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February 18, 2016     Jewell County Record
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February 18, 2016

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6B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS T~ursday. February 1B. 20~6 Thuesday Fe~t,~r'~ P*I 2016 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 6A Courthouse News Jewell Caumty TralFN: Enrrilmy Tanlayo Cedcno. ~l~-ed- in~. $183. Patrick Gregory Chatham. speed- eng. $234, Br;~den M, Clapp, driving while hteliSe cimcelled-M,i ~pended- revoked. M53. Jcntl5 lk'Sp~m, dnving on dghl "~lde Of I t~ad~ ay requtred. S 183. Amanda Mac Keeling, speeding. $19.5: vehicle regLstration. $1 ~1, Shella D, Knott. vehicle registra- tion. $2og. Derek W, McCh ,~nvy. ,speeding. $1~3. Adrian Medina. speeding, $153: child passenger safety reslraining sys- tems and eat behs. $60. Sage M. ShalL~. spL't~ing. $333. Waude L, Underwood, speeding, $231. Kalhryn At;,ce Wellman. speeding, 5)159. Reglster or Deeds Vycke K. Garman and Cindy N. Ktthn, tm tees under LaVeta W inslow Living Trust to Vycke K. Garman and Cindy N. Kuhn truslees of l aVeta Winslow Irreve~'able Administrative Trust: Lot 12 8lock 25 original town- site City of Mankato. V~ckc K (iarnran, tp.tstl.'e O|' [:.all M WI M '~ l.I~.II'Lg ]'ruM. granlor, t,~ Kurhe |. W,lqlw, ~ld Paul R.WtlMm CPA trusle under the Kurhe l Wmsl.v, lrr ~.'ahle "r~l~t Share of Ihu WIp3hh,w '[ Ill',t: a IxI~ i|'FB Of S'ii 114 :'k, utltm 25, "1~=~ n,hip E S. Range lOW: and ix~mn of Ltq 5 of Fractional Sec. non 3qL 'l,v, n Mp 1S. Range tJW Vycke K. Gamlan. IruMec of Eaff M. Wm,dow [Jwng Trllsl. gr-',ntnr. Io Km,ma 5. Bt~yles and ThEm~ah A Adrian tru,tce t~r ~accex~}r tinder the Kimma S. Boyles lrrev~g'ahle Tmxt Share nf the WInsk~w "l'mM. Stank'c: W I/-2 NW I/4 ~'Cllon 25.Township IS. Range ] I IW. Vvcke K (;arman. trtnhtoe of Earl M. Wit~l~ I i~,ng "lrl,st. grantor, t~ Cumly N. Knhn and Pail R Wilsnn ('PA IruMee ,rr ,~ncccs,trr under Ills Cindy N Kuhn ~rrr~.'ahte TrustShare of the Wnn,hm ln~sn: E]I21VWI/4 Scclion 25.3og ni,dnp ~ S, Ranl.' I OW. V.yck K. ( iarman. IruMee of ];atl M. Win~low I ,~]nl-'-l-ru~t. grantor. I,~ K.il~ l Wtr]qo~ and Pa|.fl R. Wil,~on (?PA lrtn,tce or btlCCe%hor under the Kar) l- P;IIMO~ [rre~'ahlt: "l"ruxl Share ot Ihc Will'-Jog "l-r'tl:~t: Wlf2 SWI/J Sectn~,l 2J. lownshlp IS, Range It)W. Vycke K. { ;,irnn,uL tftl.qt~ of F.~ri M. Wirlslow l-is ,n~: ]ruq. granlor. 