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February 16, 1967     Jewell County Record
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February 16, 1967

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FEBRUARY 16, 1967 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS PAGE 3B i J business. They moved the rest lDebra of Belleville were after-]is at the Beloit hospital on Berry and low to Clarence day before Thanksgiving, I lday afternoon with Mrs. Ag-[an of Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. [of their household things to In°an and evening guests. , [Sunday afternoon. Moore. Eva Mendenhall got believe. Mr. Lichty was a man nes Balch. Next meeting will ~Ferginson of Lebanon were al- l ]Franklin, Nebr. on Tuesday[ Mr. and Mrs. Ch)yd MyerlyI Mrs. Roscoe Wrench was a the lucky number. Georgene of very good principal and albe Feb. 23 with Madeline Sillslternoon callers. L _ ]evening. ]of Mankato were NIonday af-] Tuesday morning caller at the Bossen and Ollie Ransom good neighbor in time of need. as hostess. | Grace Cole visited Mr. and rl Forresl Howard I Dean Bausch is spending a[ternoon callers tit the Mack]Clarence Maag home. were the hostesses. He leaves his wife. one daugh-I Montrose Grade School won]Mrs. Arby Cole at Burr Oak and ........ ,]15 day leave with his parents, ~tlarris home. [ Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gar- I hear wedding bells were ter, and t[ little granddaugh-lthe basketball game at For-[Sunday afternoon. (ell -~-m's' ~enncLn mo!laglMr, and Mrs. Lester Bausch. ] Mr. and Mrs lwm Suchsland] man of Salina were Sunday ringing farther south on the ter who was a delight to her[moso b"riday afternoon [ S-rd ................ ~ ~" ..... wele ounoay aiLer- I He will return to Muffet Field |of Lenora were Sunday visitors [ dinner guests of Mr and Mrs I imestone but I do not have grandfather We deeply sym-] ....... , ....... ~ ..... I ' 'tSlto ' ' ' " ......... ' " " " I ~v~r. anu mrs. ver.~. .)w t nd Mrs. Lloyd Gardner were n,, ;ors of M[. and Mrs. lin California. [ in the Lester Suchshmd home.[ Gerald Boylcs and girls, much information. Only that pathlze with all hm loved ones. turf Jewell were Friday din C R Briggs, Williams, Calif., -~aag. ] Mrs. Lews Obmstede and] Mrs. Gaylord Anderson and! Mr. and Mrs. Bob Black of it was a Mrs. Edwards and Mr. and Mrs Lcroy McCor J....' ...... ,.' .......... ~-'r'-:" M-s J"'-'-". "-' .... ~A.....a ~rl , • ~ • " , . ' , • • lie/ ~tlesLb UI 1₯11 ,'~ O~ lille It . ellllle DI|~,~,/3, AVII. , Ct|ll/l~ ,..el M[s.Lc~oyLewis!Mark of Guide Rock and Mr 1girls of Bryan Net)r were[Esbon and Mr and Mrs. Roy her boy friend Mrs Edwards m[ck of Red Cloud were Sun-i.. , ...... .~ I .................. .a !:,....... alall • , , . ' * ' " " l:Irlggs an(l LAal'(?nce IM'lggS. i₯11"S. L~ll'y l.