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March 12, 1964     Jewell County Record
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March 12, 1964

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Thursday, March 12, 1964 Jewell ~ lge~r~ ~, W~, |1 Mr. ,and /Mrs. Huley Wyatt. his sister at Enid, OMa. Mr. ~nd Mrs. A. W. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson and WEBBER BRIEFS were guests of Low Edgar for din- Tin, a enjoyed home made ice By Mrs. Harold Bothwell nor Friday. cream ~t t~e Benny Kempcr home I Mr. ,a~d hrtrs. Blain B1Mr of Sup- Sunday evening. .......................... erior called W~dr~esday evening at Mrs. Edi~ MMorrow of Coneordia Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wilson were the home of ,Mr. a~nd Mrs. Wylie spem Sunday night at the Guy ~qner guests Sunday oI ~ ) Blair. Ball home. Winifred Stoics in Court!lan, d. I ,Mr. and (Mrs. W. W. Gunn visit- Mr. ,and Mrs. T. R. Smith were Mr. arid Mrs. Sam Behrends, ed Sa%urd'ay and Sunday wOth S~mday guesx,~ c.f MM:s. Wi]rna Nel- ~em~'et the week-end visi~ a,t ~he Diends in Manhmtan. They attend- sen at Red Cbud. of Mr. and [Mrs. A. W. Behr- ed the K-State ~n,d MMlssouri bask- Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson and ends m Auburn Nebr. etball ~ne. Tin,a were Saturday over-night P~:e Fulton called at the A.W. gnes:s at the Claude Waddle home MelJoweil name Friday evening ........... in Superior. ~Mr. and ,Mrs. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Charles Archer Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bak- and MMr. and Mrs. Derowitsch of ESBONNEWS erand son wove Sund,ay dinner l~lleville and Mr. and LVlrs. Floyd guests in the Waddle home. Sisson drove ,to Norton. Kans. By MRS. RAIMOND AVIS'ON Mrs. Ray Baker accompanied Sunday to visit a cousin Fred - Mrs. Harold Beam o Con~ordi,a on Christ. Mrs. Ray Baker came home on ~Vkmday ~o see MMrs. (N~ary Beam Mr..,a~d ,M~s. Huley Wyatt spent Wednesday morning from Des Saturday evening wit'h Mr. and M'oines. Iowa. where she had dpem Mrs. Wilbur Blair. !3 weeks at the home of her son. Mr. and MMrs. Don Durra call.ed ,Mr. a~,d ~Vlrs. Bm~t Henry, Mr. .N,irlh~r~|l~t'~l No'ww Sunday evening on Mr. and M'rs. and .Mrs. H. Schrocl~r and K~tie J~n Osborne. IV~endenhall attended the funeral of B) EDITII FOLG;R ~Mr..and ~Irs. Emme%t Rothehild Carl Gregory at Osborne. W edn,cs- entertained width a Sunday dinner day afternoon. Don't forge,t ,vhe C,hureh's broad- bor~oring his aunt, Mx's. Nancy ,Mrs. Grace Du~ton and Mrs. 'cast o~er .KRFS at Superior each I'laggarts, 87th birthday. The Pra~ees Burgess and Jimmy were Sunday mourning from 8:45 'm 9:15. fouests irm~ud~:l :Mr. arid Mrs. Gay- in Smith Cen~[e'r. Thursday after-I Twel.ve women ~nd one boy rd Ro~hchild and family, Mr. and noon ~e~t ro the church Mrs. I~ale Rothehild arid [amifly, Mr. and Mrs. Dolt)err Rothehild and famgy, Mr. and Mrs. Clair Wi,Iey of Jewdl. a sister. Laura, Iowa, and MMr. and Mrs. Ellery Verier. ,Mr. and Mrs. John Osborne call- ed .at ghe Olair O~borrm h~'ne Sun- c}a~ evenir~g. The weekly Len~ten Prayer Ser- Vice was h~ld Tuesday morning at the home o~ Mrs. Edw'm Mm,r. Mrs. Guy Work returned h~ from the hospital