1o Vwke K. I.;artnatr and Paul R. Wil~m ([i~A IruMee -i ~Itcc-chhor nnder the Jr. High sludonts who parliepaled in entreproneurShip included (~a, ck row, from tell} An0tew Babson, Ty Boiler, Kaylee Bozemao, Josh ()av~s. Trevor Grace, Karrigan Dunstan, Jauctyn Lemke, Ho]den Mauerban. Sam Under~ood. Vycke K. Garman In-eva'able Trust Share oflhe Wi~ slow 'Fn~ st: part of Lot 5, 6 of Fractional Section 30, Town- ship 15. Range 9W, Vycke K- Garman. LT~tee of E, aft M. Winslow Living "[Yugt. go, tatar, Io Paid R. Wd~n CPA tru stee nr I~is successor under the LaVela Winslow Irrevt~ah le'['~-',t Share of the W in~bw Trust: portion of SEll4 Section 25, Township 15. Range 10W, Vyuke K. Garman. trustee of Earl M. WinsZow Living '['n;sl. granlor to KennethL. Wmslow a~dThe Account- ,n~ Cumpany. tnnstee or succes~rrs under I1~ Kenneth I Winslow Irrevo- cable Tru.st Shareofthe Winslnrw Trusl: la,Rion of SEll4 Section 25. Town- ship IS. Range 10W: poni0n oISEIt4 Section25.Town.~hip IS. Range lOW. Secretary trf Veterans Aftmr. grantor, and Ress AtZen Jones and htvphame l e Jtrn ,~ as grantee: N I0( It, t't td l.trl 4: Sttllth ~l feel W ft2 l~T 4 al|d I'1t2 I,ol 5: all in Bltg.k 49 un ,qi~m~J; to~, n~ile Ct~y of Maltk io USD II].7 to Cha~is |:il l|ey and Brian FJnnvy: commencing ~mthwesl cnrne[ of Section g. Township 3S. Range It)W ]udy E. Rurchen h). and thm|tgh her ~lwer ,~l attt~rney Jewy IBivc~ to Ronald A. ].~t~l/and Patri ia ]. Zentz" 17 te,t:t o1 e;rq ,lde ~t 7.89 feel of wes* ~,lde (d ~.ot 7. Bl,u.'k 59, original iOWI:LMI OI Jvv, ell City. ( ~rma Bm~kx t~ R,cki 1)- DeSpain 5r and Jentty DeSpa,n: west 50 feel of Dais I. 2 and 3 B[~a:k i Bishops Addi- thin U> City of Mankato. ('arol M. Gordan anti IXmna J. Rote Irt,Mees of-the Porter [. and Camlen V, Marr Livil~g. Tr0 ~l no Judy Gail Betz, Larry Steven Marr, Carol Sue C,-rfl~m. l~mna Jane Pone fkc Donna JaneMarr undivided 115 irile~s~ to SI12SEI/4 Section 1 I. Township 5S~ Range 8W: NEI/4NWI/4 Section I3. Township 5S, Range 8W. Carol M. Gordan and L~mna J'. Rone, trustees of the Porter L and Carmen V. Mart Living Trust m Melody June Ma~ m~s~ee of'the Mart Family Trust an undivided I/5 i,tler. est: SIt2SE]/4 ,Section 11, Township 5S, Range 8W: NEI/4NW I/4 See'lion ]3, Township 5S, Range 8W Larry Steven Mart and Carol Ann Mart to Lienberger Farm LLC: S I~SEII4 Section II+ 'rowr~hip 5S. Range 8W: NEII4NWU4 Svetim| 13. Township 55, Range 8W. /udy Gail Beta and goberl C. Betz |o Lienberger Farnt [ L(' all our inndi- vtded interest m and to: StOSEt/4 Section I ]. Township 5S, Range 8W; NEII4NWtt4 So.'tion 13. Township 5S, Range 8W. Carol Sue Gordon and James I~maid Gordon to Lienberger Farm LLU all undivided interest in and 1o: SI/2S['U4.5, titm I ~. Township 5S, Range 8W; NE I/4NW I/4 Section J 3, "[ownship 5S, Range 8W. /ames Adam Mart and Jennifer M, Man- to Me|c, dy/une Man Trustee of Man- Family Trust all ol his fight, title and interest in SIt2SEtt4 5~.'tion 1 I, Township 5S, Range 8W: NEP4NW I/4 Section 13. lown.