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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
April 2, 1964     Jewell County Record
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April 2, 1964

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8ale m Mattab at 8ale Ba~ Eve2y N~4d~ J. ,ewell NO, ANNOUNCE FOR COUNTY OFFICE A List of Candidates, Who Are Announcing For County Office This Week, Are Printed Below FAYE ANDERSON ANNOUNCES FOR ~[~UNTY TREASURER I am a cm'~lidaCe for reelection C.o~,ty, sub~ct to the w~ll ~the Republi~r~, votem at the h~v~t primary. Your vo~e ~pport w~l be apprecia~ted. -- ~'~aye Anderscm ~a~s. ~aye A~derscm is a na~ve ~l]Jewell Cottony. mad has lived in eli her fi~e. She m.u~ht paul1 in @~s coun*~y ~ 14 year~ aye aud R~lph were leaders in Club work ~ar seven yea~, SeT worked l~ge~r in the ~b~ ir~ ~amiall for a er of ye~. Mrs. Anderscm ~~ her ~i,mt te~m as ~m- ~ th~s court, and will a~- Pre~a,te your v~. CARL WESTIN ANNOUNCES COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT I am a ~te for .the nmnixm- for the of~ee ~f County Super- ~tencler~t of Public Ir~ruc~dor~ or~ ~t~e Democ~c subject ~o the vote o~ the a the August p~. . Y~ur ~ suppo~ w~II car~l~ be appr~A~t~ed. -- Elanl, A. We~i~ ~Lr. Wes~ is m~ ex~porieaoed ~hev aad ,~. ~ ,He several years in the oour~y being ~ C~mCy I-~ has perfumed duties of th~s ~ in an end Quaker Choir To SLug At Burr Oak Few ehoir~ ~n the coun!ry pre- sent a m~re "~a~ied mu.~ca.1 pro- g~am ~a~ does ~e SymphoRic Ghoix o~ Fvier~ds U~,iversity, W.ic~- ita, Karts., popular~lF ~own as ~he "Sir~g~g Qual~ers". 2~e choir will be heard in a program of ~val music ~t ~Burr Oak High School on 2~pnLl 10 a~ 8:00 P. M. This versatile s,ir~ir~g org~n~a- tion~. trader ~he ~rect~on ~f Dr. Cecil J. ~iney, opened ~his year's season width ~ ~ion ~f J. S. ]IOBEET H. MEYER ANNOUNCES FOE qX)UNTY ATYORNEY repa~ a ~ ,tr~ w~her ~Ii the w~ ~I ~ill be a mm~daCe ~cr ~,e A~ea~eep~..vaaf ammdsk~n ~mmir~t'kmfar ~hv~iceof coun~ in ~ W4fich was'~ ~o of JeweR Cour~ u~ fhe ~he d~t stmm~ of the thirtl~ ~ket, subject ~o ,the uf ~e vu~m ~t d~e August Mr. andMra S.R.~c~ Yau~ v~e ~ ~i~m~t ., Mx. ~1 ~av~Im~0 ~ in awo~er f~ls who are ~ the of~eco~n~tomI~'t1"~n j~,r_dnd~mes M~s. ~ Lamb m~l the ~ pr~aa~, were SLmday ",dirmer gue~ a~d Mrs. I.a~.b. M~r. m,~d &LVIN C. FALL, JR. l~ay ~. C~.ne of Dlg~lip~bu~g &NNOUN~q~S FOR, ' OOUN'I'~ CLlmK ~I~. a~, Mrs. J. C. LeB~v amd C. F~-~, ,Iv. ~ him ~ Helen ~ ~mmed lmme .em~l~cy ~ re~ectto~ to ~h~ ~ ~ week ~ Po~t ~ey, F~ me~f coum~ clerk ~ Jewe~ rtdawheve~e~s~ewt the emm-~y, sub~ovt ~o ~ w~ter. Miss S~ffurd joined them ~ms at ~e ~ere m~d t0ge~er ~ey viatted ~r.