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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
February 13, 1964     Jewell County Record
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February 13, 1964

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Annotmced awd ~h.s. Jo~n Ecke~, 104 W~ve, Dodge CiVy, Kan- ammanme ~e e~g~g~nent of dv~h~er, Jo~w.ne E~en~, ~o F. Whelchel, son of Mr. Mv~. ~iehavd J. Whelche~ of K~msas. CALENDAR 13-- Club, ~. ~. F. ~ ~ & EC~b, blrs.~ :~-Wee CI~, ~. ~erm 14--- /VI'i,~ Eekert is a g,r~du~te oi Dodge Ci%y sch~01s, avxl Kansas Sta~e Uni?ers~y. She is em!Moyed as Cburrty ,Home Econ~nics Ager~t in Pr~ ~Ir. Whelche~ is a gradu- ate of ~to H~gh School, end is ~nployecl by ~ ~te H~ Co~on in l~a~t. The ,~edcl~ng da~e is M~c~h 29. T.O.P.S. C~ub, Mrs. Ray EI~ Saturday, Feb. 15-- Friday P. M. Club. ~Virs. Edgar B~ Monday, Feb. 17-- Cm~sta'Supper ~krb. Mr. end Mrs. Ha~Id Peters~ Tuesday, Feb. 18--- ~ C,l~b. ~Vlusic Talent Tea, 2:00 P. M., Mrs. Heath- eat L~ mine Brid&~eCte ~, M~ Ameri~ Le~on A~I~ Wednesday, Feb. 19-.- ~. U. ]K WBWS ,Marl Oem C~b, M~. Wahine BIG SAVINGS GOOD USED CARS Best deals in North Central Kansas; COME IN AND LOOK THEM OVER --O- USED CARS 1963 CHEW II Nova. 4-dr. sedan, ][LI~ Std. Trans. Sharp 1963 CADILLAC Sedan DeVille fully e~ulpped. ~ power, one owner. Friced risht. I~ CHEVROI~r Rel Air 4-ll~or V-S, AT, one owner. C~EgV. Im~el~ 4-dr. Sedan, ~ power, factory Air, R and H am.~ AT lael ~ Impal~ Oonvert., ~1 ~ ~rv~ir 4 Doer ~ Xmpa~ 4 Door ~ard~o9 ~961 ~ Bel Air 4 door 19e0 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-dr. sedan "~" Sta. Trans. ~60 ~ Falrhme ~00 4~dr. sedan, frill power, A. T. and I~ H" ~S0 ~ ~ 4-door sedan ~ In, pale 4~ir. hardtop, ~tll Ix~er, R. and H. end ~T. 1957 nUIOK St~ttm wagon ...................................................... $395.0@ IS~ PO~Pr~C 2~d~or Hard~P ................................................... Sf~.00 $696.00 ~ 4 door, ~m~ ....................................................... $,~.~ ,1956 PONTIAC 4 dr. hardtop .............................................. 1955 PONTIAC Z dn hardtop ................................................... $245.0# I~8 ~ Bel ~Ir 4~door sedi~ 1958 FORD Convertible EH, .AT 1956 FORD 4-door Seda~ Sh~l* q~)6 ~ 4-door, 8 eyl. ~ ~ m0. ~-dr. 1955 CHEVROLET 4-door 1~06 ~ Convertible, full power, aharp TRUCKS Largest Inventory of Used Trucks In The State 1.q~_ ];HJC V-~ ~ ton Pickup 1~I ~ % tor~ wide box, 4 speed 1961 OHEV. 157" wheel base, 2 ton, 2 speed, 6 c~l. 1960 CI~EV. I~75" W~B, V-~, box and ,hoist, 2 1@60 CH~. 157" WB, V-4~; ~ speed 1960 G~E:~ % .tun Pickup 1959 CHEV. LW'B ~-ton 4 speed, Sharp. 5 - 1959 CHEVROLETS $-t@n, ~-speed; 8:~5x~0, l0 ply tires, some lq6~' ~,heelbase, some 19"/" ~b. 1958 IHC 6, ~-ton Pickup. 1958 C~4:EV. ~-ton. 2 speed, ~' K~phelde box and hol~. 1956 CHEVROLET V-8, Z ton, ~ speed, graln box and ho/st. 1955 FORD L~N]B I~ ton V~, Heater, 4-speed. ~95~ OHIlgV. % ton V4 Pickup 1954 mc ~ ton fist box, ~ood. 1~I GMC ~ ton ptc~rp C~EV. ~ to, t w box and 2~60 I~O~R~ 2 ton cha~is and c~b. 1941 CHEVROLET ~ ton 1950 WILLYS JEEP, ~-e~b 4 WD 194~ WII~YS JEEP 4 'WD Auto Marketing Center of North Central Kansas! TRADE-MARK OF BETTER TRADES G. M. A. C. Terms Available - Motors Insurance Corporation WACONDA MOTOR CO. INC. Dial 781 - 4311, Cawker City, Kansas Salesmea: Bill Ludwig, J. D. Herim, Max R. Dudley, Orville Range, John ~e]ioll j~ ~t C~b, Mrs. CR~tfford Thursday, Feb. 2O--- ,Busy ,Bee Ol,t~b, Ma~s. Ida Badger ,F~owev (Ix, vers O1~b, M~. 