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Mankato, Kansas
March 23, 1967     Jewell County Record
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March 23, 1967

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JZTWhur~eday,COMa~rch p+3R 1~71~ panmilleLegi~e ~n/rmybeArSLt~l. M,r. and Mrs, Bob Boiler and acres of._f~mtlanMdanParg~eemar~e~l t_urned, oPt O,l~.+nlng weekend l lnteresting Scrap Book, _. l...Mr.s,+:Jenning~,+ .Borger and +Model._Me..e~igoPtt:nhllJ.l~ D.... a.:+,._. ~, . [ zamuy ana Mr. anQ Mrs. uiare in me corn oe , " s [ averacng a llttte more man I Those calling on Mrs. ute-I unarlotte ana ulnay ana ulay [ ,1-11 oay in m v ~ ItR. , ~mE=m~F~I~F.M,A~ Post 368 all welcome. Given[Lamb and Roger were guests believes there is a new era[ one fish per fisherman. Some[anna Thronson recenUv were[ Henningsen were Saturday.dla.[ --Douglas Dietz F,q~"~ ~JrAo~ ~J~ ~m~ by the Auxiliary. Bingo and[in the Mike Yechsner home emerging in agric~ulture andI fishermen were highly success-LMrs Karen Ross and Leah,[ her guests of Mrs. Hazel Hen-I ~" ~" VV ~=)L |V|~111| :)| | cards will follow supper. . I Sunday evening. Roger showed that a corporate entry into this[ ful and took their limits of [Mrsl Marie Morris, Mrs. Jes-Iningsen in Beloit~ [ BY-MAIL OFr mlm ' Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Frost, I bis pictures taken while he field is most timely, Mr. bass averag/ng from 12 to 16 sie Graham Mrs Jeanie Blair Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bartley DAILY LINCOLN J0~ttl Mrs. Vschol Crswford Gary Kenyon and Mr. and Mrs. I was in service in Thailand and Dominick said. I inches in length. Nearly two- I and Mr and Mrs" John Thron-[ and Gait :were Saturday over-[ 1 WEEKS S| ~IL~ Mr And Mr ;ro,,,,,,+t, A,~ Ed Clark visited Debbie Clark I the Mechsners showed some Do you local farmers reallyI thirds of the total fish-take I son " ' I night guests of Glenn Bartley.l - ..... .~ '~ ........................... - + s , .... , m..^+to,,mo I. .... ~.+~.. Thursday evening at the Has-I pictures taken in New York want corporate farms or tam. were largemouth black bass. ] Mr Pa-I r~ran#le Mrs WAntI Jr. in Manhattan. They enjoy-i null get Y . ~IHlrl +irl bern Mar 5 Mr and Mrs tings hospital. She is progress-[for a nice evening's entertain-ily type? We are fast going[ An estimated 60 northern l Smith Mrs CoraLaunchbaugh[ed the televised game of KSU[ Blndie'^ O.rphan.4~,,,. .... in ni I v s can et a ' " "~'~ " '*" +'', "~ "~+- Irl Snyder are the arand~r- g ce y. [sent. broke. Unle s we g ]p~ke were caught at the lake. [all of Mankato, and Mr. and[ and KU Saturday evening.[ ++ z..+,, we.,^.., v~--~0: .... ents Two of the Adams cl~H Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Han- I Mr. and Mrs. Bob Boiler had I fair price, it will happen. ~ou [ The pike, less than a year old, [ Mrs Merle Launchbaugh of [ Sunday morning they visited [ ~' "-~ "~"~"v'~.,~'~k"~.". dren are making their -rand: cock, Mr. and Mrs, L.eland I as guests Sunday his parents like your life .of farming andI averaged from 15 to 18 inches Belleville visited Mrs. vioretl University Park which is own. [ ~ve ~any~n~.n,~av~/~pa~ t ere in me a ternoon -|1//[[ ' J|Ill ' ...jna~J ' ]1| " I ............ a_Lng Be ch, Cl~es~ervation.---~-e ..,_# ....... ._.'~r~.,imth"~ nm.