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Mankato, Kansas
February 17, 1966     Jewell County Record
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February 17, 1966

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Sewell Co. Record, Mmtkato, Ks. II ] ROSE ENTRIES TOP ANALYSTS WANT TO SEND Rebekah School of Instruction,New Baptist Minister I CARD OF BARROW SItOW BRAINCHILD TO COLLEGE .--~---- [In Mankato [ -- Two University of Toronto A Rebekah ochool of Instruc- [ We would like to Rod and Tim Rose, Ionia, had simulation analysts want to send tion will be nela in manKatoI James Millstead is the newland every one who sent ~" the chamnion sin,de entry in the their branchild CAMPUS to col- Friday, March 4, in the afternoon] pastor of the Baptist Church inlulation cards, letters a North Central t~iansas "Barrow logo. and evening. All Rebekahs are] Mankato. He is married and thelfor our 60th Wedding Show anid Scho ~1 at Beloit Wed- They think CAMPUS -- a urged to attend. I Millsteads have four children, lsary, also for those w[ nesdav Feb 9 in whi~ h 89 fat Pcntao~,on-stflev simulat" io .n - . . ] Virkie~ 8, Pammie 6, Michael 4,t for, such a joyous and mq barorws were s~own by 32 ex- analys~s process whose full Winners of Electrm Blankets o land Martha four months. They|occasion from Kansas hibitors, name is Comprehensive Analysis The following were winners ot[are living in one of F. R. Fair'slbraska. SP qAI champior, entry was in Model in the University Sphere the electrm bmnke~ at draw:lhouses, w hichi~,!ocated on high-| Gourde and Jtsie Cou: 7 the junior lightweight class. Mrs. could rew)lutionize educa- mg reo. l,o at J- J un ~o lnc lway ,o. lne lvtnlsteaos came toI Cabool, Mo. Bob Rose, loma, exhibited 'khe tional planning in North Amer- Walt Bud~ce, Earl Garman, Cur-I Mankato from Gypsum. He is at ONLY ONE (1) 196o CHEVROLET IMPALA Show's res::rve champion in the ica inn Garst, Lilliaa Basart. I gr~ duate of Soc, thwest Baptist[ Mr and Mrs Dudley Demonstrator left. Exceptional buy This is a 4- single heavy wcJ~:,ht class. CAMPUS is a program fed to ~ ~ . !Coi/ege at Bollivar, Mo. [and Mike and Sandra~ Top single entries in senior a computer. First, a flow din- uaron ~'axson or Lsoon stop- Iman, Kansas spent the dr. hardtop. Low mileage, factory warranty, pric- heavy barrow division shown by: gram of how the university ope- pod at the Record office Monday Superintendent of .the Kansas|visiting at the home of ed at huge savings. " Mrs. Rose, 1 ( also champion); rates is set up. Then the diagram Mr. anu Mrs. ~laron ~'axson re- Motor venlcm lmpartment t A.iMrs" Lowell Yasmer Delmar Pearso,L t~eloit, 2; Max is translated into computer lan- cently celebrated their.50th wed- "Bud Billings announced todaY|many other friends in l BRAND NEW I066 FORD MUSTANG, 2-dr. H.T. Porter, Glen i=l~er, 3; Herman guide and transierred to punch- ding anniversary anu a. large tlaat March 1, .J966: will be the[Joyce Cranston, who w Save Hundreds Dohl, Sylvan Grove, 4; Laurence cards, which are fed to the com- group of fr!enas n.elped tins Ilne last day r~ans~is .!aw emorc e:lher training in a fe~v 1961 OLDS Station Wagon, R. H AT. Nice Wagon Twadell, Beloit, 5. puter The computer can then couple celeorat2 the occasmn, intent agencies wiu nonor l~balBrown-Mackie, made ~ $695.00 Single entries in senior fight[ calcuiate how a change in one ~n,license places. I grade on her civil servi~ we~ ht classshown b Ivlrs it aff ,J~.wr~.u t~uu~ r~w A rift c n ~n "g " ' Y: .laspect of the univers" yects ' y e t p~ alty is now inlination. She has accept Ro,se, 1; .Emery Berry, Minne, a,-{other aspects. BUREAU POLICY MEEI'ING . effect for those persons who|in Boulder, Colorado. 