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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
March 26, 1964     Jewell County Record
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March 26, 1964

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..... Dale Ross home in Cormordia on Frid~. ~M2m. Edna ,S~fford and Louis ]Dn~l~ spe~t Sund~y eveni~g a,t ~he home of her sisler, ~VIrs. Lloyd H~t~ chison, and ~Vir. H~utehison, m Jew- ~Ma-. and ~rs. Ray Howland and Sgmfly ~f Fo~m~o and her p,aren~s, /Z:r. and M~. Lloyd :Hu~hiscm, and bet ~ot~er, ~lk,s.qlV~aude .Ro. in Oak, Nebr.,. ttamif0on of Denver,[ , ~ a iew days ve~ermty 'art[ : off her ~w~le, ~_v. and] Bradley Keener. t Zwiv24e3r will oon-~ Smwise Services, Sun-] ~, aa sore on the LyaN; mn ~ra. Everyone ~s we~om, e] ~m~loand a, ll a~e ~eq~esCed to 6".25 ,t ~., ,where tramgoeta-] I w~lll be ~xr~vided, ' t ~ a film wfl~ be ~e Resmax~ction of ! earned ',I BeheSt Hi*i en,tevtained :~ "rharsday afftev-t ~ Clark ,,vece l Sixteen Pinochle I Tuesday eve:ning. Isis, Joe K~ received ' ~n~ O~i~le Joe Kirt~sley ~e ~e,v~'a~l d~. ~x~. HovFavd E. Mr. ~k. while is ia ~ S. doaeph's 7k~n Pealer spe~ at ,me l~loyd Rominger Stu~ were ~ cadgers ~ "~he' were ~y off Qvr~. an4 Mrs. I~eo and ~V[~s. ~ Be~ ,were~on S~n- '. s. N~vy, le~t sctx~ ffar 3 Mrs. CN~k H~vland were 6itmee ~ Stm- Mr. ami ~ Ber- efl~m off .tff~e Motm'o~ ~, 8:~} P, IVL, at Antrum. Six ,H~ae made ice ~e will be sold i and ~Miss ,I)etl~a ~me guesm f~ dlvm~v off ~. ~nrna~ 'He~e~ H~bee ~t, o ~a~rk~r Oi~ tailed ~a ~ev- at 1-,e ] ,H~n%e. Oak ~ Su~ay ' ~It her pa~t~, ,~r.' S~.. R.C. S~l in h~vxar off v',~ K~. I ~ ~mtl~ em]~ed a l ar~l evev=ng off om~y eve~ Mlw.. K~sey Wodl,~s- 1~ of My. w.as dis~iss~ ~in Zwieke.J 'm inNer, of JewelS, m'~de a s~gh~- peolale ~ *he For~lsea~ ,te~p ,~ Doclge Ci,~, Surly. Church a~ended ~, Jessie Jem~gs entered the Belle.Filleting,-., ho~pita~ ~Monday for tests and obs, ervad~n. O~we Clark, ~ho ha,~ spem ~he pas~t 7 week,~ a~ ~/~e home o~ his by,thor, ~Iv. and Mv~. J. W. Cl~%, ~l~ft in,s: week for Raton. New Mexico, where he wi,~l visit a~ ~he home of ~:,~er b~,other, D. W. Cla, vk. NIL ~nd Mrs. Bradley Keeler spar~t the week-end a,t Che home gae ir daughter, (Mrs. Itx~and Benjour, and ,Me:. B~n~our and chiM.r~n .0~ Topeka. ~NIr. aT~l /Mrs. Ed Smwsb~ry spent Sunday a~tewrmon~ at ~he 5=~n O~borne h'orne near Webbev. Mr..a~d ~n~s. Ceci~ Clark at, t~nd- ed the lune~I of A!