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February 26, 1970     Jewell County Record
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February 26, 1970

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/EWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, February 26, 1970 ~y wife, Connie {Hoard) I believe, our fl-Jxd or tctu~ Sutctiff- Obituary ~- Obituary -- -- RINGDOWN|H[CU her ~mily, the Dale Hvards of ~eing ~oh, ed ~ res~e ,Karry Oscar Sutcl~f was 'born Georg~ Iota Kermedy w~ Ford.Dee, ~ the ~ir~t of ~ork and ~e hec~c Sast pace January 14, :1891, in the. Rose born Febrttary 23, ~1899, in Odes- Dear ~r: ~dm,oh. I trove been in frexas of ~v~ng in a ~rge ciJty, R is I-ml School District near Web- oa Township, Jeweli Count, he 2~ of Febru~w is ~ for s~ooling on the G.E. ,T.~ very camfo~dng to read ys~tr her in Jewell Courtty, Kansas, KanSas, to Davkl Ernest and w~fe's btr~tclay..I have enclosed engine ~r the Coa.~t Guard Air Im~teafion and kn~v that m .the son of Robert M. and Bar- b.~ninf0a Jane Kemedy, and a poem ~'a,t I would 1'lke ~ Rea~e. least some ~f the people ~ this bara Oberly S~tclii~f. In the late le~t ~ earthly" ~e on Feb- have l~i~ted in your p~er as We are currently sta~oned i~ ~o~ have not ~st sight of nineties the family, which in- rtmry 14, 1970, just nine days .to ~he 28th as poss~bl~. Now Orleans, La. and are on, ~e basic needs aml ccsmqorts ~ eluded an older brot.her, Robert before her 71st bi~hdey. ....... the Amerd.can way ~f ~fe. A., and sister, Juanita, came to She ,w~s next to the oldest of [M~y deepe~ ~e~ N~anlks a farm home near Mankato. thirteen children,, so she was a Top Prkes ~or helping ~e ~i~b n~ wife a Here Harry was a Student and bi, g he~ to her parertts in car- flappy birthday even though we became a graduate of the Man- ing for the younger chi~ren. are many lonely rn~les apart,kate H:ig~ School, Class of 1910. S~e was n~rried to Leo Obert bless you, I.t was here, too, he met and on Oot~ber 12, 1~7, and their Joe O. Ford married ~s fellow classmate, home ~as blessed with a son., ~11 A W~gner St Lela Walker, the w~fe who sur- Garrc~l. They n~ade their home Available Ever/ on ctiilfere~R,axm~intheE~bon --- A~:us~ed to the rural li~e, vdcind~ty, living in the Salem b~y Darting Wife CoRnle: he foun.d pleasure in the beau- communRy since 19~9. Geor- Among ~e dearels~ treasures ties and mysteries v~f nature, gi~'s ~hurch ~embership w~s Friday At ~ our lives ~re vJnvays these: the know~edge of ereaion and transferred to the Salem Math- The ~.ings ilzat move our man'~ place in it. ~dist C~uvch in 1950, where she hearts ~o lWe, This was a par~ of his yearS attended ~ai,th~ul~,y as long as A k~ed one's eageme~ to as student and teacher wR.h her hea~th permitted. Our Sale please, posit, ion.s of authority among She vcaspreeeded in death by i i ' !i ~: ii:: The spired ~ hu~, these to w~om he gave under- her paren.ts and six" brothers, The ~wtrn-~t of Invo ~'ms, standing of the str~g.g~es and ForreSt, .David, I.