~ot'ullex ’lllu D,~I~II ,~_ Y of Lincoln, Nebr., and Mrs Boyd Silsby and lanl I Sunday afternoon callers on[Brandon were Sunday supper is the mother of Mrs Dale day guests of her parents Mr [ .... l of Eshol ..... ,4 ~;.,~,o,..4 ’~_~,,.a Mrs.. Furl'est, D mp'" lily" of Mankato were, ', Suud,ly] Mrs. Mar e b:verso, and boys l guests of Clarence Black at Countryman and from "some- and Mr's.'Guy Ball in E'sbon.l . ,v, rs:...,Mark,, ..... Ki,lse7 t!nu, 'v'rs'i n,, ,. ~. ,,.uL ,< a,,,u~.,,e... "[~"~''~,-, ... ...... " i,] tamuy, of ,Formoso, ]supper guests of Mrs. lw, Sils i Mr and Mrs Roy lleadleylMankato where in Illinois The family They report their son, JackI .I~ICK t'~ms(~ :trio Wl:!Im’ W~Z’~ • ...... n ........ " . ..... ,’,..a ~ mrs. J~ewell ~mxan-Iby I ......... " ~.,,a .... ,i ............. ll,,,sI Tim Methodist Church High will work for Dale Henningsen McCormick will graduate in]m' aauna Frmay alternoon, i’,.,-,,,,,~,,~,,o~-,~,~ ,,,~,~,~,u, arnlly of Mankato and . ' t' i .... " ' " • • " • -i ' Zella .ind l~an Sl,iug [t(l ..... Mrs. Bud Plat ,~d MIs.~on Mrs Opal Tromble ISchool Class went skating at and hve on the former Emmet a few days f[om Ins base| ........ /H,,la..,,n ~Kl • • " • • ' " " • ...... ~ " " 0 u u~ e~ . Mrs Mc[lm Alexm cauea on lvlr and tvlrs ~ y ~,~ . " ' ' -[Nettie Johnson were Sund'ly[ ........... , .... Jtiastings on Sunday evening Henningsen farm training m New Jersey and [s[ • • | mh ................. girls of,Es.bon were afteruoon callers on Mrs..Ies I an~tt'M,:m:~ng~l~l~:s "~'a"Loom~sI Members and their guests tit- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maag in the medical division. We/Keel~' ul Formosa Sunday Hi-[ sp:)n:o:]~Y;~= b~kema~enl~a::re. ,.y _eveningvisitors of]Me Knight and Mrs. Alma/ ,. ". . "" . ,. .',]tending were Charlie Modlin, invited in a few friends for an wish him all the best of luck.|tern° n. -|~,,.., '~.a. ,'~ .... ~.~ ~, ..... Mrs.Elmer Alexan-I( ..... a /were ~aturoay evening guestsI ........ ’,..,._.. ^_a,.. ,~.., Di ..... ' ..... ,:_ , ...... ~-.. e..,.,;., aa ............. q~ "is [ Mr. and Mrs. B T Bray oil u,,.~, ,. =~,. no, a~ me eu~u*~u ~he Lewis' were overnight I "~ir: and Mrs. I,'rank Korb of/°"n,,M~], t lndMaM, aqs;t(Varus "en- I S'n'ar&'st 'e&:y%;t;dTai htT or: ,y\nan% lOa~CS["'n'~tVay ' it '~'er' dt'~'uVghte'rs"for :' time:/Dep.ver, Cole. elnd Mrs. Ellen { nA'nne"i~'~m9.100giammHa41ebeng~ , . . , , . , • .....~,,.e ...... • . . • . .... v~ llllall[S Ol ,J a II IeS'LOWI] ilre e ' • • , [Mankato wele Sunday ,tltel [ ~a ..... .4 ~1,-~: Lvl,, .loff,,rv[don Ernst, Douglas May, Glen- evening. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mrs. Leah Badger, of Mankato| .......... |'"-,'~s "n'-, ,,at'~' '" ~" .... '*" ,;,and Mrs I~ verett Terrdl Inoon callers on Mr and Mrs / ......... I na Bovles, Cindy Wmslow, Laaer,,ren Mr and Mrs John' and Mrs Roberta Reed of For-| spenamg a low o,lys wit '/., , ,,, ,- ,o,,,,,., .... u. a.... ~tUlday afternoon visitors |Clyde Korb and Cindy | ;,I,~, lwJ'. an(!. lv,Jls. ~im.ncrDl~[ Ghmn &lover Shelley Harris, Za~ina Mr and Mrs. Clarence moso and later may go to[ and Mrs. Lh,yd FalL... On, Sun| ~t.e.l~,:ie .~a~.~f.~,~,,:utL~. ~.,~,~ ~ . . v,,'u~,,,s, a~teuueu me .