Sunday, where She ,had been ~or the past week. WSCS m.er a,t ~the church ba~e- ~vi~t last Wednesday. M_vs. A W. itson was hostess assisted by l~m. Tom Patti and Mm. Claude Sr~der. :Mrs Dallas I)ia, mond pre- aented ehe misisor~mjr lesson and ~rs. LleTfl conducted d,mretian~ls. There were a,ppraxima~ly 3'5 g~uest s present. The quarterly conference was hekl ,at the e0nurch on Wednesday Mr. and ,Mrs. R. Arisen and Shirley weave in Red Cloud, Satur- day. ma Horn. Cl~ila and Re,bert C~]m-k How- l,and have ~he 3-day me~sles. VALLEY VIEW By .%IRS. C. SUMMERS Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cnispin called Ma~day cn ,Mrs. Clara Wall in Bol,leville. Raymond Leeee spent Satui~day and Sunday in ~Manha~tan wi.th his daughter. Gwen. Several from th,is e'o~nmun~ty at- eended a Quarterly Conference at t'he Wcbbcr ah.m.oh on Wednesday BeloP, ~VIr. 'ar~l [Nits. Cliff NIcKeown and Irvin McKeown went Io Ober- ,tin. K,an~.. F~ay and brough~ ~h.eir bro'ther. Bezt. ~o ~,he Good SamariCan Cen~er in Superior. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ha'nsvn of Excelsior. Minn. Mr. and Mrs Den Webber and s)ons of Lincoln Sirra Frum e,f Omaha. ~Mrs. E~lean or Crispin, Wylie Kirkpa'~ick and Dwayne Crispin were Sunday din- ner guests at the ~Ma,rvin Wcbbcr home. Killer In Your Home "Did you know ~here was a ?, deadly killer in y~ur home. This evenin,g, questmn was asked by Alvin Web- Mrs. Tom Myers ~)nd Nh-s. Ella bar in his safety talk on the deadly Summer, s visited Sunday afternoon 'effects of large quar~tiNes of as- wiLh Mrs. Crlen Co&born in Super-pivin and o~ther common househ~ld tar. ]drug~. The safety flalk was part of ,Mr.. arrd Mrs. Dean Ha ,nsen o~ gbe program of the ~'IareA meeting Excelsior. Minn. visited from tel the Webbor Wide-Awake 4-'I-1 Thursday unil MMcnday ,at the Mar- I Ct, ub. h.a]d M,aveh 4. in ~0he Volley vin Webber home. V[ew school house. Mm'y In,terrni,l] Mrs. Paul ga4hbun spent Wed-!led gh,e a'r.a~p in sin~ging "I'm n.esd.ay with Dwayne Crispin.I I.,ookir~g Over A 4-,H Clover" and i M,i'ss Doris Ba.llavd o{ Noron "Flee". "Clean. Sweet Nice To ea~,ed Sunday a~tern, oon on Mr. ,1V~eet" was ~he t~tle of Nancy Thumday and Mrs. Tom Myers. 'i~hc~nas' ,hea,l'th talk. P.a~ Ra~ahbun Mrs. Maude SLeinsho,,ver is in m~rmng ,to make garmenas Iar our Mr. a~d ,Mrs. Fred W~_bber and ~5e Cozy Res~ btursmg mome ,at mission in Burur~di Africa. Four ~amy of Su'pe~rior eel,led Sunday Dawns. _ dispen~cry aprons, s~x houseboy ! evening at t.he Marvin Webber Mr. and Mrs. Ed Corbett and aprons ~ree Doun, ds o.~ ,Mocks home. ~our chiM=pen of Degratt, Mich., :were cut and over gen ya~ all (Mr. and Mrs. Lioyd Reed spent came Thursday mornir~g on the bleached muslin were cut in~ bias Saturday in Lindsborg and Saline. Rocket to a~tend ghe 50th wedding ,bar~d,a,g'es. Six mare women cameI Mr. and Mrs. Don Bat,gen anniversary of hey p,av~n~.~ Mr. 