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March 10, 2016     Jewell County Record
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March 10, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, March 10, 2016 thence West 140 feet, thence South erty, asking the court to determine the ' .......... . you must answerorpleadtoPlaintiff's feet; thence North 88.08 feet to the 100 feet to the place of beginning, heirs of the decedent, Rodney Dean (Published March I0, 2016the office of the county clerk. P.hhc Nnfieog Petitionon orbefore April 15, 2016, at place of beginning. This tract having also been described Cline, and to determine the descent of in the Jewell County Record)The assessment shall be collected .............. 2 p.m.., or the said Petition will be (22) Lots 1 and 2, Block 25, in the as follows: Commencing at the North- the following described real property Before the Board of County Cam- at the same,.time and in the same man- taken as true and judgment by default Original Town of Jewell, Kansas. west comer of Block Eighteen (18), in in Jewell County, Kansas: missioners of Jewell County, Kansas nor as ordin -3 eO tyad valorem prop (23) Redeemed Montrose, Kansas; thence East 140 An undivided one-half interest in: Resolution 16-02 erty taxes are- ' 61ieb and shall be (First published March 3, 2016 rendered in favor of the Plaintiff find- (24) Beginning at a point 23 feet feet, thence South 100 feet, thence Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four A resolution establishing new rates subject to the san penalties and in the JewelI County Record) hag and determining the amount of east of the northwest comer of Lot West l 40 feet, thence North l 00 feet to (4), Five (5), Six (6), Eleven (11), for the operation of the Jewell County chargesandprocexiureandsaleofprop- Notice of Suit taxes, interest and costs chargeable to Eight (8) in Block Fifty-nine (59), in the place of beginning. Also described Twelve (12), Thirteen (13) and Four- Sanitary Landfill and providing forthe erty for delinquent ad valorem prop- County,In theKansasDistrict Court of Jewell oreaChparcelrespectiVeof landParticularhereinaftertract,describedPiece Jewellthe Originalcounty,TownsiteKansas,Of Jewellat the centerCity'of Montrose,aS Lots 21,22, 23, and 24,Kansas. in Block 18, teen (14), in BlockTwo (2),inLeydig's billing and collection of the same. erty taxes. All laws applicable to the Case No. 2015-CV-07 and the name of each owner or party Addition to City of Formosa; Whereas, theBoardofCountyCom- levy, collection and enforcement of //; the wall now there standing, thence (46) Redeemed and of all other property, real and missioners of Jewell County, Kansas, county ad valorem property taxes shall The Board of County Commission- having an interest therein and adjudg- running east twenty-six (26) feet, (47) Redeemed personal, and interests therein owned regulates the storage, collection, trans- be applicable to such assessment. ors of the County of Jewell in the State ing and decreeing the amount so found thence South seventy (70) feet, thence (48) An undivided 1/8 mineral in- by the above named decedent in the portation, processing and disposal of Section V: This resolution shall be of Kansas, Plaintiff vs. due to be a first and prior lien upon tbe West one (1) foot, thence South fifty terest in and to: Southeast Quarter of StateofKansasatthetimeofhisdeath, solid waste within the boundaries of effective upon passage and upon its Liquidation Properties, Inc., De- respective following tracts, pieces and (50) feet, thence West twenty-six (26) Southwest Quarter (SE1/4 SW1/4), of and asking the court to assign the same Jewell County, Kansas; and publication once in the official Jewell mand No. l parcels of land in Jewell County, Ken- Clifford E. Vogler, Demand No. 2 sas, to-wit: (The number in parenthesis feet, thence North sixty (60) feet, thence Section One (1), Township Two (2) to the persons entitled thereto, asofthe Whereas, K.S.A. 65-3410provides County newspaper, i Robert Gmenberg, Demand No. 6 preceding each tract is the number of East one (1) foot, thence North sixty South, Range Nine (9) West of the 6th date of death of the decedent, subject that the Board of County Commission- Passed unanimously and dated this Ronald G. West Sr., deceased, De- the cause of action in the Petition.) (60) feet through the center of said wall P.M., Jewell County, Kansas,to any lawful disposition