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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
February 18, 2016     Jewell County Record
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February 18, 2016

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4B THE $UPERIOFI EXPRESS Public Notices I FTrxr pahh ihed Feb ! 1 201b m the ,/eivell ( 'ourllv R (' ~rd/ Notk~ Io (:r~iitot~ In lh Dlsirtct C'oun of Jewell Coum~. Kuns;r, tn the Mall '[ ot lh E~iaL t}d Ru~ni.e 1. Br~:ckvlnl-n decea~efl C'as~' No, 2015-PR-34 ll,ie State ot Kan~a~ to all peisorls ~.' lliL.~ i-il d Yuu arc hcr+.'h} nt)lltied Ihal a Peti- t,o~ k~r I,~uance o} I.ell~[*~ ol Admm- J.~lrail~ql v,a~ lik.d Frl the above cap- tluncd =,~ in IhP, ( 'i.~urt by RoJcn M. Br~ '~ k ]rn:m. .'%JJ cred, tL~r~ t~l the above named d~eflep.t ~e nqmtied Io e~hihit theu dcnland~ ag~m~t the e.~lale within foux ( 4 i. ntotilll', IfOitt the date of firsl publi- c,vided a SlTong push i,'l,i~lllilt~ I,i~t- thl2 I~nch and tl~ ( in/z[ =,d I n sc hc Id Naioma'~o ~ Yell I~.}ilil~. m, [1'1,1 " (~'I:L.//~IeN calnc away ~,ith a hard-earned .h%40 wm, 'l,he l.llii.'ohI l.<:opa~l+ held a 2.%21 halt-lime k'ad al Mankato, Friday. The G,'i/.zlie~ mlthlcd tv, t~ points off' Ihcir Lead and trailed 36-34 aller three IE~ri +d,~ of pin). A ,tro,g R~ck Hillsoffen- m~ ~: and dctetlsl + ellt+ri ia the I-ourlh quarto +tll ~,~d the Gmz/lies to pull a%ia'i dlld ",t.';ql a -].~:i.-J~ I~in and illll- plXl~,l," thcnT .vl,';n,qi uccord tt+ 1 3-9. }|ni~c'r t~,n~ fllc U-p poinll pr~lL~er h~I the. l ]ri/#hc, ~.~,lln t NaKlma with Jacob ~pp. :~ cl I, .InL-d m v, ;Ill llllll.- rllllnth xk. WHE I L : *~r~ 5. MaN VO Sports Preview Nonday, Feb. ii . Salu~lay, Feb 27 PP~e" ll]#]~+c'.I/++ ~!.l'Ot" i'i'f~'}~ I d, 2t, lh~'b S 'li+~+I +hr+k='~l+l/t +. ~IqPIIi ~. i~)ilJtH'~. I~'rllC,l I;.'I~,L'X.I,+, (.'nx'~it ,k' [,~.~ur~ncu. {-rrdzl I IP,4}~]ld}- hL%ur- Jlli. L". VJtut. L CM rl ~'rL',J li"~'~l'Llal.',-,l=]. lr~ I r4 ' %winl4 bl~mail~V. I)~i~(- lhrll NCUA Thur~M;lay. FeQrua~ 10. 20'16 and lU>t, ~el~un~. "I~'ke~ ]oha~k ~'anle Ihrough with seven i'xlints and fl vl lectg=lmds. Drew Beam netted tbreu Ix)nuts ~nd b.aiiled away four ~ bourids, G=aiil Davis hnt Ior IWo pOinls and nabbed five rebounds. Nc~=h Danieh s~ore~ two pvinls and pi~'ked ull two rebounds. Brady Jclfer) sank a 1~ throw for a point and ttx~k awa) ~our free throw l uf t)m.' pt)lnl, Luke Brtv.'ckelman d~,str=htik, d ~ix iL~xl~t~ G lillner Joh~nk-k ~.