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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
February 6, 1964     Jewell County Record
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February 6, 1964

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February 6, 1964 Bowling At Ranch Bowl Mankato -- POLARIS LEAGUEK}ers C~r=cery 4737 W L Loves Cafe 44 40 V.F.W. 52 28 First N, aficna.1 ,Bank 39 45 Gan:es Through Friday, January 31 , American Legicn 52 28 Jaw all Cc~unty Co-op 38 451/a ~nk~t3 Feed & Seed 43 33 Seems ~Ba:,ber Shop 26 58 r EAGUES i57; Virginia Righ,~meier 450. McCarthy 14,rrtwnr~ 35 al High individuais. Three Games: I High indiwduals, Single Game: ~t'~{~ C'~n~r-'~,~t'ia~ ~ 27 53 Jerry Ki'er, 578 Ra',ph Hmn"gL,on, --- B~rbara Junk.or 198; Nyla Berg C~i(~h}'~ ..... " 27 53 525; G~rald McA%ee 518 , LEAGUE I166; (ae) Vu'gm=e R~gntmmer r:i.-~h rnm,~u~ 'rhr~ ~nrn~' Hl~b Indlwduals, Sm~m Game: W L Elsie Broyl,es and Bulah falsoTn ,~(:~'~"~_e'~.:ij"-~'a=X~e'-~nd--G"~n-e Jerry-Kier 206' Jerry Kier 203; _ Cn~,,rh;et 60 ~z 27/z/165. ~ ~l.~ ~Ao. ^.~ B^,, ~aa [Curt Ke~A 199. I:I?uW~s r ~ ~ ! ~ High Individuals Single Game" ) g :: e t COFFEE I-,EAGUI~ ; 'c'~,r-"5 "~a~Ate~ 21'~' Gene (Mock"1 HERCULES LEAGUE ~ler~hants 42 45 ~ } W L I~ ,~. r~.~ ~ ....... lOl [ W L ~s 37 51/z, J, ewalls 51 29 I ~ ( JewoH Coumy I~ecovd 47 37 I ,County t~ecord 17 l/z 701/2 I Mixers 45 34 I ~,,~ .............. Dr. Simon 46 38 '~ In2ividuals. Three Games:lG.ay Pins 43 37 ~ ~a~u~, ~-.~uy,~ , IJensens Texaco 43 41 Br, oyles, 497; Hal,erie Van lSpa,rklers 40 40 ) ~ -~ "-s & Oil ~9 Ztg Speed Wa,~h 41 43 % 437; Iva Buster, 436. (Seabter Pins 31 48Vz/_W'%Ug~ ~_~ei . ~ ,. 50 3'4 Roys CA~amplin 39 45 ~h Individuals Single Game" Pin Pushers 29 51 I L ~ b ~mc~r'c ~vr~-,r~ ~,,~.,~ ~a een Kramer, 172; Elsie High Individuals, Three Games: 'Kramer Frumture 45 349 High In,~ividua~s. Three Games: es 171; Elsie Br~yles, 171. A.ma ~oach, 470; B, os,a Whea~t, ~oogaar~s 39 45 Jim Bel,1, 584; Cecil C~a~k, 543; 445; N,omna Kiehl, 436. [Swope ..... 5 Jerry aV~cCc:tlum, 530. ~ESDAY SIX LEAGUE !t;gh Individuals. Single Game:l~e_.m~s, ~,.e~._ -- ~ ~v o High Individuals. Single Game: W L !Rasa Wheat, 177; A~l~a Roach, , ~lg~.lnalvleu~ls. nree t.~mes; (tie) Jim Bell a~d Jerry ffVIcCol- s ~+~,,A~.~,~ ~9 ~a 1'~2" h,l,m.~ Roach and Nonrm .JACK w,al,(lrorl, ~a~5; ~a2TI. t.xl,10~L lurn qll" C'~Cil ~I~rk ~'Of} Jar Service 51 " 37 K~ehl 168 ~o r'rea re,n,, a~u, C~eenhouse 47 41 t-ligh Individuals, Single Game: MEN'S LEAGUES J'aek W~a4dron, 238; D~n ,Fogo, 21,1; Sam Gi:Ilett, 200. ATLAS LEAGUE , AS W L TRONAUT LEA E L Jerrys Standard 56 27 liVKsf~ts 52 32 Sbate Ex~ehan, ge/~a,~k 52 311/~ II~ewe~ls Mobil 51 32 36-66 Service 45 39 Ha,~ Drt~g S~or~ . 42 42 Lumbevja~oks 34 50 I Burr Oal~ Plun'~bing 41 421/2 Citizens Semte Bank 33 50 [I~n~b~ of Celum.bus 33 51 St. Theresa 30 53 ((Mid-West Lumber Co. 32 " 52" High Individuals, Three Games: High Individuals, Thxee Games: Richard Diamo,nd. 542; LaVevne Eno~lle Lewis, 571; ~Dea~ B~t.er, H~aegevt, 525; (ie) Sam Cvi~le~t and A~be~ E~M~., 51t& 569; Max Ormtan, 540. High IndividuMs, Single Game: ~4i-, Individuals. Single Game: Dean Bu~ter, 213; Max Ovhman, R!.chard Diavnond, 191; LaVer~e H aege~, 189; LaVerne Haege~'t, 211; Jack Morvis,~204. 