thereof here- ers shall establish a reasonable fee to 7th day of March, 2016. i mand No. 8 (1) Lots Six (6), Seven (7), and to the place of beginning. (49) An undivided 1/8 mineral in- tofore made. be charged and collected to defry the Jewell County Board of County Com- Dorathy West, Demand No. 8 Eight (8), in Block Forty-two (42), in (25) Redeemed terest in and to: Northeast Quarter of You are hereby required to file your cost and maintenance of said service; missioners (26) Beginning at a point 20 feet Northwest Quarter (NE1/4 N3V1/4); written defenses thereto on or before and Steve Greene, Chairman Joseph F. Black, deceased, Demand the Original Townsite of the City of East of the Northwest comer of Lot WestHalfofNortheastQuarter(W1/2 March 25, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. of said Whereas, theBoardofCountyCom- Dwight S. Frost, member NO.Michellel2 M. Thurston, Demand No. Mankato,(2) UndividedKansas'one-sixteenth (1/16) Four (4), in Block Fifty-nine (59), in NE1/4);SouthHalfofNorthwestQuar- day in the District Court room in the missioners of Jewell County, Kansas, Mark D. Fleming, member theOriginalTownsiteofCityofJewell ter (S1/2 NW1/4); Southwest Quarter courthouse in the City of Mankato, finds that the fees for the operation of Attest: 13 interest in and to all of the oil, gas and MichelleM.Thurston, DemandNo. minerals in and under the surface of: City, Kansas; thence running South (SW1/4); all in Section Twelve (12), Kansas, at which time and place said the Jewell County Sanitary Landfill Carla J. Waugh 14 North Half of the Southeast Quarter 120feettotheSouthlineofsaidLot4; Township Two (2) South, RangeNine cause will be heard. Should you fail shouldbemodifiedandthatthemethod Jewell County Clerk ZNEZ 10-1c Arizona Group Ventures, Demand (N1/2 SE1/4) and the Southeast Quar- thence East 24 feet; thence North 120 (9)Westofthe6thP.M.,JewellCounty, therein, judgment and decree will be of collecting the fees should be No. 16 ter of the Southeast Quarter (SE1/4 feet to the North line of Lot 3; thence Kansas. Sid Goddard, Demand No. 17 SE1/4)ofSectionNineteen(19),Town- West24feettotheplaceofbegiuning; (50) Undivided one-half (1/2) in- entered in due course upon said peti- changed. (Published March 10, 2016 tion. Be it resolved by the Board of in the JeweU County Record) being 13 feet off the East side of Lot terest in all of the oil, gas, and other Leilani Lorene Cline Dikkers, County Commissioners of Jewell Statement of Nondiscrimination Mark E. Whitlaw, Trustee of the ship Five (5) South, Range Six (6) Four (4) and 11 feet off the West side minerals and mineral rights in and un- Petitioner County, Kansas; Cunningham Telephone and Cable Mark E. Whitlaw 1996 Living Trust West of the 6th P.M., Jewell County, of Lot Three (3), in Block Fifty-nine der: Northeast Quarter (NEI/4); South Attest:Hen. Kim W. Cudney Section I: There shall be charged, is the recipient of Federal financial dated February 29, 1996, Demand No. Kansas 20 (3) Redeemed (59 7) Lots 1,2, and 3, in Block 24, in Half of the Northwest Quarter (S 1/2 (Seal) District Judge assessed and collected from each hab- assistance from the Rural Utilities Ser- Dustin W. Cook, Demand No. 21 (4) Redeemed NW1/4); Southwest Quarter (SWl/4); Weltmer-Phillips Law Office itableresidentialordwellingunitwithin vice, anagencyoftheU.S.Departmeat CathyJoE.McDonald, DemandNo. (5) Lot Six (6) and the undivided the Original Townsite of Jewell City, and West Half of the Southeast Quar- P.O. Box 303 Jewell County an annual charge of of Agriculture, and is subject to the 21 one-half (1/2) interest in the South 18 Kansas. ter (W1/2 SE1/4); all in Section Thirty Mankato, Kansas 66956-0303 $102.00 per year. The fees imposed provisions of Title VI of the Civil Wilse E. Crain, deceased, Demand inches of the East 80 feet of Lot Five (28)LotThree(3),inBlockTwenty- (30), Township One (1) South, Range Phone: (785) 378-3172 shall be billed and collected on a yearly Rights Actof 1964, as amended, Sec- No. 22 (5), all in Block Thirty-seven (37), five(25),OriginalTownsiteofCityof Eight (8) West of the 6th P.M., in Fax: (785)378-3203 basis and shall be collected in the same tion 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of Betty L. Crihfield, Demand No. 27 Original TownsiteofCity of Mankato, Jewell, Kansas. Charles Crain, Demand No. 28 Jewell County, Kansas. (29) Lot Five (5) and the West Jewell County, Kansas. Attorneys for Petitioner