-u+d~.d play lli~, Lime. T .]ohanek sat aiup the Gfi/:tly scor- ing lis~ ag.ainst Lmcoln m lth 18 ~)inL~ H gathcr 'd in m,+c r lx~lmds. Spiegel corlinbnled 14 lx)ntt.~ a~ud tLRlr rebounds to +he R~.'k Hi[is +',use. Davis put up eight I~ints ~id p~.llcd his way tO 12 r lxlunds. Bru>ecketnlan seoi'~ four IXn his and aa i h.',d down lhtee rebounds. (:alia~iLv ~-am through with l,our IX>int.'+. I ]lgcr netted a I,]'~ ihi~)w lbr a point and grabbed four rebolmds, / ft~ ~ Da.ni l~ each ilahb~ a rebound. Beam handed out four a.~+ sis~. ) h Grizzlies entertain "rhua~ter Ridge a Mankalo Friday Pike Valley pay,~ a vist IO Mankato. >ruesday, tbr the Senior Nig,ht game. RHHS Lady Cwlzzlles continue to struggle "The tosiag w~: ~ continue tbr Ihe Rock Hills Lady Grizzlies They draped two more games, falling to Natoma, at Natonta, last Tuesday. 52- 30 ~hen falling m Lincotn, 62.3g al Mankalo> Friday. The team bested Soulhcrn Ck~nd. Tuesday, al Mankalo, wilh game r~+ults unavailable at pl~ss time. Album Railsback scored 14 for the Lady Grizzlies against Natoma She .~ored 12 in lhe Lincoln game. Thunder Ridge pays a visit to Mankalo, I:tlday Pike Valley heads to Mankalo, Tnesday+for Lhe S~nior Night game. 'rh~: l.ady Grizzlies currently llt~s~'s~ a 0- 16 rL~.'ord Colson 2nd at league wrestling tourney Zane C,+l~t+n. U f~xhnlan at RHHS ~,r '.~lhag I~r l]eloiL High School through a interscho~l co-op, plat'ed SL'l 'l~t)d and ~,cored 14 leant I~ints at the recesfl Icagne tom'~ianlcnt. Wrestling al 14.5 I~unds> ('olson ha~, a rl ~.-tlr~ ot 23- I I In rttund one, "Pie won hy tall |1~ ]3)over C,de SchrlK.'de r+ Ru~,sell H ig h S chi)i,z,i. Rol.qKI two Col,~m v n b) fall (16-8) nvcr Qulntl Smah ~,llhea~l of Sa[Jna Illgh Scln~tl. Round~. llre anti tour he had a bye, R+~und lix e [q'im'Itl Col!ion Iacin f~ l ,J, I~agnonl. Minireal~,li High Schmfl, record I~l 24-2. (',~l~m lost by di.ci~lon {:l % I. NO ONE GfT$ YOU NORE THAN BLOCK. GUARANTEED. 785-738-5g01 1-800-488-2114 www.elitetours, us IPi,~ m+,% ~ - -~Ulbi~i m,<, -++ eli~, hal ,lillli~llilllliln~liOilrll, Top 100 F~anciiise Ill! 3 CMs~utive Years 1 Hill 81.OCK ii ~Iri~m Bins Eaton ,GSI Vacro-Pruden American Commercilill Attri~ulb.lrai + J~lt~l~ Grain E(luiomenl j . Sukup J ,Hutchirc, on Nec0 ,DMC ,York Legs GS1 Dryers 785-781-4383- 800-221-4383 6134 W, scon$in P.O, Box 17 CawkerOity, Kan. 67430 Conlact D,Ck Wise, Richard Hahn Or Doug Pruilt for estimaIes, ill III ai Commercial Agricultural Industrial Metal Buildings . - Grain Storage and Handling Concrete m Thursday Fu~,+d.'