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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
March 9, 1967     Jewell County Record
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March 9, 1967

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JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS THURSDAY, 9, 1~ I - ' Bo' ds D ar Bnvd Family Word has been received th~-t " rI m It'olh)wed. Th(. trail hd back to Dear y :, e' ., ~,, " [Office of the i~ [the house where we found! We left Mankato ~t noon on Enon~od paper money Wll mlwood Jordae ,if Aurora, II~a~ ICounty Superintendent: ' " r. . - " Cole and a h)rmer Mankato I'i I I(.imeolale cake with flags on l.lan..)th spent the Hrst mghl [you please send three back -'; .... u,,p~, /WtiEN YOU laugh at i' 1 / ' . . [ .... . . . I resloent wuo ,'ecenl, ly SUllOl"~ i lit. We each read a book: on with our son, t,~.; ry, an(l \is inllrr~l~ers I nave mlssea ano 1/ed a stroke' and is )'It/tally" *, I boss' joke, it may not According to the school has been teaching at Satanta,lwid )r'(s ,s~ ,ve,, ,,, i s ~, ~,,, t,, to (,, bette,, wxt} .' ..' ' ", t,,~rllllrllJfll /you havc a sense of humor , , . . ...... , .... ] . ' . paralyze(i is aL IlOlYle all(] I~iard, ..... the Sehoo~ start fo~ the Kansas, the past ,tin ye,lrs.[mmHh/ we wdlbe learning ahead el a storm ......... and have]llnw. I haven t I)ecn very well / maalng' * traps" to t w mspm/l W~IIIIIt,JJ ]but it proves you trove sense. Unified School District no. 278 Mr. DIIDII is; H gl'Hflllitte el | Ibo It lools arid how t l list,, IleVet' been ill IrcezIllR \\'c~ 11 l since (.~11 "iStlllilS st) 1 oo nee(l/ .... ' be, m,, (, tin n('t,,s, BS" , .. ,., ' .,/t,l,'ec times a ,,ce.;. for t le,"l According to Nyla Be,.g./fi(??l~twP,~let;'lle,:l,,-:J' g;:~r~J; ls.~,eomplete for the sellool " ' s ,'a l ~ "; "1 e n ; n( c~ 'e 'or them We [ erS x'nt ~we('K in Green I Ine l-lOllle IOWFl paper ~ s t / ,, ,', " ' ' " pv His i caress is 6.t7 11 lye vl draft hoard chu'k William/Watson. Formoso; l)ale M& year 1967-68. Item 1 oft nays .nd ;, Msl c t sed with Ihe living ('ircle. v c Miss. \\llh tilt, ll()V~rl rd do ll\'e alone. I)o hope VOU can / ,~: " --' ,~. , .. t ' " " , " ' . " ,'~t/~urora IJOlO tie w'o i.ll(.t @he complete faculty s isb Ilrom lLnl mrmSlate.|te~s1 - Reporler ~ (;chrclts Fro n the'e wc went I have as n (e and open weather [ ;i ' . . . . - , Michael Rcager has rcceived/harry, Mankalo; Myron Inter" ' ' . DO gla(I to Ilear lrOFll lrlen(Is, his I)hysie'al cxaminalion call| mill. Webber; Mrs. NelsOn e(:t below: l,narr,ed and has lwo chfld, en./ ........ [Io Houston Tex. and spent a las \,'c have herc. t)nlv one] tam t, ....... ;,.....j.... [ Mr Willis I'oplm has been] Christ an Gleaners ~,'ce with the Vloyd Gehrctts. little sprinkle of snow and the[ ........... for March 20, 1967. | Keeler, Formoso; Mrs. Glen e,,lpI,,y,,, ,,s ,,,,,,d ,,,re, t,,,I ',',,e (:.,is, i ln .,caners met ,*,,m t,o,,ston wc roIIowed lawns arc as reen as ti e, Mr Mrs / tci.l,cns. Pl:Jncinml and Guid'i~ ce Iand instrumental music tea [ I,'eb. 28. Our president. (;la(lys ! tilt, coast clear down to Naples. [ ever will be. Flowers starting [ and Jill entertained the tel JUDICIAL CASES. / Br'wen C'~rlslm ,wchitect. --~dg~;. W-vi~-ht l~In-lisl'~ ,,,,niche,'. Mr. I)Ol)l)C is ;, g|'aduate/i,'ordham' calh,d the meetingll,'la, thcn across l.'lor(a t olto I)hmn~. No frost in thellwing guests Monday: Mrs. Richard K. Brook. speeding/Salna; Glen MuntgomerY, A t}'.in'ei't;ai" .............. [.f Eml,,,,',a State with a[to order. Lucy Mcaride led us I ttnnestcad. Stopped rora short[ground this year so far. They]Jhn Shannon. Dyersburg. $10.00 and costs. '/Mankato; M,'s. lt.v,,,.nd Me- "~'~aehel Dodd tlome Ec [BML d(~jct. MI. loppc |s i,n prayer, the Salute to the visit m 1,aiayvtte. l,a. w~thItell us flus has been the most _etnn., Mr. Charles 1 ottt~, Robe|'l G. Inglis no loa/Dill Mankato' Arlene H0v4" ' " ] mar"ied. I Amcriean Flag, Christian I~'lag I the Bob Parkhurst family and/ open winter the older ones can ] Piqua. Ohio; Mrs. Robert book, $10.0t) and 'costs. "1 ard. Mankato; Paul l{ussell, "~'"delalde Regnier Math. ] M|'. Edgar Wright has been ] md Bible were given. We sang I spent two days all Port Richey. [ remember. [ Nealy. Zlida. Ohio; Mrs. Carl A. Slusher, speeding,[ Mankalo. ...........el~'ii'%~o~eh'~r, S'ci,,noe .... ,'mdlemphwed ...... as an Vnglish tea I"what a Friend We th,ve in[Fhl, and enjoyed a visit with/ Thanks M.A.B. for tIomely[Clark. Calahan,s Burr. Oak; & $15.00 and costs. [ ...... ed M~th Icher as well as to assist with| lesus". Alberta l)iamond led llhe Joe Ix, Bows. 