ZNEZ 9-3c manner and under the same procedure 1973, as amended, the Age Discri- (51)Anundividedone-half(l/2)of as other ordinary ad valorem property mination Act of l 975, as amended, and twenty (20) feet of Lot Four (4), in mineral rights during the joint lives of (First published March 3, 2016 taxes, and shall be subject to the same the rules and regulations of the U.S. William F. McCracken, Demand (6) Lot Thirteen (13) and Twenty Block Fifty-nine (59), in the Original William C. McNeice and Bernicein the Jewell County Record) No. 31 Feet off the East Side of Lot Twelve penalties and interest and same proce- Department of Agriculture which pro- Ilo L. McCracken, Demand No. 31 (12), in Block Five (5), in Bishop's Townsite of Jewell City, Kansas. McNeice in and to: West Half (W 1/2) Notice of Appointment dures for collection and sale as for vide that no person in the United States (30) North Half(N1/2) of Lot Seven of Section Thirty (30), Township One In the District Court of Jewell County, delinquent ad valorem taxes except as on the basis of race, color, age, reli- Lucille McCracken, Demand No.Addition to the City of Mankato, Kan- (7) and the East Twenty-eight (28) feet (1) South, Range Ten (10) West of the Kansas glen, national origin or handicap shall 31 sas. hereinafter provided. Harriett Lucille McCracken, de- (7) Lot Nine (9) in Block Forty- of the North Half (N 1/2) of Lot Eight 6th P.M., Jewell County, Kansas. Section II: There shall be charged, be excluded from participation in, or ceased, Demand No. 31 nine (49) in the Original Townsite in (8), in BIockForty-four (44), Original (52) Redeemed Case 2016-PR-02 assessed and collected on all businesses admissionoraccessto, denied the ben- Andrew Rohleder, Demand No. 33 the City of Mankato, Kansas, except Townsite of Jewell City, Kansas. (53) Redeemed In the Matter of the Estate of Beth and other entities within Jewell County efits of, or otherwise be subjected to Michelle Rohleder, Demand No. the South Seven (7) Feet thereof, sub- (31) Lots One (l), Two (2), Three (54)ApartoftheNortheastQuarter Tyler, deceased The State of Kansas to the credi- an annual amount of $157.00. The fees discrimination under any of this orga- (3),Four(4),andFive(5),andtheEast of Northeast Quarter (NE1/4 NEI/4) tars, heirs, devisees and legatees of imposed shall be billed and collected nizations programs or activities. 33 ject to a permanent easement of the 27 feet of Lot Six (6), all in Block Eight of Section Thirty-two (32), Township said decedent and allothers concerned: on a yearly basis and shall be collected The person responsible for coordi- Andrew Rohleder, Demand No. 35 Secretary ofTransportation fortheState (8) in the City of Jewell, Kansas. Four (4) South, Range Nine (9) West You are notified that on March 1, in the same manner and under the same hating this organizations nondiscrimi- Michelle Rohleder, Demand No. of Kansas, in Case No. 2014-CV-07, (32)PartofTract22inNE1/4of3-ofthe6thP.M, JewellCounty, Kansas, 2016, the undersigned was appointed procedure as other ordinary ad vale- nation compliance efforts is Brent 35 District Court of Jewell County, Kan- 3- l0 described as follows: Commenc- described as follows: Commencing and qualified as executor of the will of rem property taxes, and shall be sub- Cuuningham, General Manager. Tina M. Wilden, a/k/a/Tina Marie sas. ing at a point 60 feet North and 60 feet 1320 feet north and 330 feet west of the the above named decedent; that letters ject to the same penalties and interest Wilden, deceased, Demand No. 37 (8) North Half (N1/2) of Lot Nine West of the N-W comer of Block 2, southeastcomeroftheNortheastQuar- Any individual, or specific class of testamentary have been granted to her and same procedures of collection and individuals, who feels that this organi- NedGlennstribling,H" Puckett,DemandDemandNo. No.38 38 Twenty-one(9) and all of(21),Lot originalTen (10),townsitein BlOCkof WestESbon'ls0Jewellfeet;Cunty'thence KansaS;North 170thencefeet .ter (NE 1/4) of said Section; same be- as such executor; and that you must sale as for delinquent ad valorem taxes zation has subjected them to discrimi- Robert A. Vain, Demand No. 38 City of Mankato, Kansas. more or less to the South line of the ing the southeast comer of the North exhibit your demands against said es- except as hereinafter provided: nation may obtain further information Warren Morrell, Demand No. 40 (9)Lot 10,Block26,OriginalTown-North Half of the Northeast Quarter, Side Addition to Ionia, Kansas, from tate within four (4) months from the Section III: Other charges for the aboutthe statutes and regulations listed disposal of other than normal house- above from and/or file a written com- Sharon Morreli, Demand No. 40 site of the City of Mankato, Kansas. Section 3-3-10; thence East 180 feet; thence EastVar. 