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February 18, 2016     Jewell County Record
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February 18, 2016

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7A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Library will display troll eolleetlon The library would like to make a corr ~:tion lo the lasl libri~ new am- nouncet~ent. Them v.em a tt>|aL ,J' 9{) Ix.~okr, received from lh l.lbri [.ounda. tmn lor chn]drenz and voting adults |a it lll, o~'u h. AJ.~, the h henri ackn;~w ledges Ihem have been ~4 bra~d new DVDs do- nat~ tu the hb[ar~ to hap expand the growm~ llhrar~ ot DVD~. 'rh ~ and othet lilies nL'~ Io the libraJ'y will be a~ailahle s~on. Mary Itobbms will be tfisplayh)g bet sizeahl c, dleclion of trolls m Lhe display case at the libra There art large tn~llx aad,~ma].l lnll]s, career trolls, mTernaLiutt~j trolls and Disney I~)l~.s. Mankato Rtgl Rose, lay pa.stot'~ opened the sort ~ce a, Harmony United Moth,glint Church by presenting the announce. meul~. These included: the deadline Lo o:der lickels for the men and boys rally that wdl he held March 7: Feb. 21. the hand hell chuir will ring dutittg Hammny' ,noming worship, a polanY bar dinner will be held aL the M~nkato Conlmuntty ('inlet with proceugds 10 go toward the Joey Zadina scholarship fund. the firsl of the weekly lenten servicex will meel at Harmony at 5 p.m. with a llghl snpper pn)vided. The worship begar~ with an organ prehlde by Rosalie Menhusen Amelia l~oth lit the altar candles with help from her grandma. Vo~a Wakefield During the children's me,sage, lay paslor talked abont the Bible Sl }l~ o1" the boy Wilt) was sick. His father asked Jesns Lo heal Mm. In thai conversation the father .~ald he believed Jesus coldd heal his ann. hul "'help my nnhehef " Lay pastnr then talked with the chil- dren atx~u, be:ief and unbelief anO G(~3"s help with believing. Special music wag a v(K~a] xO10, "'Redeenung Love," hy Coralvn Kauh~tan. a c~lmpanied by Rosaiie Menhn~n. Phylli~ Smith wa ', rec~gnized by Harmony UMW with a ~po.:ial n.'<'og- nildon pin. Vernon Snider was lltmo~d ftwhi~ work ~nd supporl of Harn'amy %; UMW wiLh a SlX:C~al "'dedicated IighL" symbolizing a gtfl Io mi-,sk:n~ in his name. Pa,;tor {.;orD Sharp led the serviqe . -Wl,~du people ~,av [hal I anY.' Whodo ytnJ ,:,y lhal ] alri'"" P ler an~wemtl. "Y~.I ale the (.'hrl~t.'" I%>l 'r heln ~ d at Ihi.~ pt:inl, l.aler. Pqler dcliic'd IX$ k:ilew Je',u' He bel~.'ved, hul ~ie nL%.~Jed help with tml~diel. In an~,|her place. Jesus q;,led. "'Whoever de res Io save his L=l will h~,e ,t. Wht~ver Io~ his hfc lot IIl~" ~.ak and the/g=~spels will Ix" ~,l~ed.' We may I~ a.~ked Io gl~e up ll~.lll~', ~'~I thill[ arc i.tujl,Orl.alll In this lilt. l ~t JeSUs ~ake and the ~,ake ot t~i~' ~oH~t He |hen ~lx~ke ~It' Ih.e ""lraris IignTailon'" in v.h~ci~ th,: d,sc:pLes s:,v, ,M~ e, and ]-':tJ.jah. ~,o il~l~ ~,lu~ 9,ett' long dead Peter wa, afraid hut he wattled tO ptoIt inn fits moment h.~ b~lld- ill~ a IHefllorlril lenl. -lhi~ it~ ~hat JeMl~ ins:tell when eitrller. He had ~ald lilt" di-~'iplcs wt add ~ee His kingdom c,~me. Lay pastor Ihen s]~)ke of the hr~" who was .~ic k and who~e Falhl.ir asked ]esitis to lteal him We. hxt. hate lillle~ when wc ask (hxl to help u~ wHh oar nn'r~ - Ilel. l:LqlOwlng the serxlce, the congre. g;Ill,till .;irtd others gathered in Fellow- ~tup 14aLf l~r the '*~e my valel~lill '" dlam.'t The inem~ wa~ h~er(wk-* baked I~,~tah~ .a~Llp an~ hr[:Wllies, t'rat and Sara tiroiit made the I~lerOL'kS. }:rancil~e t-.taxi made Ihe ~ulp. Pi~)llis ChrEslie helped wflhdec~rations, and many olh- cr~ helped v.ilh brOwnle.x altd desserts and rehshes, [~.