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February 24, 1966     Jewell County Record
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February 24, 1966

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24, 1966 NationaL-Advertising Represontatlve I KANSAS PRESS SERVICE, INC. I 701 Jackson, Topeka, Kan. 66603 I rlONAL E DITOR-IAL THE' BOgD FAMILY Owners and PubJ/alaerl F. W. BOYD, oq-~ Editor ~/ rs. Frank Bcyd, Associate ~UI~ 'Any good thing that I cgu do, or any kindness that I can show to any htmmn being, leg me do it now and not defer it [or I shall not pass thin way again." ~econd Class Postage Paid at the Post Oftme, Mankato, Kansas Sukscriimon: ~3 00 ver year in JeweI1 Coun,~y + ~md s'urroundin,g countic~ (Smith, ? and dislikes, each getting enemy--myseK. !'Make me ever ready to come to you with clean hands, and straight eyes, so when life fades as a fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame." This is the Indian Benediction, called "How Kola" by the Sioux Indians: "May your moccasins always tread softly, but ever so straight i into the horizon. May the fence of good luck always be around your tepee May you always have a sleek pony to ride down Jeweil Co. Record, Mankato, Ks. + . Derby prizes and the Mankato Lumber Co. furnished lumber for the new race track. - We never ure of hearing the Scout oath. - Fhe most interesting meeting closed with the Boy, Scout Court of tionor, conducted by Ray- sity. - Mildred is always inter= ested in hearing about Jewell county friends. * * Saturday af- ternoon I started hitchhiking again - Our son and daughter, McDill and Marie, were in To- peka on business and gave me a ride to Manhattan in time for mond Hall, Scoutmaster, when the basketball game. - There weI the "Good Night Cub L Scouts" saw ale Smith and Mr. and M[:;.lformed the living circle. * * E. I. Chilcott. - Between th~/ Lovely Lori Kay Perdue visited halves of the game M;s. St::vo[L s w th her mother, Mrs. Johnl Ahrens and cunning little dauqh-Ii%rdue, Thursday. - Lori was tar, Elaine, came ac.d vi ;(ted dressed }n blue and white to with me. - Ste broadea:;ts the]raatch her blue eyes. * * Wed- O '~ ~,), ,i~I ~ ~, Mankato :' ii :' FRII)AY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY FEBRUARY - 26 - 27 t Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dye.and Dennis were last Sunday dinner guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Clark of Juniata, Nebr. Olive Hill Ladies Aid Society met Tuesday afternoon at the church. The Missionary Fellow- ship meeting was held preceding the Aid business meeting. Mrs. Marshall Bishop had the devo- tions and Mrs. Paul Blackstone Sure it is. The telephone helps save Iwes, catch crimi- nals, put out fires, bring help and guard homes. It's had a hand in spreading the alert on tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. It can bring the doctor, the fireman or the policeman--in a hurry. And being a modest hero, it can also do less dramatic things. Like letting you talk with friends and loved ones around town or around the world, quickly and easily. Or letting you shop from your easy chair, call ahead for reservati.ons and do a thousand other things that make life richer, more rewarding, more fun. Isn't it nice to have a hero around the house? //J:+: -MAB- No doubt it has been that wa e tly about '!What would happen ,to these young folks with their new-fangled noti0ns . remember when we kncw i about gitamins or' cal- ut we worked and play- went to school and gradual- the circus parade-- to 4th of July celebrations fell in love and got married. e heard dur elders talk earn- Again Ye Scribe was away from Mankato MS. - Barbara Snyder took me to Beloit on Fri- day where I took the bus to To- peka to attend a meeting of the "Status of Women Commission". Saturday in Topeka I visited with a few Jewell county people, including Erich Penner, Jewell taugh my people--the lesson I county representative - Eric is you have hidden in every leaf[ attending the legislature.