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March 3, 2016     Jewell County Record
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March 3, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday. March 3, ;2Of8 Public Notices (First lmblished Marc/, 3. 2016 in the Jewell County Revr~rd) Notk, e of Suit In the District Cuun of Jewell County. Kansas Case No, 2015-CV-0'7 The Board of County Commission- ,:rs of th,e County ufJewell in ~ SLate of Kansas. Plaimiff vs, Liqutflatioa Properlies, Inc De- mand No. ] Chflurd E, Vogle:, Demand No, 2 Robert (.;n~en~rg, Demand No, 6 Ronahd G, We~t Sr deceased, De- mand No, 8 Dorathy West, l~maml No. 8 Joseph F. Black, deceased, Demand No, 12 Mi cretin M. l~urslon.Demand No, ]3 M i~:helle M. Thtwstoo, I~m~md No. 14 Arizona Group Ventun:s, Demand N~, 16 Stud Goddard, Demand No, 17 Mark E, Whidaw, Traslee of the Mark E. Whitiaw 1996 Living Trust dated l:el~uary 29, 1996, Demand No. 20 Dtmstin W, Cook. Demand No, 2 I Cathy JoE, McDonald,Demand No. 21 Wii.~ E. Urn(n, deceased. Demand No, 22 Betty L. Crihfield. Demand No. 27 Charles Cram. Demm'd No. 28 Witliam F, McCrackcn. Demand No. 3[ lkm L. McCrac~en. l~mand No. 31 Lueille McCracken, Demand No 31 Harriet( l,u~ille McCracken, de- ce~-sed. Demand N0.31 Andrew Rohleder, Demand No. 33 Mi l~elle Kohl~er, Demand No, 33 A~drew Rohleder, Demand No. 35 Michelin Rohluder, Demand No. 35 "I',na M. Wiiden. a/k/a/Tina Marie Wild,re. ~ cea~tl. Demand No. 37 Glcpln It. Pucketl. Demand No, 38 Ned Sttmhhng, l~,mand No. 3~$ Robert A Vain. Demaml No, 38 Warren Morrell. Demand No. 40 Sharon Mt~rretL Demand No ~) The Pace ~'tter Corporation, De- maml No. 4(I Anita Ada,n~. l~enmnd No. 4] ! m C, Layton, Tr aslc~ t mv ler the ira C, Layton Rcvtwable Trust Indenture, dated May 2, 193~. t~mand No. 43 Roberl Lawewell. Demand No. 44 Helen Mac Brt~gs. tlec~ased. De- mand No. 45 Bobbin Dean B t. ~ Us, deceased. De. mand No 45 June l. [.an~ orth~, decea~'tl. De- MaIul Nqh -$~ lu1R' I ]. ~il~ ~ q tit', deceased. I)e. ( 'hi ford L', V el;let, i)eil~aiztl NiL 5(I aim the mtkn~tv, mt iletrs, exet'ul(~rs. adlnlniSttalors. D ,msees, trustees. ~.'rc'dit~:~ and assigns of such ol' the t)elendrmts as may he deceased: the unknown spouses of the Defendants: then unknown ofl]cers, successors, Irustee~. creditors and assigns of such Defendants as ~e eXhiti*~ dis~flved or dormant cx)rpurati, ms; tile onkflown e~ecutors, admlnislrators, devil ttuste~. ~.',~.v, lito~, succe~so~ and as- sigtm s of such Defendants ;it arcor were partners or in partnership and the un- krmwn guardians, consersators and trustees of su lt o~ the I~'t~ndanls as are minors or are m an)wlrgt uncle;- legal dl,~ahility, aJM all other pet ~ms whu ~ or m~)' ~ com'erued, Det-em~Ll~nt~ Notiee of Nail The State of Kansas tu each and MI of the I), l'em~dants above named ,rid dcsi~,tah-'d, and 0~ all other per.~mm, who are or ttlay ~ ~,on~:emc, d: 'tkm, and each of you. are here,) m)oxilmed thai )ou ha~ e latin sued by the aN)re named Plam:d'l'. The Board of Count.~ Corn uu s~,oner~ of Ihe ('dimly ot Je~ ll. II~, the.' SlateolKans~ ~ho~e }%*tltmt~tm) ~aS fih.'d on the 9 da~ ot Seplemnber. 