188. MIDAS LEAGUE W L 45 43 El, ech-ie 39 49 30 58 Individuals. Three Games: Hedges, 524; W ,a~,ch A~- ~51; Faith St~o.up, 449. Individuals, S'mgle Game: Hod~g, es, 191; Wanda An- ~, 188; Orerm Spa~z, 181. NIGHTERS LEAGUE W L fil Caun.ty Co,op 52 36 l:~r~g S~are 49 39 Motor Pa.rts ~5 43 'Bureau Ins. 43 45 Wash 42 46 Service 33 55 In, dividual~. ~ C.vames: 'Berg, 483; Barbara Jtmker, r:A1 tail was same'thing ~hey liked in,g, and hope 'to ha~re i.t crashed about ,hans,,s, ,as it was Ka, n~sas )and finished beware too much Day. There were '~wa con~e~ts. The ,storm. Will just wa~t and see, as n.cx.: meebing wi,14 be i,n three I,the crusher is working on the cock weeks wi.th Or.pha Marr. ~past G~ail ,Colsens ,a~d Jack Coun- MT. and Mrs. L~ts~ Broyles 021tryma,ns ,to&ay. M~tnk~a,'~.~ were guests Sunday in[ Lorer~a Pate ~ook part in the the home .of Mz. and (Mrs. Mike lBowling Tourn.amer~t, Sunda~y af. Meohsn,er. I,ternoon, and ,~he chi.ldrefl stayed ,Mr. ,and:~' ~rs. Gi~be~ Cotm.try-lhere. On The Limestone t~y ~iRs. E. . ltAN~OM "Willis ,Bored of Lawrence, Karl, was a ,guest in Che Olin'once .Moore h,0~e ~ Nriday eve~in, g uncoil Sunday afternoon. M.e~y Mixer Club met Wednes- day with Thetrrm Lamb. There were eight members preset, t, ~'e guests were ~rs. F~mces Kinc}ter, +Mm. Saeah Baker and (Mrs. Wayne Broeckelma~ anti ,l~tfle son, ar~ ~tte '/Miss ~obi~ Coleea Coun, try-man came .:for hut fi~t club meeting. M~.'s. Ba'oeck~]man is .the former Joam Lamb. Geo~genel~m:~t~i~ng past ourr h~mae, g~ing on B0ssen wan the guess box, and down toward Lorerm's this morn- man we.ve 'Dhurs~ay evening visit- or~ in ~h.e home c~ 2~Ir. and Mrs. I-I~ro}d ,Ahrens. There will be a cacd pazty at 'Uhe West Branch school house this Saturday evening, Feb. 8. Mr. a~d M'rs. 1Vfke Meehsner spen, t I, as't Wedneadav .ever~ir~g in ,the Gfl, bemt Coun, tryrman home. Mr. a~nd (Mrs. Robert Bc,ller had two big trm~spo~t .loads of cackle trucked ~m Gr~t Bend, I~ns., the first of ,last week. I accompanied M~rs. Elma ~lof ,row ~an, d her three dough, tars Superior, Nebr., ~l, ast Tuesday for the funeral of Mxs. Emma Mullet. She yeas ~he 93-year-old wife of our ccu~in, ?he late John Mull, at. They ,were ,the pa~ts of three chilch-en, who a~l ~ave children of .their o~n. ;Mr. ,and Mrs. Vevi Men~erfl~aH and family were ~tests in the Gra~t Berry home S~n~y ev~- in, g. The Be'rry ~an~ly had been to J,a~es~own tha, t day a.ttermling a ,birthday din'n, er for ber~a's broIher Russell Hart~on. This mo,rning is cloudy ~ d~rk. We ~ad a little .sleet ~urir~g ~he n!,ght, and more starm is l:wedicted. Would iike very much to reo~t a good vain 'before we bare m~ve w~r~ter, ~Jte:r the mi)d vce~er most el.1 ,of January. The trucks h.au~]i.ng rock f~r our drive are i i ii i, i i i i i i ii i, i1,,, DECORATED IN 22K GOLD ~1~1,~ ~ ="~-..a ,3,, ~-..-~ '~.~' -.:- E ] LACE ' TTZNf. $ WITH EVERY 00 7 PLATE DESSERT DISH CUP & SAUCER 1 i m SETS BOXED LIST VALUE ONLY START You SETS TODAY ! day. : Mr. and Mrs. tended Che ~ur~era~ of .... ~uson's cousin, O. B. uperiar, Thtw~day Dr. arid M.rs. John Fer~ boys wepe of 'Mr. arld M/'s. was a ~irthd,~y divm~ f~r Wilbec~ Rest Home VisRmg 'hours: i0:00-II:00 A. 2:0(}-4:00 and 7:00-8:00 P' M. Visi'tors of (M~s. M~t~e sister, M~. iM~ry F/Sh'er. week were Mr. awd lV~r~ Mr. and Mrs Gee Wh,a~ton and W, itey of JeweH, Mr. av.d ~nk spen,t ~u~y in Ha~,~m S. ~o~ ;:) By 5IRS. GEORGE WHARTON Mm. Jaak Sw, eet and f, amily ~nd Mr. and ,Mrs. &0hn Ehne'r Scott and daug~,~e,r spe~t Scm4ay wi, th Miss i~o,l,li.e Jones. :MT. and Mrs. A. D. Schuster spent M,c~day in Beloit wi%h her fami,ly. Th, ey brottNh~ Jim home, who ,had been Cdzeir ,Mr. and Mrs. Cler~nee M-o~,re since Yr~daT niche ~ter were our earl'ors ~ate Sur~day after- [ a bail g~me a.t Aur~-a. The noon. ]on Mr. and Ndrs. Jolm ]~ Time for our ma~t carrier, sc ~before ~eturr~i~ng home ~o must run. [ 1VIx. ~and Mrs. Lym~ ............... ~and Joni spen~ Sunday in a wi~h Cheir son and w~fe, BIG TIMBE ITEMS ms.