~ ~ 20+~ JIEWELL COUNTY RECORt:I4A Rock Hills High School vainly chl~erleaders keeping the fans entertained and me players motivated during the winter spoils s~son have be~n (from left) Meson Mauethan, Emily Cox, I~vent planner from i{an. I~ key organizer for Emmy Awards By Ron Wilson Let's go tt~ ~n Angeles for Ihc V]P ahcr-parly fi~r the Emm:y Awafds It's a hig v ~1, and Iot~ otcelehntre~ are shol,-in~ up. Who do you ~uplmse was a key p~anner thr thi~ evenl? Would you I~lieve. a young woinan ft=~m cu. ~al Kaiisas? Jill Mast~n is the owner of C<)n fetti & Cashmere Pail) IAonliqu in Man- hattan lfll gre, tip ~n a farnl in Dickinsoll COtifll~f, A.~ a hJgll ~'tuxll ~,itld lli, ,~lle rlkle a bus -30 miles io Chapman. where *,he was aelive in bT'A and oihe~ s~h~K~i and c-ommtlriity aciivities. Jill went t>n I<, K-Slate where ,--,he majored m hol i and reqauranl man+ iigenn.>llt i.~.nd m~qorcd in hu mess ad- Illlnl%ltali4111 ~lle ~,1~1~ worked in fond~ervtce foz (.'har~w ll.~ and vol nn- leei~-=d at Big Lakes Devel~pinentCen- let. "I thmk th~ ~ experiences helped ++ill got an intemship with the Kan- sas Cily Chiefs. "1 sta qed at the very hottem+*' she said. But she worked her way up and. in I-I~ yeal's, t'~cant a inanagcr. She had responsibiliiy far hx~king the Stadium Clnb at Arrow- head Stadium and grew the husines,~ to $3.5 million in caiering sales annaz~ty. '['hat 1~ t I'J an op~rltlnily to go I,a Los Angeles. She helped plan and e~c- ~ule events [or ltle hig pro teanls su~'h a,~ ~he LA Galaxy. Lakers+ Ki,gs and [kglgerx, She was involved iri special e~nts suchasVIP p~ies for II~e Enlmy and Granny awacds NBA ph~yurf games and annual evenls such a~ the Kentucky Derby. ,She li Illred i~ln tl~ water at Newlx~rl Beach and p;anned IxM1 weddings and ,pecial e~,ents al a boa- tiliue hotel. Jt sounds like an nnhe!.iev- ah]e caroer. O[cour~o she was expos ,d Io Ihe quirks and demands of hzg tilnc celeh- d ties."One lime we ,~ere h~iting E itun .!ohn for a pcTfi~rmance.+" Jill said. '+(n hi', dte~itlg r+v.