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March 3, 2016     Jewell County Record
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March 3, 2016

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4BTHE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Fr%Psoa? Marc~ 3 2016 ]LR:HS Grlzzlles end J regular season play LI The Pike Valley Pan tl~t- halted the Rock Hi)Is Hmgh $choul Gri/zlie~ smx- game win ,Rreak at last Tge '~lay, when they handed R~'k Hdl~ a 56-35 less at Manka(o. -Ih (;rt.rthc~, r(-honfl~.~d+ F~day, when the+, duwl~d tl~ Osborne Bulldogs 45-42 tu do~eouI tl', irmgu- lar sea~n ~,chedutc. The (}rizzlie~ re- ~lvcd all u~tllmg ro~1,J bye. Men- day. |or Ihc Cla~s IA. DJvLsion l sub- state boskethall bracket at Mankalo. ~[~ y p|a)cd Ptkc Valley, tt~ay (Thur,+- dayL at Mankat~, ~Rh results unavail- able at pres~ ~inle. Rock Hills wa~ the r+umk~ two m:~l I'~hmd top-~ded Osl~rne. Pike Valley used actuate two and three-i'Jmint gu+ds to o['w~n op a 27-16 fi+'~,t half lead over the Grizzlies. The Grizzlie~ struggled to find the basket as the game progressed but the PatJ- thcr~ wctc un+fff~-t +J and ca.mc-d a43- 24 lead ntto the foun.h quarter. Despite their t~st efforts, the Gnzzlees could tlOt h:cp p~ with the Panther~ and It)st their fifth game of the season. 5@ 35. The Vl~Jllll~ Osbome Bulldogs kept mailers mte~sling r~ght up to the final buzzer. The But~dogs and G~i~, elles played an e ~.enly matcl~d game which was decided in the final momc+nl~ of play, O~nae muv fl out lo a 16-12 first quarter lead. The Grizzlies we~ pal|ant and erased a point or lh~ir lead in trail 24.21 at the hall'. -Each team ~cuted 12 ImiUl~ in the third querier and Oslmmc held a 3fi-33 lead as the tiqa~ quarter '+tarled The Gri~/lies tipped the tempo and puffed eve~ with the Bulldogs. Luke Broecke|man ~ank a th~'c. I~,irlt xhot with ,~t'en sa' mds rgmaiamg,the game ~o give theGrit- tiles a 43-42 leatl. Gr+mt ID~*'I~ stole t~ I~11 from the Bulldog~ and Tucker J~ha*~k put the hall away Ibr a two- ~+inl field gtm| to cemcnl the win ~or 1he ( irmz~'lies, 45-42. C;ri/,*l, >, head ct~ach Matt He.~ting MANKATO Sports Preview Monday, Mar, 7- Saturday, Mar. I2 Mar 9 - 12 Ih~'h .qclto.[ 5~nh" I~sL,'tt~ll "t-ottrna- tm,ttl. I-~IA IMtm~'v 'l h'dt.r (.)IIILMI (--I~ 'L,~. 'l~lrL"~[.l l d*, tl~ ~a.m[JL1,t'. ,[. I dls'l lh,~b~l l~ h~:.ur. L aqu~ ,~,['M .~rd~ I }tL' AIM' m I~'h,ff %.~ u~,~ H<', d~ %~ht [h'p~Hm~rv. [)='['kr-.:~ ~1%1 [ + 1 ;, h, =r%~. "~.d,H'~ ~l.'f'i,l, i." ."q~,~l,v'L L'=,1+.'ilt .I[L~ L "J.' ,~ ~. ['L" ~:~ r ~=LIIL.'~.'I Ilia.; J IlL" %,3~ ;rl~% [3"I~L,f.IP, LL",[Iris4. I ;'~rtJ Ill I.~,J~rlt ~,~,L ~- I.~,~.~,~,1~-,~.- [. Ikli" IHhL'Htt'l:. Mvmbv= .'