'KuLken Bid or Bye Ck~b, Mrs. ~I. L. 'Dhursday Evemwg Bridge Cl.~b, Mr. and 6Mrs. Olyde Suchslar~, 7:00 P. ~VI. Trump It Club Entertained ,Mrs. D. K. Ba~h ev~tez~tained ~he members of ~e Trump It ~idge Club E~t her ho~ne Wednes- day ever~ing, Feb. 5. ~uests were L~V~m. W. G. H'flas sa~d :Mrs. K. G. BaH. T~e .h~h score ~9~'~ers were Mrs. Emery Be~rn and Mrs. Frank K~ir~ger. Refreshmen~ were serv- ed by %he h~stess. The next mee~ ir~g ~ ,be Feb. 19 ~t ~e h~ne of .Mrs. Cliffford Jones. Bridgette Club Tuesday Miss Ade~2de Reg~er en~r- tsi~ed ~e members of ~e 't~idg- i~te Ol~b a't her home Tuesday even~g, Feb. 4. ~Vlxs. Cl~ford Jones ~ ~ g~uest. The hi~.h scores; were wx~ by ,.M~. Ja~r~s Dodd: i aud Mrs. Fred ~inmmmvna~. P~ l t~esbm~er~ts were s~ved preceding' bridge ~ma~. ~ v~x~ meet- ~ng will .be Feb. 18 with ~Irs. I~ster ,Broy~es, hostess. Marl Octo Club Meets The me~nbem of ~he Maw Oc~ Bridge CA, t~b met We~.eedey, ,Feb. 5/~hv~t flaeh~eof Mrs. Robe~ ~. M~s. ,Bud H~s was a g~est. Ref~ were served during ~he ev~. Mrs. Wa~.e Wiison, & Buck ~ received ~he bri@ge .prLzes. The ne~t meeting w~1 ,be ~eb. 19 wi~ ,Mrs. W~m, bx~t~s~. Bid or Bye Club Thursday ~Irs. John Fuflev ~ the men,bets ~ ~be B~d or B~e Bridge Olt~b a~ her home 'Ph~rsd~ everdng, Feb. 6. The ~emv.~ won by a~xs. Robe~ oa~d /Mm. Toby ~e~. The txc~ ~ess served ~. The new mee~v.g w~ll be ~ 20 ~t ~e home of M~. M. L. ~. Thursday Evenim~ Bridge Club Dinner ~....... _ The Thu~day Evening Br/dge C~b met for a covered dish din- r~er ,Feb. 6 a~ ~e home of l~m's. W. G. ~ls. Guests ~,eve ~Sxs. Frank W. Boyd ~xt Mrs. b~abel .lt~tz w~o ~dved guest pr~.e~ .Mr. & ~&a ~ I~etz received ~e score prizes, The we~t meetim~ ~ be :~'3eb. 20 ~ ~e 1"~ ~ Mr. M~. ~ ~. ..with remarkable new CHANNEL MASTE GOLDEN CROSSFIR TV ANTENNA Decide this minute to banish snow, ghosts, and other forms of interference that are spoil- ing your TV enjoyment. In sheer, clear, picture-power, the CROSSFIRE makes all existing other antennas-- even the finest--old. fashioned! Thanks to the remarkable new principle on which the CROSSFIRE is based .... Pro- portional Energy Absorption ...you get a greater number of active "picture-pulling ele- merits" working on ALL chart- nels...in black-and-white and ~... than on any other antenna! Get FM too! Replace with the space- age CROSSFIRE now! Mod- eratelv priced! picture efficiency, i/i L & B ELECTRIC Zauka Kamm ea I of Woad~rd, ~; ~Wr. svd ~rs. ----- t Ge~ge Wa~Imb end ,th.~e ~Id- The d~ae fvr ~e ,~usic T ~a~m~Irem of ~, Temas; ~r. and Tea, sponsored by ~e ~IMr~ I~uyW~b ami~.rs. F_~I- ~a C~ub, has beer~ ~edina Neal of ~; ~. and Mrs. ~o Tuesda% Feb. 18. ~t wi~ be[L1~yd Wa~l'~b of Memor, ,Kay.; held ~t ~ home of Mrs. He~berL! Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Seh~over, Lungven ~t 2:00 p. m. Each mern-'Mr, an~ Mrs. ~e D. Sch~n- ,bey is asked. ~ ,bring a guest. ~Wan. I 1~ato Hi,~h Sohoal music studen, ts v~ll perfform. Dan Leonards' 60th Anniversary Mr. arid .Mrs. Dan Leonard brat~ ~e~r 60~ Av~i~ersary with a ~rm~r Su~lay a't .