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Mankato, Kansas
March 3, 2016     Jewell County Record
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March 3, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thwrsday. Match 3. 2016 ' --I Randall Esbon The winners fro~ Ins1 weeks Rock Hills SAFE Februa~' drawing are ( from left ) Grant Davis {senior). TaneJle Peroutek Ounior), Tycen Higer {so, home,e) and JJovanna Mello (Ireshman). Grain E~uio~en! Sukup Hulchinson . Nec0 DMC York Legs G$1 Dryers Commercial oAgdcultural - Industrial - Metal Buildings Grain Storage and Handling Concrete Consignments Wanted Farm Machinery, Vehicles, Boats, Riding Mowers, ATVs, Tools, Shop Equipment and Etc. Consignment Auction to be he/d Tuesday, April 5 On the Norlh edge of Mankalo, Kin. Advertising Deadline BARN PHONE 785-378-3283 Monday, March 7 To Consign/terns Calf Matt Becker (785) 648.-0226 Nell Bouray (402) 879-5566 BECKER AND BOURAY AUCTION SERVICE Matt Becker and Nell B0uray ange juice, lea and col-f~. With the new day COlnCs new strcnglh and nelllllr thoughl~. Sn,rda) night a g~t~ crrwatd t~ Ct~lr+mg h.me Sl~)l'i, Fanrd} and tr~e~d~ ~ .- .~cd ~t,~d lh;q Wayiir llenmairn, W.cli~t hr~ke a Iri.p aezd hisopposile l*.'g Iri I~,~', I]LJ~.'es ~n ~lt] sepaT.~,Le a~c:14,|el].ls last ,c+-'k He is ht~p~tali~cd Ioll~wl]1g -utge+y on hi+, h-'g. DJ,i]1e Bt+i*.'y. Wake11vId. and ('<,~]1ey G~r'~tx)d. Ryhe, H~Lrpct u]1d K .'~dall. Salma. ~.-ete Sa~urda) ~L~- tors of L .'R~Lv and Marll.~n ha[on Whi.[e pl~?Ing a ~:~ale o~ I~a',ket- hall. Rt~s~+ Jeller~ lor~ I]1++ Achilles lelild~Jl I~I [" gctnl ng ~u,~l~ j]4,I on ~,-nllcli=.~, i~o wcek~ for av.-h~|e ~o|i~r l~.Jt can be rc ['~]1.~, it l~a l|L~l. Nadlne and l=raJ~k Rm'+xb~c-k v, cre in Kansa~ (.'lly t-O~ s='vetal dayn ~I" cau.v.: o[ the death t)l ];rank'~ brollucr, JtJ, hrl. The)' w{.I IlL" j~lal.'.'llts i~l Ih~: h(+]1=e~ t+[ .lulie Railsi'~ k attd Jeff. Suealme and Claire Raib, hack. [:mmrat wa, held for John in O]athe Sundu~ rite :~amlly and friends. A celcbr~ll~m nf life v,ll held al a faiur d-ale iJ=t hmia where he w|11 be [aid Io resl lu the lenin (.~m- etezy )rav~. Brooke a]1d Berkiey ('alla~a}+ Or=a~a. Vl,qted humly m Pvla~kah+ for Ihe weeket~d Ky]e ('alla wa~ and glt I.~. Sah lla. jonu~l them and Arm and t]~w+~d Callav, av. Ehlon and Pare D!,li]nt~ll. B;+ylie and I~,~ttJgan at a rcstaurarll in .Scatndia h+r Satrlrday dinner [t} ce[ehrate "[raYIs" birlhday. Aaron En)eart. Ulyssc.~. wa~ a weekend vl~llor of l'dh p,~r'L'nls, Keel and Brenda ]-nyean. O]1e Mankato evh~pie, Rol'~.'~ ~+ld Vonda Wakcfi,:ld. were hle>,sed Ihls week ,+.hen lheu ~,r-ln-law~ Janon McKay, a,rd his h~o~he+- e.waWd un. Itattl:~ed ~,]'len 1lie m,x,~s sh<~olil~,g ~+k ptace at the Excel fact,nT itt Hcsstna. .T~,~+n ,~, the hw, hmtd ol their daughter. ('n~ta. Kmhleen Jeft e~ and Alice Kinky were in Emlx~ria Io atlend .