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February 18, 2016     Jewell County Record
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February 18, 2016

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10B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Tnur$cloy Fe0rua,--y 18. Z016 Northbranch By Em=~a Dillo~ Expectahon~ are mnmng high tot a new Mile girl it+ arr|vc M~nlday aT the hospital m='~ Hays. She will )ran the Harkncss II~nlily at the No.rthbr~ch parmnage along ~m~ ~ I~r~C l i(t) bmth- e~. Isaiah, Jacob and David, LaVae (.;[over has had visitors who .stop m for a chat while he is shut in. '[lu,~ [ am aware of who have visited are Christi l ,owls. Kemzim J'efl:ery.Todd Jeffery ~ Pulrnn Lewis. His daugh- ter. Gwen. MO~ iJs quite msu) ly to keep labs on him ~d his diet. Walt W~J|iIL~ ancl A nastasia stop.l~"d an ~"V~' S=*d,tsy following church t, leave him a hag of Valentine cecal. ie Anastasia made little sacks filled v.'mlh dainty Valemme goodies and pas ed them to everyone a( chtm:h folkmlng the sem~ice. Johfl Par~lns t.x)ntiJm~ to have ~- sen: puma from issues wJkh tim verte. hrae m hi', nc~k h would be ~r helpful ml the VA would q',eed up their ap- pomtmcnls tbr him. lcam~ Davis attended the Ash Wednesday service at the McllVodist Chun:h in L~banon. John and F n~ a Dillon .~tayed pa.~ of FrMay and then part of Saturday in Graml [sJarm,J. Friday lohn wa ~ an out. pamienl al St. Francis Hospital to have II1 dial3 ~i ac 'e:,~ clea.tled becau.~ it had ,:iv.ned amid cou.]d r, om he u.r~'d, Sat utday he then dialyzed at the Grand I,land center. Marly and l.mz Ieffery .~layed the cekend m Trihu no, visiting his sisteL Judy and Brae,: |'iez~m and his hrodser+ Mike. RaLv ty and .l'uel Hughe~ of Ro~ul were ~, ckend guests of her parents+ Kermtl and [.~yt.'e Jefl'ery. helpmng Kermit celebrate his hirtltday. A surprise celebration was p] at'tiffed a~d carried ~mt fi~r Tim and Wand;, Wamer's 25th wedding anniversary Saturday evening in the Fellowship Hall at N=Ir'thhranch. A gt~.x.lly numrmlx.r el rein1, ~ amid frierMx ate chili ,or, t1. h~.l~. hot d=L~ and cake pn:pared b'u Allison and friend. Kyle. wm?h the help of ~arh Wamer `]ml and Wanda ended ~ p .r mrashimlg their own party an hour early They were hlcs~,ed with many alteildi:IL2 in I~elp Ihemla cdebrat . [>;l~q,tkr J,ln~ttl)+trl lJ,mrkllc.*,~, we[- cm.I)nlL't] thE" ."~,t'~l"t t) ~lr.il)~. h I u ~|ds (' h I*rch C4')n~:lc~dt:h HI .%tmrl~la} m,icwrliug, imtvlud. any ~.t*,a.~r~ ~.lilld'+. Ulkd-[,tiC] .Hugh.r '*, and t;k'ur~ and %tze[ epwrt Mlzsm ian~ ~L're l-.tm, D=lhm and Kelly ~lLm~'~il '}~,lk]' ScI~, [li~ +iS fishers w,C;O~" Wall Wll[ffh. ]-wren ",~'amer and Glen Wa.lllt.'l. Pa.'