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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
April 2, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 2, 1964

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Nebel, da~er of Warren Nebel, was the American Leg, ion 3~8 to rt~pre~n~ Gdr.l~ S~te on a~ L~wre~ce the week 7~14. She is sect- the G~ Y ou~ Or- Leland days a.t L~-~avct ] the ~t~ ~osp~ for ob- ~ se~. He came h~ne Thm's- ~Wi~t; J. W. IAecz- ctaT ~. ,be~g~; N~,~ ~; W~araL J.W. Cl~el~zc~ev acid ~ P. C. Rm~k; (Max ~Derowi~ch; M igord M~er~ were ~ Has~gs on Ost; L~le S~rin~r; J~ck Kruse; ~da?. Ga, fl Jo~e~; I-~ugh Williams; ~i Dr. ~pd ,Mrs. C. S. Hershner at- Ayers; I)oy~e Silsby; Russet,1 Levy- ~ded~. he Bur~ Oak ~ Star is; Taylor Clark; Cl~ford ~; 7~t~ Arm~versac~y or~ Tuesday even* Loren ~; C. H. Fro~t; Phil ing at Burr Oak. Bl~ea; T~eron Wi~; Brad Judy; Mm. ~'Yeda B~ack az~d '~I:vs. S~e Frank Gentry; Albert W~a~t; BaH and (Mrs. Loret~ Br~tcher of 1V/~aw De~; Pete Ju~iom; ~a~'v- Ca, Port Ci4:y, Colo., spe~t Thursday ey ~:,go; 'Wirer Scni~h; J,a~nes ~tav- m ~gs. ~vs. B~l~ck ~ M~-~ in; C.l~y~n Aul; JL_mior Mev~us- ~a~er visited ~t ~e Guy H,a~- en; ~ie Zad~rm.; W~,rd Me~tler; cock home and Mrs. Ba~l ~t ~m A~ber*t Groves; Her~y Heetke~. Richard F~hod~ home. There seems to be a ,lot o~ c~t~e Verle iUwdevw~xi is ~rmining mov~,r~g ~h~ last week w~h p~ces on vno~t classes w~n~g lower. A ~ot of .people .fhough ~t would be ~e ~ther v~ay a~t~ ~ve ~=~l receiv- ed :the ,moisture a ~eek ago. Fa, t ca~le seeva :~o *be ~Tm~Me ~ ~ain Rn?f ,strength, arud ~'te '~tg~r this WeP, d car~i~ues d~e mare bearing it w~ll ~,~e on veplacecneat ca~fle. 11% ~f ~e ~beef c(m~mme~ in ehis cot~tr-~- is ~ted, and ,1hey us ~his per cer~t v,d.ll be l~gener next year ~nl~ somel~g is done ~bc~t it. See you in the ~u~tion Frir~y. VAIL ~K:X~N'WOCK d~av~a~m, Kay. ESBON NEWS ~y MRS. RAYMOND AVIS,ON W~vk B~ket Ct~b ~vt Tuesda$ ~i,t~ ~f~ns. Zla WhR~ey. ~Iy~ ~ck~e and Mrs. Mende~a~l were s~pp~ Th~r~ ~he ~ ~ari~. She d~y m ~. ~e School a juror ~r~ hi~$h school, o~ the Junior and takes ott~ee activities. at give a It~ter ~ in ~ae year. ~tar~tley, Mrs. J~aes S~, aRe~na~e, ~ if to w~l re~reser~ She had J~k~r pla~, is ~mnS~ Legion Aux~ I~gkm r, w~ called to order (m Mm. ZalM Sh.arp, lat {)odd, aO~gOhap- we~e ~i~tted. As avld T~ .~r~a ~o~t ~ed tl~ ready Mrs. 11,2 1~s. ,to the a~l M.~. th~ ~S T~m off was sent So ~e Save The The Unit ~I~ used ck~hi~g, arid all who ~ ~iven the c~es ~vho came No de~e. tofl~e ~ ss r~t were Va~se~t Ibr we were ssk- mo~ raowry f~r Cheer a motic~ was made amd w~ read. The ~',e Eslxm Cl~ ~f 19f~4 ~r~ "N ~d; Clla.