'l'lmre have] Chattur re,' ttome Folks. [MI. and M~.. A~ch Marsh,ill, Francis Frn'e. speeding,I Gene Murray has return Jn'~l'n Jnnr,~ Rncbd Sciene,, Iadministratiye dulit,s in the lus in prayer..Joy Coffman led bt'cn many interesting things[ Addle May Kensington, Kansas. .-.e~ ............... ~ " $10.00 and costs. | to his home at 4(/{} lncz. Saliva. ~(~kev Jones V9cal M ~s e [high schoul. M,'. W,',ght ,s a lievoti.ns on "l,ove". Deanne[ to see all along Ihe way and/ 129 B N Cimlan [ ............ .loire E. l,eech. ,l,'., speed/after spending several weeks htl#h ~'~hnnl i,,nior hiah .~ |d j lormm Jcwell count5 tucl(nt. [ Coff n m sang a solo, ttow [ we ve t qed to lake m most ot [ Wemtchee, Washington. [ Home from Lybla and Malta ing, $t5.00 and costs. / in a Saline hospital. He u~." ";~'(t';""'~" " " .... lib'con, ,aSct,ona l~Sof ,nd, MsiS nea,'in, Ill Fo, t ,.,e .v 'r,,, ......... )we. I -',. We ~ke ~, bes e ,' ~, / I Mr and Mrs i 'u','v_ McN'lbb_ , Joan 1,'. File. failure to sto0| de,'wcnt surgcry on his bacg .Marvin Mann Voc' t or a [ ' ! ' ' ~ ; " I accomp~ nied by Carole Oz [ tlomcstead. The trailer park] Susan Bay e, w ~o has bee~ [ returned to the home of his at stop sign. $10.00 and cosls.] and will be unable to work fg. -rK~viCulture~, ' [ Ih,YSht,, State., \( on(tle(tuliSmarricdd anct] 'nun Sccreta,'y, report was}we re, in is ;, be t,l. ul, place]visiting, a nepmw in Engle-lparents, Mr a~d Mrs. lore Mieh;]el I) .~eos,,,, i,eW,t] sever. ,,,,,ths. C, ene W"~ ~{i~i.~ Ponno Instrum ,nt' i I ', ; ..... Iv'cad by Alberta Diamond. f et land the people arc qmte Imend- / wood, Colov';~(hL be('anw ill and l McNabb Superior, Nebr. after .......... " ..... M'ss I' t~i(, G~,d)b( ~ill ~ Music, hi~zh school iu ~ or [ . .v ~ ....... ! tv McAtee ~,ave the Treasur ] ly. We are ch,se to lots ,,1 / was taken to the Swedish Hos- I spending 18 months working 1):,rk,ng, $,).00 m~d costs, working to,' the Masscy H:a,.~ high anti ~ades ' ' |t)(, a first >ear 1.eacher with a [e'r's Report. Lenore Smiti] gave]things to see. Last Monday we[ pital in Engh,wood. [for the Sanla Fe Drilling Co. ris dealer in Salina at t"~ S,@nce ]HS ill elementary edu,'atiop[the card report. Gladys Ford-[drove down Io the Keys. l,'ound] ..... in Lybia as a driller in the Bond Forfeited: time of his hospitalization' R~h,~l"l~ales~.'lil;;.~,r.,n 'm( Ifrm nays. She attended | ham read the communicatinns, la ph|ce to stay iu a trailer] Mrs. Mary Spaulding. Mr. loil rods. Before returnng I)ennis 11. Stapehnan. no IT(, apDreciates hc ring fr0i~I l~h"r ...... I Mar an h gh school in Itays. I Bt sincss meeting a( ournedI cot 't on Big t' ne Key. Sp ~ ] and Mrs Lawrence Allen and home they took a tri ) int) entry on daft.,, log and inade I friends and relalives and wi~ --I,~r~"v" Dreiling' Industri" 1 1 Kansas. She will teach 2nd I with everyone praying "Thel one day in Key West. Took/daughters Peggy and Kathy, I Europe They went by p ; ~t' quate saf('Lv equipnwnl. $5.(10]])e glad to have you stop for and ('osts, [:l visit \vht,n Vml arc in Sali~a' A~" "I1(:1 I~ead foolball cn'wh I gr,lde m Mankato. ] I.ord s i rayer . Mdw ]hncs [ lhe eoa('h tram H)ur \~hwh \~.,is] and I erl Spauldjng of Gres- [ from Malta to Rome, then by ":7 ~ . .... M ss Jackie M Iler is a be " ,s onla I'm th( .... ent f shin * one , s , " , " '. .. __,, ~aemeve Munsev -l,'n'c~en[ " . ]showed slid(, . 1(, [,e,y n((. W g ]h,,m. Ntb,,,sk,, .pint th~ ]tram through S~llze, l,,nd on L;i~qa'e. [emnmg teacher wdh a BS]M