~C" fmends i~ ~!~ p~ ~e ts mmdm~ aflame ver~ e~tem~. ROGERS ANNOUNCES PROBATE JUDGE am~ vm~d~is~ Com~, ~ot in ~e wal vol~m ~ ~e ism~ ~ ~ske~ c~e of ~ hi~ ~resem ,office, Mr. Roger_ ",~as a ~c~cl teacher end coach and ~ter o~e~ed ~e ele-,,at~ in fvr ~everal yem~ He has ~e eU~,p~c~t af friends l,n ~I'1 parts of ~. L. ZADE ANNOUNCES FOR SHERIFF I mn a cm~t~.te tbr *he nmmLrm- as ~eri@f of J e~e~ County, to ~e v,~n ~f ~e P, ePUb- voters a ~e August p~rrm~. wf~e arid suptx~ w~l'l be a~- ,,- W. L. Zade. Zade is m~ e~e~ienced ~w omcer. ~ ~ he He h~ Jewel votm~ t~. He worked f~r two tem~ ~n . ~t ~e A~L~t ~nmm. I~o~ R~GIm~R O1~ ~e a~eas aud a Wit ~t the home ~. ~ M~ I1~i~ 1~1~, g~l~ of ~ov. ~I~D. ~ wi, ll ~ve em~ ~onday mmv~g to vk~ his ta~e ~ ~ ~xm~sco, who ~ ill. lle ~ ~ ~rly f~ay ram~. In~ ~r ~e ~e~ce8 a tx~h Mm~- ~.~ ;]ga~r wi~h her dau~er, ~, 1964 TWELVE PAGES Counh Spellin Contest M0nda ] t County Spelling Contest & Annual Meeting of Teachers and Schoolboards of The Cotm, ty SpeWing Cor~test venal be he~d in ,M~n~a~o lVIc~da~r, A~i 6th at 9:15 a* ~ae schooli buikiir~gs. The wirmers w~ be an-i rmtmced a* the ~ Mee~v~g of Teachers and Sdh~x~boar~ in the ~tern~a at 1:45. ~on of Avthu~ ~VIJi~ch_ll Address ................... Dr. La Diet L. S~aven, Assistant Professor of Education, Fo~t I-I~s Karm S~te CoDege l~tat~o~ of 1.964 SpP_~ir~g Wi -- Carl A. Wes~n, Co. Sul Pre~ml~imx of Oath Awards ...... Dee~n ~Uster, P~esidvm Maz~ka Cornmer~al Club ~siness Meeti~ .. l~ton Ooape COUNTY SOIl. CONSERVATION INFORMATION By Clyde Reed, Jewell County Work Unit Conservationist Bach's majestic three-hour choral 22he progrmn ~ the a~ l:h'esid~g ]~L~ion, "The Chri~unas Ora- Itorio ', ~th g~.est s~lois~s ~nd or- m~: Electi~ of o~f/vers and State D , ohestra. In ad~on to ~he ora~ri~, M~s~c Selec~iw.s ............... Manka~o te@a~es. Grassed waterways are a basic the ~ each year prepares ~vo ~VLusi~ ,DepartaTm~, under d~vec-, con,s~x,aion practice and, like ~e roof c~ your house, need ~o b~e campl~te concert programs. The ~ in good repair. ~ is [ ~ tour program to be pre-I Bob Harris Will Teach At [ Office Of Cotuaty ~ of year to d~ ~er~ted ~rtd~y, April 10, will rmt i Mountridge .Next Year Superintendent ~-~0~2.