~nt~ ~ v|~it Bartley Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur [ from the state hne north and l some lndepenaence as to w t/in length. Several channels I Kin~ last week [ed by K-State Endowment As-I ........... "";,.]~;. r .............. II Bu ~ tea #-ress, um~ . Mr. and Mrs Guy RobbinsObert .and Glen BqrUey were | her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grif. l you raise, buy and .se . . tI and bullheads were also taken, n Mr. Glenn.Love called Wed-I sociation and has been rapidly[ + .... ,;~-o~ wi,~ Ph~h,, ~.,, ~.+a .... ~...:_.." ...... ~ some [rum this area attenaing i fin of Beloit I you must not be so inuepenaentl At Sherman County State I nesda,, on his mother Mrs I improved. A golf tournament l :Y .... : ...... . --': -:'=JL-'"" ll~Ib &+IJ&ll~l~y I/IUIIIIII~ LU 3~IUIIU " ,3' I l~l i nd an ~er ~eporm, arl~ 3. the. W,~k~nd with h,,,. d.,,~h the P.C.A. dinner at Concord a I EldonPate helped the Boll-I that you forget your frle d LakenearGoodland, approxi-Hattie Love ] is tobe heldon their, golf.. ~. z~ ................... ~"" s our ' ,~rograms L~r. ~r. t,M, M~'~ r~nn~ld .Tnh .... ~/b,Thursday noon. /ers on the job ofwreckmg neighbor next door need y l mately 150 fishermen turned[ MrsRuth Ozmun visited in/course in May. |~.t .... ~, ...... ~ "" ........................... ' ' h sam . , +.o+,++, opo~.~, w an .Inbn.~n ,,d t,,~,, ~n,,~ ;, r~,,,, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deibert [ their old house over the week- I help to aid h~m gain t e e [ out Saturday desp;te chilly I the Home Thursday afternoon, l Mrs. Ben Fedde went to[ .......... ~_~_ . _ ---- ............................ " wrote, ~orman vmc al l~ ver of Cawker City were Wednes- I end way of life you have and youl weather An estimated 125 I Mr and Mrs John Ferguson[ Manhattan Saturday afternoon ~. ,-. __ _~_c~a! ' , ' ' o eration " . ~oscoe ~zumm~nu, Mrs Harley Zimmer called day supper guests of Wilbtw ] . Imay lose your own Pl . |black bullheads from 9 to 111were Friday morning callers[ by bus to assist irt the home ~.~.. ~.,..,.+,, m'1~,~, ' ' J in . ""'"" ~'~'~'~, -~ on Mrs. Emma Crawford at Oberts. . .... [ HerriNn E.H.U. llater unless you gwe a ne p g[ mches m length were taken as of his sister, Miss Ahce Fer-[ of her son Dr. Roger Fedde ........... ~_.,~|~'.~ t~vScandm Rest Home on Sun-Sta~n?~a~fr~;noWu~,e~aayep:n: ] Harrison E.H.U. met March l~o~nndthn/farSRri:ie~ect~sin;tdol ~i:~? ? few channels and sun r gu Oturday afternoon vlsltorsl ~nedddefai~is lyquit: iIMlrswlt!~g!!J ~t~l~i!fanT(~i!!' ~Ae~+:ae; ~I'rs Lillian Reece of Ft a b e C y , 1 2 at the home of ~rs. irvln I get a fair p ' I Frank Schryer, Hays, fisher- I of Mrs. Mattie Metz were Mr.l mumps. Their little daug te ,J ~ p,o,~,~,o Points~,~:. Lupton, Colo. spent the pasi onThursdayp.m.. .....[Pettit. Meeting was called toI Joe Zeinerts served re!resh-I ies biologist, said that blowing [Ellery Vader and Mrs. Nelson] Cynthia has just recoveredI ~'$,'IAf'e'~s~'Like Tl~t~' I~ week with her son and family uaessa ~la met w~m ~auue [ order by President Mrs, Dow ] ments following me meeung. / snow and cold temperatures I Sorrells of Phillipsburg, Kans.I from having them.. I ~.'