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February 26, 1970     Jewell County Record
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February 26, 1970

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Advertising Representative ISAs PRESS SERVICE, INC. 1773, Topeka, Kansas 66601 r "Any good thing that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it for I shall not pass this way again." Second Class Postage Paid at the Post Office, Mankato, Kansas 66956. we~- Subscriptions: 66956. $4.00 per year in Jewell County and surrounding court- of Jewell ties (Smith, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Republic counties in Kansas, and Nuckolls and FAMILY Webster counties in Nebras- ka). $5.00 a year elsewhere. Editor Subscribers are asked to no- Associate tify this office at once when they have a change of address. CHATTER FOR HObIE FOLKS M. A. B. eoraplain Hat ~o far enough opinion that foreign coun- he happy to over" h'ying to these days zealOts-- the Union, for profit, speech ad- is bo~h re- to re- as a c~ash crOp. The association poised out ~la,st mon,th that southern agri.eulture needs an- other ~:ash crop ~o u~tilize idle land or to reprace crops with margina~ prafi't. The low pro- du:ction cost o~f sun,2owers, coon- pared to cotton and s,oybeans, is also in the glawer's ~a~or. Commercial planting of sun- flowers in LM,issis'sippi got ~a big boost in the wake cI .the tragic hurricane ~Vhi,eh hit {Mississippi last year. In the Poplarvitle, M~ss., area w:here Hurricane Camille ~oared through, nearly 40,000 a!cres ha~e been t'a,~bed ~or ,sunflowers. Those growers have market's malting in Jack- son, [Miss., and Alex'andria, La. ~t 2,500 to 3.000 pounds of ,seed per a~re, t har's gold in that there flower. faithwhoso0f Main Street this by ~e o~ wor- G~d, agree- is ~ot choicest Of Mso of their wrote in convinced and material nation could moral- ~at hu- meral duty wibl to promote the he said. and l to polRicM I and moral- e supports. r indulge the Orality can q xt religion.' Washington, t reason (in- n is to re- ', ,,Cannot exist Press. u No Illusion year for the sun- blossom by miaguid- move by the deolare the ra ~ate bird, from the title, only rest- who to~ claim fiercer. o~ I~ansas ~tory the belle of A]a- test plant- commer- so prom- lobe- in the next a mar- mar- area. Uaiversiey a $57,000 protein large- SU~l~vers S~turday on ~ank$Co Main Street was a wonder~ day, wondeffu~ weather. Many ,people went to the Lu!theran Church basement .to partake of an excel.lent meal of sottp, sand- wiches, salad and desser~ with your i.avorite beverage. I wenl early and s'~t at the tah,le with Di.ane and Sue Ann Weaverling, and Carole .Blair waited on us. Chuck Harder was ,also at the table-- Looking 'around I no- riced L. I-I. Stafford, Kathleen and Toby ,Kramer, Tom ~ald- win, ~Mr. and [Mrs. Jack {Morris, and [Mr. and [Mrs. J. E. Moon. Since I work While eating and e~t longer than the others, ] had V~vi'an Ost and Hden and Sarah Jane Ru, sseU join me-- Saw IMr. and {Mrs. Wayne Dunn and children, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ~atterson, Valerie and Sam, ~lVlr. and [Mrs. George Jen- sen and his parers, MaVtha Severson, ,Don and Betdah Bal~h, l~ary~ Lange and daugh- ters, Co~lene, Barbara and Jeane~e, Lt~cy Wiley, and Myr- tle Bennett.-- Wen~ to the kitchen and ~found Blar~che Nd- son, Ruth M'aDill, Thorborg Russell, {Margaret Eaton, Jean Blair, Frances Weaverli~g, and Freda SeMs. The Luther League ymmg people irmtuded: Danny Kennedy, [Michael Seals, Chuck Harder, .Barbara Blair, Carole Bla, ir, Sue Wea*vefling, Terri and :B~b RObinson. M.rs..Don Kcester sva's the efficient cash- ier. ~ad a visit with Tom Bald- win, who recently moved to Be- loit. Before Sa~llrd~'~ Wednesday we had a vist with four year old: Larry Piper. Larry ,had a big nail which he said he .gOt at the home of his grandmother, ~rs. LaVerne 8tansbury. Larry wa's a,Cc~m- panied by his mother, and baby brother, 'Douglas.