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March 17, 2016     Jewell County Record
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March 17, 2016

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Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Marvin Loomis to fill vacancy on Mankato City Council ~St [0tt::~a ~t to accompany the prcsen- lat]nn at the health fair, The council cvnsidered candidates to fill the vacant council ~at. City Attemey Miller advised of the proto- col to appJmt a council member. Dis- cnssioa was held. Mayor Koe.~ter ad- vanced the naiue of Marvin Loomis for con s id~ration, No objections were pte- ~nzed and Mayor Kocsler appoinled Marvin ] ~ln is to fill the vacate6 coun- cil pomion, The cote[tit will adverti~ for a swimming pool manager and life-- guards+ as well as for the hay lease in Johnson Addition. The appointment of'retry Ortman to the posm~m tm the KMEA board of directors was approved, The couac~[d i~ unseal dec lariog the properly at 307 South East Street a nuisance. The city admi, nistralor was asked to remain ill contact with the t)wn~r,s, mol~.t0-r progress and report results to the council, The count il discus.seal decl axing lhe property at 489 South East Street a nuisance. A formal hearing will be held on April 5. The ecmnc i i di~'n~se~Id~claring the p~wrty at 512 Fast Main Street a nuisance The property is to be mowed Established 1890, Volume 127, issue No. 11 j - j. . .1 M ~lkato City Council members met in regular session last 'C~sday, Iron KL.~,:sIer. mayor, called the meeting to orck-z Council members present were Chn~ Klos. John Tyler, Lyle Donner and hm Ross, Darrell Miller, city at- barney. ~, as also in attendan.ce~ Don Jaoabs. sheriff, uddre:i~d I1~ council's Irrevious request for infor- malion on h~w his department could better ~rve the community. Discus- stun was held, Scett Ga ene addr~d the council concerning congestion on Commer- cial Street. Discussion was held, The city administrater was instructed to platte an item on the April agenda to consider restricting parking on part of Commercial Street and to notify aI1 residuals in that area of the proposed agenda item. Jenny Russell frnm the sw.nmijsg Imol commit Lee ad~,~st'-d the c~ anc il. Jenny advised, ~e council the commit- tee had met arm developed five plans for pool renovation or reconstructltm, Ru ~sell presented two of the five pro- posals for consideration and requesled permission to advance lh two pml~s- als h~r puhlic I~pU.l at the hea[I.h fair. The city administrator was amtrueted to develop a financing and operational by the oily and costs of clean-up are tu be placed a, a l~en on the property The purchz~ cf a bucket truck for the city was held. Noaclion was tak ~. The coun;il disc0xsed a I~opo-~I flx,m the Clio Club to purchase addi- lional Chrislmas lights and banners on aone-third ma,lching eontribulion, The request was approved. The coo.no il di.sc unseal e~eetrie rates. Mayor Kocster pre~nled a p~po~d rate schedule for diseu-~sion, it was approved to c reate an ordinance based on Mayor Koes,ler's proposal, to be presonted at the April council meet- r~g. Saw vel and Associates, Mankato's eloctric talc consulter, fi~r~atded pr . lintina.ry c~ comparisons from four potential electric suppliers. The city administrator was asked to conl~t the Kansas Pow~ Pool forestima~ed powe~ costs for the next lO years to be u.