+ **'>' AtM .I,Id l k4",ml c.' +'di 'L' a~ L,miqe NCUA LI Rock Hills Noah Daniels (14)w~'ks Osborne Bulldogs. ~aid "h was a g~a~ way for our seni0~ t~ complete their Ins1 rc~u|ar ~ason game- We were furhmate to shoot the hall well ia thL, game and our defen- sive encl'g~, was where it needle, m I~." I acoh Spie~cJ led*he scori nta ~:h urge lc~r the Grizzlies against Pike Valley ~flh 13 i~fims. He gathered up ihre ~ re,tomb '['ycen Hig~ hit for nine to gel open unde~ the bas~et in basketball action Friday awning against the poims and secLzred Iour rebounds. T. Johanek netted six points and three rebounds. Davis put up four poialS and garnered [wo rebounds, Spencer Callaway conu'il:mted twu pontus and Iwo i'~bounds. Brady Jeflery sank a r~ throw Ior a I~mnt and nabl~d three r l'~unds, Broeckelman naded down two ~ebound~. I)rcw Beam grabbed a rebound, Noah Dan =el s rcctmk~l a ~teal, Gunner J~ahnek ~v, court time. T. Johamlck lopwd d~e Gri+'/lie~ scorers againsl O~borne ~ith l:~. He attached hill]sell tO three reh>unds. I-hger pitted ~;e,= '71 D~mls and Pound his war +t+ sc,e;i rebounds. Spiegel contrib'utcd ~, on palnl.~ and Im~k con- tr01 olthnee re'~mnds. Dart, p~at up ~ix ~+=nt~ and handled thxe relxmnds. Bmeckelmat~ registered si~ I~)lnts for l~" ~ame Beam and l:)~iels came Ihruugh with two p~)ints and tw, ~- ~.~unds apiece- Catlaway kept a re- I:~ mnd and handed out thr,'c axsi~|s. "[he G~z+,lies prt;grc~sion in sut',- slate play hi~ges tm the roUt'dine of Tuesday's game. Silt+aid they get ~sl Pike Valley. th,:y +'ould p]-'.y Ibr the sub+~lat~ +hampkm+hip. S+tuxday, at Mankah), wi11~ the l~p.(df ~et tbr 7:30 p+n'l. RHHSgirls end regu- Imr season play It was a rmlgh season for the Rt~:k ]hll+ High Scht~)l Lady Gri//lies, O1: I,~n playing wIIh only six Or seven players av~ilahle, th y came <,ul and g~vv it their all. They do~d out thcqr regular scaxoa schcd~l ~ilh two Irises+ unable Io acqutrc their tirol win. fhey loll Io P+k+.' Valley, at Mankato. last "lm.xday, in I'rOnl uf the S=.mk~r Nmghtcrowd.45-32. "r[.~ O~,[~ree Bull- dogs ha nr.l~d th,~ul their final lose ~llh regular seaxttn, Friday. 43-2t), a M a.~kaI,J, Rt~k ] lilh opened sub-stale play Tuesday. at Mankato. ,+hen they t~x+k onthe Phk Valh&y Panther+. Gang result.; were unavat.tahle at press time. ~hou|d the Lady Grizzlies pr~,+ail In thi++ gain " the.' wm,ld play ~k ~Ide. Friday at Ma+&alo ~ith the chanv,- u~=ship game l~'ing played Saturda, at 6 p.m. Ba?lle Dunstan led the R,~.'k Hill~ tll'lt;ti~s.I ag;ittl~l Pike Vallgy ~nh II p,t>n'd~ Alll~,on Ral]~ha,gk I'~Vp~'d ID point~ thrmmgh the net. l-re,lee Wh,:h:h t ,l:o~d I'ivc Purely. U;n,lyn May ca,l t['trttu~h with l:~mr peitlt~=. Sydn} Ryba and Kaylee tladte con- tributed t~o pmnlS each, Bergen Mauerhan ~gisle~'d nne [mint with a free throw. Railsback led rite Lady Griz tie~ ~onng char1 againstOsborne wit h fi ve points. Dunstan deposited four "~inis t,~ard the team tmal. Hadlc. May a,~d WI)elehel came up with thr~ D~inl~ apiece Ryba posted playing minutes+ The I .'ida, (.;ri ~lies endedtheir rcpu- lar ~a~m ~dh a OA'tl r t'ord. ",ii~. Rock HHIs' Camtly~n May continues to ptay defense on the oulside shooters baSkelbalL game fast Tuesday. Nex-Generation announces sunuller student internships ]:.c~U.llee.it p ~)rth'~ ~*d and llollh eell- Iral Kan~a,~ htisine~se~, wdl hm, t hit:h ~i~ool and ,*t1 +e IllteH)x in I~li-~ summer's Ne~,-(.;eneratmn ~tddent Intr~r'nshlp Pmgraul ~+fl' red [hroqgh Chelsea l. andreth, a Rock Hdls senior, leads a chant during a lime- out al Friday's [asl scheduled regu[ar season league game. k~'al, nnn-protn ort~ani+,ation N~x- Ge~zetatnon R~mnd trp I, YuL]lh+ Inc. Bu~mnes,~es partLcLpalmg ill. Ibis v,'ar's program are: ('heycnm~eCoumy beve ittpil~.eZlt ~.'ttr[31)ralliHI ~'~1. Fra.