-- We had a real @ood vi'sR with ~elen Atlen Wednesday here in the #ffLce. Mrs. Allen says she might ibe ca*Hod an "old fashioned" farm- er ~ she ~[arms ~vRh horses instead of modern equipment bt~t ,she raises trine crops.-- Sat- urday we enjoyed a good visR with [Mrs. Bessie Francis. .Bessie ks '~Iraost kin ~o~ks. She eas a neigh~r and friend #f [Mr. and [Mrs. Waiter Boyd and family d ~Kensington for a n~n- her Of ye~rs. ;I met [Mrs. From eis the ~irst time at the ~oyd home. [Mrs. ~an~is is living at the ~ankato Apar~nen* House. Atnn~ ~m,o mont.~ ago Mrs. Pran~is got sick and was in the Jewell County ~ospRal ~or two weeks. Then her d aug~er, M~rs. and her hmband took her to their hm'ae at ]~sbon, peou-oppeu---er ~ ~o~ ~o~ T'~ursday, February ~6, 1970 Page 1- Section 2 ,where she. has been recuperat~ apm'tmenting' and she came back t het~Fr~day. [Mrs. Fran| CourthouseMankato Livestock eis' son, ~ichard, and fatuity o~ ........ OmMra came ,riday n.Lght and NlrO SOup Supper ties attended. "" . p,,y%m-a-'* s~tSundayandMond~y~t~, And Meeting Feb. ~3 W,h~e a deli, cious supperwas Happenings ommission his mother, ~ being sewed, the crc~,d .was A ~al~ge crowd a~tended the en;te~tained by Chu*ck Benny WE ARE THE BATTLE OF OUR LIVES Kamms Ie ~n A Serious Health Crisis! We in Kansas are no~ getting enough doctors, dentists, nurs- es, and other heaRh personnel to meet our needs. This atfects every one of us. We see R in the rising costs of medical care, delayed operations, and ~ong w.a~ts ~t the doctor's o~ice. Y~any smaller Kansas comamm- tries are without pl~ysieians or nurses entirely. Our health, well being, our very lives are affected by this manpower shortage. What are L~e reasons for this situation? One reason is ~hat there are not enough doctom an:~where. There are 15,000 in- ternships offered each year and orhy 10,000 in,terns ~o fill them. The ratio #f graduating physi- ci, ans to our in~rensing popula- tion is becoming steadily worse year by year. Anot, her reason is tha.t we seek physicians' ser- vices five times as much as we dM ten years ago. Kansas is just' nat gettinLg enough doctors :to meet the :,i needs of its people. Thirty-six [ of Kansas' counties h,a~e more than 2,000 people per physician. The national average is 756. We rank 36th in the n~mber af den- tists csmpared to the rest of the n~tivn. The hub of med,~ea,l and he,M,th training in Kansas is the Kan- sas University Medical Center. %t ~rains physicians, nurses, physical therapist, medical tec~nolog, is~ts; provides post- gradu.~te edueation for pr.aetic- ir~g phys~cians across ,the state; does research in the cancer, heart, and other major diseases which attack us all; and is the primary center ~ w~hich Kan- sas dootors refer ,unusual~ or serious diseases "for ,~p~ciia] care. Admissions Came from every county in the sta'te. Ne~vly ,graduated physicians are attracted to those states where the people and the lelgis- lature support medicine. They do not move ,to or stay in states that ~fail to do so. During the last decade, only 25 percent of the total budget of the Medical Center has been provided by tax dollars from the State of Kansas. The rest has had to come ,from the Federal Govern- ment and ,frarn earnings for services rendered. Combined with the ,growing need for more dootors and allied health pro- fessionals, there have been sig- nificant cu*.backs made by the Federal Governmen,t in areas affecting the Medi, cal, Center. No new state funds are avail. ~ble to replace these e~pected cutbacks. The expanded programs that are required to provide more health personnel for Kansas must ~be primarily achieved by the Medical Center and the ad- varmes that have been made can be tra*gica~.,ly delayed or des'troyed in the coming