%-d as a comparison with the tom po~nlial electric power suppliers. The city ad- ministratt~ was asked to prepare a press release to inform utility custom~ of rising eleclricity co~,ts, Thecouncildlscussed replacinglhe old front end leader with a skid steer. The city administrator was asked to research front entl loader resale val~s. A11220 a.m. Tuesday, March 15, Ihe Fonmoso Volunteer Fire Departmenl was called to a fire at the lou Carpenter Resm~ance at 500 Pellets~n St in Formoso. A trailer house was fully engulfed ,n frames when flhe fire deparlmenl arrived. Bob Ro~sh, Formoso Fire Departmenl Chief. repealed Ihe tire under control at 2 a.m. The State Fire Marshal d~termined Ihe cause was elect[heal. An Mankato.Chain. ber discusses Local participants graduate commumty wade clean up from Annie s ProJect "lhcn:gLdarnleelmg~dtheMankato been Sel h~r t(rday {Thursda~ nit the Vol untee r Fire Department was cal|ed Io a fire al the Lou Cannier Resi- deuce at .$00 P0tlersvn Street in Fomroso, Upon die fire department's arrival, the residence, a ~rail'er hou=se, was folly engulfed. Bob Roush, t'~.flnnlu~.t~ fit4 - gtll I', hah, I the depatl. rnenl fad the liz under eont~fl at 2 a.fll. "]'he stale tire maoshal wu~ calh:d at I a.m. and amved on the .~ene al 9:30 a.m. where it was determined thecause was d clfical. There were no injuries. An individual wire was sk-'~ ping= in tke ,iTai[cr hotn.'.i. at the time the ]]re was discrdvered gel uul aIBJ 131;p@lted t]~ fire to a nelgbtx)r whu in lurn called the alarm in. 'll~ 21~] 61e~ell Cmmly Health l.'atr wdl be held Thursday al the Mankato C.mmunily (7enter. The dt~L)~ "wdl be- t3il'en front 6 a.m. to ~i') a.nt '.xdh ser, vices offered of blt~cl draws, .~'reen- rags. mformalion btmthx and refresh- n nlel n~ Blut~ d~a~ v,n]] be takcr~ by kx.'al it,sTies. There ~,l] beone draw taken at ei~hl stations. Test resulls will be mailed. Checks art' payable to Jewell County Resource Ceuncil Individuals are asked, to take medications with water, drink plenty of water, and not to eat after II) p m For tl~ cost of $21) individuals can have the bl~x~l panel, which screen~ kidney, liver, gout. uric add. white and red bkv, xl cells, choh.~. teml. $35 bloeal i~nel is for thyroid =TSH, T4). $25 for Vita~mn D 25-OH draw. $15 for a PSA prostate s oeen- lag. Heartland Health anti Inlaging Ser- v,ee~ will be available from fi a.m, to norm For appoi nt men Ls md iv idua Is are asked to call toll Free 888-B28-9560 but walk-ins ate wekx,me. A c~mplete unused IXescription medicine, Sheriff l.~.m Jacohs has advised thai anyone who has any nt dicatinns they would Like to brine for their disposal are to place ,lhem in a ziplc~ck bag. wrile on the bag or attach a note slating your name. dale and the fact tS.~t they are bernE della, craig tt~ line .le~ell,'~.~.1111~ ShenIT. Sign your name arid d~te ic "Ihi~ n,~ ltn all iocdicatitms that are either kl pr~ .