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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
April 2, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 2, 1964

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(.)Ltr Amerioan [cokmy wouki bav,e more than half lhe cars, the leleviMcm .get:s, he air conditi()ner:, and lrlod,eFn eo~ven- iencez of all kin, ck~ 300 cff l:he people in our tc~wn would be whih_'; the o~her 700 would be nor:- white an:t 300 would be (?hr'ks- ,Qafls, 700 1A'ouId have other re- ligious ,beliefs - or none a{ ;ill. Our Am(,iqcan eo!ony would live ]oll~[er - all :tL:ora,ge ;: C('l]',iU'ic:S l?c}lH:d OUIS: ',St] ~H'< t>; Vv}i:q'(~ pP:'p]'.' i i ::':i ',3' ire bt the ~t:ne A~te \.V }m~,(" ',}lh12s th.a{ i:l:" t::n .' g~rden spot. - That ,t~nm is past. :t ta w:.: {n{,ir ai'ns and are - We old timers still ,r,:joy {he laste : leter:'~d by mlr quite obv:ou~ Best corn rootworm control now costs less Diaz:- en 0 0 tl) I) "-" Diazinon~" 14G, the new, more-concentrated Diazinon granular insecticide, now brings you the best and safest control for re- sistant corn roolworms at a much lower cost per acre. comes in direct: contact with the seed. Available in fertilizer Diazinon is the only resistant root- worn] insecticide that you can order in your starter fertilizer Controls other soil insects Diazinon can be used to control wire- worms and cutworms as well as root- worms. Protect your crop with Diazinon... the soil insecticide with proven per- formance and new economy, Gelgy Agricullural Chemicals, Division of Geigy Chemical Corporation, Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, N. Y. @ With the new low price of Diazinon 14G you can take advantage of the top rootworm control for only a few extra cents per acre. And because it's highly concentrated, it takes only 7 pounds per acre to do the job. Already proven on hundreds of thousands of acres of midwest corn, Diazinon offers a combination of ad- vantages unmatched by any other re- sistant rootworm insecticide. Better protection.., more corn Diazinon treated corn out-yielded corn treated with any other recommended rootworm insecticide by 7 to 9 bushels per acre in Univ. of Nebraska tests. Safest to handle Diazinon Js the safest rootworm insec- ticide to handle and apply~including the soil insecticides you have boon using for 10 years. Safe to your seed Diazinon is safe to tom--even if it 6eigyw Diazin0n,__. Marie Morris, 488; Pat Seirer, 45[); i'~elarKal~et Bern:eft, 442. Pitch Individuals, Single Game: Pat Setter. 200: Marie Morris, 193: Cora Car'.or, 185. '. FRIDAY NIGHTERS LEAGUE W L Jewe]l Coun,ty Co-op 76 44 \Va~ner Drug St:u'c 69 51 Farn: Bureau Ins. 60 60 Superior Motor Pari,~ 5{) 61 Speed Wash 56 60 Mohters Service 36 80 High Individuals. Three Games: R)ma Crrout. 497; Geneva Itiltgen, 469; Dee McCo!lum, 462. }{i.e.h Individuals, Single Game: Gt,neva Hiltgen, 202: [{oma Grout, 184; Nyla Berg, 179. Gambk"~ 32:5 79:5 itigi: Individuals, Three Games: I)uane Stroup, 536; Gene Meekvr, 530: Art Borg, 509. High Individuals, Single Game: Gcne Meeker, 222; Frank t{edden, 264: Duane St:~)up, 199. REDSTONE LEAGUE W L tVtau~h Gas & Oil 76 40 L & t> t,,,c.c~r:c 66 50 Kramer Furniture 63 53 1 Boogaa:'ts 61 55 [ Swupe 49 67 t Dohus Bakery 33 83 High Individuals. Three Games; P, ob (L.~o:tcyon, 573; Clare nco L~>u'nin of the State Elementary School Flna.:we fund. accodring to a report frtm: "he office of State Supu2"i:F, enc]cn~ >f Public h~:ruc- uon. AtZ1 F. Throckmorton. First pLt3*11]('ill of the fund vfas m,ade ill D~c'omber. The March distribution for tile entire state totaled $9,062.- 166.28. Of that amoun,: the indi- vidua/ count.,, dis'ribution was as f~>]'.:,ws Elem~& Iligh 76 ........... $11.012.46 Elementary Jt. 1 ....... 3.363.79 3 .............. 7.394.10 .8 ........ 1.311.75 53 ................ 1.608.26 91 .......... 660.66 i 98 ..... 4.764.05 J:. 150 ........... 658.48 155 ............... 737.37 159 .......... 2.567.11 (its 1.869.16 One Teacher I 1(14 ......... 34',3.8i 155 ............... 786.67 Total .... $37.077.67 James ttills of Mankato, rigm. I ~s a graduate of an eight-weeks: short course in farm rnanagemen,[I ~Rcn at Kam'as ~tate University,I Marflm~tan. He is one of 82 your:gl Ka~as farmers who part.ie!p~i,ted in l the course-~first cf its kind ,to be offered at K-State. Shown wk'h ttil]s is Jack V. Baird. Exten~.~l~ agronomist a"ho was one of Hil.~ class instructors. The special trail[ in, g was sponsored ,by ,the Extent s:on Service, Co!le~e c'f AgricU." rare, and the Agricultural ExP-er!" men: Station (>f Kansas ~tate Unr versity. " ...... II I I III GET IT! During the yevr you have meny expenses d:,.qt are ded=c::ble. But ii: you don't kaep c:n i cccurate record, they are easily forgoftem It's simply money out of your pockcf - Pay by check and you have a comp!e.% !'-: c ," i expznse. And if you don't, for your ov,,n Fro- i teci'ion you would ba wise to open an accovnt , ~efore another week goes by. First National Bank MANKATO, KANSAS Money Order.s - Personal Loans Installment Loans - Insurance of all kind~ Fidelity and Surety Bonds Western Union Money Transfers Americfin Express Travelers Check~ Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corl~oratio~ F. E. Falr, IPres~ent Nita E. Fair, Vlee.l~'~ Lowell O. Ya~er, Vle~l~e~. L. M. Wool, Dlreelor Miriam A. IKnlsley, ~ _ D. ilL. Baleh, Caitiffs' Blanche ~ ~ Caslder 1Hiill, Boolkkee~r ]PAIL I~dlrr, ]~ookkeol~f I O1LIlilll'l ll.liltl ~ Ilr~ltll,:l,i r~ll'l~'~, Ill