~mor nighl and v, atch M,cah Swa~lk play the hnal baskethall ~anr of hi~ c~llege years. Moil> and Dax'e Swank. Pran, Matt Swank. Valley Center+ and Atom Swank. Manhaltan. also allenckid. The t;~.~bile honte fire Ln Sahna three week wan the home ofPhylhs Roll+mhild attd Carla Waugh's .',tep-~,t~,ler and her gl,lnd~:hl]dl~.'rL ']'hL" ti!.rec veal old, gr~md~n losl his Lilt- ]11 the I r,IL :Ic t'x t'gll -'l~kl Ii,ncral ;.irran~m ~lls V, ele qdl w]1dvq~' at prc~; tin|e-]i~ day,: ,~C+kU ~,ld ~ramldaughter w~ ~pared m l~=r5 hut the three I: ]o]11.~ ~ dd baby had '~mo ke inhalation and the ~tandinother hutl. ~enous hums to her irand~, f-'[ice alld ~hmllders and renl;llnS In the btlni tn111 21 a Wichita hospital. thc cause ~f the fire was nlli~teml~rled f+.dl<~'a,'ln~ the in~.'eSligaU.on The grarldnit~||rer. Ihe kroner Sherry Btccn+ ix thr daughter o~ Gai[ Brecn ~;al~ ,or Judy Mdl l alLd daitigltler,~ RL'Ira,L" Jauohs. Sh+.'lli Knl|ln~a]1n, and Ren|ta Volker. ~+ rc ]1| Srlina wher<+' J ud): had Thu~,Clay ~Md,:,~ 3 ',Jl ~',~ B urr Oak. Cliff and'(;l+mn) B~r~+c~ +err IlL Smith CeP+tcr last ~v'~dllc.'=,d,t) -rod ~ i~. I Lt.'d With D~'id. Loli anti (='or i* ' t'] ~ITli. '~ Alter,ori ~enl 'n~ck u~ ~orL al rhc ~cht~+1. fray| d. (,'o+ I . C] it f and ( ;len n had lUll~.-h al a re Laul~nt in Snlitil ('ca. lee. Friday cveni;'~g, Kristi J-liLllnan. Mar]kalu. Reni|a. Malt~.e and Bulla Volker visited at Ih home ~d "]es.~ Mc.M~m~. Amnanda and Ldly Barnes. Red ('lr,~ud+ 'Were Friday suppcz g~ests of Cliff-. Glenny and Dal:,ny ]']~rOes l+d|y ~tayed with her graJtdparertt~ for the weekeed. "[~.~. ~a. Masun. Ma~ ar~l M+~rga0 McMain~ wenl 1o the holrre of the C ly Volker fanrily and i~ll~,ld huild a dog holl,~ for Ihe V~= Iker~" I'~1. W ~ klan. "l~taq evening the Vu|ke~ grilled ham- b~rger.~ for everyone. Lilly Barn+.'s, Rexl ('h+~d, ('lift alrd (]tel~n)' Barnes wCnl tO Red Ckmd Saturday morning m ~'atEh Thomas Ord. ~al~al Guide R~ -k. w-~estlc with the Ro ~ Cloud y~.lUt]l team. Thomas had fOLII mat~.'hes, Wullrlfl~ {W(.n ~nd i~+si]1g two. Allcr'~ ard.% Cliff. Gle]1.qy+ [ ill) and OliviaO~d h~d lunciz at a Red Chmd restauranrL Bolh Lilly ~nd Olivia petumcd h~r~e ~x [dt CInff and (ilen~t). Olivia Ord. ruralGmde R~'k. Lilly Barnes. Red C]oud. i~rb.'nd ~' Ma]1nnng. Muson. Max and Mi]rgan M~-Ma;III j ]incd Ri,:har,J. Cox fur children's church Stlnda) ;l~ Ihe Bun Oak Ch;is- tian Church. Ri+.'hard talked abuul h=+v+ we all have cha|~cngmg situations ur m;r ] b,'e~, al]d h,L)W We need Io trust G(M t,~ handle those chalLenges. Ft+r the a~tt i~. Richard'.~ mcsx~ v, a-' '3 f C~vJ |~,tl~, You un H~rd. Slay on Ihe Lble.'" Scripture readings, were Isaiah 5.5: 8- ) and James I : 2-4. Mo~:~. David. Mary and Martha were sm]1e t+f the Biblical people thai GceJ put tm hold Moses had to v, alt many years I-~qbr God k'd hb, ~t~ple ~ml of the de~erl. David w a|ted t~+ be king until Saul ~'ouhl Ix+ ehntLimled. Mary and Manha wml~.~