1130' 156 feet; thence date of the first publication hereof, or hold waste or other than normal cam- plaint with this organization; or USDA, The Pacesetter Corporation, De- (10) Redeemed thence South 170 feet to the place of North 20 East 75 feet; thence North be forever barred. mand No. 40 (1 l) Lots One (1), Two (2), and o mercial waste shall remain at the fees Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room Anita Adams, Demand No. 41 Three (3), in Block Five (5), Brigham, beginning. 50 East 150 feet to an ash witness tree; Janet Ann Tyler, Executor (33)LotsTwenty-two(22),Twenty- thence North 15 West 85.5 feet to an Attest: John L. Bingham previously established. 326-W, Whitten Building, 400 Inde, Ira C. Layton, Trustee under the Ira Crill, and Randall s Second Addition three (23) and Twenty-four (24), in ash witness tree;thenceNorth33*West (Seal) District Magistrate Judge Section IV" At least once a year, pendence Avenue, SW, Washington, C. Layton Revocable Trust Indenture, to the City of Randall, Kansas. Block Ten (10), original townsite of 150 feet; thence North 40 30' West Weltmer-Phillips Law Office the Board of County Commissioners DC 20250-9410, or call (800)795- dated May 2, 1988, Demand No. 43 (12) South Half(S1/2) of LotNine City of Esbon, Kansas. 150 feet; thence North 20 West, 145.5 P.O. Box 303 shall prepare a report of delinquent 3272(voice)or(202)720-6382(TDD). Robert Lovewell, Demand No. 44 (9) and the North Half (N1/2) of Lot (34) Redeemed feet; thence West 60 feet being 25.5 Mankato, KS 66956 fees. Any fee authorized pursuant to USDA is an equal opportunity Helen Mac Briggs, deceased, De- Ten (10), in Block Six (6), in Original (35) Lots Nineteen (19), Twenty feet South of the Northeast comer of Phone: (785) 378-3172 this resolution which remains unpaid employer. Complaints must be filed mand No. 45 Townsite of City of Randall, Kansas. (20) and Twenty-one (21), in Block the North Side Addition to Ionia, Kan- Fax: (785) 378-3203 for a period of 60 days or more from within 180 days after the alleged dis- BobbieDeanBriggs, deceased, De- (13) Lots Five (5), and Six (6), in Ten (10), Original Townsite ofCity of sas;thenceSouth634.5feettoplaceof Attorneys for Executor ZNEZ9-3c the date when due shall be included on crimination. Confidentiality will be mand No. 45 Block Five (5), Brigham, Crill and Esbon, Kansas. beginning, except a strip 12 feet wide such report. Thereupon, the Board of County maintained to the extent possible. June L. Langworthy, deceased, De- Randall s 1st Addition to the City of (36) Lots One (l) and Two (2), in off the West side, used as part of the (Published March 10, 2016Commissioners shall fix a date, time ZNEZ 10-lc mend No. 48 Randall, Jewell County, Kansas. Block Five (5), Original Townsite of public highway, in the Jewell County Record) and place for hearing the report and June L. Langworthy, deceased, De- (14) Lots Three (3) and Four (4), in the City of Burr Oak, Kansas.(55) 15.45 percent of an undivided Statement of Nondiscrimination any objections or protests thereto. The .... ! mandNo. 49 Block Five (5), Brigham, Crill and (37) Lot Seven (7) and North Half one-half of all oil, gas, and mineral Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative, board shall cause notice of the hearing [ CliffordE. Vogler, Demand No. 50 Randalrs 1st Addition to the City of (Nl/2)ofLotSix(6),inBlockOne(l), rights in Lots 3 and 4 in Section Three Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and the unknown heirs, executors, Randall, Jewell County, Kansas,McCormick's Second Addition to the (3), Township One (1) Sayeth, Range and em~alo.yer, , to be mailed to property owners listed I administrators,: Devisees, trustees, (15) Redeemed osa,,The r,pg~ i.n.ot,~es~ tha 10 days City of Burr Oak, Kansas Six (6) West of the6th P.2d., J w.eil [ .... - ,: ...... "If yS{/wisti to file a Rlglats prior to th.hearing.At ehearing, the creditors" and 'assignS 0f'such of the' '(16) Lot One (1), in Block N!ne (9), (38) Lots 12 and 13, in Block 1, County, Kansas. prograrii: bitl 