1965 BA 4 dr. V-8, AT, one local owner, po,s, z; lw. rorter, 3; h. Dora, One example, on a very sim- .----7-- . . ,Ihave not yet registered motor[ 1965 OLDS 98 Town Sedan; air; 2600 actual miles; 4; Ernest Desc!lner, Beloit: 5. [pie level, would be: if manpower . The c.ontrol cI certain preua-[vehicles and con:,mencing March[ MANY THANK] factory warranty Exhibi,teao,in junior laeavy[studies showed requirements for tory anlma,is nas always o, een a[2, 196, another fifty cent penalty[ weight clas oy: ix. and T. Rose,[ certain numbers of graduates in serious proolem to i vestocK pro~ Iwill be added, Bililngs said. [ We sincerely thank 1965 CHEV. -- IMPALA 4-dr. SEDAN 1; Eddy Dohl, Svlvan Grove, 2;|various courses and faculties, aucers m at mast some areas Oil However the most imnortantl relatives and friends " ~ ' t[ s~ t ac lltieSprogramsand moneby' er fact "orsthe lnEXtension'?~e~in assessingTra~ ~,e~ I resentative~ t for i]Blue Cross Bluet~"~- '[[[ memory . Tuesday~ .as afternoo~ V-8, one Owner. 8867 actual miles John Porter, Gl,'~a Elder, 3" Phil what s aff, f i" " v our state ]'he method of control thi,~, ~',~. i~ ,ho% ,-,~o [membered mo with enrd 1965 PONTIAC Catlaina 4-door Sedan; PS, PB, Air Harris, Minneaoolis, 4; Tim eor-]would be required~ What would to recommend, and the vame of itiops will be issued by law on-land visits while I wa: ter Glen Eider' 5 ' "'' the bount s "stem were only " " , be the cost er additional grad- Y :Y,]~o,'c~:nont off,cers to oersons]Bellevllle hospital. ! ' and All, Like new. Shown in junior light weight] uate in eachPceourse, two of several topics u!scusseu]s::l('~i:i ing motor vehicles with[kmdnesses will be a 1965 CHEVELLE SUPER SPORT COUPE v on i) :fB:adap!eti edPGUn: -'i hJu::ps!!; y n:ei tt::: :ert :l H. P-Steering, 4 Spd. trans 300 hp, one owner c t l ~v~a:; Ilai~ 1965 OLDS Jetstar 88, Holiday Sedan; Fully equip- loit, 5. [purer, IBM 7094, and is waiting] Some of the questio put tO]whei~ the owner attaches new[ Mrs. A. R Guy can :pod; factory air; sharp; factory warranty Champion pen of three was to see which, wa,r~ the thumbslparticipants, were'. 1. 19o you. {reg~suauon": ~' prates' to nls vemcm, Vlas~ ,~,I- ,u ~.~'" IMPALA 3-Seat Wagon; P. S. P.B.; Air! shown by Mrs. Rose, whoseIare pointing at Queen's Park. !think the bouuty system ha~lhe should be sure the plates are[hospital and is gettin entr was 1st in senior divisionIf all ~oes we'l CAMPUS willloeen elrective in your county? t ; ~, u ~ ~;o,~ ~ "white - aqua interior. Y ~, ~ . . ~m~ o,uuc~eu irom view as trust ~. **~ Others displaying senior division[get a scholarship from the On-[z. woum you Iavot giving me[is in direct violation of the law [Milholland of Santa RoS~ pens of three: l~ rry, 2;,M. Por-[tario Government to enroll at[Lxtensmn irapper program at ---- "Iflew back for a visit at~ 1964 PONTIAC LeMans Coupe; R. H. AT, One ter, 3; H. Dohl, 4; Descaner, 5. [the U of T as a soecial student,|trial? 3. Do you have any strong ~a, ~,n ~a.