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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
March 19, 1964     Jewell County Record
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March 19, 1964

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Thursday, March, 191 i963 WATCH FOR OUR FIRST OF THE WEEK b :t % I_ [ -- REFRIGERATION M~NKATO GREENHOUSE Sales & Service Phone HA 8-3252 JEWELL PLUMBING & HEATING 4~ff ........ j J Farmers---Wen Ddmng, D .ih:htuS, L/ght EXcavating. We are ienced in these lines, Our motto is a "fair de~l". -- Jea~ D. Fearing, Phone JU 7-3714, Burr Oak, KanL 49~ For Ren~t: F,~ed studio apa~tmem. Ne~qy de~. TV a~temme ~n~uded. -- Kei~h A~. d erson, /TR 8-3239, 1V~. 38t~ W~ted To Buy: Authentic An- tiques. -- Vetda L. Sothers, An- tiques, FR 4-2591, Courthnd. 31tf Sa~e: Cl~ar seed, cleaned a~d ~ca~if-~d, 14c per lb. -- John Nc~'ak, 6 m~es sou~h. 11,4 east of l~nnoso, Kans.. 3a~* J SEPTIC TANK CESSPOOL & CONSTRUCTION Wells, Cisterns, Pier-Holes Jeep Trench Digging Water, Gas & Sewer Lin~ Septic Tank & Cesspool Cleaning DEROWITSCH & SON Ph. JA 7-2860 - Belleville, Kam~ Phone Collect. 15~ -j War, ted To Buy: Farm laurel. -- Write or ca~l Richard Spiegel, For- VMAN MOON Flowers for all We Telegraph Flowers ~hone FR 8-~2 47t~ t" - .... I J J Jl Cesspool and Septic Tank Oles~- -- Jewell Plumbing & "He~ti~g, HA 8-3252, Jew~l, Kant. 46t.f lJ Long Term FARM LOKNS Prompt Service CKAS. T. NICHOLS ManUre, ~ ~1~ WA2~TED AT ONC~E: Dealer ~o supplyRaraclei~h tmusehcfld neces- sities to Consumers in ~/Ia~ka~o. Pa~t time. A l:X~ "'ca~ wKl you ~1 de~ls wi~hou~ obRgaCton. -- Write Rm~le~g~h, Dept KAC 72-271, ~_.eport, 11,1. 40~i* H~p Wa~d at Wtlbeck Rest H~Tm. -- Cov~ct ~a C. Wi~:~eck, Adm., T~ephone ~ 8-3917. 40~ ~r Sa~e: 400-acre ~ on Wh~e 1%ock, wel.1 i~proved, modern, 200 acres ~, a.b0~t 70 acres ber- tram le~l. ~ o~r ,good farms h~m~es; some pa~a~re lar~d. Oha~es ,McCa~ty, E~bcm, Kansas. 40tl* Sin~er Sia~t Needle. Rep0~sess- ed. In exce~l~n~ coa~di~ion. Zig- zags, d~es }ancy desi,g~s,, embroid- ers. monog~an-~, etc. ~ b~l~ce 7 paymer~s $6.85. -- Per more in~ torm,a,~io~ wr~e Box 453, DeSoto. Ka,ns. 3~t~ Septtc Tav.k and Cess Pool Ctearm~ Service.- Phc~m Elmer Mas0a~, RA 5-3751, or w~i~e ,Box 8, ~b~, ~. 3~ II AVON COSMETICS Needs maCure, ambitious, e~- ~ge~e w~T~n wRh car ~epresen, t these ~op-q~a~it~ prod~cts in ~. Wv2te: MRS. MARIAN $. LYON District Manager 38t3 964 So. 9th - Salina, Kay. Disc aa~cl One-Way Shmypenkr~g a~ your farm. ~ Doyle Jef~rs, Esbon. Phone I~ 5-3472 Collect. 33t52" ~For Sale: 1 1950 ~ Jvl~n ,Deere T~actx~r. 1 John Deere Weeder. 1 JoTm Deere Cultivator. 1 datm ~re ~. ,I M-H M~ar. 1 IHC 124t. Fieldt)i~c. I ~HC 2-14 ~low (rubber). 1 I950 C~e Car (new ",~.