year if the people of Kansas are not willing ,to pick up the responsi- bility ,for their own State's med- ical een~er. The Federal Gov- ernment can no longer be eom~- ed ou to provide the support for ~fun, ds to meet the gr,o~ving shortage of physicians in Kau- sas. It is up to us! A supplemental budget re- quest to the state is the only possible ~ay to fund the pro- grams required to gh, e atten- tion to solvin=g the state's shor~- age o'f doctors. This reques~ wil~ cover She expansion o~ in- ternship and ,residency pro- grams in the State, develop- me~ of a Department of Fam- ily Praotice, and a major en- rollment increase ~th an im- proved new curriculum. Mo~t importantly, i,t is necessary to {utly fund the requested regu- lar hudget o~f the Umversi~y ~edical Center to maintain quality of present cave so that the planned e~pansion can take ,place. W,ithout the st~ppovt a[ the people of I~ansas, there will be no ehance d meeting the problem before it is too L~te. Our state will continue to at- tract and train considerably fewer doctors, nurses, and oth- er medical personnel than ~ve need. All the people of Kamms will lose. We mu~ a~l concern ourselv- es .with this praMem new. What can you do? W, ri,te your local nowsp~per and inform your fellow Kansans ef the urgency of this situation. Write your state representative and ser#a- for, and the Governor, all c-o State Capitol, Topeka. Sponsored by the Medi~.at Student A~sembly - Student American [Medical Associa,tion, d the Univemity d Kansas. Brian B~les, Chairman, Jim Barnes, Mvin Beers, John Cey- le, A, nthur Douv~lle, Mike Ger- ber, John Gilbert, Wende~ Gvodwin, Edward Gould, Alan $1a,lperin, Itandy ~assler, Kern I-Iuvton, [Max Jackson, ~andy ffa.cobs, {Marc J.a~obsen,~ Burke .Mbelt, Oht~ek 1~ve~and, Larr~ Soup Supper and meeting, spon- and his or~dhestr~a frmn CUba, sored by the Jewell County Kansas. Judicial Case: NFO, at the A~mory in ~an- The main speaker Of the eve- Ronald W. C~egg, careless kate fMonda~" even~r~g, Feb. 23. nir~g was Evhard P~in~sten, driving, $20.00 and costs. Mevabers and ~riends from NationM Vi~ce:President ~,f the Bond Forfeited: Jowe~ and sever@l other court- NFO. 'Do~ald Hugh Lawler, speed- ing, forfeited $88.00 bond and ........ costs. Hospital Donations According ,to Richard Dia- mond, Endowment Association treasurer, ,the tel,lowing dana- lions to the hospital equipment Sand ha,re been reeei~ved in the past week: Mrs. John R. Kirk {Memorial $500.00 George BecMx~Id ~Memorial ~Iarvy Sut.cl~f~f MemoriM Thritt S,hcp 5.75 t6.75 24.60 5.00 $552.]0 Bert Alcom, Ionia In the picture above are county president; Erhard Pifiu:g- Total shown, leX to rigA't: M~=s. Clair 'sten, national xice,prcsident: {Mrs. Duane Snyder, who reg- Lan~b, Jewell Coun:ty NFO sac- Jay Wierenga, county vice- tatar,y; uMrs. ~b Boiler, co,uaty pres,iden~t; Gerald T~tompson, ularly ,plLays cards with hospital treasurer; [Mr. John Buser, county bargaining eoordin,a'tor, pa.tient,s or~ce or twice a week. took IMrs. Karin Y~ung to Belle- villa tor an eye examination. : : ~ Finlay Munro Attends City ........... : Clerks School At Lawrence {Mr. Finlay Munro, the City C~erk of Mankao, lms ju,st re- turned from attending the an- num City Clerks and Muni:cipa,l Finance Officers School held et the Ur~iversity of Kansas in L_,~wrence. The three,day s~ool ~as held February 18-20. With the school using the gen- eral theme "Responses to Oper- sting Problems", {Mr. Munro was ~ble to concentrate his ef- forts on particular prcblezns in ~M~anka,to. Suoh issues as ac- counting, public relations, and preblem-sotvir~g a,~[ecting Man- ksto Occupied much o,f Finlay's time at the school. In the picture above are Mrs. Bob Kohn, {Mrs. ~Bennie Over .120 city clerks, munici- shown, left ~ right: Mrs. Ja~ek Reinert, ~Mrs. Joe ~Reinert, Mrs. pal finan,ee c~ficers, and other Turner, {Mrs. :Ed ,Wagner, ~rs. Wilbur OberL and Connie Ei~ernt. cry and sta~e officials attended l.ke (FAle~t, ~rs. ~ Smith, the ~1, and participated in an outstanding now format plac- ing emphasis on small group ,abled~:ScussineveryoneSeSsin'to participateWhich en- more activel, y in the activities [,resented. Because of ,Mr. Man- ~'s ,panticipation in the s~choot, ~nkato has realized major benefits in its operations. Fin- lay's con.tr(butions to our local government here, as well as a~oss the state of Kansas, weTe substantial. His assistance st the school was extremely bezm~icial to the overall pro- gram presented at Lawren,ce. Mr.,~. MiMred Vance, president off ~he Kansas Association of C~'ty Clerks, ~,as "very pleased" ~v~th the contributions that Fin- lay t rmde to this year's school. Mr. Frank ft. D~tseth, Execu- five ]3.treater ~f the Interna;tion- (~ck Benny and his etches- at the NFO meeting Monda7 "Jl Im ~titute c~ I'~Iun!c:.~?al Clerks itra are shoran a~bove perora~ing night, of Ch ioago, attended the entire ttn'ee-day school and was par- tie~a~rly impressed with the Annual Meeting ,.vo, , : : gram. In his Oapstone Address at the certification lun'cheon on Annual Meeting Of Osborne mun~ty Hall basemen~t in Man- Friday. t, 'Mr. Dotseth said, "This County Farmers Union kate, according to Stanley Oz- is t!ne finest, most a~ive state m un, loom manager, p~r~tm that I have attended. The annual meeting v~ the Complete detai,l,s of the pro-I am especially impressed by Osborne County Farmers Union gram are printed in an ad in the d(~dication shown by every will be held [Mond~ay, March this week's R~cord. Officia.l attending the school." 2nd, .at 6:30 p.m., at the Corn- ~i~. A. T. Menhtmen is at 'Mr. and Mrs. Kenne'th Ball l~tne this week while her ,~CDonald, Ecward Martin, made a trip to Gothenburg, dmlghter, Mrs. Jan Smock af Mike {M~Iroy, Ra:.jh Neighbor. Nebr. over the ~eekend where L~,grerme, joins her husband, Mike Nelson, Tern Ogle~y, they visited at ,the home d Mrs. Spt ~.c. S Kenneth Smock, in Ha- Larry (Rumans, RiLchard WigHt- Bali's aunlts, Mrs. Walter Dale wail tier his R and R. He is ares. Ken Wright. and Mm. W. D. Wickham. ~ tione d in SoutheaSt Asia. We had a good run of cattle and they so~d on about a steady market. Hospital News Admissions -- Feb. 17: Mrs. Mabel Kind~]er. Manka:~. Feb. 19: Mrs. Rosa Scho~n- over, 'Montrose; ~Mr. Aaron Carlson, Cou~and. Feb. 20: Mr. Harry. Sutc]ffC Mankato. Feb. 21: ~Mrs. Ovpha Marr, E~sbon. *Feb. 23: Mr. Carold Van Schoiack, Burr Oak; Mrs. Viola Ma~a,f~, Mankato; {Mrs. Mamie Boyd, Mankato. Dismissed Feb. 17: Mrs. Anna Eilers, Mankato. Feb. 20: Mrs. Cassio Gordan- ier, Randall. Feb. 2~ -- Mrs. Mamie Boy~. Cows sold mostly from ~.00 to $23.00. A set ef WIR'te~ace Steers weighJr~g 445 ~s. sold for $40.40. A set of Whiteface Steers weighing 490 lbs. sdd for $37.40. 13 WhReface Steem weighing 404 lCxs. s~d for $~1.~0. 10 Whiteface Hei2ers we~gMn~ 405 }bs..weighed out for $38.00. 16 W.hRef~ce He~ers weig~nin~ 677 Its. sold for $30.70. 5 WbRe- fa~e Steers weighing 105~ Its. ~old for $30.50, 1~ Whiteface Steers weighing 784 lbs. sold for $~.35. 20 Whiteface Steers weighing SIS tbs. sold for $36A.0. ~4 Wl~teface Heifers weigMng 447 ihs. sold for $35.110. 93 ~laL, ik Steers weighing 375 ~bs. sold for $39.60. 19 Black Steers weighing 564 lbs. sold for $36.45. I~ I~ack Steers weighing 637 Its. sold for $36.25. 14 Black Heifers weigh- lag 554 tbs. weighed out for $33.~0. ~1 ~hiteface Steers weghing 680 ~bs. sold for $33.70. 7 Whiteface ~eers weighing S06 lbs. sold for $38j0. tl Black Expired- Steers weighir~g 568 los. sold Feb. 20: Mr. Harry SutcliH, for $36.90. 