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March 19, 1964     Jewell County Record
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March 19, 1964

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Sale ~ Mamksb I At Sale lSet~ Pvery Friday Jewell 73; No. 40 -1964 .FEED GleN SIGN-UP DEADLINE According to Leo Obert, County ASC Chairman, The Deadline For 1964 Signup Is March 27 The ~cl grain faxrners o~ Jew- cotm~Jy are ,rt~ninded, by Leo ~t, Chai~ at the ASC ~e fi~l d~ for s~i~g up ~o L~t~e 1984 feed grain The sign-up w~l cc~m~ ,be o0~luct~l ~ ,the cotmCy ~- ~vho i~ticipeCe i~ ~e w~l 'be elig~l:fle kxr a di- payn-~v~t on ~e acreage a pmce SUplX~rt paym~m ar.re~ge pl~nCe~l (.15c on Cor~, .12c l~er bu. of ~xl .23e ~r cw:t. o~ ,r~us ~ m~or~ ag~eme~s ~m ~e produced. ~ de~. d~te, 710 ~ras ~ signed ~p~u .par~iip~be m Che 1964 Feed z~ai~ ~rog~m. T~Rs ~ 39% of ~he ~l.ig~b~e tm-~ns ~ ~e COLm~. Of ~e ~arms s~d ~p, on average 4~ % of ~ ,base has bee~ sign, ~1 ~ ~th ~m a.~e~age d~vemion Payme~nt of $23.00 per acre. MrS.BI)empsey Will Teach urr Oak Next Year GemM Dempsey, ~cher ~t~ a~d 5~h ~a~ade con~ina-" room. hss re.~gaed to accept a .positi~ as 4th grade ~acher in ~ Btm" Oak Sch~Is. . ~ D~npse~,, a graxiuate of Kansas St~e U~vvrsiCy, has hugt~ ei~t yea~ in l~nd~ end v~,,i Year ~o t~rre enjoyed my amz~,~.~or~ wi~ ~ ~e~chers, pu~ls and ~r parer~ dur~g this." year, and wi~h ~ ,fl'~e ~ at tuck in ~o cc~ne,' s~4~s ~s. Da~ax~s Of this ~t wish .her e~t~ued succe~. Senm~ &(Mrs. A.T.~ .w~e guests ~ eve~, ,at a .am~lUOt a~ 24.88 ~ h~ _~it, tot a~ ~ mee~-~g at Blue #,.kcs~lue $hield Represen"m~i~s, a~d~J.~ Mona, Jr. & a l~loral ~'e ye~ old~m, visited Sm~ay at oeherIx~,Mr.~ Axe4~m. HOLY .'WEEK SERVICES PLANNED BY CHURCHES The Ch~n'~h~ c~ M~_lm~o ~U p~e_r~t special services during Hol~ Week, [March 22 to 29 com- merafdv~ the Restwvectiv~ of Jest~ C~.ist. IBach local Cimrch wil,1 have se~a~s of special t~evest m i~ ~m begiv~i~ vi%h Pahn Stmday, ~ Sunday, and though the week w~th M~mndy Thu~da~, Good ,~'k~i~a~ ~ ~t~r Su~cl~y. I Hol~ Week Chapel ~l be hv.~d et H:30 in @~e H~gh School Gyn'm with l~v. 'Me,ton Ze~sset of Che IE. U. B. (~.m~ brL~gtng the mes- sage, spon.~n~ by ~e Mar, tm~ "l~e ~.aa~"ato ~Viinisteria~1 ~l- w~ ~an~r, as' it has in ~e past, the UPAon Good Friday Ser- v,i~e, ~ n~on to 1~hree o'clock, on ~'Yiday, ~JIaz~h 27th. The se- v~es ~vil~ 'be hekt in ~he E~ar~e- Rc~l U~Red Bvethern Ch~ in ~to Avith Rev. ~Vie~t~z~ Zeisset as host 9a~t~rr. ~he secwice will be divided ~ ~the la~adi, tior~ paw~s, w,i,th a n~ndster or hy man spe~ ',Ix) ead~ of She