-es). This machinery is a~bove avera~ge. -- ~. Mrs. ~eo~ge S't~es. Contact Harold Shc~a~ker. I~a. Karts., I=~ho~e ST 6-~8~~. 39~S* For S~e: 12-ca~ n.~]k cooler, o~e ,For S~e: 1941 ~hevrolet 1-trm~,ve~r old i150 00 1~ 10-~1 ca~s Trtmk, stuck arid gra~., 7.50X16l$'500 e,a~:~h: -:." ~ D l~i~vmd ~y ~. gyod.- ~ ~jG~ ~. V~o~ J~ V-2~ ~omv0arm, ~a~. ~,..tz {Bu= O~. , .... 3ate" Gifts, Luggage, Radi~ { w~a: c_,ara~ v~w~g. -~. Furnit--~ Q,.,QI! An- V~m Ga~ock, Ph~e F~ 8-33 0, p~e~ Wall F~p~ri Paint -~or s~e: ~ew po~,ble Lhudeun~ U~h~ writer. F~ ~70s. ,, 3~,* moso, Ka~. 33,t8 Furniture War~: 3 Dempster 30" sweeps, K@/tB'S THRIFT w~th ~. -- (~M~e Lamb, Es-] .~,.~,~,~,.w..~.~ . ~t~,*I v'l:~:tlI~grul~ sa~e: 6.~o~,~ ~ ~,~. ! Burr Oak -- ,.L~n S~I~, ~m~A~Ro, K~S. I ~ and Ra~h H~h~l~ J~ck 39tl ' - " - ' ]~i~s. Fve~ pick~tp de~tver~. Apartment ~r te~L -- F. R.lsev~iee.- Box 265, Esb0~, ~ans. Fair.. . _ l~f 37ff ,For Sale: /k~fa~f~ hay, second a I sJ ct~ttkng, loose; 4~ cu~.g, baled. 'I-~a~ey P~ng~orn. 39~* Men or Wom~: Earn $3.00 per hour, 3 ho~zs a day, 3 d~ys a w~ak.' ~' Wr~e Box 91, Smith ember, ~ 38~* For ~an,t: Mod~r~ %we t~i ~dh basemer~t gh S~t. -- CI-HCKS: $15.oo; P~ ~o.oo; w~te,_~. $1~5.00; ~x~ers $16.00; M~cs De- K~'l;b Pullets $5~.00; C~l-Wh~e~,~ C~cker~ $3.75. A~so &mge M~k- em az,d ~B~Ik {M~k ~. -- Bome- irneyer ~ec/~, Rt 2, S~per~or, Nebr. ~ 4~0. 38~8" I MONUMENTS AND i For ~ or IMz~kers ~0 i be erecmd by ~ Da.y, I~i~ leCtert~ or da~,s ~o be !pu on ~ in ~e~, ]see ~r ~hone ~ Nid,x~, 3frtl0 | For S@le: ~KC ~ Pup- I pieS, miniaCu~e sired. ~R 8-~1~. ~ SgV~* I ~ svod ,~d 'White ~med ~, ~ 3~ ~t~, ~ -~" l xiety ,~. -- ,HA ~'v~ --For S~le: YeBow ~t0ssc~ ~weet Ckr~ See~ $1.00 ~o $L2~ p~r A. for Seed w~l give a g~xl -- Star,Seed & P~xI.. Kans. 40~ Atl~s ~tr~ and b~tte~s, see SemT's Standard Se~ice, ~^ 14t~ ~For S~e: 9~=/5 ~, vevent- ~ lotsd~elw Burr 4320. 40t2" ~'NOW" Is THE ~ ~O INSULA~m YOUR HOME Guaranteed Fibre Wool Cellulose Iz~daflon A Complete Line of Storm Windows and Doors. Write Box 145, Bolleville, Kava., or eall JA 7-5095. E& E HOME IMPROVE- MENT 33~f ,For S~le: ~ Hampshire Bams; yem-iags, ~vo and three year olds. -- Vaugtm Pra~er, Ran- ~-Iel, p ~: ~ or w, on'm~ 3 days a week. -- Write 128 South :Main. Sm~h ~, ~Ka~. 'I.~ or A Whit~ace l~s. Dis- de~ Seods,. We ~ .easy Hr~ of"Law~ Grass Seed, er, ~ad ~h~v~ Stx~p in loak ~m~ -- S~r Seed, Belo~t, Svr~ice a~e ~ ww ~ b~, and ~.- C~s~r R Nelson, For S~le: Speclal price on one ~ot ~f Km~s ~ , .00 y~ms tod~y. -- Seed, " K. . jc~ed: Your ~ ~t a Dvere ~ S~v~e me~ Moray ~, Ma~h 2~, P. M.. ~t New~] Irnphm~e~ 4~1 RENT OR PURCHASE ORIGINAL AREA ARTISTS' PAlffr 6$ NOW - at the Public U fl~a~, M.anka~ NORTH CENTRAL ~IATION OF ARTIST~ ' " ..... ~::~ Carol Johnson, Cou~tland, Kans., Agent k - ~J.W. White FARM MASTER -- An Amazing Package policyb (Saves You Money) It protects ~rn agai~t: 1. Fire & Lightning 2. Wind & Haft 3. Glass Breakage & Vandalism 4. Persona~ Proper~y Loss 5. Live~ by drow~ir~g, lig~f~ ni~g, g~ns~ & wild animals. 