~t:u - ' ~ ' ' t tile were all dinner .,,,,a,, ,~ ,,. ,.,.,u .,,..,~ 0.~: • and Mrs Clarence[ Mrs. Marvin Montgomery oi I ........... |Judy Frasier, Cathy Gates, Moore Mrs Jessie Chandler Colorado to see Mrs Creta]d~Y Y I , . ....... , . Clang an(I bUl)crl()r DaSKetr)~lll a ' " • ' ' •" * " " ' ' ' ' [ ,["on stile will 0(2 appreclate~, an , ISupermr and Mrs. l{Achard/ ......... (: ....... ; ...... ~,.h,,.,, .... ](;el'aid Anderson Mary Stepp Mr Paul Helman Mr. Lee! Borden tit Armba. /gu~sts ,it tilt l-ta~od Andc s | ,'., ~, ..... ,, ,,,m ~,,, 'and Mrs. l)allas Cald-I Montgomery of Guide Rock[ ~v't:'n~n':~ o-r, ................. sl and Patty Spatz. Thsoe taking Hooton,Joe and I were the Miss Cathy Whelchel wasH| home at Seanula., , | i;~(~ (the"follow'in'g 'Sat'u~la~. I~nt tbe past week visit- [ helped do some papering at[ 'at;~. g" ........ D,,,, t~,mdonlcars were Richard Gates, Mr. guests. Agnes won high for weekend guest of Nancy do| S t".a(_tay (!inner:guests °l Mr}w. ,~ Y* ' *~*~' dllu *wit ,'~. x~uy ~ ' ' *I' 13 ql[ St• were t Co .o. ' . • s • "' , h, " ..... " ' nd , , • ... . and Mrs.vc n c p. y • sisters Mr. and Mrs [the Dalla Mmrls home t e| ............. -' nn M s ]and Mls. Nelson Harrm a the women, with Jessie low, Pate ] ,. ___._.__ OeSelms of Wichita and lpast week I~,~l(.~, on/ Mr and Mrs. Bill Kiehl. and Lee high for the men and __.__.___.__ |Mrs. Ethel I)empsey, Mr. an(~ .-- . . .~ .... ~tl, ........ ant md Peru- Stantonol'~Ua'ss ~,.a ....... t~ PC t, I " * " ", ...... ~ ..... had l /Mrs Fortes( Dempsey and l Mr ,lonn Love visited last lvlrs PJ LOll l*OOIlllS OI I O t ' Y' / t.] I ~ dOe, lOW. ,...la~..c~ ...,.,u... i m m / ..... I ' * -. ~ - -- !b' Tex.. They returned Glaseo.. . wereii!i~Swnt~il~!itee~(~/, I~rlday, evening Mr .... and' MIs" I L. Bender, , Y .... W C A the lucky number on his. chair. ' Dempscy,' ............. M[. .... and M[s. Wayne d,lughttl and famdy," Mr. and 2 w c 's , , o.. ,w'g u, rA'%%2:2 rday in Manhattanl '" ' ' Y ' ' ..... | ,~..,.. ,',', .... ,', ........... ~,~' ,, sit / will meet on Monday Feb. 20 r'. ' " I / ' " I ' 1[ . . . %A,IU. ll/l el i~.vv vw.~,~,) * , • ' ' ~ Mr. and Mrs. Terry| the basketball game at Burr] Mr Don Modlin Mike Char ] at 7 a0 p m Roll call will be Mrs. Lorena Pate were shop | Mrs. Ethel Dunstan returned] ~1, lank. | • ' ..... , ,',-, S, n,t,,,~| answered" by the definition of ping in smith Center this Man-[to her home Tuesday after] I I IIIIlllll II }l' ' a ' • ( lie anf.I ~ylVLh ~e.e , ,- - ' .r. ' ~ " ' I " ~e Bender of Denver,I Mr. and iVlrs: thlwtn'd Sh()tt/dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. la home. Jackie Boyles will be day forenoon. .. ~ . .Jspe,nd~ng the.past 3~a months] ~d Mr and Mrs I L l an(] ~vlr. ano ~wrs. oaKe lvlc-|,• ...... I,-ro-ram leader Refreshments Mr and Mrs Joe fate o~| wim lvlr. an(a ~virs. ~ ere iv[or-| .... _. s2t:r 2: ~nn:yl::::n::~s "l~:"~;~ 'lVt l° r:r Mary1~V?~alvG~:~iea:~ds Yd’i f:nd-] D:n:[:a:tfltH:lfn,:;n OpertIMrd. I gr~mer Funeral Hom, l • (I, | han tit Superiur on Sunday a.f-|,,~, ~ ',~ ' ,. :-, ,,..