- Also and rock [saw Meyer Miles and Carl Wes- I seek strepo[: not to b [tin, and Miss Mildred Walker, superior to my b:others, but to lwho is now in the HE Depart- be able to fi?: t rny greatest[ment at Kansas State Univer- and no waste lable material utiliz- Such teamwork results in happiness. -MAB- From choice or otherwise, people are returning to the old fashioned diet. We parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bishop, enroute to Kansas City, Mo tar the funeral of her great aunt. They returned Saturday night and were Sunday dinner guests of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. David Wetters of Superior. Mrs. Glen Roe underwent sar- gery at Lincoln General Hospital on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Terry German of Manhattan and Mr. Roe were with her. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Roe went i0 Lincol'n on Saturday to visit her. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wil son were Friday evening caller~ of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackstone. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bishop were Sunday dinner guests o; her niece, Mrs. Taylor Clark, Mr. Clark and Eugene, of Formoso. Arlene Banks was home from college for the weekend with he, parents, Mr. and Mrs. IliL Banks. Connie Blair spent the week end with her parents, Mr. ant" Mrs. ,Wiley Blair. Terry Fogo returned this weel from attending school in Canada Wilbeck Rest Home Visiting hours: 10:00-11:00 A M.; '2:00-4:00 and 7:00-8:00 P. M Mr. and Mrs. John Fergusor were Wednesday afternoon visit- ors of his sister, Miss Alice Fer- guson. Mr. Gene Barrett of Randall came Tuesday to see his mother, Mrs. Minnie Barrett. Mrs John F. Williams of Man- Rata and Mrs. Dudley Woods and Katherine of Red Cloud, Nebr called Thursday afternoon on Mr. Charlie Davis. Visitors of Mrs. Mettle Met:: last week included Mr. and Mrs+ [ Clare Wiley of Jewell, Mrs. Bid[ Thompson, Mrs. John Diamond[ Mrs. :f. D. Leonard, Miss Awl[ Cranler and Mrs. Will Lagergren. [ Mr. J. H. McDonnel of Bun | Oak visited Mr. Lester Cook on Wednesday afterncu)n. Thursday afternoon callers of Miss Alice Sellhorn were Miss Madeline Surntners of Lodi, Wise and Misa Madelyn Jule of Li0coln, Nebr. Mrs. Core Waggoner of Jewell called Saturday afternoon on Mr. Walter Stah!. Mrs. Vachel Crawford of For- nasa visited Mrs: Minnie Barrett Thursday forenoon. Mr. Norman Hendrix of Mc- Pherson, Kans,came Saturday to visit his mother, Mrs. Mettle Smith. lie called on her Sunday before starting home. Mrs. Olive I.oomis of Jewell was a 2aturday afternoon visitor of Mr. Clarence Loomis. Sunday callers of Mrs. Minnie Barrett were her son, Mr. Gene Barrett, and Mrs. Barrett, of Randall, lohn F, Williams Rev. Paul Life, Mankato and Jewell United Brethren the Sunday Christian service at Mrs. Life accompanied was the pianist. Whitemound E. H. Whitemound E. H C, 17 at the home of Rolt call on was answered by nine Fhe guess box Mable Avison. was given lesson ?n by Betty Fogo, teresting and h6tpfUli Iett gave the ,Vlorence Hehry 'alentine for greeting we all fious Valentine