themes af ~he ser~c~. Piar~ a~d Vocal music w~l ~u~mer~t ~ ser- vk~s ~ Worship. ~ those spewing wi~ be P, ev_,Rabe~t Sin'dson, He~mon~WI~ Chumh; iWr. A,l~in ~-~11, Asserabl~ of God la~nan; Rev. Mrs. t,te~e Ju~ge~r~e.n, Assevably of God; Carl West~n, ~orm~so Obur~ ,laymen; '~v. Ross Matin, We~eyan Metb.z~list Ckhurch; ~v. A. T. ~er~usen, Ha~znc~ Metho- dist ~y~an; Rev. Merten Zeisset, E. U. B. Church. T~e p~bRc is "m~,i~d to attentl se~ice, stewing as long as possible, bu~ teelkng flee to co~ne or depm~ ~ ~he preser~ticn ~f the seven fllevne$. Edwin Ross Familg Honored WEED *** ~|y~eNO MOISTURER~,d, o~i~-ial weather * MANKATO,. CONTROL SCHOOL ' during Cdhe past vceek, Temp- * er~tttTes ha~e be~n rmkt. with * MEETINGS Will Be Held In County At Three Locations, Wednesday, March 25 At the request ~f t~ners ~ the east side vf Jewel~ cottony, t~ee mevti~gs are beiz~ b.eld: *a high h~r the week ~f 71 * * ~cctmri~g Th,urscta?, ~VIarch 12. * =~ 'and a I~w o~ 23~ on ~VIom~a~f, * * ~M~rah 15. * Judys Express Thauks Owe of ~e ~ things that we, Who li~ve in th~s corm'aur~ty, have ~o ~be ~ for is ~he w~l~ng o~ud et~icie~ ~ vol~n~eer fire dep~.tn~mt. No o~e k~ows t~at bet~r ~n ~e do, and we wan~ to express ~r apprecia, ti~a~ 9:30 A~VI.--Meet m ~ae Fovmoso ,Elev~0~ I0:45 A~:-~leet ~t Lovewen 1:30 ~/I.~ a~ the Jewell ~R1evator These ~re to be he~d ~N~a,y, 25. ~ey are ~ by ~e J~well Coar~ Ext~on Ser- vice ~ Com~y Weed Depar~ meal ~r~ J~c& V, ~aird, Ex~siun C~eeiatist from ~ S~te U.rdver~ty, .wi,H ,be on bend ~o dds- cu~ ~re Nvd~ng (~W, usk) Thistle a ~uv~ ~w ~oxious weed whi~ has increased rapid.~ J~el 1 c0~r~ty. t]~. ~ivd is asked to ~ tTre- ~ ~.~l I:~e ~m same ~ w~ be hem in a pat~ of l~'~e thistk~ ~ each co ~- mm-dCy. ,Everyor~ is encore'aged So atter~ ~me of Iftese mee~ngs. METHODIST CHURCHES SCHEDULE HOLY Right to left: Dean Buster, President of Mankato Commercial Club presenting Leadership Plaque to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ross and Wayne at Farmers Night Banquet March 5th. March Is Red Cress Month [Water Sanitation Meeting ---- ]At Burr Oak __ The ~9e4 Red C~oss fund dvi~I ~ is ~ in p~grem. ~ WaPiti. ~The~e w~ be a W~ter S~fely pro,~z~m a~ ~e Red ~|meetln~ ~4kmdey, Ma~h 23 blood, pnogrmn ave bota wondev~l/t~he=. ~ Oa~ /High Sdh~l programs tar JeweR Count. A A~i~0o~um, spovsored by ~e liar. ]mwe percentage of the "~ch~dren ~ 4~H Club and the Harrison Red ~rom swimn'~g lesso~. The ~~ ~ Sa~l~, D~- m ~evn and .~he friends ~ neigh- boys, ~ assisted in ext~guish&-~g our ,gr~m ~ires. P~aps Dick Kin- sey ~/d ~ ~ s~hou~Id be mer~ti~ned speci~o~y, for he cer- taillly sa~'ed the si%us~ml wh~ the .