+moT J !ql"-. '~efrnt:.l) I ~.1 ',?.'as t rmn t::x,~dn, dlaptm ,I amid 12. "l)mi~ deal~ ,'ith the tlmm-q piugmme which the Eg)'pttai)s lind h~ deal "Wl.ll~'l -- that of the death -t time |up,1 h~.rn tff hmmlans ;tl~,t,-I arlmml'~,tl~. It.Vith !.t~. h[cK~lt~l L~.I~ r~ t I.L'mL'd Jaulh, L~]I like d4~-.ll'll,I+ a n Church Sunday morning. His elected xclt'lpItmre read.- log was I Conn'~hia.ns 13:8-13. As Christians we are reqtmired ~t) land up and pr~'~aimll II',-e mes age of God's love. By doing .so Christians can es- ~m oppo~ilion tr,~mll the unlavu, d Ill that dt~s not give U~ ~ t 'K,i.'lm~.~.' tim+ r!.ot pmclasm it. We sl-,~uld nol Ix" a,lmanted of testml'ying hUl should nol I-tm.-e the wathotnl ~mvh=~.g a warning. He was ntessagedown ~opLe'slhmais+Je~,u~ pte C~il for Ih,+.se in vznpIlU"e anti i.s camemosave~,~=pLennmcomldenmthem. present v.ith i~oPIe I(.~.lay. comt 4anlly A Chri~mian should die me ~et| Ior Ihc tr.vnn~ Io OraL, Ihem LU- Him~ll. rake of others, sacrificing mtr wants Sunday v i-'~ i[ois t"onl iZl) to wish Je~m i)a~ kx a happy Valentine' Day ~ere Ktrm~ and Alan Davis. Blake, A'na and scrzl;.t (hant Davis and We ,lon "N at2n,: Cram+# :rod Shawmla It= mnc of Down s and "]'ravmn and Ca s~,i Miu'kot M 'l.a~ulh were Sunday e~merlmmig vtsm~ts of Broil and Beth Walker They tunic tt~ s~e baby Wyatt. Cole attd S hlmtel Mt d b n of Cowle.x rosined her paremils, the Wall ~u~i D~,axlmla Wfltitts family. Sunday ai~eo~m. Clang Sunday In Sam and Ah,+.' t ;mllett'~,huuse were Victoria. Makay la and Cade l 'F vuyer. They eamne e~pe- +-nail)' It) see Wyall W;mlker aJld to brinE him ~lm of Curie's Ihings. Makavla dmdn't ilavc m:h(ml Monda'r bo.'au~: ,t te~'her inservice which her dad *~COI L had to all ~d. Vicluna had Prexmdenl'~ L)a) oft from work. Sunday evemng )int. Kit11, [)c~'x'~ alld JemTti, d (.hlicu ,rid Brcu. HeLh. l.mh. Claire and W~,Im ~ flkei ~- .-+ at Sanl .'imld Alyce's t~,r a Muddy [oad~; have ,ffteJ:t I~'cn the t~pic of di~ctm Mnn Jn Ibis pat'1 ~1 the Country. ]lie moisture ~+. certainly a hic sing+ b~4i among ~ili] mt has t.-~)'ure a)an3 challenges fi,r lh~se with fa:~l'l ttm,n:~ ~ll'ld t}ie many uther folk wll~> h:~s d i3 m~vels St+me0rme in Ha~tmngs t0r the wanLs o[ ofl~Ps. We ca~ tlom walk il~. love and be tell'rash ~11 at the saill'te lime. Seriptu, r is fll[L~J wmth the evidence of Gt',d+s luvc for u'~. Cilapter 13of] Corinthians i.~ known as the love chaplet. The final ver~ mn the chapter says "'And now the~ mhrev rema,n: t aRh, hope and lure.'