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Mankato, Kansas
March 30, 1967     Jewell County Record
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March 30, 1967

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r for .J we1: Ala B/drs IIs. . ~ q [ ,,|/ /lca s overseas air arm 111 ; Jawall Places Second tra food until the party. ThsI breeding season causes a JEWEL ODY~e'~ Itw~i~ In State Indoor "iSiS" Msel apartment party room had ta,l brightening of the plumage. Thursday ~;,',.~,h ~~ ---- bles all over and that nightI Also, waterfowl are less war), 'Palm'1"~,;l~'S''" Jewell placed second in the very one appreciated the open l now than in the fall when gun- -"- " -""-" " Sat " B ....... a e B Indoor Track Meet fireplace, for the evening wasI ning seasons are open and you Homestead, Fla Staff ' hn~dt.atewMe~f?tot;e~ f~t~rid:Y , ~ Tnho~r:z:r.eN~ra;ey ,rg~i::~r ca~h:rodbraobulY ,:ft ~h:lO~a:tl?ek~ ~?~t F~rk' a~d ZMI~'~, d and Holyrood won the title of Anne, who recently reslgned/months has resulted in the Fred Zimmerman "of Rt [' with 18 points. I[ her secretaryship in the Chev-~ drying up or many potholes Mankato, Kans, has arriv'e~ The following boys placed [] rolet agency, and had gone] and lagoons which normally ~o~ duty at w,,=.,=,..,~ Aw,~a~ : - back into nursing full time;~ contain water in the spring. Fla .................. condeinlbroadnjump, e2i'5'e; some friends of former days, Thlshas concentrated the Sergeant Zimmerman, a, I Mike Nulty, first In 70 low : ~ when the Hougfitons resided in birds on remaining water aircraft nneudraullc teahnieia~ I | hurdles, 82" (new meet re- ~ ~,anoga Park, But what did J areas. Almost any lake or ..... ..... ., ,, n. ~... C IG6~'f'v~ 4q7 e~.v~ ~ 7*#U 6~UNe [ i ord): Jim Varney, Jewell, se- ~ my heart especial Joy waslPond which contains .water AB, Vietnam He it assil~ i | cond in 60 high hurdles, 8.1: ~ meeting old friends and rela.l will probably be hosting at to the Tactical Air Command 1 | Mike Nulty, 3rd in 60 yard ib,~" t/ves. The follow/ng were Man-~ least some ducks, which prov/des combat recent | dash, 6.7 ~ kate residents at one time', i Shore birds of several species naissance, aerial fi Imwer and i I Another Jewell County cam- ~ ..... Nita Anderson, college friend] are also being seen in marshy i assault airlift for U S Arm~ I | i petitor, Darrell Marr, of Esbon ~ ........... at Salina Wesleyan; Lila Stan-[areas and sandhill cranes arei forces ..... I, I i won fifth in the half mile with Cub Scout Wlnn rs In - ..... ley Scovel. and husband, Fred; I reported wending their way I The' s-r#eant is a .,,-,~,,-'- O Pinowooo I~rDy KICO -- o I'-"------ i a tlme of 2'.06.___._ i The Mankato Cub Scout win, Hmn~e~rri;;:s;AlasmaweM:G~lYn :~dl ~nCr:l~SttheshPa;ai:luep Saksi?'g~l of Manketo High School. i 'SPRING LAWN CARE ........ " was held in the basement of Marjorie Hastings; Elsie Gor-/time to shake off the winterl .. _ ....-"--'f-~--"~..' ' | I n.ers m me, Fmewoo.a Dervy J the Mankato Community Build. denier, well known in Manka[ doldrums and get out to enjoy I~:' a:a M;S. H.hE~t~VlV?: i | l Tl~e amount of time andl ~oaC~.i~1 p~u;:~ ~n~oVell:~ti ing Thursday, March 16th, to; Fred and Dorothy Chil-ithe spring show. i L;e corse 0, a,a .. i I I~:an/yo/pmentinte~alacWnls ;taaC: ~?ti;MRaa~keB~V~'h~;~nd?an~I !nThwi~/~.athF:t~rdSsnanp~Oj;~t co:t, ~oU:ion~,Ve~h~ a~dftFr~/ ~;I~: aLn:k~lo:~Ce:~:;Y / EM~nanKdanM::s HwilEI. A.Vi.n, i I [gering, The home owner is l Th ............ : ....... treys, maxe, the racing cars, Montrose area to settle near[ Dlghton -- Kansas newest l .... ~ .....' [ .ommrve ............ i = .a,;=, wm~. was e.~ereu I which are used in the contest ~..._.a.~. r,.I, ...... . ,.. r .,.... ioI.., lnomt,~rl l'n T.a.,~ I Lrlelr 'wm weoomg annlvarllry I I I proua oz a neauuzuJ ~awn ana j h.. "ll '~" ~"~--"- r,..~. ~...,. , , .-,~,.u,.~, ~,,-,.,; -o --~,- --~ o-~ ,-,,~o, .............. , .... ,7 - .,,~ ,v.,.,,~a~v ~,.u ~.-uu~, on ~unoay afternoon, April 3, . . I there is no secret formula for l ,,, l friends more recently made in|and Kiowa counties, were in. I ........... party, .nonor!ng ments for .!he party. She sent[ producing one but proper use l.. o I the west; Ellen, Mildred's oth-] spected last week by a team/.~o~., at t~.e Amer;can /,e.~lOa tlall in was .ne~a. m the ou~ attracuve mv/tatlons. All/of herbicides will give h/m a~ [I ....... /Aspegren of Burr Oak. Re- er daughter, and her friend,]of engineers from the United|2 ^. L,e~anon, ~ansas, r.rom. ' were]" freshments in a St, Patrick's Dean Keith, who labored vat- States Bureau of Sport Fish. :uu p.m. to ~:au p.m. A snort ntenoents office persons who visited the court head start on undesirable rlafl'l$on rot house Tuesda p g am will be given at 2 30 .t started at 2:30 welcome guests. I Crabgrass need not ruin yourl Mrs. Marshall iSishopI A special meeting was held ham; and I must not omlt) Oliver Gassw/nt, Pratt, fed. | "Y ............ = "--'" " ~ stream or ws/.tors In the above picture is shown I lawn, It can be controlled [ i March 15th at the home of the new bridegroom, Bernard ieral aid coordinator for tb. |auena. ~ o[flce throughout a group, who were enjoying]through the use of proper cul-| (Last week's news.) ] Connie Dunstan to elect dele- Young. My great grandson, JKansas Forestry, Fish a.d [ .... ~ ..... ~'. . . refreshments, when the photo-/tural and chemical practices./ Miss Phyllis Pettit was hon-~ gates to go to the Topeka Con-I Philip proved himself a spec/al|Game Commission. said that |_Y" a. ~].r ~-or.ces, TnSllar~-- were serve(] col-graphervisitedtheoffice. (Left/Once you find crabgrass tn/~r gues{ at a bridal shower/vention to be held April ~th.l additional host in looking attar/both lakes were constructed/awma~ ~.'Irst tAass T. 0. Mun- ~m~n!s, ana nuts. to right): Carl Westln, Mrs. ~your lawn It is not easy to k/ll|Monday evening at the Oak/Helen Howland and Nancy the guests, seeing they were|on a cost-sharing basis under[r" son or Mr. a.nd Mrs.. Finley I'- ma_~e the cakes VelmaCline,Don Modlin. chemically without damaging[ Creek Community Shower. | Higbee were appointed to see I well supplied with food, coffee lthe Dingell-Johnson Federal / aunr ~aanu~o, Kan_s., ~. ,ee Mrs ve~ma now on auty at U Tepee ~to al .... ~ Clarence Black, Even Hanson, desirable lawn greMes, so alMrs. Dew Stansbury planned|to a flower box to be built in] or punch. I think all enJoyedlAid to Fisheries program. Un-/ ........... " _ Y ~.ty county super~ and Mrs, Goldie Thorpe. control program should be]the entertainment after which | front of the Community LI. I the special party. I know ]lder the program 7~ percent of |,-nat tru, Tnauana. , ,~ue tne arran e o Airman Munro, an a, 'omea ,-ue me arrange-- ~ planned before the seeds germ-| she opened many lovely gifts. /hrary building. The AthenaI did,. . |the. total cost f the projects [ical specians~, ..... ~s a memoe~ o1~" ||f|-*"-'- Council have advance tickets inate. [Mrs. Robert Garrnan and Mrs./girls are also heading a Red l I 11 have to omit the nextJwill be reimbursed from funds] ........ ,,.,,nl ,, the L"aClIIC Air Forces, Areal,- ...... .^_ .~,. ,~ ........... ,.~_ Fertilize your lawn in eariy[MarshaU Bishon were hostess-]Cross fund drive in the com-I chanter of Early Day Man,|der/ved from excise tax on[. , . . .~.~r,, ,. ;~"t~e'~ooVr" t~haUt ev"en~n~"~I~,"~ spring to make certain the|.. " I munity so the children can re-I kat; until I gather the pagesl fishing tackle, | ........... t ' ~oumeast Asia, the Far ~U~ idth ^-~---- ..... J advisable to -et tickets in ad grass is th/ck enough to cam-! Mr and Mrs A T Schutte~cetve Red Cross swlmminil and find out where I left of | ' Inspection was necessary tel ..... ' live~i~'PB;~lev~l'l~el vance, so yo~l will be sure of pete against the seedling crab-land sons and ~[iss' Ruby Will-| lessons this summer and to| in my recollections, I qualify the state for reimburse, tan..a .Paclr!c,. , .... , ~erore nls arrwal In sOUth ~I/ng territory willJ seeing this outstanding enter- grass, An application of pre-|lams of Hastings, and Mr, and]help your Jewell County bloodI ] ment,' Gasswint said. The in-[east Asia ~ ....... ,.,.,.,i :: to ,~,.~.,,~ o ......i t,,In,.nAnt And h~, ,m.,, tn h~n#l emergent crabgrass herbicide |Mrs Paul Pettit of Red Cloud|bank We will be knocking ant Norfo m ..... .,. .... I epection covered the wells I_" ......... ',llnlc in Beileville the kiddies, as the,, will properly applies, m tne sprmg/were Monday evening supper/your seer soon. we nape ev-/Of Northern Pike P ...... I which are being useO to nul'"'_':"" ": ........ . iv ~,~,, ~ ~o~ I "~,wl'' with Im,~ht,,~. :t '"Pn-] can be expected to eliminate/gueSts of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin|ery one will help to make thls Norton -- the lakes dirt work fencing and | The a .rman, is.a 1963 Fa.au- Wili "l~e~tin'at 'a'~'o[ bv":"ri~h'i'alon-~'wit'll ":;nom';'l 90 per cent of the crabgrass/Pettit and family. |a successful fund drive,/ became the sc'e'n~"n;'~:~',.~?l rlprap on the dikes, la~e or Msnzato t/lgn ~cnoal. i '-oo~o..,-~--~.| ~,~ "n~n" " that would normally appear l The West Side Circle of the I Reporter ized activit- th-/s-w -" "" ...... " ~asswlrR reported that the . . . * su;:e~o;;~InXclud;l-'~[ar~"~'he date on your calen-I ofSigneer~iertbgra~ tihSroCu;Patbhl:I Ohllve H~V Mwil:iO~;sy FI~lalrW-I -- - land Gam~y comW~:koa: FpleSrhJ 'Lane County lake is nearly~Llberw Ciu. Crippled Chlldren Jdar right now, so you will not l . I P . Y/ /sonnell began their first full-Ihalf full with stocking of fish | -. "---- L the RepublicJ miss this evening of fun and gr:tlngm seasn,ch~ancYalf thnel 8!ackstone Tuesday afternoon.lA| ..e | scale attempt to collect and|Ptanned in the near futureil n"ne Libe~y Club met March ~/cal Society and]frlvolity, It will be the mostl P e gent emz ca i rne t'amette C~rcze met wlth[| ]ihff~,tr~,|#,tl~|art/flclally hatch northern nlkel The Kiowa Cotmty State Lake~ with Esmer Ortman, Th~ , oe applied on small areas but Mrs Hattie Ahrens and the Vli~|~g~|~,l||~l e s " is also resentl been filled guess box was won by Ruth Society for Crip- enjoyable evening you ve had t " gg' P Y g ....' H '~, I lnalongtime. J.hesematerlalsarenot.a.ssurelDorcas Circle held an all-dayJ ~ .......... / Roy Schoonover, chlefofthelitocking is scheduled thisli ans, en,.Mary Ha.