~ 8 ma~ ~2 Srd eech af M~s Day ~o meet Ap~t~ ~ arid Mva ~. Mrs. Elsie M~s. ~ D0d~ mad Mrs. N~-~,.e serv~l a 1~. a~ Carl Sapp took ~eir ~r. aml Mm. Ed Sapp, ~ ~M~x, to ~,end ~ fur~ s hrothe. T. R. Smith r~z~rked Thtms- ~t Yzms~g's Stare. d~aok Baker raoved Fvida~ ehe Smiv~hower ~ So the house he bo~gh~ east of mein ~treet. ~Mm. Frances ~ and Jim- my, and Mrs. J~ Wilson and ~}na spen~ ~ i~ Sr~h CeB~e~. My. and Mrs. ~ Kathy were d~rmev g~s of Mr. and Mr. ~d M~ H. ~ ~, s~e~d- ed ~e Ikm~ o~ Mrs. Fmmy F~ch ~t ,IV~,~s~o, Salamla~ after~0on. ~. essiear~ ~ a s~er4a-]~v of Lav/~. Rt~y B~iz~ papered f~ M~. T. R. Srn~ ~t wee~ ~.v. and ~VIr~ J~m W.i~m Th'Ja were tn Smi~ ~ Sa~xa-- P~ (:Bo~ ~o see ~m d~t~r S~t- Mr. avxl Mrs. J~m W~lso~ Tm~ Mr. aa~l ~m~. Ed ~ v~- her ~, ~ Julia Meyer, Sm~tay ~'temo0~ ~t fl~e ~mene of F}orecce Noller. ~r. a.nfl M~m. ~ Bev~oi were glfff ~thters te~t Fr~ey ~ ~o Mm. B~ker's paveats, Mr. trod ~V~rs~ ~ l~ew'etl af ~ 0~ Mr. and ~s, were: ~r. and fl~Irs. Mr. end Mms. Leo ~aler aud Mx. acd MI~. I.twtm Hume~ m~d ~m'n~ly. Emlelm un~l~e I~ c~a~e ~ s~e has the nmesl~. ~r. ertd MPs. Cleude Frost leR W~y ~ for So "~I~ ~ sdster awd fan~:ly. {M.v. a~l ~_m. Deen B~-ter and J~ck ~ home. dirmer gue~ af Mr, ~d ~m~l Joy were: The Bob K~dl~ are rnov~g ~o Gan~t ~ ~he~ l~e will w~k in EXCLUSIVE AN LE BRACED LUGS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! REPORT extren~y ~ge m~ on a, 25c ,to 5~ The Pig market was a bt=t st~ were l~ de- beer~ w~g ek. Bo~ stea~, b~t classes off c~le ave w~th mt~h buyer set v~ Steers ~ ~o $26.90. w~th ~o $23.oo. Steers ot=t ~t f~r $23.50. Steers ~ Iowa ~f ! ~i~a mad se~in~ on~ ~ El~c~ ~he y~r ~ is sc~.ecluled bY ~e as preside. ~e is very pavt~ to ~!Boa~d, ~ wh~x he xv~ imme- East ~la Mot~-~" CA~b. M~iss I~0~mso, hon~rm~ ~, awd ~o ~e can p~pareidi~t~hr ~, He said ~tere C~erer~e ,is essoci~ l~X)fessor of ~t Wa.~&burn, and yeas ve~ataibles ,a~ we~l as ~ey c~m. !were orgy 7 registered l~pub]~m~s ma~ih~ e~ ~as~bv_vn, U~iver- surer for ~ yeaws." A~d whether we ~ GLr~er ~eef, !in his, precir~ot, but ~e ele~ siO~y ~ ~ mem,A~ of ~e percy ~liss ~, WhO is ~n ChickeaC,how M, eLn (~hichI usediM~h 3 brought 7570 ~u~nvu~t of c-x~e. She was g~rad~a~d ~er~t ~,~wasa ~ ~n ~" ~), Shvi_mp 11,10 registered, .but fl~ere weave 22 i f:vom Wash~n~ a~d eb~med her her of ~e ~ H'~h. ( I-I~w~, Cashew NUt C~Acken.