~ ~ ~xr n,~,~ ~, [to stay s~veral weeks owner sharp. In junior pen of three: R. and] and a two-year project to fatten|feelings about Compoul~d 1080'?] ~ ~"~."o"~'~;'~' ~'~ '~z"~,~'~ '~[ " " 1964 Dynamic OLDS Holiday 4-door; air and all; T. Rose, 1; J. Porter, 2; T. Por-I him up intelle~:tually before he [4. Would .you favor investigat!ng [ t"h"e~" w'ee~en~t~i''n H']I'I Ci~vu w~er='e [ Mrs. Etta Foster retu~ 1 owner; local car. ter, 3; E. Dohl, 4; Harirs, 5. ]is served to IBM 7094 will get|the possmllity of .transierrmg[ they visited Bob Bovd and Mr [Friday from Courtland 1964 CHEV. IMPALA 4 dr. SEDAN All hogs shown will be pro-Istarted early in the new year I the responsibility mr preaatort~.n ~ ~ ~-~. ~'-^ ~'/she had been sta,ino cessed by the Mauer-Neuer[ CAMPUS is the brain chilcl of|control from Kansas State Uni-]~"~ ~,~: ~. ~,~m=, ~g~s~ff, ~'~.~-~] . "o n~,~lo~ R. H AT, PS, Air Cond.; one owner; Priced to " -" s u. roster, Mmm Packing Co, Arkansas Clty;]Ricahrd W Judy, associate nro-]verslty to the Eansas ~orestry . ~ ]cu,~eratin~ . 8ell fast. . . - r i ~ . lwu5 uupu~eu in LIle 1"1111 ~n.y/ v ~" winning carca.~ses wlh rece~ve[fessor at the university's Insti-|fiSh ann tJam3 Commission: t~V[othcwliut (~h~roh with ho l~ I ribbons and pr~ cs with a trophy tute of Com uter Scmnce and Two reasons ,e adva cod 1964 OLDS JETSTAR 88, 4 Dr. HARDTOP ! z~ " . ] p ',[ . . " . . " ~ I Jack Harris, oastor, officiatin~ [ Burr Oak YWCA wi Fully equipped, plus Factory Air, 1 owner. Sharp going ro me exnioitor ot the|Jack B. Levine, a Ph.D. candi-lagamst .the ooun~y sysr~momrmOr- She wore the'christening dresslFeb. 21. Mrs. Hafner Wi winning carcass, date working under Prof Jud estry, r~sn aid t~ame ~o s- . 1964 OLDS 88, 2 dr. HARDTOP Full Power and Factory air, extra nice 1964 CHEV. B.A. 4-door, V8, AT, air, P. S like new. 1964 PONTIAC CATALINA 4-dr. HARDTOP; full power and factory air; Vinyl Roof Cover; Exl ra Sharp; priced right. 1963 OLDS Wagon. Air and all. Sharp. . 1963 IMPALA 4-door Sedan; AT; PS; V-8, 1 -- ' '~ ' ]mended t owner, local. [computer language. [ "" PP " Shi-I-~ n"n "~r ~.^.~ - i Mr. ann mrs. ~)'lllOUrl~ ~ MANKATO HIGH SCHOOL I The combination of formulas[This has been effective in other]:~ ~, ~,-~,~v ~,~u~^~.V.jand children, Stacey and MODEL ',MENU FEBRUARY 21-25 [can then be fed to a comnuter, lstates. George Halazon, Exten-I ~','~ '.~'*' .7~''~. ~. ~.*~.~" |Denver s~ent the weeke~ OVER 20 EXCELLENT OLDER USED r - ~ ea primarily 1D an errorl: to "- and by varying controllablelSmn Wfldhfe ~.peclahst, recom- ]. |her narents Mr ~ rl ~r~ CARS Monday: Ham and scalloped] functions, campus planners canlments a program which would] reach tnose re~aents wno t nO]Bennett' and other relaff " ' " 'ultimatel include u to thlee~n t nave mue ~oss-t~lue ~melat- potatoes, green oeans, cranoerry, ldetermine what the resultsl Y P " |available to them throu"h theirlmenas" All thoroughly reconditioned and road:worthy for [apple salad, rolL% jelly, milk. [would be of using their re-l Extension trappers properly[ s .I [ Tuesday: Fried chicken and|sources m different ways l eqmpped to handle problems of] : . [ Oscar Hanson took Mt~ thousands of trouble-free miles . . . . pine2 oI employment or mrougn redation in' season an3 t arm organlzauon or wnlcn gravy; mashed potatoes, apple[ This would enable planners to lP " ]th ": rna" be a member [S~hvely and Mrs. Glenn: 1962 MERCURY Meteor 4-dr. sedan, fully equip- [ sauce, cake, milk, butter."