6. 7. Even includes complete per- sorrel &residence liability & medical imymer~ts. There% so much coverage in one Dolicy, see your Farm Bu- reau Agents for f~tll ex~nation. News !~r ever~..~mer aw~ a Ov~Way, ~, Dritl, or other ~ tool~.-Ha~e them ~terWith ~e Amy ~le Far prampt ~-yo~- service, ca~l /M~a~o Weld- ing and Black.niXing. Ope~4or, ~tiohmxt R. Wa~h, ~ FR 8- 3637, ~o.k~. 35~f For l~: ~a 1950 IHC M Tractor w/wide f~o~t axle ~nd 2~way hyd~a~c. 1960 J. D. 730 Di.~.2 w/wide fro~ axle. 1954 44 Speem~l M,a~sey-Ha~ris w/live hydvau[m and low hovms. 1954 John D~ere 70, above a~ev- age. 1950 John I)~re AR, ~ea~ ~ood. 1950 J,o~hn Deeve A w/Powr- Trol ~,d 2-piece pecl~taL Sever~ good used Pb~s. 2 1951 No. 27 14-~t. tM~ssey4-I~rris Corn,bines. 2 Used E-Z-~lww F~~zvr Spread- ers. 3 very g~x~d Veal :B~tm Gram Drills. 1 12-R. Kramse Ov~Way w/~nti-tric~i~n, bearhngs. ~ Ne~v~ll Implement Co., 'tVlar~m,to. Kansas. 40tl Electrol~x ~mers - S~les, ser- vice or SUl~}ies. -- Ph~e HA~ris- on 8-3222 or write Box 116, Jew~1]. 391;4' S~le: P~e~s~ed H~ bu11~, ~ge posts ~md corner posts. - G. W. Berneki~g, Farm~o, F~sas. 39t2" DU PONT LUCITE Spring Paint-up Inside and Oui~lde New Colors Stanley C. Green Co. 124 E. 6 - Coneordia 39~ e~ygr Sa~e: ~ ~ Top P~an~ 'l~or Ol~k. 39t2" For SMe: ~Bal~d atlanta hay. L. H. Stedma~, ~a~k~to. 393* i I OFF-SEASON SALE VAC Case (MH 44 Row Crop 30 Row Crop MH 21A Combi~--make oHe~ IHC Combine Krause (Yne-Way 3-secti~ S~r~g Tooth ~ Bele ~ 27' Gra~rt Auger .IHC Cu.~tiv~toz, fi~s ~I~H Gase 4x16 'Plow 3.point D~c pl~ne~t ~I~ Kev~ee Wheel Disc MANKATO IMPLE. CO. MANKATO, KANSAS 3% J J~n~ Deere A. -- D~le l~th~hd:td, P~on~ ~ 8-3663. 40~1 ' _ ~l /~ II ........ WAGNER DRUG STORE ADOPTS BABIES ?~ Speaking of captivating . . D~UG STORE will feature a series of cute baby photos in their newspaper ads each week. They will appear under the heading BABY BABBLE by Oral Wagner. Watch for~ ~hem -- you'll get a ehmflde each time yOU see :them. The first baby ad appea~ in this issue. 19, 1~ ', eeriaia ~vet~ In me $vwell Coum~y, ~ee of T~npor. provide finds to of sueh hn. paid for by the f Bonds, under the auth. of Section 10.123 of /he 1961 to th~ O~ ~t. Kansas for 1949, and Amendmenls tl~re~. :Home. :, W~, ~ ~ve been filed wi~h the C~y Cie~k at City of ~m, Jew~ Of ~VIm~,a~, J~well C~a~y, Fev~: T~ E~ S~m~s prap- sas, by certa~ pmperey owners erty i~ ~ Oak. ~ be:~t ~tt.~e abut~ng or~ ~ ~treets m~d liable B~l~ ~ ~ M~ch 20 to ~x,~io~ for m~d '~r~; i~m~:~1:00 ,to 4:00-P.-bL ~o ~l ~ ~i&. -- J~ Vader.. ,,o ,,39 , ~ recc~Is ~ ~e ....... at~dce ~ ~he ,Ite~ ~ Deeds ~f For S~e: Ho~e~ ~d Cross- J~wel~ Ooum~, ~, ~ been bred ~, 2 ~o 6 weeks ~lt ._A.2k ex~ed as ~0 .