~, ~.P,~o,'d'--~ Mr. and Mrs, Lewis Recce.Keller Thursday afternoon. __, I Stansbury. Club Collect was I--Ruth Obert, Pub. Chalrma . / discouraged Sunday fisher- [ Miss Lydia DeHoff and Mrs. [ .. Mr..and Mrs. BobTerrd.! ofI here Ouffihta Be A eia ta~ v,~.h~ c~,,,~r,,~ ,**,.,~ ~r. ann ~rs. t~unter ann freed by the group. Eight mem- I J men with only 25 anglers l Olive Edie of Bird City, Kans.l Kossvme cateo ~unaay a~ter~l ~,+.~.~..+ ~ t.,a~i~':~ ed"th'e'1~at'her-'~S'o"n"'Banqu'et-ai Julie were guests at Odessa [hers answered roll call with a I FISH AND GAME NEWS I counted. Ten channels from I called on Mrs. Ola C. Wilbeckl noon at the home of .Ed FeddeI ~c~'~:'~alte"~'~.,i'pp~l~ive Scandla on Friday evening. 4-H. Monuay evemng ann gave good Irish joke. Mrs. Stans- [ [ 12 to 15 inches in length were ]Thursdav_ [ and Mrs. Emma. Br]m~worth.l ..... ucKwala, ,James "~Jt.-'" ~ ~enmn~nl~d hl~ t~a #~,dposters to me mehers on [bury announced that our unit I Commlsslon Stocks 36 I taken Sunday [ Mrs Bid Thomnson Mrs ] Mrs Terrill will remain atI ~... ~,~. ~.,,,, Wo~~ sons, Gordon and Wade Berry 4-H meetings and projects, i will meet with the Webber I Ran ~rsnoe Turkeys 1 At Nebo Watershed Lake in I Chester Brown and Mrs. Bet-] Jewell to help care for Bob s] ........ ^~"N '~'()~f~, Lois R+~+ ~ttend@H th~ hem Debbie Boiler drew a r d lHomemakers May 10 at the] Pratt -- A continuing pro-I Jackson County approximate-/sic Van Dusen were Friday[ mother, Mrs. Ethel Terrill,I .................. ~."~,,~,~. ........................... " 1 J anette ' rrm~..oua~, ~w. "Cl ketball ~ame at Dod*e City on ribbon at regiona, e IMethodist Church basement. [gram to re-establish Kansas as[ly 200 fishermen participated |evening vlistors in the Home.[ who is recovering from badI ;, -ow ~,i .... ea~s~'- W,~dnHdsv .;~w,~ll Hi#h Sch~nl Obert, a blue, and as yet lEach member from our group~a wild turkey state got a big[opening day but fishing suc- ] Mrs Will Lagergren made] Palls taken recently Other af-J ,.... "~ ~-'~." ........ ' ...... m ....... , " ++~f ~. ~t& slaved don t know what Terry Voberll ~ will furnish one dozen cookies. ]shot in the arm this week wtth l cess was rated low due to ad- ~several calls on Mrs Mettle| ;ernoon visitors at the Fedde[ ~,~ ............ Suol~ m T ,, r ' A-'ur~u~ ~vlb~zlllu o F tna Mra B-,t Fanny ,, ...rs.M.V...- did with her musical numbe. I[n order to raise money ...... for [the release of 36 birds at three[ verse weather conditions The [Metz last week [ ~Iome were Mr. and Mrs, Jim[ ,d l~,,, tK, w~ t ......... f 8)+ ~ ......... , ...... v chel Crawford and Mrs Ho~ They are all members o Ode.. [ our treasury, the members / sites by the Kansas Fish and J channels, to t~o pounds, were J Mrs. Waunda Donahue visit- / .,ompton. I ............. + ~,;-~]~,~,. ,,I.,4 ~'gtd .~P ,,tt,,~:a th,, sa 4-H. The Regional was nee/voted that each month two[Game Commission. /the most *nrominent snectes led her mother, Mrs Gertrude/ Past Noble Grand Club wiill ~-,,s;?,.: --- ~, ..... -~,~-~ ........ , ................ - ~ oay issue. ~lrs Dnuhl~ gi~ Club m~ottn ,t at Beloit Saturday. I members bring some article I The wild-trapped turkeys { taken I Fiero Thursday and came to [ meet Wednesday at the home ........... .i~~: ................ = ..... + "+ t ' t~y-man oxzer in r~eu er, ta,. t~,,,,+, ~:t,,,~. ~,, w,+ The Westbranch Card Par y | to be auctioned off For the ~ were netted near Selllng, -Okla- [ The oDenln of Meade Coun I see her again Sunday [ of Mrs. Elsie Rat[aback. I ,. ............. +e~.