/ evaluate alternative [ Participants at the Farm Bu- [ % ~ " [ Beloit pod with a~r cond. r u oh ~ in No" h you are interested in ob I [ Wednesday'. Hamburgers,[determinine~ what each would| ea p "cy mc~t', g voted " ' ," ~ . " . - his mother, Mrs. Mary buttered potatoes, creamed car-[mean in terms of costs and re-[on question, 1; Not K ow on taming enroument mtormauon[ ' " who is in a rest home the 1962 CHEV. 6-pass. Station Wagon; R. H Std. rots, jello, milk, butter. [sources. [question 2; The r!ght of others on a non-group basis, see Lowel![Halsey Pangborn we~ Trans 6-cyl [ Thursday: (;round beef and/ In other words, once the|must be protected on question[O. Yasmer at the First National|them and visited Mr. FI [3 and "No" on uestm~. 4 t~ank, manKato, l~ansas 1962 OLDS 88 4-dr. sedan, R. H AT, PS & B macaroni casserole, creamed|model is ,set up, the computer ; q " . tat the hospit/d. 196[[ CHEV. 4-dr. Sod. R. H Std. Trans. 6-ey12 corn; combination salad, rolls,[ can simulate the operation of the [ Another problem discussed at If you are already a subscriber[,- Friday: Salmo'~ patties, mash-|certain predictable fcators -- for classlfmatmn for tax purposes, memb.rsh~p, wr~te d~rectly to|Wichita Wednesday (to 1961 PONTIAC STAR CHIEF, 4-dr. hardtop, fully [buluar milk butter ]whole university By estimatinu the meeting was that of property and have questions: about your[ Mrs Ola Wilbeck equipped with power and air. Sharp ed potatoes, [olin salad, mixed|instance, the number of students and factors in determining Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Topekao[attend a meeting of the I "196I CHEV. CORVAIR 700 Coupe, St. Trans. sharp vegetables, rolls, butter, milk. [and the total funds available in values for tax purposes. Both l the Kansas Nursing H0 ~ I960 CHEV. Impala; 4-dr. HT, VS, Std. trans. ] 11970 -- planners could with the phases of this dual subject arise Mrs. Steve Anrens and daugh-lsociation of which she is [ Commercial Club Meeting [ aid of the computer pro'ectj the from efforts, to correct, basic in- ter, Elaine of Manhattan s,ent.n |ber. Monda Noon effect of these factors on he eqmtms in genolal property tnx the we k Sharp. y [ t -." .'- e end at the home of Mr.I . 1959 BUICK LeSABRE, 4-dr. hardtop, fully At the Commercial Club meet- operation of the university as a ation. Classification of property :rod Mrs Harold Ahrens. [ Mr. and Mrs. Fred I-I .equipped; extra sharp ing Monday no~m, Feb. 14 atthe whole, for tax purl~it%eSoiS ~, device o I Valerie of Atwood camt Correll Club House, IAoyd Olson This tool would put university which makes " p s 'b e to im- Mrs. Douglas Fair and Chris,|day for a visit at the hor~ 1959 CHEV. Impala 4-dr. H. T.; loaded. [of Webber, Rev. Geogre Neilson administrators m a position to pose different tax rates on dif- Davie and Lauri of St Francis|mother, Mrs. Glenn Hal i 1959 CHEV. Impala 4-dr. Sedan; extra sharp, of Scanida, and Roy. James make their decisions on the basis ferent kinds of property, spent several days last week vis- |also visited her parents, : Millstead were ~2uests. Melvin|of all available information.Questions discussed included: Ring with Mr. and Mrs. ForrestlMrs. M. L. Shively. Suns 1959 CHEV. Biscayne, 4-dr. sedan. Bowersox, thepresident, pre- Prof. Judy and Mr. Levine pro- 1. What do you think of classi-! Fair. [and Mrs. John Hale at 1958 CHEV. Nomad Station Wagon, V-8, AT, full sided, duced a pilot study based on a fication of tangible property for] -- |Alice Johnson of Clyde ~ power and extra nice. .The Retail Merchants comit- model of the'U to T's faculty of [purposes of taxation? a. Do you[ Albert Schaffer of" Jewell[Spend the day with his 1958 MERCURY 4-dr. sedan loaded, tee has annoanced that the arts and science for the Bladen think it would solve property taxi stopped ht the Record office|Mrs. Hale. They