---, ,'~] ilv of Denmark were visitors I Ore. to Kansas City where she/ • ~ • . " , " ina [ aul Ileiman and Lee Ran om ' ' " ' ' " " " Modhn and James[ Mr. and Mrs. George A yers/lt,,'ton of Mankato Ollie Ran I Mrs. ~'. E. s have lost another very good[ Pat Peteete spent the week-[ g Y ig of Salina were Friday]of Oxnard, Cahf. were Sunday/ sum and Joe of Esbon Mr. I There will be a carpet rag neighbor. He has been in the[end with frmnds In ManhattanI J.4 _._L__at-- V ..... '[guests of Mr. and Mrs./dinner and overnight guests or/.,..4 M-~, Clar,,nce "Moore of[sewing this Friday at the Veterans' Hospital at Grand|and atLendcd the basketballI ,fV|(~rL~t,(~L(.~,./%.~[/..~{.J.~ ,~lO.dlin. ]her sis;ter, Mr. and Mrs. Clar- | I'd, band',;'" und" Mrs Jessie I American Legion Hall in Es- Is,and. Nebr. since the lastlgame. I " Mr and Mrs II ....... ' a/lamie Mullin spent[ ence I ixler. . • ,;' '/Chandler were Sunday even- [ ban. Pot luck lunch at noon. ~art of November, since the [ Community Club met Thurs- I I I '~ With Mrs. Lola LapeJC. Douda.nd Mrs. Matle ver'|ing guests i,l the Clarencel Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bossen, ! , ,,' ~" '" ,non. Mrs. Lape haslson and nays were alternoon/Maa,, home /Mr and Mrs. Morris Hillman ~11 the sick list and under lcallers. | n ~ , ~ ~. ,, w ..... [and Ranae and Paul Heiman ~eet~:s care for the past ]RiMkry ~tnd M:m Lyn: ~I:d~y/le;eVndtn~e~'k~; y:~ mI~r" and|were with Lee Hooton for ThP~ • • ~, [] [] d ~ I II :~nd Mrs. Jim Rehmert[dinner guests or Mr. and Mrs./~r~'nesGC;al;:, l~';YnlaS viS ;glP:reTg;odupy eejVo e g supper fl I I U I I if" t" ll I L ~raily of Mankato were| Mack Harris in honor of Toms| Mr and Mrs I)ennis Garman. J and spent Friday evening in V 1 1 R 1 1 1 ~ U 1 r afternoon callers at l 13th birthday. / ~,; .... a ~'~,,. C,_ar,, Dillon of I the Clyde Bossen home [ 1 1 1 i 1 I I . ~ I 1 t L 0rr ~ , S hs ,,,,. a,,u ........ a - • , i:st How{[rd home.: , /. Mr. and ~rs. Lest~ /Manhattan were Sunday after-I Mr. and Mrs. Newell Bossen n v ira, m [] ~’, m i m i ' an HugHes and uarm land and b arm .'pc ':- . . • • • Illkat ...... [ ............ Karts | noon visitors of Mrs. Lela Dill- [of Haddam were Sunday vls[t- -.~u were 1~ rloay even- Hay n, t, enu~,a, . . " " h I d ~ Bossen home • * • on and Wflma ors m t e C y e ..... foilowln ~rSl!ors at the Richard] Mr. and Mrs. U. !). Moh!el~,/ Mr. and Mrs. Loyde BeecherJ Mr. George Mendenhall was As we are quitting farming and going intoother business, we wdl after the.. i~nome. Carla was an/Mr, and Mrs. Lloy wyers Belleville were Sunday din Itaken to (be Red Cloud hospi described ,rooertv for Public Auction, located Vz rode West at Mankato on H ghway n,~ guest Mr and IVIFS Max 1 ewis an(] " l e k - - -- • I .... Her ~uests of Mr and Mrs. tal the first part of ast w e . • ~ • , - and Mrs Forest Foster, Allen were Sunday dinner/~, g ..... " J and seems to be res'-ondin" to I 3 miles South of cemetery, 1 male East and 1 mile Sou~h, or 4 