eeere served by Vlarch meeting rome of Pearl --Merle Liberty Club Liberty Club %nn Ost. In the 9resident, our 3race Kiser, [ nembers comical eli :tie program Mrs. Anson Wa: " hildren were :ontests were enjoy :ng was held ?d a Valentine. ing will be with. herd. :atp, y the hostess TIME MEANT KIOTI41N "TO HEP-- . . as long as playing when shet chores. But blink, time she called Dick's T. economical radio. ! By MRS. MARSlt~LL BISHOP Home in Superior, with burial at[ Mrs. Donna Derr the Superior Cemetery.I of Oklahoma Cit~ Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bishop iting her parents, spent Thursday night with his Harry Wilbeck. room and carried it outdoors to freedom. - During the program following dinner, many of the Cub Scouts and their parents were given awards. - There were so many and I did not. get all the names and the organization will furnish that information. - The Den Mothers helped pla, the affair and probably had charge of the "homework" of preparing the food. - They were: Doris Kennedy, Lila Huntsingcr, Nancy Jean Blackwood, Mabel Wakefield, Betty MeAtee, Ella Rae Rafferty, Jean Blew, Jan Beougher and Marlene NeE;on. - The First National Bank and the State Exchange Bank furnished "Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wiL~ds a+id whose breath gives life to th9 whole world, hear me. i come before you, one o( yoL, r many children. I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes +ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made. My ears sharp to hear your voice. "Make mE VAse so that I may know the thi~gs that you have lows: anyway, Ronnie Fraass captured Buried Red C!oud, Nebr. Mankato l lain Street it in a sack in the corner of thd --CharlotteDaughterWheeler, was hostess. ] Mr.- Guy Folsom -- Mrs. Ray Woods passed away and Mr. Frank Folsom of] "Seen ~.na Heara t lm d y Night" - early Monday morning. The fun- [ rose were 5 anda Pt eral was held Thursday after- [ callers of their aunt, t~ HARt ISON SIDELINES noon at the Megrue Funeral[Smith. I J Osborne, Ml~nell, Cloud, Re- the trail not crooked nor full of games, so I didn!t ~:et to see Ei;r:. Im:sday, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Day- "-- public counties in Kansas, and rocks. May the sign of the Thun- - Then I hitchhiked a ride la(m>i idson of Webber stopped at the Starting at 7:30 I). I* OOIJN'I~ RIIC"ORD Nu~eollSs~ad Websoer eotm~m~ derbird be always upon 'you. with my other son and dau,-,hter, l i~,ecord office.- They were here ": . [May youalwaysrememberthat myBoss, Frank andMarj'.' ,:o attend the Rural Carriers $4.0.0 a year e~ewne: %,n I all 'true friends may meet at the -- t :heeLing - The Davidsons had l[~P~ 8uDscrmers are a l~oa ~ u~$ . * ce taeyov lmw / sunaown campgrounds. Before Saturd Niohto" [ .spent Christmas and New Year's 'l~ Ne~pal~er of 3ewell ~/" . enaage of adaress. [ -MAB- Thursday night i attet~dcd th with the'r s n' Albert' and fan~- HUDSO~ 0~,// ~i [Fox Hunting * "Blue and Gold Bahquet' for the [ ily m California. * * [ George Washington'sDiaries Cub Scouts at the Ci)mmunit )/ ] ~~~, ! for 1773 contained these entries: Hall.- I was met by Vernu~ In ~ Mrsln Mem ry f mY M ther'lcora Re nolds, who passed. ~ F(~R;A/~ ~d ~i I II ~ I'1%1 i~ H ~=~ ~ ~ ~[ Eeb. 2: Mr. (Bryan) Fairfax Hamilto,who had invit.xt me.-I " " Y ] [~SL! | Hi i]and I went out with the hounds According to the attractive pc',>]away one year ago, Feb. 25. [ C IVIIlil/ s ~,-. Y M " I- " ! [i--touched upon the Drag of the sram, Vernon ,s A, e,a ,udI M OF IER ] I FOR HOME FOLKS ]Rung-Fox upon the hills just Virgil Beougher is assistav t CubIcan almost see her by'the win-] FATHER --;I a, M ~ ~[above Wathings, but it being Scoutmaster -D ck At-mle~;a!el dow I cold, as the day also was, we invited me to the Den f table. IIn her old fashioned rocking I[.