51ain 01 Llf .Hmination, board shall hear ail objections and pro- Defendants as may be deceased; the in Brigham, Crill and Randall s First McCormick's 2nd Addition to the City (56) Redeemed complete theUSDA Program Discrimi- tests of property owners liable for such unknown spouses of the Defendants; Addition to City of Randall, Kansas. of Burr Oak, Kansas. (57) Redeemed nation Complaint Form, found online fees. The board may make revisions or then unknown officers, successors, (17) Lots Seven (7), Eight (8) and (39) South Half of Lots 6, 7, 8, Board of County Commissionersat http://www.ascr.usda.gov/com- corrections to the report as it deems trustees, creditors and assigns of such Nine (9), in Block Four (4), Brigham, Block 3, of Original Townsite of Burr of the County of Jewell in the State plaintfiling-cust.html, or at any USDA just and after which it shall confirm the Defendants as are existing, dissolved Criii and Randall's Second Addition to Oak, Kansas. of Kansas Plaintiff office, or call (866)632-9992 to re- report by resolution. 111 E. Main St., Mankato or dormant corporations; the unknown Randall, Kansas. (40) Lots Eight (8), Nine (9), Ten Darrell E. Miller quest the form. You may also write a The delinquent fees set forth in the 785-878-3191 ..~ executors, administrators, devisees, (18) Lots Seven (7), Eight (8), Nine trustees, creditors, successors and as- (9), Ten (10), Eleven (11), and Twelve signs of such Defendants as are or were (12), in Block Two (2), Brigham, Crill partners or in partnership and the un- and Randall's Second Addition, known guardians, conservators and Randall, Kansas. trustees of such of the Defendants as (19) Lot Ten (10) in Block Two (2) are minors or are in anywise under in Original Townsite of Randall, Kan- legal disability, and all other persons sas. who are or may be concerned,(20) An undivided one-fourth in- Defendants terest in minerals in: SW 1/4 NW 1/4 of Notice of Suit Section 24, Township 3 South, Range The State of Kansas to each and all 9 West of the 6th P.M., Jewell County, of the Defendants above named and Kansas. designated, and to all other persons (21)ApartoftheSoutheastQuarter who are or may be concerned:(SEI/4) of Section Twenty-five (25), You, and each of you, are hereby TownshipFour(4)South, RangeEight notified that you have been sued by the (8) West of the 6th P.M., JewellCounty, above named Plaintiff, The Board of Kansas, described as follows: Begin- County Commissioners of theCounty ning at a point on the section line of Jewell, in the State of Kansas whose 196.08 feet North of the Southeast Petition was filed on the 9 day of comerofsaidSection25;thenceWest September, 2015, in the Office of the parallel to the south section line, a Clerk of the District Court of Jeweil distance of 162 feet; thence South par- County, Kansas, in the above entitled ailel to the east section line, a distance suit, it being Case No 2015-CV-07, of 88.08 feet; thence East parallel to against you, and each of you; and that the south section line a distance of 162 Jewell County Area Agency On Aging Board Representative Jewell County Commissioners are seeking two individuals that would be interested in serving as Jewelt County's representative on the Area Agency on Aging board. If you are interested please submit your name to Jewell County Commissioners, Or by calling the 307 N Commercial, Mankato, KS 66956 County Clerk's office at 785-378-4020 10.16 rb RITCHIE BROS. Auctioneers' Unreserved public equipment auction 2Oll Ford F150 XLT 4x42Oll Chewolet Equinox AWD Equipment incl. Heaters, landscape equipment, track attachments, warehouse items & much more. Financing & leasing Up to 100'/o financing, with no money down. Odessa, MO - Mar 16 (Wednesday) 18 am 1800 W. Old 40 Hwy New items added daily Call about selling: 816,633.4096 rbauction.com See complete listings at (10), Eleven (11), Twelve (12), and Thirteen (13), in Block Two (2), in Hawley's Addition to City of Formosa, Kansas. (41) Lots Thirteen (13)through Twenty-four (24), both inclusive, in Block Eighteen (18), in Original Town- site of City of Formosa, Kansas. (42) Redeemed (43) An undivided one-half (1/2) interest in and to all of the oil, gas, and other minerals and mineral rights in, upon and under: West Half of North- east Quarter ON 1/2 NE1/4) of Section Twenty-six (26), Township Four (4) South, Range Ten (10) West of the 6th P.M., Jewell County, Kansas. (44) Lots 9 and 10, Block 