~ya$1, Byron, : up .: ~ The ~uch v~ a hand, rewards 0f man w~th the earth James, and Donald. She `leaves The secret sm~le across a room and its dements.. The many her husband, Leo; son, Oarroll, flint somehow see~q~s to ~ay, ~ knew him as teacher and and wife, Colleen; two grand. "I understand', studer~t have testified as to ~ daugh~ters, I~ileen and S~etl,y: ~ flt~t comes, stren,gt,h of his interest and in- a ~n, Glen, aml three step. That says so mttch ~ii~ :~tst ftuence in their lives. And, too, gmnds~ts, Darrell, C-~rdon, and Three words, those who shared in his many Miekey Ober, t; three sisters, "i love youl" moods of enjoyment and those Frances Obert, Jessie Muck, !Happy l~la~, ~vbe shared in the serious hours Vivian Ost; three brothers, Joe. of personal and pub4~c l~fe witl Cl~ar`les, ,Kenneth, and Morris; .... have memories, many nieces and nephe,ws; and 8outh Pacific Tour A~ter a teaching career of other rel, ati~es and friends. __ 35 years, the family established ~er b.ome and family were Dr. and Mrs. Carleton H. Lee a home for retirexne~ in ~I.an- her first consideration and her I~R ,Kansas City Feb. ~18th for kate and Harry has been a part grandchild-an were very ira. Sydney, Australia, on a South of eommunRy `li~fe here un,ti~ his petulant to her. All' her family P~iflc Ai, levgies Seminar Tour. de~th which came February 21. ~ long remember her love G~ng by way of Honol~u 1970. and concern for them. When we leave the concert hall, the music is gone. When where they Spent the first n~ght SurVivors are his w~fe, Lela; ~'~une~l services were held theatre, the play is over. Not so with lifel It continues on and on. they arrived in Sydney Feb. 20. son, Robert ~ax; a sister, Mlss a~ the Uni~ed Metlmdist Chm'~ , A~fter .the Seminar they leave Juanita of Twin Falls, Idaho.. in F~bon on Felnnmry 18 at 2 ' for ~Ietbourne stopp,ir~g o~ at sister-in-law, Mrs. R. A. Sut- paa. It was o0ndUc~d b6' Rev. Life is not just a play. In the play an actor has no choice. But Harry Sweet, Montrose, Kansas sold 33 Car&erra :Mar. 1 or a day or cli~, also of Twin Falis; and Leren SiisOy, Resisted by Rev. you, the actor, have many choices, and how you play the part is WF. Cows at the Sale in Mankato Friday, so and arriving in ~eZbo~ne several nieces and nephews: E~.I Ev~vea~t. ,M~sic. ~as ~tr- Feb. 20. They sold for $315.00 each. The buy- ~ar. 3rd, and leave there for al~ the close rela.tives of his nl.~hed ,by ~ar.1 SRsby and Oarl But still you need direction, coaching, encouragement. All A~Ck,land, New Zealand for an- w~fe Who l~ave been intimate Sapp wtlth IMps. Oardl I~mller er was D. Marr, Lovewell, Kansas. other Seminar l~ar. 5 to 14, companions and friends, as p~an~t. Casket bearers were find in your church, for the Supreme Author of all llfe can give yo~ a~ter wl~ich they will visit see- Su~ferin.g he persisted, weary Ore Ki~, ,Bryce Dodd, H.E. and faith. In church, in the silence of your heart, you will hear eral small islands in.cluding Pa. he kep~ on -- Now he may rest. Avism~, George -qanderson, Lew- peete and T.a~hiti and wil,l star~ Funeral services were held is Gestley, and Jake Lamkins. understand. the homeward Journey and ar- at the Kramer F~nera.1 Home rive in Kansas Ci.ty ~,ar. Zlst. Monday, February 23, 1970, a~ (lARD OF THANKS Scriptures sclcctcd h!/ the Amc,'ic.n Bible Soclct!