+ B~I the gl~,alesl cif the is love. The Valentme of love tmnl Cknl is fi*r eyeD'one. Darmmz amid Lilly Barne Red ('loud. ~, re Smiday v~sitors or Danny. ('hH and (;lenml) Barney. Sunday Wall and Peggy WLh.on visited Beulah Wib, cm ai the 'no ptta] in Su~or. Girt S~.',~Ul ct~t+kies are on sale now. l]o'nlee M~ulinL~ sl<~pl~,'d b) Uncle Clifh,rd and Atnml (~'[eilP]y Rarnes" home St|i+day aficnttmn to gmv her s;iies p~lch! Sutmda '+- e, mng. Feb 21+ ~, the pu~u.'ake-sau,age ~,uppcr at the Bun Oak Commumn~y ( 'enter. The ~vpper slxmsoyt.M by the Bun- Oak Contnm- nity Ctub P, eg~ns al 5 p n~. mxd lasts until 7 p.m. A ~ree will offering wmll bc takeB. Prt~.-o~ds [t't~-I'll Ihe snpl" r g~m~, to help wilh Ct~.lllrnk~nit) Chmh pmjec IS such as ~hofarMl~l'~ ('lowers |,ar the lx~ts a[tmg Main Street, 4nh of July "elebratiml and other events tlutmlzh. t+um the year. This week's report;rot Honkoto Uwstock, Inc. Friday, Feb. 12 14 BWF Heifers 798 1.40000 16 Mix Heifers 784 142.00 15 ~WF Heifers 784 '~.325.00 65 BIk Heifers 819 141.75 15 Bik Heifers 786 1.325.00 13 Mix Heifers 768 13900 13 Bik He[Mrs 786 1,300.00 34 Btk Heifers 780 137.50 36 Bik Heifers 7,~0 1,250.00 20 Mix Hemfers 645 135.00 18 BIk Heifers 719 1,250.O0 ~D Mix Steel 503 209.00 14 Red Heifers 739 1,175.00 20 Re~ Steers 669 16A00 19 BWF Hi, Mrs 674 1.175.00 12 Mix Steers 690 156,25 12 BIkHeifors 758 1,150.012 20 Mix Steers 676 154 ~5 14 BIk Heifees 775 1.1~5.0~ 25 B)k Steers 698 154.00 1~ BWF H~ifers 748 t,125 00 12 Mix Steers 760 152,25 21 BIk Heifers 693 1 ,D00+00 58 Mix Steers 885 148.85 21 BIk Neifers 720 1,000.00 63 Mix Steers 822 I48.50 16 BIk Heifer~ 422 I82.00 27 BIk S~ee~s 848 144.00 12 Red Hollers 537 162.00 57 Mix Steers 920 141.00 14 Mix HoLlers 601 153.00 12 Mix Steers 940 138.00 15 ~lk Heife~ 678 146.00 19 BIk Cows 1,221 t,060.0~ 25 BIk Heifers 676 143,00 Consigned for Feb, 19 20 R~ ~n~s I~elters. 700-4~00, repta~eme~t ~l~y: ~ BPk ~rs an~ Heile~s. 550-6s0 ~t0 Red ~ngus Steers and Heifers, 700-~,00. 60 M~x S?ear~ an~ I Mi~er~, 700-800 95 Mm Steers and Hedezs. 600-800 Jon Ruhtr,~l. ?85-374.4577. Ceff 785+B19.81 ~5 Nell Bourey, 40P-879.5565 S olt Gre,lh~, 785.545-8617 Kelly Boueay. 402-879-3C51. Ce~t 407 879.55~7 Ionia R,xTR ~. hmught the Su~tla)-u)t);n- ing ,mmcs~age ul i=mia Unim,:d M 'ltm~isl Church: "F'uit h, Suffering, "]'rails+ t~,'r- seculicm, (.h xi'> (;fory .'" .~ ri pi ure read ~as Mark *~:2-29. I)anny ~nld Marc)' Simlmwlknk ~ere g tcr~, amid Dam+rely ~a~ ti|r u~.her. Marcy lira the altar cand]e,~, [.iilda Ktphii ~as ti'W pi:,~ist. Dk'k Schl:,cfli provided tly2 SlX'cial by pa.~,irlg out Va Icnml n dc or;mted ~+-,~)k- ies. J BIt.'r. R.I1~.l RLi~t.' '~el'll t,D Murik+'mto .'Ind hrought the mnc~c at Harmony I hiited Mcmh~k,4 Chnr, 'h. VoMnieers iroui the hmia t.rulted Melh(Mi~t ('llnrcl~. art" Io v, ork ~ith wdunieer~, f(uPi~, [tie Bul)Linl C'iiurch at the "]'hdl'l Shop [n M;mkJ.kl~ ',m [-eh. 19 and 20, ('u'ke a I~,tl W ;i n lla W right ;in.