3, Origi- nal Town of Lovewell, K sas. (45) Commencing at a point 98 2/ I l rods West and 230 feet North of the Southeast comer of Section Fifteen (15), Township Three (3) South, Range Seven (7) West of the 6th P.M., thence East 140 feet, thence North 100 feet, Jewell County Attorney and Attorney for Plaintiff Attest:Dixie Abram Clerk of the District Court Jewell County, Kansas ZNEZ 9-3c (First published March 3, 2016 in the Jewell County Record) Notice of Hearing In the District Court of Jewell County, Kansas Case 2015-CV-09 Leilani Lorene Cline Dikkers; Plain- tiff vs Rodney Dean Cline; the un- known heirs, executors, administra- tors, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of the following named de- ceased persons: Rodney Dean Cline; Defendants. The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a peti- tion has been filed in said court by Leilani Lorene Cline Dikkers, an inter- ested party in the herein described prop letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your com- pleted complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agricul- ture, director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Wash- ington D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202)690-7442 or email at prog- ram.intake@usda.gov. ZNEZ 10-1c RUCTIONS IT'S TIME TO CONSIGN FOR THE COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION I report shall constitute assessments against the respective parcels and tracts of land and are a lien against the prop- erty for the amount of the delinquent fees plus all applicable penalty, inter- est or other charges. A certified copy of the confirmed report shall be filed in the office of the county clerk. The lien created attaches upon recordation in Kansas Ci!y 80nventi01 Center- Kansas City, M0 ........ 700 VEHICLES : T}~E EXPEPdHCE:R~I~iC: At MEGII~COM Jewell County, Kansas Interior and Exterior Painting Pasture Clearing Call Mohler at 785-648-0069 Free Quotes 10.16 Spring orders, now through May 2nd. 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Purchaser will pay 2016 taxes. 2015 taxes were $1,671.00. Posseesion of broke ground will be after 2016 wheat harvest. Purchaser will receive 1/3 landlord share of 2016 wheat crop. Purchaser will pay 1/3 share of fertilizer and chemical. Possession of pasture will be upon closing. TRACT Ih SE 1/4 3-4-8 & W 112 SW 1/4 2-4-8 Jewell County, Kansas The farm is located on the NE comer of tract I. There are 237.12 acres of Purchaser will pay 2016 taxes. 2015 taxes were $274.70. Possession: Possession will be upon closing. pasture with three ponds. TRACT IIh Approximately 10 acres in E 1/2 4-4-8 Jewell County, Kansas Ranch style home 1253 160 Road located three and half m lies south of Mankato on 160 Road. The home is on a gravel road, it was built in 1974, it is a very quality built home. There are three bedrooms on the main floor w/two baths, the utility room is on the main floor, there are a large amount of closets. There is a walk out full basement that is finished with bath. There is an attached two oar garage, new steel shingle roof, vinyl siding, electric heat in ceiling, central air, reverse osmosis water, water softner. The septic system was new in 2006. The seller will make no repairs or inspections. All inspections must be made before April 5, 2016. There is a 32 ft. x 24 ft. metal insulated detached garage with cement floor, a 48 ft. x 81 ft. Morton building, a 26 ft. x 40 ft. garage with cement shop, an open front machine shed and shop w/concrete floor in shop, four other out buildings, corrals, 3-1,700 bu steel bins, all buildings have electric. The farm has trees on three sides. To view the home contact Kim Ost at 545-6675 or Kendall Ost at 378-3743. For pictures check our web site at www.thummelauction.com. Possession will be upon closing. Purchaser will pay 2016 taxes. Terms: 10% of purchase price as down payment day of auction, the balance will be due upon closing on or before May 5, 2016. Down payment will be escrowed with GaU Miller Abstract. Escrow fees will be split 50-50 between seller and purchaser. Title insurance will be used, the cost will be split 50-50 between seller and purchaser. Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC is acting as seller agent. All statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Dona Ost Beam Estate and Heirs, Sellers Auction Conducted By Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC 785-738-0067 \