~'ripticm t't,ntainer~, t~: medications ,lha,l have been removed flora the pre~'rilrtion ~nntaine~ anti am being presented ftrr disposal in a ziplm:k hag. There will be boxes provided for the drop off of the following items: empty ink cartridges that will go |e Heart Choices: old eye glasses going to the Lions Club: and cell phones going m DVAK eEkm~esttc Violence Agency of Kansas)= Once again. Kam, a> H,~ hway Pa. trot will be availahte h,t car ~ ,al chc'ck ~. l'mm 8 a.m. to Itl a m Radon Imme 14="~I k~llh Jlld 'u, atL'r lest kil, 'aill be aviula~q . Ch anlbt-r ~,t ( "~,n, H~cr~e V,'J ~. held March ,~nth II~ n,cmbers ~nd one guest p~ senL J a-~on Ortma.n. president, ealk.~ the ineeting rO t~rder. Minutes of the l:eh- ruary meelnrg WCla read anrd approved. No notices of yoW21 vt)~unteering'~e m r*.~cived ~t,r the month, AI the time ol'lhe meeting, 16 mem- ber~ had respt>nded It, the membership emai], tellers have been sent out as renliuder~. Scht,tarship lbrms were given to the .~l~.t~.fl, Deadline for 1he applica- tions will be April I Brian S hnlda reported that our Dane Han~n ~rant application has been turned downs. Jenny Ru.~sell. Jewell ('~ ~u n, y ('omm unity Development. ha ; ~~ m tatted tn~ to offer her hel p in ge,lli ng binding for the community garden. It ,~. ,P, apprt~", ed m pntcham tools for the ~.tmmmnd ~ garden alone with a chest to keep r]lenl ~n. There ~ a~ a mee,l mg Thursday w ith a repre',entaw, e I'r ml Bike Across Kansas. A ,-~mmlUnil.V meeting has city hu,lding meeting n-x~m stan,ng at 6 p,m. The cmnmunily will need tu work together ttl Irelp provide three meals to the g50 ,io 9C~ ride~ and support groups. Anyone who wants to help iS encmzraged R= allend The Mothers Day Luncheon will be Ma) S at the c~w0muaily ~fler Inmi I i ii.ll'L tl! 1:30 p.m. Men]hers will Ix" a ~,k.t 'd I[l d'l-|lli:Lle t|e'.iser~s lot tke event. Voh,nteers will also he net:dud to help serve :rod clean up April lfi will he the date for the conr~nunlty wide clean up. The chain. her will be teaming up with RHHS for the day along with any litter-sled vt)l+ umee~ Travi~ Go[st, Jewell Ctmnty solid waste tinter'tot, joined the meet- ing to di~'uss dispt)sin~- of the items picked up. Anyone wailing to have hems picked up needs tocontact Brian Shulda or/a ,~n Ortnmn l~y April 13. A light kmch will be served following the cTean up for the ,volunteers. [n 2015 the clean up team had 24 stops. The next meeting will be held Wednesday. April 13. Huelskamp holds town hall meeting in Mankato On Thursday, Congressman Tim Huelskamp hosled his annual Jewell County town halt meeting al the Mankato Community Center. Health care was a big di~ussion topic at the mee,liug. Attendees asked alx~ ~tl Ct,~=gres~.maa H uel,kamp" s plan for z'epeai. He shared he n~ m l avor~ff replacing Obamacare w~,th patient Inendly. markel based hcallh, care re- rorr0s lhaI res[K:r -I Our tretaglt)us liber- ties. Huelskamp talked a1~,ut Ihe imtx~r- lance of choice, eslx'ciall) in rnral ar- eas. and h~v, it's proving ,io be snc- cessful in tht, VA with mere veterans being able ,io get access te health t-are closet to home. Anendeex bm,ghl ~sp illegal immi- gratmn anti (~bmna's amnesty. The ct,ugre ~sman assert ed how he is stand- ing strong trn puttnng nL~essa.