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March 3, 2016     Jewell County Record
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March 3, 2016

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f Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, issue No. 9 Thursday, March 3, 2016 ' I Enn Lyn Burks. Jowell. signs a coDyo! her new book, =Every Day Is A Gift.* A book release party was heqd last Thursday af the Jewel[ Publm Library Two Rock Hills Elementary School teachers highlighted A book release pony was held'last Thur,~ray at the Jewell Public L=brary. Ptctur~ Ifrem left) are Becky Cockrolt Jess,e Eptert and Kosti Arasm=lh IOok4ng at book Wrlllen by Enn Lyn Uurk$, a Jewell author County commissioners, clerk attend legislative coffee Monday in Mankato The Jcwel l Cou e~,l v l~oanl melt M,Jn - day with c-omnli~,~,ioncr~ Mark F%ming. Steve (.in~ne arid Dwight F'm.~f premnt. ('aria Waugh. county cMrk, was aI.~o pre'~.nl. Minutes of the Feb. 27 raeelin~ were approved The ~.xtmn~is~innet~, c;}ndueted of- fieehead iliLSCLii'b~r' The following were present: Chris Petcl. < W, lodian: Chuck Latham. cereal.', appraiser: Atria SzandJey,re+ I ste. +,td ,t'd s; ]el);,le R~ .ir3. di~.t~Cl e.~,leKnnOin a~,cq|, (}al~ Barllcy. rl,t$)=BIn~, '~, ct'ddu echnt, eiilce~cat(.'y pre- patddrlens ~.|ll.et'lu+ d nd ','i J o.~ffdin~i, tu[. Stizt, u,m Mt'Je't, ,u nl~uJ.ancc dircc- hir: Brenda J;~lknts tfea~tnrei: Angola Mnnay, health nur.~e; J~l Elktw gen- eral r, izperizuendet|l; [:kin Jat'obs ',her- u IT a~ld 'rntvis G.ar .4, -~u lid wa~ste d i E- TOE ('hueS: Laiham said the .'h~nge of value mltices went mailed out M~tch I He said the ~uprem~ *.'t,url ruled on the cm, e in ~hi~.'h 21 count~e-~ sue6 the diret'l,r (ff property x, aluation. ~,~I Elkins ~tid they storied work- in e on a bridge projecl as " 'ell as haul- ing rtx'k and gravel. They have equip ment broken do~n. Gait Banlty said he has the fo~lt~w- ing mooning: M~rch 3 mee#.ng wiflt Mitchell and Snulh ~mnlies: March 7 pip~li~t~: met:ring: March 15 tornado statewidednll at 6:30 p.lll.alxtl weather Jewell County has sptglel'r i-Irt.' tuu'~ n~ that nughl al rite MankatoConmlu n n t~ ('enter 6;.~] p,m.; March 8 1~ I l ~.',etl d~reclurs ranter- once: March 23 and 24 emergency management c]a~ : March 31 Salina Farm Show. Tra'~'i.', Ciar,~t ,and An Vatnghan will attend the HHW ~-ontinuing education training this week. Travi.~ ~'~d they will be golfing a new ~ale at d~- landfill as s~,meun~ damaged dac other. He is wamng for ll~e bid an the recycl,ing Ira~ler. Travis reported that KDHE in- ,pt, tled the transfer szatitm and landfill ai~l all wa gt~ml. Shamton Meier reveJved ~ arlxm mor, ox.i~ detectors as pan of a gtant. He said they had a service inHx'ct,m. wlucation ilL~pectitm and l~',anJI of phar- mary all this moitth. He mid a~l if,sp,ec - tion.s went wen, Angela Murray said she has a meet. ing this week and next week. Angela mid IhaL IWO slMf members witl be alrending the WIG c, al'~renee later m the lnonlh. Jenae Ryaa said 4-H Family Fun Night is March t3 with nice prizes for the grand prize~. She said it is getting busy with soil testing. Den Jacobs said the slzerifrs de- pan meat wilt havea M~tlz a~ the health fair March 24. He said ther~ ~ll: Ix= a n' etiu~ March 15 with the WBdl,te and Park~, anti EMS mc'etmg. Don also di~lnss,ed the l~u-week seat l~l,t en- h~rcemenl ~nt~r whir dis- cm ~'d repairing the roof on the huild. nag at the etmnty tower, h was decided to take bids Io replace the n~f Jill. El kin general s ttperinleoden L reported on road and bridge maiate. nance awl tn.'e trimming projects. Joel a lack of child careservice provide. Early spring may damage wheat crop While winter rains and suow in. crease .~r~il moisture leech, thn~ early breakout ,fftk)rmaney and earl)' ~reen up t.'n mM caU-~ the wheat cap to I'X:~nn using water it may need f~r later in the ~ ea .~,o n. "'if ~, are starting tn u ,t: the rrtoi~- tare no~ early in the gnawing ~ason. we ma~, be hurting our yields later on, in c'a~e the spring turns out dry Y [ #l~-ato said. "'In ca-~e the spring turns out In he of gotxJ moistnre and gtaKI precipita- tion distr~b0ti~n, this may nol be a pmb lea ?" The mi.ld late-winter weather may dim~t.