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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
February 24, 1966     Jewell County Record
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February 24, 1966

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. - ~ ------ JeWellGill~ Record~ Mankat~ Thursday~ Februa. . .~~ 24~, ~' "~ ~ Tonkin, east of Hanoi. The re- being injured in a serious fall[ and Mrs; Ed Diamond and sur- sons'of Kensington. Afternoon lDelbert Rothchild, Mrs. Huley afternoon. Mrs. Claude ' ~NI~I~.-~! ( ~ililq port of his loss, first received, down her basement steps. Her[prised them. The evening was callers were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wyatt, and Mrs. Wilbur Blair and Mrs. Verlan Broyles ~v,~, J, fv ~, has now been verified by a later shoulders and arms were injured[spent playing cards. Baker and girls and Mrs. Archie were guests at a bridal shower hostesses. Mrs. Gene l HOM~ TOWNF.Jg report. Mina is the daughter of lto the extent she was unable toI C.V. Warrens were the recip- Newell of Minnesota. I for Miss G~enda Barcher at gave.the lesson and Mrs. i ~~'-~.e"--~ Orville Switzer, a resident of luse them at all. They are some-lients of a kind act by a good Mrs. Audrey Young and Mrs. lEsbon Sunday afternoon. Miss Bothwell led devotions. ~ Monday raornmg, eb. 21st-- this community where all his lwhat better now and she is be-[neighbor last Friday morning Lena McCleery attended a Stan-[Barcher is soon to be the bride Mr. and Mrs. Fay Vestal ~OUdy~,~d ~!lly. A very light children attended the Lovewell ginning to use her hands a little when the ran out of as a mile ley party Monday afternoon at of Darrell Rothchild Sunday dinner guests of Mr y g . fell during, the. night The~ High School graduatinz~, here. IThe cut on her forehead hasI east of Montrose. Mr. Ed Dia- Stockton, Kans. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Osborne Mrs. Leslie Jensby. i to re this morning is 12 Leixo's hame wa~ al ~,urroritw l~r~-'l . - Y ~" I healed, but the black and bluel mend came by in his pickup arid Mrs. Ray Baker received tele- ] observed their 50th wedding an- Patricia Intermill, who is at~ ~Ve and snow l~lurries still tall- n his youth Mina is a niece of ] bruises on arms, back, shouldersl took Mr. Warren back to Mont- phone calls from her daughter, lniversary Sunday. Their reid- attending school at Kansas S at~i ~at 7:30 a.m. C.V. Warren, and their sorrow land face are still evid-nce of the lorse for a can of gas It was a Mona, in Pennsylvania and her1 tives honored them with a din- University, spent the weekend a~i Mrs. Delia Heldt spent Men- is shared by us dill, How muchlseriousness of her fall~. Her stay[really cold morning f~)r a walk sister and aunt and nieces in[her at noon.home. ~ ~y af~n with Mrs. Tend longer will this unnecessary warlat her daughter, Mrs. Ferguson s,[ to Montrose, and this courtesy Iowa. I Mrs. Leslie Jensby and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wilson ~ jl Wt~. . . go on taking the lives of our home is indefinite, was really appreciated. Our loss. ~"~""~" Fay Vestal attended a Woman. s Mrs. Emma Gillen called on Mrs,~ : ~, and Mrs: Junior Leece and American boys? I Mr. and Mrs- Laurence Bouravl was Mankat 's gdin when neigh- Whitemound Whi~nem ] Club meeting at Repubhc Wed- Imlu Hendricks at the ArthU~ ~; Craig, arrived Saturday af- Mr. and Mrs. C. V."