~r~g. A f~ loader only ir~ck~de some of ~he grea~ be used to br~g d~t and sod s~ered choral c~nposi~ions of the Bob Harris, Head Coach of all [ We had ocoas~on ~o see ~ w-a~rcvmy edges and" ~ in the past arid presen.t, b~t wi~l also fea~k~ w~h soloists, a penforrn- spo~ts a't ~I~ I-I~g~a School, tior~ berg made for the Jewe ~x~ck~ d~ches. This dirt ~ the~x ance of a ,group of u~msu~ly inter-kas resi@'ned to ~ the head I1w~a~ track and f~ld me be packed into the ditches wRh es~,h~nns and spirituals. ~ end ,track postiior~ ~t ~ be he~d Apr~1 2r~l. Supt. I~ the rotator wheels, ~e ~ H~gh SctmoI. He ,Bass ~ us ~ as he ehed Ni~a'o@e~ ~ertilizer hel~s w~er- w~ys. ~t w~l ~ay ~o put on u~ e ~fwgi_~g Quakers have con- will also assist Carm~ Oyr in bas- ed ov@r the ~ck m~d ~ ~0~ ~ ~o 100 pounds ~f N~troge~ per a~re. ce~ized ~ha~h~at ~e emile mid- we~t ~d have received e~th&k~ias- ketba~l. Cyr anti Hm'vis ~ arm~'~ meet. The track was ir~ Fe~il~zer w~.1~1 pay or~ old "~a~er- tie cc~-~ne~t from .their au&iermes fax~rn ~ We~leyen in 1966 e~lent c~diti~n and a most d~ w~ys ~k~o in ~ seed ~d v~bere they were members of the ~ra~le ~ ~Va'~l ~ ~ ~ i~ bay as we~ as lveepi~ the ~k~es ami music critics. The aun,u~l ivan's same a~Je~ic squads, s~e the oval ~a~tck. A cemer~ rm out ha~e ~ken ~he choral group into dVlbud~ldge is loca~l m~ High- ing ~ ~e e~If~ve ~ ~xm~e ~mss seed ~ould a~ every area of the Un~ way 81 betweert M~herson end pem~neter ~f the track. This is St~s a~d .in Ca~az~. On five oc- crop next stmm'm,r. caSiens the Cheer has ~ppeared wi~h Newton. I~ ~ms an ~ of~ ~ ~ ~cIl~ie~ found ~r~ a ~ requires ~ti~ of the WJchi~a Syrn~my O~chestra 232 s~ud~r~ and is a ~ o~ nca~ Kmmms ares. ~c/don ~ 100 pmmdS ~f Ni~oge~ per in operatic Imoductions. ~e ~V~id~vaas ~e. ~ t~is ~rack .and idtd years a$o v~ ~cre. ~.ve gr~se~ do r~t ~p0r~d A ~ree~i~ o~eri~ w~l,1 .be ~ak- will ,eaoh ~ H, im~"y ~kmg a ~ em~. IJmt M~ ~vom~ly to Ni~rog~ exert en ~t ~e concel~ to defra~ ex- w~im ~ atlflet~ a..~ig~meffR& 'da~ 24 ~ ~ se~ r~mes O~ ~it~a .g~s. ~~X~ of ~e ~av, ce. The ~ came to Mankato ~ the m m~les m~l o~ were ~ sv~itdi do magt midst of a 32 game ~ streak ~: ~o'be on han~. for the meet. pubfldc is inked ,to a~tend this u~- Ik~ba~. and his .team was ahl~ ~, ~ 30 w~e ~ i~ the sl~ g~n2~e use of ~ ~ co~l t~ual ~ concert ~f sacred win Wee games during his f~q~t~ pL~ (~mV even~ ~ b-eve rnav af weeds m w~ is text- music, year. ~ ove~' f~, co~dbAn~ c~ ~ ~a art hadh3a~ ra~c] by v~ is 23-16-1 and ~ ~~I ~ ~e size o~ this meet and the a ~ion ~. ,Mr, and Mrs. Glenn G~ou, St. it is 77-67. . 1 ~rav2kmA.~ rocei~e~. Last yeer tw be dar~ careb~y b~t it and Mr. and Ides. Clyde Suc~ 'A~rs. 'Harris has a~ resigned her] ~Dewey I.~d~r~X~d ~m tire i~ v0~xoRi~ weeds. O~ to*mined ,la.~t Wednesd~ ufter a ~sit~ ....... - -- -,teacl,~r. John iMP, Jewe~ C