~el .......................... +"" n HI hs won ' ' Mill ~ - " " -' t ~ormern P, anaas - v 8 day afternoon was well atte ded. g [ month of April, Mrs. David [ homa, by Biologist Jack er ~ ty State Lake followed a two- | Mrs. Violet King and Miss [ The Bridge Club will mee I r ..... +~, r .... t~, -~'E,t~- Mr. Lewis Reece went to by GAb.Countryman and.E [Stenzel and Mrs. Claud Snyder|of the Oklahoma DepartmentI year rehabilitation program I Aiice Sellhorn accompanledl Thursday afternoon at the an n,,v ~ mnnth Wichita early Wednesday mot. Mendennau, row, doe ~oore[wilI furnish the articles. The [of Wildlife Conservation; . I durlng which the lake was re-~Mrs. Vera Selrer and Mrs. [home of Mrs. Marvin Mc~am-~ ~,~o'~"~'an. "'a" 'vear~"~ ninE to attend Grand Lodge of and Ollie Ransom, travels.g, | coat rack' has been purchased [ The turkeys were stocmea all stocked. The other lakes were I Cora Launchbaugh on an auto-J son in Manka.to.... -I Dail~,'fSunday ~10 40.-- ~ the Masons He came back Lena uerry. There were s!x[ for the Community Center. I sites near Pierceville, east ozI opened for fishing the first I mobile ride Sunday afternoon, [ bunoay vlsltors or Mr. anal f~.a~.' ,~+--,.;~ o~ ih~'ou~'~'t~ Thursday evenin~ tables to play witl~ one razz eI Mrs Ralph Dye read an item[Garden City along the Arkan-~ time I The Reverend Mr av, d Mrs [ Mrs Rex Henningsen andl ... ""~I~.'.~ " " " F n is ..... " " "" "" ' n- M Ed+ omce. Jl~un( Mr. and Mrs. Vachel Craw- dazzle. . [ from K.H.D.C. News. Mrs. [ sat River; near St. ra c ,[ Nallonal Wildlife [Michael Hines took charge ol | ~amty were ~r.. a (I rs.. ~ ~, a- Martha Kattenberg wore ner David Stenzel read 'Be Wise on the Republican River, and th Mar h h ' inn se~ Sisclink and family, ~r r "' ford went to Pratt on Saturday ...... J . l I Week March 19-2$ , l e ch 12t C r,st ' l "l Ethel Peters Glover, .~: morning to snend Sunday with Girl Scout umtorm to. cnurcn[ With Your Buys' which was[ near Gaylord,in Smith County, l This is Your Land' is the |vice at our Home. [ .~nd Mrs. Mau~ce S i.mmel!nk.,l most, Long Beach, C , hi. ,I.t,,, ,:~ m,+,,,, mo+~,., Sunday and lookdd real snarp./on cheese. There are 40 dill-Ion tbe North Form of ~the ~om-/theme for National Wildl/fe / ____ [ .vtr. ano ~rs. L, on +lmmelnz[ 90803, recentlya reneW;r' ;:~"~;"'~'::,h'l:" ............ "' This is Girl Scout Week and| erent varieties of cheese. Mrs. I mon River. { Week which will be observed L "~-!:*-::~ ~nd family, Mr. and Mrs. Har-[ subscription. She wrot~']r" Mrs. Guy Robblns, Mrs, Va- she is a Brownie a! Lebano~=J Delmar Boyles gave the ad-I .Steve Cal~l, YcPher.sou, bi:~ March 19-25. The theme is in-I~~ )..Id Shoemaker and Sue, Mrs:[ Mamie~andfriends atf~ ~r, ~h] cP,~,fn~d ,nd ~a~ M~,~ ~ar. ano ~zrs. wunur voer~[ visory lesson on the Newl o~ogmt m cnarge o~ me wila[ tended to remind all citizens I~ ~!/~ uon t~ose ana aaugnters anal "I'm almost a complet ~.-'~ U'e"lqo~d-o'r'~'a'tten-'(i-e~l',t'l~e Pike and Dixie were Sunday dinner| Look in 1968. The program.,[tu.rkey" progra.m ,for Kansas,I of their public land heritage I ~+~']~L~:~ Mrs. Don Schmidt and fam.i, ly.I with at~erosi~, !Jlel~du' Trail Band Concert at Scandia guests or ~ranK uelnerts O~[wilI be enlarged to serve at[ plc~ea up tne ~urmeys at ~eu-[and to promote good conser-| -~i~~ar. ana i~rs. ~a ~]mmenng~ kind of arthritis. For .