~Warrenland four sons and Mr and Mrs. I bors like Ed and Lucille Diamond l I nesday afternoon. Ferguson home in Courtland ~n from Longview, Wash drove to Concordia on Saturday lc" V. Warren drove to Holyrood, lmoved away from Lovewell, but! By E08T:t' I Mr. and Mrs. ,Harold Bothwell Thursday afternoon. .' ~virlg Illr9~lgh since last Wed- afternoon to see a friend, Mrs.' --nd n Mr and Mrs A W Botll~ ,t~ans bunoay to visit Mr andlwe wlsn mem exery success a,c~ .~,: ~ ~ ;.~ ~ ~. iCalleU o Mr. aon lVlrs. Lawrence ~y aru:i bringing their house- Iva Winsten of Osborne, who is ~ - " . a ~; .r ~, reo. tS [ Mrs. Owen Jaske and son Jim I happiness in their new home. I ~ ~ [Wilson Sunday afternoon, well were Sunday dlnnm dues ~gogds in a U-Haul trailer, ill in the St. Joseph s Hospital. ' " " of z~, ~xev L,y~art, VlSlung pastor, Mrs Dale Ta lor of e ill I Mr. and Mrs. Art Jaske and baby[ A family dinner in honor I " I Mr. and . Y . at the Nels Sorenson hum ~1/~ are at the Quentin Leece On the way home they stoppedl son (the first grandchild of the] the 50th Wedding Anniversary[Wll,~ oegm meetings ~n r~soon[concordia spent Sunday with Hardy. "~ ~l~ie ~0t'~ia f~w days until they in Belleville for an hour s viaitlOwen Jaskes) of Great Bend I of Mr and Mrs. Irvin Osborne[an ,unl n,L" u. is. ~nurcne~.[Mr. and Mrs. Jess Wilson." ~.~ relatal property, with Mrs. Dean Leece. We found "- ' " " " r ~unoay night has oeen aemgnat- 'natin committee of ]Kans were also there where the[ was held at the School AudltO -I [ The noml g 'Vast Stroudsburo Pa. - ~i thefriehds and relatives of her feeling as well as usual and grou en'o ed a" ium this last Sunday, and many e~ as ~oum m~gnt anu an you}nlthe Webber Methodist Church "~ The Bible F~llowshin ChureR'~ #Roy. and' ~ Mind (Switzer) ~njoying her cards and letters. I-, P ~' y . good dinner to-I " ~on] f the community are invited to~ venin- to select of- - ~ ~ I gemer, uwen drove up to the lmenus caueo In ten artern9 i come There will be a *'oWhImet ~unuay e g of the Poconos, FranKnn nlU ~!;ati ~e ~ending their sym- Later they stopped in CourtlandlGood Samaritan Home at Ells- [ to congratulate them. So sorryl . " . a'- ~ leers for the coming year. East Stroudsbur~ announces I~tliy to'ttiem in the loss of their at the Arthur Ferguson home to, ChOir and mey WlU Iurnlsn a . . . o ,7 Iworth and brought his father [ we couldn t be there but we hadl ] Mrs. Chf Ault and two chll- snecial installation service for, ~, ~ld, serving in the Mar- see Mrs. Lulu Hendricks, who is u,special numoer bervlces win olb Kansas came [Frank Jaske, down for dinner [gone to Holyrood for the day,] ;A . [dren from C y, the new nastor, Rev. Robert B,i~ also De nelo in Esoon on lvlonaay r and '- ~ Corps over the Gulf ofconvalescing at their home after [ His mother is a bedfast oatieni[ but our sincere congratulations[ . ] Saturday for a visit with M. Litzenbereer, Jr, to be be hel~ - and luesoay night, aria men ~ lat the Home and her condition[are extended to Irv and Nora. [ .~ q.h roa ; u,~tMrs. W. W. Gunn. :Sunday afternoon, Feb. 20, 196~ "~ lis not improving as we all havel Mrs. Evelyn Connell and son, l v, veu"e~.u.aY. "~",~,~, u ~u?s ';~P~l Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Gunn re- at 3 p m at the church. Maid: n mey wm oe nelu at me unmn lbeen hoping it would. There wast Bennie, and Mrs. Beverly Joh -1 ]ceived word Wednesday evening speaker will be Rev Clydl~ Y AUCTION ,- snow having . r, um~u. u [ fallen in the Holvrood area thanl day, and each one spent the].