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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
February 27, 1964     Jewell County Record
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February 27, 1964

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i5 i, i~,i,~.;:Zn" n'an~.~2~;.mi~ ]CheWs rmme has been established ~.manei,ally, ae was aIways in et- H~,wn.,-r~'.A~'~do~---'..~~ n~'n~- C,~* ~;~ ]m the IM,av~on Couney Umt of rhe *tmearme until his doali,mn,g ye~f',s, Cr~o'u~-Th'-e'-O~xt7 o~'ff, as~e~7~'Sl~-"a~ American Oaneer Society. when ,hem3,th became a factor. w~es i~'charge of the grmreside sin'- COUPON NAME viers. Burial was at ~0he F.&'~ie~v Ceme~ew in ~aye~-wil,le under direction o~ Cal~lLm~--Siseo Funeral Home. No~: Doro~y I.~,ws(m was for- mm~ly Dor0'thy ~lair o~ Manka~o. OBITUARY--Thonms Spachek Thonms Spachek, presiden~ of t~e Pitsen Sta,te Bank ~ ~In- vi.)le, Kay., died Sunday morn- ing, ;Feb. 9, ~n St. Luke Hospila'l. H,e was 74 ye~,rs ef age. Requiem high mass was o~fered Wednesday at I0:00 A. M. from St. John's Nepomueene Catholic Church, Diben. The ,F0t. Ray. Msgr. Ar~r qSmme officiated and was assisted by Fat, her 'Witliam Steine~ ~nd Pa~er Gerald Pa~he. The ros- at,j was veeil~cl Tuesday a 8:00 P. ,l~I. at Che eh ~urch. "gbon'~ W'~iam Sl~achek was bo~n July 26. i'8~9, a't Esbon in Jew~H C.otmW, Kans. He was the son. of Joh~ and Anna (Baxa) S~,~.ek. I~ 'is stmvived by ~ widow, ,1V~ary, of ,'~e home in .Pilsen; four sons ~md four dau,ghl~rs. Leonard S~mh~ of 41)9 N. I~luff. W,iehi~a, Mm. George (Genevieve) Steinev (ff 607 St. James Dlaee. Wic~lirta, Victor U:~pachek of 1320 So. Market. Widhi)ta, ~Mrs. Charles (Alznena) l:i~:~,rs, 416 A~bevt, Valley Ce~- ADDRESS .............................................. Every Farmer in the County is cordially invited to attend Farmers Night in Mankato Thursday, March 5. The dinner will start at 7:00 p. m. at Man- kato Armory. This annual event is sponsored by %he Mankato Commercial Club. Any farmer in the county can obtain a Free ticket. You can either exchange the above coupon for a ticket at any bttsiness house in Mankato or you can mail the coupon to: Commercial Club, Mankato, Kansas and a ticket will be mailed 1o you. All requests for tickets must be filled by Wed- nesday noon, March 4. OBITUARY--Jake Thompson time ago, as did 'two inga,nt sisters and .a ha/f-brother. Ben Bri~,tain. A son was born ~ 'Mr.. and [Mrs. Stmviving, aside from Che children John Thompson, June 24, 1873, in arid grandchildren, are .two sisters, Green .Couney, Tennessee. Tt~t 3g.rs. M~IHe Gibson of Colorado son. by his own r,~uest, has been[Springs, Colo., ,and (Mrs'. Lucretia lmowm ,as "Joke' a,l:l, his life. After'G~bbs of Exbon Ka~s. To ~mm an ,envi~abl, e cm'eer of 90 years, 7]wou~d be added the many neigh- months and 23 da~, he ~, bors and friends who have known a~ay ~eb. 17, 1964. Thr(mgh ~helMr. T~. king spen of rime, he endured nil-[ Fur~era,l se~mces w~-~ h~M ~_ gr~on, .,p.io~eNng, hardship: l~.-[ch3, a~,ternoon, Feb." 2i. b~ "tl~e ~legr %o 'hm ~e~arn',an and ,m mS iAsh Creek Church wiq~h the Ray. ~oa. . ~Lesli~ Durham in eh~vge. Final Some rime m eaa'lsr 1879, ghe]mites weme in %he l!Nbon Cemetery. fami, ly stazted, by covered wagon, Music was by Eust~e Bean and foi, Kensas. Somewhere ~sroutm Mrs. Vaden I)svis, wi%h ~s. on~ horse died. 