~deqtiipment reports r]'~ corn- missioners repsr~ed ~lad cor~'ern,~. Joel had quole-~ to purcha,~ tv, ti, Dell c~tmpulers with momtor a~d Micrr,~ofr orrzce Professional; Dell. $1.295 5L free shipping ~ handhng: Newegg, $1.247.96 plus shipping; Mc Mall. $ 1,373.22. The ~xun mission- e~ approved the purcha.-.e ill- Ihe tv,'o computers from Dell for $1,295.57 eat'h Jt~el had quotes to put~hase a broom: Caterpillar. $6.489: Jewell Im ptemeni, $72125 (ha.~ thml motors)~ The com- nnnsst~mer appzo~ed the IX,chase {d the dual drive broom front tewell Implemem far S7,525. The cummissioners discussed and approv~ the lawn care agreement w i~ B-Green Lawn Care. Dwight Frost moved to accep~ the resignalion of Wayne H. Frost as Wh ilemound TownshipTru~lee. Steve (;r~ne seconded 1he motion. Motion pas~l unanimously. The commissioo. rs and c~mnly clerk left at 9:50 a,111. It) attend the tegis/ati~ .ff~ at Btib's ]nn with Elaine Bowers. Shmtm ~'hwm'rd and Troy WayJnaster. Commissioners Frost and (Sterne returned to the meet- nng at I [:15 a.nn. with ContnnisMoner Fie musg ~cav inn to a'Itesd a meeling in Be]leville. said. "'Producers prot'*bly still have ~h in their mind lira last growing sea~n when: wheat strnpe nnst was really bad in many areas, el'ten sp0ms of wtteat stripe rest will nolo'~erwinter as far noah as we are hem. But with these warra tern0eratures, if the spores are there and if there's enough mois- ture, they may overwinter. It's not a bad idea lO go out and check l,or that poesibilib." "There ha~e been rel~)rts nn Texas alld O~Mhnma ~ff stripe and "~eaf nnst. so it is ~Lm~elhutg thai nv2re no~lhel"n preMucers need In be aware of." he added."That" s not to say we no.',d to go out and ~pra~ hal it is somelhing to be aware of atad scducers in n0rth-cenLral Oklahoma have re,'early rel~ned err- lain wheat varieties reaching ~he first II~l[t~w stem stage, said Lollalo. a w heat and forage production Sl',e ialist. l.ollato said thisearly warmth bears v,'ateh)nL.z bul might nor prove detri- menial IO the wheal crop. There are more fa-clors to consider when predict- ing the w~ather's e[/~'t nit wheat yields, such ~ how quickly freezi~.g wear.her returns after a string ~d'warm days and the growing stage the wheat is in when that happens. "Say that freezing temperature~ re- turn (within a few days), most of the wh 'at may sl}ll be in filleting stage t r just past tillerir~g,'" L~llato said. "'Dub- inn this stage, tim developing head is ~till below ground, so irs pmte~tcd. In that case, rrmst of the damage occurs to the leaf, mainly Ira fburningon the leaf lips, so it's mo,~tl), cosmetic." "Now. if these freeting tempera- II~rcs retttrn in maybe a t~w weeks amd the cap is already at jointing - whe~ the developing head is above ground - then we do have some lemperamre rhrt'~hoid~ we IB '~ tL~ be iookirtg for." he attded "Generally. we ~y that if lemperaqttres are between IS ap.d 25 de~ree, ~F~ G~t a long period of time, hat de~elopmg head ca~1 be damaged ~.bell ~heal u~ KHnr]nlt." EM, ~mr : Two Rock I/ills te'achera are highllghwd in lhe following dr- title: Tcaehees take many di rfen~n routes to the. cla.ssnmm. Ashton Cater sec- ond year teacher, began her career ar Rock Hills Elementary School era- ptoyed as a paraeduealor tbr Beloit Special Edm;at~t~r~Ct~perat ire. In this role. she worked with small groups and with individual students Io meet their IEP g~a&- "l-his experience prepared Mrs. Cares to t~:us on individual ~tu- de~,ts' skifls and knnwledge. Mrs. ('al~s provides an hour of math in~tru ~ion fi~r .~fudents in two of the largu.~t 'lasts at RHES. grade~, t~o and three. 1 ~st year. she laut~ht nlath 1~ the same s[uden|~; i.n grades nne and two. Her leaching assigr~mem ath~ws the large clasps t~ be spill for lan- guage arts and math instmclion. Be- ~ides primary math instmclion, Mr Cares als. works with small groap~ in grade~ one. two and flu're to pro ide additional math suppon for 91') minutes ea~;h Mtemt~m. Mrr ('ale~, note~, 1hat Kansas Col- tege and ('afar Read)' Standards for elvnnenla~ math simtents ,are much more ngorous than prior srandard~. Sli~dei~t~ musl become proficient in math skills an an earlier age. but she n*~te~ Ihat R~k Hills students &re highly ,u~