+ g re'ql- gr-,mdparene, ,nee again, liverly Slid- lot w~ns I~+m itch. 9, She islh daugh- Ler ol- Rubble and Jennib 'r Jep%en, Miift~rd. Ncb and grautlp~renls are Sl 've and Anneme Rolh. Everly has three sb, lers Io w lconw I~er homl~. Sunday night I?me men of time h+niu L Jnited Mcliu;dist 'hurdt plmm,wd and tl~;*tiu' the annual Valenline supper v, iih the woilten of the Chl:lr.e}l zkx glitch. Waffles. sau~ge, eggs were .~m'~ed wilil k-e creatmi fnr dc'~;.~rl Valenline de+:orution~ were on Lhe tables urmd eztclq ",Aoil"=un re iccd rw~es and a h=~'x ~1' chtwo]ate candy t"had and far, Carter vi~ilcd Col, e :rod Wanella ~'rtigfmt ~,n Valemlr[+~e's Day. Dick .ni'kd (;hlri:t Schlaefli Ma)'~.'d I.',~t Monday .'aid -iucsd-y ~i~iuinLz Mark. Ki m. Lind Aim)sh:y Viols. (;irJrd. ()n file ~;.kv I~ (.;itard, Dick ur=d (;h,ria had Momiav Immeh with D;mrc) all ('her.vl Willlarmm~ iml [" I l>ar:,do. Friday. tlle I.T(" at the Milchdl t'oumy HoH~ilal, Reh~il ~r*,ed a VM- ~.'11,1ille ntK~n ILinm.'h Io ?he n ,nidemlt~ ~.klld Iheir tan'filie~. H;J n dd Sht ~ ~m,kcr's I~ =, ~i~ters. Vir~ini;= [~mgbs, M~,ry~,~ ill,:, urid Judy Weber. l'mo)' 'don~,"+. ilh Ne~ u -~lit~.'li|tlkt'r. had hnlch x~ itln H,krnhl. The ~.t:mtT l-ixetl :n labl ic}r tilem, ah mg itll lheir o+tms.in. Rt~li [)eun+ u, he i*, a reMdeitl Lffil.I R~+II"~, ~.+, Ih'. i:r,mnle. 1 Esbon B~- Gleana Fago 1-~+ help ~']elza, zmmLxh~ai expenses a )Li:tidra~xer h+r ,Tast,i$ and Janae Ryan will he heJd ;,~ the E'~Nm ('~.~llUlUnily Center Saturday st~/ting al S:3g~ p.nl. "[-he~ umll be taCd)s a-lid all nhe tixings. Any tltlCMi~)nscan h~ direc I .X| Io Natalie Fro.st. L.&M Thud.day Beverly Fmxt went tm> |niped, al, where she helped grand. ~,n K~le Bt,rges~ ceFebraze hi~ hJrlh. day. We repmled a week or two, ago that Kenneth l.ewm.~ was m the honpilal in Red Cloud. He wa, released hut was [OIX'L"d lo return I',ecattse a bucket of the pneumon,a His ~,n. Ed. Md)h l~n, dlq i, e i=-p q, tll5 '~ L'Ck tO ~ [MI h~ dad. ,&n~+lhe [ [,:sl~m Htg h gradt|ate~ In) (.hllcnn. is alcoa patient mn the Red ('loud hospilal. Because of the mumnlerous I:undmiser~ being held al this time die 1 mmldLtlJger~ tJl li~e Village ('at,' have dL'cJdcd ntki to havre a mhJxd Suuday duuier m EehTUal-~ Be,eriy aud O ,llglit i:mst went t<.l (Jtbhm J;rzda) It+ a~tcnd the funeral of Elmer Ji~r~em,~ the Iadmr of their son- m-law. I.ommie Jurp.'m Word |iascome IO I s.lmn t ha! David Taylor died Jan. 2';. Dave owned the middle 'rriplett house mn E, hon for many )'eats. When he retired he ntt,~,'ed into it. More r~.'entiy he had purchased the north one (pf the three, tore it down and since landscaping .