'Dhey worked Chad, lie Durhsnl .8/t frre ~i~no. l~ll- mor~ths ,rio buy anger. Workm.g, boaters were C~leS and l~ieuhaxtd ~l~eir w~y as ~hey came. it-my fin-t'Irn~mpsan, ~l't and C~ra,ld addy arrived ailm.0S~ on the exact Wiz~ow. Kenneth I.e~is av~cl E1- mvrnsi'lae of Salem, Kans., in 1880. dm ~, a,H grands(ms. F~o,wer Every ~h~ur,,s,mre _~tt e.,rentful da.y, g~,rls were Arlene Shurnan, his ~e has '~ ear.my Knd~ w~]Ki,mmeT, Gaylene I)eiehen and t,h~t vieiniew. "., I E~ine Cri~ppin. Ohoo~ir~g a nearby girl for his ii_fe's companY., be and Elsie ~ Wesleyan News Michael were mameied Feb. 18 1897 They w~ to houseke~ing a l ,If life should ;h~nd you out a ~,-w mi~ nor~h~ of Salon. A~ ..~mo~, qua_ ~ _.~t., ~ n~ few years lair. ~ey moved ~o dismayed; Do not 1~ i too,me you Cbe f~ one and or~'half miles sour, ~M ,ake your~ a ,]eenon~de. r~:'~ ~ Salem. There they mar ~0ev. M~Mn and sis~r. ,Mrs. $~s and disa99(~nl~nenls. It IT~'~e W~l,~ams. ~ ~len ~ l~uth "~aS ~ ,%hey eelebra%ed Cheir 'l~eep~e of AbL1ene ~rere d~neT g~Id~ wedding ann4veTsary and ~nlests (Monday in, %he Ri~ha~tl wheme tritely greatest tmiumphs Tusker tmme ~t l~hes~, Karts. makes tt, es of qualit truc,. CHEVROLET her b~other, l~ev. ~Mahin. in Donver. Cola., on Feb. 7, The Women's Fwllowship Prayer \ve~hing 7 lb_~.. 3 oz. Grandp~r" and Bible Study G~,oup me~ Tues- en.% are Mr. and .Mrs G~'o~ day aft.mn.con a.; the home o~ Mr-. Lo:kwccd c,f P:urT (5~k'and y:r. Inez Anderson. H.D. Fogo, St.. :f ~i:n:..~o. The W2VI.S. Society met Thurs- day a,t ~e Ray Howell home to: Timothv Neff Metealf the regular meeting. , I Mrs. Grace Buyic~. Wirs. Lucy.! Mr. and Mrs. Hm'old ,Me:calf We M~a. O. T. Slaagh~'t~"-' called Thm-s-.,~ .... a ,-P;,~+~i,,, lxr~] m~,. li~.Fe {day1 ?n tMr{. Hazel Chark at ehe!weizhed 7 T15s15 oz.. and ar~i~ ~ag~a .ue~ge nonm. _ .... taanu, ary 29. 1964 m'anfipar~m"s .r; uuame ma~e spent ~Tmay wrtn m/. Z.a ~r.. ,'=,. ~.,. m--'-~. O~ . . ~vl. 1. all l,U. '.[V.L~.'S. '%.~[2ai . e y -..~ tl ~r-~ Mrs. Ohver Burks wh~e 'h~s par- a~r~, . o.~ a-~.^~.~. ~e Court" ~en~s were sn.c.!ap~r~g m ~a.tma ,---~ ,-." .... l .... ,_~. u . ~ M;.;. We were glad .to ,have Mrs Luc5 ~.~ ~ ~ ..... . a~,~ ~ c'_ ht I Bell in oul " ~ . . ' i~ u~l*~c r'.-'H'apu 'J~* ~.,za'~ Aura, ~3- * ' services w.nne nere vis-,, " , " '' ,,,t- ,~ ....... ~, IOFITIe~l} O[ avlan!K'a+LJ. I itmg wtkh ner aura, Evtrs. t.'mvn l'Warne" I' NEWPORT. R. I. (FHTNC)'~ The Pastor had charge of t'he[ -- 'devotio,~s Sm~day afte~mS_~n a,t .he ,Iame; A. Bell, storekee~e'r ~)i~ [ Wil,beck Nm, s.ing Home cockC~ass' ofU~SN'M.an~a~to,Sn ofKa~.s..Mrs D3ris Ha-~.:t,a , Mr .and ~Mrs. O~,iv,e,r Burks drove c'mc:-~b. to Osborne af, ter .Church, Sura~ay a 12.week s tor,~kee~e c,c~;:-e_~ 'marr~in.,~ .to visit .the Jim Macvs i at ,',arm ~cno,o,.s ~cm.q~'~' ] .M'rs. Ne,ttie D0dct of gsbon~)as]Nayal Ba?e.. Ne~pc~. R. ft. tr,,g, a Sur~day af~rnocm oa,ller on her ~ ~ gra~ma, te at iv, a~l~a,~.o ./o~n ',sister (Mrs. Inez Ar~devson. ~enoo,. ne en~'~r~a me serv'~ ~ i Tbe Le~er T, homps0n,s and Che. Septemb.e,r, 1960. 'avis Thompsons af ' M,i:ltxmva~e [ " i were here Sunday 'and ee.lebmted : District Farm Bureau !,th~ birth&ays of ~I~'S. Lucy Myers'.Women's Meeting and .Oa,rol a.t the ~eme ef .Mrs. Eva i , .~ Myers. The Farm Bu, roau W,me.n s . . , I supepose yo~tr ~it}e's clear, ol'rmt' meee}n,g and S'af'e~ty. "-l,me~,' ehe home here eh,a~t yc~a love; Bu~:,was held a,t