+cim~: Oil, ,# Non,m Nonon)'. Cunningham TeLephone tBeluit }: Futmway t",~:pe[attve (Betuil. C, mc,wdia. Lim'olql: Graham Cot.nty Hospnial 4Hill ('ity i: Graham Cnunty l~nhtk" )ahrar~ ~Hltt ('+ty~: Lincoln (2, mmy :1~, =mmltC De~.e h+pntem |:dun- dafitm and The Radish Pal+.'h Ct=mmu- nnty (}ard* n tT.n%et~h~.[,: MldW ~l ].':n. ~rg.' + Inc [Hay~l' Nex-']ech (Hays)', Northwest K;Insas l.ibrar) System q Nor;on,: Rhlloh Vineyart[ (WaKL~eneyL~ Smtth ('<,unty Memo- hal Ho,~pital 4 Smilh C'enler K L]~J) No. 298 - Lmc,hm Scho~:l~, rl ncolny and WatkI ll & R ~t. ln~. t H,II ('LI} Hay +, i. Nex-Genera~ltm's f~a] ts 1(+ pm- ,ide sludent~, ~ilh an opD~,rlnnlty ~0 gamn valnuhle experience m ?roR - ~,;mal ~ tting~ wtlhtn II~lr |ixat t~-I%t- munilie,~, and. bs ~'~ " .nc.mlrJ.ged tie TC- n~alU irl O[ I'CtUI'Jl tO tl~e:u'ea I,+ prosper. "'].ach ~wttc m pat runs hum ne s~ cmhrace-~ Ih ~e e~peclatmns.+" ~;m~.d Jacqu B kman. N ~. -t ;eneraLitm Round U p t~r Yt~th's VXL~.'utive d~r~'tor. High ~,~.'h~i ;rod, college -~ludent~ -'1[~ J(~ aml old [ ~h.y Jlln I J may apply. 5,cc~-~hH ~pplicamx will be ,nlcr+ iewcd and hir~'d dlr~,clly by the resp cLive business I,~t a paid~ stlalmer experience. Nex-Generalion as,~ists wmth the up- pheali0n pr ~ess+. [ffovides a grail1 it+ eac-h husines.~ to off+L't its t.-o.~ts; pro- ~ ~des guidam:e and mal~rials: 'and ht~ts ~th am1 orientation a.nd a ft,=us group 4,t;1~" at/ the ~ginning and end of Ih I "i during the Pike Valrey vs Rock Hlffs mlemshlp- -lhe inlemshlp runs from June I through Augusl |2. Students are encotira~ d to apply L~ay al WW'+ .lle.~-gencr:|th>ll.t,r~, t~r ~.'ont,~t .Tacqnc Beekel]an am ~7"/-5~'~?- 7~72. or Mend= A k" x Jtld& ' . Ne~-[ +.q h"~ ~J 'OI'.OHIIC d~' cll~pniclit ;l'l'l,t.] 1"h.'I"~- ttl'k ingM-~ cmalisl.at ~77.t~2.~ 7gT2 h,r llli~Ct' f ] |ai]~- ,/'L. prl[l~ 3t l,t~,ri-, rlYLI' I ("N " | % ,L'1% ,+'+.[ h'+ Ncx-{b.:uetat,m R~,u1~d ~ p 1,r Y't~.u[h. [fie. h~, 5 p lU ,'1[ ~',tJr'. t.'- ;I B)' rite en~i ,1 t~l|, ~,l, t133rllcr. "~' "du dents will ha~," p,e[m, Lpatcd a %~-x GenL~atmn il3.1Lern~ :'.=lllk',L' thc pl, ,gr.m~ , lau.tch in 2t~-1 I. "'The ~.pl~.rlttrttti~-'', ,d fnrded Ihe~ studenls th,u,k~ I, the gent~ro:M I~ Of NL'X-'I L~'h c U ~1. +ITI~.' f- dl ;~I mhe~ ~lt(~ help to I~nd Nc~ (.;eflera.tlOU',~ career ptl)~ran~ ,k1"c lmiy ania~'L~g.- Alexafldei said. '++% e ~-a~' I M i-e;x~ ,'notmgh the ,Mndent~," ~ rail- tic.tie. All yOL| have todd IS tak ~a |=mk at their testimonials m appr '~'iat~: ihc nnpa~:t. Dispatch ~ ~+,+e = G~ters St,day were Ruxmfll and Linda Gmenendyk. Ray and Ginger DeBey. Passage Sunda~ morning was Jeremiah 31:1-14 "ltmm Sunday rimming was "what w