~l~tp 5S. Range 8W. Tanlara Ann Man--Crum and (ire- galT E. Crum to Melody Junue Man- Trustee ol tke Mart Family Trust lo l.ienberger Farm LLC ail undivided |nlereM in and in: SIt2SEI/4 Section !1. Town h~p 5S, Range 8W; NE I/4NWlI4 Sectkm 13, "l'owtlship 5S. Range 8W. D,nna Jam: Rtmvand R~xlney Tobe Rone t~ Lienberger Fatal LI,C all un- divided interest in and to: 51BSEI/4 Se~titm ] l, Tuwnship 5S. Range 8W; NEIt4NW1/4 ,~t~m 13. TownshJ.p 5S. Range 8W, Mek~y June Mart- to Melody June Maw tmslee of Man- Family Trust: S I/'2SEI/4 Section 1 I. Township 5S, Range SW: NEII4NWI/4 Secnion 13. Township 5S. Range gW, Melody June Man" trustee nf Mart FamilyTm 1 |o Lienherger Earm LLC: S I/2SEII,1 Section 1 I. Town h@ 5S. Range gw: NE1/4NWlf4 Section 13. Town.~hip 5S. Range gW. .ran A. Crttnlt and [.area Cnnm to Rt]ger L. Rightmeier: tract ab,mt I~ acre al norlhwesn comer of N[-[14 of Section 22, Town.~hip 3S. Range 7W: .xomh of and adjacent |o Lnts 4.5.6 7 and 8 Block 5 irt ~ufll side Additnon to 'l'o~n of Montrose ant[ nurlh of Webb Road R~mdalI.L Tholen wastce of TI-a~len Family Trust as grantor and "l'holen Fantily [.LC grunion. ~II and c~n~,e~ tmto Graraee all tff Granlor~: 1.x~t, ](1. I I and 12 Bh~ 'k 4 in original t~wm, ite of City t~l E~txm. Walter E. Schoen and Jarl lte t. Schot'n tnnstees of the Waller E. Sh~en and Janetle 1. Sch~n Re','ix:ahT, e Living Trust, gra.ntur and Darfin L. Schmitt and Julle M, Schm0! as grantees: NW ]/'4 Seclitmg, Townxhip5S, Rim~ 10W. Richard. L. Sten~n and Loui J. Slenson and Mark A. S~en~n ttr Rich- ard S1engm lll/ Mee Of Re v~g'able Tr~ st Superior Hardware 250 N Central, Superior, Neb. 402-879-4119 of Richard Sten.~:n and Mark 5ten,~m: S}'. 114 SEL'Lln~qI~ 2~, S~' ~M S~.%-t|llt:l --98 arzd NW I M Sect.Lut~t 33, subject zo rex- erva~ion by Federal Land Bank t~,l Wichita of 114 of all oil gas and other minerals, alf in 'l'own,~hip 5S, Range 65; N It2 SW 1/4 and 50 acn.'~ n'~,re or less off w~t side of NW I/4 and pan of NWU4 all in Section 22. Towr~hnp 2S. RailS,: 6S. Aot-idents Jan. IX ~t approximately 4:3(1 p.m. t'rU. V Rd. five fqel wtISl lmin 16()Rd Juhn Stevens, M ankalo, dI nY mL.: a 21k'Ml Che~,rolet. waslrave4ulg ~abl oil V Rd '~x llen, he lost o.mtn~l and elided t,llni~g ,~.'[lli.le |'IA'C l~.mer o17: lilt' l|Or:th Id of the rtmd In the field Ac, ident in% e,ti. gzltL.