~, pre- taut inr*s on S,nan}~. c,~nlnag to the U,S, Io make sere no ]S1S tem~risls are posing a rdtigee~ The congres~m,rn descnbed his el- furls agatw, I Ihc EPA's ovetrea<-hing W a?er~ ,~f 1he l Tntt,t,d S~a~e ~ R~,ie and Io delist the ]es er prairie chicken. This winter, courts ~greed that conserva- tion al Ih bild should be m the hands ol local farmers and ranchers and not the federal government. Huelskamp hightighted impros'e- meats under new speaker Paul Ryan, inclmling a nrooe ff;msparent and in- clusive process for mernber~ to share their views. As a member of the house steenng commiltee, he announced he was ctmfidem hc would relum to the house agnculture commitle by this fall "'] prit~ritize iown tm'd meelingslike the one today in Ma nkat~ becau~ they're a tme-of-a-kind~ uplx~rtunity Io lis,len to Kansans almut the issuer on their u~.inds. We're al a p~.volal thne in onr ct~tlt]l~'.and K~n~ms a~ OnllCemed al'~u t the Iutute. [' m taking what I hear in Kansa .~ about the role govern meat is playing m your tines with met~J Wash- ington and f~ghling on your behalf to make ~~.ll" e change." hc sa~.d. [:unrl and rand1 won11 l| ]llfft gener- ating a eu.llural tide in Ans~icm~ ,~r=. culture that is ntt~ving mazlageninent. a~.~v, and opportunities to a nov, wave uf farmers across the .COLIn|~. AI Anme's Pt0ject courses, farmwonlen become empowered to be be,er hur, v n .ss part nets or sole operato~ th rough netwozks aac~ by manugnng and ~vga- nizing :ritical information. Annie's Pro)ecl isa st ~,-WL'x:k t:o~.t~ that is a discussion-based workshop bril~in~ women Logelher Io ream from experls m productitm, hnaa~lal man. agemenl, hun~;ul Ix'source marketing and the legal fief.d, There's plenty or ti*~ l-m qneslions sharing, n:acting and cooties'ling wilh ptest.nlers and fellow parlicipanls, [,l's a reiaxed, run and dynamic way to team. grow and meet other [arm and agtk.ullural WOnlen. Whether new or experienced, un- derslm~ding the five areas t,[ agricul- tural risk. knowing how Io analyze agr=cullufal spreatl~hee,ls and other necessa.O- ~ kill are v flal- (sanding 1them in a friendly envmmment where ques- tams and dnsu.sMon are ~,elcomed, allow the .~earn in L:. prt~css Io l~ottrish. AlUlie" s Pruject curt[sen have st,teens. ~ully reached more than 9~X]~) [arlr~ imd faith women ,n 33 states. L~-ally. s~steen women repre~ent- intg fi vc count ies pannc~pated in Annie's PTo)ect. Flint Hiti~, Resources spire, ~tm,d ,i~' eel.n1 with .~tatewide ~pOlt- ~t~rship provided by Famt Credit . ~ez- vices. The poLe[am was c~tlrdinated by Nebraska Extension ia Fill[re>re C ounty and utilized local husmess people as guest s~akers on various risk management topics. For information abont the prtrgmm. contact Brandy VanDeWalle at brandy.vandewalle@ nnl.edu. Regts- Iralion forms are available al fillmore.unl.edu. Information can he als~ be fotmd on the Annie's Project wehsite at w w w. Arm iesProject org. wellness package I t~r the cost of $11'5 will be ava,lable which mclude~ btme density, corolla, peripheral m,d stom- ach. Individual Icstx I~,r the folltw, mg will be availahte h, $5~1 each ~>ne deztrii,ly s r,:en forahno~rn;d hnse mass density in men and ~men: carotid aaer), .