~son, the Will be conductedl Special Student's Matinee I .~.mers as tnose appl, lea nezore.l meeting with Mrs, Clare Schus-| ~ um 4.. wm. ~,flsher/es division for the Com.{spring, Both.lakes . re.play!ng{ Ere :e:zmc ; n the crabgrass germmates ano tar mission sa nest to numoers el ml raun -' tOPedic surgeons---[ Realizing some of the young-I ......... |I . l Back at my tiny trailer home], Id that trapping op.[r g gI: . _ .. . ~cCrae, M.D. oil stars will not be able to attend[ ~Usc De applleO ~.t lntervaml_ Mr. and Mrs. Wiley.Blair, l in Oregon' |erations for northerns bega,n,i waterfowl.. . I ~nnepn.:ra ~res~:~.sle~v~.~ or two or more app,cauons Lynn ano uayie spenz rest I Tuesda March 14 If Making the mspection z0ur Bernard Joyce. the evening performance, the ' was pressured to spend the Y . ripe ' . " ........ ,ka, All examina-ischool has made arrangements[. Completely rake all !eaves.,i~unday with their daughter, ltwo cold winter months wlth~ fish can be found the eggsl were Anthony Opstedal "andl~rances Walker. and Mary 'e senna, and thatcn, couecte~ Connie a~ Hays will Charles Bostick oth f AIbu nansen, After aeUelotul m and diagnoses|wlth the Bruce Players to pre-I ....... I( , ' , - |my daughter, Alice. They rea.| be taken fertilized andl( b 0 ....... ~e being provlded] sent a special student's mati-[ o.v.er tne w.mter ano apply rer-[ Mr. and Mrs. Irvm ~'ettit|soned I should not be here]transported to the hatcheryl querque New Mexico. repres-I tres.nmen,ts,.cmo.aa~ourned to , u.zer at tne rate recommen(t and family were l~riday sup n ar nti th federal enc mee~ 111 Aprl/wim Ann Ost, Kansas Crlppled[nee at one o clock, Classes will] ......... "[~ "]alone for the winter. And Ore.| e Pratt |e ng e ,.ag y:[] _ W, No attempt is]be dismissed for all those at-[ ea ~oryour ma.wm.uaL area. z.~l per guests of. Mr. and Mrs.|gon did not have any winterl | "This is still an experimen.l Walter Harrison, Pratt, ch/ef| _ --*~e9orwl,, fide any treatment|tending, and a special bargain] may .oe we, to nave a soul A. T. Scnutte o~nastings. ~rs. | My neighbor down the street|tal program this vear,'q of the Kansas Fish and Game] Ma~v "rue-re [c. It is intended|price of only 35 cents, for all|~am~P~e tes~ maoe or.your 'aw.nJ pe.ttit and D!xie attended a|ls 65 years old, was born here,[Schoonover stated. "It has notlCommission's field services["" ......... "" o aetermme tne actuat neeo, brlaa~ snower In nonor o: t'ny~- ' been determined wh t division and Gasswint new patients and|students, regardless of age,] ....... [t ..... land she says she can t remem.| effer or|( ' | ! wish to thank m,. ~,.'-.,,,,, led~ for check Ul~S/An entirely different play will| t're-emergen~ cran gr.as.s KIU-[ It~ .ano a~so attenoea a snower Jber a winter so mild. [not the northern pike in Nor.[ "----" .... land ~.,I,,th,,, ,,, ,~,~ "'-;"-'~' .~ ers snores De apptlea oelore In honor or her at t, awrence - -- .,.. .,.,, ~u,, .e~aminations for|be presented at the matinee,[ .......... I! . .. . ,| So, on my first night in my~ton Reservoir can be capturedl CARD OF THANKS ]iette~'an"d'visits wh/l- ,.. ,t.. are,currently re-|Wallace Bruce will be seen as|m!.a.'~Pr,u, or re rare me .~or-I Nenr. ~unoay afternoon. . lawn bailiwick, wind came up|/n sufficient numbers in a ripe| IR,zl Cln..a h,,.,,,,.~ ~'~." ~." 