+in, l,ie had 25 dlflere~l pal5 olr ,~tlllgla~it>,% [ a[~fn ten;ember II~a! he had I~, have I-I/'2 I~ I-IFI me t:) bet-dine a I'x21[er nl~magcr+ hi I'~ more' well-rounded and work wn]i lots .~quareh id t'iict m~gnon for his dog." . a ma,'in l: ball,ms, ~iree styling.cq~,ip- Pneilt r i'liai~, and i 'u'~.~OlIt-IIla(~t" I|ell|h and t ifl ]'h ~ arc ~ld online a~ u,'ell ,l~ in lhe kto~ .l~hc al ~0 help> plan -venl~ '~nch as z-ea Ilor Ol~-n h, nu~l.~, ;tnd ,il~ltal cv tlls all arc.mid Kam, as. 'WlteUter il iS an intimale galhet nzg for ] ti or all elaba)tal gain for 42i(x), [ lot'e ho~.' a simple ld ;t t~comes a sl~.claculax nlemo0' that ~s +.-h+ r~shed for, lifeline," Jill wr(~le nnher ~ ch~fi~'. Through I1~I o111111' hll,~in~,~. ~lle ha~ sold fir f~diicts from Aiuska k, Afaha nhl. 11"~ a remarkabIe rec.rd f,r a larqll kid 411' wild grew tip nrar the '~ral I.~nm mtinity of Carlton+ Jxlpulation 38 IX'~iple. Ron Wil.v+m i.i director of #le Hi+ 'k lloyd National hlstiti+li'x~br Rt~raf i)e- i't.'Jf~pl;'lt'/l,r IJ! K$/tl .~,i 1A ~l(lle U~/t'er t//). ' Bobwldte quail ('onlimlcd Irt~m ?~g 3 gtou~tc(. A%'t~'ld dense xeg ta~ion ~r hea~) nlulch ~hich mak ~. II dilficult her the ctnck~, lo in>re arwlnd alld find Ioi~l. The average covey of quail COt~- b, LIIr!.u s alig~ll.iI three, qtianers of, pouml of l'<,gl pez day, the puhti~ at~m said. At leaSl 4(} percent orthe ht+n~ range .~h, uld Ix, in prairie with abundanl wc~,ds, shruhs or open t,~re~t it~ cnsL3re the quail, ha'vz: fiXlLI lhrouglz Ih ~inler in ll ) MatC]L While tolxl and cove~ ate impor- lant. Lee iaid sLid'ace watel b, nol use- lul h~r I~+hwhite quail 11 a~ailah]e. IIt~y m~y drink+ hnE the bird~ ~enepilly g='t water Ih~oiigh sn~'cnLcnt I~c~-h~. in- ~' {~. del~ arid ~rJ.It,4on A~ I tilll~ iihtill Llllt'rl. lh l'c ,~r lilglll) hllllh awilaht llq t,lll]t" rillKhlcc-t~ hi inIprovc Ihe ptc~diicli~lt.~ an41 prtffll. iihi]il)' nf dicu ,spcl LiI li.lll~-. ( )ltelll t ho',f.' li~t+l.~, which i~ e.xitciiicl, llcvli~'e, I,~ allilit:lal in~,cilllil.:lll~ti i .411. Ui]t+,lrlti- nah q), it r~Vxll lnel}, tirlder-utlh#cd u~ tlnl) 7 .(I pl.'r~.'ellt ~dkx'l pll~i.hiwr~ u~cd AI allll 7.~ pcrCeill ti~ctJ, eMrou ~)n- chrl}l:l.l/LLI [I in. -I-IIc~e n u I ill'It: f, art" ~l~h. ahl)' a httk- ti,gli~r MliC't' Iheii. I~tlt Ihal Is ~ll]] J~tu~. Mt>~t pri~hncer~ n,qll7 e4i.J illr ~i~,ler#.'tl ,~ ' d ~tl ~ -k Ol~ r~li,ln~ hwI CL~ilinicr~-iill ~rilllOll~, can hi'lib'Ill grcatly I:rulli AI ~l~, ~ell -l-h4.' In+ ~,I ~.'