'far t~e aftermoo~ me~tir~g and fami,ly were Sunday af,ternoon ws- and tMvs. C. H. Frost, hem tw~rcn work. erie new member joined, itors ~f MMr. anl:l Ig[rs. Tom Mc- 8. They will leave Monday even- ,Mr. and Mrs. Jc~hn Pars~.s came Keown. mg for home on ,h~ Rocket. .... tast Tuesd'a7 from a eaton_ m Men-[ .IV~r. and Mrs. Don Webber and Aim. Mary Beam ~s in cntma~ tonga far a mor~th's visit with his sons of Lin'ao,ln and Steve Frum of eandi.Non a~: l~he St. Joseph's Has- parents, IMr. and MMrs. l~l,g'ar Par- Orr~ha sper~t Saturday nigh and pi,,~al in Cone0rdia. Her daughter, I sans. ,and her parma, (Mr. and Sund'ay at the Mawin Webber Mrs. Hen,W Mouds, of Ccffeyvflle, MMrs. Ga,le Tegley, of Burr Oak and home. came t~ be with her. Mr. a,r~d Mrs. i others. The V-Clu,b ladies met Tuesday Henry Beam of Sha.w~ee, Kans., I Vyake .Winsl~w e~tertairm~ ev~r~ing wi'l~h MMrs. Raymond came over the week-end to see his]schoo~mal~ from the second grade Leece. Their husbands m~t at the mother. They were ov~r-ni~h,~ 'at a birthday t:~r~ ~t the home Arnold Ross home. guests Priday .a the Harold l~eam of her permits. 'Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hansen of home. Winstow last Thursday evening. Excelsior. d~irm., and ~irs. Elea~m" A lifle snow fel~ lest Tuesday Crispm ,were Sund~y evening c~ll- ~,~hich did not last many days. ors on IMr. ~nfl Mrs. Date Crispin. Calm, surrey and mild ~his Mon. ,Mr. an~l Mrs. Fred Paxson visit- ed her bro~ber. Ray Shagley, a,t Red Cloud. Saturday afternoon. TRUCKS SPECIAL --- THIS ~ ONLY 1960 CHEV. 2-ton ~-ttlmed, with mew box mml hoist. to Roll at ............................................................ $~11.~0 1960 IHC V-8 ~ ton Pick~tp 1981 CHEV. 15q" wheel base, 2 ton, 2 speed, 6 cyl. 1960 CNJ~IV. 175" W~. V-8, box and ,hoi~, 2 speed 1960 CHEV. 157" WB, V-8; 2 speed t9CO ONiC % ton Pickayp 195~ CIIEV. LWB ~./_,-ton 4 speed, Sharp. 3 - 1959 CHEVROLETS, 2-ton, 2-speed; 8.g~x~0, 10 lily some 175" wheelbase, some 15q" wb. 1958 CHEV. 2-ton. 2 speed, 16' Kn~pheide box and hoist. 1956 CHEVROLET V-8, 2 ton, 2 speed, grain box and hoist. 1955 FORD LWB 1 ton VS, Heater, 4-speed. 1955 CKEV. ton V-6 PICkup 1@51 GMC ~ ton pickup 19f~ CHEV. ~ ton ----------------O Auto Marketing Center of North Central Kansas! TRADE-MARK OF BETTER TRADES G. M. A. C. Terms Available - Motors Insurance Corporation WACONDA MOTOR CO. INC. Dial 781 - 4311, Cawker City, Kansas Salesmen: Bill Ludwig, J. D. Heinen, Max R. Dudley, Orville Range, John Soholl [d:emonstrated how .to prepare a 'pavW snack. "2-4, 2, 4, 4" was ~he %it~ of Pa I~terw~l s healgh ta,lk on n:utrition. C_rr~g~ory Diamond was i,'r~i,ti,a:ted as a new member. Lu~ch was served by 'the In~ermi, l~' and Wood families. Pa(t Intermit,I, P0etx~er. HARRISON SIDELINES ~gv MRS. MARSHALL BISHOP ~Mrs. At ~Flag,~le~ and son ~V~r. Ra,llah Kimmir~iau ,and rSend, Miss FMg, eKeo. (~ Denver. Colo. visited ~kh, eir parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kimminau and family, this past week. ,, ,.. [Mrs. Jim German an~ gLr~s sper~t ! ~Ia's. ~ ~ visi~md Tuesday af~ wilah Iver h~r grandd~ughgmr, ~ Beax~l- mother. ~&-s. ~VIarsh)all Bishop, ~t more, who is standing IowR ,t/he ,C. E. &~es ~ in Burr Oak. A]~icia Andrews spen)t S~anday wi, th her parer~ts. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ~ndreves and Bily. O~ive Hill Ladies Aid Society met Tuesd~3r a,f~rnoon at '~he church. Mrs. Gored Boyles had IAe Devotion~s. Mrs. C~aude Boyles and Mrs. Nea,1 Bevies were hos- tesses. Mrs. Dave Stenzet was hos~es.s o ghe Hm, rison H. D. U. Thursdas, afternoon. Mrs. Ll.oyd Davis m~,d /Mrs..Charles Bagley and Tmeie were guests. ,Mrs. Delmar Bay]es gave the second o~ a series of m~.