were 1 PONTIAC 4-dr. sedan, extra nice. stores in Mankato will be closed commission on the financing of inequalities? b. ls there any rea- Wednosday morning and renew-|help Mrs. Hate celeb~ on GoodTM Friday. ~ from noon to higher education in Canada. son to fear. that. ~luthority. to ledl h~s" subscription for the[ birthday which was Feb 1958 OLDS 4-dr. s edan, extra race. 2:00 p.m. Their report was published by classify m~ght g~ve certain pres- coming year. [ 957 CHEVROLET 210 4 dr extra clean. The [,ions C!ub is sponsoring the Assocmtlon of Universities sure groups an anfair advantage? [ A large group of wome a high school b(,v to Boys State and Colleges of Canada in con c If we admit that the propertyl Mrs F W Bo d Jr received East Union Card Club 1957 OLDS 88, l -dr. Sedan. Extra Nice. . ~ ~ . . - . . " . . . . y , and a Gwl to G ~Is State.The junction witl~ the Bladen report, tax has certain basic meqmtms, word this week from her sister, lMrs. Glenn Hale s home 1953 CADILLAC, 4-dr. Sedan; loaded. American Legion Auxiliaryis Prof. Judy and Mr. Levine also iS it better to try to improve its Mrs Harry F Lutz of Sharon| Feb. 14 bringing gifts sponsoring a Girl to Girls State. Qutlined their plans to university lapplication or to place more re-Springs, Kansas that their son,/freshments to help celeb [Jp ~ /|ucks In rder t make it p ssible f r administrat rsacr ss Canada at liance n thert rms ftaxati n Lt" Ward A'and tass~bl to extend exem Lutz, had beenlbirthday. ~,' ~ T- another boy to attend Boys the associationsannualmeeting [~" Y "' P-wounded and was in a hospital| State, a collect:on was takn at in Vancouver ia October. tions under the property tax? d. in Saigon. He is a member of an[ Mrs. Jake Switzer a: the Monday meeting to pay the Prof. Judy reports that other Do you think it ~ould be worth- advisory team /or a division oftRobert, of Mankato visit CHEV. T; 4 sp.; wide boxi, well equipped; . 50.00 enrollment fee. The fol- Ontario univermties are interest- while to make a comprehensive Vietnamese. They were ambush-[Lula Hendricks of Alma ;:4 sP. and heater; rear bumper; etc. Demo. lowing contributed to the fund: ed in acquiring models of their study of property tax exemp- ed by the Viet Con~ and the bat-tat the home of Mr. and ,P g . . ~ ~ y g. ette g ton FLEETSIDE, Lee Junker, F. R. Fair, Mel they have not attempted to ad- think the legislature should take to his parents he told them notlday afternoon. Mrs. Hen( 1964 CHEVROLET LWB Oral Wagner, Jon Monhusen own o erations And althou h tions in other ~tates'~ 2 Do you tl~ lasted all da, lon In a 1 r thur For uson ar Courtla 4-Speed, overloads, etc. La Rue, Leo Dreiling, M l vertise their work, Prof. Judy steps to clarify the justifiable to worry that he only had a flesh|a sister-in-law Of Mrs. i 1963 LWB Fleetside. SharI . . Bowersox, Harry Swope, Rev. and Mr. Levine have also receiv- value law"? a. Should the Levis- wound in the back of his neck and is recovering from a 1 61 GMC LWB ton Step S!de, 4 speed, 1 Rose, Bob Newell, Gone ed inquiries from major U. S. lature go so .far as t~ assign and he expected to leave the the basement at her h( Mocker, F. W. Boyd, Jr Walter universities, including Ohio specific weights to sucn tactors hospital soon to return to his ma. Heater; H. D. wheels and tires. ~ Campbell, Toby Kramer, L. E. State University. as income, location, sale prices unit. He said the morale of the CHEVROLET 2-ton Truck, Weltmer, and Kenneth Nelson. Prof. Judy, who worked