'Under the Kansas l"Tobv" in another funny 3 act l sy~ma meatus, xou wm rmal Mrs, Vernon Stone spent the l o i.. o..., -- --,-, -., .... Icondit/on re," +~- ~^ ~, ..... ,, | ...... ~ .. _ ,=:-. ......... v..-, ,r..,, ,.,r, ,. .- - .. ,, - ......... -- i ,~ ~,.-, ~,,u a. o,~,u t.,o wa~. --.,.,, ~, ~ ~v.mu'--j. WOUIO LIKe tO manzmvl u~ and .I,. ...._.., ..... ~.4ren Commission. | play. titled. "Love & Horse-|sme rer~mzers _centare t.n.e( weekend w/th her daughter. I the coldest n/ght we had had I*ered a reltable source of eggl ,..-,.~. -.,,~ .,,.,.~.,,.. ,,,- .,~l~...h.~. ~,_~,._~ ~v_.~_.u e~m ~ho " h c m a --rep emer-entu crao"rassi nert)l .......... t-nyl|lS, a~ ,ngans" -- '[SU ! ...... 1"10 I ,,,~-u= ~-u .~;,l~.~v.o ;u~ ;.~:[ .v.t.~;~x ~au~ tx'oa~,r~loU~, plan to br/ng[radlsh , wit o edy v ude-[ ._" -jr .. . . . [ Looked at the outside temr| PPY. wever It has neenl vls/ts, cards flowers and gifts[ Ivan Freer ,' the clinic should|utile between acts |c~ae. | Donna uye of Mannattan lSl and it w.~ a~ a,=,,,,, r~/determ/ned *h-* *'.~- ~ ...... a / ..... ~ _~ , !lately to the Ken-/ Let's all give the Student|~ Remember, any.pr,ac!ice thatl spending Easter vacatio.n w/thf course re'y-house was" c"o~'d, no/ment contains"th'e"~s't'~';pu~l S:ln~sctecmefol~o~ng smuYr.ervn'/ w-eben, Kane, Children Commis-|Councll the support they de.|neaps proouce.a tmcz turf mS-]her parents, Mr, ano ~rs.[ flre in the furnace But myllation of northerns in thel ,, .............. ".To ".'| .o ~'.. ....... ~:~l National Bank |serve fn bring/ng thts. fine en-/ curagi~nW~eo~igrasses' IR~Prhs D~e ~.dAD~rnniwSs visited I ~eighbr h-ad .been h'ere, clean.~sta!e,~'. Sch~n0ver continued.I w~;s ~eUreYme~mabee,eSd? w~,~ a~-jof~opa~aa Ms;S~n~e~hY ~Ea~r ta, ~~z0z, ~an-ltertamment to our town Dyl--.. ....... ~ ,. , - ...... ling aria ousung anu starung| Nortnern p~ze were nrst m-I --Mrs Harold Morris, I weekend at the home of her ~Pointment, giving|securing our tickets early. | t~ounty weea uperwsor,l her moaner, ~rs, ]sa~ :,m!m, lmy furnace going, so I soon[trocuced to Kansas waters Inl ....... ____ i mother Mrs E B Be-,,. u,, ~arne and date of| -------- | Lawrence -- Seven Univer-I.a.t the hospital in .~upe.rwr lwas comfortable, |the spring of 1962 when more| ....... lan~ ~. n~..~. "~tT.~,':"J,:.='.~' ~tl~ent notices wilIICOUNTY SAVINGS [sity of Kansas engineeringl ~r.s' ,~mitn. ls recovermg ~rom. [ Out in my tiny garden sever.]than three million fry werel M;n~s. ~g~rYwi..Lng spent| =Pa~nm';"K~t'an~i Am;"of"~ ,? whose letters ]ISOND REPORT |students have been nominated|a ~rl~:ndnlzv~rCaUr~:r~t;nY ~le~:Inls | al primroses, narclssus, crocus[stocked in Tuttle Creek Res.['v', too,-^-';,./ nL~o..--- w"" m,; n'e"r'"gra'n'a'| :"k'.,,,. .~n., .- - -.........,"."-a ...-" ....'t'-k...,,... .... v."# f:;I Glenn Grout, Jewell of J?wel! e:e Sn~nday cao sYe /; .|ee VOi r:t oernSaW:reco C l{t emara] eZt esdday o nC Jlc:go[ : re a n;maM:n; r ~t appointments|Savings Bonds Chairman re-|l/psOutstandlngSenlorAward, lguest o! , a a Mrs, .. "_|sum all over the place, which|Grove reservoirs during the(.a ,., . e . e. en[~.o ~ , w ...... ~,,..' ..... --- Revival Services At C stly There werJe two vis of the ame diwsion for th I ~ ~ i ~ces of this clinic|County for the first two monthsling student, of Mankato. |Rev. German Foley, Mr, I the handy man of, the'courtl ,servoirs can be stocked with ,d .~vailable without|of 1967. Mr. Grout Said that| The cash award is part ofIMerl Nelson and Mrs. verno,.I had mowed the yard. The{ th/s species. The Commission mm I ~ ~ -= ----* !