~r~C/OP v~es Cr~ ll~t ~iclmasfm~'s degree at ,the Un~versi~W facu~W. She .'l~s ~ ~me Chop Suey, it was ~.,w~ys very l~o~d. [of ~. ~hi.s eerramm~ty, wtm are gcce~ choice, N always ~heve was ~ioe] ~ I This mmm-,e~ she w211, f~ ~ read about her co~med su ~,ertd~, g trp w~th,,~e~r provezi>- Story Concerning Miss Laura I third time, divoc~ ~he Saxm~er Ma- ia~ J~r~am~ (X~vi~s'. t.me ~f ~3ese Greene In Sunday's CauBal , ~aema~cs Insti~te at W~tshbuvn CARD OF THANKS will do for 4~he quote of ~he dash:! ~ vehich is Ix) i~ga~uct ~achers from ~ we ave mov~g to AI~ .v e:yI The on.w g on ine j ior higa over a to m e}~ery, calmrm~w; a 1~ t .,,s~t~liss I.~,u~ Green~ was pr~n~cl ,in i~ N~e new me~ds of ~teaching everyone fur ~he free bus~e~. ~ a c~l~TltW m ev~y ~~y. ]~e ToIml~a Daily Cap}t~l Sunday, ~ while in Mank~%o. I ~1~__ wa~ ~at~gh~m Whi~e, who waz to ~ tV~arCh 22: "Fhe New ~V[wthema~ics lY~ss Greene ~s a member of ~he ~h.a~,k Mr. ~ mml ~ e~ bare a sm~hl ~umGr remSved from]will be ~0he subject o~ ~VIiss ~ state scho ,]azsh~p comm3ttee of the kindness sb0~-n me whi~te bi.s ~Nh cheek in a New O~le~ms[Greer~e's t~k at 8 p. m. Wed~e~- Del, ta K~ppa ~a, hon~ary ca'- p)oyed in their Sh~. ~ hopsi~l on F~b. 17, seev~ ~o have [ day at East Ir~iano]a satmol. This ga~d~ion for ~eacbers, and served --Ron C_~lv;~ay. ~oveved, both from ~he opera- [ w~ be ~ one ~g meeting of as six y~a~s as treasurer and two ! ~Mrs. Je~e 'I~m~ w~s a ~tm~y dmaer g~test of Mr. and Mrs. AI. be~t F~e a~ ~ Mr. arm Mrm M~v~u, sh~ey and t~m~r m'~d Mm. ~tt~el Sl~pley ~d a~Iax~,~e spent Sund~y et the I.ot~ ~ lmme ~t Burr Oak. Me. a~d Mrs. Howard Co~ off dew~n of W~. D.C., Mr. ~nd Mrs. Ra~art ~n m-M ~., at ll~e Vel~ae tl~e measles. I ~I~s. Jack Baker ~ sen, 'Mrs. }Bill Baker av~ da~ug~ers, and Vieky'~urgess were ~ smirch C~rtt- [er, S~t~rdaT,,, a~,tevneon. 1 '$&r..avid ,Mrs. J~m Wilson and Tirm were in Seni~ Ce~-, Satur- day. ,MJr. and Mrs. R. Arisen and Shirley we~ in Le~ on busfi- tress ~, afternooat. Jack ,Baker 'bo~ t~he Haeger~ property east of {M~i~ Street ~t auction ~tttrda~. E~a ~[~arle Kermedy, Jill ~d James, o~ Coneo~i~ spen~ ~e week~ w,i, th her nm~er, Mrs. M,r. and aVI.rs. Nm,v'e K~med~ mad ,Mr. ~ tIrs. D0a Fogo and sen were Sunday ~ guests ~t ~e Dick C~l~t~ay home. aWrs. Jermie ttun~nger and Pesgy off Bm~ Oak spem Sunda~r a~ ~dhe Jack ~aker heine. Violet's (M~ reeei~ed a eo,'~t of pa~t Sund~y ~aCet~,m. ~iV~r. ~ ~. ~ley UP~der- wood, ~h'. and ~ t~i~tx>n Unde~ wood az~ famtb,, ~r. awd Mrs. BOb F~ks o~ .,Topeka, ~d ,Dale U~,~wwood of ~, Wash., were Sunday .guest~ ~'t ~e ~na'vy Cole, Jr., ~home near Kensir~,~ma. Sh~le~ p~sed, a~ay SuB- ai~h~ abo~t 9:30 P. M. at ~e Nursing Home in Red C~ou~ ~s. Sarah Baker c~l~ed Mvcd~y moPrgng ~n ~. I.