~Jlnitll~J] ica~lll t'll~d li~i inll ~1~111~ %';irltllti, It.i)ll~tiiwiiv,tech- iu~lot:lg-~ ~.i~ 111111,' r, lnl.t Jai~il. h~lh~wcd h)- t'~M uTid dltticLill~ AI ~:~lli be de- nli-tnlllltg 1,11 tilt)l.' ,klid [;ll~Ir, [|I,):M q~J Ihul i.-{triT1Jll=.t I~ i~.l~pr~.d lip In ht':tT 11011 pTi.ll ~,L't~l~, hq11~.t'%c.r. LLI]I,~, prndw c'T~ I~ xtl -4-e,MnL~% in'-.er)llnacc, cl,~ ~, ;31 Ir] pre~llLLIK.'y ~ulu*, '.imllat zo IliO~e ~LCt:ll .'v~.'d v, l~h ~.'Mlt~ dclcci~on [hu~ L'J~nllri;.itill~ [J]c I1L'l.+d IO[ ~ll.'dI LIL'Icl.'tLJI~ rulitlClllg tit+.' dut~lalid tlll I]mV drld h- lh+." L-~xl qq I;r:llp]l,?iFlelltll!.~ LI]I A| pr,~l~r11 i+-, ~ar],bk" h,'.lWIti{~lll/all~:l llIvIhq'~t~ I1',I'I.!, kl-Illell ~II#2r~', d~'ilt dt'lel- nillllnL' vl.h i I~, lloin~ Ih blet'dilli: i,~,l G,a~1 Dav,s (22) b~e,cks a Lincol# pl~lyer ,'1 acP:on ,it Manka[o. f:r, driy Tucke+ JoJ~ar, ek 425~ po$ilions h~m- serf ~or a possible rebour~cl. techmcian or p~t~ucer i all tacl~Ir liihl Ihe v~iability. WIII:L cll~" price ol h!.il]~ higher ihan ever. rec~nl d,la iitdic,ite~ thai ~,vcr;,I l.~lIBll.~ ,~)llCllrlillltall~ql/ ,=%1 prliglaill~ eliot h~i Ihan n~iulal ~,'l- ~ice. ~ttw lh:il 'we 'have adtlress~l M Hi+e of the rL'aM.m~ l~"i.ipie ;Ire ~lT~ll;im 1,1 eSlat'tii~,h atl AI I~r%,rum. Lcf~ ;3ddr ~ the I~n,qll~ AI, all~x~ Im~Licel<, 1~ tl~e Mr~. Wi~}l ~ll[K nor ~ nt'~~-, %=. Llli- out 6~aring Ihe prk'c lag o1o~ nlra~ rhe bull thenl~'k~ AI can ~,~ ~tll ' x~r~. ~i l~ J .~ etlic-i~nl v;~y a! lnlpro', ir~ i~r~]l~Clion trail ~,itlli~i tl~" herd AI alh~ yon the ahi]il) hi male ~,rll.!l ,lfli: Mri,'~, Io Ind~vidual +.'t+ws. ]'he i~verall hull hal- ter) of an t~pcration can be red~'ed ~,tlCe a ',Ll.i:t~'~,' litl pit+gram is chtah b~,hed Increased guneli ~ ICll re~htLC- 111 11I hcil't'ts can h~ acitie ~-ed AI Cliltl- bil~L'd ~=. ilh t%lrOl i~, s)nt' kroni t,'ll Ii ~.1l. t'il I1 slil+[lcn .~'L,11l' ~-al i.g ~ca.~,m, rcMl~TllltJ inl a Ill, ire tltS~t'Oflli t'a[f c-z'l~['l SO, wh'-it dEiC', a'LI thl~ nlean? f4,1 ~.llllll ilt%~.-] a I pTI N.t I ~ct'r% 1~31 ~ COlJId IItTalt l;rlcr#2,3A4:d ",~,e~,tnlll~ ~.1= elglltx, impp.lved rl,ohl- ~l-anlh~ pt-ltl~llli;tlll.c, cnhunct~l carcas~ vuliic~ ,ttd linqc" rlrodL~gti~.C replacemcnl heift'r ~ 3,11 ~f ~-hicl,i hi- c Pl.'a-~e protil;ihi] ity "lhgfu ~lrc :rllLnlt>llltl,~ bell lll~, ;l',~- ciatcd ~-ilil u~labll~hlng an e~lr~m ~ ~ ~ n. chr~niS;lliOn ~lld artificial IPiM.'InlTI,I, I~OIG pli~gralll Ior )'~ill ~lr~ilr;itlt ql. ]licit ;111' M,"= li.'Ta I rt,",ic, ur#,'c~ ,Ind T~.'tIpl J~'al L. aiNe ~ho ure very ~ ap~hk' aml ~ iillnl~ h~ help you gel ~,taciud. lhi~ ix m,i ,1 pl~t'~,~ v,llere ~OI1 have tll .