~ as to race, color|the county sales were reflected|52,100 received by the engi-IStne attenoea. ~ne . ~reat[grass was far too tall. I sug-I is experimentally stocking the | ller@ $ More @I' l v@fvlltln )r!gin. |in the statewide Series E andl neering school as its portionl P.lai_ns, Fel_lowsnip. ~omerencel gested we bale our hay, In I northern pike to determine il -I .... ""'~ ~n~ormation con-| Series H purchases which to-|of a $5,000 Phillips Profession-Ist Tuna, Tex, Tnursaay anal stead I have sorted it out for|this species value in cbntroll. ~!inic may be ob taled $11,547,338 for January al Development Fund awarded Friday. mulch, discarding the ram- ing rough fish populations in " .P~ysicians, loeall'andFebruary to give Kansas]to the University last fall bylF I ;ant unwanted growth. I ~eservoirs across the state. I~T~T ~~~.1 n II ~ HA "~lth nurses re an 'n t Ph Whitamound E H.U. After an i l wi Partici atin in h tr I~/n g i-- V V V It o "' p "|' I crease of $909,451 or 6.5~he illips Petroleum Com.| de nter, mucl~| P g t e apping r one of the fol-|per cent over statewide pur-F pany. . / -"-- the result of a fall just the]operations are Johnny Ray. elM] chairman of the|chases for the same two month, The seven nominees repre-I. W h/temound E.H.U: met at day before we left for Cal/forl Pratt; Frank Schryer, Hays; YIm S.,-.d,,,,, ~,,.d~.a_~,,,.=.,~ !ety for Crippledl period of 1966. sent each of the seven depart-Ithe home of Mrs. Lewm t~astly nia, I have muscles I thought]Robert Hartmann, Pittshurg; ..... ~,-- -.-.-'=--I ---.w,.,.,-,,-,,,-,m, is. Elmer Swier-| Statewide increases came in ments in the enineerin~l March 16th. Meeting was call- inert putting up considerable land Leo Dowl/nn EIDorado all ram ~arvey a t~.mmn .. , Bill Mauldin'a ed/toHal Im@e 'vi - " ed o o r b the resident ' . ea~mms ... s mlr sperm pale w;~h eolmml sml ; lle; Mr, D, E.I both Series E and Series H school, le~ t rde y p , complaint. And the hay is not(fisheries bmlog/sts. They are standouts as Bob He.alan---, ~,--u. - ~---. ~Y Center; Mrs. I sales aecording to the County The outstanding senior, to belMrs. Jim Fogo. The Club Col- all cared for yet, but it's rain.[ assisted by several game pro- I~ Ineludi-,r i'll At,,,-- ,~ -.~,. ,.:.~_~ ~ ,...,e ,~ sb Concord/a lect was given by the roup, tar vq,,m [, Y, ;I Cha/rman. Series H sales for selected by the Academic Ad-}!e .... g r,. /ng now, so I can meditate onl tec s from the immediate ~ Out Our Wm~y ... the ln~enlo~m bommltoid bhdm ~I~ ~Xon, Jewell: Mr. ]1967 exceeded the 1966 total visory Committee of the en-I homemakers .~zeeung .t'lacs how fortunate we were -- Mil.| area, nelome . . . Ann Lmmlars' provoeaUva letlmm el ~gs Mar sville b gwen oy ~etty, secretary 8 dred and her Volkswa en sta Sprln MI rations m~ a~vme a preview of each nl t' ~. , Y :II y $243,000 and Series E sales gineering school, will be an-I . , . ;.. ..... g "I" o o . _ .... :-.. . .. . lh a YV r,m m .u, Fisher, Ben-i were greater by $666,500. nounced at the EngineeringI ,rep.or~ ,~y ~rs. ~_u~s ~e~z.~ alan wagon, loaded with the| Undar Way '-~.~,,~e ~,,,~m ~ml _m_e ~ eo.ntant.-top ~. k t.~'e ' li: Be wise With ~'ooa uuys acc Pratt 1 ......-., ~e mau n~uonm news eem I Z . R. Sonnen-| The January and February Exposition banquet Saturday,I"! umulation of Christmas.