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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
March 26, 1964     Jewell County Record
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March 26, 1964

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Mareh 26, 1964 ;EWS -I LOVONA BARTLEY ! %h~ l~r~ia ~ ~L ~ml SpeWing ~ in ~Y/~n- April 6: 2nd grade: 1. I~b- ~;"~ 2. J 'ohnnie l~e and te Pdcha.rd Wilson,; l~avbaz, a Sohm,i@t; ~h 1. K@llhy H~; 2. &_.eft-i axi'th; and Al~te~n~e, Bever,-I ~n; 54h Grade: 1. Sher,ri] 2. Tim ~se; A~tenna~, Can-] m.ker; 6ah ~e: 1. C.~ai~I ; 2. Ca.ml Sebxaidt; Aker-I Curtis ~hoemaker. 7~d~ Grad~: ] Wilson,; 2. ,Roger ~n;] Am~ie Wilson. 8@] 1. Reva Heiress; 2. I)mmyl :; A~Tm~, ~ Rails-[ ! Thomas, vcho a,~terJds ~hel a school, ~i~-~d ls l~l~ceI 2nd .grade %bare and vci.lll ~-~e ~ Spea~g c~- Glerm I4~irx~lev ~nd Mrs. ] spe~ ~Aredn~sday in ~Ivs. K.i~l~l~r a4~ended a l ~here and visi~zd her t ', BeveNy ,Kiwdle~, HEgk-[ the d~y ~~ her d~agh-, l~ger C~reg~ and fam~y, l ~k wss ill ~ast v~ek w~th ! ~I~. She is a first ,grade, ~t Ionia. 1 ~drSr. Rolla Dietz had: Tuesday a~ the IW_airgin~- So ee~ma~ l~la's hi~th-[ E SIER EGG HUNT IN ,Mr. ar~cl ~irs~ Ha~cl Shoemmk~ Glerm ~, Jr., Chug Fogo .~.i~. 'I1he ~'ma.tn~t eg n,m~u~ re-'~. I% was a very ~ meet- [_d~s. O~tie Ramekin. ~ Na~_y Jo J~ ~ a~ai ~ ~ Mr. ~md ,Mrs. Cecil a~man were ~ta~0e, articled ~ ~.y m~-ia~hes. . . , ~ {lV~idd~ ,BT~! Club ae~ltSream Cea~. I_ ~ ~ ~.~2~a ~.~..~ mrmg ~hose amnd~g the "~[ing ~r their ~ v~oalor~ ~ ~r. ~d ~rs. ~ia I~Uber ~f ~h.e~ pg~y at the West Bvag~h. [ M~s. ~ve~a ~laek a~..Mrs. Ix, r- ~r. ~ a~r~ ~:m S~=~e and ~a~y Ole Ol:a~" Friday even~ &~ Ss-[boys, ~l~,~g ~w~ ~ bas k~_.l~l 2Manka~2 rw~e dJ~ g~/e~.~n~ s~noca" house ~c[~a~, ..ever, m~:[e~. Brs~r .~_re ~k@~ng ~Ir. S~ ~z, ve~. :~: lir~. Sere, had ~t~r~]md %%~e NCA~A d~y of u~r. ~ ~rs. ~ rea~e. ~ ,me ~me wa~ ~ent vrs~vmg m~s | ar~i !Mrs. t.,uy man~cK a~d dein~g ~ - ; ' ~Ir. and [Mms. l~l)a Dietz v~si%~d "lkmrname~t ~,,er ~dbe w~ek-er~ m dVIm. an~ ,Mrs..Ammm..~ pl~y'mg 9ards., w~hh DeR>evt Uadev-tsanm sh~pping ~l~ursd, ay m H~st- Hart'leofi Hlghligh9 4-S Club : " M_~.. Oa~e Te~ev who was a Bur-' Karmas C.~ty. w~e ~uncmy evening V.~m~ o~. woos .~.mmv4 high mr ~e .aTenli~gs. !groins moaet meeting ~ gie~l pa~iewt~t'~he Camr~un4vt The ~nembees o~ the Ca~echi~. 'N~r.. arid ~Mrs. ~1~ Dietz ar~a sand O:.hejRansom ~ ~ lad,~es,I ~ [ ........ I-]b~i~al on ;r,,-=,~=-, even~n- - I Chss of ,the Ior~ia. E. U. B. (~ureh ~he~i. . ~.,ara~ce ~t.vtoor~e ,~ow z~0r ~ne men ] CARD OF THANKS I T~..~ meenng yeas oa.~l,m~t ~ _..L, em'~ar -lnon}..as ~e~L,,mu *~-av- I c~,y m~rr'ing, ,amd sevematl af the e~ers ~ Denver a~iv'evt ~.~a~y m~cfi, es. ,,~ laot l,tm..k ~u~ch w.~ sexy- [ I 'wav, t ,~o ,~mke th'is m, van~ of to ~t~'m ,A~neric.m ~lag. ~om~e ~ . ~,,a ~,~.i~he~r~i~e,row ~21me=bers were ~ on Pa~ eve.n=g or, ,tae ~ ,o sperm. ~e~r ed %a~er. . . ]lll'm~mg so man3r peeple in .s~.-:}ecl ua 'm "4:H S,p~W'. We ,th.e~. ~'~/~ ~'d:"::~,~ ............ ~iSunday. Ca~d~eh~bXem w~e T.m] spring ~.acatmn w~th Mx. a.n.a ~ . avtr. and Ma~s. Oatvm H.a~l~m]mg m.e cards ~ le, t*t~r.s wh~le I, ~ad a ,~ed~.. Cave, ~v.m'. arm ~_vs. ~morn ,~eKer ere ember f~r ehuveh ~as a darme~L ~ir. ,aved Irs. ~ ~maan a~tend- the,r'~meson jerk., ~no was brt-,I ~have emed SO .ar~sw.er every eva~d,t~z~W ~a.y~ae, ~ev~as ~.~, tram ar~mg a r~ew Ply.m~t.h. . salo, "ChurCh In The Wiktyooql", ~cl , _fl~,. ~.meva~ NocKtay ~f ~M, rs. ~ ,by a bmavn s~der l~t M~/d~y'ar~d N I g~t. It I missed a~7- I R~s, C~ie lae~tSt ~ IMike ~,~ll~- R~b~. Tt~,ekev, .~no m.a.~temd~g by C~il Ba~ley, aemmpar~md by ]~. ens aun at ~e~v~... even. ~. ~ muld r~.t find ,the body, I am. sm~y. I had 4 1~.5, .Ll~ff. .Doam,a Dye ~ a ~...~m s~nffai m rope,~..a, ~ me weeK- Wanda And*e~x~. ~v~..afflld ~vIrs. &o~. l:~l.~ettrl; pr,e- spinet Du~ '~,e ~.~r stud .~h~L w~s Sh~vers ~.hit~e I was tlber~e which ~y~vgg Sal~e~.y._ a~.~ ~ ena at ~.. . . . tlVI~, and ~Irs. Ted Wr&gh~ ~d pa~ed ssn~.e ,h~..~sh ~'hmh the~ wh~t had 'b~ten h~vn. He is slowly, I *hought a lot af. Thank~ %o ga~e a Safety T~qk. Petty iI-'e~ . B~!. ~.rn~s.% w~o .~ ~t.tendm)g ,lVlr. an~ Mrs. INle W~/gh~ were ~l~.re~d.w.i*~ ne~et~bca-s a~d. f~mcms. ~u~g bother b~t the doctor ~ everyone for be~r~g so kind. This and ~hor~ls Ba~,4ie ~ve m~=c ~9" wlom~a ,~usme~ t.~lae~, ~s vm~- Surml~ gue~ of [M.v. and Mrs. ~t ~ de~i~i~t~s. Theme. n~hlx~. Ezern .t~ ~lesh w~x,.ld ~eser arid will never be fo.rg0~n. t~e~ia~i~. Ru,t~ Ross ~ a i~.g ~is ps.mr~s, ~V~r. a~cl ~&rs. [%%an, Wayne 'Brtmmmr and daughters, drop out around ~ b%%e, arid ] --Amt Emmev~. ~ He~:h %ink. recve$~i~n, was ,left, by me ~as. t tlWr. ~n~1 ~Vtrs. Glen Thomas ~ ........ cotgd ~l~e up o~a4~ andHe is st~1*l al ........... ..~.~ __ -- [K~rmy Kin~r~v~u. ,/~U.i~ Superior were ~n~ner g~s~s Su~-Iof ~VI~s. ~ "D~ of Smi~ S mr some irne. ve~hexJ. . day of tMr. ar~cl Mrs~ Adam RoSe. Cente~ B, ~R$. I,YMAN HANSEN , A ]~rge number of peol~ a~-] NARRISON SIDELINES [ ~Ru~h tt~, ~. * :i:,< They were ~k~o zelVome ~is~ors a ~ ~.~ ,~..~ w.~ T.~a ~...~ ~ended ~he Jewel1 Cotm~:y Co-op [ By M~RS. MARSHALL BISHOP ~ e ur~n ' " " Wednes- mee~iv~ ~ {iV~ ,last W,~-' " [Girl ~cout News . girls weme supper g~ests ~ .~~~,-,,~ ~,~. ,,.__.~...,. -- i ....... ~' " IMr. and IMms. Hardld Rely, a~,, ~ ~r.. a~,~ ,~r~ !~n~/la Dietz C.W.C. met Thm'sd~ a~tem~-t --~ r. ....... . _.~_.... DOl~tthy ~ 'l)O~, ~rlE] ~L,I~. I ~ ~m.,~,,,4 k~ld~ ~nllla e,~l~,,m~h~ Wil~I /M.T~. Roy ~lTeffls. Due m ~he ' i " r,e{les-m ,'~~ w~.~ ~.~a~ , .... ..... ~*'~, ........... i~ole~a~t ~vea~thev, only 5 me~- i gu~3 ~f {Mr. ~1 IMp. J~m ~-~ ....... ber~ were tmese~ ~o a ,M~a'~ . I awr. ,an~ ,mrs. ~I l~r~us were call ~th a joke. 'Ilhe me~i~g was --S~lay visi~m~,s ~f lVrs. Mac Sun~y d.inv~er g~.e~, of (M~. opar~ed by ~e Vive~Drasid~m, Mrs. in the ~t " ~%~r. and /Mrs Jim ~ ave the .C~unv~l, .and the week ~f ,l~.,~il~l ~ ,%,~n 4".~mM,,w~, ~a~ ]Vevda A.~eorn, ~ mrs. wsrma C~arem~ B~aylock. ~Vlrs. Roy ~v. ,and ~h's. Ve'de/M~mdenh~l proud' ~ ~f a son, J~mes Rot-123 %he ~ees-wi~l ,be d~l~v~red to ~n~--'~_~s."~%z'~ o~----~]~ a=d Trey. ~n ~e ~er- ~ ~d m~n the,~e~ eo~d~t~~M~e~ ,~o, Jr., , ,_b~. S .=~a~, ~ ~.lM~. men SU-Vh~-s, a u~ ~rs" Tommy Th~npson of "Mar~-]~be new Ca~holfc ~ in ~v- Mrs. Blss@~k h.a~. ~e speci~t arid down va~ the m~mnps. ~