/ Copgdght 1970 Kei~tcr A~ck~and is not ninny miles 2:00 p.m., with Rev. Dean Rose from rre Aroho, New Zealand e~iciatin.g: Music was ~urnished We wish to thank al~ ~c~e Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday which is the home of M.arli by Mrs. Dean Rose, Mrs. Jchn who called and ~ssisted during I Peter I John James Exodus Deuteronomy IZobertson, ~ho is an A.F.S. in Jones, and Airs. Jon Menhusen. the days ~ollow~ng the deat.h of 5:1-11 2:1-17 4:13-17 20:1-17 6:1-9 16:' one ~ the hi.g~ schools in To- Casket bearers were Oral Wag- our w~e and mO~er, Georgia peka and aO~nied Mr. and her, CliHord WIurph.y, Levi Mur- Obe~tt. All food, 1~vers and Mr. B~l Greene to WPanlmto phy, Even Berg, Ed Loo~nls. other expressions are ver~ recently for a short v~R with and ,Dams Henningsen. Inkier- dee~y appreciated. '' EVANGELICAL ' ' CATHOLIC CHURCH ..... H his mot~er, men.t was in Mou~t ~ Cam- Leo (}bert LUTHERAN CHURCH . MANKATO M~THODI~ etery, M~mkato, Kansas. {Major CarroR Ober~ , Pastor Jones, Norway Mass Schedule Dean BUS: .and fa~nily. Elvle Konovelsky, Orgenltt Sundays ........ 8:00 a.m, Church School Here is $5.00 &)r another year CARD OF THANKS .... Worship Service . 8:45 a.m " . Worship of your good paper. A~thot~Ph -- W.R.H. 441 News Sunday School . .. 9:45 a.m. CATHOLIC CHURCH Choir, ..... ~ I have been away ~om Man- To ~riends and re`lati.ves who The February meeting of the WEBBER METHODIST ESBON k~to and here ~t Co]by nearl~ bare been so kind a~ this time. W~ite Rock Hustlers 441-I ~ut CHURCH ~6 years I eit~,ll remember many we wish to e~press our grsteftd was bald on Feb. 9 ~t the ci,u~ Webber. Kansas Winter Schedule: METF good people there, thanks. For flowers, g i~s, time house. The members and their Loren J. SHsbv, Minister 8:30 a.m. at Esbon ...... ~" ..... Dean Roy and Harry Kindler, Esbon, Kansas I visaed ~rith ~b a short spent in our behat~, and morn- ~fami~ies enjoyed a soup and pie ~to Crlspln, S. S. Supt. 10:00 a.m. at Smith Center '~. ........ Verne sold 5 blk. WF strs. at the Sale in Mankato. time ~t a F.L.B.~,. meeting at oriels to the li,e Of H~rry 0. supper before the meebing. Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Hays last ia,ll. Su~i~, we thank you. Sharon called the meeting to Church School .. 10:30 a.m. ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH order and roll c~U was answer- Choir Rehearsal, UNITED Friday, February 20. They weighed an ave- I~hel and ~I have been in --'l~e Sutcl~ Family. ed by "Who is my ~ale~ne." G.E. Smith, Pastor t~ge of 377 lbs. and sold for $40.40 per 100. ~uthern Texas, W~consin., In- Wed ........... 7:30 p.m. Our leader asked or .the names ~VSCS---lst and 3rd Sunday School .... 10:00 a. m. Bob Jackson, Sabetha, Kansas was the buy- d~ana and Florida the past 60 IMp. and Wits. L~tarles ~tamey af the ones who were g~ing to '~ Wednesdays ..