2015. in the Office of the Clerk ol the District Court el Jewell COt,Dry. Kallmsas. in the above emilled suit. it beutg Case No 2Ot5-CV-07, againsl you. and each of you: and that you must answer or plead to Plaintiff's Petttionon or before April 15.2016, at 2 p.m or the mid Petition will be taken as true and judgment by default rendered in favor of ~e Plaintiff t-mr- ins and determining the umount of taxes, interest and costs chargeable to each respective particular ~act. piece or parcel of land hereinafter de~'db~d and the name of each owner or party having an interest therein and adjudg- ing and decreeing the amobnt so found due tobea first and prior lien upon the respective following tracts, pieces and parcels of land in Jev,ell Comity. Kan- susAn-wit: (The n uml"~er in parenthesis preceding each tr~'t is the number of the cause of aclion in the Petition.) (I) Lots So- (6), Seven (7), and Eight (g). in Block Forty-two (42), in the Original Townsite of the City of Mankato. Kan~t~;. (2; U r, divided one-sixteenth ( I/167 interest in and to all of the oil. gas and minerals in and under the surface of: North Half of the $oulbe~i Qua.tier IN I/2 SE 1/4) m'td the Southeast Quar- ter of the Southeast Quarter (SEI/4 SEIM) of Sec~io~ Nit, elan (19), Town- ship Five (5) So'ath, Range Six (6) West of the 6th P,M, Jewell County. Kansas (3 ~ Redeemed (4~ Redeemed (5) Lot Six (6) and the undivided on, e-half {112) interest in ~e South 18 inches of the East XO feet of l ot Five (5), all in B'e~,k Thirty-seven (37). Original Town site of City of Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas. (6) l.~)t Thirt~n it3) and Twenty Feet off the East Side of Lot Twel~ (12), in Block Five IS), in Bishop's Add(Iron to the City of Mankind. Kan- sas. (7) Lot Nine tg) in Block Forty- nine (49) in the Original Towns(re in the City of Mankalo, Kans~,~, e~c~pt the South Seven (7) Feet thereof, sub- j ct lo a permanent easemenl of the St'~t ar~ ofTransporlation I~t the S tale of Kansas. in C;i~e No. 9014-CV-07, District Court of lewell County, Kan- S~:S. (8l North Half INlf2) of Lm Nine (9) and aII of Lot Ten (tO), ia Block Twenty-one (21 ). original mwnsite of City of Mankulo. Kan~s. (9)Lot I0. Btoc k 26,OriginalTown- site of the City of Mankato. Kansas. I I I)) Rcxteemed ( I I F Lots One I I). Two (2), and Three(tL in Bhx'k Five{S), Brigham, Crill, and Randall'~ Secemd Addition ~o the City of Randall Kansas. (121S~uth HalI'(SI/2)of L~t Nine (9~ and the Nt~rth Half (N I/2] of Lot Ten (lilt. in Block Six {6L in Original Towns(in of City of Randall, Kansas. ~13) I.~as Five tSL and Six (6L in Block Five 15), Brigham, Crill and KandaH's 1st Addition to the City of RandM1. Je~ett Courtly. Kansas. t 141 Leas Three (3)and Four 14). in Bh~:k Five ~5), Brigham, Crll[ amid Ramtali's l sl Addition to the ('mty of Randall Jeweli County, Kansas. (15) Redeenx, d 1161 Lot One( I I, in Bloclc Nine 0.~L in Brigham, Crill and Randalrs ]:ir I Add(iron to City of Randall, Kansas. I17) Lois ~v~n (7). Eight (8) and Nine (gL in Bl~'k Four (4L Brilgham. Crill and Randall's Second Addition to Randall. Kansas. 