~be~t JacobC~z in SupeNor, Nebr., (Monday aster- ~aon. ,Mr. mid Mrs. 1:lo5, Dl, a'ke off Hast- ir~gs, 2fl~. and IM, rs. Fred Butler and Mr. and (Mrs. Ed~r Is~aeson spe~t Sunday at the heine ~f NIrs. Gertie P~viek. ,Mr. ~nd ~u's. I3~vi.d Peters are ,~he ~aven,ts ef a baby .gi.N, Valeme Arm, born (Ma, rch 18 at ~he t~lle- vilee h~spita,1.. The .gwandpm-en~ a~e Mr. and IMrs. ~VI~eh,ael N. Pet- ers a,r~d (Mr. avml ~s. Earl Du~- ga~. Grea~ grand~ are /M.r. ~r~d {Mrs. WI. J. Pet~s of F~o~o ~t ~r. and hits. Eme~ aVIcCmTel'l~ey were envoute home of BetoR. [Ka.r~as City after visi,~ng a son, ,Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hettingev/ItanGzS1 Be,lies. drove ~:o Logan, Ka,~s., c,n Wed-] t~eeen~t c a.!,lea~s at the home cf r~esda.y where Fhey attended t~h,e[~VIrs. Bertha Greer~be~g were: 'Mr. funeral of her cousin, (Mrs. Verde, ~0rn, eIi, us Kra~emer of Jewe~l, Mr. Viege. E~rou,Se home the Het.~ng- .ere stopped at SmiEa Ce~er and vema,med over-night ~t ~he home of ~t~eir san, ~Ir. and (Mrs. Don Heginger and daughe~er. ~M2r. and Mrs. Jimmy (Mar~in of Salina spent ~he week-end at ~che home of her paren.ts, (Mr. and Mrs. Tayaov Clark. On Sunday the~ weye al'l dimmer guests of Mrs. El~la Patterson of Court,and. Mrs. Pa~t- .~erson .retumaed home witch ~e (Mart,ins for a visit. ;~ne,rican Leg~on Auxiliary met at .~he Legion Ha,ll on Friday a~- ,tePn'0on. H.oste-s,e~ were Isis B~wles ~nd De lieah Field. .Mrs. Lee D.avidson encrtained '~ahe ~Happy ~Hour Club on Thursday afmrnoon a't ~he home ~f Mrs. Dean Dewey. ~Mr. ,and Mrs. Key.herb Hube~', St., of Com'tl.and were supper guests Friday evenfing of Mr..and 1V~vs. R. C. Stafford and family. (Mr. ~nd Mrs. F. H. Bo~les. Do~g- }as and Linda, of Oral, Ne~br., were over,night guests Tuesday night of bar sister, ~Mrs. Helen Hi.bee. Kenne0.h Killlen off Couv~land, Mr. and ,Mrs. Carl Westin of ~Mank,ato, Mrs. Den Hurd, Mrs. Tim Mm~b!e. Mrs. Ray Studer, (Mrs. Amelia Brewer, and :M~s. Fred Zimmer. Formoso P.T.A. Sponsors Athletic Banquet The Formoso Grade School mul- tipurpose recto ~c~r~d~aT, March 16, w~s the scene of ~he at, h.l~etic ban- quet spens-ored by ~he P.T.A. ~Phe decorat'i'ons were in 't~e ~eme o~ St. Patrick's Day. The speakers' ~ble had cut flowers o~ green oar- nations and whilt, e snapch'alg~ns. Sprays ei philedenflrc~] and white spr~ng flowers scattered wi~h pixies were down }he centers c~ ,he ,o~h, er tables. Each one had l I sharr~oek nut et~ps and n~me cards w~ih pipe oAo~aner pixies ho~ding Fermoso Fa~Icen ,banners. The fol)owing :menu was ~ed to 130 pea-so,r~s: tomato juice, turkey and dressing, m,ashed potatoes and graxn], green beans, earr0~t j d2o sa'lad, her r~,ls, and ice cream. :Mrs. Geva, ld J'arrm~, l~i,rmip~l, ~resided ,'~,~,- ,~-e ~,~,,a~.