~med to behis thing he made Imth yards look very aLtracUve. As he. N ~.'ause of failing health, fuu0d iL LleL"eh~;.ary k| gO else- where he sold h.oLh properties to Eldon and I~iiah Pate who already own and live nex$ doo~ arid a hL~ge impmvemcnL for the ,sorth cad of tOWn. Last Tue sday the l-;sl-a m Cml y Coun- cil h id th i* Febntary meetmg at their new area of the Coninrunity Cooler. Prestnl we~ Ken Mafihugh, Eidon Pate, B~b Mizner, Daphne Marling mld.l'. D. P~emes, along with Li|a Fw~t. mreasu~r, and Brian Vobori). clerk. The had condition of tim city streets since the mow along with other regu- lus business was disetm~d. Where did ml comte from? Really then:' i.s no t~dcra] hohday cai) 'd Presnlenis Day. il is 'qii] officnally Washmilg~on'~, hiFIhday. After our firnt presndent died in I7~9 Ih~s young na- t,n~. ~anied to hono~- hinl. so an unof- FLu,al -h.~n'ance was cmeatc~l and until L,I 187~ il was made a federal hotiday. However no slal ~ at Ihe lime. J,n i.l the Dmstricl of Columbia. ob~cned it. In I~F,5 ~t was adopted for all the states. Thal w&s when Washington's birthday along with New Year~ Day. |ndel'~n- dr~ce r~ , +,ay. Thank.giving and ('ikrism- mas were holidays ohse~ed hy hanks. For 6{) years. Washin~;to, C s birthday' wax an established holiday, hut during thih lime ~vcral states started recog. nizing Lincoln's hi~hday as a staLe holiday, while others recogai/ed Tho- ma Jefferson. [n the 1950s. propo.~als were made to combine Lincoln's and Washington'shir~days+lhen then was auother idea lo honor all ~sid n.Ls q.uim Ma~ch 4. "[hose ideas all failed. Lm nc~,In" s birlJvJay w~ ~ never a f ~ ram holiday, although ii v,'a,~ honored ~an-c pbces. I do remember when ! went hack to work mn the early ~)satter ! had been jusl a plain ht>ur wife a~d a St;ly at home mother the hank wax clm~xl In+ Ix+th Feb. 12 and 22 tar file two presi- dents. Washing km arm Li~oln. [n 19"I I when Richard Nix~;n was pn:sident. Ctmg~ss came up wiLh I1~ Monday h~fliday Ldea to give workers a three day weekend with Washingto,r" s bruit- day along wllh Columbus Day. Me- morial Day, and Velt:rans Day all includ~t in the Monday huliday i+.sue. In 1<~80 Veterans Day wa s moved 'l'~u+,k to fls <=ri).zinul day of Nov. I I. Ihal because of many pTOt~ts. President' +, +Jr Washmgmon' birthday slayed i~ the grmnp arm many ~tales nt'~w Obsurve il on the third Munday ot February. "l'hi.~ may have ns all confus~,d and wonder- mg what and when soatething +,'i'd change. Anyway hecati~ this year is what it is J will h: turning in these items early, i Consignments Wanted Farm Machinery, Vehicles. Boats, Riding Mowers. ATVs, Tools, Shop Equipment and Etc. Consignment Auction to be held Tuesday, April 5 on the North edge of Mankato, Kan. To Consign/terns Calf Matt Becker (785) 648-0226 Nell Bouray (402) 879-5566 A dvertising Deadline Monday, March 