~#~| ~~ ~ CO~']ID [~ #: Sollle Old-Fashioned Ideas from tim beginning m~d so runs ].took the Dogs off and came which was laden with loads of chair, Ikllll~[l, IIIh,Elal~,~ ASK FOR :;' I can remember when labor the world Decade'after decade, nome. delicious food.- The followin. Z ) ith net busy fingers stitchingeach colored Lel/ Ithe "'oun,'o? one ,+ew*ration d"- feb. 3: Went out again and were se-~,ted at the l-)('+~ I tabl,'iOn tiny square. SUO/'/:.o i IlL WOl'l~ HOt a lllOVelllellt, a y g " ' ~' - F ' ' ~a^n I,m,~,o its ~acli +als ar,d co] serva- touched upon a Fox upon the Steve Kale Adrian Meyer Dan-/ +or tne quilts she made were -~vl['xu- v ~*uiJo "~ ~ * " f ' *1 " " I ~- [*;ws has its sh;fqe:'s and itsI-hlls by Ga~es s and found an- ny Hunter Pat Ilanter Jan- tl ! many, "~w s),' ,in, ! ,',-, M ,;,~ ~ a r,~,l hoarders--;ts auot', of intellcc-other m Cold Fmrfax s Neck Hunter, Bdly Blackwood, Mat';m [Tubp, Log Cabm, Star, 'sband 's re;hat on;y smokY'n;t tunis and patricians a+ad its rab- abt. 2 o clockg w hmh was. killed Neeper, ICathryn B ,ackwor l, I Stn l g:trVle chl drteOnhne;gh'!d e ar Kt, Cioo,o**a " hies lust as th+' orec+di]~m t~er,- alter an nour s cnase Jnts Pox r, enton riarmon Mar, Je+-.n g a a . than erations Tt er is'alw tvs'a t' ew was found upon the Hills. Blackwood, Ravn, on,1 r!jH, L :w-/ro say she is at rest, { "* - " " Ma " " lx,t. ,nun you't" reach the +et,e- sub;ecta of. t+r, ramouqt~,ri,)ortanc.~. .~ -MAB-. rence th)ll Joy(>+ M. HcH~,l/:~on [ y not be quite fair, i1~1 t and let Hll D,k n,lor, ifR~: :[ uflts are used m heaven, Manan LaRue." i~! ~ "" :' ~ ~,~'~ ~ ~/~*' ; i:" : ~"" - VEr which to ,row enthusiastic George Wash ngton Advised o,c a d ld, ~ p ;,c%'-tte [ +q at age, non t retire be.--.III{E Uor wax indi"nante " x " " " l'rn sme she's bus there + Be courteous to all but inti- WadeAle ander Cheryl i erl-[ +, ' Y + cmcKen, Keep on scatcnmg, + -'NiAtJ- ' ' " " " You w nt to be ha-'-" and mate with few, those few nedy, Vernon tlarailtun, "PPY > ,-ementZoned thebe well tried b fore you give Seirer, and Jack MurraY.- Rev. [ . lm v +,+ ' +, ",In Y nromram raven bv the Red Cloud them your conhdence. Rose+++as an excedent master oft The Garden He Will Always; we"'lelyfindoldasaymgs.lOt" . otY-meat,Jac' ink Ss mep rat NormanWf" 'h]'te Incl'ian sL Peirce" s a{the', director. ~ Liuns" of Ckbthis .' --To. BushrodtJan ". 15,Washington'1783) causedCerem nieSsome" -commotiona little,incid 'nt ins wellU [Also be; In My Heart,x;,! F7AK0 In % ~.;o,;~: I,] trro,]n o,dod tho ,~()+,ram withAssocmte with men of good as+ pleasure to the v(,ung folks. [Born Close To .alentlnes Day, ,~ + WALTER DICK t e'I 'dia'n"Dr"aver ]C'thought it quality, if you esteem your own - A bird some thought [t was a]My Treasure From the Start." lkRRYSTOEH.NITA "" + : ~ +~ a'~''d Mr reputatmn" for ~t ~s better to be bat, eat into the roonl vnd sailed [ In Memory Of A. G. Cole rote it all anct llCKeO- me was ~u guuu tidal vvL c :>~'~e . . o . ' " " / n 1-, L*e *on, r, -! 7,': 7. :- ,-^ P irce to send us a cony which alone, tnanin Dan company, back and forth and arour, d the" Darnreu a, *oa,v.euar, [ laluan, nappy ~a tn~ ,u~- - - ra, " -- a,:,^ . he did and we m, te it as foL --m Kmes ot t vmty . room many times - Perhaps the ansas. J bird fmally became exhausted, u:,ea June za,lu55.