~tmk bad .ta lea~e ~r more wa~er. F~r ~z~se who hel~ed, other than the regulm" fire depa~mae~t mem- bers. ~rra~ements h~ve bee~ made to se~-e ~m a d, inn~ a Love's ~ et 6:30.,p. m. on Semv- day, ~dmr.h 21st. ~t wou~ be de. i~ ~ pevs~.s world no- Love's C~e of ~eiv i.r~ev~un to eat v~i~ t~ by 10 o~clvck S~tur- day moving. As/~r ~e ~e depm~,ner~t, thei, r ctinner ~i]~ be $i~,en ~ a l~ber date. ask "Why so many fires?" ~ne ex~ might be gi,~en. ~t is prima~ly dale to the ~ct ~t the ra~v~ tibet away ~as not ~ ~ff by the main- tenance crew ah~s past fa, lt or win- ter. As a ~,t~e ~y s~a~k ~l~ing tv0m a brake sets off a ~ire ~t f~lls ~ ~e dry grass ~t R. R. ,Ki~n of Burr Oak do lly~s arid oe~s. ~tete ~ of H~I~h, w~o -- The dud~3s cele1:~ted ,his 88~h bi-~hda~, ~ ,ta~..y pec~le ~ ~e ~ ~ ~l~r~s ~ ~ va The{Method~ C.hu~he~ of Tbumda~ t~a~ch 12. Mr. and ~rs. ~W swe a~ve .,~xm~y. ~ "Wae0er ~r~etiva. The public Imto and blon~cse w~ ce~ ~V~r. and Mrs. J~, Me, mh~.men wen~ ,to .l~l.~ an l ~1~ WaS ~'~al~vle ~ ~ i# ir~i~ ~[ a ~ W~ be ~l'- ~ Holy 'Week w~th ~.l~l ~ Jon served as owe of ~he ~-bo w~ 95 [M~.h 12. P~iley bad ~ ~ ~ ~ P~lm ~mday, Hay- ~ l~rn~ A~m~l C~,s of Rer~l~, ~ ~ ~ocd ~ ~ceiv~ a card ~ at her s0~, G~erm, and w~ H~ly ~. The ser- ~ver~, '1%e~e were gl0 arid Riley t~lked, ~o l~o~an and whic~ a~s: ~N~e~Wlchl~ I~ m ~- " ~ be 'Holy To dis~hy~d in M~ ,his ~ ~ ~ ~e ~ ~ ~ ~e ~l~r,- ~, , - -, ' W~ld*'. :~ ~.. ~ ~ a cake.~ ~~ ~ were by ~ re~"r~m~tess'of ~r :en~ ~ ~ i~ ~e ~ ~ of Jesus and ms ~n~ ~ gue~'S tot d~-mer ~ '~f~r. and ~a.s. ~ of l~sid~ve. S ' !D:~,ic't ,Federetkm of Wc~nts c~ples at 7 o'o]~dk. ~y,ed ~e ~ppot~t t C. W. ~ .at ,~e ~ 2. Tbe~,afb~oodv~d Ol~fl~saudi~'~mheld~tI-I~, Setur. ~. Both Y~ , J=, ~[enl~me~ i ~:en Stmda,~.:~" by ~-at ~ re~k~, who'day. Tho~ who ~ we~ w'~ ~M F~m~r S~ l~ :~h M~ .. m~e ~ oots~e ot tt~ re..~ ~, ~ year v~Ice, ~t 6 a. n~ m F~ster Stmday n~rr~ ~e~rttsw@~ha~ edtod~so. . v ~trie Kmmer, 3Pd year Demoe~ Eh~s~t Dlel~tt~ r ~or ~ dm~h~, 'I~s~a= . of ot~r reeklem~ a~ hedp. {Maria Iseac, first year voice ~ A~l~na~e to Ar~,er," I0. The gi~l~e Teresa a Erich E. Penner Ama~m~m ~mdldaey for S#~e ~e ~,me~m~ ~m ai0ck f~r ~ ne~t m - ~1~o. COMPANY The Catholic Daughters of America of St,. Theresa's Church are planning tbei ammalbake sale,en Sattwday, March 28th, or'~ ~y I~slb~ m.e Metro: Ham, baked beans, buttered THE MANKATO gUN presents "MR. HOBBS~ VACATION" a three-act comedy by Edwar~ ~treeter 8 P. M. FRIDAY, MA~ 20 at :the MANKATO HIGH SCHOOL AI~DITORIUM - with %he following cast of characters Elwell ~Terrey .................................. Bruce Franklin Clyde Peabody ..... .