~he JOhn Dia- mon~l home. }n ~1~he a~ernoon from 2 to 4:80 p. m,, Open House w~ h~d at the Ch~J3~,an Oh~r~h ~rs. ,The L~e~ were tin,ted mavri~g,e Januar~j 28, 1904 in Favg~ OM, a. ~ was e~gaged in ~arnzing far ma~y years u~l ~daoy moved to .Man.l~ato, ~ in 1917, Where he was d~aTn~a~. ~n~til ~bout 1962, ~en he ~ttved. o~er arid .tw~ ebfl4mon, /M~. arxl Mws. Vfiq~-n H~,g~es ar~ dmagh- *er a~d (Mr. ~r~d Mrs. l~bert Sehoo~over and ~ e 'hildren of Lincoh% Nebr.; ~Iw. Rosa Sdhoor~- over c~ Momrose; end Mr. Oran Dun,ham of ~tem. CARD OF THANKS We do ,t]~nk our many frie~s, ne~hbors and rel, a~tves for the nioe ,gi~s, cards and ~el~s. Your ki~ ~ aPa~ays be r~rn- bered. We thank aM tha~e who h.o~ed ~ speei~l ways ~ make our An~versa, ry a success. ---,Mr. amd tMrs. Dan ~. WSCS General Meeting To ~h~s ur~io~ six ch~dren were born: {Mrs. John I~mT~'~l ~ The Woman's S~ci~t,y of Chr~- CheSter Leotard, M_~nk~to; ~Vl~.~i~n SeanCe m~ Feb. 4 in Fe~low- H. C. ~choor~ver ~f Linc0~n, [ship Ha, ll of ~he 3MLW~hsd~t C~rc~. Nebr.; a~d ~.~l~e eaxi Eme~i~V~i~s Helen S~,-M~ford, l~eside~t, ~f~ of O~egon, Who were un-lo~ the meeting ~ ~ayer .able ~o be here..Mrs. P~ph (~ru~aland t~trodueed ~V[rs. Pearl S~- Arm) I-~amil)t~n departed this lffel,,~n, who ppe~zfce~ #~e les~n,: in 1952. They ,h~ve 16 grand-]'The ,,O~ ~'~m'~y Av~ I~ ehfl~en and ~6 great grandeh~-I~zon~', ~s a ,book review of ~ae dren. [~e~t w~iYten by Dr. Davifl M. ~. and Mrs. ~ received Grav/b~. ~ rne~bers o~ ~e ~e ,guests. Mrs. ~ wove a Be~hany Circle depicted ~e li~ mue dress v~i~ a white carn~fi~ cycles of a ~ C~ris~ian c ca:S~e. ~%Ir. I~0~a~l's bou~onme~e fly, a~d ~he ques~m arises: "Do yeas ~ w~ite came~tion. They re- we undevs~md ~uv ~ese~t loea- c~i~red rrmmy nice ~ av~cl ~ t'ion in ~ vy~le of f~n~ly de,el- ~rrangemerRs of flowers, opmem?" ~amfl7 spe,-,d~g is not T~e dining f~>le wes ~aid w~h r}gid]y d~ by ~e size of a ,ha~e cloth. It was cer~red Wi~ the ir~xaz~e, ~)ttt by ~he spemding ~wo bea~ti~ulf, deco~ ca~es, one dmi~es v,~hieh ~ faeni~ makes. i~ ~e shape of an open B~ble ~ri~ This ~ was, .empha~z~l. by a red roses,,, Dan .~d Emma's names finn" str~u which Mrs. Sim~m m~l 60kh A~m~versary" on ~t. The [~howed. Dr. Gra.5~. reminds us osier w~s a 2-1ayer cake decom%~dl~ aH we have ~s gzve~, to us by vctth y~tlow a~ ~ roses. God as a "~m~", ~ we axe 127 Signed ~ guest book. ]~o use, ha,r~le, multiply and g~ve ,Mrs..C~oyd M.-)'e~Iv, Mrs..Royl~,va~ ~ceord~'~ ~ ~e basic pr~- _l~,.ger, :M_~_ Elme Broyles, Mrs. I ci~ples of ~.e Giver, God, y~ooin ~, Mrs. Ches~r,~$~ta4r~s thet a~ll aspects of ec~x- Leona~. 'Mrs. Hank D~, ]~r#ie life are subject ~o ~he Lor~- Mrs. H. C. ~~r, Mrs. sh~p of ~. The membership Amohie Sch~, ~m. Will, am ~ of ~e ~M~ Church I-I~ghes, a~rs Ge~ge W~ and t~ve ~ ~ (I) ~, ~J~hn Dianmetd were ~- (2) prayers, (3) ~fi~ts, e~l (4) ser- e~ ~e reeeI:xian, vk, e, w'h~dl hn1:~es m]~ of eqtlel Out of ~ ~ were: Mr. ~. ~ lesson was hi~i~hCed ~d Mrs. Pa~l Wauhab cad five ~ ~e ~ ~t "Every ~ bsre. The businem ~ fo~ ~he lessan period. ~ from the x~rious committees were n'mde. .Miss Helen S~a~