| -- A dec'ded increase~ta~f-';'" ................. puea. 17, ~en~er Mr Johnl sales were credited against ~ April 22. Each of the other six]givan by Mrs. Lewis Gastly: my birthday, Valentine's Day.[ in numbers of migratory wat- ~,, ,-,a emma ..m tr~e and Mrs Bert Hem' ave ,, ,, rw-- .,~ u, ~ worta a premmr mews Pe:ifo:. Mr, .Ken-I county quota of $390,000 for nominees will receive $.50. a ns_ectin_ and GraVen-g of as we started .on. 99, wh/chl erf ow.i..across Kansas. has .l .en sl . e_Im---A,,,oelsted l're , U.Ited l tlme t' , [wannauan'. 11967. The Kansas quota for In their nomination tar the~ _ ~ P _ g .. .... n.g ..,,is somewna~ snorter,, than the note(] me past ten says. wet- ,ms _Los Angeles 3~mN-Wmshinliton P~,t service, YIm D. Rosenkranz, 11967 has been set at $63,000.000 professional award, the stu-J Lamb Huys. Mrs. t~urtls Coast Route I01 with al rfowl biologists are of the ~g~rad~ePlt~l~lournal has lm'o blg l~ue~o-,Mhhm ._ lwith January and February dents academic, professional[ D, iatz gave an.interestmg A d. storm in the forecast. |opinion that the spring m/gra- e magasmse. vlsory uommntee lesson IU Been Sunda Mildred said teen of ducks and eese to the ' "=m'mmimmm"miimmilUmmmmmmmmmm~ Isales accounting for 18 3 per and extracurricular achieve-[ Vl . g y, It g 11 ! " ,, II ,_ .6ringing I cent of the 1967 goal. ments were ,considered, I m.em,b, e rs .answered roll. call We can t depend on the roadt northlands is well under way. I ~r .................... I Mankato I ----------- Other awards from the Phil-] wire "~uymg Ham~ Tna~ Are workers today" Well, our road/ Dave Coleman Pratt chief I ... ~-4ran_~m t~v_uru~--.~.U~ ~t~.S I ... i ,, " ' -~ne ~Opelm ~ila~e dOUTo " f lips fund to be announced laterl C~ , " was fine until we got into the|O g e _ . I ~llace Bruce Burr Oak Nazsrene Church are $]00 for the freshman en--[ itors present. Guess box was pass where we found the roadl Fish and Game Commission, I ~vemNr and Sunday Evmlml Except S~ | rOr Stage ---" gineerin~ student with thc~ guessed by Mrs. Jim e'ogo, A machines had piled snow at[ suggests that now is a good m ]~se~I tirol Revival services will beginyear's highest" grade point av- lovely, lunch carried out in St. the side of the road 2u- ...... ~o,,*i time for wildlife enthusiasts ;. | LI~ruce Players at the Burr Oak Church of the erage; and $50 for the be~I ~'atrickls color was served by high or more, but not one bitlto visit their 'favorite lake or I ~ ~ $]~'~tA~_~1 Ymoe~nth~ ! ) t111.~ ~ million friends N~zarcnc on Thursaay even- student article of the year ap-J m,e nos~ess. ~os~ess tar #tprtt of trouble came our way. I marsh for a better look at the I ~ i $'7~6--4 moa"t~ ~ ~ ~'~ _._."'=~ I ).~4ankato under lng, March 30, at 7:30 and con- oearin~ tn th~ ~an~as ,En/ will be Norene Dietz at the We staved all nt~ht at w,~d [birds "Many of the snecies I ~ ~ ~'.x , ..... " " -..,,,,--~. m,,,mm I ! - ~ - .............." " " ......" ' ~ " i " " ..,.,--.. n.mm I ) t.,m--I mmm Our local Stu- tmue through Sunday, April 9. neer ma~azine Community Building. Flower ding and continued our Journeyj now present in Kansas will be ~sn, ~s~ a~ I . Evangelists for these services ' and Shrubbery Sale. Donation next mornin- ~ettin,, h,,m-| here only a short time as they : ..... _~..~y~,__ S_~__A~. fOURNAL I Ihow has played will be Rev. and Mrs, . Bob Dear Record~fo~s.' was given by the unit mere. before dusk.' Soon" we" were l P" " ause in their,, trip to the nest-" I ,,mreq~ u~l~teu~ ' |1 '~_ more people, Mickey.. Rev.. Mickey s m, es- I am at home a~ain so nlease bars for.Red Cross, __ _ hearing the snow storm was] ing grounds, Coleman said. I NAMTM,... ....,.,...