~,Sunday dinner guests or thel grandson, born to their grand- Jersey : ~vidence of more son of Wichita came up Satur-Ibnurcn" ~veryone welcome:Ithat they have a new great f ~^-ri- Park NeW: Central Ave Superior, Nebr. [ here. ~ " I night with their parents, Mr. and [~lauue ~rosts on,redA ~ were[ daugther and her husband, Mr. T~ *~ Rev Litzen~ "i FRIDAY, FEB. 25 --- 6:30 P.M. i Grade School Tournament were I Ed Stansbury. They came to at: ]~inr~" :r~2~lYrs a~nn$~o~;a?~i~'l man, Kansas - . - ketballl College of Bible and the Univer7 till We h.aVe,tWO h )tlseho]ds of fLlrniture' plue a bigi The beginning games of thelMrs. Fred R ssand Mr. andMrs'lwlr; a.na wlrs; aonn ~cott, LOrl[and Mrs. Don Rudicel of King-berber "'~'att~n~e~' Phiiadelphia [played here last Friday evening.[tend the anniversary ot Mr. anu|,~:~ --a r~,~ a ~ "[ in me grao~.sc.nooi des,~lsitv of Illinois He is a former) I If--It r. ~ ~-- "~. f~,~.u VlOli:~ dldll~:7~ I;llltl It~LILWC:ItIU 1~L. I tournament Delno nlaveo at* ~ " ~ l mmy view playeu rormoso and I w~rs. ~rvln t)buo~ne. I ~n. ~.~ M ~ t~l~,t~ ~rnet I " ,e v ~ / instructor of aircraft and mlssu~-/~ I Montra o nl r,a 1,~.~;. xr.dl I ""--"-"~"~""~~ [ ,x ,~. t LO~ewelI, Valley view won over 1 : ~! (~ i load of new merchandise;Several carpenter tools. I~ o~ v.~,-,~ ,~,-,*. vancyI I~,~,u ,~ e, Winfi,dd State l ~ t electronlcs w.~m me wm~;;~ NEW FURNITURE . [ ~/e~eWsa?h~)maxVeremthe wln,m, gl ESBON NEWS ['~ra?ning~Cent; where she ~as I ~ orn~r S ea~n~t '~]?a;'eve~in; ! States Air Force. During the [olaved March 3 gaaad sw~l~ De] By MRS. RAYMOND AVISON [begun a 90-day evaluation in thelThe next games will be played!Seven yea~,:~ev,: iL.lt~enDmel;~lV : [ cherrybedroom suite, bookcase, bed; 2 pc. IYh;p ^m o.o r,L'-" "t~ ~1 [Speech and Physical EducationlMarch 3 and 5. Webbe( Love-lP &?v,- ". "". :-". C'"~ $ b.edroom ite, triple dresser; 2 pc. living I ::?A: ':'~.c ~mresnments~" and"ave charge ~ltooo sam Monday evening gueStSr of heirMr [classes. ThiSF is raa new program I we, l,ont . Formoso, Ionia, Moptrose ItryChristas int21rect rt~ansas rtAw,'x UmMo, '~'~ ~,- [~Sll!'te, green, inaugahide covering; 7 pc. ]Thev receiwd $aa0ns"ate reland Mrs Ray Baker we etn r ,under the ede 1 Governm [and Valley View are the teamslcham al n Count-, Ill and" r~- [ceiDts ~n 17~n", :;~:~: ~-Igranddaughter and husba d, M .[which started in January. ]that will be playing [,P. g ~ " 5pc. dinette set; steel kitchen cabinets [r c= o~:~,3"Z';:L.;~F'~ land Mrs. Dwight Smith of Iowa ! Mrs. Norma .Jean Nichols andi Mr and Mrs Fay Vestal ac-}cently !n wi.onroe be;, re. fm,~ ] boards of various sizes; steel wardrobe; ' u. ' one-moon' an Nu"s '~-lif ~nd' " .-- " ,currenuy vice-president o~ u,v [ Mr and Mrs. Elwyn Poo,e[Wno were on y la.IH u) v icompanlea ,vtr. and ylrs: praal 'vangelical Pastors' Fellowship [ sliding-doors; 1 - 8 drawer unfinished ehest; 1 - 4 I were sunner~uest~ -i ~l ~ "oolana stoppe~ to see melr re ]mrs. mary tvlncneme ot boulder,~audy to lwannattan last weones- I* for th,s" reglon" ' ~ , . tJ~auys van wleterl . t were Mr and'son home last Tuesda-- after ' ~ P, lunoneon Will fOllOW" tn~ [,d wei; unfinished eh, est; high chair; steel 4 land[ sislterhusbanalVi s <,a, g;- Iomersl tives in presenKansas and Nebraska J[C l " visited in the Clarony Pax- daYMrtO anoa Farmlv[rsBureaUt.narllemeeting.t usse,l " . '" " " [ drawer file cabinet; baby bed ; 9 x 12 rugs ; bunk I Mr and MrS- ~'~-~-~'~,~ ~, [ Mrs. Lyle Baker and sons of i noon. [ took Arden Russell back to