1181 Lot Seven (71, Eight (8 I. Nine (gL Ten i It)l, Eleven ( I I ).'and Twelve (12), in BIt~.'k Two (2), Brigham, Call and Randall's Second Additiom Randall, Kansas, (191 Lot T~n (1(2) in Blm'k 3"we (2) in Original Towns(re of Randall, Kan- sas. (2OI At) ~mdivided one-fourth in- terest in minerals in: SW1t4 NWIt4 of Sectmon 24, Township 3 South. Range 9 West of ire 6th P,M, Jewell Connty, Kansas. ~21 I A part oflhe ~uiheasl Quarter I SE ! I4 ~ of So.'tion rrwenmy-five (25 L -lov, n sh i p l:om,r N) Soulh. Ra age Eighl ~ ~ We~,t elthe 6th P.M Jewell Ctrtmnly. Kansas, described a~ follows: Begm- nmng at a po~,nl on the section line 196(1~ tccl Nnrth of the Southeast ~'omer tq namd Seclion 25: thence West parallel to the ~mth ,~ction line, a distance of 162 feet: Ihen~ce South par- allel to the tasl ~ectmon line. a dmstance of 88 (18 t~'t: them 'e East parallel to the south seL'll,~n line a distance of I6~' ATTENTION Kansas PresMentml Caucus Saturday, March 5 131 Years of Banking Convenience and Quality Financial Products and Services You may vote between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Smith Center Jr.- Sr. High School At 10 a.m. the floor will be open for remarks about candidates You may arrive later and just vote, dewell C(~nt~ Republican Pad,/ Ke~ Poe, Natarie Frost. Fred Emlert treasurer feet; ~ence North 88.08 feet to the place of beginning. (22) Lots I inK12, Bkx:k 25, in(he Original Town of Je~ell, Kansas, (23) Redeemed (24) Beginning at a point 23 feel east of the northwest comer of Lot Eight (g) in Block Fifty-nine (59), in the Original Townsite of lewell City, Jew ll County, Kansas, at thecenter of the wall now there standing, thence running east twenty-six (26) feet. thence South seventy (70) feet. thence West one ( I ) foot, thence South fifty ('50) feet. thence West t~my-six (.26) feet, thence North sixty~ 60} feet, thence Fast one ! i ) fOOt, thence Noah sixty (riO) feet through the center of sa(dwall to t~e place of beginning. ~25) Redeemed 1261 Beginning am a point 21) f ~l East of the NoFIhwesl comer of Lot Four {4). in Block Fifty-nine (59), ia the Origi~lTow nsite of City el' Jew ll City, Kansas: thence running South 120 fe~t to the Sooth fine of said Lot 4; lhem:e Fast 24 feet: thence Noah 120 feet to the Noah lil~ of LN 3; thence West 24 feet In the place of beginning: being 13 feet off tl~ East side of tx)t Four (4} and II |~ttt offthe West side of Lot Three I3), in Block Fifty-nine 1597, (27)Lolls 1.2,and 3, in BIock 24, in the Original Town.site of Jewell Cily, Kansas. (2 g) Lot Three (3). in Block Twenty- fi ve (25). Original "Fownsite of City of JeweB, Kansa s, (29) Lot Five (5) and the West twenty ('20) f~et of l,m Four (4), in Block Fifty-nine ~59), in the Original "]'ownsit~ otJewell City, Kansas, (30) North Half IN |/2)of Lot Seven (7 p and the bMst T weary-eight ~28t feet t:l' the North Half fN I/2) ofLol [":ighl (8). in Block Fony-foar (44), Original Towns(re of Jewell City, Kansas. ,311 Lot+, One (I), Twu(2t, Three ~3;, Four {4). and Five {5), and the East 27 feet tffl.ta Six {6,~, all in Block Eight (?,] in the City of Jewell. Kansas. 132) Pan of Tra 't 22 in NEII4of 3- 3-I0 described at fidiows: Contrnenc. ins at a point 60 feet No~th and 60 feet West of the NW comer of Bl~ck 2, Eslxm. Jewell CnLmty. Kansas: them.'~ We~t ]g()feel. thence North 170 l e~t ntore or less Io the Stmth line of tlt North Hall of ~h~ Northeast Quarler. Seclmon 3.3 IU thence |~st i~{) feet; thence South 17(I feet IO the place of beginning (33.m Lois T~ enty-two (22), Twenty- thr~ (23) aid l"wenty-four 124). in Block Ten (~0), original mwnsite of City of -Esbon. Kansas. (34) Redeemed (35) l.ots Nineteen 119). Twenty 120t and "l'w tlly-one (2t), in Bl~ek Ten { till, Original Tow nsite of City of ILshm, Kan sa.