33 Young Whiteface Mankato. Springer Cows sold for $315.00 James B. Joerg Estate Land Sold Tuesday Afternoon The James B. ({Mux) Jcerg EState 160 acres in Vicksburg Township sold for $31,000.00 to Melvin W. Jeer g, Formoso. Kansas. The 100 acres in Grant Township, belonging to the es- tate, so~d for $15,000.00 to Russell L. Henriksen, Court- land. The sale was held Tttesday a~,ternoon, February 24, in ouch. We sold 62 Smal~ Mixed Pig~ for $'23.75 each. Larger consignors were Chris. sie Ahrens, Lyle ~linn, Doyle Sfl~by, Milton Under, Har- ry Sweet. Elliott and Mahir, Roy and Harry Kindler, Char- ley Bergman, Carl Winkel, Marr Dempsey, J~e Wierenga. R~ymond O"Hara, Lee WiSe, Hahn and M eClure, J. C. Jones. A. G. Plymire, Don Do~las, H. May, H. Knarr, Richard MiRan. Cour,tIand. Col. Aaron Murray '~ you have livestock to sell, was the auctioneer, Frank carl us. We have good buyers K issinger, who is the exe'cut~r for your stock. for the estate, was in charge See you in the auction Friday. ~f arrangements for the sale VAIL MeCLINTOCW Beloit. Kant. Invitation to Neighbors BOB ISAAC And Friends of Manketo, ]~UU. Jim and Sondra Decker I ~ ii, Sam Co]son, a fresbrrmn at Let's he~p J i,m and Sondra the UniversRy o~ Kansas, was re!~la~e some of their hm~sehold a weekend guest a't the home st~pplies and clothing that tneB, ~f h}s parents, Mr. and Mrs. lost when their house burned Forrest Colson. last Saturday. There is a can for cash gi$ts at Mk:hael's Cafe [Raymond Beeler ~ R~nda~ in Burr Oak. was a Friday c,al~ler at the home -~ponsored by Ho,ln~vood ~f h}s sister, Mrs. Leo Parsons, Extension Homemakers and ~r. Parsons. Unit. Star Of The Week At Jewell County Hospital [Mrs. Irena Kissinger, shown her late husband, Ed Kis~nger, above, is ,the honored pa~iem l,}ved all their married }fie on a farm five .miles east and three this week in the Long Term miles north af Jewoll. Care section of the JewelI Cou.n- ty Hoapital. i The Zipses and Kissin~ers Irena, the daughter of the are ~ exc~len~ fanatics. ]rena is a fine lady, w~o en- late [Mr. and [Mrs. William joys every opportunity to visit ZJpse, was bm'n on a farm wi,th relatives and friends. She three miles east and three has a sister, Miss Faye Zipse, miles north of Jowe41. She and who lives in JeweIL PHends Symphonic Choh. west. Under ,the di.reo~n of Dr. viskm off the [M u~c Educa4~cs Be At Burr Oak lViarch 4 Cecil J. P~ney, they have con- Nla~ionM C~nlfer tm,ce, mee~in~ cer.ti~zed *hrou~hou~ m~t ~f ,the in St. Lou~s, {M,~s sourS. A Cxrogram d urmsual musical Urfi, ted Strafes and an Canada The Si~gin,g Q Luakers toul'ed htterest w~ be Laresen~ed by and have received en~3ms~as~ic ~azrope during Jt fly U/ ,L968 tm. (he S~mq~hov~ Choir of comment ,frmn thor audienceo der the atmpdee.s Of the Insti- Frien~ University, V~ichi~, and music erit~i,cs. The choral tote of ~,n S~v~es. Co~- I~ansas, .at ~arr Oak H~gh organization 'a~peared dn con. ceres were gi~ea in Engl~nd, on ~,~arch 4, i970, at cent at the New York WbrM's Belgimn, Ger~rm rkv, Austria, 8:00. ~ ~wplm~k~ C~oir, Fair in 1965 and also sang at l~aly, and Fra n~. The cho~" papt~r~ kn~vn as The Singing t~e U~ted States Capitol during also ~pate~ 1 h., t the I~erna- Quakers, has estabB~ed e ~ ~e same year. Las; spring The tfoaal tYu~c~l "Ei~ tedcEx~! (~e=- puf0stion as ore Of the finest Si~giag Quakers represented rival) .which is {hekt in Linn~at- in ~e Mid- Kansas ~ i~e ~ IJi- Wales. ,Uni- versi~ stagers were one of the few Amenivan d~virs ever to be im~ted ~ ~pear in concert at the grea~ S~. Marks Ca~ndrM in Venice, ~y. A~nmst all of the ~n voa~erts were coveretl by music eritt~s ~and reviewers. ~a~ta- ti~ns such as "vir~tmso per- ~om~aaees", ",incontestable son- ~ty'. "r~mr~hle presenta- ~n", and '~ mesi~l te~pretst~" frequency e~in ing ~ngiag Quaker ~. One of ~'s most pepm- inent composers. No,men Joio, reoe~y remarke@, afteb hearing ~ S~,n~i,a~ Quakers: '~ group is ~ doubt, one of ~he most e:0oLtin~ ~bor~ or~panimtions I have beards in years." The ~)ncer:t at Oak w~l l~de ~he finest in oborM mtmwc wrRten by bo/b e~i co~r~ ram.