~i h) StuaFI Vane :. Feb. I an :,ppr[:xnmancly 7:211~ nl"~ at mnle/x-~,t 2 ! or~ K2H one mite ea~l fltql| K 14. ~'atchar' Shell~m. Randall dnv- nO~ a 21~I 5 l-[~rO piL'kpip, wa', tra,-elnntg ~,e,n ml K28 Hl~:h~i~y ~hen a d ~'r eat'lie ~lut ol the dttcl) ~f~.zrlt the r, ottlh ',tr~khl]g the front driver.~ tinnier ot ti~e ~ehlc] . Deer Mid along ide ot the ,hl~ r', -~d ~1 the ~chnc~ . Accident i:i~lS, t'~lcgatLgt hy Kim ()st. Feb. .2 al approxinlatcly 9 a.m. tat K28 I I, X miieseast I n>ll~ 23{I Rd. Jarrett Knits Roe. (front row) Keegafi Wagner, Kermy Sterlir=g, Roger Meier. Jerrod Gilletl. Tanner Shipman. E~ Meyers. Arica Brown. Jaclyn Yelk~n an~l Cheyenne Mohler. Arasmith. Jewell, drivinga I t~74 GMC fp.ickap, was heading vast Io Randalt rom /ewe11 ~m Highway 2I, I a,d he ~tarted to lose control. The vehicle Wellt off Ihe shoulder of the road and into Ihe Witch. Vehicle w~x slopi~l by a telephone ptde. Acciden tin vest igated hy Josh Alct, rn. AL Commvrc/al St. 30 lleet .~p.l|h from Jay St. a 2(t02 Buick. owntM by Galen Pahls. Jewel1. was parked ~al Iltc east side of Conmlercial St. at or around 9:31) p.m. Feb. 3. On Feb, 4 Ange]a Williams wenl to LI~ car at 9:.~1 a.m. She 0otkx.~d Ihe damage to the dr rver side rear. Ace Iden I investigated by I X m Javx~bs, I Randall By Fawna Bar~tt The butkhll~ matetial~ for the ~lt:w t~qnnlunit', ven/er were dell~.ered fa~t v, ~-x'k ~rnt| lh work crow v a, e ~;F~.'cled M, liida~ alll~l ~11 p-m, they arri'.cd trim1 their last place ol work m ~o,thw~-~ Kan a~. R.~ndal] UCW met laM Wcdne*~day ith llVC pre~ nt. Dunrlg the h!.lSUle~.~ ~ll~i ~]] call ,~~ an~cred ~,llh a pre,dden I. hJ r, wife and s~m~ ~h In ~ ala |I,I~ then'~. A donalion to Alpha {'hris~lan Home. Perry. wa.~ apl-aX~vetl. ]'Ol tier.- lions. I (' ~nlhlans was read. l.unch W;'lh 1,ervl$.ld with Jan Thormon A qnih ~,a> t-~liisht',d for I'aa-na BalTVn ill].d another tnle pul in lhe [ranlt~ "J,) celebrate Bonltie a.nd R.get H~ughton'~ et~miqg al, liversary and Valenline'~ Day. Hank and Hannah Kummer, E~lhet and htnma. A~ya Keierleber, Charles and Dell:, Houg~lem viskned Roger and Bohl'de. The women ~zuests prepared the meal for a fun rmrly. A~,la JacL~ou. daIJ.ghter ,d Harle~ and Bobble Jack',or wa.s hor|ored ~ F[~'I ;i 2rid bigMay pa~: Saturday alter. nc~n al MI, Jo~,ph':, Senior Center coznn:tuniiy nnnnl :n ('oncordia ,~1 her great- gra~dfather. I.awrence Sch] ude r, gnu Id anend w i th other rela- tives awd fi5 end~, Ayla and her hn ~her. Riley. Meli~a and Jnd Freeman and alns were twenlight gue.~lS td Mark and Reeky Novak and .~layed through dinner Snnda] The Jack ~i|:.ns were cel- ebrating their wedding annl~'e~ury Friday aftcrnotm gtle~ls o1 lla McEtmy were Juiie and Raetya Bulte, l.aurvn and Jaren Ftavin and Mani McE~roy. V ick ie f"e n~er w~r~a weekvrldgU ~t of her parentr, Ne~ ad~ m~d ('tit IV cllcr. ElainePvzers ~ i.