~. {351 Lots (,~|c, fll and Two (21, in Bkwk };ire (5), t)rmgimlal Towns(re ol' the City dBurr Oak. Kan~s. (371 Lol 5e~.en i7| and North Half I N 112 )ol't,ol Six ~ 61, m Block One ( I L McC~rntiek'~ SL~.'tmd Adtlilion In the City of Bur/ Dak. Kansas. |3l~} Lots 12 and 13. in Bltx.'k I, McCormick's 2nd Addition to theCity of Burr Oak. Kans~ s. (y./,t South Halt of Lots 6. 7'. g, Bkx'k 3, of Original qk~wnsite ol Bun" Oak, 'Kansas, t~)) Lots t-Lght (8}. Nim {9). Tcmt ~l(I). Eleven tl i). "l'welvc t129, and l'htrteen (~3). m B~t,:k Two t2), in Ha~, Icy's Add(thin lo Cily of ]-"orn',~=stL ~ansa~. ~411 Lots Tbirlcen (13} throtm~h ]~xent)'.lbur (24), lx)lh inclu.~iv,in [Mock Eighteent 18).in OriginalTov, n- site of Cit) of Formoso, Kansas. 142 ~ Redeemed 143.~ An und'~vided one-halt |112) tnltere~t In ~id [O all of the oil, gd~. and other minerals and mineral rights mn. upon and under: West Hall of Nonh- easl Quarter tW~/2 NEI/4} of Section 3"went)-six (26), Township Foar 14) South. Range Ten ( 101 West of the 6th P,M Jewcll C'ounty. Kansas. 144) Lots 9 and 10, Block 3. Ormgm- naI ')'own of Lovewell, Kansas. {45) Commencing al a Ixfinl 915 21 I I rods West ~d 230t~t Nonhof the Southeast comer of Section F, fteemt | 15 l.'lown ship'lq~ree (3) South. Ran bx" Seven m7t W~.'-,t oft|he 6~h P.M thence East 140 feel theru.'e North IOQ feel. tl~t n -e Wrst 140 feet. thence South ~(X) feet 1~ the place of beg(truing. ThL:'. trac~ having also been de~nbed as follow-~: Commencing at lira Notth- WeSl come(of Black Eighteen (l B), in Montru~. K,mlsas; tlmnce Fast [40 feel. thence South lt~O feet, thence We~t 14Oteet,tbenoe Nonh I00 fe~'a to the place of beghlning. Alsodeseribed asLo~s21,22.23, and24,inBlock iS, Montrose, Kansas. (46) Redeemed {47) Redeemed (48) An undivided Ih~ mineral in- ~erest ia and lo: Southe~t Quarter of Southwest Qua~er (SE I/4 SW I/4L o[ Section One (I), Township Tw~ (2) South. Range Nine (9) West of the 6th P.M, Jewell County, Kansas, Hg) An undivmde6 I~ mir~ral in- te~st in and to: Northeast Qumier of Nutt~wes~ Quarter (NEI/4 NW I/4); West Half of Northeast Quarter tw 1/2 NE I/4);South Hal f0f Nord~ west Qua~- ler (S I/2 NWL/4): Southwest Quarter (SWl/4); all in 5~clion Twelve (12), Township Two (21Stmth, Range Ni.~ (9) Wesl oftbe 6th P.M, Jewe|l Ctnntly, Kansas, tS0) Undivided one-haft (1/2) in- Incest in all of the oil, gas. and other minerals a~ minexat right~ i~ and un- der: Northe&~t Quarter (NE 1/4): South Half of the Northwesl Quoter (SI/'2 NW I/4): Southwest Quarter [SW I [4): and Wesl Half of the ~utheast Quay let (W I/2, SE1/4): all in Section Thirty {3()). l 'ownship Ore (1) South. Range Eight (8) West of the 6th P.M in Jewell Counly. Kansas, {51,An undividedone-hal f (1/21 of mineral rights during the)dial lives of William C. MeNeice and Bernice McNeice in and to: West HalHWI/2) ot' Section Thmrty (.30L '['ownship One ( I I South, Range Ten I lot West el'the 6th P.M Jewell County. Kansas. f52) RoJeemed (53) Redeemed I541A part oflhe Northeast Quarter of Nurthea.