~iI ,11 ill mine. Many IX~l~lc start hy h)lit'ltro. vii/ing and in~cininaml~ only oiicgr,~up trl Ih ir i]rsl veal. ()nee th ' h<,%onle tam~liar willi Ihu inl,ct%~ ;mrJ N4:~ [l,ie r~ull~, lllt',~ I)l~ri t'xpaltd Ihe pl,~ghilll t~ Ihu re~i ot ltlt. ltcrd I i,ihlt h~nt~ all L'~(r,)l|%. ~yPll:llFonu/,ITu4ql mid Ai pro ~;i.H]] rll4) II,q t~. .' .- ~ ,~'~.rl t~iJI i~ d tillllCI) ~.=.+~lltl =;-~drl,ill[~ll hd nh~lL" illliltrlldlJ~ffl ,11 .~vLriFl~J ~r~i-I*.'tl ilh all l= =,trL+n~ ~.% li iv~ ffH/all#,In .arlltt- t'ial ii;~,'nil~atiiflt i~i~,7l~tlii c~lll~.cl ille. Gluten-free &lets muat be managed property to be healthy diets "New year. hey, }'ou " '['J'ial ~,17c'11l~, tO he ttic" thcnic ~it llillli) '~=.ultliiig hi ~lall IT~,h and hve h .ilihi l Itve~. I, h~,- ever. bel,bre )nitlpllig .l~.l,ltd the 'g Ill- Icit. Irel." diei" Ir~kin. chi-ck ~ul 1"11 ~c~ tacl~, Irlilli Kiin~a~ ~,l,il~. ['il~crMly ~i,i.~l~nt pr~tl .~Mil ~dntl} I'i,~.tci. (;hJlen i, a i~f~tl .~il ii1 u~ht-,tl, ivT h;Irh.*.% arid ~,~illlt- iclatcd ~lillf|~ lii411 pi~ll-ltf ~ the chtqk', c'll~.'~ ) lqol,~.'i !it"~ lil hlcad~ and cllheT Il~ke~.i prcxltjL-r~. ]~1C ,d. i~ld "'~lUtCli+'~.41nlc,~ I rnm a T .at,n ori.eln rneatiing "gluL. '" "1 hl~ ~t.e like ~hu~a~lCrlMlC alloy.-. I~rcad dlmb, h ti~ M1t'k-l,i. hit 11411 hr~.'~, d', II II=,L'~, "iBakc'~'~;.liid pi*=dLJct'l% ~ lcut I]~+ltl~ lilr flit' :ilnlllilit of [~hllc.i-i Itic~ q, lll~4.11i," ~;lld tl'l-i ~- ll :l-, ~l. h.l~ l~, ,I Iq titf Pt Iq}ll ~ I~.'t];ll- ~,1 and It-gr, lcl cddiCrllFtn it llh K- ,~T~xl Re~'axch al~l |:xll ii~]~ ql 'l 'Ol ~'~,~XilllpIt'+ hi~h,proh.'ln dtirnlll f],i~ll =.iLl1 k% ~efl f0t p~ta. ~i,l,iil 1~]~ p[,1Ti'jn I]ilLIP I~ IP, eli hll tendel cakc~ ,q p.iqri +, In 7{]1,t. [ht" I,'5 I ,~d <11111 l)riJl.] AdniffH~,'[ldli.Lm p~hli,-hed ,~ iw~ ref:'~v Lttl~ql deflllini~ Ihc Icrm .i.'hlh.'rl II " f.r ~ohlnl;l~. I~d I,iK'llnf l ile k'4- ei'JI ddiiIJIm!n ,aal]d;ir,~]:l#t, 1t]=." [llt'J[1 ing ~f -'liJieti-lrLt" l;nnP- a,~,~ ihc ( "i IDTirilLr;,Lt [41 II;i~." 4# WANTED: 5 HOMES RUCTIONe- whiler[we(anuseyour home " " "" " "'. ~ ~; " 4" Financing Availab| lli'C<