~ra Svnid~. Word comes fz~n Joes, C~i~., ~zat Mrs. C~za~les ~ vass- ed ~ Jan. 2~. Mrs. 2~h~m~n was ~he tom~Jev Mkm~e Dodd, b0~ misott on a f~vn a few miles ,rtort~ ~f ,~b~L Her ~ttsbend was a broker off ~ ~ W~a~e 'llh:ompeo~ ~ t~s place. She carae M-~. ~ Yapp af Da,]~s, Ore. faa'ni~ was arnm~ the early setllbers ~f Jewe]~ c,3~'rty. OBSERVA'I;[ONS ~y MR& IRA ~ w~rrg 1246~ Woodskte Stomata, O~if. Wea~er: ~ a~ my tta~y aotes, I ftr~. ~t ~ e~ive ~ of Febaxma~ Ires bee~ al~ar, rai~, though s~m~es a cl~a~y morn, qu~e cool ~t ~r~s, ~r~d v~m ~'s '~l", ~e daffy youn~ ~ ~ ~ba~~m by i'~aek- ~=er ~o pieces ~th a pa~ v '; "Lady ~am~gle~ and saws tm ~he b0dy az~l ~a=~ eml eve~. ~e was bim~e e~mgh o leeve a doubt lit it~e ~ off mere. Yes, even our e~zir~er~ l'ms' been cmu~, for Eel S~t~iv~., ~t tram Er~g~ad, to d~p~ay fur his 'IV ~u~ierme. ~ reanfl~m ~o tlze' "Bea~les" was a~o 'kmust~" f~rn ~he ~ of ~he ".high sc'ho~ ege ~1~ ~o ,~e ~ grovel ~e ~t~r ~vlm ssM ~t w~ Eng- T~ Pa~. But~'IWye~ Id~d see} n~r ~, ~md sa'mmnlr~ ~ I ~ t~'tnm,,et~, do a very ~ m~s~c d~. I Quite ~ was ~he ~- i of l~r. az=l tmby le~t ~t ~he cam, e~ to he mls., were Mr. end ed by @~e mw~ ~re ~ ~i~k m~l s~n and A doze~ ar m~e ~g~ sdm~ Emery Calla~v~y t~ ~n, Km,~s. gir~ ~ ~he Imrt ~e n~$, I Mer~n Roge~ ca~nt in ~e after- ~ ~e entt~ 10v0dUvt~0~ was Spar~h. Of course, ~ cot~ t=tiev- l (Mr. a~l Mrs. 1=~ Smith and 8tsr~d ~vy few a~ t~e wca-ds, but dsy, to see ~ d~ ~bout Pet's ~ta~ (Mr. ~ Mva Guy Ball c~AAed et ~; trot ~ llk~e ~r. m'~ Mms. '~ ~ a nude ~md ~lo~. av~I e~.ou~ of Wa~, D. C., v~ited Mr. ~ f~r a ~ ~ ~o ~,~l Mrs. ttow~.r,d COle on ~ beard et ~ ~ne.~'Itw~ ,lines off. alas' aft~. settling ~bles where you can steer Mr. and ~_r~ ~ Freer end wi~ ~ af ~veriety, ~ ~s. Pearl Wf]~r~ ve~2~d ~m Gene on dow~ ~ ~e SO f~h ~rjr~h a J~mso~ ~m~l~ ~t Bepublic, Sun, cold raeat dlioe ca- ~ ~icloe~ dar a~t~. ! You ='e ~ ~o "rak-v a~l, .Tyu .w t. ,hue you eke". t x~u may regee~ ff you wi~h. but w~ ~ piate ~]ed so high by ~fmst have bee~ ~ dozen or mo~pe ~f yau ~equL,~ de~sevt, ~,~t- ! ~e maim rne~l was ,o Th~ w~ek the ~st wes i~r dif- e~e \ ...if it doesn't outpull and outwea. any other tractor tire in America... OUR PLEDGE The Super-Torque reef tra.ctor tire is guaran. teed to have better traction longer and to wear longer than any other rear tractor tire you have ever owned, including the original tires on your tractor. 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