Den- [ service. ,~, " r "~'~ff ',rs Jack Mr g r ' Mrs Lltzenoerger is the ~o. [ beds, bookcase, headboards; table lamps; pole thave movoa m tJ,oh; an. IKenslngton, Mr. and M . ] Mr. and s. a 1 Sllbsy and ver, to the Fltzslmmons Hospital :'- 7. ,ff Ivan "'~;an"/~eter~'t ')'g~""tl~elrI Baker and sons and Mr. and Mrs:lEarlene took dinner and spent lFriday. Arden had spent a week lmer ffmrc~a^u~mt,~,~augn~t of [ rnps; tree Pumps; rockers; recliners of various household -oods ICtaude Waddle and family Otlthe day with Mrs. Mable Kindlerlat home. l~"" a~u ~v.2 t~uu~,~?. ,J n~ : I g uown ror mereSu erlor" Mr and Mrs Wm and No . burr UaK, r~ansas Ine bltZe ; f i ~- }0~lmlpy oi:her:~2n~dfizes';"n~ew~mattresSeSnewarticles, and box springs; l o Sundat.Y^ afternoon. ~.Mr. Bguray I Baker:p and girls and Mr. and Mrs.] Mr. andY" Mrs. Fred Potthoff of![ tionedTerrYinShlll'Idaho,Wh hashaSbeenbeenvisiting [ b bergersSta- have two" .chfldre ," n ,*aa own in hUtChinson for a " e Rooert, 4 years, and t~ita 6 Ifew weeks ,a h [Everett Benoit and Mlchell ]McCook, Nebr were Thursday[friends in the Webber eommun-] ' " . ;, ," USED MERCHANDISE I~ .~ a. gt~a leo I Mrs Marv McCarv and Mrs. lnight guests of Mr and Mrs Ora it He is enroute to a new mere. ~ars. tmuray and two sons " " - " " " Y" r Robert J - Korb, l V f//1 ehrpenter tools and other tools; apartment Sor,y u, ,ca, mat;J'-;"?2''% "lFr stutt enKen on Tuesday afternoon at! Mrs. Ore Hills was guest ofl Mrs Jess Wilson called on,Jr and Bobby of Burr Oakdwelt;aa es range; electric refrigerator; child's lawn [ha i another serious lu,w hem [the Webster County Hospital at honor at a birthday supper atiMrs i~lora Graham in the hos- Mrs. Olive Miller of Cal {horraoe Frida 0 ~a ~ ~lRed Cloud. I the Bert Sanderson home Thurs- I pitai in Superior Fidray after- Idaho, were Sundahr even{ng bltC' nger washers; 2 pc. bedoom suite, vanity lto T'u Dale Thornton of Chanute, [day evening. Guests were thelnoon Iguests of Lela Lamb. They aiS, o ~,~ taken duck to me hospital " ~ ' ' " 1 e o Etta Foster and Stel~ i d,r,;dining room suite, table, 6 chairs & buffet; [in Concordia No further re .ort/Kans" spent Wednesday evenn g Ore Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mr and Mrs Perry Roe were ca 1.d n i{ :cabinets; steel dinette set, 4 chairs; baby " " -/at the R Avison home. I Potthoff, and Mr. and Mrs. Hare-I supner guests of Mr. and Mrs. I Lamb. I-,~ oven nearu pending tests anaI Mrs James Standley and son ey McCaulley and Terry. FaVVestal Saturday evening. ] e eral blankets and bedding'; stock saddle; l ex m na l s rivner was returned[spent Wednesday evening at the [ The Bert Henrys received] Mr. and Mrs. Wayne WllsonlTHANK YO ; 1/adios; many other articlesbysale time. ~" : IJohn McCleerv home. word of the death of Mr Edlof Mankato called on Mr. and] ------- : [to etunmeo~ael~en~l~id2 sp~to% ~i;in| Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Topliff l Warehim of Belt, Mont. He'waslMrs. A.W. Wilson and Mrs. We wish to thank our many i, ANDY'S AUCTION HOUSE y o pjl a[land Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Fogo, Jr a nephew of Mrs. Henry, the eld-IEmma Gillen Wednesday even- friends and relatives for their a nurff-'~k~--:'f~'-~'ffJ"-~"'~': W/dr ve to Moline, Kans Thurs- est son of Grace and lake Ware-ling cards of congratulations and ; M. E. "Andy"Montgomery dismisse~d~rome ~ae~a2g~alVnen/day to attend Harriet Brothers' him, formerly of this community.[ V . S. C. S. met at the WebberJgifts. , ] The ~,~a,~.