~,,~ The/Fie'use: ~[itehen: /IVies. Don ..... iv~acat&on was given ~by Rev ~ ca, awmnn, ,M~rs. ,Ma~i.n Zv c~ vin Zvick "~ ~'i,.~ ' ~e~: }Mrs R C. StaffRm:l, [Mxs. HowaiZl Sch~'c~lho~,e'e'~'" was sun~ ~e ~'i~[PeUiek, ~Mvs. F,orres,~ I)em.I~. 2 ~P:~ ~:n, H .... ~n~ a~.x~rmn~,a I2Mr-s. V~ybern Beam_eking; 1--,; i*":k- H" '-; -r - -re~ - t~- tDon How}and ,Mrs. Wybe .... a~d tie pin ~o Rev. Z~1~ie, on be- new~tng~ ~hea~.~2nnS~irs~"i~u,g~e half of the ,',earn for his tiI'e~e:~ O ~ ' ;': ., _ "- e~.~,. . " - t L~ur~a,n, tlVlrs, irene Fa~K; ...,=~v. effcpt ,and em,husmsm. The hone>r-]ir~" iMrs Rona,~d Pavne chairgr~, ed guests ~t ~e head taible were Mrs. Ja~ck Higbee Mrs. Glark 11 - the has,kethall boys, a '~ke H,urd, ~and 2vlrs Ray H~land; CoHee: Lapry Stafford, To~ Patrick, I Mrs ' H'al"old Heinen, chair--.an, Terry Zwickey, Daqe SwiFzer. and Nfri Don How land; Dishwas ~hi~_.: :Mrs. Wybern Bevneking, Mrs. ir- Danaaie Dempsey. 'Dh~y were pre- ;.~entcd M'ue .and white ,l.ett~rs wilh a gvld baske~bal,1 from their coach, Rev. NLarvin Zwiekey. The cheer- ~eaders, Becky Hurd, Gayle Zwiek- ey and Gloria Mohler. received blue and wh~be megaphor~e le~tew fcwm (M~rs. Ge~a,ld James. The rrmin speaker was ~. Gone Keady, basketba,la coach from Beloi, t. whose team just ~ook ~hird place in the Sm~e C}ass A Tournamer~t at Hutch, insert. He s~ressed th,ree points which he .gives to his team in ~e o~0ving order: religion, s~udies, and bask~tb~N. 5Vir. Keady shoveed a film of Bc~b Richards ~hioh was certain,ly enjoyed by al.1. The fol,lo~ving committees were ir~t~odueed and %hanked by ag- gil (Mohler, (Mrs. Don Ho~land. (Mr. and ,Mrs. B~b 13dJa~ock a~. fami'ly of Narf~pa Idaho arr~vea Sunday fer a vimt w~th re1~s~i_ve~ a,z~d frfen~s. Aflt tim family~. ,_~ ,~he trip, except Denny, @%e ol~e~ boy. D~nny, who grad~la~d _f~ high ,s~hool last spring,,~ sm~__ home to ~]ook at~ter the chores, The o~her children are I)arrt~l, a sopbomore ~n high sohoo~; D Oa~ 8th grade; DaKas, 4~ grade; ~ Debb~e, who w:,fll ~ to seho0, rmx~ ~all. Bob works in a ~S~kev The ~heir ,new home bu% me. na~r ,bare the o~pea~mi%y %0 see ?'~:2 rel,a, tives ~ many good frie~S u, ~his area. Diamond and a_v~d Mr. and (~add d ~ Olub met ~ay ~ ~Yltm~ Keeler 1 H~ms~r~ off ~f etlfice~ wa~ held elected: Edm 1~ Johtmon, ; and Howland on- Y~g~g Peopl~ l~n- iheir home o~ Sa. 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