miles South of Mankato, ~v ' " " ' M s t erry l~,nglanu. " • ~ ~ eekend guests at the ]guests ol Mr. and r,'. En | ~a;s Ph,,llis Hand and Mrs |treatment and we hope he is ! [nable home at Summer-[cille Lewis and family. The| I ~'rry'Wa'c~ker of Edgar, Nebr. Isoon better. Arnold and Agnes ] la I I I I m, • I I / I I • ~ ~ i~ ~ ~ans occasion was the bHthday o1" an,',,.., n .. iEnciile " ' were'Wednesdaydinnerguests[Mendenhall were home from Illi--l'~ll II i- II i tm /=ram mm ~t ..... 's. ~,avm laem[ "'. ..... of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Under-|Hays for the weekend and, W II" II I N i= %, 1 I R ₯ l" i= K / / CCompanied Mr. andI Mr. andMrs, l,yletnenaano wood Iwent to see Arnold's grand-' I~ L~'ll ~..JLS'~l, lhl~',- ,Oyde Davis to Grand family of Genewl, Nebr. and ’,. ,~,,, ~ t,)l..... ;~ ~til/ a natient IfaLhor in the hosnital before ~ ~ ml m~" m ~ m ~ ~" m •, .,- • .... Nebr. on Sunday. They[Richard Brook were S~nday' ai'~tl~'V~,t':w~ns,~'itospi~t'al--in Ireiurning to iheir's'chool work ......... )"- t~ewell Davis and Low-ldinner guests ot ~v~r. aria mrs. ~-,,~na Island Nebr [in colle~e at Hays. BEGINNING,AT I,:00 ,IAVt.. ........ .......... .... ,, ,,, .............. ~, ghton at the Veterans' I Henry Smbert.... -’, - Mrs. John Gates was a Fri-I The card party at West ............. : :~ ,,ii~.~n!a~;d:~:ii I Me~M::,~n~d~iW!~das(g;lln~ilo_mrs ~omna t~aager an(a ~ii ~~il W il :hbl I ~:i~i~d~l~i~~Yil ' y Mi ' o Machiner scellaneous td Mrs. Bob Parsons| sas City spent the weekenf Grubbs called on Charhe Lew-jthgh to 3 elecLric Pig" Heal Pads. 6 Becker Farrow nily in honor of Curtis' I with his parents, Mr. and Mr,. - I 1962 3010 John Deere Tractor (diesel, 2200 ;- ,. C .... n .... ') 60 bu Jameswav ~a:; Brandon, Mrs aUn dl Irw?jdames McCor- ANNUAL SOUP DAY hours), extra good shape Hog Feeders. 1 26-bu. Jamesway. Hog Feed: lefh~ry and Connie and[mick. Deanna Garman, Rich- 1964 No. 8 John Deere Field Cutter er. 1 lo-bu. Jamesway Hog l, eeder, a vx t) ~ee~e Hawkins spent[ard Brook and Linda Vader of Lutheran Church ,-,_'.-.. ^ ..... w.r. b" movable Hog Sheds (like new). 2 Hog Oil- Hay in Salina. I Mankato attended the Family .LUUU ,,,,s,,,, -., " "" "-"" " "-P eeder& and Mrs. John Gates[Rally at the Belleville Chris- SATURDAY, FEB. 18th 1951 John Deere Combine, No. 55, 14-ft. h Sed/b ;tr yebrr, hold dinner guests of Mrs. Larus Barnason Nebr. ~d Mrs. Dan Franeo of Kensington were guests of Mr. and Gillett and Mr. )son Mrs. Jake McDon- I,illie Moon and Mr. Lyle Jeffery and faro- Wednesday supper Mr. and Mrs. Homer The occasion was of Jake McDon- Johnson of Oklahoma was a weekend her )arents, Mr. and 'ohnson. Ost and fam- Tuesday visitors in Garman home while Was in Concordia on tian Church on Sunday after- noon. Mrs. V. [,. Oldfield and Mrs. aria Williamson enjoyed a drive to l;he Glen Elder Dam and visiting with friends at Tipton. Karts. on Sunday after- noon. Mrs. Delbert l,ewis or Red Cloud. Mrs. Curtis Lewis and Mitch of Manhattan. Mrs. I)oy- le Silsby and Mrs. Lynn Har- ris were Friday afternoon vis itors of Mrs. Ira Silsby. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbure Smith and Sharon of Superior were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wears. Mr. and Mrs. James Calder and family of Hardy, Nebr. were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Under- wood and Warren. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Underwood and $ 99 t Serving from 11:30 A.M. and Continuing Through the Supper Hour Chili, Chicken-Noodle, Vegetable and Oyster Soup • Ham Salad and Chicken Sandwiches Salads - Pie - Coffee I• 1966 - '1967 - 1965 - 1964 - 1964 - 1961 - 1963 - 1964 - 1956 - 1958 - 1959 - 1949 - TORNADO with Power and Air OLI)S 4-1)r. DEMO with Power and Air MERCURY 2-Dr. Hard Top OLI)S 4.Dr. with Power and Air PONTIAC 4-Dr. with Power PONTIAC 4-Dr. with Air GMC Pickup CHEV. Pickup CHEV. Pickup IHC Pickup CHEV. Pickup Ton Truck, New Motor, Box and Hoist 1962 . CHEV. Pickup Rack Ladies Dresses and JUST 1956 1964 4-16 1961 1960 1960 1960 (good shape) 60 John Deere Tractor, wide front end, live power, power steering 4-row Cultivator, 3-pt. hitch John Deere Mounted Plow, late model Side Delivery Rake 7-ft. John Deere Mower, No. 8 John Deere Heavy Duty Wagon, with silage blocks John Deere Wheel Disc, hydraulic ers. 1 Cattle Oiler. 1 W. W. Calf Chute. 1 Cattle Chute. 10x12 Brooder House, good. 1 300-gal. Gas Tank with stand (extra good). 1 300-gal. Diesel Tank with stand {extra good. 135-gal. Tank with pump, extra good, made for pickup box. 2 Pig Creep Feeders. Lots of Wood Panels, 16-14-12-10-ft. 50 Steel Posts. 60-ft. Endless Belt, 6-in. Electric Grinder. Buzz Saw with blades. Post Drill, Vise, Iron Kettle, 30-gal., Tools, Wire, and many other a,rticles too numerous to men- tion. 1963 John Deere 12-ft. Spring Tooth, hy- draulic 1954 John Deere Drill, 16-10 Farm Hand Stacker, with scoop, fork, stack buster Allis-Chalmers Round Baler, good condition Allis-Chalmers 3-14 Plow, on rubber, pull type John Deere 3-14 Plow, on rubber, pull type John Deere C. C. Cultivator, 12-ft., spring shanks, hydraulic 3-Section Dr g Harrow John Deere 2-row Lister, with fertilizer at- tachments Danuser 3-pt. Post Hole Digger 2-wheel Stock Trailer I John Deere 7-ft. One-Way 1949 2-Ton Ford Truck with hoist, good box 16-ft. Grain Auger Electric Motor, 1 h.p. 400 Square bales 4th cutting Alfalfa Hay 1060 bales 1st and 2rid cutting Alfalfa H;a,y 396 bales Alfalfa, 3rd cutting 200 bales Cane Hay M.assey-Harris 15-ft. Straight Disc Hay and Grain Elevator, 44-ft. 2-16 John Deere Plow 4-wheel Trailer 12-ft. John Deere Spring Tooth 1951 Allis-Chalmers All Crop Combine Massey-Harris semi-mounted Power Mower IHC 2-row pull-type Lister IHC 3-14 Plow on rubber 12-ft. A. I. D. Sweep 2-wheel Alfalfa or Clover Spreader Kenmore Mangle TERMS--CASH Lunch On Grounds Not responsible for accidents. Nothing removed until settled for. Auctioneers: Vail McClintock, Asherville, ,Ks. Ed Montgomery, Mankato, Ks. - I Clerk: State Exchange Bank, Mankato, Ks. I