**.............,. I show in the sages will "he c~ear ~m~e so -' .... D .... .,o,...... mron axson, measured by feet instead of As the weather continues to I "" ......... '" I nd the students preaching. Also in the se ,,ou for s-*nd;n-" " ..... ~,L ----------- Inches in the mountain passes, moderate tothe north, most of s l=.~ ,cA,,,., | .Rate in securing he will be singing and play_ing ~I ~ ' ~',;, ,'~ '"~ .~.~ Athens Jr. Women*s Club 16 inches of snow would have the ducks and geese will de- ; ....................vw~ ................... = r have been ~wa~. A]~v,~ . u or a one day the guitar. Mrs. Mtckey does good to hear. from home -- "-'-'r Women' made us very unhappy, i part. I Above phase sppIF only In Ksmmk IQ" ~ lie I ,vn. chalk work and draws while throu-h the h ......... Tne Athena J. .. .s Now to tell a bit of why we Coleman reported that all re- I Ig.F.D, sube~ibers or In towns wbeee tbm, e ie I :has long been her husband sings. She will S~ce.~., " .... ~'"~"" Club held open nouse ~arch ~lidn't start earlier. Mildred's mainlng standing feed has ~ servlm. ~ I ( the brightest also give illustrated stories for Mrs "C'leo ~ Den-"s---,llth at the Formosa gymDasJ- elder daughter was married e been knocked down on water- I . ~u ,~. ~P ~ n Comedians in the childrerteach evening. The Montros~ V.nsas urn, There was an atte ding week or so before, and she fowl areas over the state, .imismlmm,slmmmmmimm ~e has played Mickeys. fr0m La Junta, Colo., ..... _.~" F0uP of.S0or morewith M..an- was determined to put on a "Birds. utilizing this fo?d wil! Msii b Your Coupon Today! edy parts, hut are ~ull time evangensts In me . - ....... I~ato anu Kanoa/l ~'eaeratlon party, which she did, prepar, strengmen memse~ves for me Stands out in Church of the Nazarene. The . .~.r. and Mrs. Da~eil .Ost. Clubs represented. Devotions lng all the food. She baked a long flights ahead and arrive ! ........... ~o *~o ,~., nubile Is invited to these aer- tlouy andM Kerry o~ ttwersiue, were given by Rev. Paul Tam- ham, roasted turkey, made Po- in the northland, in good con-,, i lie will la vices Iowa, r and Mrs Robert pie Mrs Paul Temple gave tato salad al f p y , ' ' . . , so other salads, dition or the breeding season, new Ost, Kendall, Kirk and Klm two readings. Group singing olvies, pickles and coffee. She Coleman added "Toby Mr. and Mrs. Don Davis, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brink- wee enjoyed by all and the fixed for 40 guests. We were Several factors combine to ~/~d which will Dan and Donna, of Beloit and worth of Lawrence were Satur. latest in Spring Fashions was especially favored for the ad, make the spring migration a L the evening of Miss Donna Newell of Hutch- day dinner guests of Mrs. Ed- modeled by the ,tAehna Jr. Joialn~, apartment was empty, show that no nature love~ Sunday Ca l~th, at the inson visited Saturday at the lth Ost. Mrs. Beulah Br/nk. members. The top of the even- so we had all the accommeda, should in/as. Coloration of most ~rlu~ ~. home of his parents, Mr. and worth and Miss Geneva Ost trig was a "Peep into the tions of home and Mildred had species is at its best since the T~ m~pe#" ~ the Student Mrs. Newell Davis. were afternoon callere. Past" with Mr. and Mrs. A#t a rafriprator to store the ex.