Power Steering take-off; Some Irrigation Pipe; Cement Mixer; Four Rugged Plies of Nylon 1952 Super H, I. H. C. Tractor Hand Corn Sheller; 1,000 bu. Steel Bin on Skids; USe-TVPe for Maximum Strength -- Safety. 1958 Gleaner Baldwin S. P. Combine, equipped with 250-gal. Gasoline Tank; 3 - 8 ft. Stock Tar.ks; ] Diene Rubber for Extra Long cab, lights and extra gas tank. This combine is in Wagon Water Tank; Pump Jack; Tractor Hay [ Mileage Over Any Road. A-1 condition. Buck; Cattle Oiler; Hog Oiler; 2 Steel 14-fk Ga ; [ Jam 1949 Allis Chalmers, 6 ft- combine Tractor Mounted Jet Weed Sprayer; 2 - 10 fk ' "L" Nation-Wide Road Hazard 1959 John Deere 10 xl6 Drill with power lift on Corrugated Tubing; Platform Scale; 1,000 Hedge : 6uarantee. rubber and Press Wheels. Posts; 75 Steel Elec. Fence Posts; 1 Elec. Fencer! i 1961 10-ft. IHC tandem disc on portable transport. 12-ft. Ladder; 16 x 10 ft. Tarp; Bridge .Planks, i 1961 16-ft. IHC Spring Tooth Harrow with carrier. Telephone Poles; Several Rolls Slat Cribbing; w ,veS i ( / ( / 19611HC 3x16 in. Plow, high clearance tnr hyd. lift Hog wire and Barb Wire; 6 Feed Bunks; Hog 1960 IHC 3x14 in. Plow (good) Troughs; Panels; 2 Tank Heaters; Comfort Cover 1959 6 ft. M and M One-Way on steel, for 460 IHC Tractor; 525 Bales Oat Straw; Seve .'.,;'::,..: 1951 lO-ft. Krause One-Way on rubber. New Sheets of Corrugated Steel Roofing; Wind- ,., \ / 1955 Farm Hand Complete with hay bucket, foragerower for 7-ft. Mower; Few Bales Alfalfa and fork and manure scoop. Brome Hay; Used Lumber; A L xge Assortment of 1958 I. H. C. 7-ft. tractor mounted Mower with hydl. Shop Equipment Used in Farming Operation of WI DE EGTION O 1958 John Deere, 3 Sec. Rotary Hoe, heavy duty, 1200 Acres. ' : :: GOOD USi'D TIRES... 1959 IHC, 2-row weeder; 1958 IHC 2-row lister; MANY OTHER ARTICLES TOO NUMEROUS 1956 IHC 2-wheel rubber tired manure spreader. TO MENTION tro two Dempster, 10-ft. Duckfoot, 4 See. Drag Harrow HOUSEHOLD GOODS M J $1EI IHC 12-ft. Dump Rake with remote control Gibson Electric Refrigerator, 9 cubic ft. , an 2 ' 4 wheel trailers with flared boxes Speed Queen Washing Machine with electric motor Hay Rack, GeM Feed Grinder. 5-ft. tumblebug Round Oak Duplex, wood or coal; Oil Burning ANY SIZE ANY TYPE scraper; IHC 2-row Stalk Cutter; Heater; 2 Dressers; 3 Beds; Upright Piano; Dining Grain Elevator, 36-ft. with motor and on transport " Room Set (buffet, table, 6 chairs) ; Bedroom wheels; Flat-bed machinery trailer Chest and Dresser; Overstuffed Living Room Sofa:' The Above Machinery Has Been Shedded and is inand Chair; 1 Library Table; Console Radio TIRES MOUNTED \FREE/ ~ Enjoy the Voice of Firestone Eveq Sunday Evening over ABC Tdevision , ' Euery new Firestone tire is I ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE honored at over OUARANTWED ] . |. Against defects in workman- t, n m all 50 States and Canada and materials for the,i,,[ 60,000 Ioca o s the original treas. | 2. Against normal road hazards | PLUS Famous Firestone L/FETIME ~UARANTEE encountered(except repairablein everydaypUnctureS)pas- II senger car use for the number I of months specified. | YOU know what yog're getUng when you buy l~t#$fO~e Replacements prorated, on t..mdi wear and based on nst prices I m, , k current at time of adjustment. I Get the famous Firestone Town & Country Mud and Snow Tires at a new all-time low price, also Truck and Tractor Tires at L # Very Good Condition. BUILDINGS 48x38 ft. Double Corn Crib with 12 ft. leanto shed 36x36 ft. Large Barn with 14 ft. leanto shed 40x28 ft. Garage and Granary 80x26 ft. Hog Shed with hollow tile floor 12x8 ft. Brooder House; 6x8 ft. Small Granary Portable 2 Unit Hog House; 32 ft. Feed Rack. A 60x30 ft. tin covered Machine Shed in the City of Ionia. This building is on a tract of land 126x33 ft. and will be sold together or separate to suit the buyers. In Case of Bad Weather, Sale Will Be Held TERMS--CASH DeLaval Cream Separator with motor; Several Odd Chairs; Children's Toys; Baby Stroller and High Chair; Outdoor Swings and Slide Set; Other House. hold Articles. MANKATO, KANSAS The New Franchised Firestone Dealer For Thk Area. TRUCKS 1961 Chevrolet -Ton Pickup with Oversize Tires and grain side; actual mileage, 10,000 miles. .... 1958 Chevrolet 2-ton truck with 16-ft. box, fold down stock rack and hydl. lift, in A-1 condition, 2-speed axle, Omaha Bed. 1953 G. M. C. 1-ton, dual wheels, Omaha Bed stock rack HERMAN RAMAKER, Auct. the Following Thursday April 18 LUNCH STAND BY IONIA W. S. W. S. LADIES O # CITIZENS STATE BANK OF JEWELL, Cl i'k Not Responsible in Case of A ident . .. 4