~t Quarler tNE1/4 NEI/41 of Sect ion Th irly- two (32), Tow nship Four ~41 5outh. Range Nine (91 West ofthe6thP.M, Jewell Counly, Kar~sas, described as tbllows: Commnencmng 1320 te~.q north and 330 feet west of Lhe southeasl comer of 1he Northeast Qt~- ter (NEI/4t of said S~tkm; same be- ing the southeast comet of t~ North Side Addili0n m Ionia, Kansas, I]om lhe~c ['~sl Vat. t 1"30' 156 leel; thence North 20" East 75 feet: thence North 5(P Easl 15(1 feet to~m ash wilnes~ tree: thence North 15" West g5.5 feet iv an ~h wime ss Iree; thenoe North 33~West LSO feet: thence NoAh 40" .~}' West 150 f~l; Ihene North 21Y'West, ]45.5 I'eet; 1hence West 60 fe~ ~ing 25.5 feet South of the Northeast comer of the North Side Addition to 10ni~, Kan- sas; thence Soulh 6M.5 feel to place of llegintaing, c epl a strip 12 feet wide off the West side, u ~d as part uf Ih,: public highway. (55) 15.45 p~rc~nl of an tmdivided one-hall ot all oil, ~a.s, and mineral rights in Lots 3 an~t 4 in Sectkm Three (31, rl'ow~hip One (I) South. Range Six (61 West of the 6th P.M, JeweB County, Kansas. (56) Redeemed (57) Redeemed Board of County Commissioners of the County of) well in the State of Kan~s Plaintiff Darrell E. Miller Jewell Counly Attorney and Attorney for Plaintiff AnesL:Dixie Abram Clerk of the District Court )ewell Cmmty, Kansa.s ZNEZg.3c "Ca|turn is the habit of being pleased with the best mid knowtng why." ll m t,= ttsr pubh>hed Mflr~h 3. 2016 ~n the le~etf ('ounn' Retvnb Nolice of lkuring (mr the Dtttrz t Coo~ of /ewetl C'LPUltL)i, Kansas Case 2015-CV-,09 Lellan, t.orene Cline Dikke~;: Plain- tiff vs Rod~ley Dean Clinc; the un- known heirs, executors, ~ministta- (ors, devist.~es, trustees, credilor~ ~nd assigns of the tollt~wing named de- ceased persons: Rodney Dean Clilr~; Defendants, The State of Kansas t,[) all persons concerned: Ymt are hereby ant(lied that u peti- tion has b~n filed in samd euurt by L,|,ilan i Lo~ncCline Dik kels,an inler- ested party ia the here in desc~hed prop- erty, asking the court m determine the heirs of the dc~c ,dent, Rodney Dean Cline, and to determine ate descent of the re{lowing described real property in Jewell County, K~sas: An undi~.'ided orm.-kalf inlerest in: Lo,s One (I). Two (2). Three (3 t, Four 14). Five (.SL Six (6). Eleven (11), Twelve (12). Thiaeen (13J and Four- le,"~n { 14,1, in Block Two (2L i Jr Leydig*s Addition Io Cily of FonllOSO', and of alr other properly, real and per-~mal, and interests therein owned by ~c ah>ve named d~' dent in the State of K ans~ at the t imeof his death, and asking 1~ court to assign the same to I he Ixrsons entitled tber-=lo, as oflhe date of death of the decedent, subject to any lawlul disposition thereof here. to(ore mnad~, You are hereby required to lile your written defenses thereto on or befo~r March 25.2OI6, at IG:UO a.m. of said da~ in the Dmstrict CoulI ml~otml in the courtlx~use mn the City or M~ttkato, Kansas, at which time and place samd cau~ will he heard. Should yon fail therein, judgment and d~'e wdl be entered in duc course upon satd pelL- tiomt. Leilani Lorene Cline Dikkc~x. Pet((inner A11est:Hon. Kinl W. Cndney ISeal) Distncl Judge Wcltmer-Phill~ps Law Office P. O( BOX 3{}3 Mankalo. Kansas 66956-{)3(13 Ph~m : q7~51 378-3172 Fax: (7~51 378-3203 Attorneys for Pet(linnet Z, NP~'.9-3c F Fir~t Imblished March 3, 2016 m die Jr'well CoJt~lty Record) Nolk'~ of Appotnlmtmt [n the Distant Cottrl of Jewell County, Kansas Cme 201~-PR4)2 [n the Mailer or the Estate of Belh Tyler, deee~ed "[he State of Kansas to 1he credt- mrs. heirs, clef(sees and legatees of mi d decedenl arm