~lr prizes and qnizzes added IO lhe fun and f lMv,'ship. Saturday Wynn anti Owen Alexander. Cold~aiet. were vi.siLorS oi I)~r~x Alexander. W~tle and L.ynelte Alexander are in Or]mlda Fla v he~e Ihty me altend- mg a continuing medicM educalion seminar. While ia Orlanda riley are ~h hou.~guesls of Wray Alexander. The Girl Scouts have Ix~en knock. i ng on doors a-s ~t's %-o~ k ~e I inle'" again, Butch and Betty Th~mp~n were in Rail to vL-dl Richard aml Pare, Rylie and Cale. They atte~idcd a I~,kelhall game to see ( 'ale p~,a.~ ;rod allended, a music program at Sk)lille Schcml to see ther gmmlchildren pt.r forni, 1.cav- ing Prall the) dt, v m Kan,as City to visil a ~e~ day in Ihe home of Amy and Tale Kersz, They attended the c heerle~td mg con~.pel ithrns of Tara n and Stephan ie and reptwied that ~tlh (if the girls teams won fii"s in their divisions Tare was gone lo New Hamp,~hire to watch Braltd,m pla~, in a h,~ckey tour, namenl tk" w a al~le h~ gel }i ~2anles on ~,nternel ,~o Am~ Lind the te.',l of the" fanuk cm,ltl ~arz'h ffnm home. [~~r]x Alexa~'idL.r and Alma Zadma ~,enl t- .~l~l~rar~t l,~.', I Wednc last'rue~a)' Lo ~x alch the girls h:.sketb:41 game. The team ix coached h~ their ttrar~ddaughter~ Sha~.Linn Kau~. I,asl Wednesday rooming, the Rallsbac ks w enl h~ Ho~ie lo vixil then daughter. Jt~l.lnn Kaus. A tt,istlngs resltleni ~ilil ttes lo Jex~ell Cou~l). [tcthaab l hr]u|g a~ I~' n i|anied to Ihe fall semester Dean's I.i-~t for Ike t'~)llge ol Ig, li,tcalftm ii~ld ltninan S l-vi s ~nd II'ie I-IM of Dis- Linguishcd Mudenl~ for ~he Explore ('i.'nlcr at I lie Unlv l~il)' of Nebraska at lancotn. She is a junior m:9oring in clcn'~er~tary educalion and early chiLd- hLxM edu~aLion, ,%,lliy ]" igh,'~, Abilene. ~a~ a Sat- ~rda ~ ~isilot of her mothel. Shana RuLh~trtnn. A~D al~o all~ nlJt:d the bas- kelball galn~ al Dty~llS III ~hich he ncplle~ Aaron Undcrv+t~ l. played. Republic By Belly Boutay Ill I I Bill and Connie Snlith ale Valen- tine dinner in Hardy on Sunday afler- n(~L)n, Betty Bouray visiLed her pa.ren|s, Roberl and Arlene Ahrens, Superior. Rae Hohson Memorg.al LibraD' ptll Iogether 37 plaie~ ,f l~.~,ldies and la- dled several c~x>kiex and cupcakes tlet'ore each Laking home and deliver- Ing them to Supermr+ Courtland, Scandia. Repuhlic. Belleville and Conc(trdia. Bringing sntiI~ along the way, Ka~n Brov, n A,hworth. Will,stun, N.D v.as a ~e~.'kelld vi itor of par- enls, Mark and [xn~ann Brown, last week. Kamn x ~nHed Ln be honored at the RepnhlicC~mnl) High ~'h(~:l bas- kel hall ~ame along WlLh the girls team. Several fn,m the area enjoyed the 2nd SaLurdav ('ate. The Do NolhillgS met al Ihe Belleville Heahh Care Center and played BINGO with the residence aad were all winner Alter BINGO ended I hey eelel'~ated Sh i~ley's birlhday with gifl ~, Coffee was set'l,'L~l a-.~d the table cleared as they pl;lyed a few gam ~. Pat Dinning ~,'a~ h0~l fur the day and 1reared me m he r~ Io a Valellt i ne g(KId ie. Others allending were Belly Bouray. Jolie R~Mge[s ~lnd Stiltl ~ Johl)~n. Next nstirnh, lictty Boura) wilit be host ~+llh IIIne and place Lo I~ annoura.'ed. Darrell Hanson is the winner for thts week's burger night. Republic b0sines~ feaLured th.i- week i~ the P~wn tlv,lian Musem. The Pawnee were Lhe domillaal power on the Central Plains> and the Kitkehahk i.or Repub'[ican, hand of the Pawn~ mtfl d here along the Itepuh- hcan River abeul 1820- Thi~ ,~alled Indilm commuaily with more than 411 latgeCarlh h~lttes and a winLer populit- tit)it t)f 1 ,ll(Kl Naliv,d Americas would be lull and aetive during t~' ~mter, lth a much slnaller D~p~lmion during the ,~imuner. hireling se&~nn, B) I P,3t) wt~',d hecam ~carce and the land was no longer pl~lUCliV . The ~dlage wa aband