~'reenBltg. ~. i',oahzes i ally plaque blt~.'kage in the ~arolld arteries: ah- domina] anrtic aneutysnl. ~,isuali,~ es an aaemysm in the abdominal aortic arteD : perlptneral arterial dLSease, de- le l~ Lztt', ptaqne bhv 'kage m 1he ader- ~c~ ot ~he le~s, The Kam~-~ l.~nns mobile screen- mg unit ~lil be on~iteaag olTering t'~ee cxam~. Thi~ servnce is pa~d fi~r by tlae Jut'tiLt'treaty Re~mrceCoum'il, Items ofl-eted h} fills ,hi, are six nronths and t,tder vision ~'reea,tg. blond pressure and sugar; hearnng exam: diahetie screening; depth and field of vision tesling, Als~ new to theheatth fair is Opera- titm Take Back. The Jewell County SherifF.~ Department w ill h a ve a booth mz up for individuals to dn~p offold or "ihew ~,di ix" ~ ~ ce dL mtt~tmaqi~mal l'k~t}ljt% al~d ,~t1|tlc 91, L]] h,t~c ,er~K-es a~adahte. Derma Scan and ~, ohneclM Walker Cancer ('enle~ h~nlt Amanda Ander~m. Parenl A~ ]cachers. x~nt] have a htmth avadahle tot hearing ~'reenings tbr age, 0-5 ,ears- C~hers available ~xiil be: l.i~eii~e. Superior'. Jewell Connty P am~ Bureau', Patienl Navigator; Brenna n Williams ma~- ages; Jewell County Health Depart. rne~t; Jewell Coranty Hospital/Rural HealthClintc: ADAPT; Jewell County Re.~mn.'e Council; S&S Drug Home Health, Beloil ~A~x fun1 computer avalysnsl: Dr. Jeremy McMeens; t:~OSl Rock Extet]~ion: Li feAssim; (DCards: I']ome Plus. Scandia: Midwesl Trans- plant Netwmk; N~,rth Central Kansas CASA (Court Appointed Special Ad- vocale); MC[~ ( Mil the II (.~unl y Part- nership for Children): Advocate', Dr. John B I~kt~;doTerra: Jewell County Food Pantry: Local oily lihraries; Jay HaLfield Mobility; Emergency Pre- paredness; Sunflower )-leakh Plan; ANNIE'S PROJECT Ceau-al Kam, a', Librar.~ S~ lenl. Solomon Vallc, ]ran',pOl~dtn,rlq. PECK; Pawnee Mental HeaLTh ~ponsors td the Joy, elL t'~LLllr"t Heahh Fair are/eweH ('pun[} }i~,p, lal. HeahhOt'fic .and Re~ollr~et ~ ~.rl oil- Snack.~ are provitl~l by Kie[~ ~ h cery. ]ewell Grw ery. and VFW A~. iliary Uni~ No 7830 Commissioners discuss items for consignment sale ThcJewell Ctrunr) Ih~-,d mci M:n. day with commi,~>ne~ Murk ]~cming. Steve Greene ;.old Dwlghl Frm, t pr~.-'~enl. Carla Waugh. ,~tmty clerk, wa ~ al~o pr ~en,l Minutes of the M~ch 7 meeting were approved. Resolution 16 gi'3 pc~lamm~ I, ft. nan ial sLaleflleiH-, aJ'~ i I.n~c~al ] . ports fol' 2016 ~as ap|rro~. d Don Jacob Sherill. reported t,E, operalhm~ t~l hn~ del~arlm~nl lle ~,id, th,s ~s Jake Mdha~- ]~.t v.cck n the n'alnin~ ac-,~Citl) I~!.3|i CL=~.ti~',a 'tl I " plat,at exhau.~l tan, m II~e jail ~ 11~ lt~[ EIkins. tuner aL ,nsr ~ nzlcndel m rcl~rt~.~J on road ,t|]d badge lU~ttnte- r~ce- Jt~i d~-~'~s~.cd ,teru~ to I"i,: sold i:Lt the consigntnen'~ alac|jt>fi. ][le ~.om- missioners relxmed r,~ad concerns. "l`hi~ new,;paper's v :b page may Ix. tbund at SUl~'riome.cnm Local weather H.gh and 14wv I,t,':rt~.0c'ragmL'~ Match 6 70 2~ March 7 7.:~ 45 March 8 g l 40 March ~,~ 5~ 3I~ Mar~.'h [0 64 3~ March !1 ~,~/ 7~7 March 12 71 36 Betty Bucker. ~x e,tther oh~cr~ cr "~L'ff lot the week. Ken Guts1. weather observer lot Jewell, reporled a Irate <,J precnp~ta. ,lion for 1he week. ('~t~gressman Huelskamp has held more Iown hall meetings 1hun any sit- ting member* [ t'~mgress. Annie's Pro.