all el hers Cow.:.CrrlCd: You am notified that on March I, 2 )I6. the undersigned was appointed a~d qualified as eXeeulor oflhe will of the above named decedent: that tellers testamemary have been granled No her as such execator; and that you must exhihit your demands againsl said es- late within I'oar q4) momhs from the date of the fi~t publicalion hereof, or be forever harred~ Janet Ann Tylex. Executor A1tesl', John i Bingham (Seal) District MauLs(rule Judge Weltmer-Phillips Law O'fliee P. O. Box 303 Mankato. KS 66956 Phone: (785) 37B-3172 Fax: 1785) 378-3203 Atlomey:~ for Executor ZNET. 9-3c "Them is nothing that sLrengthens a nation like Tearing era nation's own history, whether lhat hislory is recorded ia books or embodied in customs, ia- sULutioas and monuments," TRIPLE D CATTLE, Guide Rock, NBb. Yearling Gelbvieh Bulls For Sale Reds and Black avaffable, all potled Excellent growth EPD's Asking $2,500 each Catm disposition Vaccinated, semen tested Delivery available, wi// hold until Apt'it 1 Call Damian or Jackie Duffy 402-257-2082 (H) 402-984-4251 (C) SUNFLOWER AVENUE NEW Townhomes FOR RENI in Mankato, Kan. 1,200 sq It, 2 bed, 2 batht foil size garage, above ground safe room, fully handicapped accessible , .Bethany Roeo 785-378-3408 Jewellco~nty@hotrnail.com Th~r~Oay Marct~ '3 2~6 THE SUPERLOR EXPRESS 5B At hal|lime of the Rock Hilrs boys, ~sket~tl game Friday evening be|wee~ Ost~orne and Rock Hills. Richard Cox, Pike Valley Cross Counly Coach recognized Sarena Meier for her Academic honers, Sa rena. a slude~l al Fre.c~ Hills, partK;ipat~s in the cross court(q/cooperative agreer~enl ptoqrarn w,:~ Pike Valley, I I I Northbranch By F n'na Dillon Eugene Glover oi Hunt vmlle. Ala imwIved lasl Sunday mght I'.ff a ~I ~ ~q willt hP' dad. l aVa,and smster. ('i~ en 1~ i~, and her fa~i]~. Ellie Harkne~. the t~ ~eek old little nw.~ at the parsommg,nta~ her deb~tl at NocfltNanch ('hunch Stmday ntonting. This seems to be another m, ate ewJn- thl week from rcpt)rts ( get troul the |(K-diS. At'~easl il I~sbeen mcewealher fin an unevenlful week! Marilyn Jeffery joined I'mt daugh- ter. Connie Shulda of Cuba, and her grand~on. Brian Shulda of Mankato, for lunch un Friday. and then attended the ball game at R~k Hills late Friday afternoon, Pastor )on Harkness welcomed ev- eryoneto the Sunday morning wn rsh ip service at Northbmnch and gave the announcements Numemtt,~l',ayer con- ceres were noted with a special ~ime of prayer forthem. Mtmsieians were Erma {)ilion, Lit ) ffery and Kelly McNicho|s. Serving as u ~hel~, were Glen Warner. Mel Willimts and Brad Jeffery. Pastor Jon's man,sage ~,a~, a continuation fl:liowm~ the wandc, rmng~, in the wilderness ot tl~e |sraelites a.~ recorded in Exod as f 7 He related ho~ we loday are.sontelimes called by G~gl to a wilderness experience and placed in hardships "[he~, are times that God especially want, us to put our full tru ,;t in Him. He 0died thai the~e ~e "Wil- derness University" experiences, the "~hocfl of hard kmt,~k~." ml ~*,~t ~ mtk This is where weleam K'~m- thar ~.o, ~av ' ns n~;;LT IF Io {-~( X~-- ('~- m l'~-c t ht ~, 1~,c'. they will push us av.ay t6~mtt t,~.3 1he choice is oars. Even a~ a ,m~tl church we can do greal Ihmngx to fur ther (k~'s kingd ~m. G~gl ha~, a par- ptrse firr us as long as ~eseek to gk~rmly }Jim. The pastor followed his ,senn