7 BECKER AND BOURAY AUCTION SERVICE Matt 8ecker and Neit B0uray 240Acres LAND AUCTmON CLAY COUNTY, NEBRASKA Fr,day March 4, 2:00 p,m. Aucti0~ will be held in the Edgar Community Building, Edgar, Nebraska Treat I (Located a12208 Road 307 E0gar, Nebraska at lhe intersection of RD 307 and W RD,) SW 1/4 ~,-6~5W, Clay County, Nebraska This tract includes a mix ef grav~ irrigated Land as well as native p~l~re tand. There ms an estabhshed b u~Um~ silo that will tm 0ffete0 as a separate sulv tract and in c0mbinati~ wqh Ihe farm, li I~ ludes I~vestoek buildings, farm equipment stor~ as well as a moOerr~ older home Tract 2 {Localed 1 mime west 01Tmcl 1 at the comer of RD 307 & V AD). W 1/2 SW I/4 33-6N*GW, Clay County, Nebraska "r'hrs I,act inclu~s predomma~y high qL~iity gravdy imgaleel acres with a ~agoen area iocat~:l ai ~e s0UlflweSl comer 011he farm, F0r more lnf0rrr~ti0n on 1his auction, c0nsu~lour web s~le c: email us at wtwe. nu Metauclion,com Io receive a PIP with perline nt information about lhe farm Or call 40~.463-8,~. and Realty, Inc. Nelda Yost Trust, Seller Chad Yost, Trustee ~} JtCi~:L:, ~[i l~x( weeks pa[x'r x~'ere ~)la ,I u jigsaw pL~zle. You would be ~adLmlg a~mL ~mtu:t.h.i ug R qd r.leM thirlg you kne~,- you would i~ readin~ ~rme- thmng dtai ~a~, nut a It)llowup at all. ]L didn't just ha plxm ,~m~e bum olhe~ t,nes at1 through the ~:<|]timz~li~ SOl'i~' I Ilase mY.(m) mdea h(,~ su~:h a thmm%g hupix'ned bUl can only gut |n I}ie itei|~, alx~ui nil' gran~l-~tm Bill. It should have flowed inlo the pare alx)ut he wax a]~ ~ orkLng the Super Bowl game nn ~hxh the Broncos were playing I~ the thatch i1 $a it should have read Lane Underwtnal and Jt'rrtH.i (i41h.'tl ,erred an usher. II Jewell .y r+r,a Some i-~opl wnll g~, a long way lu show >uppon for Ihcir Ic-i.u n. Butch mid A nn l I B mtrk s" [zranddaug hte r. Tay)o; McQuc,~,q. is one t:~,a)~lp~c Wimerl IP,:r ilom leanl, the Denver Br*mcos+ won the Sul~+r Bug I. she wanted I~.l~.LIIn t~m~ celebramion vce] oming the Vlulors hack Io Denver. So Taylor, u s,uphomore at Pittsburgh Slate Ut~iversily here in Kansas, talked tO lmr pmt;cssors and oolite led he r smudi es so she could make the (:]~} remit trip home to Castle Rtx~k, Colo. One ather profess,ors at PSU. an avid Bronco ran himself encuumged her '~a)ing, "'YOU can alv.'a).s remake up a tesl! This is a once in a lifetime event!"S TaylurIefl~,~und 1 1 Mort- dam ntomlng G>rh; had heeml hauled tc~ Concordia+ It takes ai",Oul one and a half hou~ tbr each mack Io go m ('t~n ordia ~rid n:lum tO .l' ~,e|i Laura Waiters sh3tL'*.] her mnu ,ical la]enl at t[u.' Sunday service at Ihe Chri s- Imau church. Ak'xns and ].ogall Arasmnmlh amid Ihetl dog ~ere Friday nighl amid Satur- da.', gue~l> o[ their grand~n:nt~. Stes and Karen Mclntyrc v, ent lu Wh:hila for a weekend vi~itinl+ rein- lives. l~hola (Jrift~ lh and Sharon "l-ullar att i~dcd lh*: Salutrd;ty alto'matt camp. eta, c[uh n~etmng In ]]eloml. Marilyn Griest went to Lincoln, Kan F:ida) to attend the Icstixitics Ilion:- She donaled ht:'lllC Of Lincoln inenlorabiha her lute huxband Rod Gnesl had co)]cc|ed lo the [.inc~lln museum. Payne Pasture Cleadng Thursclay FeL' a% l~l ~l,)'r~ JEWELL county RECORD 10A ,"7, Amber Loomis's cookbook c~llectio~l is on display at Ihe Jewell Public Libra~ for the month of Febrary, Tm Slrait, Corg'ordia. siaycd with her grandparents Carl and Marsha Knarr while her parents Brian and Amanda Strait wenl to ('alitbmia uo watch a niece nm in arm Olympic trials marathon. The Valentine dinmlur sponsored Sunday at the Je~,ull ConmlunilF b,Liild+ mg hy nn:nlt~rs of the Christian Church was well atlet~dcd. Monday altemot~n the Jewell C~umlty R*.'adtrs Club mrmt al the cmmml- try homne u[ Manlyn Grie~t. Tla.' Ixmk members had read and di~'l.lgsed was "KJllml~,g l.mncoln" by Bill O'Ri)~ey. Marilyn led Ihc dis ilssion. MarnL)-t, has the buildin~ that houses the Lin- coin Cellos'than of her late husbaml Remd Grmest. "Uhere were 14 woolen who attend 'xl the did'trod, slit. Marilyn ga,~' each, one at tbo-hC atlending a |.in 'oln sotm~, nmr. The next met.ring ,LII I'~' April 4 mn Randall. Members w m 1] n-'ad mM d m sc ~m s~ "'SAY in g (' eL'c,c.'" Frank and Thelmlta Shelton. JeFf Shdton and Cha.~, K)lea Shetwn. Nathan Sffashurg, am'M l)ehra St~b, h~+stcd a ~.~ llh birthday celebralmn hon- ori|Lg Opal Brandtm ai the Be|otto ho~,pimal'~ ~ sidenm c;~e -enter where she res,des. "Thelma made the cup- cake~ and Debra made the mnitml~, und ~rved the guesl ,~ Thu!,' all h',v I dinrm ]aLer al a tale. Thursday FrankandThelma Sheltoa had lunch with her mother at the rest- kmt care center, Beloit. Io honor Opal for her bmFmhday which was Feb. I I. Friday they aluended a Vulemin+e din- nor for the residenis and ~cir families. They also alR.-l~le(i a Valentine social time tbr the residents of Hilltop laKIg to be with Ronnic Rnssell. Strawberry shortcake was ~rvL-d to the oJ~;l~cmlts and th.cir families. S;mlly Rov,e ~,~, crowned Valentine (~k~211, S;III', +'+ + fomler Jewell res,demtt. Mom~tay, Rachel C r~,s ~ ~:t~t I~,~1. ing wrth Friends at Concordm. Friday was Abraham t mct~hf 2()7th birthday+ Rachel ('rot~2 hmmcd a birthday party in honm of [.ino hl al Ihe S+.'~p in lowell. Several attended. mn ludiml~ Melinda }teadrtck R~+w. Manhattan. I.ogun Arasmilh. H, ca,omt. won Ihc I kl~oln "]ri'tma c|~]nm.L'%t Auailiary met Ash Wednesday Je~elt Anlei:ll,:,aJi m ~l(millm ;lit' [ Ammx lharv inel for a delayed hl&tT r11et-Ilmtg on ~