~ .......... _:_ ......................... Don Frye Alvin Follensby , Ray Howell Peggy Hobbs ............ -_ ..... . ...... _ ................ Jane Kier Kate Hobbs .................~_:.=~_ ........... Donna Hills Roger Hobbs .................................... John Hunter Fred Saltonstall ................................. Bob Mrs; Byron Dangerfield ._.:._~ ...........:. ......... Bob Jane Dangerfield ............. ~. ................. Donna Sam Griswold ....... ._:_ ..... _ ..... L ...... ~ ....Jim Sidney BoHivar ......................... Dorian Emily Turner .............: ............ : .... -:..:_:_~ Linda bo~.~t ~e Hed Mm~c~ 15. The NEWS Grade School Fine ~tl~ ~ were oratim~-~. Pri~es for ~e beet eoter ~ ~-e mma Meyer, a down dm P, ved, "i ~r. a=xt.~&~s. Ridm~ Ki~me /M~C.~mS~phe~le~tWedr~ Ik~om Concordla 8800 F~ 91st S~., Kamm~s ~l~, day ,~o meet he~ ~ h-t ~ a ,~, ~e ~c~g over the ~ and go an to ~v~x, Ariz., for S~ Crowd At Oi~lnff Satunlay ~. end ~ Don W~ and whlch h~ Ne~ Jewelry-S~z~ in 'Menk~ ~ 1,] j. k.~w ef0trac~Ive s~e, 4~e ~ do~r ~ ed ~e cards (.. ......... , RUMMAGE SALE FRIDAY, MARCH 20 Amedcan Le m Hall MOTHERS OF MI~IC STUDENTS There will be a meeting Tuesday,, March 31 at 3:00 p. m. in theSe~ng Room at the High School Some mothers have~ to aecept chairmanship for next year~ so please come vote. Also there have been requests to vote on the MusicBanquet orlmy band uniforms for next year. MEETING At Mankato F. B. Office - March 27, 7:30 p.m. Topics to be discussed 1. Noxious weeds. 2. Sales tax exemption of ~farm chemicals. 3. Selection of Elementary and Secondary text books. Refreshment& N0n,members also welcome. ESBON SENIOR CLASS PLaY TUESDAY, MARCH 24 AT 7:30 P. M. Esbon High School Gym~ "ABSOLUTELY MURDER" Admission: Grmks 25; ~[lgh School 35e; Adults 50c v~ W~gner D~zg S~re, was ,, ~ ttle lP~m~, M~, e~ linl~ was his of a~l `h~" T~ men are ~ flx~m ~ts V:F.W. ~ 7830 see mrycoe from ' m T~peka of Ronda Rae ,Rc~M {I~r. and Mrs. L~le l~,ice, My. & l~w~ll, Rev. and ~'a of Mm. Rober~ D. ear basket lunche~ a the LFh Le~ore Sund~y 6 ~ a~d ~s. Wmxt home Jim Price arid. Don ~r ~ff-~. and pin. MY~ Wash~r~tc~ ~. Kevaeth Neko~, owner o~ 'fl~e DONNA HIL]LSt~TIt]~ ~ick TO WASHINGTON, D,'C. ,,~ i~ .tt~e coumy Mabel ~Vietz. In ~ ~I)omm ~ jur~iw, vras a~va~d, to V~~, D. tac~uctlng 'Dopeka & ed a Tim, ' Co~" was judge~~' ~h~ v~ek ~e twu end ~ home v~ Mr; ~ V.F.~ bL Harry Binger ................... : ..... :,~.:~ ........... : Jim Joan Bh~4[er , ~ be ~ Jufie.