~ " sn Tuesday ,~vn~,~ ~ ~nh. Cawker. Other guests were [ clubs and organizations in [ ing ana arranged tb.e Kansas [ ration ~ractices for all ~ub- [ ~ and family were supper guests [ w~ks. Januarv and Fel t, ......... , ........ o ........... f , + '- "-- ' , + . ~r~ ~t,o ,a ~[,. r, ..... ,~,~ .,o,,~ Mr and Mrs. Rich. In the a "/Jewell County 12 different[releases. He said the Garden/ llc areas / J~: "+ - at the Henningsen home. /X ~coul(l~sit,-~had-to st~l ,~1 th~ lz,,~m.p~ Night ,~t ~n ternoon we went to Waconda[lessons will be offered in '66.] City and St. Francis releases] W Harold Barker Paola / ~ ~ Brian Simmel+nk will spendt lie so-I"l~t-vvritte~'~~ ~t~th~'t"~v-~,~ "" .......... " Springs, the Glen Elder Dam|our next meeting will be Ap-/consisted of three male and/Kansas Wildlife Week chair~] ~~~ ~i~__ the week with relatives here. Is(> nroud of Mamie's ~.~", "-M"r_Ray"l~c'E~roy and Mr. and saw t~.e, new bridge south[ ril 6 at 2:00 p.m_at the home ~ n!ne female birds, each, while/ man, said that public land in-/ . ionia. Garden Club met Tues,/I haven't .been an.yw~.~ Raymond Joerg went to Okla- o~.~awzer ~ny. of Mrs. Lyle McCammon. The eight ~emaxes a?o our tomes cludes local picnic grounds & ~~i~ any axt_ern.oon at .me. nome OX~have a driver and ns~b-~ home City, Okla, on Sunday to we raninto.some Red C.lou.~|second lesson on Home Fur-/were .reteased at:G.aylord, iA~/parks as well as state recrea-[ ~rs. ,~a we.mennalt, l~ere/ime in and_out of the~l~"~ attend a Farmers Union Meet- peopte ann axter ream.ng ~c~] nishings will be presented by[are me t~to-t, ranae species,| tion areas, national forests and [were s~x m.emnerspresen~., land car so I g.o _out to _(~tQr, In~ Tracy I saw one ot nit tastl Mrs David Stenzel ! which do well in plains areas. I "arks I ~n ~ , I ~ Mr. ann Mrs. ~o.a ~te~, ] use prepared foods a~[~-~ Mr Ray Clawson is driving famous characters, Mr. Half[ --Mrs. Irvin Pettit, P.R.C. I The b,rds were tra,+ portedJ National Wildlife Week Is [~~ were Wednesday droner guestsI ne+s f~nch-&-mana+S~u t n~w Ch~vP~l~t n|~k.n and Half in person, t~uess[ __ [from Selling to Pratt for band-[ snonsored bv the National I ...... -_at the Dean Leonard home in and toast for breakfast~fa'~' . - ~ ......... ' ..... ' who~ Everett Dodd and wife L NTY N F O, ing and to record age weight ~ " Mankato s nod to write "~- ,,ira Milton Kissinger is "" . "|JEWE L COU I , . . . . . . | Wildlife Federation and by the ~ . . ..... I Stafford is ffo.odto_wri~" hn~i~ ~m,~n,~m~,,~ w,, ~ Everett is nalf Kansas and[ | and sex netore nemg taken to[ Kansas Wildlife Federation I Members of the 7m ann um I homesick but can't ~. ~ hV"a'~; t"o~ear't~i's~ ........ half Nebraskan. Just half of[ Jay Wierenga, Jewell CountyI the release sites. [ Members of the Kansas group ~ Catechism Class completedt.heI I'm interested in the .b~.~~, ~'- _ , ' his face is shaved We all haalN F O Chairman, called htel "They are in excellent con-[ are invitin~ all citizens to loin I study Sunday afternoon. Tne l and am arranging to he~' U.--.,=~. A=~ a laugh at his expense. We.el-I Jewell N.F.O. meeting to orderI dition," Capel said. 'JackI in learnin~ about the impor-I__ study course began in O ctober, l so glad~.terba~l~i, nd [[l On so visited wlth Rex ~enneays, [ by a moment of silent prayer I Miller is certainly to be corn-[ tance and variety of ~ublic |~ Mr. and Mrs. Frank UUrK Ol I be back in Mankato. l~ - ""~"M,,. --= """~'~'M=,.h.II Bl.