~e et~ency of ~ves ~ ~ ~ ~ ms: c~ ssid ~ has been Come ~e~. ~he c~vesbelm~i~re y~u ~o c~_i~ a ma~o~W ~ ~e buy.- ,Dum~e Sperm,O~l~m~,, m owne~ ~ ~-M pr~per~ Ka, at. 2., Phvne S46-5578 ~ ,to ,taxa~on ~ ~ 3~. ,;, . ~ ~ ~r, and ~'peU- I I I I v, equ.ests r, clo,re ~OR SALE OR TRADE ~ su$flcte~t : ~! ~iljili ~ ~ii :? ii/ i/!i~)i~: ! ~'o~ ~ a'm~tor .......~s.oo 34~ou~-LikeNew - J0 I. IHO l~oed ~ Ton :::. |IZ~ 1 - 19~ Ferd ~dOv~e.. :~ ~ t~,000 ~ 9 1 ....... ~ Mankato THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY MA~RCH 20 - 21 - 22 llle screen'S. mightiest excitements ..go on gm rampage[ ~Clerk ~re d~rect~ vo tract for such wvrk sr~d~ g~u~er, by ~e Section 3. er~d pub~o~ the ~V~ayor wth~ ~, N have ~,en point a ti~e ~ka" ~essi~ ~or prais~T~ent. ~f si~ d~e ~m~ce ~e ~c~l C~ty ~~, ~x,e ~f S otmh Street .~o the south ~ of ~ ~t; ~he Ci~ of Ma~m~, Jewe~l CormS, ~, ~ accor~mce w@h the plans and speci~ p~paved ~by ~E~,M. lVlCKE~, J(R., of Colby, Kansas; ,~l. at a r~Eu~r meetir~g held 4, 1964, ~ Govern&vg L , ,, L,, , of ~ City of ~kato, J~v- ~ml 2ai~ -- ~ Li- ~, ~ declared ~rary, ~VI~. 40t3eow ~ it deems it ~cessm'y ~o curb, gutter and cChemwise improve--- ~Wa~ted: Fm, ml-~ motmed~g ~or H/~lVI~.,TON STREET ~orn ~e east ,]~e o~ High S~ ~o ,the west line ~ Co~me~- oral Street; WEBSTBR S~ &'om ~he east ~ of ~Icl~be~ Street m .l~e ~ ,],i.~e of We~ Street; ~EST STREET from ~e ,~;~n ~Blvck $3 be~ ~c~r~erci~l S~vet aud Cent- er S~reet; and, ~KFA~A~, Said resa~uti~ was duly ~ubli~ed m ~ JEW~X~L COON~Y ~, ~e o~tici~ CRy paper, ,~ ~o ~.ve is- su~s ~ said paper, cm Febvua~j 6 ar'~t, IS, 1964; mid, ~~, Move th~n twen~ (20) ~tas~s i'm,ve e~apsed ~ce ~the da~e of the last publication, a.wd sufficient p~est~ against sa~d im- prospects ~mve n~t been fried ~ith ~e (:~ty al~k ~ithi,n ~he said dapsed ~ime by the r~ owners Of rea~ .pr~pemty ~lable f~r Cax~o~ ~erefor; m'td, a~t a regular meeting heh::l I ~, 1963, #~he ~l Ikx~y at the City of Wm~ka~o, Jew- e~i C~y, X~nsas, has~ ~t fl~t ~ deem~ ~ m~easa~ ~o ~an SrI~E~T ~cm[ Sou~ Street ~o /Mxmme S~'eet, el main m~icw~y, m~cl, ~st~l ~ew[ curb a~d g~ter, $~ ~e ~ty ~, Jewell C~,~ty, Kansas; ,~, Said Re~o~u~km was d~ly pubRshed ~n ~e C~Ul~rY ~ 'P~OI~D, the 0~i~ial C~t~ peper, in ~vo ~ti've sues Of said pa~er, on ~am.~h 7 m~d 14, 1963; mid, ~, More th~ ~h~y ~ C~y (2e~k within ~e i d~d cm~e by ~e ~,~em ~, ~ ~mprov~ner~s af ~ at~rve-descr~bed streets are , 'l~m cost af said ~n- pmvernev~ Is ~t~-~or~ ~o be .p~id ~c~ ~ -~#ole or ~ pert by the ~ssuance o~ b0~m~z; m'~d, ~, T~/e Ci,~y Ims ' no ftmds ~o ~ce mmh ~Vax~ ' ,' ~ Section 10. ~e to,be ~' for proper end ~1 a~y is issue its ~ry ~s ~" ~t ' ~wn ~e west ~e t~e south ~veet; S~ tr~n ~v r~h T~ ~otes ~t~ a~ tin,it bosch MA~qXATO, JNW~J~ 1. ~tR