~ ~ .~,~* . u~,"~" ,~'"~'~ [funeral. " re Our.sympathy is extended to the Methodist Church Wednesday[, --- Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Miller l this F--i / Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Smith we family. --- .home of Mrs Glad, ]shopping Thursday morning Mrs. George Sanderson spent uay anernoon at the . " in Mr and M' ~ 2 q/Mankato, several days the last of the week !: i:~= =:;=:. dau-c rs.~ruce ~yers a.na] Mrs. Lillie Ldwis, Mrs. Frances in the hospital suffering from ~,~lr~l~ ~uuh~ ht~ ~ f~-I~li~ I~~, ore Sav,ngs Leecg~t-~f'-tv-~r'an~ tvtrs;21unl rJKindler and Mrs. Anna Frost hives. She returned home Satur- i--~"--I~'~" "'"v ~au.lr " ~l'Vl~,~ ~,~--,IW--/- ,~ane~ia~e:O:,anra~: an.a ~llSSeS]spent Thursday afternoon with day evening, i D;e.k n ~t ta,-'ll I.',-~t,~ h~ ~ ' o tJlorla Jonan-i:'~/ Mrs M b 1- "s -.-- - i /ll~l~ldl~ Ilqk~ll~l~ II1~111 I~(giV~ IIIJIIIl~---- of guno i,r a IMrs. baran t aK . . a e spent wed- -. 12 Z =U'~: "; 7," z :,-, Mr and Mrs John McCleery nesday evening with Mrs Aub-" immediately. They can he, wire home fOlKS at me " " . . afford ~ "~ ~ ---. ,a ~ [Ouentin Leece home spent Thursday evening with'Mr, rey Gass and girls while Hollis, . - - 7---a ---- "" --,r I-Mr and Mrs Clnr;noo a,~,~.n and Mrs Carroll Thronson and Aubrey and Randall attended the '0to w,th what th# v ~1 rot ,-, ~ %. " "'"7 7"?:~ Mrs P C Mendenhall and Burr Oak. r! and Mrs Paui'in;~"~,','=:-~"~::',::-= family at Ionia. Pioneer dinner and meeting in J Mrs. Morrow attended a pot Mr. and Mrs. Bud Blain of -'~ ": " - luck supper Thursday evening of Red Cloud spent Thursday even- i~ne~cea ~ltunedt rm:f l~lar.la~ a~ur- the Royal Neighbors at Mankato. ing at the Bryce Dodd home Aurend g . au ne Mrs. Morrow received her 50- Mr. and Mrs. Glen Matouse.k, " ,ear "in and Karl visited the Ore Hills i, r0 JUIC E Stokely's, 46 oz 3 for 100 ~'~il al~-I7 ~tn~'MLrsaw~rence ~otn- brought ice cream and cake to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schroder . Mr. and Mrs. Bert Diamond, Y Mrv and Mrs Bud Blain Sunday afternoon. ,t~UW n lvlarr, a Mr and'Mrs C'l=,~,~o~ ~- h, the BryceDoddhomeonFriday nd girls of Osborne spent Sun- eapple, Stokely, 46 lilt OZ. can 3 . i. .-. ~-~.;~7. ~ ~' evening to help Dorothy cele- day with Mr. and Mrs. Bert lwr. and ~vlrs. t~ernara t~lair, and," - r birthda- Henr, Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Leece took orate ne y. . . :. for 100 -BE~S 29 tne*'--ir suppers" wlm" mere ana Friday afternoon visitors rs f fMr" and Mrs. Rex Grauerholz ,300 can 2 for arov~ *~, ~n~.Uo~,~, ,~,~s~ ~' ,~, Mrs. Lena McCleery were. M n" wi McPhersonh spent the weekend -io*,* *, *~ ~. ~a~Courtney DeBey and chlldre t the Charles Frosts. They 11 ~11t-, Lt~ Lll~ ll~.~V~ 1Ulll~ UL 1 11, Wn W " and Mrs. Loyce Rotman of Ca ere Saturday evening supper i% : : 3o3 ca. 6 ,or 100 BEANS' v a. 5 for 1 no. 2 can Stokely's, 303 can 4 69 4' r 79 Stokely's, 303 can 39c Stokely's, 2 can Seetiofis, Stokely's 4 for l 303 can Stokely's Crushed, 3 for 10o no. 2 can b~ Stokely's, 14 oz. bottle 5 for 100 Gooch, 25 lb. bag 179 qt. jar lb. pkg. lb. roll 89c FAMILY is built on Four Cornerstones, one of which is LIFE INSURANCE We who sell life insurance say that life insurance alone is not enough. Sound family financ- ing must be built on lou cot- I~erstones" 1. Cash Reserve 2. Life Insurance 3. Fixed Investment Program 4. Growth Investment Program With a full understanding of these