-h,,,.~- who were viewing Waconda,.i. for" the success of the organ[- mended for doing, a fine job landswhich all c~tizens" ~ own" . .... . -- .Salina were weekend guests at [ have a rn,,,,~oto,,,reservation i~in L~!~n~'-] . .Mr. and Mrs..Ed Clark vlst:ization" The minutes of the lastlIn trapping the b,rds and al-I Any clubs or organizatlonslNancle Bauer Seleled the Rolla Dietz home..... Citizens O ov r +aturoa nl nt anal / ' Mrs, Wilma Andrews so- e e Y g meeting were read by Secre-I lowing us to rush them to Kan-| wishin~ to learn more about [For Girls State Judy Ahlvers, stuoent ]n need steady hell). Tir~"~, ther, Mrs. Earl Smith, of Man- Sunday with Debbie. . at Has- tary Marvin Wagner and ap- sat for quick release." this yea r's theme are ask~,.-'~ ~o | -- Maryoust School of Nursing I t~ll ..... The~n"w~o l~eil~L~hn kato fell Monday and broke tings and Debbte is quitem aelat" proved. There. were 11 me-| Capel said Miller netted the contact W. Harold Barker, 2071 Nancie Bauer has been se- and Andrea Wilson, employed[my ~" ~'~.!~S~ her hip She is a patient in ed she will not be PUt. /hers answermg roll call, be-[birds Tuesday mormng. They North Pearl Paola Kansas lected as a dele ate to att ng ed in Salina, spent the weeKenJtack and can't do verY~,[~,l,-, the hospital in Superior.cast. but will be on crutches sides four ladies and five were released in Kansas Wed-] 66071 [Girls' State by th~ America,, here with their parents. Mr [ My best regards and l~'~e,' hool " ~ ~ " d " "~ Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Vader and able to return to sc., children present, nesday afternoo~ Most of the] No Restrlcted Flshlno Waters [Leion Auxiliary at Ciav Cen- and Mrs. John Ahlvers an ,all my'frle s-and and family were honor guests The very best of luck, Debnte,[ Bob Boiler and GeraldJblrds were young--less than] AI Fllnt Hllls Wlldllfe Rufus |ter~who svonsors the delegates Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Wilson lyou' Do hope Bus is t~'~ met Tuesday afternoon at the raduall alnin round ac to a dozen each at 11 different Th r will no res Act thr e ar Mis .... , , . .......... [g "Y"g' g g "| ...... } ' ee " be tr ed[ e ye s "s Bauer has IveGotthe4-HSpirit and[[ WE'RE LOOKING h onurcn, Mrs. ~'au umcKstone MrS, |. [. Rensom cording to the Rocky Mountain spots m me state, h s fish[n, g waters in the refuge been the school s majorette "Home On the Range." For FOR A t ......... / ,I , i ea ro ch p-~adsa member of the schoolLorie Russell s music an-re-I _ !OR A_. ~ WaS hostess and also had the Cervis Journal of Denver In addition the state a a arf m Mar 15 until Sen I , L WOUlCI mention that we are ,, ~,~- devotiol~. ........................... [Here is s6me information pub. | number of native flocks..most| tember 10, Lyle Stemmer. |Pep Band. Besides her many clation, she nlaved a nianoll ~~rljl M~k~4"f, Sunday was the 91st ann[- ~w naw~tt , ,tt,, ng-~ ra~n|lished Jan 11, 1967. The Chain[of them along the Oklanoma[ m~n refuge, manager said /activit/es Miss Bauer Is an o,,t,, ,~r^.,,~a,,- n,,,,,;~,,,,, II I, ......... !"~ n vor.. of th. Olive .ill morning a,[Super Markets are making a/berder and the western two-[ Certain port .n, of the area[honor roll ,tudent She Is the Darrell Mar