~it~M Sunda.~ aftcr,l~n and e~,~:l~ing wllh them. Don Joltnsol] ha~ uro~ d hack to Topeka. Warren Joelg L, back irl M]tci~ ll (q:~u'tty H.spl~al alter a ,}1oll May trl Kansas C&b. La~! MoIMav Elaine Pe[t'r alnvndvd the N-rthem Pimus [ eagne hand c~nl. ii r Congratulations to the Rock Hills High School FBLA Chapter - or conductingjr. H ghthe E-Fair First Place Jaclyn YeIken and Cheyenne Mohler Second Place Sam Underwood Third Place Arica Brown Most Unique Award Cammy O'Dell Feasible For Jewell County Award Joshua Davis Participants: Roger Meier, Erie Meyer and Jauclyn Lemke, Andrew Babson, Karrigan Dunstan and Trever Grace. "farmer Shipman and Jerrod Gillett. Kavlee DeSpain. Kenny Sterling and Keegan Wagner SAVE THE DATE: Rock Hills High School E-Fair Friday, April 1, 2016, [ LIblic wt tCOl'nt, 1D ,1.m. Short awards ooremtxp, y, 11 a.m. A-l,~r thmr S2,t; M t~l: c'a 'lt p~i=es j Growing Jewel l County through Entrepreneurship and Youth ARraction /im l)~,tdey, Rt~k 13rmn~md fh'mt| Slptfhht rttld Knits Rae rl al Mankato. Tater| P lvrS was a Friday o~crntghl gueM. Saturda~ even|ng file litnlll} allended a Mass In nlelnor}- ~t Pcggy |) .'ter~ and Wel~,t i)Ul for s,pper l~tg .'lhvr rcmeml~ring her bLrthday i-h~ y ~ le Dan and Elaine F~.'ter~, Dan-en umt Tatem PeLer~. Mark and Cecilia Peters. JeEy. Jiulae and William Peters and I.uk Peters Sattlr- day Elaine intended 4-H Days in Beirut and at.' olrq'gmled vine girl with a con- ttt~| piece. t:a~na Barrett ',taved "thursday througl~ S~nlurda) Wl[h Natalie and David W~av2 and Iamll) They cel- ebrated l; valr 6th ht~hday wllh a dlllnvr FrLday. Oilier gtte,tx were i~l~ onht, r grarndpaierll~, Har~e~ nnd Pat W~ml. and nun! ,rod uncle ~t:,qdy and R,~ e ('arl~n. and their granLl~on. I.th~n MulII~-'nL ,Pel/'loroJll(2 ii) I"a~lla Barrett AL'I10n t-air Ctlan~e Ihe attl[llde 0J fl~c comlnlaut.~ A pmle l m Randall i~cgan lit All~ItiM/].lit.] pLU|~ drug r~n - arid ,m .-. ~lrd t# The Ct, l|leVll ~]~ll.r wa',-, r~tunred ItP No~ember ~ it,s ,it p~:' llJ' e allllude renewe3. t ~ne dela} after atxither and ~l~]l[C~ ~ e[e replaced wllh frov.n~ and nega- I]YC (,'l~ltnl|t'l'd~, E'.en t|le t:i11Mi)lltlee wa~ bet'(m~ I Ilg di~'~ ~urage,J And fin;lily, building maleriah were delivered- Snliles relumed. E,ageraess replaced itegallV:Sr l. "n,~ay. Monday. Ih crew, is scheduh:d to illTi~e and ;he new communily huiMing will ho.'ome a ~ea] ity. Post Rock Answers u m By Ashley ;m0dt'.T ~l/'~t~ ~tO/'r %" :l .~O " .'q: " -'/'r .~ yet r,a/ho*/O' i#nc.~.