~a~t tessons on "Cuts That Oliek". Beaumont H. D. U. Beaumont H D. U. met Feb. 11 wiilh Mrs. Clarence Blay:loek. Nana read the minutes instead of Es:t~her. Seven ,members answered roll eM1 w}th '~My First Va'len{ine" and a hankie exchange. Our new b~m,ks were h~nded ou.t 0 the members. Neva read "Be Wise Wi,th Your Buys". Doris Ann ~ave l~he lesson on "Nutritive Value of Meats". Whioh was very. ink;resing, pem,t- ing om She protein, calories, iron. minerNs and vitamir~s. Eat a ,gocd piece of meat. S1;ips on meat nutr,~- .lion were passed aug among the members. Nova ~had the recreation, arid as i't was Valergine time, each or~e made ~ Val~tine and wry,to a 4-line venue. Doris Ann won ~he prize. L0ve~ba Wagner won the con- ~est prize. Our nexx meeting will be wi~h Aura Kimbrou~h. Neva wi'H have the ]esson on "Cuts Thee Cliek". Gealie has rem-ea,tion and hostess .gift ~VIarch 10. win be club day. &ealie ,~ad ~he ne~s report. P. R. C. ,Mrs. H. Shada~en and M'~s City, Iowa. last week. She visiged ~t ,l~e home o ~ brother, Paul Young, in ~'s Summi% Me. :Miss H~Rm Sta~ford lef Stmdasr for Wiehiba vehm'e sh~ ~ a pl~rm far Florida. Th~re she will visit l~er sister, Mrs, J. C. LeBow, ~NIr, Le Bow at ~ RitZy, 'Fla. ~d a~eompany .them on ~eir ~"~D home, ~a's. W. E. Scb1~terback son. M~th'ew. rekmn~ Suml:Isy ,~ft~ spending ~wo weeks o~t ~he h~rm of her p~, Dr. end ~MI, s. C. H. H~ten, a4 Nevada, Mo. ',Mr. and (Mrs. Lyle l:Mee %he~r son, Grog, and Jim PoweE & Don Sauer of 'K~ ~o HutChi~on 'las~ weekend to j~n ~he bus our spoms~m'ed by Ce~t~l Ear~as Conference ~f ~he Methodist Church to WashirtWt~, D. C. and New York City. ,Mr. & Mrs. Price visited in Wichita over ~he weekend at the home ~f .lV~r. and @Irs. Ralph Bryant a~d Caldavel,1 m the homes of h~r. al,~i MMrs. A1 Sehukz and MMr. and Mea Duane Ingle. (Mrs. Meade Bea~drnore and Mrs. Ray ~sw~rth visited Tuesday a~d Wednesday of th~s we~k a~ ~e I Car~as and ~CVIa'twice homes in Beatrice, Nebr. [ ,l~r. and /Mrs. E. M. Tyler [las~ week for a veer:ion ~ip in Florida. Mrs. D. K. B~leh ~ In charge of ghe Tyler Je~r~Iry duri,~g their absence. ,Nr. awd Mrs. James Ross o~ Law~erme were l~rm c~rer tt~ ,~eek~r~d visi)t~g h~r parent, ~. N~ell,ie Lt~tz a~ended the funeral and ~rs. ,Mmwin Walker. a~ h~ of M~s. Mildred Hansher at Germa [paren~L ,M~:. and ~. Alt~ed ~, N.ebra~ka on ~'Mday. /Mrs. H~ev : ,' ,Hoed in Jewel] ,Co~r~ty for a shor~ ~M~r~s. James NI. Seot0t, 1M~, %ime ~r~d ~as visi%ed ~el~tives here Cd,enn ~Kuil~en, ~r. and Ma's. Jm~ on seweral occasions. She is a r~iece ~en, husen, l~ddh~rd ~, of ,Mrs. I. A. Lutz. " Cheryl Dempsey avid ~ [a~ended ~e per~' of ,~rs. 'Bessie Mo~msmith and N~issI ~t. I.xmis SymI~Br Or~h~ at ,l~ol~ie Lu~z drove Ix) Belle'vDle on' C,ormcn~t,~a test Thtmsda~r. ,M, on~ay, ,%he form~ IJo ~ke a bus ....... f~rr Topeka and .?~he ,lair to ~ha~e ,yr. am~, avl~'..rml~_ J~ bet eyes tested for g~lasses. Edgar, ,~as~ ~ ~r...a~. [ l John McNa~bb ~ bllpl~; v~ ,Mrs. E. B. Beam is visii~ her ~ dinner ~esls ~f ~ga'. 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