basiccornerstones, your Investors Man can help you choose the life insurance that best fits your family's needs Call ,your Investors Man todayl ker City, Mrs. Carroll Thronson guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leland and children of Ionia, Mrs. Del Frost. Hayes and Mrs. Dale Flynn and Mr. and Mrs. Lorus Hulbert !children of Lebanon. and boys of Mankato spent Sat- Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kennedy urday evening with Mr. and Mrs. were in Red Cloud on Saturday Earl Silsby. morning. Fawn Davis was an overnight : Mr and Mrs. R. Avison and guest Tuesday of Pamela Frost. Shirley were in Red Cloud on Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jones vis- Saturday to see Dr. Bennett. We ited the John Scotts, Carl Hend- also called on Mrs. E. C. Nelson ricksons and George Campbells and Mrs. Edna Frost at the Hos- Sunday in Norton. >ital. Harry Kindler was guest of Esbon played basketball at honor at a get-together Sunday Jewell on Friday evening. Jewetl evening when the Curtis Dietzs, won. Bill Hajnys, and Vernon Mech- Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Chandler sners met at the Kindler home drove to Liberty, Mo Saturday for ice cream and cake to help to visit Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Fre- Harry celebrate his birthday. vert, and plan to be home on The Esbon Youth Fellowship Wednesday. had their meeting at the Claude Mrs. Sylvia Morrow spent Frost home Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon at the Guy Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Corrick Ball home. and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Frost There will be another carpet attended the North Central Re- rag sewing Friday, Feb. 25, with tarded Childrens Association pot luck dinner at noon. meeting in Smith Center, Thurs- Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Mendenhall day evening. were Sunday dinner guests of Sunday dinner guests at the Mr. and Mrs. George Mendenhall Charles Frost home were Mr. at Mankato. and Mrs. Rex Grauerholz and Mr. and Mrs. Rex Gratuerholz Mr. and Mrs. Leland Frost and and Jeanie and girl friend;~Terry children. Wilson, of MePherson Classmates of Glenda Bartcher urday morning to the C. held a bridal shower Sunday af- ~ :i ::: !i i 5 ;; home. Mr. and Mrs Leland Frost ternoon in thesE. U. B. Church. and family were Sunday dinner Mr. and . Leo Lake and versary Sunday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wad, and family arid ,Mr, guests of the Frosts. The Grauer- children of Manhattan spent the holzs left for home about 3:00 weekend at the Stanley Marr p.m. home and visited relatives and Leland Kindler of Colby came friends. evening to his mother's Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Silsby and left Monday morning for his took Mrs, Yoder of Concordia to work. Kansas City last Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Baker cele- consult an eye specialist. brated their 48th wedding anal- "-"*~*'~=:-=------ ==~ ~:- WEBBER BRIE~ This is the pickup that's built, ~ld and serviced by truck men. That means it's tough and dependable. Check this. A double- rugged suspension and frame. Engines? A snappy V-6 and an in- line six that are built to last. King-size tires standard on V-6 models. Four headlamps instead of two like most ethers. You simply get a lot more truck with GMC. Why not check out a GMC Camper-Pickup right now! 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