~ cafh 'i'('tt4i'.' I"("xl ,~.ntel~ It', ~.ellLIll~. hlP,~nCs,~, Cvt,'ry )'CUt .l~ mlllm, Anlern,:ans will gel ~,ick l'~l~'ll |-~K~ ()Idl ~I liial 4~ nIILIRql, 1 2~.t ~a0e hoM'atal,/cd and 3 .I I~ X l ~ ,II die Inml I t M~uruc Illuv~. l.ct'~ keep our l~J sale! I,t pi suJr to t/tr, w trig'tit r~,'p lip. .f#~r#rt~,l-."J N4,1, [eiI~ Ing III 01 Io ii~a~, on Ille ~:l~ Illllt2r ix nol [re~-~ Hlln It'llded. Lea ~; - ills inA2al ~1 OtK~m tt-lnr'v2r,tlure allows t'~c|cna Io gr~e~ ~hlch c,uld r ~olt in Iot~dhorne ilhlcx~ R~:c~mm:zended meth,~s (,f ihawlng prlClLIde rethgcra. |ion, under ~ -ot>l runtqulg wirer, and n,cnpwave lhawlng. [f thav irg in the ~rigerator pl:~ce meat tal the bOll~m| ~hell il'~ ~t p~u Ihal ~x ill nt,t alh~, ju - Io leak. Keep 'll|e]t t~ rapl~d ilyou art: [|~lilWU]g under r:tiillii~'iL2 '~, Jt 'r ~0 lhal jLlI.L'e dc~l.~h. I)L]t t'l.]~ll~ll1|]lldl~ btl| I~tL'C ar. e~.l~, ill yt3U~" k.lchvn ' i'hd ,~ln~ thL- unt'r,:~' 'i~e |netht)d ~.'t~,D~ r[l~& nl~.'al dl rccth, altcr lha~ilrg ~t']J~zl It'l/P]Tz't' llIl ' .f~t"~ DR'ILL /H .I ~] f,(Xtl'tt I~cJetrt" t; r.~ .~"h tt ~ (oil I)lth:r vnt I)t'~-~ ol inle;al n.'qulrt: dll k-rein illlnl Interior and Exterior Painting Pasture Clearing Call Spencer Mohler at 785-648-0 t 22 Free Quotes i real intemaj lempera|u ~.-~ to de .' rn them poultr~ In reach 165[:, grou,d I'x ~,f 16U"F:, pork and beef sneak or toasts 145 F. The safe ram,real mternai lem- perature h~r leftovers is 165~'F. Teznping wllh, a I't~tl them~m~e|e~ is Ih onb' way Io ztiakc sUre ehal your fc~d has reached the nllni~-naF l,$1~rr'ILd temp,eraluPe. S/tvub:l l Ira.d| pro,h,<' i/ I ,hm ~,a,r I/.|{' pt'(rt:s Y ~. you should ~.~nil all plt~dn~,c~. e~z if yot, V, Oll'r e,i lhc i~-cl I~'C~lLILr-.e ~.~. htrn ~.'rJt;I 'lil Iftl~ II'le la|ul ,q Y :geILtb, l,t.t Ihl~. '~LJId II'a/|~,lr~q h.i.Ln rl i I, lhe p;,rt )on I'qaq IO 'J;ll. IIP" i|llrnq i~l~ll I0 ,a?,h aJL p[~s.hlce 'k.I'~CI1 II '~i'll p]Jl]. |tl [I'I.'121 II ./~/i/k't' ~[1 :~i~P' " the"," ~TCC'L)LPJ4 |41t|~,J.tt l~l rot." ~~lir leltovers are ~,ill'tI Ill P~I~I rt-lrlge~alor I.r hmr day~. RtImCtlfl~'l ro hciit youl lefl0vet~ to J hS 1. I~eh ne l.'dl~LPll~ and I(| kl;.Iep .~xitlr retrl~crlJtor .it .r l~elt,~ 4~I);. Who s'l~ould lake exlra prerauti#ns K'itfx food safety? Aee~rdi,g In I;t~d,alvry.gov. fhod .~K'HSt~.nlllg ,Dr t~g|l'~nle illiless can alt cl anyone It~ ear. ~'xl corKaull~-iated by ha i~" rt;i. ", lrtl.~4.'~, pilr;t~.lle~, IlL'.inS, OT [~'t||*. 't ',ub~.lallt'e.N. [Jill. certain ~n~tlpS Of peopre arc more silweplib]e Io h~>dl~me illne~ ~, l- t~a rKt~'autlonx ~hould Ix. lilken [or CallCer palienls, childrell under f't~ year~, diahete~ pa- lients. 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