-2i.00 p.m. Morning Worship . Ii:00 a. m. Ionia: David days on combined business and returned S~turda.y ~ro~ a t~n'ee participate in County Club Day ~ Special Children's Service Worship " MankatoL, K"VeS'OC" pleasure ,~i~s. Air travel ge~ ~veeks va~eation tri,p. They v~sR- on Feb. 26~. She also told us NAZARENE BURI~ OAK you around ~as.t. ed their daughter and husband, ~at she had been contacted David Wilson, pastor Evangelisticin Basementservice .... Ii:00 a. m.7:30 p. m. Sundayy.F ...... ~ards, 'Mr. and/Mm. Wee Hedden, and abo~ collecting for the Heart Morning Worship , P~ver~ Smith ......... fam~i)y at Phoenix, Arizona and Pund. We voted to c~l~ec~ in $~n.day School 11:00 Midweek Prayer Odessa: Commission ..... ...... ooo Service 7:30p.rn. Worship Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Y'i~--her stopped at ,E:I Paso, Texas to Burr Oak on Feb. 21~t star~ing Evening Worship ........ 7:00 .......... Sunday ~d Mr. ~ ~vL-s. Oa.r~ ~0ocklin visa wJth ~dr. and Mrs. Jack a~ 9:00 a.m. Bills were present- Youth Service ........... 6:15 . ~OB ISAAC " VAIL MeCLINTOCE were Sunday dinner guests c4 Beeler and family. The P~ameys ed for the S~z~p St~l~per. Lorie Wednesday Evening BURR OAK CHRISTIAN FIRST report they tlmronghly enjoyed moved ~a~ we pay these. We Prayer Meeting ....... 7:00 ~ ~ CHURCH Larry J. Mlnkate, Karts. BeloR, Klma. Mr. and 'Mrs. De]bert Steven. their try. were pleased to have several ~ Terry L. Nelden,, Mlnl~t~ m. ' Sunday - guests #t our meeting and four r " - UNION CHAPEL Worship new members were vo~ed in. UN|TED,ME~rHODIST~ "Sunday Sehoo-~..,, 10:00 a.m. Evening New Camaro. They are Charlene, Pabty, Tom "'" CHURCH Morning Worship . 11:00a.rn, and Brian Wallace. Rodney Earl Enyeart, Pilh~: Jet Cadets, Service ...... Mid Week gave a demons,~ration on the Sup#., RIIph HootINf~ Monday ......... 4:20 p.m Wednesday care of rabbits. Yes, he had a {~mday. School .... 10:00 a.~! Bible Study, g~ve a Civil Defense ta~k on 1st and 3rd Sunday Evening|: ~r. High Youth, ls.t & "Fa~-outs." Miriam bad a talk ,Bible Study ....... 7:00 p.m. ~ Wed~es,c~s . 7:30 p.m Carl and skit on parliamentary pro- The Fellowships .. 7:00 p.m," St. High Youth, l~t & Sunday: eedure. Mary Frances will be ' : 3rd Wt~h~d~ys 7:30 p.m. Bible.School. --I----~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ presen~ at our next meeting "E'SBON UNITED C.W.F., 3rd Worship Ho~ ~ ~ ~er ~l~r~Ull~ a ~ IIIlil~ il~l~ ~ Mar. ~th to hdd our officers METHODIST CHURCH ~ Wedr~esday ...... 2:00 p.m, Youth Hour .' training. Miriam moved our Earl Enyeart, Pastor Phone J~U %2293 , Bible Study meeting be adjourned and we ~ Earl Silsby, S. S. SuPt. RANI)ALL Gleaners, r.epea~d the ~ Pledge. Morning Worship 9:45 a.m. CHURCH NOTES 4th --Gayle Wau~, ReporCer. Sunday School ..... 10:45 a.m. UNITED METHODISt Primary lnd and 4th Sunday Evenings: Ralph Jarboe, Pa~tor WednesdaY' ~~ Farmerette TOPS~ "Youth Fellowship .. 6:30 P. M. Worship, 9:45 a.m. Jet Cadets, The Farmerette TOPS of ~, ESBON CHRISTIAN Sunday School, 10:4.5 a.m. Wednesday' If it were an ordinary sportster, we'd have intro- Pick the one that best suits your driving. Then go M~n,kato were hostesses to,the ~ CHURCH * CHRISTIAN . Dentenle duced it at the ordinary time. pick on an open road. TOPS DiStrict Rally at the CR~ " Terry L. Neiderm, MINt4er Gene S~yder, Pastor (7 miles Instead, we took the time to build a whole new And make it one with plenty of twisting turns. ~,~u~t~rium in St~perior o~ Morning Worship .. 9:30 A.M. Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Bible Classes .:~ Camaro. Because Camaro has a remarkable new suspension. Mbnday, Feb. 16. Veria ROe of Sunday School .... 10:30 A.M. Worship, 11:00 a.m. Worship e Far~nerette TOPS and Eva ., ........ ~ ..... We started with a sleek new shape and a low road- And standard front disc brakes for a leech-like grip ~aCorm!i~ck d the TO~F~-y Our- ~F~Y~ ~"CI-~"~ Northbrsnch Frlen~k Church', -- H. ]~' hugging stance, on the road. - For vies of Burr Oak were graduat. W.D. ~c]Uey, ]FMtor " Warren Hendershott, pastor And added more hood. A faster fastback. Wider New Camaro. The Super Hugger. ed into KOP~. Vera Dye, leader Herbert Jeffery, S. S. Supt. UNITED doors. And new deeply contoured bucket seats. Other sportsters always feared it might c~ ,the Farmerelte T,0~S, pre- Sunday Schoo'~.... 10:00 a.m. Sunday School at ...... The instrument panel wraps around you. With come to this. 10:00 seated ~e dii~Iomas. Nila Tbay- Worship Service " II:00 ajm~ Worship at ............ 11:00 Burr er was the speaker and ther W. Y ................... ~:~ Friends Youth at 6:45 p.m. Lucille enoughTheredialSare fourt maketransmissions.yOu think you'reAnd sixPiltingpower plantsa 747. ingAndwastheYwrong.Were right. Only their tim- topic was of "Poise and Per- . Evenin$ Service ........ ~:~ Evening Worship at 7:30 Stanley sonab'ty. Maybelle Ahrens led ~Prayer Meeting, ,.s, Prayer Meeting Wednesday at Sunday School up to the Turbo-Jet 396 V8 that you can order. Putting you first, keeps us first, the growp singing with Helen Wednesday ........... ..~, 7:30 p.m/ " Snyder at the piano. Several of Worship ~,.... ..... . the clubs presented special FORMOSO COMMUNITY' -- - Jr. M.Y.F., Ist mm~hers. The queen,s of all the CHURCH OLIVE HILL CHURCH 3rd ' dubs were recognized and ----r-- . R.R. 1 - Superior, Nebr. Carla ~ee ~,.At~r ~ere was a parade for t!~ose Charles Seamans,-Minister Rev. German Foley, Pdster and Nora ~ith a fifty pound or more loss. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. " Vernon Stone, S.S. Supt. Sr. M.Y.F., 1st ~~~1@,. There was a to~al loss of 477~ Morning .Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday School .... 10:00 a.m. ~rd pounds since ,the beginning of Youth Fellowship 6:30 p.m. Church.service .... 11:00 a.m. Mrs. Keith .... the 13 ol~bs reportin.g. The Red ~vening Service .. 7:30 p.m. Youth Service .... 6:30 p.m. and I~cllls R~ck TOPS of Guide Rock tvvn Prayer Meeting Evening Service .. 7:30 p.m.W.$.C.S., 3rd the traveling trophy ~ the ~ ~ri~dBible Study Mid-Week Prayer Wednesday .. average weight toss per mere- ~ (Wed) .... 7:30 p.m. Meeting, Wed, .. 7:30 p.m,' Prayer and bar of 14,97 pound.s fr.o~n J~ly : .... & 4th I toO ec. 30. They willlltave the Sponsored by the Following Mankato Business next di,strict meeting. --Na.a Re orte,. Waugh Oil Gas Co. Mankato Laundry ~vf'r'and{M'rs'i~er~(~e=~ The First National Bank Boogaarts Ab~lene and ~f~rs. Jaek W~n,kel ~f Cawker C~ were Suada~r ,, " ' Wagner Drug Store: Helen's BeautyShop JeweU f~ z.. "' ' Mdn ato Lumber Co. ,ounty 2~r. and ~. Clarence Fielde .............. Weltmer Abstract W~ifita ~'ere visiting friends ankato Sales Co. Buffalo Roam and relatives in Mankato over