as a of comparable property and oth- men was excellent and no one Mr. and Mrs. Darus "mulation ana,yst in the U.S. real was bitter. They all wanted to sen took Mrs. Halsey box, hoist, 2 spd. axle, ready to roll Will Play In Air Force, said that CAMPUS is estate? b. Can you suggest other get well and back to their units, to the Beloit hospital homt 1 ton. R. H. 4-spd overloads; District Tournament At based on the same principle as procedures which would improve Mrs. Lutz also said they have ternoon to visit Mr. Smith Center next week the projections worked out by the appraisal and assessment of been sending .him cookies now who is there for tre &RD ton 4 speed, heater; good. Mankato will play in the Dist- the McNamara's band but added and then as he told them they They also real property? observation. trict Tournament at Smith hastily that the University of There are three general meth- get tired of rice three times a Ed Fedde of Ionia, who IHC Step Van, Heater, St. Trans. Runs good Center Wednesday Thursday & Toronto is not interested in pro- ods of classification: 1. assessing day. Ward has been in Viet Nam ering from a light strc --'Sharp. Friday, Feb. 23, 24, and 25. ~ ducing war materials, all property at full value, or a since December. -- -- -- -ton, 4 Speed, overloads; shartaest Mankato wi!l play Almena ati Construction of the model is uniform percentage of full valuei Mr. and Mrs. Geo 1950 CHEV. 2-ton, Box and hoist !946 CHEV 1V.- ton. Near new box and hoist. GMAC FINANCING Motors Insurance CONVENIENT TERMS TO SUIT YOU / wker L, Caplay= in ~the other semi'finals Southern in 5:30 Wednesday evenir.g; Caw-expected to keep a istaff~of see 2. adoption of varying levels of Grasshoppers In February wood of Burr Oak ker City will play Kensington at en busy for two yeaxs. After that fractional assessment for various on Mrs. Halsey 7:15 Wednesday, at 9:00 Wed-i CAMPUS will require a full-time classes of propelty while main- Kent Slaughter has proof that day evening, after visit nesday, Downs and Lebanon willl keeper and a small clerical staff, taining a uniform ad valorem tax grasshoppers were alive and Pangborn at the hos play. Smith Ce ater, the top seed- --Toronto Globe. rate; 3. assessment at fixed hopping on February 8th. Kent loit. Mrs. Lucile Sackett ed team, drew a bye in the first ---From Toronto Globe, Dec. amounts which represent vary- brougth a live grasshopper coln, Nebr came round. 26, 1965. . ~ ing percentages of full valua, about 11~ inches long, to the with her parents Thursday, Feb. 24, Smith Dr. Dick Judy is the son of and the application to these fix- Record officel He had seen quite Center will play the ,winner of Mr. and Mrs. Brad Judy of ed assessment~ of uniform ada few of them that day and he Lawrence, Ks.---M~ the Mankato-Aimena game at Montrose. In addition to his valorem rates. Kansas uses the found this one while cleaning Clerk Finl,ay Munro 8:45 p. m. in th~ semi-finals. At duties as a professor at Toronto liszt cJassification, his yard. The only one' that Kent City Clerks School h~ 7:00 p. m. Thursday, the winners University, he is a consultant forthe Jewcll County Farm caught was the one he had on week at the University of the Kensington-Cawker Citylarge business firms and other Bureau policy meeting, members exhibition. He was carrying it sis. and Downs'Lebanon girlies will universities. This week, he is at voted as follows: question la, in a jar. Kent also told us that "No"; question lb, "Yes,; ques- he of lc, side of