~ect pa rtiopan~;s who s~ ccesslullycompleted eighleen I'~ urs of I)t~UC hun. financial management, human resources, rnarke~ing and legal issues inslruehon are (back row, |rom left) Sharon Hachtel, ChnsTma Sralhans. Renae Kamler. Mary Ann Gr, ess. ~hTal'~,Th Holmann, 8uzanne Jagets, Jo,:~ Houck, Heather Mumm. Kandy K,~hn Williams, (fronl r~w) Vedene Yates. Linda Korbelik. Bonnie Kramer. KelseyWallars. Morga~ Monteforle. and Carol Rosenquist. K~en Lau@nstein is no~ pictured. The R~.'k Hdls Board of Educa,lion reel m ",F,L'cial ~ ion at r~on on "]-ues- day. In the ab.~ence of both president ton cl ken and vi : pre ;ndent Brentl n Wink fl was ,lhe con~0sos ,:ff ,lhe board LO appoint Ervin Underwood Io presn l 't svet tie: l~.l.t.' t Hit -[ [~ P~' p[.t.",Ctfl Werc ] .dtl M,eLnei it,iS1, ~:,1 X 11] Unden~ :,t.I. t3,~dn, t-,~,-~-.l~,t I]c (;r,u.t,r~.t NJ.d.ztl N,Itl] %a,t't Me~er~, and t ~. Ilcl(e Banle) [he b,~ard entered ~,rl,lt, e~.K'lltlVe ' t"~'.q~Lrl |O th'.~.'u ss I|l].~|.e[I."~l 'Icd [1~ rs l:[i- ,wl I-o]]owm~: the exccuhvc .'~ssitm. fhc ~+led u,tsannltously Io ternliaate iitu ~tXUaCg belween the districl and / tort'l]. ('hades, a teacher. "]'he rca~m er~vn to~ qhc termlnaht,n n~ "'insu~r- dLJih.ltlorl Vt|ll ClTllUg USD ~(}7 I'~al'd '~LOR Monday. "I'h~t" pre.~nt were: Lor~ Y lkcn. Bohi Fogo, Todd Mauerhan. J~nc~le Greene, Ervin Undcrv.ootl. Nadin Smilh. Sam Meyers. 13~h Romh. Kevi~ Ost and Lynette Banley. Boh Roush, district ~acilities direc- 1,)r. updaled the I~ard nn the elemen- lal~.r HVA(' projt~t. In April the~e wil! be a pre-construclion meeting for the ~rojt-'-cL The dale has not }'el 13eea Sel. push also briefly dixc:tl~.t.-d t|1 monthly district main'~enance rep,rt Ibr February, An all-staff meeting held Mar~i~ 7 was relX~r|ed on. with the tollvwtng agenda items di~nssed; reqmsluun- ingcaDtal items [or next yeas; l t~r,lm~ a -onttnillee (Nikki Psi, Giua Jet lery. Sarah Ortman, Bob Roush ~md s~te coum:il members)to study und r~'om- mend new playg,'ound equipment: and handhtmk revisions. sessiun Ic discuss mailers af[e~'ting studenls, No action resulted from this eXeW~.I i v .'~ssion. The I'~ard then met in three execu- ti~ sessions 10 di~uss non- l~ted personnel. A flerward. Ihe b~tao3 v ~ted unanimotisty |t, itCCept the tesignalion of Kaci Niclmls effective at the end of the current ~'hoo~ year and to approve lhe recommendation of dM.atthew Railsback as vtx:atinnal agricult0re teacher and I-'TA advisor for the 2016- 21)17 scht~fl year. "12[e board also met lhree times in e x et'utive session to di.wuss em ployer- employee nelations. Noa lion resulted l-rotkl ,l~e private ~ssions, The ne~t ~.'~ular m~ting ol' the Rock Hills Board ~nf Education', will be at 7 p.m- ou April I t al the district office m Mankato. Board of education votes toindivi Jua~`sM~ping~inth.trai~erh~se'rep~Med~he~`-~a~eighb~rwh~in~un3ca~ed9'1~Thereweren.iniu~ies~ terminate teacher's contract Jewell County Health Fair occupied Formoso The board enterex.I inlo executive 11~11~,~" lIo'l~l~ will be next Thursday USPS, NO. 274-940 Thursday, March 17, 2016 At t2:20a.m.Tue May I1~: Furrat,~o